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Migrating Pegasus Mail to GroupWise

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By Chris Beckett

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Posted: 5 Jun 2002

We are currently migrating from Pegasus Mail to GroupWise, and we needed a way of migrating messages from one to the other that was inexpensive (i.e. free!) and quick. We accomplished this using Pegasus Mail 4's IMAP function in conjunction with the IMAP capabilities of the GWIA. The best part is, this is just a message copy and the original PM message store is left intact! The steps are as follows :

  1. Install Pegasus Mail 4 to your local drive
  2. Close GroupWise, if it is open
  3. Start Pegasus Mail 4 in single user mode (if the option is presented)
  4. Go to Tools..IMAP Profiles
  5. Click "New" and give your profile a meaningful name, such as "GroupWise IMAP"
  6. In the IMAP Server Address field, put in the IP address or DNS name of your GroupWise server
  7. Ignore the "Server Port" and "Timeout" fields
  8. In the login name field, put in your GroupWise mailbox ID, which should be the same as your NDS login name , do not need to use the full NDS context, CN will do
  9. Input your GroupWise password into the password field
  10. Type it again to verify the correct spelling
  11. Click OK, this part is complete
  12. Highlight the IMAP profile you have just created and click "connect", this will create a view under your Pegasus Mailbox
  13. Click "Done" in the IMAP dialog
  14. Highlight all the messages and/or folders you wish to migrate from Pegasus
  15. Drag inbox messages to "new or unread mail (INBOX)", this puts them directly into your GroupWise inbox
  16. Drag folders to the top level of your IMAP profile, or wherever desired underneath this
  17. Repeat steps 14-17 as appropriate
  18. Close Pegasus Mail
  19. Open GroupWise, and your messages have been carried across!

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