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Posted: 21 Aug 2003

Email is a great business tool, but at the same time it's a potential threat for employers. Email threats such as confidentiality breaches, legal liability, lost productivity, and damage to reputation cost companies millions of dollars each year. How can your organization protect itself from these threats?

The first step in securing your organization is to create an email usage policy. Don't reinvent the wheel... As part of our role as a trusted advisor, we've created a resource kit to help you with the task of creating and deploying a comprehensive email policy.

Why have an email policy?

  • Solves problems before they start
  • Enhances relationships with employees
  • Protects your business - if litigated, policy manual is an important document to show a company's compliance
  • Protects employees in accordance with laws and regulations
  • Sets procedures and answers employee questions
  • Creates a civil, safe, and secure atmosphere

Don't let an email disaster catch you off guard. Download acceptable use policy governing email usage today.

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