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Publish Calendar and Folder Information to the Web using GWExtranet

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Posted: 13 Nov 2003

Publish Calendar and Folder Information to the Web using GWExtranet

The Messaging Architects invites educational organizations to download a free trial of a new product called GWExtranet. GWExtranet is an advanced web collaboration software that enables schools and academic organizations to easily share information online with faculty members, large student bodies, and the community.

GWExtranet dynamically shares GroupWise information by publishing GroupWise Calendar or folder information to the web. Leveraging the access and security of the GroupWise proxy feature to automatically publish information in "real-time", authorized users can use GWExtranet to schedule academic activities, post athletic events, reserve computing resources and rooms, setup an online notice board or anything else you can think of.

"GWExtranet provided us with an easy, out-of-the box solution for our calendaring needs. Prior to introducing GWExtranet into our system, we used to create and publish static html pages with information and events. However, more and more we felt the need to enable our 500+ GroupWise users to publish their calendars in real time. Installing GWExtranet has given more people the incentive to fully utilize their GroupWise calendars. In fact, many of our staff members now post their assignments online using their GroupWise calendars..." - Randy Orwin, Bainbridge Island School District #303

Download your free trial copy today: Try it out online: For details, call 1-866-GWS-0101 (866-497-0101) or send an email to

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