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Posted: 3 Oct 2002

Callware Announces Unified Messaging Solution for Novell GroupWise 6; Advanced integration engine enables CallegraWEB Portal for Novell GroupWise users.

Callware Technologies Inc. recently announced the general availability of CallegraWEB Portal for Novell GroupWise. The portal solution brings unified messaging (UM) to Novell GroupWise 5.5ep & 6.x users. Leveraging the power of Callegra 5.62 for Microsoft Windows 2000, the portal solution appears as a folder in the GroupWise 6 client, which when selected, displays the CallegraWEB interface with full voicemail and fax functionality inside the GroupWise client.

"Our new unified messaging integration for GroupWise uses standard Internet protocols which not only makes connectivity easy, it also protects users investments as they move to future GroupWise product releases," said Adam Lowry, Product Manager for Callegra. Steve Giusti, Callware's Vice President of Sales added, "Callware's proven Callegra 5.62 unified messaging solution brings many new functions to GroupWise users, including voice enabled auto-attendant capabilities, fully integrated inbound and outbound desktop faxing, and advanced text-to-speech email reader technology." Callware's GroupWise customers are now able to implement CallegraVOICE (voice enabled auto-attendant), CallegraFAX (inbound & outbound desktop faxing), and CallegraTTS (text-to-speech email reader for phone based email management), as optional modules for Callegra 5.62 systems running the CallegraWEB Portal for Novell GroupWise.

The CallegraWEB GroupWise Portal uses an advanced integration engine carrying on the tradition established by the earlier CallegraDESK integrations. With a customer base of over 48,000 installed GroupWise unified messaging users, the need for an advanced unified messaging solution leveraging current technology has been of significant importance to both Callware and their customers. With the release of the CallegraWEB Portal for Novell GroupWise, Callware's commitment to providing advanced unified messaging solutions continues while preserving customers GroupWise and Callegra investments.

For more information about the CallegraWEB Portal for Novell GroupWise, please visit the Callware web site at, or call Callware Sales at 800.888.4226 and ask for Rich Jeffs.

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