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Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus Content Filter for GroupWise

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By Dave Strickler

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Posted: 27 Jun 2002

Did you know you could have SPAM, Viruses, and other nasty stuff removed from your entire GroupWise system with a single phone call? Yup, by the time you're on your second Cup-O'-Joe, you're company's daily SPAM intake could be spiraling towards zero. Oh, and there's nothing to install, maintain or upgrade. We figure you've got more important things to do.

MailWise Filter is a clever service that allows you to take control over your Internet E-mail by becoming your company's E-mail Firewall?. The service sits in between your GWIA and the dark forces of the Internet, providing a filter to block out the obnoxious SPAM and Viruses that are pounding on your poor GWIA at this very moment.

Now we all know SPAM when we see it. Its annoying, its constant, and just plain wrong. But did you realize how much of your IS&T budget it eats up every day? While SPAM may not seem expensive, do the math.

CNN reports that 25% of all E-mail is SPAM. The Gartner Group says its even more, and anyone with an E-mail account, knows it's closer to 50%-75%, but lets take 25% as a baseline. So, if you used MailWise Filter to eliminate 25% of E-mail before it ever entered your network and clogged your servers, you would have:

  • 25% less data corruption - smaller databases mean less data corruption
  • 25% more disk space for real E-mail - the space your users have been clamoring for
  • 25% faster E-Mail retrieval for mobile users - less E-Mail to download
  • 25% more Internet bandwidth - SPAM never hits your servers
  • 25% faster E-Mail servers - they don't have to work as hard
  • 25% faster backups and restores - less data to backup, less tapes to use
  • 25% faster E-Mail GWCheck procedures - less data makes for faster maintenance

And these are just the hard costs - the stuff that costs you and your department real money. You know, the money your boss said the company doesn't have enough of? Even worse, all of this doesn't even consider all the wasted time and energy that everyone in the company has to spend weeding through their mailbox every day. Wanna see some really frightening stuff? Check out the ROI calculator at and you can see the real cost of SPAM and Viruses. The numbers are scarier than a summer thriller at the local theater.

So how does all of this work?

From your perspective, it's actually pretty simple. A quick change with your DNS provider, and MailWise Filter becomes active. There's no software to buy, install or (gasp) maintain. All of this is done for you on fault-tolerant servers strategically installed in multiple secure facilities. Think of the service as your company's E-mail firewall? - except you're in control of it - not the guy down the hall who thinks E-mail isn't important. So what's behind the scenes that make all of this work? Well, they say that's top secret, but rumor on the street says it's a "combination of heuristic filter engines tied to a redundant backbone" - whatever that means.

The important thing to remember, is that immediately on signing up with MailWise Filter, SPAM and Viruses will be blocked from ever touching your system, and no end-user can ever override this policy. You have control over what gets in and out of your GroupWise system - no one else. Now if you want to get fancy, you can go in and configure all kinds of rules (much like GroupWise's Rules) to make exceptions as to what gets through and what doesn't - hey, every club bouncer has a VIP list - but you don't have to alter anything if you don't want to. After all, if you want to stop SPAM and Viruses, MailWise Filter is already doing that by default.

Who's behind the scenes, making sure it works?

The MailWise Filter service is run by DWS, the oldest, and largest GroupWise Consulting firm in the world. They've been supporting GroupWise systems since v2.0 ("WordPerfect Library" for all you Historians) and currently support over 500,000 seats of GroupWise. So I guess you could say they know a thing or two about GroupWise and how to run a rock-solid E-mail system.

Features & Benefits to MailWise Filter

  • Nothing to install, configure, upgrade or maintain
  • Free Technical Support
  • Free Admin Training
  • Free 45-day trial
  • 99.7% of SPAM filtered automatically
  • 100% of Viruses filtered automatically
  • Satisfy HR & Legal requests by scanning for specific words in E-mails
  • Web interface for accessing all aspects of the system (retained E-mail, Rule creation, etc.)
  • A web-based "Scoreboard" to show your current blocking stats
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly reports showing what was blocked and why

So let these guys unclog your GroupWise system today. If nothing else, it's 45 days of no SPAM and Viruses, and you can't beat that for a great summer deal.

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