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CEO Conference Highlights GroupWise Successes!

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Posted: 11 Jul 2003

CEO Conference highlights GroupWise successes!

Hundreds of CEOs and other corporate executives recently gathered in Nashville TN to learn about "Best Practices" in their industry. One of the most popular sessions featured Novell GroupWise. Also, an overwhelming majority of the CEOs attending expressed interest in knowing how to use their I.T. infrastructure to enable Best Practices in their business.

The Nashville conference was a semi-annual meeting of CEOs and executives in the financial industry. (We can't think of a better audience to evaluate how to increase the "bottom line" using technology!) Major questions on their minds are – "How can my I.T. investments (e.g., GroupWise) be applied to have an even greater effect on the 'bottom line' "– – and, "What are Best Practices in using technology for Capturing and Building Loyal, Profitable, Customer Relationships"?

90% Productivity Increase (referrals). This Best Practices session was hosted by an executive from FNB Corporation, a long-standing Novell customer. FNB achieved a 90% productivity increase in (highly-profitable) referrals by deploying a solution using GroupWise. Assisting in this presentation were representatives from GroupLink, the Novell partner company providing the web-based eReferral solution that overlays FNB's GroupWise system. FNB's chief strategist, and Chief Administrative Officer, said of the GroupWise enabled application:

"[The] technology – is critical to our success in achieving the consistent quality growth we need to control our own destiny as a company...and to help focus, motivate, and reward our people based on their tangible contribution –" Cass Bettinger, FNB Corporation

Here are ways that our CoolSolutions community can benefit from this GroupWise Success story! ..

See the CEO presentation. How can I.T. managers present the benefits of Novell technology in terms to which corporate executives will quickly respond? To receive a free "walk-thru" of this CEO presentation on the "Executive View" of Novell Technology ... specifically GroupWise and eDirectory, please schedule a time here: – and choose to evaluate the "CEO Presentation" walk-thru.

View an on-line demonstration. View a demonstration of the eReferral system that FNB overlayed on GroupWise (or view other GroupWise enabled solutions) by clicking here: – and choose to evaluate the "eReferral" (or other) walk-thru.

Consult with other executives. Discuss Best Practices with executives and I.T. professionals. Review examples and demonstrations of how to leverage your Novell Infrastructure (e.g., using GroupWise and eDirectory) toward more profitable business processes. Click here:

These discussions can include real world examples of how to improve productivity in:

  • Cross-department Action Items
  • Organizational Responsiveness
  • Executive Decision Support (eReports)
  • Cross Selling (eReferrals)
  • Customer / Constituent Satisfaction
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • and more

Free "Starter Kit". To download a free "starter kit" for building upon your GroupWise and eDirectory infrastructure – and to see the latest version of GroupLink's ContactWise product (Windows based), go to:

For additional information about CEO success stories, eReferrals, ContactWise or other Novell eDirectory/GroupWise solutions, please visit You can also call 801-298-9888 x120.

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