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CleanIt or Uninstall for GroupWise Client fixes?

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Posted: 11 Dec 2003

So, the unthinkable has happened - you need to uninstall the GroupWise client. DLL files may have been overwritten on the PC causing GroupWise problems, or you may want to totally remove an old version before upgrading to insure a clean install of a new version. Should you use the GroupWise uninstall or do you need CleanIt?

Prior to GroupWise 6.5 it was advisable to run a cleaning utility for this function. The uninstaller could not remove many registry entries and files. Some of these items would not get overwritten with a new install and the problems may have persisted. CleanIt removes the files and registry entries that an uninstall can't.

GroupWise 6.5 includes a much improved uninstall that does a better job of removing the proper registry entries and files. So is there still need for a utility like CleanIt? Well, yes.

CleanIt has features that go beyond a basic uninstall. You may want to investigate CleanIt for the following:

  • CleanIt still removes some registry entries that the uninstaller doesn't.

  • Some GroupWise client distributions, such as through NAL, may disable the uninstaller.

  • CleanIt can optionally remove or leave Microsoft web services DLLs for fixing problems with browser integration.

  • CleanIt can be distributed through a product like NAL to run remotely/silently on clients PCs without end-user intervention. This can be especially useful when performing a mass clean-up before distributing a new GroupWise client version.

You can find out more about CleanIt and download a demo copy at

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