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Searching for ViewWise Documents using GroupWise

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Posted: 10 Apr 2002

The ViewWise Imaging Agent synchronizes Documents between ViewWise database and a GroupWise Library, allowing users to search for ViewWise Documents using either using the GroupWise navigation tree, or GroupWise "Find" function. The ViewWise Imaging Agent provides for:

  • GroupWise properties to be cross-mapped with corresponding ViewWise indices.
  • The full OCR'd text of the ViewWise Document, enabling "full text" search of document images from within GroupWise.
  • A Pointer (reference) to the ViewWise Document.

To search based on Document content (OCR'd text), complete the following:

  1. Select Find? from the Tools menu.

  2. Select the Find tab and choose:
    • Full Text
    • From /Author
    • Date Range
    • Item type
    • Look in.

  3. Perform the search.

To search based on Index / Property Field value

  1. Select Find

  2. Select the Find by Example tab:
    1. Item Type
    2. Library
    3. Index / Property Field

  3. Click Ok to perform the search.

To open a ViewWise Document from the GroupWise Hit list:

  1. Double-click on the Document to be opened in the GroupWise hit list. The ViewWise Client will launch to the NOS hosting the ViewWise Room specified in the document, and if the user has appropriate access to the Room, it will navigate to the location of the Document with in the Room.

    Note: A GroupWise hit list will be displayed upon completion of any search. ViewWise documents within the hit list will be prefaced with the ViewWise Imaging icon ( ).

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