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GroupWise RSS Reader Application

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By Roel van Bueren, Ronald de Zwart

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Posted: 1 Jul 2004

In this GroupWise Advisor magazine article, Roel van Bueren has provided instructions on how to install and use the GroupWise RSS Reader application.

Feed RSS Messages Into GroupWise
This application reads in preconfigured Really Simple Syndication feeds and stores them as messages in GroupWise.

Here's an excerpt:

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a dialect of XML for sharing headlines and Web content. A Web site administrator can publish one or more RSS feeds to give subscribers a "What's new" overview of his Web site. Using RSS, many Web sites including ZDNet, CNET, Microsoft, and Novell can send an RSS message to RSS feed subscribers to let them know what news items, new documents, or other items of interest have been added to, or published on, their Web site.

To receive RSS feed messages, you need an RSS Reader. An RSS Reader reads RSS feeds at a certain interval and copies RSS feed messages to its database or some kind of file structure. There are many RSS Readers available for almost any operating system. Some of them are free, and some are shareware. You can find a list at I like FeedDemon RSS Reader for Windows.

Because we're all attached to our GroupWise client, I decided to write a little application that reads in preconfigured RSS feeds and stores its RSS messages into GroupWise rather than into a separate database system. By doing this, a GroupWise user can use all great GroupWise features such as searching, filtering, and even "Notify" to check out new RSS feed messages.

Read the complete article here:

Download the GroupWise RSS Reader Lite application here:

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