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Posted: 24 Apr 2002

Do you face the challenge of reducing the amount of space your mail system uses, while retaining access to all the messages your users want or are required to keep? Do you require an automated tool that goes beyond what archiving alone can provide? Migration Manager may be the answer.

Migration Manager works in conjunction with GroupWise archiving and your backup system. Archive retention is set in Migration Manager so that you are sure archived messages will be on the appropriate backups. When the GroupWise client is started Migration Manager catalogs each message in the archive and purges archive records past the retention period.

Migration Manager cataloging records at startup

The catalog records can be much smaller than archived messages because only a portion of the message and a list of attachments are retained in the catalog. The catalog is viewable from the GroupWise client and has a similar look to the interface. Catalog records can be searched, printed, and manually or automatically deleted.

Migration Manager Client

To open the original message the user can double-click the catalog record or select "Open from Archive". If the original message is still in the archive, or is in an archive that has been restored to a restore area, Migration Manager will open it. If it is not online the catalog record has the dates that the record existed online so the appropriate backup can be used to copy the archive to the restore area.

The Restore Area

The restore area is a second archive that Migration Manager can search for messages. The user can also open the archive in the restore area and switch between it and the default archive without affecting normal archiving operations.

CD Support

If you use CDs to backup your archives you know that GroupWise has trouble reading archives stored there. With Migration Manager you can use the Copy to Restore button to copy the archive to the restore area where Migration Manager and GroupWise can access it as the restore archive.

Common Configuration Settings

Migration Manager uses the GroupWise FID to created an ofFIDmig directory for the catalog. This is automatically created under the Migration DB directory you specify in the options. This means that the same directory can be used for archiving or for multiple users.

Configuration options can be set from a panel in the GroupWise client, or they can be configured from a separate Administrator's panel, optionally locked, and distributed to multiple users.

Migration Manager Features

  • Automatic cataloging of archived messages.
  • Automatic purging of archived messages.
  • Automatic archive trash cleanup.
  • - Catalog retains the same folder structure as the archive.
  • Archives can be kept on network storage with reduced space implications. This overcomes problems with users that log into multiple workstations.
  • Configurable options for the cataloging frequency, archive retention and catalog record retention.
  • Options are lockable through an Administrator's panel.
  • Original messages are retained in their original encrypted GroupWise format.
  • Catalog records are maintained in an encrypted database that can only be opened by the logged in GroupWise user.

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