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Posted: 28 Feb 2002

Are you worried about users opening attachments that may contain viruses? Do your users accidentally create vacation rules that reply to all users? Did your email address get added to a spam mailing list? Do you wish for a contact manager that is part of GroupWise, not an external application? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are like millions of other GroupWise users. Nexic has the answer.

"Nexic is one of our most innovative partners" said Richard Bliss, manager of Collaboration product marketing at Novell. "We are continually impressed with the professional and high quality products that keep coming from Nexic, both with their current product line and with the new products they are coming up with. They understand GroupWise. The feedback we are receiving from our employees and customers tells us Nexic is making a big impact in the GroupWise community," says Bliss. "Watching the reaction of customers when they see Nexic Symphony's enhanced user interface and the new features for the first time, tells me Nexic has hit the mark. We consider them one of our most strategic GroupWise partners."

Nexic Symphony? is like an orchestra, made up of various unique pieces that when viewed as a whole, create a compelling picture. Nexic Symphony provides a set of enhancements to the GroupWise client that help you simplify everyday tasks, and help you to better organize the information stored in your GroupWise account. Features include an enhanced user interface, rule wizards to simplify rule creation, junk mail filtering, contact management, plus many more.

"The first time I saw Nexic Symphony, my eyes just lit up" says Danita Zanre, aka the 'GroupWise Goddess'. "As a long-time user of GroupWise, it was evident to me immediately that Symphony is an important tool that my clients need. Symphony manages to enhance not only day-to-day GroupWise tasks, but also leverages the GroupWise data store to provide new functionality. Whether it's moving items quickly into complex folder structures, adding message notes to items, categorizing items for easy searching or extending GroupWise functionality to a full-blown contacts manager, Nexic accomplishes the task with innovation and an intuition as to what GroupWise users really want and need. I'm hooked."

"Feature to dollar, Nexic Symphony 6 is the best expenditure of taxpayer dollars I have ever spent. There are so many ways it pays for itself, they are just too numerous to count" says Lindsey Johnstone, Novell Advisory Board Member for Government Cool Solutions.

"Our enhancement architecture used in Nexic Symphony," says Mark Featherstone of Nexic, "is unique to Nexic products. It allows us to easily add new features to GroupWise. It is important to understand that no additional macro/applet application is required. You do not have to debug other people's macros/applets or worry about the possibility of new macro/applet viruses being created for GroupWise."

"Some companies require that their product be the only GroupWise application installed in order to work correctly," says Featherstone. "Some even require a macro/applet programmer to learn an additional proprietary programming language. Out of the box, Nexic Symphony 6.0 is simple to use and can coexist with virtually all third party applications installed into the GroupWise client."

The reviews are in and Symphony is playing to a captive audience. Following is a sample of the harmonious sounds Symphony is making with GroupWise:

Viruses in Attachments
By default, the GroupWise design limits the transmission of some Visual Basic scripting viruses common to Outlook, but viruses in attachments are a concern with all email applications. Most users are not aware of the potential implications of opening an infected attachment. Nexic Symphony adds an additional layer of protection by monitoring when a user opens an attachment. If the attachment contains one of the default file extensions (bat, exe, com, vbs, cmd, shs, or hta) then a message is displayed informing the user that if they continue to open the file, they could possibly expose themselves to a virus. An administrator can add to or delete extensions from this list.

Junk Mail filtering
Did your email address recently get placed on a junk mailing list and your account is getting flooded with junk email? Symphony adds the ability to easily create GroupWise rules to filter out junk mail. You can right click on one or more messages, and with one click create a new GroupWise rule to automatically delete or move the junk mail to another folder. The rule can filter based on the full email address, the email address domain (i.e., or you can manually customize the text that is used. The user never has to go into the GroupWise client rule interface.

Rule Wizards
Rules are a common area where users get confused. Nexic rule wizards can help you easily create common rules. No more accidentally sending a message to the whole company when you go on vacation! When creating a vacation rule, the user is prompted for certain information, and then the rule is created automatically for them. When the user returns from their vacation, Symphony lets them know the vacation rule is active and prompts them to turn it off. Again, the user never has to go into the GroupWise client rule interface. An administrator can even disable access to the GroupWise rule interface so certain users are limited to the list of predefined rule wizard rules.

Contact Management in the GroupWise Client
Symphony adds new Contact Manager features into the GroupWise client. Contact information is saved in the GroupWise message database allowing for true integration with GroupWise features. This design allows your contact information to be available wherever your GroupWise account is available. There is no external database to worry about managing or trying to keep external records in sync with your GroupWise data. It's all in one.

Enhanced Interface
A shortcut bar has been added to the GroupWise user interface to allow easy access to user defined shortcuts like URLs, folders, macros, and client features. Included in this functionality is the ability to have file system directories or HTML pages displayed within the GroupWise client. Leveraging Internet Explorer technology, Nexic Symphony provides a useful way to expose Novell iFolder directories, corporate web sites, or help desk web sites to end users. The shortcut bar and header bar can also be turned off for those users who want to continue to use the current GroupWise interface.

Calendar Printing
Nexic Printing Press 6.0 is now included as part of Nexic Symphony. It adds over 60 enhanced calendar print forms in new and commonly requested formats.

Signatures with Style
You now have an unlimited number of user definable signatures to choose from, and the "final" signature can be a combination of multiple signatures. Signatures for Plain Text messages can now contain Rich Text Formatting codes. For those of you in the marketing department who want an impressive signature, this feature allows you to now use colors and fonts in your signature.

Enhanced Save As
Saving GroupWise messages in ASCII text format is now possible through our Enhanced Save As dialog. You are no longer limited to saving messages in WordPerfect mlm format.

Auto Backup
Symphony will automatically backup new messages that you are working on. A backup file for the active message be created, then restored if Windows or GroupWise locks up or crashes. Restarting the GroupWise client prompts you to delete or restore the backup file and continue where you left off. If you choose restore, then a new message will be created and the backup data will be inserted into the message fields.

More Features
These are only some of the features in Nexic Symphony. If you want additional information or want to hear some of these new harmonies for yourself, you can download a fully functional 30-day evaluation version of Nexic Symphony at:

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