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City of Naperville Enhances Its Technical Service using GroupWise-based Technology

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Posted: 22 Jul 2004

Free Trial (especially for Government GroupWise users) - - City of Naperville Enhances Its Technical Support using GroupWise-based Technology

"Maintaining quality lines of communication with all resources and contacts is of utmost importance for us and GroupWise helps makes it possible."

Read the full City of Naperville success story (and get your Free Trial) here:


Do you or your IT staff relate to any of the following questions?

  • Does your IT staff provide each department and employee with technical support for every aspect of their infrastructure?
  • Are you successfully able to track and manage every request?
  • How do you integrate an internal help desk solution with your existing GroupWise infrastructure?
wish list:

In addition to providing solutions to the problems above, wouldn't it be nice if your solution's ability to leverage your Novell infrastructure also enhanced your:

  • Training and business processes
  • Individual and collective productivity
  • Electronic workflow

The city of Naperville's IT staff of 20 was being bombarded in person, over the phone, and in emails with IT support issues ranging from printer issues to simple request like how to access the Internet. The process needed to be streamlined, utilizing the power of an already-valued GroupWise system.

Naperville now has a simple, web based, three-step process that allows users to satisfy their needs. The user is provided a list of panels that link their GroupWise and help desk solutions, where the user 1) logs in, 2) fills out a request, and 3) submits the request. Emails are automatically sent to the appropriate individuals - one to the tech support and one back to the user having the problem, to let them know his or her ticket has been received. Linking with the GroupWise calendar, ZENworks and eDirectory is also an option.

Operating on a well-established Novell platform, and moving to an open database server (e.g., Linux, NetWare or Windows based database options), the implementation of HelpDesk provides organizations like the city of Naperville the opportunity to leverage its existing investments.

For more information about the city of Naperville's experience in enhancing its technical support with GroupWise-based technology, read the full story here (and get your free trial).

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