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Streamline your Business Practices with your GroupWise Infrastructure

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Posted: 17 Jun 2004

Streamline your Business Practices with your GroupWise Infrastructure

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Your organization needs to implement a new solution to streamline your business practices. How do you ensure the solution:

  • Integrates with your existing infrastructure?
  • Maximizes the integral benefits of your GroupWise and eDirectory systems?
  • Maintains the security and privacy for restricted and sensitive information?
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In addition to the cost-saving solutions listed above, wouldn't it be nice if your business solutions' ability to leverage your Novell based I.T. infrastructure also enhanced your:

  • Individual productivity
  • Internal training processes
  • Overall customer satisfaction

Braithwaite, Boyle - the largest accident injury law firm in Alberta, Canada was looking for a contact management tool that would enable its staff to operate more efficiently. A key determinate was integration with Novell GroupWise and eDirectory, which were well established and highly valued among the employees of BB.

Receptionists at BB are the first tier in contact acquisition by determining if the person they are speaking with is eligible for representation. Within the screening process, the receptionist must also determine to which department and individual this new contact would best be suited. With the superior functionality of GroupWise and eDirectory, integrated with GroupLink's eReferrals contact management solution, an email can automatically be sent to the appropriate individual in the appropriate department - saving the organization valuable time and money.

"This system saves everyone time," said Jeff Dorey, Information Officer at Braithwaite, Boyle. "Within our first two weeks of implementation, we accumulated over 3,000 contacts. With GroupWise and GroupLink's eReferrals' ability to track and navigate these leads in such a user-friendly and effective manner is invaluable to us."

Not only is BB's productivity greatly increased, but also Dorey's IT training processes were significantly simplified, thanks to the ease of use and the organization's familiarity with GroupWise. Also, any critical or restricted information can be accessed only by the appropriate users within the organization, maintaining security, a key element of any law firm.


GroupLink's eReferrals integrated with BB's Novell infrastructure is a key component to Braithwaite, Boyle's bottom line, enabling its receptionists and attorneys the power to streamline the process of collecting leads, saving the firm valuable time and money.

GroupWise web, messaging, collaboration, scheduling, and security features provide users with powerful benefits in and of themselves. They are also key elements on which Braithwaite, Boyle's business database and solution is based. GroupWise is not only the most maintenance free, support-friendly collaboration solution of its kind ? it is also a platform for you to provide other business and operational solutions. As in this example, your GroupWise implementation can be leveraged greatly to streamline your business practices.

For more information about how Braithwaite, Boyle streamline its business practices utilizing its GroupWise infrastructure, READ the full story here. (and get your free DOWNLOAD)

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