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Cool Tool: GroupWise Mailbox Size Parser (GWCHECK.LOG)

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By Stefan Peters

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Updated: 24 Mar 2005

GWMBSize is a utility to report the mailbox usage of your Groupwise users. The Groupwise Post Office by default generates a logfile every week after maintenance. You have the ability to change the default settings to include the 'collect statistics' option. After this the mailbox usage per user is added to the log file.

GWMBSize reads this log file and puts all the information in an MHT (MHTML) file for quick reviewing and printing. Also a CSV file is created to import the information in a spreadsheet.

New completely rewritten version.

March, 17th 2005:

Released the 0.3 Beta version, check manual for complete revision

  • Fixed: Another > 2 GByte problem fixed
  • Removed: Installer
  • Added: Print and Print preview buttons (html only)
Check out the GWMBSize manual for more information.

Download the tool here:

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