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GroupWise Enabled HelpDesk Solution for I.T. Support Organizations

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Posted: 21 Jan 2004

Can you relate to the following common I.T. support problems?
If so, read on to see how this GroupWise based solution for
I.T. support organizations might also work for you!

Give me your tired, your poor ... your I.T. support staff yearning to be free –


As a system administrator or manager, can you relate to these statements regarding I.T. support?

"We find ourselves answering the same I.T. support questions over and over"

"The same questions are often asked multiple times in the same department, with the same management and staff"

"Most support or help desk questions are not of the overly technical sort; generally questions such as,
  • 'how do I access my files/email remotely?'
  • 'how do I change my password?'
  • or, 'why doesn't the printer respond'"

With a limited IT department, fielding questions such as these, and basic operating questions of every kind, leaves very little time for the hands-on needs your organization is always experiencing.

Here are other probing thoughts to consider - -

While you and your fellow I.T. staff members are working feverishly to answer support needs and questions, is the end-user truly gaining the knowledge of how to troubleshoot his/her problem/s?

Have you established an educational process that allowed end-users the ability to avoid such problems in the future, and allow for an increase in their general computer literacy?

Every I.T. organization needs a method to help them prioritize their many support needs, keep track of hardware and software trends, and assure that the end-user was part of every support solution by providing dedicated communication to/with the end-user. The I.T. organization should make sure it has the ability to keep a record of every question (and response)-especially those which are the most frequently asked/answered. At the same time, the organization should monitor IT staff and evaluate training needs, as well as ensure that staff personnel are fulfilling their responsibilities.

wish list

In addition to the solution recommended above, wouldn't it be nice if your I.T. support or help desk solution allowed for:

  • Web interaction (Submit and answer support tickets from remote sites or campuses)
  • Linux options
  • ZENworks compatibility. Automatically displays hardware and software information on help tickets
  • Category specific configuration
  • Integration with your Novell environment (e.g., eDirectory, GroupWise, etc.)


Here is how George Bittles, Director of Computer and Technology Services for Ivy Tech State College (ITSC, located in Lafayette, Indiana) solved this same set of problems. George consulted with his contacts within the Novell community and found high recommendations for the Novell-integrated Help Desk software from GroupLink.

The GroupWise / ZENworks based (and Linux, NetWare [or other] compatible) help desk solution George selected allows the IT department the ability to track users in a general sense, and see what universal training they require. The web based solution uses the power of GroupWise messaging and calendaring. It also allows uses the option of using other Novell technology, including eDirectory and ZENworks.

George's solution at ITSC also enables them to monitor their computer fleet, and evaluate which units need maintenance. And, from an administrative point-of-view, it provides tracking capabilities to monitor IT staff and evaluate training needs, as well as ensure that staff are fulfilling their responsibilities. "There are so many different ways to use this [GroupWise/Novell based solution], I can't begin to discuss them all," relates Mr. Bittles. " – the implementation was amazing as well – We started the installation at 4:00 pm; I was out the door by 5:00." By providing keywords on their website ITSC now gives users the resolution of a step-by-step process to allow users the ability to solve their own problems. "By educating the end-users, they do not feel they are unable to handle problems presented to them, and by providing that scenario it frees up much needed time for my IT staff."


Way to go GroupWise! Way to go Novell! Way to go GroupWise/Novell customers and partners who know the extended power of what they already have!

GroupWise web, messaging, collaboration, scheduling and security features provide users with powerful benefits in and of themselves. They are also key elements on which George's help desk/I.T. support solution is based at ITSC. GroupWise is not only the most maintenance free, support-friendly collaboration solution of its kind – it is also a platform for you to provide other business and operational solutions. As in this example, your GroupWise implementation can be leveraged greatly to enhance the support you give your entire organization. Your I.T. staff will love it, and they can share in the glory!

For more information about George, and ITSC's successful experience in solving its I.T. support problems, please go here.

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