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Posted: 1 May 2003

Executive View: Leveraging your Novell Infrastructure Toward More Profitable Business Processes

What is the "Executive View" of Novell Technology ... specifically GroupWise and eDirectory? How can I.T. managers present the benefits of Novell technology in terms to which corporate executives will quickly respond?

Register now to attend this premier GroupWise Advisory Summit presentation on this critical topic for your business. If you can't attend in person ? register to have a copy of the presentation sent to you.

This presentation addresses executives' need to understand how proposed (or current) technology leverages their existing Business Processes. It also discusses how executives will favorably receive Business Processes improvements that leverage existing infrastructure (e.g., Novell technology). The bottom line for executives is to build profitability / productivity.

How to use this presentation:

  1. Apply examples and demonstrations of how to build profitability / productivity (using GroupWise and eDirectory), as presented in this session. These include real?world examples of how to improve (Novell based) productivity in:
    • Project / Customer / Constituent Relations
    • Organizational Responsiveness
    • Executive Decision Support (eReports)
    • Cross?Selling (eReferrals)
    • Customer / Constituent Satisfaction
    • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • and more
  2. Attend this presentation (or register to receive a copy of it) and receive free demonstration software to enhance your use of GroupWise and eDirectory.

As organizations make plans for their future use of GroupWise, many also begin a discussion about how they want to build upon their GroupWise and eDirectory infrastructure. Many solutions which organizations want to integrate to GroupWise are designed to help them satisfy and keep customers, and to help increase top-line and bottom-line results.

To download a free "starter kit" for building upon your GroupWise and eDirectory infrastructure ? and to see the latest version of GroupLink's ContactWise product, go to:

About GroupLink:

GroupLink is the world's leading provider of sales force automation and contact management solutions that seamlessly integrate with GroupWise, eDirectory/NDS, and other Novell technologies. GroupLink's ContactWise solution allows you to put the focus of your business where it belongs - on your customers.

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