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Capitalizing on IT Investments with GroupWise

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Posted: 20 May 2004

Capitalizing on IT Investments with Novell GroupWise

"Our performance incentive structure will continue to be expanded through the implementation of GroupWise."

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Do you or any of your customers relate to the following issues?

  • How can we improve communication within the organization while providing excellent customer support?
  • How can we integrate a robust business solution that integrates with the existing infrastructure without a significant financial hit?
  • Without redesigning training and business processes, how can we implement timely improvements to our processes?

wish list:

In addition to providing solutions to the problems above, wouldn't it be nice if business solutions' ability to leverage your Novell based IT infrastructure also enhanced your:

  • Individual and collective productivity
  • Customer care and satisfaction
  • Profitability


Having an established Novell platform and utilizing GroupWise, Farm Credit Service of Missouri (FCSM) was able capitalize on its established investment, while concurrently leveraging an existing operating system.

Farm Credit Service of Missouri (FCSM) has been providing financial support / services to farmers, ranchers, and rural inhabitants since 1917. A merger recently occurred, requiring a revamping of the company's IT tools. With the inherent ease of operation associated with GroupWise, Dennis Risinger, CIO of FCSM, and his IT staff of five were able to get an immediate feel for how they would increase the effectiveness of communication channels, and therefore generate a significant increase in business productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately profitability.

The GroupWise-based business database and solution Risinger selected (ContactWise?) is NetWare and Linux compatible and allows the option of using other Novell technology, including eDirectory and a web interface. It also utilizes the power of GroupWise messaging and calendaring.

For more information about Risinger and FCSM's experience in capitalizing on IT Investments READ the full story here (and get your free DOWNLOAD):


Congratulations to GroupWise/Novell customers like FCSM and partners who know the extended power of what they already have!

GroupWise web, messaging, collaboration, scheduling, calendaring and security features provide users with powerful benefits in and of themselves -- all important features for organizations like FCSM. GroupWise is not only the most maintenance free, support-friendly collaboration solution of its kind ? it is also a platform to provide robust business and operational solutions. As with FCSM, your GroupWise implementation can be capitalized to enhance the support you give your entire organization.

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