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Cool Tool: Simple GroupWise Updater

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By Kelvin Dam

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Posted: 22 Jul 2004

Updates MTAs and POAs from a NetWare Server Console

In upgrade and update situations where a large number of remote GroupWise sites needs to be updated, this utility can do the trick, without having a GUI-based installation wizard sending the installation traffic across the wire, also minimizing downtime for the users.

- Tested with GroupWise 5.5 and 6.x.


The SQWU 1.0 Does not Extend the Schema, so in a upgrade situation, the Primary GroupWise domain needs to be upgraded with the Installation Wizard. It is always advisable to use the SGWU 1.0 AFTER the Primary Domain has been upgraded/updated.

If you don't have the ICMD.NLM, it is enclosed in the SGWU.ZIP package. (Put it in SYS:\SYSTEM or another directory in your search path).

Be sure that no other *.IPS file is in the root of your GroupWise SDD.

Find out more and download it here:

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