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How Dave Does It: GroupWise HTML Monitoring

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By Dave Muldoon

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Posted: 4 Dec 2003

When working with GroupWise 6, I became addicted to the HTTP interface provided from the GroupWise agents. I was so in tune with everything in my own "GroupWise world" I knew all of the IP Addresses and ports for the system without having to look them up. That's great for me? not so great for anyone else who wanted to use HTTP access. Other technicians could also take advantage of the HTTP interface and so I came up with an easy way for others to go to one location and see different aspects of our GroupWise system and other sites that provide useful resources for email in general.

What I came up with is a simple HTML page that I patched together and refined to make things completely accessible (as I said before) from one central location. Try it out. You don't have to be too familiar with HTML to understand the source code and once you get things working, it will make your administration a little easier.

If you download the file at the below link, you can begin editing the file. The file can be edited via a simple text editor like NOTEPAD. Once you start a little customization you can view what you've done opening it directly from your PC via your web browser.

editing tips

I've customized this file with "comments" to assist you with editing it for your own use. Search the file for things like "you", "address", "dns", "port", and "name". When editing the file make sure you follow some of the tips I've left inside the source code such as leaving the colon between an agent's IP Address and the port on which the agent listens for HTTP traffic.

Once you've edited the file, save it and by refreshing your browser you can see the changes take effect. As with anything, when you get something good going and you want to try something new, work with a copy so you don't lose what you've already done.

Download the .html template file here: gw_template.html. (right-click on the link to download the file)

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