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GroupWise 6 WebAccess High Availability

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By Tay Kratzer

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Posted: 5 Sep 2002

Tay Kratzer is one of the speakers for the upcoming Advisor Summit Conference for GroupWise. Here is a preview of one of his presentations.

Title: GroupWise 6 WebAccess High Availability

  • Introduction
  • WebAccess Problems At ACME
  • A Ten-Thousand Foot View of the Solutions
  • The Nuts-and-Bolts Solutions
  • Configuring Regional & Failover WebAccess Agents
  • Loading The GroupWise WebAccess Agent Into Protected Memory
  • Fine Tuning & Configuration Details
  • Questions & Answers


GroupWise WebAccess is becoming more and more important in many organizations. By using GroupWise WebAccess many GroupWise sites are driving down their support costs for remote users, and using WebAccess in portals. With the fuller feature set of the GroupWise 6.X WebAccess clients, some customers, particularly the newest GroupWise customers have opted to only use the GroupWise WebAccess client. This new trend could have potential pitfalls though. By funneling users through a WebAccess solution, the WebAccess software becomes a single point of failure. Many seasoned GroupWise administrators have struggled to keep their WebAccess solution stable, largely due to abends on the WebAccess Agent, or over-utilization of the WebAccess Agents.

This white paper is based upon my own experiences in working with customers to resolve the pitfalls mentioned earlier. With the advent of the GroupWise 6 WebAccess software, Novell has made significant enhancements that, when used with good design, will eliminate the WebAccess pitfalls of the past. I would recommend you read this document in it's entirety, as it contains a lot of discussion on architecture which is needful to fully understand how to adapt the solutions provided in this document, to your own GroupWise system.

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