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Nexic Discovery: Comprehensive Email Retention Product Line for GroupWise

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Posted: 26 Feb 2003

Nexic recently announced a new product line called Nexic Discovery?. The new software products are designed to satisfy a broad range of corporate and personal email retention needs. Nexic Discovery products are comprehensive, second-generation solutions based on Nexic's years of experience with GroupWise email retention. Nexic Discovery is designed to help address the following end-user and corporate needs:

  • Fulfilling email retention requirements for the Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) regulation 17a and other retention laws.

  • Archiving email messages from inactive GroupWise accounts or from former employees.

  • Email monitoring and keyword content checking.

  • Offloading messages from live GroupWise databases to decrease the risk of large database size problems.

  • Providing easy access to email records for viewing or redistribution for legal discovery processes needs.

  • Exposing internal email messages to the public or other sources to meet public record access or sunshine laws.

Richard Bliss, with Novell GroupWise Marketing states "Email retention is a critical issue for organizations today. Novell GroupWise provides a platform that allows partners like Nexic Discovery to deliver solutions for our customers looking to solve the legal and logistical issues around email retention."

"The rapid growth in email as part of enterprise communication and record creation processes has caused email to move to the forefront of legal issues related to electronic records," says Jeff Stratford, President of Nexic. "The risks and liabilities associated with a poor email retention policy or inadequate restoration and search processes can be high."

One area of specific concern is for members of the stock exchange, brokers, dealers and all companies listed on the exchange. The Securities and Exchange Commission's Rule 240.17a outlines regulations regarding accessibility and management of electronic records. This SEC Rule includes provisions for managing classified electronic records that pertain to ongoing business or that have legal or compliance value. Business email messages that take place among brokers, dealers, and their customers are an excellent example of such records that must be retained.

Nexic Discovery products archive GroupWise email messages in standards-based formats, including HTML, ASCII text, or to Oracle databases. Once archived, the files and records can easily be viewed, searched and managed without requiring access to GroupWise. Archival storage can be file system-based including compressed drives, document management programs, or external databases like Oracle that can scale to billions of records. Archived records can also be packaged for offloading to DVD or other portable media. "Our numerous years of experience with exporting and archiving GroupWise email have helped us to design this new product line around the different needs of GroupWise customers," says Stratford. "Large corporations have certain compliance and regulation needs that are quite different from smaller organizations and individual users. Our product line has components that span a broad range of requirements addressing many of these needs."

Nexic Discovery products can run on Microsoft? Windows 98/NT/2000/XP workstations, Windows NT/2000 servers, and Novell NetWare? 4.2 (and later) servers. Nexic Discovery supports GroupWise 5.5, 5.5 Enhancement Pack, 6.0 and the new 6.5.

Nexic develops successful software-based business solutions designed to automate and simplify the GroupWise world. Nexic helps organizations solve complex business email retention and compliance challenges, simplify their handheld integration issues with GroupWise, and create new opportunities with custom software development.

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