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Uncool Solutions: Voiding The Warranty
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October: Voiding The Warranty
(c) 2003 The Tayler Corporation, All Rights Reserved
Colored by Jean Elmore

Winning Entries

Here are the winning entries that were submitted for October's Voiding The Warranty comic strip. If you would like to try your hand at solving a comic strip problem with a Novell products, check out the current contest.

1st Place

Carla Ventrano

Information taken from the xbox-linux.sourceforge.net website:

"Purchase the X-Box and run Linux on it without opening the case. Spend 30 minutes to modify the software on the Xbox hard disk, without opening the case. This is fully reversible.

The basic idea is to modify the application of the hard disk, the Dashboard, to accept Linux CDs and to show the item "LINUX" in the main menu. But how can I change the hard disk contents with an installer on a CD, if the Xbox only accepts game CDs? That's why we distribute a set of savegames: Use the game MechAssault to load these savegames, and they will modify the Dashboard. there is a difference between the "warranty by law" and the "insurance of the manufacturer" (commonly called "warranty"):
"Warranty by law" means that if the product already had a flaw when you bought it, you have 24 months (in the EU) to return it. If the product breaks within this time and you did nothing wrong that could have caused it, it must have been because of a flaw in the product, and the manufacturer is bound to replace it. In the EU, within the first 6 months, the manufacturer has to prove that it was the user's fault, if they don't want to replace it; afterwards, the user has to prove that it was the manufacturer's fault, if he wants it to be replaced.

"Insurance of the manufacturer" ("warranty") is an insurance of the product which the manufacturer provides. They can add any set of rules that will void this insurance. The Xbox manual for example says that you have a 1 year warranty, but that you void it if you open the Xbox or run software other than games on it.

This means that you void the "warranty"/"insurance" if you open the Xbox or run Linux on it, but it does not necessarily mean that Microsoft is no longer bound to the "warranty by law" if you do this. We know of at least one (unopened) Xbox with Linux that has been repaired for free."

2nd Place

Caleb Ronsen

In the distant past, heck, last year, if you wanted to run linux, you were on your own. The end user was responsible for finding compatible hardware, building their own systems, and trying to make it work with the rest of their network. This is not the case today. HP now offers prebuilt, corporate class desktops with Mandrake Linux 9.1 already installed and running.

608668       D220 MICROTO D220 MICROTOWER CEL-2G 40GB 
             CPUTPENT     128MB CD LINUX

For under $400, corporate customers can take advantage of business class hardware and have full support for linux by the best computer hardware vendor.

Throw in an entry level server, such as:
898169       .            PROLIANT ML310 P4-2.53G 512K 
876539       PENTIUM II   256MB 40GB ATA GBE TOWER     

Toss Netware 6.5 media and a license for 25 users (for growth)
             OPSYS        128+BIT ENG CLA               
C03772       NETWARE 6.5  NETWARE 6.5 25U E-LICS VLA L9

And to make it even easier to manage, add in Novell Secure Access Suite:
140742       .            SECURE ACCESS SUITE 1U E-LICS
             NETWORK      VLA L9  

And since the Title is "Voiding the Warranty," let's talk warranties. The D220 ship with a one year warranty, we can uplift that to a three year onsite next business day warranty with 24x7 phone support and two hour phone support for Netware on the server:

822523       DIRECTSHIP   WARR 3YR ND ONSITE 8-5 M-F     SVCS

All you need is some monitors, the server and the desktops ship with keyboards and mice, and you are set.

3rd Place

David Poole

Currently, X-Box doesn't run Linux without a user-install Mod chip that is soldered onto the mainbox.

However, Sony PlayStation 2 DOES (and it costs about the same as X-Box).

From: http://zdnet.com.com/2100-1104-1021692.html

'A group of Xbox security researchers say they have found a way to run Linux on the Xbox game console without a so-called mod chip and will go public with the technique if Microsoft won't talk to them about releasing an official Linux boot loader.'

Linux on PS2:

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