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Posted: 28 Jan 2004

Thinking about deploying BlackBerry for wireless access to GroupWise? Attachment viewing and Mobile Data Service (MDS) are wrapped up in the latest Consilient2? software release for GroupWise. Spreadsheets, presentations and other popular attachments can be now be viewed on any BlackBerry.

The typical BlackBerry user reports they recover up to 53 minutes of downtime each workday! Get even more out of your BlackBerry with the MDS feature. Connect to your corporate Intranet or access any web-based or desktop application on BlackBerry simply by activating MDS. Data is compressed and encrypted with Triple DES security providing a secure means of keeping mobile workers productive and connected.

Consilient2 Features: For GroupWise 6.5x, 6.0x, 5.5x on any BlackBerry

Consilient2 is approved by the creators of BlackBerry.

Uses BlackBerry Enterprise Server
Consilient2 uses the complete BlackBerry solution for a 'true' BlackBerry experience for GroupWise.

Multi carrier, global roaming
Pick your carrier. Enjoy BlackBerry abroad.

Exclusive BlackBerry data network
Consilient2 uses RIM's exclusive Network Operations Centre.

IT Policies
Activate "kill" or "erase data" commands for lost or stolen devices.

Attachment Viewing
MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect, Adobe PDF, Zip archives, HTML/HTM and ASCII text documents

Consilient2 Functionality:
  • wireless email
  • wireless calendar
  • wireless reconciliation
  • cradle tasks
  • cradle contacts
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