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Building Upon the New Benefits and Features of GroupWise 6.5!

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Posted: 4 Sep 2003

So, you've got the latest-greatest version of GroupWise! Or, maybe you're just evaluating it for now. Either way, you want to get the most out of your time and investment. What are the new end-user benefits and features of GroupWise 6.5, and how will you put them to best use?

This is a quick overview of the most visible end-user enhancements and new features:

  • GroupWise 6.5 includes a Checklist Window, which facilitates your oversight of your messages, tasks, and appointments.

      - What would happen if your high-impact users could also oversee account- or project-based messages, tasks, and appointments?

  • The GroupWise Contacts Folder makes it easy for you to manage the personal information of your contacts as well as to track your communication with them.

      - Imagine if your revenue-generating groups were able to run filters based on the attributes, preferences, or demographics of your contacts pool.

  • The all-new Messenger Window adds the vital instant messaging component for your GroupWise investment.

      - Now, envision the power of managing your message threads as part of your contact database, and the potential of personalized messages addressed to each individual on your contact list.

As organizations make plans for their future use of GroupWise, many also begin a discussion about how they want to build upon their GroupWise and eDirectory infrastructure. Many solutions that integrate with GroupWise and expand its capabilities are designed to help companies satisfy and keep customers, increasing top-line and bottom-line results.

Each of the powerful business process solutions / enhancements listed in italics above are available now, with the GroupWise enabled solution ContactWise?, and other solutions from GroupLink?. ContactWise integrates powerful solutions for your organization's needs (such as Sales Force Automation [SFA], Leads and Campaign Management, and Enterprise Customer Engagement [ECE]) with your existing GroupWise investment.

You can download a fully-featured demonstration of this powerful GroupWise enabled solution at:

The ContactWise solution facilitates GroupWise users to employ Sales Force Automation and customer-managed relationships to deliver higher customer satisfaction, enhanced profitability and greater productivity. As your organization upgrades to the new and improved GroupWise 6.5, allow your sales and marketing divisions to turbo-charge their use of GroupWise with customer engagement solutions that meet the needs of all users throughout the consumer cycle. When you integrate ContactWise solutions with your GroupWise investment, your organization can:

  • Build customer preferences and patterns: Identify individual customer solutions across all of your business channels and divisions, as well as to cross-sell and up-sell. These solutions empower you to precisely target your customers in your marketing efforts, making those efforts more effective and efficient.

  • Empower your employees to thrill your customers: Create instant exchange with real-time information at every customer touch point.

  • Unify and focus your departments and divisions: Your call center, your sales force, and every other department in your organization have instant access to the information customers want. A consolidated customer relationship management strategy creates a consistent voice for your organization.

  • Increase profitability from high-value customer relationships.

Test drive ContactWise today, and unleash the full potential of your GroupWise investment. Within 10 to 15 minutes after downloading this powerful software you will be able to use the benefits of this high-impact solution. To experience a product overview demo, experience a "walk through" of the solution, and see what ContactWise can do for you, go to:

About GroupLink:

GroupLink is the world's leading provider of off-the-shelf and customized business process solutions built upon Novell NetWare, GroupWise, eDirectory/NDS, and other Novell technologies.

For additional information about ContactWise or GroupLink's other Novell NetWare/eDirectory/GroupWise solutions, please visit their website at You can also call 801-298-9888 x120.

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