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SETBCAST, to Adjust BroadCast Mode

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Posted: 6 Jun 2001

This is a replacement for send.exe, basically to be able to do send /a=n, that works over IP.

This code will set the BroadCast mode to

  • 0x0000 Receive all broadcasts.
  • 0x0001 Receive only server broadcasts. User messages not stored.
  • 0x0002 Disable broadcasts. User messages not stored. Server messages are stored but notification is not given to the workstation.
  • 0x0003 Both user and server messages are stored but message notification is not sent to the workstation. The client can poll for messages.


  • A. Ray Maxwell, Novell Developer Support.
  • Anders Gustafsson, Pedago Interaktiv Ab (



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