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New! Download version 7.0 of this GroupWise-enabled business application.

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Posted: 8 Apr 2004

New Version (7.0) of GroupWise-Enabled Business Application!

This is yet another example of how your investment in Novell GroupWise and other Novell technology can quickly become an integral part of your strategic plan What is your strategy? How can you plan your ongoing Novell implementation so it is strategically coupled with mission critical or highly visible aspects of your business?

Be one of the first to experience this latest GroupWise enabled technology. See how this and other similar high-impact applications leverage your GroupWise investment and give you rapid (additional) return on your Novell infrastructure.

This new version of ContactWise (v7.0), a GroupLink product, builds on Novell GroupWise with its award winning Sales Force Automation and advanced contact management solution. The ContactWise solution enables GroupWise users to create Sales Force Automation and customer-managed relationships to deliver higher customer satisfaction, enhanced profitability and greater productivity. You can download a copy, or schedule a demo, of the new product at this link

Some of the new features and benefits of ContactWise 7.0 are:

  • View your customer history anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Quick Filter with definable templates for sending custom email merges
  • Contact Summary -- provides a customizable view for contacts to see the latest activity
  • User Interface Enhancements
    • Quick Add
    • Combined Phone/Address
    • Simplified Group Membership
  • Globally stored options
  • Support for PostgreSQL

Here is an additional list of some of the most popular benefits of ContactWise:

  • Provide a single view ("whole customer view") of your organization to your customer: whenever your customer calls, each and every employee will know what the customer's past interactions have been with your organization, in order to better enable your organization to meet their specific needs.

  • Ensure all customer commitments are met by having appointments and tasks posted to the appropriate person or department GroupWise calendar

  • Access your needed "whole customer view" information anywhere through a LAN, WAN, VPN or internet connection

  • Secure your common "whole customer view" information by assigning rights on who can read, write and delete

  • and much more . . . .

Here are examples of why many GroupWise users are praising this great GroupWise enabled technology:

"It gives us a holistic view of each customer. This context has enabled us to grow revenues by providing world-class customer service."
               - Tom Fleury, Director of IT, Lydall

"We will significantly increase yearly revenues by increasing the percentage of prospects who become buyers."
               - Ed Lowell, VP Sales, Village Homes

Again, for additional information about HelpDesk, or ContactWise, or GroupLink's other Novell NetWare/eDirectory/GroupWise or Linux business solutions please go to the above link or email them at You can also call 801-298-9888 x122

About GroupLink
GroupLink is the leading provider of HelpDesk and Collaborative Customer Engagement (CCE) solutions built on Linux and Novell technologies. GroupLink solutions produce powerful, rapid-payback results for small to enterprise-sized organizations, while offering a complete end-to-end solution for customer engagement, including Leads Generation, Sales Force Automation, and Customer Satisfaction. GroupLink's solutions can be deployed on Linux, NetWare, or any other JAVA-based environment. To date, GroupLink has achieved success with more than 800 enterprise customers and 3,500 worldwide implementations.

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