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CCUWeb with Auto-Sync and Auto-Import

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By Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

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Posted: 11 Dec 2002

CCUWeb with Auto-Sync and Auto-Import

Looking for a cool solution to let departments, schools, colleges, and universities publish their calendars and activities on their web sites?

Do we have a cool GroupWise solution for you! By using our CCUWeb product, you can take advantage of GroupWise' amazing calendar and proxy services. CCUWeb allows you to create calendar projects that display any number of school-based calendars on your web site. By using the AutoSync functionality, your calendar(s) can be scheduled to be automatically updated. And it doesn't matter which web server technology you are using. CCUWeb calendars are compatible with all web servers: Novell Web Server, Novonyx, Apache on NetWare, Apache (or anything else) on LINUX, Apple's web server and Microsoft's IIS server.

Imagine how cool it would be to allow the Fine Arts teacher, the Physical Education Teacher, the Head Secretary, and the Room Rental staff be able to schedule everything in GroupWise and have that be automatically posted to the web site! CCUWeb delivers the first ever ability to post from multiple GroupWise calendars to combined web calendars.

And the COOLEST part of all? Being able to have your web site visitors download your school activities directly into their personal GroupWise calendars!

Download the demonstration version of CCUWeb and check out a couple of on-line calendars at

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