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Setting ViewWise Security using Novell Directory Services

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Posted: 22 May 2002

All Users and Groups are retrieved and updated by ViewWise from the specified Domain Controller (Windows NT) or NDS (Novell Netware); depending upon which NOS (Network Operating System) that ViewWise resides on. ViewWise checks if the user currently logged on to the workstation belongs to the designated NOS admin group in the ViewWise Room properties, and assigns that user administrator rights within that ViewWise Room. All users and groups read from the NOS are available for security assignment within ViewWise.

The Administrator assigns security rights to Users and Groups from the Cabinet level down to the Document level. Any privileges assigned to a specific level are automatically applied to all levels below it - this is referred to as an "inherited rights model". Additional restrictions and privileges can be set for levels that inherited security from a parent level. The Administrator or those users having Supervisor privilege can give other users and groups the ability to Create, Modify, Share, View, and Delete Cabinets, Drawer, Folders, and Documents.

Ex. 1: You assign a user the Supervisor privilege to a specific Cabinet - this gives that user Full Access with Delete, and the ability to add, modify, and delete other Users and Groups from this Cabinet, as well as any Drawers, Folders, or Documents contained in it.

Ex. 2: You do not want the user from Example 1 to be able to make any changes to the Documents contained in a particular folder. You assign that user just the View privilege for that folder - this only affects the user's security privileges for the Documents contained in that folder and any sub-folders contained in it.

Ex. 3: Later it is determined that the user needs the ability to Create and Modify pages contained in one Document in the folder from Example 2. You assign that user the Full Access privilege to that document - this does not affect the user's security privileges anywhere else in the ViewWise system.

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