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Posted: 18 Dec 2003

How can integration with GroupWise help you GROW your business and IMPROVE your customer relationships? Read on to learn how!

In business, of any kind, fleets of salespeople have client relations that dictate company success, both in lead generation as well as in day-to-day organizational necessities. A company supporting 30 salespeople, in today's high-speed, and ever increasingly competitive markets must maintain client relations in order to stay viable within their area of expertise. The need to track, monitor, and follow-up with clients is essential for business success and growth.

The convergence of GroupWise and GroupLink offers businesses the solutions they need to stay atop customer service and relations, thus promoting aggressive growth, and guaranteeing a sustained competitive advantage within their business niche. Poor customer service equates to poor business.

ContactWise and the GroupLink? HelpDesk, when customized to your business needs and format, offers any organization an added return on their Novell investment and leverages that entity for success not previously experienced and often times never dreamed of.

Once ContactWise is integrated into your business, the world of customer knowledge and customer needs is opened to your sales force and managerial staff in a capacity previously unknown. A key benefit of integrating ContactWise to your business strategies is the ability to track and monitor customer success, and company communications through the use of a simple and tremendously effective system.

Some other benefits of ContactWise integration are as follows:

  • The ability to ensure all customer commitments are met by having appointments and tasks posted to the appropriate person and/or department existing within GroupWise calendar.

  • Providing single view of your organization to your customer. Whenever a customer calls, each and every employee will know what the customer's past interactions have been with your organization, thus increasing organizational efficiency to meet their specific needs.

  • The ability to secure your contact information by allocating access on who can read, write, and delete information on any given client and/or product.

  • The often times needed, and always essential ability to access necessary contact information anywhere through a LAN, WAN, or VPN connection.

For additional information about ContactWise or GroupLink's other Novell eDirectory/GroupWise and Linux solutions, please visit their website. Request a free demonstration or download a trial version. Call anytime with questions 801-298-9888 X 122.

You Got a HelpDesk That Integrates With Your Novell Solutions?

The benefits of integrating GroupWise with your business processes are well documented and substantiated. Integration of products that work seamlessly together will save you time, money, and headaches when it comes to service and workflow.

The GroupLink? HelpDesk is a perfect match for the GroupWise user to integrate technologies and divisions together. GroupLink offers the only Help Desk that integrates with both GroupWise and ZENworks. By using a product that you are already familiar with, you save yourself time and money on changeover costs as well as costs related to service and support.

You get the following benefits from the GroupLink? HelpDesk:

  • Web-based, unlimited end-users anywhere in the world

  • Gives the end-users the ability to search previous help tickets

  • Ticket handling is simple and streamlined

  • ZENworks integrated - See end-user's ZENworks information on the tickets

  • Schedule tasks directly to someone's GroupWise calendar

The GroupLink? HelpDesk is browser-based and Linux/NetWare/Microsoft enabled. Want to learn more? Get your free demonstration or see some screenshots.

Still more questions? Call us: 801-298-9888 X 122

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