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Posted: 29 Apr 2004

TreeCast Enterprise integrates with eDirectory and GroupWise to broadcast entire trees of shared folders directly to GroupWise users' accounts, making accepting and arranging individual shared folders a thing of the past.

TreeCast Enterprise lets you save different sub-trees for each group, and assign these trees to their respective group objects in eDirectory.

Assigning a user to a group triggers TreeCast Enterprise, which builds that group's folder tree in the new users' GroupWise account! Removing a user from a group, or deleting a user, causes TreeCast Enterprise to revoke that user's access rights to the group's shared folders. Automatically.

  • TreeCast's Self-Healing lets users rebuild their trees - themselves.
  • TreeCast Enterprise integrates with eDirectory via LDAP & DirXML.
  • TreeCast Enterprise's friendly GUI makes Shared-Folders Provisioning and eDirectory integration a snap!

Download a 30-day trial version here: http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tools/1885.html

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