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Looking for a Web-based User Administration Solution for GroupWise?

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By Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

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Posted: 19 Jun 2003

Have you ever been in the following situation? Your Junior Network Administrators or Help Desk Operators need to be able to change GroupWise passwords and GroupWise Distribution List memberships but your security policy and your good common sense don't allow them to have Supervisor rights to the GroupWise Domain and eDir/NDS objects? If so, we thought you might want to check out eControl, a new Cool Solution for GroupWise from the people at Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

eControl allows you to distribute Tier One GroupWise user management tasks to just about anyone! No requirements for access to NWAdmin or ConsoleOne. No ConsoleOne or NWAdmin snap-ins required. No Client32 or GroupWise Client required. No Trustee Assignments to the GroupWise Domain or eDir/NDS objects required. eControl is accessed through a web browser. And best of all, eControl provides a full audit trail of all modifications and changes. How does eControl do it? Click here to login to a LIVE eControl system and find out or click here to register for an on-line eControl web-seminar.

eControl includes four modules:

  1. eControl Help Desk (HD) - provides web-based Novell eDirectory/NDS, GroupWise and NetMail "Tier One Help Desk" user management. eControl users do not require eDirectory or GroupWise rights. Access rights are managed through our trusted LDAP Proxy Server. You configure which users can carry out which User Management Tasks in which contexts with the eControl HD administration interface. Options include allowing eControl Operators to manage GroupWise passwords, GroupWise Distribution Lists, eDir/NDS group membership and others.

  2. eControl Self-Administrator (SA) - allows you to configure which eDirectory/NDS values can be self-administered by a user through the eControl SA web interface. A good example of eControl SA would be to allow users to add themselves to groups and GroupWise Distribution Lists that you have configured to be available or to allow users to change their own demographic information.

  3. eControl Contact Lookup (CL) - allows users to search and find user information that is published from eDirectory fields that are enabled by the administrator. This includes access to otherwise "unavailable" values like Mobile Phone Number and other extended schema attributes. (Available in version 2.0)

  4. eControl Account Create (AC) - allows users to sign up and auto-create an account from the eControl web page. It allows NDS, GroupWise and NetMail accounts to be created by subscription users. (Available in version 2.0.)

eControl Features Summary

Web-based User Management for Help Desk, Self Administer, Contact Lookup and Account Create Functions:

  • Access to eControl is through a browser (Currently supports Windows Internet Explorer. Support for Netscape and Macintosh browsers available with Version 2.0.)
  • No access to NWAdmin, ConsoleOne or snap-ins required.
  • No Client32 or GroupWise Clients required.
  • No eDirectory/NDS or GroupWise Trustee Rights Assignments required
  • Task Administration access is controlled through the eControl Trusted LDAP Proxy Server
  • The eControl Server communicates with eDirectory/NDS through LDAP and with GroupWise through the Admin APIs
  • Access to eControl tasks is controlled through eDirectory/NDS login authentication and group membership
  • User friendly - 15 minutes training time required
  • Intruder Lockout security
  • Full Audit Trail of who made what changes, when and to which accounts.
  • By implementing the "secure system" option, password change notification emails are sent to the user and to a specified security supervisor to advise that a password change was made and to confirm that the change was authorized.

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