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NotifyLink Enterprise Edition-GroupWise Version Evaluation Software

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Posted: 8 Jan 2003

Notify Technology would like to offer Novell GroupWise users a FREE 30 day trial evaluation of its NotifyLink Enterprise Edition-GroupWise Version software. NotifyLink provides GroupWise users with wireless access and management of their email, calendar, contacts, and tasks, via a variety of wireless 2-way devices such as, Handspring, Kyocera, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, and RIM.

NotifyLink is easy to install within your existing GroupWise email system, all you need to do is contact us at the following, refer to reference number CS1240230D, and we will walk you through the process. No NDA and No minimum user requirements.

NotifyLink Enterprise Edition is ideal for mobile professionals who need secure real-time "Over-the-Air" synchronization and push notification of their email, calendar, contacts, and tasks.

With NotifyLink's over the air synchronization, users will no longer have to wait to cradle sync their wireless 2-way device. NotifyLink can enable users to have the most up-to-date information on their wireless 2-way device through its push notification technology.

In addition, the NotifyLink Solution provides control of Global Settings and end-to-end encryption using AES and Triple DES. Mobile professionals will not just be able to browse through, they will be able to store, refer to, and respond to their email, calendar, contacts, and tasks, without having to Sync-up, Boot-up, Dial-up or Log-on.

The NotifyLink Enterprise Edition GroupWise Version simultaneously supports the Handspring? Inc. Treo? 180, 180g, 270, 300 Series, the Kyocera QCP? 6035, the Motorola Inc. Talkabout? T900, and/or the Motorola Timeport? P935, the Nokia 9290, the Palm i705, as well as the Blackberry (RIM) Wireless Handheld? 850/857 and/or 950/957 devices.

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  • Download the NotifyLink Enterprise Edition-GroupWise Version Data Sheet (pdf)
  • For more information on how you can get your FREE 30 day evaluation, please contact Elizabeth Dorman Walls at or 408-777-1883
  • Remember to refer to reference number CS1240230D
  • Or visit our web site at

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