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Cross-Mapping GroupWise DMS Properties with ViewWise Imaging Indices

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Posted: 24 Apr 2002

Creating a Field Template:

The GroupWise/ViewWise Connector requires a minimum of one Field Mapping Template and One Schedule to be configured in order for ViewWise to send data to GroupWise.

A Field Mapping Template allows GroupWise properties within a GW Library to be associated with the corresponding ViewWise document types and indices.

  • Bring up FIELD MAPPING TEMPLATE by clicking on IMAGING AGENT Tray icon.

  • Select CONFIGURE TEMPLATE from the IMAGING AGENT Dialog Box.
    Note: The IMAGING AGENT dialog box will appear with the FIELD MAPPING tab active.

  • Click NEW and then enter a short descriptive TEMPLATE NAME.

  • Select the ViewWise Room and corresponding GroupWise Library from the drop down boxes.

  • Check mark the ViewWise DOCUMENT TYPE and then Double Click on OCR table entry in order to enable GroupWise FULL TEXT search of ViewWise images.

  • Select a GroupWise DOCUMENT TYPE. This will display the associated GW document fields.
    Note: The GW fields column will be populated with the two default fields of AUTHOR and SUBJECT along with any additional Property Fields that were created.

  • Select a value from the ViewWise fields column to match each value in the GroupWise field columns. If you have no particular value, you may choose a DEFAULT value to populate the GroupWise fields.

  • Click Save after you have selected values for all associated fields.

  • Click Yes in the Confirmation Dialog box.

Note: GroupWise Document Types and Property Fields can be created prior to Template creation.

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