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How Dave Does It

Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Dave Muldoon

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Updated: 28 Jul 2005

We found Dave Muldoon on the streets of Hollywood, talking about GroupWise to just about anyone who would listen. As it turns out he may have some "underground" knowledge, skills and experience that could prove useful to other GroupWise Administrators. So, we've asked Dave to share how "he does it" by providing some of his ideas, processes and procedures on GroupWise Cool Solutions.

Dave Muldoon works for a large financial institution in the northeast. His experiences in GroupWise are familiar to the typical GroupWise administrator. However, what makes Dave's situation different is that he has been the sole GroupWise Administrator for over 11,000 users for a period of two years. The magnitude of the system he maintains and the unforgiving nature of outages in his industry, combine for some interesting challenges and solutions.

During a recent corporate merger, the system that Dave supports has grown by 7,000 users - totaling over 18,000 users. Dave's employer decided in order to allow the system to continue on in such a consistent manner, they'd bring on additional staff to assist with GroupWise and learn "how Dave does it..."

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How Dave Does It Book:

Written for both the beginner and the intermediate GroupWise administrator. This book is packed with many short chapters designed to allow you to read through the entire chapter in one sitting.

  • The "Basic GroupWise Administration" section instills the fundamentals of GroupWise skills.
  • Basic skills are built upon in the second section; "Enhanced GroupWise Administration".
  • The third section of the book is a compilation of "How-Tos", providing practical step-by-step processes and procedures that you will be able to utilize within your system.
  • Also contained is a compilation of all of the Cool Solutions Articles written by Dave Muldoon.
  • And hidden way at the end of the book is a little bit of "geeky GroupWise fun", with a set of questions designed to test your knowledge of GroupWise.

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