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2NDC Denmark A/S DocuWise Document Management System (DMS)

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Posted: 3 Mar 2003

2NDC Denmark A/S DocuWise Document Management System (DMS)

The best from two worlds!

DocuWise? integrates the best from the image database in GroupWise? and the relational and table based information in the SQL Database.

The fact that DocuWise? is based on the enterprise products - GroupWise? and a SQL Database - means that it provides the user with a fully scalable solution in the range of 5 to 500.000 users. In addition hereto, DocuWise? works remote and supports portable document management. The user installation is carried out by the use of the customization facilities in Novell Directory Services? (NDS) and individual user set up.

The maintenance of clients can be carried out centrally through NDS and Novell ZENworks?. The security is controlled by means of the built-in facilities in GroupWise?, NDS and the SQL Database.

2NDC DocuWise? works by adding functionality to Novell GroupWise? and taking control of tasks earlier performed by Novell GroupWise?. Therefore, the functions are part DocuWise? and part GroupWise?. These two are integrated and work as one system without any visible signs of change from one system to the other, thus providing a complete Information Management System.

2NDC DocuWise? Document Management System takes charge of the way in which produced material is stored. Whenever documents are created or edited, the system will ensure that the material is stored and safeguarded in such a way that it may intelligently be retrieved. Furthermore, whenever material is to be accessed, the system will provide the correct information, no matter who made it or when it was made.

The work with documents in a word processor, spreadsheet, picture editor etc. is unchanged. When documents are stored, 2NDC DocuWise? ensures that they are filed safely and are easy to access later on.

Material, which has been accessed recently, is available with a click on a button. Sharing material with others is easier than ever and, best of all, nothing is ever lost and data can always be retrieved again.

Furthermore, the system handles security control. Not everyone should have the rights to access all types of material. Some material may be confidential and should be inaccessible from public access. 2NDC DocuWise? makes controlling information security easy and safe and ensures, that unauthorized access is blocked and that administrative access by authorized technicians is logged and registered.

2NDC DocuWise? handles most any type of files, such as text documents, spreadsheets and picture formats as well as e-mails and files received from outside the organization. The system also handles documents received by fax and even ordinary mail by accepting scanned material.

Thus, all information created or received by the organization from outside sources can be stored, retrieved and edited using 2NDC DocuWise?.

When using a DMS like 2NDC DocuWise?, the physical storage of documents is no longer an issue. The system fully controls what devices the files are placed on, and moreover handle a lot of technical issues such as security, backup, replication and compression.

2NDC DocuWise? stores the physical documents in a database structure managed by Novell GroupWise?. The system handles multiple independent databases called "Libraries" to store the documents and other related information. Advanced installations of 2NDC DocuWise? also store some types of additional information in relational databases such as Oracle or SQL; the physical documents themselves are, however, always stored in the libraries.

2NDC DocuWise? is one of a few DMS that can work off-line e.g. when using a laptop. The system replicates documents to the laptop and enables off-line access, edit and creation of documents. When reconnected, the documents are safely synchronized to the system.

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