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Cradle to Grave

27 Dec 2007
CLIENT 4.9x ADM (tool)
Administrative Template for Novell Client 4.9x.

12 Dec 2007
One Giant Leap: Cool Solutions gets some New Digs (tip)
Eleven years after launching the first Cool Solutions site, we have just taken a major step forward. We have some new digs - a full-on community site with all the Web 2.0 bells and whistles. Check it out!

29 Nov 2007
Custom Inventory Attributes in ZENworks 10 Configuration Management (tip)
Wouldn't it be nice to auto populate the department attribute or site attribute with custom information? Automating this process means that the data is consistent and provides meaningfulness to workstation inventory and reports. Jared Jennings tells you how.

29 Nov 2007
Blocking Web Surfing (trench)
In response to an open call, come see some creative ways to keep people from surfing the web via Internet Explorer.

28 Nov 2007
Look for ZENworks at GWAVACon San Diego/Del Mar (tip)
Novell Systems and Resource Management has signed on as a sponsor of GWAVACon San Diego/Del Mar which is being held January 27-28, 2008. There are 20 free attendee slots still available, but space is filling up fast for this event.

20 Nov 2007
Roaming Profile for Microsoft Vista in ZENworks 10 Configuration Management (feature)
In ZCM 10.0.0, roaming profile policy does not work on Vista. However with the help of group policy, one can still attain the roaming profile policy functionality on Vista. P Silpa shares the solution to make roaming profile policy work on Vista.

20 Nov 2007
Keeping Forced-run Apps Available for Reinstall (tip)
Patrick Farrell explains how you can force applications to run one time, but still keep them available for reinstall via Application Explorer.

15 Nov 2007
OPEN CALL: Help a Newbie Setup an MSI Application Object for Office 2000 (tip)
Joseph B. is a ZENworks newbie who stands in desperate need of some extremely clear instructions on how to create an Application Object for MS Office 2000. Anyone out there care to help? Freshly updated with some great ideas.

15 Nov 2007
OPEN CALL: Dynamic Login on Restricted Workstations (tip)
Freshly Updated with new suggestions. MK is having trouble using Dynamic Login on workstations with restricted DLU access. If you have any suggestions, let us know and you'll earn some of those delightful Novell Rewards points for your trouble.

9 Nov 2007
Helping ZENworks Asset Management Recognize New Programs (tip)
Come find out how easy it is to help identify new programs for ongoing updates to the fingerprint knowledgebase used by ZAM.

9 Nov 2007
ZENworks workaround to OpenSUSE Grub Hang (tip)
This is a specialist usage, using ZENworks imaging for openSUSE (which we don't support), but it's a nice idea from Dan Wang.

9 Nov 2007
Displaying Apps only if Screen Size is Right (tip)
Chris Graham explains how he figured out how to send a NAL app to people only if their screen resolution was large enough to use it. Nifty!

1 Nov 2007
Creating a Menu System using ZENworks 7 SP1 (feature)
Hamish Speirs explains how he adapted Art Flores' work to create a menu system using ZENworks 7 SP1, and added a little more flexibility while he was at it. Enjoy!

30 Oct 2007
Deploy Virtual Applications with ZENworks (tool)
With this tool you can deploy, update, and delete virtual applications created with Altiris Software Virtualization Solution.

26 Oct 2007
ZENworks 7 Imaging from USB drives using EXT2 partitions (feature)
Updated with instructions about using EXT2 partitions. Rich Bryant shares the steps to facilitate using a large external USB Hard drive for ZENworks 7 Disconnected Imaging. It utilizes the ZENworks CD software modified to run on USB storage devices and sets up a data volume to hold your images.

24 Oct 2007
RUNCMD (tool)
This utility enables you to run a program in a specified window and wait state.

17 Oct 2007
How to run the Image Explorer Utility that comes with ZENworks Configuration Management on a Workstation (feature)
At times it would be nice to run the ZCM Image Explorer Utility on a workstation, a device that does not have all the other ZCM products installed. Jared Jennings explains how you can run ZCM Image Explorer as a stand-alone application on any workstation that has java installed. Sweet!

17 Oct 2007
Survey: How well are Novell and your other vendors meeting your needs? (tip)
We're interested in knowing how well Novell is meeting your needs in several areas identified as important to current customers. Please take this short, five-minute survey to help us understand your satisfaction with Novell and other vendors.

17 Oct 2007
Publishing RDP sessions with local sound through ZENworks (tip)
By default, sound is not forwarded to the local client if you publish RDP/ Windows Terminal sessions from ZENworks. Daniel Hedblom explains how to make it work.

16 Oct 2007
ZENworks 7 SP1 Imaging on USB (tool)
Start the ZENworks 7 imaging from a USB thumbdrive instead of the boot CD.

12 Oct 2007
GetScreenRes 1.0 (tool)
Utility that will create registry keys and temporary files to indicate a person's current screen resolution.

10 Oct 2007
DesktopClean 2.5 (tool)
Scans local desktop, moves files to a specified network path, then creates shortcuts to moved files on desktop.

9 Oct 2007
Helping Laptop Users Uncheck the Workstation Only button (tip)
If your laptop users are getting into trouble by checking the Workstation Only button during home use, making it impossible to login the next day at the office, here's a cool idea from AJ Snijder.

9 Oct 2007
Ports for ZENworks Remote Management on XP (trench)
Freshly updated for ZENworks 7. While Microsoft has put their security hat on and supplied a firewall with XP service pack 2, in their infinite wisdom they didn't include the ports required for the ZENworks Remote Managment Agent to work. I've created two very simple AXT files that will sort out your network woes.

9 Oct 2007
SvcEvents Service (tool)
Monitor Windows Login/Logoff/Shutdown Events

8 Oct 2007
VMware Workstation 6.0.1 solves a ZENworks Bug (tip)
Roel van Bueren alerts us to a ZENworks bugfix in the new build of VMware Workstation 6.0.

4 Oct 2007
ZLMLoad (tool)
This utility will load the base operating system packages into ZLM.

3 Oct 2007
Automatically Changing to a non-US Keyboard Layout for Imaging (tip)
Jamie Glendinning from ENGL shares a great tip for everyone around the world who would rather use their own familiar keyboard layout while working with ZENworks Imaging. Freshly updated with info for ZENworks 10 Configuration Management.

3 Oct 2007
AppNote: Advanced patching of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 with ZENworks Linux Management (ZLM) 7.2 (appnote)
Freshly updated with reader suggestion. ZLM 7.2 is a powerful Linux systems management suite, that provides centralized control of up to hundreds of managed devices. One of the main capabilities is automated system patching, but by default ZLM 7.2 adopts the classic software package overlay approach, also for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 devices. In this document we will thus explore how the native mechanisms of ZLM 7.2 can be used to orchestrate advanced ZYPP-based patching of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 managed devices.

26 Sep 2007
Check this if you can't Remote Control a Workstation (tip)
This seems very obvious, but it is one of those irritatingly obvious things that can slip past the radar as you can be convinced it is something else causing the problem. Hope this helps someone else.

26 Sep 2007
Using ZWSREG (feature)
ZWSREG.EXE is the replacement for the ZFD3.x WSREG32.EXE. Here's how to turn it on and use it.

25 Sep 2007
ZENworks Inventory Software Dictionary Update 12 (tip)
Heads up all of you who use ZENworks Desktop Management 6.5 and 7 - there's a new update for you.

20 Sep 2007
Monitor ZLM queue entries with Nagios (tool)
This program monitors the ZLM queue and reports problems back.

19 Sep 2007
Troubleshooting ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Managed Agent Deployment (tip)
Wondering which logs and files can be examined for troubleshooting ZCM 10 Managed agent deployment? Want to know how to read the contents of PreAgentPkg_AgentComplete? Here's the scoop, from the good folks in Novell Technical Support.

19 Sep 2007
Troubleshooting Patch Management download problems in ZENworks 10 Configuration Management (tip)
If you run into issues with Patch Management downloads, take a look at the items on this list for some troubleshooting ideas.

11 Sep 2007
Automatic Login and Logout for Testing ZENworks Configuration Management Policies for Windows (feature)
Ever wish you had an easy way to perform a Login and Logout operation on a Windows Managed Device over a period of time without manual intervention? Check out this great solution from Novell engineers Lingam Rajesh and Vijay Kumar Kunchakuri.

11 Sep 2007
Updates to Novell ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management (tip)
Check out ZLM 7.2 Hot Patch 5

7 Sep 2007
ENGL Zwlancfg 2.0 (tool)
Windows Wireless Management configuration tool.

6 Sep 2007
Using ZENworks Linux Management 7.2 to Change the Root Password on All Managed Systems (feature)
Novell's Mike Friesenegger was asked by a customer to propose a way to change the root password on large number of systems that they manage. His solution was to use the text policy in ZLM 7.2 to modify the password for root. Here is exactly how he did it.

6 Sep 2007
Smart Deployment with ENGL Imaging Toolkit 5 (webcast) (tip)
The good folks at ENGL have been working flat out this year to add support for ZENworks Configuration Management and Windows Vista to their Imaging Toolkit. Check out this upcoming webcast to see what they've been doing.

4 Sep 2007
OPEN CALL: Remote Desktop - Blank Wallpaper change (feature)
Freshly updated with new ideas. Tony K. is looking for a slick way to display something interesting or helpful instead of a black screen when you are doing remote control work (like upgrading) on a workstation and need to lock the keyboard. Apparently the blank screen confuses some users, and causes them to turn off the PC, which leaves you in a real bind.

1 Sep 2007
UserKVYMonitor v1.7.1 (tool)
The analyzer of user activity on NetWare server with Novell ZENworks Remote Management support.

30 Aug 2007
DSRAZOR for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare (tool)
Secure, delegate, administer and audit your eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems. Manage user accounts, report on and manage security settings, delegate helpdesk tasks and more.

30 Aug 2007
ZENworks Linux Management and a SUSE Installation Service on One Server (feature)
Want to set up a ZENworks Linux Management Server and a SUSE Installation Service all on one server? Cameron Seader lays it all out for you. Follow the instructions and you will have this working in no time.

29 Aug 2007
AppNote: Installing ZENworks 10 Configuration Management using External Certificates (appnote)
Novell SysOp Jared Jennings details how to use a Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) or Novell eDirectory Certificate Authority to sign the required certificates for ZENworks 10 Configuration Management. Enjoy!

29 Aug 2007
Remote Control for ZENworks 10 Configuration Management, Without Using Windows (tip)
If you want to use the new ZENworks 10 Configuration Management to do remote control from a Linux workstation, here's a tip that'll keep you pure and Windows-free.

29 Aug 2007
OPEN CALL: Installing OpenOffice Applications Separately with ZENworks (tip)
Freshly updated with new ideas. Patrick C. is looking for a way to install the base, and then deploy the separate applications via ZENworks. If you have a solution to share, let us know.

22 Aug 2007
Keeping Company Laptops from Leaking Secrets (feature)
We've received some inquiries about the new ZENworks Endpoint Security Management product, so we thought we'd share some of the cool features in it. This week we'll look at the way it protects your company from hackers who try to weasel their way into the information your employees have stored on their laptops by tricking users into unsafe access points, gaining access to the corporate network using an employee's wireless network card, and other devious practices.

22 Aug 2007
ZENworks Handheld Management 7 Scan Rules (tip)
Here's a nice cheat sheet that will show you at a glance the scan rules and intervals for different devices being managed by ZENworks Handheld Management 7 (ZHM7).

22 Aug 2007
Heads Up: ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Now Shipping, adding Endpoint Security to the ZENworks Arsenal (feature)
Freshly updated with new Q&A. ZENworks 10 Configuration Management, the latest addition to Novell's systems management portfolio, is now shipping in three editions that allow you to choose the functionality that best meets your security and management needs. Come learn more about it.

14 Aug 2007
Securing the corporate secrets with ZENworks Endpoint Security Management (feature)
The award-winning security management solutions acquired with Senforce Technologies are now available as Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management. This exciting new product delivers enhanced encryption capabilities and stringent wireless and port access control features. Now you can simultaneously protect your users and their endpoints from data theft, malware and virus threats.

14 Aug 2007
White Paper: Novell ZENworks Configuration Management in a Microsoft Windows Environment (tip)
Here's a nicely detailed White Paper that provides a satisfying level of technical insight into the architecture and features of ZENworks 10 Configuration Management.

8 Aug 2007
Changing the Default Port used by ZENworks Linux Management (ZLM) (tip)
If you are having trouble configuring ZLM, you may be experiencing a conflict with the default port 80, which is often used for other things. Novell's D Umesh explains how to make ZLM listen on another port. Very handy!

8 Aug 2007
FYI: New ZENworks Patches available (tip)
A lot of you liked it when we mentioned a new patch a few weeks ago, so we thought we'd let you know about new ZENworks patches that have been released in the past few days.

7 Aug 2007
Preventive Maintenance for System Administrators (feature)
Here's some practical and detailed advice on staying ahead of the server maintenance game, courtesy of Hanny Kraa.

2 Aug 2007
How to Enable Debug Logging in ZENworks Desktop Management 6.5 and 7 (feature)
Check out this very useful reference sheet replete with instructions on how to enable debug logging for the different components of ZENworks Desktop Management, running on various platforms. You should print it and tape it to the wall - no one should be expected to memorize this stuff.

2 Aug 2007
Keeping Company Secrets from Walking out the Door on a Thumb Drive (feature)
We've received some inquiries about the new ZENworks Endpoint Security Management product, so we thought we'd share some of the cool features in it. This week we'll look at the way it protects your company from employees who use USB thumb drives and other removable storage devices. Even if they don't intend to steal your secrets, it happens every day, sometimes with serious consequences. This is good boss-sharing material -- your IT department will be the heroes!

2 Aug 2007
Getting more Details in your ZENworks Handheld Management Error Logs (tip)
If you've been wishing you could see more details in your ZHM error logs to help you with troubleshooting and debugging, here's an easy way to set it up so you get exactly as much information as you want.

25 Jul 2007
Making Wake-on-LAN work after upgrading ZENworks Desktop Management (tip)
Here's a very handy little tip that can keep you from tearing your hair out if you're getting a "ServerDN is null" message when you try to use Wake-on-LAN.

24 Jul 2007
Q&A : ZLM and ZDM ProxyDHCP (PXE) (feature)
Here's an excellent set of questions and answers from Novell Technical Services about ZENworks Linux and Desktop Management and PXE.

17 Jul 2007
Adding a Service with rug if ZENworks already exists on a ZLM Server (feature)
The nice folks in Novell Support have created a script that lets you clear out this error from your system. This will save you a lot of steps -- so many thanks to NTS for this goodie.

17 Jul 2007
Disabling the ZENworks Partition Creation Menu and Enabling a Custom Imaging Script in ZENworks 7 SP1 HP5. (feature)
Since his company does not use the ZENworks partition, Bobby Guillory figured out a way to avoid having to configure it. This article will show you how to disable the call to the ZENworks Partition creation menu and how to call your custom imaging script with the new ZENworks Imaging Resource Files.

13 Jul 2007
Telling your Firewall to Trust Novell Login Scripts with WinLogon (tip)
OPEN CALL: Looking for an executable to add to a firewall's trusted applications so Novell login scripts are trusted? Try WINLOGON.EXE. And once you've done it, share your experiences with your specific firewall/filter, and we'll add it to this article.

13 Jul 2007
Modifying ZENworks 7 SP1 Imaging Engine (feature)
Matthew Nelson shows you how to modify the ZENworks 7 SP1 imaging engine based on the SLES 10 kernel (Hot Patch 1 or greater for ZENworks 7 SP1).

12 Jul 2007
Partner Blog: Mikael Rydberg - Partner Day in Copenhagen (tip)
Mikael shares his impressions of ZENworks Configuration Management and ZENworks Orchestrator, from the partner training he recently attended in Denmark.

12 Jul 2007
Partner Blog: Mikael Rydberg - ZENworks Configuration Management 10 Partner Training (tip)
Mikael reports on the First Class training he recently attended about ZENworks Configuration Management 10.

5 Jul 2007
Making ZENworks Imaging Detect BroadCom Netlink NIC (tip)
ZENworks 7sp1hp5 imaging engine doesn't detect Broadcom Netlink 5787 Gigabit NIC in Acer Laptop 6410. Matthew Nelson shares the solution.

5 Jul 2007
Distributing an IP-based Printer with an App Object (tip)
Arnoud Kesselaar explains his method of distribution that doesn't force him to use the DOS screen.

5 Jul 2007
Upgrading a ZENworks Asset Management/Inventory server from 7 to 7.5 (tip)
Geoffrey Carman shares a couple of gotchas to watch out for when you are upgrading your ZAM server. Thanks, Geoffrey!

28 Jun 2007
AppNote: Enhancing ZENworks Desktop Management with AutoIt (appnote)
Novell's Eugene Phua provides detailed instructions that will help you use AutoIT integrated with ZENworks to install programs without user intervention. Very useful to add to your bag of tricks.

28 Jun 2007
Making Dell Laptop PXE Boot the ZENworks Imaging OS (tip)
Kaden Napper explains how he got a Dell Latitude D630 to PXE boot the ZENworks 7 SP1 imaging OS.

27 Jun 2007
Novell Announces Two New Security Management Products (feature)
Novell announced two innovative solutions for the high-demand, device security management market. ZENworks Endpoint Security Management and ZENworks Secure Desktop. Find out more here ...

21 Jun 2007
Updates to Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management (tip)
Hot Patch 5 for ZENworks Desktop Management is available.

21 Jun 2007
Avoiding problems with ZLM schema when upgrading to ZLM 7.2 HP2 (tip)
We have heard from some users who found that they can't add packages to a bundle after they upgraded from ZLM 7 IR1 to ZLM 7.2 HP2. Others have had trouble uploading sound adapter info after the same upgrade. Here's the skinny, from our friends in Support.

20 Jun 2007
ZENworks Configuration Management now in Public Beta (tip)
Ready to have a little fun? Roll up your sleeves and test the beta version of ZENworks Configuration Management, which is the next generation of ZENworks (replacing ZENworks Desktops Management, aka ZENworks for Desktops, as the standalone desktop management product). We think you'll love how it revolutionizes the way you manage your Windows desktops.

16 Jun 2007
RTMonitor 5.0.3 (tool)
Monitor BorderManager User Activity in real time.

15 Jun 2007
Patching an OES server with ZENworks Linux Management 7 (tip)
The best (and only supported) way to update an Open Enterprise Linux Server is by OES patch bundles and not via the oes-bundle. Here's how you do it.

15 Jun 2007
SATA Mode Not Supported By Hard Drive Image Software (tip)
C.J. Goggin shares a little tidbit that could make Imaging easier for you.

15 Jun 2007
Loading Base SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Packages into ZLM Bundle (tip)
In order to update SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 managed devices with ZENworks 7 Linux Management, you need to load the base operating system packages into a ZENworks 7 Linux Management bundle. This process can also be used to load the SLE 10 SDK into ZLM. Here's how you do it

8 Jun 2007
AppNote: Recording NAL XML Reporting events in a MySQL database (appnote)
This article describes how to configure NAL XML Reporting to write events to a MySQL database. Example scripts are provided to create the database and configure the zfdamrServlet, such that anyone with limited knowledge of MySQL can try this for themselves.

7 Jun 2007
Deploying Adobe Flash Player Silently for Limited Users (tip)
James Rudd explains how to get around the fact that Adobe Flash Player requires users to be admins, thereby hampering your ability to deploy it to them via ZENworks.

7 Jun 2007
Autodesk Installs and ZENworks Asset Management (tip)
Heads Up, Autodesk users, things have gotten a little easier for you.

7 Jun 2007
Lenovo/IBM Thinkcentre M55e Broadcom Network Driver for ZENworks 4.0.1 IR6 (tool)
This driver has been compiled for ZENworks 4.0.1 IR6 with Linux kernel 2.4.31.

7 Jun 2007
Loading the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Base Packages into ZENworks Linux Management 7 (tip)
We've received a couple of questions about how to use ZENworks Linux Management to keep SLES and SLED updated. Here's what the fine folks in Novell Support have to say about that.

7 Jun 2007
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management (Imaging) Script (tool)
Script to interactively configure the network interface.

31 May 2007
Scanning eDirectory Data Into ZAM (ZENworks Asset Management) (feature)
Art Flores found some empty data fields on the workstation details report, and shares the method he devised for filling in those fields with data from eDirectory.

31 May 2007
Restoring a Missing "Show Desktop" Icon to Quick Launch Toolbar (tip)
Garth Lahana explains how to easily recreate the Show Desktop icon when your users inadvertently remove it.

31 May 2007
Compiling Scripts within the ZENworks Imaging Boot CD (feature)
Leon Hewitt shares his method of customizing the Imaging Boot CD to start any process you like. His method stores the scripts on a relevant server to allow you to make easy script changes, and to provide added security. Updated with additional suggestion/correction from a reader.

23 May 2007
Focus on ZENworks Orchestrator (tip)
Freshly Updated! If you haven't heard about it yet, you need to take some time to explore the new ZENworks Orchestrator product, which is the brains behind Novell's vision of data center automation.

17 May 2007
Editing the ZLM Database to Change Custom Targets (tip)
After an upgrade from ZLM 7.0 to ZLM 7.2, SLES/SLED custom targets remain to be "custom defined", even though SLES/SLED are now standard target platforms. This tip shows how to edit the ZLM database to change the above settings that are not accessible through the UI.

16 May 2007
ZENworks Patch Management Uninstall Utility (tool)
Completely remove ZPM Agent from a workstation.

13 May 2007
Static Group (tool)
A program that updates the memberlist of a group based on a query like the queries in a Dynamic group.

11 May 2007
Changing DNS Server Configuration in Workstations with fixed IP Address using ZENworks (tip)
Would you like to change DNS server configuration in Windows XP workstations in a fixed IP address environment using ZENworks? Javier Otero shares a tip.

11 May 2007
ZENworks Linux Management is a Best of Interop Award Finalist (tip)
You always knew ZLM was great, but here's a nice endorsement. ZENworks is a finalist in the Management, Network Software and Services category.

3 May 2007
Novell to resell SecureWave Sanctuary Suite along with ZENworks (tip)
SecureWave today announced a working relationship with Novell to help enterprises develop and enforce security policies for the acceptable use of removable storage devices and applications by end users. Under the agreement, Novell will resell the SecureWave Sanctuary suite globally alongside Novell ZENworks.

3 May 2007
Installing individual MS Office 2007 Pro products via Novell Application Launcher (feature)
Want to deploy individual MS Office 2007 products using NAL? Here's how you do it, courtesy of Leon Hewitt.

27 Apr 2007
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Service Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Backend Windows CPK Release b (tool)
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 4-b Backend Windows CPK contains updates to ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1.

27 Apr 2007
CPK/SPK Database (feature)
Here is a current list of CPKs/SPKs. If you have a CPK or SPK you would like to add to the list, submit them here. And if you are looking for a CPK that isn't on the list, request it and we'll add it to the Wish List and see if anyone wants to step up and create it for all those lovely Novell Rewards points.

26 Apr 2007
Removing Devices that haven't checked in to ZENworks Linux Management for awhile (feature)
There is no automated function to remove managed devices that have not "checked in" to ZLM for a defined period of time. Philip Cockrell shares a handy script that will help with the cleanup chores.

25 Apr 2007
Using ZENworks to push out Group Policies in Windows 2000/XP (tip)
If you find that you have to reboot twice after changing group policies, check out this tip from James Davey to save yourself a bit of time.

25 Apr 2007
Improving Performance on your Terminal Server (tip)
Here are some registry keys that help performance on Windows 2003 with Citrix Presentation server.

25 Apr 2007
Mapping Drives without having to use Active Directory or VB Script in a Clientless Environment (tip)
Aaron Albery shares a method for mapping drives without a client. This is pretty simple and is not ideal for all situations -- for example, if the mapping is required before the user desktop has finished loading. But it could come in handy sometime.

20 Apr 2007
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management on Linux Service Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Backend OES Linux CPK (tool)
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Backend OES Linux CPK contains updates to ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1.

20 Apr 2007
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Service Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Middle Tier Windows CPK (tool)
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Middle Tier Windows CPK contains updates to ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1.

20 Apr 2007
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Service Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Middle Tier NetWare CPK (tool)
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Middle Tier NetWare CPK contains updates to ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1.

20 Apr 2007
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Service Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 ConsoleOne Snapins CPK (tool)
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 ConsoleOne Snapins CPK contains updates to ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1.

19 Apr 2007
OPEN CALL: Upgrading to Outlook 2003 (tip)
Nigel B. is trying to upgrade from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2003, and is perplexed to discover that it won't uninstall properly. If you've had success with this, please take a second to share your experience with Nigel.

19 Apr 2007
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Service Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Backend NetWare CPK (tool)
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 4 Backend NetWare CPK contains updates to ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1.

13 Apr 2007
Using ZENworks to prevent Microsoft Installer from running in MSOffice products (feature)
James Davey shares a neat trick that will make it faster for students to open Office programs.

13 Apr 2007
Workaround for High Failed Login Counts (tip)
Freshly updated with new ideas. Tony Kelly and team were puzzled by abnormally high "Failed Login" counts. He still doesn't know exactly what was wrong, but here's how he fixed it. If anyone knows the underlying reason why his fix worked, we'd all love to hear it.

13 Apr 2007
Distributing Office 2007 Via ZENworks Desktop Management (feature)
Gareth Wilson explains how you can use ZENworks to deploy Microsoft Office 2007 to your users. You can even create separate NAL objects to Launch Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Groove, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, Picture Manager and Publisher by just pointing the NAL object at the exe file for each of the applications. Updated with some follow-up questions for Gareth or other experts.

13 Apr 2007
How to bypass ZENworks Preboot Menu (tip)
Robert Cremers explains how you can skip the Preboot menu on a NetWare server.

13 Apr 2007
Workaround for Imaging Dell Optiplex 745 (tip)
If you're running into an error when you try to image Dell Optiplex 745 with ZENworks 4x, check out this tip from Gary Croxford.

5 Apr 2007
How to use NAL Application Dependencies (feature)
If you ever need to distribute suites of programs or any program that requires prerequisite programs to be installed first, you will love this new offering from frequent contributor James Davey.

5 Apr 2007
Easy Adding of Custom Scripts to ZENworks Imaging Kernel (tip)
Jamy Smith explains how to dynamically add custom scripts to the ZENworks Imaging Kernel without editing the initrd or other imaging files.

29 Mar 2007
Remote Control Policy Considerations (feature)
Freshly Updated: Ever wonder how other people set up their remote control policies so they keep everyone happy, and still retain the ability to monitor and control things when they need to? Check out this excellent list from James Davey showing how he set things up in a school system. OPEN CALL: If you have a different twist on things, let us know and we'll add it to the article.

29 Mar 2007
Run Bash Scripts from the PXE Menu (feature)
Would you like to run your own bash scripts from the Preboot Services (PXE) Menu? Novell provides all of the tools you need. Art Flores provides all the details of how to do it.

22 Mar 2007
ZENworks Asset Management Custom Reports (feature)
Just added-- new reports that will help you find out which machines have not been updated for Daylight Saving Time, which machines have not been scanned for two weeks, and which machines have not been connected for two weeks. See what else is in this library of custom reports that you can download and use to help you retrieve detailed device information. OPEN CALL: Send in your own reports and we'll add them to the pile.

22 Mar 2007
Using Active Directory Import feature with ZENworks Asset Management (feature)
Running into conflicts between the Active Directory Import feature and the options available in ZENworks Asset Management? Phil Coombs explains how he got around them.

22 Mar 2007
Quick Start Remote Control Without using ConsoleOne (tip)
If you love using Windows "START,RUN..." or if you want to make starting a remote control or view session easy for your support guys this might be something for you.

15 Mar 2007
How to deploy Apple QuickTime 7.1.5 with ZENworks (tip)
Roel van Bueren has just posted a new tutorial article on his MSI Wisdom site that you might enjoy. He explains how to deploy QuickTime 7.1.5 using the Windows Installer and ZENworks. Enjoy

15 Mar 2007
Changing Server Names for ZENworks Asset Management v7.5 (feature)
Michael Faris details how he successfully changed the names of his ZENworks Asset Management servers when they moved them from their test environment into production.

7 Mar 2007
OPEN CALL: Dealing with Daylight Saving Time 2007 (tip)
Freshly Updated with new ideas! It's coming faster than you think. The new congressionally mandated changes to the start and stop dates of Daylight Saving Time are throwing the IT world a serious curve ball. Come tell us how you're preparing for it, and earn Novell Rewards points you can spend for some very cool stuff.

5 Mar 2007
DST Adjuster SPK for NetWare (tool)
This SPK updates the DST settings in memory and autoexec.ncf, and patches the Java environment.

2 Mar 2007
TimeZone Update SPK (tool)
This SPK updates the Autoexec.ncf, runs the SET command to change the dates for Start/End of Daylight Savings time.

1 Mar 2007
Using ZENworks for Servers to automate patching NetWare servers with new Time Zone Information (feature)
James Davey explains how to use ZENworks for Servers to patch all your NetWare servers for the changes to Daylight Saving Time.

1 Mar 2007
TZI-verify (tool)
Simple verification process after patching for Daylight Saving. End Users click a button to report back with a 'Success' or 'Failure' notice.

1 Mar 2007
Tech Talk #1 - Don't Get Stuck in the Dark (tip)
Check out Jason Werner's new article in Connection Magazine for an in-depth look at the issues surrounding the changes to Daylight Saving Time, and offers practical advice on how to make all the necessary adjustments to your systems.

21 Feb 2007
Vista UAC Maker Console (tool)
Console tool to make your applications Vista UAC compliant easily.

21 Feb 2007
How to Store a ZENworks Image to a Local USB Hard Drive (feature)
I came up with this solution to the age old problem of not having ZENworks Imaging NIC drivers for new PCs and laptops. Instead of trying to compile new NIC drivers in the kernel and adding them to the Boot CD, I thought I'd come up with a more generic solution to image to a USB hardrive and wait for the official release of imaging drivers from Novell. This gives me a workaround which should last and not need constant updating.

21 Feb 2007
TZUpdate For Java - VB Script (tool)
VB script addresses DST fixes for JAVA on Windows hosts.

20 Feb 2007
Connecting to a NetWare Server using the UNC Path (tip)
Oliver Fisher shares a workaround to a problem he's encountered when trying to connect to a NetWare server with the UNC path.

14 Feb 2007
Getting Workstations Ready for DST with ZENworks Apps, and Knowing the Results (feature)
Attached is a procedure I wrote for admins who are maybe not as experienced in deploying applications and knowing the results. This is a good chance for less experienced ZENworks admins to step up and get the job done for DST.

14 Feb 2007
Changing Local Administrator Password on Win2000/XP machines (tip)
Larry B. feared that a guy they recently terminated might know the local admin account password. This was an obvious security concern. He asked for advice on how to change the password to keep him out for sure. Here are some great suggestions from power users. Feel free to add your own if you don't see it in the article.

13 Feb 2007
Dealing with Daylight Saving Time Changes for 2007 (tip)
Since Daylight Saving Time is being extended by four weeks this year, we've rounded up the information you'll need to update and adjust your Novell products so your users don't miss a beat.

9 Feb 2007
March 11, 2007: Ready or not, here it comes. Let ZENworks Patch Management Help you Spring Forward (feature)
For all of you who have to update your servers with the Daylight Saving Time changes, don't despair. You don't have to do it all the hard way. ZENworks Patch Management will let you sail through March 11 without missing a beat.

6 Feb 2007
OPEN CALL: Troubleshooting ZENworks Asset Management Connectivity (tip)
Freshly updated! Here are some good things to look for if you have having trouble with connectivity when using ZENworks Asset Management. OPEN CALL: if you have any other ideas to share on this topic, let us know.

31 Jan 2007
dtMsgBox (tool)
Inform users about ZENworks application distributions.

30 Jan 2007
Prevent Specific Applications from being distributed over VPN to Remote Offices (tip)
If you have any applications that you don't want your users to install remotely, check this out. Lisa Deger shares how she prevented her VPN users from running a 324MB upgrade remotely.

24 Jan 2007
Help Training Services Update Certification Program (tip)
If you can make it to Georgia on February 14-16, you should apply to help Novell Training Services update their certifications. They're looking for network administrators with a wide range of skills to help them identify the skills and tasks that should be included in certification tests.

22 Jan 2007
AppNote: Configuration of ZENworks Linux Management with Oracle 9i R2 Database (appnote)
ZENworks Linux Management (ZLM) requires either a PostgreSQL or Oracle database for storing ZENworks-related data. This Appnote explains how to extend the Oracle schema to configure the ZLM server with Oracle database. It also describes how to set up Oracle database on SLES9x server.

19 Jan 2007
ZENworks Support for Windows Vista (tip)
Many of you are wondering when ZENworks will be able to manage Windows Vista. Here's the skinny.

19 Jan 2007
ZENifier 1.0 (tool)
ZENworks Imaging Addon Tool.

18 Jan 2007
Quick Workaround to Flashing Desktop Bug (tip)
Geoffrey Carman shares an easy little workaround to the bug that gives some users a flashing desktop.

12 Jan 2007
ZLM Bundle / Device Report V 1.0 (tool)
Creates a list of devices where bundle should go, based on bundle selection.

10 Jan 2007
Make Imaged Workstations boot AutoAdmin Login (tip)
If you have imaged workstations with ZENworks imaging using sysprep and want to have the workstations boot AutoAdmin Login at least once to make any changes unique to that PC, check out this great idea from Paul Pedron.

10 Jan 2007
Scanning for Registry Key Settings in ZENworks Asset Management (tip)
Geoffrey Carman explains how you scan for registry key settings as part of the process of adding custom items to the ZENworks Asset Management inventory scan.

10 Jan 2007
Making the ZENworks Asset Management Console URL Behave Properly (feature)
If you're tired of typing the long and ugly URL that allows remote access to the ZENworks Asset Management Web Console, you'll love this cool idea from Stefan Evans.

4 Jan 2007
AppNote: Patch Management Made Easy (appnote)
To patch, or not to patch? That is the question. Actually, this is only one facet of the question. How do we implement the patches? Who decides when and whether to apply patches? How do we keep track of which machines have which patches? The automation of operating system and application patching is designed to take a lot of the repetitive drudgery out of our jobs, as well as to simply make sure that the job gets done. Sometimes, just getting the environment set up for the automation of software patching can be a bit onerous, especially if it means even a one-time visit to touch every workstation. My goal for this article is to hopefully reduce that drudgery, and free up some of your time for the projects and tasks that you really want to get done.

4 Jan 2007
Collecting Data File Info with ZENworks Asset Management (tip)
Geoffrey Carmen explains how you can use ZENworks Asset Management to gather information about data files on workstations. For example, he shows you how to find Lotus Notes databases stored on local machines.

4 Jan 2007
Intermediate-level ZENworks Training (tip)
We've had inquiries from a number of folks who are looking for training, but don't feel advanced enough for the Advanced Technical Training courses. Here's a course that fits the bill nicely. It's available in both classroom and self-study options, to fit your needs. Worth a look.

18 Dec 2006
Take a Closer Look: SecureWave Sanctuary Suite (tip)
If you are looking for a way to keep your end users from inadvertently bringing malware and spyware to work with them via their USB memory sticks, ZIP drives, PDAs, digital cameras, CD/DVD players, etc., you should take a closer look at Sanctuary Suite.

18 Dec 2006
Inventory Multiple Machines at Once in ZENworks Asset Management (tip)
In ZENworks Asset Management, there are several ways to start an inventory on multiple machines at once. Geoffrey Carman tells you about how you do it with the Manager.

18 Dec 2006
Custom ZENworks Asset Management Inventory Attributes (feature)
Wouldn't it be nice to auto-populate the department attribute to represent information in eDirectory? Here's how you do it, courtesy of Jared Jennings.

13 Dec 2006
Keeping Students from Restricted Websites (tip)
Garrett Pichler explains how he uses ZENworks to edit the Windows host file and keep students from accessing restricted websites from the student workstations.

13 Dec 2006
Gotcha when Creating Virtual Machines from Physical Ones (tip)
Check out this interesting blog posting from Shaun Pond.

13 Dec 2006
Fix for Blue Screen after using ZENworks Imaging (tip)
Heads Up: If you are having Blue Screen troubles after using ZENworks Imaging, you need to check out this TID.

13 Dec 2006
Distributing Firewall Exceptions for ease in ZENworks Remote Management (tip)
Using ZENworks Remote Management for support purposes can be difficult when clients have the Windows XP firewall enabled. If you find that a client's computer can't be managed because of missing firewall exceptions, and users can't manage these themselves, exceptions of ZENworks Remote Management can be added easily using a ZENworks Application object. Martijn Pepping tells you how to do it.

6 Dec 2006
Heads Up: New ZENworks Products Added to your Arsenal (tip)
Have you heard about the new ZENworks offerings yet? Come learn more about how you can orchestrate the management of virtual machines, high-performance computing, and other IT resources with these new systems management solutions.

6 Dec 2006
Restoring ZENworks Functionality after Renewing Virtual Servers (tip)
After Erwin Slechte replaced his virtual servers, he discovered ZENworks wouldn't work in a cluster any more, and he'd lost the use of all the ZENworks for Desktops components. Here's how he solved the problem.

6 Dec 2006
Registering Workstations at same time as deployment of ZFDAgent.msi using ZENworks for Desktops Agent Distributor Utility and PsEXEC (feature)
Greg Nash shares a great idea about how to kick off workstation importation without using ZenWSIMPORT. It uses the ZENworks Agent Distributor utility and PsEXEC from the awesome PSTOOLS toolbox.

1 Dec 2006
Special Holiday Drawing Winner! (feature)
Congratulations to Gary Childers - the lucky winner of the iPod nano RED special edition!

30 Nov 2006
Group Policy Template (tool)
Track your Group Policy settings with these handy templates for Windows 2000/XP and Office 2000/XP/2003.

30 Nov 2006
Vista UAC Maker (tool)
Make your applications Vista UAC compliant easily.

29 Nov 2006
ZENworks 4.0.1 e1000 driver for HP DC7700 (tool)
This driver has been compiled for ZENworks 4.0.1 IR6 with Linux kernel 2.4.31.

27 Nov 2006
Controlling Windows Look and Feel for all Users (feature)
Jared Jennings details how you can create multiple looks and feels for different departments, while maintaining only one OS image.

27 Nov 2006
ZENworks Asset Management: Getting Inventory Information after Upgrading (tip)
Rob Aronson had a customer who upgraded 20 computers that had been in inventory from Win2k to Win XP. After the upgrade they deleted the machines from the database but were unable to ever get inventory again from the computers. They tried to reinstall the ZAM agent but it made no difference. Here's how he solved it.

20 Nov 2006
The Benefits of Automated Patch Management (tip)
Here's a very nice white paper for you to share with your boss.

20 Nov 2006
FLEXnet AdminStudio ZENworks Edition 7.5 (tip)
Come learn a bit more about this new release in this piece by Roel van Bueren.

14 Nov 2006
Helping the ZENworks Boot CD Recognize a new NIC (feature)
If you have ever experienced the frustration of the ZENworks Boot CD not recognizing a new NIC, you'll appreciate this great contribution from Rich Bryant.

14 Nov 2006
Workaround if a Second Workstation Object is Created (tip)
Oliver Fischer finds that sometimes when he reinstalls a workstation, a second workstation object is created in another container. This basically makes the applications unavailable. Here's how he works around the dilemma.

14 Nov 2006
Packaging Microsoft Patches using Novell Application Launcher (appnote)
Pete Demers details the process of patching without elevating rights, making sure that you only patch the workstations that really need it -- all through the magic of ZENworks. If you have Microsoft in your environment, you're going to love this.

13 Nov 2006
Freeing Yourself From the Demands and Restrictions of Provisioning and Software License Compliance (tip)
Here's a nice article from Randy Britton, which recently appeared in Connection Magazine. Good one to show the boss when you are pitching Asset Management.

8 Nov 2006
The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL): Its Best Practices and How ZENworks Asset Management Can Help YOU Get There (tip)
Check out this excellent article from Novell Connection, which reviews ITIL best practices and summarizes how ZENworks Asset Management functionality can be mapped to specific ITIL guidance in these areas.

8 Nov 2006
Making Sure the System Time is Set Correctly Before Imaging (tip)
To ensure that the system time is set correctly on the PCs prior to imaging, Pete Demers's team came up with the following method of getting the time from a time server and using that time to set the hardware clock.

7 Nov 2006
Adding a new PCI-X NIC kernel module for Imaging (feature)
This article, newly posted in the Cool Solutions Wiki, describes how you can patch your ZENworks Linux Kernel (Imaging OS) for use with newer PCI and PCI-X Network Cards. Looks like a good one to print and keep.

7 Nov 2006
Compiling Modules for ZENworks for Desktops Imaging Environment with VMWare Virtual Machine (feature)
From Jeremy Mlazovsky comes this excellent new solution that he created in response to frequent requests in the Support Forums. Check out this pre-configured VMWare virtual machine which can be downloaded and used to compile modules for the ZENworks for Desktops 7.00 SP1 Imaging environment. This is a dandy! Thanks, Jeremy.

1 Nov 2006
How to Identify and Delete Obsolete Workstations in ZENworks Asset Management (tip)
Ever wish you knew an easy method of identifying and deleting old workstation records in ZENworks Asset Management? Here's how you do it, courtesy of Novell's Christina Chamberlain.

24 Oct 2006
ZENworks Handheld Management Install and Upgrade Methodologies (appnote)
In today's business environment, manually managing servers for periodic updates, installations, and tasks is impractical. It is a well known fact that automating repetitive tasks can significantly lower a system's total cost of ownership. This article shows how the award-winning Novell ZENworks software can tier, schedule and automate the distribution of Novell patches.

24 Oct 2006
Increasing the DHCP Timeout Period in the ZENworks Boot Process (tip)
The ZENworks 7 boot process, be it from CD or partition, sometimes has trouble getting a DHCP address from certain switches and/or certain switch configurations. In many cases, this problem can be resolved by increasing the DHCP timeout period. Corey Webb explains how to make it work for ZENworks.

24 Oct 2006
ZENworks Handheld Management Install CPK (tool)
Automatically install or upgrade ZENworks Handheld Management.

18 Oct 2006
Changing NIC Settings for ZENworks Imaging (tip)
When using ZENworks Imaging the imaging kernel comes up with the NIC configured for auto-negotiate. If your switch port is hard coded, this conflict causes imaging to take considerably longer. In order to resolve this you can use ethtool to change the settings on the interface. Of course this takes a few minutes to type and it would be way cooler to create a script to do this. So I did!

18 Oct 2006
Loading the Appropriate HAL via a single Image (tip)
Pete Demers explains how they are able to create an addon image that contains all the appropriate HALs, so they can distribute the right thing to everyone via a single image. Freshly updated with new suggestions.

18 Oct 2006
ENGL Zim 4.0 SP1 (tool)
Scripted menu utility that is designed to enhance ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 and 4.0 imaging.

11 Oct 2006
How to Load a Linux Driver Manually in a ZENworks Imaging environment (feature)
Wondering how to manually load a Linux driver with ZENworks Desktop Management Imaging? Here's the answer -- courtesy of the nice folks in Technical Services.

11 Oct 2006
Understanding Device Boot Processes in a ZENworks Imaging Environment (tip)
We have heard from several ZENworks 6.5 SP1 customers who are confused by the changes to the processes they're used to following when doing Imaging.

11 Oct 2006
The History of ZENworks (tip)
In order to help people understand the future of ZENworks, Martin Buckley takes us on a quick review of its history. Check out this blog post to take a walk down memory lane.

3 Oct 2006
Load Balancing ZENworks Desktop Components across a Linux Cluster (feature)
Giovanni Coa explains how to load-balance ZENworks Desktop Management 7 components across an NCS on Linux cluster with multiple nodes in such a way that services such as PXE, Imaging, etc., may be moved from one node to another independently, taking advantage of the processing power of multiple cluster nodes.

3 Oct 2006
What's that smell? Finding the Burning Lenovo Batteries (tip)
In case you missed Steve DuScheid's blog on 28 Sept, it seems that Lenovo is experiencing the same over-heating-battery problem that plagued Dell earlier this year. ZENworks Asset Management to the rescue!

3 Oct 2006
Martin Buckley holds forth on the next generation of ZENworks (tip)
If you have any burning questions about what's in the works for the next generation of ZENworks, you should keep a close eye on Martin Buckley's blog over the next weeks.

28 Sep 2006
Delegating simple ZENworks imaging tasks using 'export IMGCMD' (feature)
Andrew Grant details how to edit the ZENworks ISO file, both in Linux and in Windows, in such a way that you can create specialized ZENworks CDs for your tech staff to use when imaging workstations. This is useful for things like reimaging after lectures, in labs, etc.

26 Sep 2006
ZSM71_PolyDist.cpk (tool)
Install/Update Policy & Distribution Services

19 Sep 2006
Using RSYNC for Content Replication in ZENworks Linux Management (feature)
If you occasionally have trouble getting Tiered Electronic Distribution to replicate the package data store, this one's for you. Philip Cockrell explains how to doing it using RSYNC and CRON. Nifty!

19 Sep 2006
Getting IP Address Details via an App Object (trench)
Freshly updated -- Here are some great suggestions for ways you can have an App Object record the IP Address details from your users' workstations.

15 Sep 2006
Prevent People from Downing the Servers During Production Times (tip)
If you have ever had overly helpful staff members bring a server down (reset/reboot) during production time, you'll appreciate this. Here is how to prevent the downing of servers by people other than you, using ZENworks 7 Server Management.

15 Sep 2006
Deploying Office 2003 with ZENworks for Desktops (trench)
Need to deploy Office 2003 via ZENworks? Check here for free advice from those who've been there, done that. Updated with a new related question.

15 Sep 2006
Administering Windows Firewall for XP Sp2 (tip)
Here's a nice option for making one-off changes to your Windows firewall.

12 Sep 2006
MultiRes 1.58 (tool)
Easily change resolutions and refresh rate preferences for different applications and users.

8 Sep 2006
PXEDev (tool)
Create custom PXE menus.

7 Sep 2006
Multi-level, Colorful and "Jazzy" PXE Boot Menus Made Easy (appnote)
Being bent on making the PXE boot menu "pretty", and easy to modify, Bryan Keadle came up with a "PXE development environment" that lets you easily, and *QUICKLY* develop the PXE boot menu. Contained in the downloadable package with this article are a couple tools to make building your PXE menu an easy few steps. Enjoy!

5 Sep 2006
OPEN CALL: SAV Remote Install (tip)
Cameron would like some guidance on deploying Symantec AntiVirus with remote install. Come lend a hand if you've done it.

5 Sep 2006
Automating the Installation or Upgrade of eDirectory 8.8 sp1 (appnote)
In today's business environment, manually managing servers for periodic updates, installations, and tasks is impractical. It is a well known fact that automating repetitive tasks can significantly lower a system's total cost of ownership. This AppNote shows how the award-winning Novell ZENworks software can tier, schedule and automate the distribution of Novell patches. With ZENworks 7 Server Management with SP1 Policy and Distribution Services, you can use Novell templates for sending patches out, tailor them to suit a particular environment, or even write and compile your own patches for any third-party software you may run on your servers. Almost any software patch can be programmed into a ZENworks Server Management Server Software Package. Must-read for anyone who patches more than once in awhile.

30 Aug 2006
Setting Up a SUSE PXE Installation Server in an Existing NetWare Environment (feature)
Bryan Keadle has provided some instructions for getting a working PXE-based installation server for your SUSE deployments in your existing NetWare environment.

28 Aug 2006
WSName 2.8 (tool)
Automated method to change a workstation's name.

22 Aug 2006
Delivering the Right Drivers via Imaging (tip)
With so many new devices coming along every day, you may have trouble delivering all the right drivers to the right workstations. Check out this great idea from Kris Smith.

22 Aug 2006
Letting Users Select Drive Letters (tip)
If you use ZENworks, this is a nifty tool for you to offer your users.

22 Aug 2006
Workaround for ZENworks for Servers Error 627 (tip)
Nice little gotcha to remember when you're naming your Application Objects.

21 Aug 2006
You Talk, Novell Listens: Progress Report on Customer Suggested Improvements (tip)
Check out this report that explains how Novell has implemented many changes suggested by customers.

14 Aug 2006
Prepping for Patch Tuesday (feature)
Check out Novell's Patch Tuesday Preparation Guide, and learn how to set yourself up for success.

14 Aug 2006
Quick Way to get MSIEXEC Syntax Right (tip)
It can be very tedious and time-consuming to work through the syntax of MSIEXEC in a login script to match several different configurations. Ed Serreze shares a slick little tip that eases the pain.

11 Aug 2006
Virtual CD Distribution (tool)
"Export" one or more NAL objects to removable media (CD, USB).

8 Aug 2006
Stop Apps from Deploying on Terminal Servers (tip)
Looking for a way to keep apps from being deployed to users running a Terminal Server session? Check this out.

8 Aug 2006
ENGL ZisdCtrl 3.0 - ZENworks Image-safe Data ActiveX Control (trench)
Here's a freshly updated freebie from our fine partners at ENGL. It is an ActiveX control that allows administrators to write simple scripts to read and write to the ZENworks Image-Safe Data area.

8 Aug 2006
ZENWSBrowser 4.2, Rev.C1 (tool)
Get Remote Control to a registered ZfD workstation without using ConsoleOne.

4 Aug 2006
ZfD Mini Inventory (tool)
Minimal Inventory Data Scanner for Novell ZENworks for Desktops & ZENworks Asset Inventory.

4 Aug 2006
XXCOPY 2.84.9 (tool)
Synchronize directory structures between multiple NetWare servers.

1 Aug 2006
OPEN CALL: ZENworks Imaging and Dual Monitor Displays (tip)
Jeff C. , a self-avowed "lazy admin," is looking for an easy way to enable dual monitors via imaging. Let's keep Jeff from working up a sweat.

1 Aug 2006
Maintenance SPK (tool)
Use ZENworks to add the minimum patches after a Support Pack for OES NetWare.

1 Aug 2006
Using AutoPatcher XP to patch workstations using ZENworks (feature)
Brian Snipes explains how to use a couple of free utilities along with ZENworks to apply Microsoft patches. Updated with correction from Brian.

1 Aug 2006
ZENworks in the News: Standard Life reaps the benefits of asset tracking (tip)
Here's an interesting story posted in Computer Weekly. It seems a UK insurance firm needed to demonstrate governance and control of its IT assets in preparation for going public, and they turned to ZENworks Asset Management to do the trick.

25 Jul 2006
Using Profiles on Terminal Servers (tip)
Bjoern Schoenhoff shares his advice about how to make profiles stick on Terminal Servers.

20 Jul 2006
Using ZENworks to update your Acrobat Reader (tip)
Scrambling to update your system to the latest Acrobat Reader, now that they've found that security leak? Roel van Bueren has written a dandy article about how to use ZENworks to help simplify the process.

20 Jul 2006
Giving Users the Rights to Install Patches (tip)
Kelly L. is seeking the collective wisdom on the best method of making sure your users have sufficient rights to install things like MS Security Patches, without giving them sufficient rights to mess things up. Share your experiences, and we'll send you a t-shirt.

18 Jul 2006
OPEN CALL: ZENworks Linux Management Tips and Tricks (tip)
We are looking specifically for tips, tricks, and success stories or gotchas about using ZENworks Linux Management. If you've got something to share, we'd love to see it. We'll send you a special limited-edition t-shirt for your trouble.

12 Jul 2006
Remote Control without Novell Client (tool)
Right click on a computer in Network Neighborhood for Remote Control.

6 Jul 2006
Espanol-agent.cpk (tool)
Install/Update Spanish agent

6 Jul 2006
Deutsch-agent.cpk (tool)
Install/Update German agent

6 Jul 2006
English-agent.cpk (tool)
Install/Update English agent

6 Jul 2006
NihongoS-agent.cpk (tool)
Install/Update Japanese(Simplified) agent

6 Jul 2006
Portugue-agent.cpk (tool)
Install/Update Portuguese agent

6 Jul 2006
zdl7mbcksp1.cpk (tool)
Upgrades ZENworks Desktop Management 7 sp1 on Linux to sp1

6 Jul 2006
Stop PXE Services

6 Jul 2006
ZEN7SP1 - C1-ZEN7-SNAP.cpk (tool)
Install/Update C1 Snapins

6 Jul 2006
ZEN7SP1 - ChineseS-agent.cpk (tool)
Install/Update Chinese(Simplified) Agent

6 Jul 2006
ZEN7SP1 - ChineseT-agent.cpk (tool)
Install/Update Chinese(Traditional) Agent

5 Jul 2006
Adding a Custom Bootlogo to ZENworks 6.5 / 7 Imaging Environment (feature)
Here's another outstanding offering from Axel Friedemann. This HOWTO lets you change the bootlogo in ZENworks 6.5 (SP2) and 7 imaging environment. This is often asked in the forums -- you may want to print and keep this one.

5 Jul 2006
ZENworks 7 Linux Management Cook Book (tip)
If you are looking to set up ZLM in your lab and test it, you'll want to check out the ZENworks 7 Linux Management Cookbook, which is continuously being refined in the Cool Wiki.

27 Jun 2006
Change language and keyboard layout to German in ZENworks Imaging (tip)
This HOWTO from Axel Friedemann lets you change the language and the keyboard layout to German in ZENworks 6.5 (SP2) and 7 imaging environment.

27 Jun 2006
Making Sure the Workstations are set to Shutdown, not Restart (tip)
Some users in Ryan Kelly's environment forget to change the the Drop Down Menu option to "Shutdown" when they go to leave for the day. This is especially true for computer labs in schools. If the setting is not automatically set to Shutdown and is set to, say, Restart, they Restart the machine instead of shutting it down. Here's an easy fix.

27 Jun 2006
Manipulating the ZENworks Upgrade (tip)
Here's how William Stokes approached the task of upgrading ZENworks so as to minimize the disruption for users. Shaun Pond adds a bit of advice as well.

26 Jun 2006
Zfdbrowser (tool)
Deploy ZENWSBrowser without all the unnecessary parts of ConsoleOne.

21 Jun 2006
Controlling the Power Settings in Local User Accounts (tip)
Here's a nice little trick that will help you get control of Power Settings that you may not have configured exactly right in your Default User profile.

21 Jun 2006
Debugging App Objects that Open Command Windows (tip)
If you've ever tried to debug an app object that opens DOS command windows, you'll find it requires lightning-fast reflexes and the speed-reading prowess of Rain Man. Here's a nifty little trick from Patrick Corrigan that will hold the command window open while you figure out what's wrong.

20 Jun 2006
cDir - Compact Mobile Directory Browser (tool)
Remotely access information stored in your organization's Corporate Directory from a RIM BlackBerry, other mobile device, or web portal.

19 Jun 2006
ZSM7SP1_INVAGNT.cpk (tool)
Install/Update ZSM Inventory Agent

15 Jun 2006
Making a Disconnected Image That Works Without a DVD Drive (tip)
With ZENworks imaging, you can create a disconnected imaging solution and can restore from a CD or DVD. The problem is, older workstations don't have DVD drives. Windows XP makes for rather large images that need to span across multiple CDs. Here's how you make a split image, compliments of Brett Molitor.

15 Jun 2006
Quick File Recovery after Windows Crashes (tip)
When someone's Windows desktop crashes and you need to get a lot of files off the computer and safely on the server, reach for this Cool Solution from James Hammond, and get your user back in business in a hurry.

15 Jun 2006
DisableClose and ShowDesktop (tool)
Prevent users from closing the windows that are running scripts.

14 Jun 2006
OPEN CALL: Is BitTorrent Good for Anything? (tip)
Jeff F. needs to know if BitTorrent is worth keeping around, or just a bandwidth hog that doesn't do anything useful. If you have any experience with it, we'd love to hear from you, and we'll send you a t-shirt for your trouble. Updated with tons of experiences.

14 Jun 2006
ZSM7SP1_REMMGMT.cpk (tool)
Install/Update ZSM Remote Management

8 Jun 2006
Renaming Managed Device Objects in ZENworks Linux Management 7 (feature)
With the current ZLM 7 offering there is no mechanism built in to automatically rename Managed Device objects in the case of a hostname change. Novell's Jason Brothers shares a script that does the trick nicely. This script shows the power of what a little scripting can do in your ZLM 7 environment.

5 Jun 2006
AddFont (tool)
Dynamically add fonts using ZENworks.

31 May 2006
OPEN CALL: McAfee's Effect on CPU Usage (tip)
After replacing Norton Antivirus with McAfee, Linda's team started experiencing a huge impact on CPU usage when people launched apps via ZENworks. If you have seen this before, and know a solution, please share.

31 May 2006
Sniffing out Spyware (trench)
Come and see what others are doing to sniff out (and snuff out) spyware. And if you have any other ideas, don't be shy.

26 May 2006
How to show the "Folder" and other Windows icons for your Novell-delivered Applications (tip)
If you want to have an application display a "folder" icon or any other of the common Windows icons for your delivered application, here's how to do it.

26 May 2006
Adding more Addon Image files based on PC Configuration (tip)
Ever wish you could add more Addon Image files based on the configuration of the PC? Here's how you do it, courtesy of Pete Demers.

26 May 2006
Cool List/Spreadsheet: Apps You Might Want to Ban (trench)
Now in spreadsheet format in the Cool Solutions wiki -- thanks to Mike Murphy! We got a great OPEN CALL suggestion from Bryen Y. Here's what he said: Since one reallllly cool feature of ZENworks for Desktops is the ability to block Rogue Applications, why not set up a list that Cool Solutions attendees can add to that identifies suggested applications to ban in their network? Updated with fresh ideas.

24 May 2006
Standalone Package Processor - NetWare and Windows (tool)
This file will provide you a means to process CPKS without having installed ZENworks on Netware and Windows.

24 May 2006
Standalone Package Processor - Linux (tool)
This file will provide you a means to process CPKS without having installed ZENworks Server Management on LINUX.

17 May 2006
Avoiding Security Problem in ZENworks 7 (tip)
Leon van Lare detected a possible security problem in the linux-2.6.7 kernel of ZENworks 7, and shares his solution to it.

17 May 2006
Custom ZEN Menu (tool)
Text-based menu for ZEN Imaging.

12 May 2006
HideAddRemoveItems.exe (tool)
Support a Standard Load.

10 May 2006
Customizing Default User Profiles with ZENworks (tip)
Many Windows settings are located in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive in the registry. Since each new user on a Windows machine gets their own copy of the HKCU hive, it's problematical to control and maintain these settings. It's possible to use force-run, distribute-always applications to push these settings, but it would be preferable to have customized settings become defaults for the system. Here's how you do it.

10 May 2006
OPEN CALL: ZfD 7 Bootable Linux CD For T43 Laptops (tip)
Marc R. needs some help figuring out how to backup and restore images to a T43 laptop. If you have any experiences to share with him, please let us know. Freshly updated with new ideas.

8 May 2006
USB Key Letter Definition (tool)
Set a USB key letter if the pre-defined letter is unavailable.

4 May 2006
Stoneware Report Services (tool)
Build, secure, and distribute custom reports from Naudit and ZENworks.

4 May 2006
Novell OpenRap (tip)
Who says geeks can't rhyme? Check out this rap from Novell's own Bret Dayley, as certified a geek as you're ever likely to meet.

2 May 2006
Getting RSS Feeds in your Instant Messaging Client (appnote)
Rather than having a RSS news reader running all the time checking for updates to your web feeds (blogs and podcasts), wouldn't you love to get updates via IM? Jon Strickland explains how to use InstantFeed to get your RSS feeds to show up in most IM clients, including AIM, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, and Google Talk. Very nifty device for keeping yourself informed while you chat with your friends.

2 May 2006
Dir2AXT 1.0 (tool)
Create an AXT file from a directory folder.

28 Apr 2006
Refresh NAL Automatically (tip)
Frequent contributor Bryan Keadle shares a nice little tip that could save you some time.

28 Apr 2006
OPEN CALL: Pushing out Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10.0 (tip)
Itay M. would like advice on how to push out Symantec AntiVirus CE 10.0. If you have any gotchas, tips, or cautionary tales about this, please let us know and we'll build an article.

17 Apr 2006
Building and Deploying Windows Images using ZENworks Imaging (tip)
Looking for an automated process for building drive images, without having to purchase a 3rd-party product? Check out this very promising open source project -- and lend a hand if you can.

17 Apr 2006
OPEN CALL: Patching Windows XP with only ZENworks (tip)
Andrew P is looking for the easiest possible way to patch Windows XP Clients using only ZENworks (not including PatchLink or other tools). If you have any suggestions for Andrew, please let us know. Freshly updated with some great user suggestions.

13 Apr 2006
Pause Group Policies (tool)
Pauses group policies so an admin can work on a machine under a user's ID

12 Apr 2006
Novell snAppShot versus FLEXnet AdminStudio's Repackage (tip)
Roel van Bueren explains why Novell moved away from their snAppShot utility in favor of the Windows Installer or 'MSI', when it became the common and accepted industry standard for Windows applications, and why it's a good idea to repackage legacy setups with FLEXnet AdminStudio's Repackager instead.

12 Apr 2006
ZfD iPrint Mover (tool)
Resets iPrint policies to the OES Linux iPrint printers.

12 Apr 2006
PC Shutdown for Windows XP (tool)
Give logged-in users a 15 minute warning before shutting down the PC, with a chance to cancel and continue working.

30 Mar 2006
Changing Windows Time Zone with an Application Object (tip)
Heads Up: If you have users in Indiana, you need to help them switch to Eastern Daylight Time this weekend. Michael Fraser shares a quick tip to help you do it via ZENworks so they don't all freak out on Monday.

30 Mar 2006
Gotcha when you use Volatile User Feature (tip)
Kevin Bryan shares a little gotcha they discovered when students were switched from generic logins to unique usernames and started losing files.

27 Mar 2006
Custom ZENworks 65 Boot CD (tool)
Build a custom bootcd.iso for ZENworks 6.5 using SUSE 10.

21 Mar 2006
Getting Around the Speed Issue when Imaging Using a Samba Share (tip)
If you find that the ZENworks Imaging Utility is too slow for you when you are using a Samba share, check out this nice little tip from Ben Lewis.

21 Mar 2006
Fairview Health: Mastering desktop images more effectively, cheaply, and efficiently (tip)
Here's an interesting success story from our partners at ENGL. With 10,000 desktops spread across nearly 50 sites it was critical that Fairview Health find a new way of managing PC images. Come see how they used ZENworks and the ENGL Imaging Toolkit to achieve their goals.

20 Mar 2006
Policies.exe (tool)
Temporarily remove policy restrictions, do what needs to be done, then put the policy restrictions back...all without a reboot!

15 Mar 2006
ZENworks Middle Tier - Best Practices (tip)
Recently Ron van Herk put the Middle Tier Best Practices document on the ZENworks Cool Wiki and added some info on tuning the Windows TCP settings. Have a look at the doc and if you have something to add, feel free to do so.

15 Mar 2006
Autodefrag Multiple Computers at Night (tip)
Do you ever wish you could autodefrag multiple computers at night while using Windows Scheduling? Here are a couple of great ideas for you.

9 Mar 2006
Introducing Cool Blogs (tip)
Heads Up: Check out the newest addition to Novell Cool Solutions -- Cool Blogs. Written by key Novell personnel who are responsible for creating, supporting, and marketing Novell's products, these Cool Blogs will be an unprecedented opportunity for you to get the inside scoop on this technology. If you use Novell in your desktop or datacenter, you need to check this out.

8 Mar 2006
Boot in ZfD7-Maintenance Mode to a working Machine (tip)
ZfD7 does not save the bootsector in the Imagefile, so, when you change the OS, for example from Linux to Windows, you must write a valid bootsector for yourself. Here's how you do it.

8 Mar 2006
Using TweakUI to Change Path to Users' Desktops (tip)
Andrew Palm suggests a Windows XP alternative to "Desktop Clean."

3 Mar 2006
Vendor and Hardware Type Tagging 1.1 (tool)
Create Registry Keys for Hardware Type and Vendor Name.

3 Mar 2006
Print Queue Configuration Tool --- SNAP (tool)
Setup NDPS printers including paper size, stapler etc.

2 Mar 2006
Troubleshooting Slow Computer Performance (tip)
If a client calls you up and says that their computer seems to be slow, and that it seems to be talking a lot to the network even when they are not doing anything, here's a nice tip from Roy Lopez that will help you sort out what is going on.

28 Feb 2006
USB Drive Letter tool (tool)
Change the drive letter for USB sticks.

24 Feb 2006
Keeping Students from meddling with the PXE Menu (tip)
ZENworks preboot services does not provide password protection for PXE menu options, but Ryan Veety needed a way to keep the students out of the PXE menu. He explains how he did it (not for the faint of heart -- it requires some skill working with config files in Linux).

24 Feb 2006
Importing Computers to Multiple Containers (tip)
Robert Viou explains how to import computers to more than one container when you are importing based on Selected Container in Import Policy.

22 Feb 2006
Get Thee to a Nano-ry! (tip)
Finally, a podcast for the die-hard Novell enthusiast! Novell Users International and Novell have teamed up to bring you Novell Open Audio, the cool audio companion for the avid Cool Solutions reader.

20 Feb 2006
ZEN Remote Wrapper for Desktop 4 (tool)
File Transfer, Diagnostics, and Remote Control.

17 Feb 2006
Rogue Process Management Policy (tool)
Configure the rogue process feature via a group policy.

16 Feb 2006
How to Mirror OES and SLES9 patches using ZENworks 7 (feature)
In this first article of a two-part series, Scott Flowers explains how to use ZENworks Linux Management to keep your SLES9 and OES servers up to date.

16 Feb 2006
Using ZLM Mirrors of OES and SLES to Update Local Servers (feature)
In this second article of a two-part series, Scott Flowers explains more about how to use ZENworks Linux Management to keep your SLES9 and OES servers up to date.

16 Feb 2006
Third-Party Vendor MIBs (tool)
SNMP MIBs that get successfully compiled in ZENworks for Servers 3 & ZENworks for Servers 6.5 - Management and Monitoring Services - SNMP MIB Compiler.

16 Feb 2006
Rule-Based Alarm Management System: A Use Case Approach (appnote)
One of the primary goals of network administrators in managing networks is to keep track of all the managed devices and networks, and to make sure that they are functioning properly. This new AppNote provides great insights into how Rule-based Alarm Management system of ZENworks Server Management allows administrators to proactively resolve network problems.

16 Feb 2006
Remote Console Launcher (tool)
A wrapper for the remote control console program.

15 Feb 2006
SURVEY: Status, Statistics, Suggestions, and Solicitations (feature)
Scott Morris reveals the current numbers of the "Request a Linux App" survey, found on Novell's CoolSolutions site.

15 Feb 2006
Add to host (tool)
Add DNS names to host file.

10 Feb 2006
Helping ZENworks Differentiate between Windows XP and XP Tablet (tip)
Jeremy Mlazovsky explains his nifty script that lets you deploy apps specifically to Windows XP or XP Tablet Edition.

10 Feb 2006
Running an App Object as Secure or Unsecure System User on Windows XP (tip)
Rich Stevenson explains how to get around the common workaround of using UNC pathing instead of a mapped drive, when trying to run app objects on Windows XP. Updated with reader suggestions.

3 Feb 2006
ZENworks Imaging using a USB pen drive (ZENworks 6.5 sp2 & ZENworks 7) (feature)
Since the imaging environment has changed slightly with ZENworks 6.5 Sp2 and ZENworks 7, Jamie Glendinning offers a solution that works for this new Imaging environment.

3 Feb 2006
While we're waiting, what can we use now? (feature)
It may take a while to convince vendors to port their applications to Linux. In the meantime, Scott Morris asks what possibilities exist now for the top requested applications.

3 Feb 2006
ZEN Remote by IP (tool)
GUI ZEN Remote Control/Remote View by workstation IP.

3 Feb 2006
Pushing out a WMF Workaround (tip)
Mike Wolf explains how he distributed a workaround painlessly and quickly.

3 Feb 2006
ZENworks Imaging using a USB Pen Drive (feature)
In 2004 Jamie Glendinning shared a terrific method of using a USB Pen Drive to do ZENworks Imaging. We love pen drives anyway, but this took their usefulness to the next level. Freshly updated with adjustments to avoid being prompted to "Insert Floppy Disk..."

3 Feb 2006
Controlling the Installation of ActiveX Components (tip)
Dario Di Bella shares a nifty trick for letting your users download ActiveX components from the websites you trust.

3 Feb 2006
Using Novell Solutions to Provide Integration with Citrix Products (tip)
David Shepherd works for Novell Consulting in the UK and has been involved in a number of Citrix Integration projects. He realized that there was very little current information to be found on that topic, so he took matters into his own hands and wrote this excellent document on Citrix/Novell Integration. Along the way he's updated it, and here's the newest version.

2 Feb 2006
Update on Linux Application Request Survey (feature)
Scott Morris reveals and discusses the newest data and results from Novell's Linux Application Request Survey.

1 Feb 2006
Achat - ZENworks tool (tool)
Read, delete and synchronize the ZISD-Infos.

27 Jan 2006
How to effectively use "Software Inventory Configuration" to manage Software Inventory using ZENworks 7 (feature)
This article helps you to understand the effective use of "software Inventory configuration" available in ZENworks 7 Inventory Management component. This in turn, results in a more accurate and manageable software inventory.

27 Jan 2006
Using RCConsole as a replacement for Wviewnt (tip)
If you were accustomed to using Wviewnt.exe to remote-control machines from the command line, but find it doesn't work in newer version of ZENworks, check out this tip from Adam Hobbs.

26 Jan 2006
The Application People Most Want Ported to Linux Is... (feature)
We have posted a survey designed to find out which Windows-only applications are keeping people from switching to Linux. Scott Morris reveals the progress of this survey.

19 Jan 2006
Workaround for problem with ZENworks for Desktops 6.5 Application Reporting (tip)
David Krotil shares a great solution for the Reporting Failure error he would experience when trying to use the NAL Database for application reporting.

19 Jan 2006
Hiding Drives in Windows XP Group Policy (trench)
Wondering how to add options in XP to hide specific drives? Check out these great suggestions, and feel free to add some of your own.

13 Jan 2006
Need an App to run on Linux? Request it here! (tip)
If you have critical applications that you MUST be able to use on Linux, please take a minute to let us know what they are, and we'll see what we can do to nudge the folks who create them. Together, your voices will count for more than they would separately.

12 Jan 2006
Automating Hard Drive Defrag and Check Disk on Multiple PCs (tip)
Darrell Eddy shares his nifty method of automating these common chores, and scheduling them to happen regularly on associated PCs.

12 Jan 2006
Using the PC Asset Tag number in the PC Name for Imaging (feature)
If you want to use the PC's Asset Tag or Serial Number in the PC name using ZENworks Imaging, this one's for you.

12 Jan 2006
Bypassing the Preboot Menu in ZENworks Linux Management (tip)
Ever want to bypass the Preboot menu with ZDM 7 on Linux or ZENworks Linux Management 7? Here's how you do it.

12 Jan 2006
Automating your Patches on ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management (feature)
Freshly Updated: Martin Irwin shows you the ready-made Compiled Packages (CPKs) Novell provides now for ZENworks Desktop Management 6.5. He discusses the patching methodologies of patching Backend and Middle Tier services for both the Windows and NetWare Operating systems. Dive right into the design of each CPK and recommended Best Practice for using each one in this outstanding white paper.

5 Jan 2006
Automated Server-based Deployment of ZENworks Desktop Management 7 (feature)
Typically, when administrators want to install ZENworks Desktop Management 7 to a given Server, they need to launch the ZDM7 Installer, select the server, and select the component they wish to install. The time involved can be anywhere between half an hour and two hours -- and sometimes even more. Multiply that by hundreds of servers and many patches, and the costs to your business can skyrocket. This white paper addresses all of these concerns by showing how a pre-built ZENworks Server Management Complied Package (CPK) can be used to deploy ZENworks Desktop Management 7 software.

5 Jan 2006
zdm7cpk (tool)
The main CPK for installing ZDM7

5 Jan 2006
ZW Desktop Management 7 Deployment (tool)
Automated server-based deployment of ZENworks Desktop Management 7.

29 Dec 2005
Hiding the GUID Appended to Folder Names without Affecting Other Files (tip)
When using ZENworks Application Explorer in Windows XP with "Hide protected operating system files" turned off in Explorer, folders created by ZENworks Application Explorer in the start menu will appear with a nasty-looking GUID appended to the folder name. Roger Sanders shares a simple solution to this problem that won't affect the visibility of other files.

22 Dec 2005
iPrint-like Printer Maps for NDPS Environments (tool)
Provides an internet protocol handler (prnt:) to install printers on Windows 2000/XP clients via an HTML page similar to Novell's iPrint maps.

22 Dec 2005
Using Remote Management through ConsoleOne with ZENworks 6.5 (tip)
Brandon Prescott explains how to avoid an error message when you're trying to manage a workstation remotely via ConsoleOne. Could save you some grief...

15 Dec 2005
Getting New HP MIB Files to Compile and Create Alerts (tip)
If you are finding that new HP MIB files will compile successfully but won't create alarm disposition entries, Rainer Brunold has a tip for you.

15 Dec 2005
Forcing the Uninstall of an MSI Application (tip)
How to make a ZENworks package that force-uninstalls an MSI application.

15 Dec 2005
Extracting the Contents of an MSI File (tip)
In the short and sweet department, here's a heads up tip about a tool you might find useful.

14 Dec 2005
NALalyse v1.2 (tool)
Quickly sanity check, document, search & report on ZENworks NAL objects.

12 Dec 2005
Troubleshooting Installation Problems ("Windows error 3") (tip)
When installing an NDK component with the executable installation download you may get the message "Windows error 3 occured while loading the Java VM." Here is a quick workaround to solve the issue.

12 Dec 2005
Zdm7spk (tool)
The source package to allow customers to rebuild the CPK for their own needs.

8 Dec 2005
Using NAL XML Reporting to report on ZENworks Imaging (feature)
In today's business environment, when a user's desktop needs to be rebuilt, in most cases strict Service Level Agreements will need to be adhered to, in order to ensure that the desktop management team are meeting or exceeding those SLAs. This has been a challenge since the ZENworks Imaging environment runs within a PreBoot (PXE) Linux environment. Peter Lambrechtsen shares a very Cool Solution, complete with a Free Tool, that simplifies the process.

8 Dec 2005
ZENworks XML Reporting (tool)
Use NAL XML Reporting to report on ZENworks Imaging.

8 Dec 2005
ZfD Open Files 2.0 (tool)
Find out which users have files open, and control workstations from the server.

8 Dec 2005
Force Uninstall Application Object on Next Launch (tip)
How to force an uninstall of the application on next use for users that already have installed the application, while still hiding it from those members of the associated group who haven't launched the application yet - but still keep the current object so I *could* easily just turn it back on in the future.

2 Dec 2005
More about Banning Apps and Rogue Processes (tip)
Carl Beehler shares this nifty trick that will help you find apps you've accidentally blocked, and will even let you see what your users are clicking on.

22 Nov 2005
AppNote: Creating ZENworks Inventory Reports Using the Crystal Reports Designer (appnote)
Freshly Updated: A solution for creating customized Inventory reports using Crystal Decisions' Crystal Reports for Novell's ZENworks for Desktops 4, ZENworks for Servers 3, and ZENworks 6, 6.5, 7 has been developed. This AppNote explains how ZENworks administrators can create a variety of reports from the ZENworks Inventory database with minimal effort.

16 Nov 2005
Speeding up Imaging by Controlling Speed of NICs (tip)
NICs are set to auto-negotiate by default and that adds hours to imaging. Scott Kunau shares a nifty trick that will help you control the speed and duplex of NIC for ZENworks Imaging.

16 Nov 2005
Checking Effective Remote Control Policy (tip)
Concerned that you might not have the right policy applying for Remote Control? Check out this handy little tip for making sure.

11 Nov 2005
Upgrading NetWare 6.0 Servers to OES using ZENworks Server Management (tip)
Freshly added - instructions for ZENworks 7! Check out these white papers from Martin Irwin -- ZENworks Server Management Upgrading and Patching Methodologies. Among other things, these papers includes instructions for how to use ZENworks to upgrade to Open Enterprise Server, apply NetWare patches, and a whole raft of other essential tasks.

9 Nov 2005
Windows Service Descriptions (tool)
Identify what services may have been added, or services that have changed from their normal status on your Windows machine.

9 Nov 2005
Stopping a Distribution with ZENworks Patch Management (tip)
If a Distribution gets "stuck", you can't follow normal procedures to stop the deployment, and ZENworks Patch Management won't let you. Here's a useful way to achieve this.

9 Nov 2005
Finding Application Associations (tip)
How easy is it to read application associatioins? Sometimes, not so easy - but this tip from Cool Solutions reader Mathieu Provencher should help make it go a bit smoother, especially for ZENworks users.

3 Nov 2005
Pushing out Urgent Packages with ZENworks Patch Management (feature)
Need to send out a Deployment with ZENworks Patch Management in a hurry? See this article for how to deploy urgent packages.

3 Nov 2005
Identifying Windows Services Issues (feature)
Have you ever tried to troubleshoot a Windows machine's SERVICES by trying to identify what services may have been added (spyware, non-standard software), or services that have changed from their normal status? Bryan Keadle shares a great idea to save lots of time and frustration.

3 Nov 2005
Best Practices: Organizing and Managing your ZENworks Objects (tip)
David P. is new in his job, and his boss would like him to get some validation on his plan for organizing the ZENworks objects. Come see what he is planning, and let us know what you think of it, and we'll build it into this Best Practices Guide.

3 Nov 2005
Patching Windows with ZENworks: Part 2 (feature)
David responded to an OPEN CALL on this topic with such a well-detailed response, we thought it needed to be placed in a separate article.

3 Nov 2005
ZENworks Patch Management: Agent Management Center (tip)
Can't find the Agent Management Center with, or concerned that it didn't upgrade? Check out this nice little tip from Shaun Pond.

28 Oct 2005
Allow Users to Install USB Jump Drives (tool)
Grant Users and Power Users the ability to install USB mass storage devices.

28 Oct 2005
HKUser Registry Editor (tool)
Import Settings to any HKUser Tree.

26 Oct 2005
Collecting Inventory Info from ZENworks Linux Management Server (feature)
This article integrates all the basic information needed for rolling up the inventory data from ZENworks Linux Management to ZENworks 7 servers running on heterogeneous platforms, viz Window, NetWare and Linux, into one place. This article may help those who are not familiar with all those platforms, and also those who are new to ZENworks inventory.

26 Oct 2005
Creating a "Works on Anything" Windows XP SP2 Workstation Image (trench)
Andrew White explains how to create a "works on anything" WXPSP2 ZENworks 6.5 workstation image.

21 Oct 2005
Using Novell Solutions to Provide Integration with Citrix Products (tip)
Check out this great new White Paper from Novell Consultant David Shepherd. This document details how to integrate Novell and Citrix technologies using the latest products available from both companies

18 Oct 2005
AppNote: Centralized Management of NetWare Traps via ZENworks 7 MMS Console (appnote)
This AppNote explains the effective usage of "Trap Configuration" available in ZENworks 7 Management and Monitoring services. This can be leveraged to manage NetWare Server and/or NDS Traps sent from the Managed Servers to a designated Site Server.

18 Oct 2005
ZENVER Information for ZENworks Server Management (feature)
Ever wish there were a simple ZENVER-type command you could use to quickly find out the versions of your ZENworks Server Management components? Check this out. Laurence Pitt shares a very smooth solution.

18 Oct 2005
ZENworks Workstation Objects and NETBIOS Name Changes (tip)
Shaun Pond explains how to create a force-run object that will accommodate moving and renaming workstations.

18 Oct 2005
Setting Desktop Shell for ZENworks Machines (tip)
Scott Murray wanted to set the desktop shell to nalwin32 only if the machine is classified as a "ZEN" machine, so office and admin staff machines get the windows Explorer.exe shell. Here's how he did it.

18 Oct 2005
Imaging in a Clustered Environment (tip)
If you're getting funky errors when you try to use ZENworks Imaging in a cluster, come see one possible culprit, compliments of Falk Nolte.

12 Oct 2005
Enabling HP Systems Insight Manager 5.0 and Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management to co-exist on the same server (tip)
If you are a system administrator of HP ProLiant servers running Novell SUSE Linux and you need to consolidate your management and software updates onto a single server and want to take advantage of the capabilities offered by HP SIM and Novell ZENworks Linux Management, this paper is a must-read.

12 Oct 2005
ZENworks Patch Management Language Filtering (tip)
Got ZENworks Patch Management? Got lots of vulnerabilities listed for languages you don't need? Check this out!

12 Oct 2005
Copying Applications to Another Tree without AXTs (tip)
Need a quicker way to copy applications from one tree to another without exporting/importing AXTs? Jeremy Scott tells you how to do with ConsoleOne and ZENworks -- no need for any other products.

12 Oct 2005
Keeping ZENworks from Hogging the SYS Volume (tip)
Orrie Holmen shares a way to keep ZENworks Server Management from consuming all the disk space on the SYS volume.

12 Oct 2005
MSI for Firefox 1.0.7 (tip)
As a special followup to his recent Novell Connection Article, Roel van Bueren has posted an MSI you can download.

12 Oct 2005
Working Around Workstation and Apps Restrictions (trench)
Have you set up strict workstation policies that sometimes get in the way of administration? After all, preventing the installation of anything running install.exe is great unless you need to do it. Here are some ways to work around your own draconian policies. Chime in if you have other ideas.

11 Oct 2005
Help Available for Disaster Recovery (tip)
As businesses struggle to restore and recover from Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, one problem that is occurring is the lack of skilled workers who can help get the network operational again. We received this interesting offer of help, and thought we'd pass it along in case anyone would like to engage the services of an experienced administrator who understands disaster recovery

11 Oct 2005
OPEN CALL: Surviving Hurricane Katrina (tip)
Our heart-felt sympathy goes out to all of you affected by Hurricane Katrina. As you commence your Disaster Recovery process, restoring from your backups, getting the data center free from mud, etc., we invite you to take pictures and keep notes. When you have a chance, email them to us so we can cheer you on from the sidelines. We'll award 100 Novell Rewards Points for each published report. Best of luck!

5 Oct 2005
Quick Guide to Imaging Pre-Activated Windows XP Pro Workstations with ZENworks and Sysprep (feature)
I've been using ZENworks for Desktops for almost four years and the ZENworks Imaging Server has been a wonderful and cheap replacement for Symantec's Ghost product. Moving from Windows 2000 Pro to Windows XP Pro this summer ran me into a problem that I couldn't get around without three days of painstaking and hairline-affecting work. Here's what I learned, the hard way.

5 Oct 2005
Getting around a Policy IOException in ZENworks Server Management (tip)
Axel Friedemann explains his workaround to an error he experienced when using ZENworks Server Management.

5 Oct 2005
Workstation Imaging (feature)
Henny van der Ben details an all-in-one solution that lets you distribute a standard installation of Windows XP Pro on new and existing workstations, lets you recover the system easily in event of failure, and and automate installation with the complete driver set needed for a particular workstation.

5 Oct 2005
Scanning for Latest Versions of Symantec AntiVirus Software using Inventory in ZENworks Desktop Management (feature)
This cool solution helps you to enable scanning for latest versions of Symantec AntiVirus Software by the ZENworks Desktop Management Inventory Scanner.

5 Oct 2005
Using ZENworks Inventory Quick Report Tool in ConsoleOne (feature)
In ZENworks 7, Inventory provides a new tool called Quick Reports to easily retrieve and view the data from the ZENworks Inventory database. Each Quick Report contains a list of inventory attributes and a query that you define using the Quick Report wizard. This Cool Solution lists some tips that you can use to work with Quick Reports tool more effectively.

5 Oct 2005
Removing Files when Updating ConsoleOne (tip)
If you're having troubling removing all the folders and files when you try to deploy a new version of ConsoleOne, check out this tip from Mathieu Provencher.

29 Sep 2005
Scripts for Imaging (feature)
Check out this outstanding new article from Henny van der Ben, in which he explains how to use your own imaging scripts, without having to update the linux files each time they change. One update is all that's needed, and then the scripts can be changed any time you like. If imaging is part of your job, you're going to love this one.

21 Sep 2005
Updating Drivers in an Image to work with New Hardware (tip)
David Souders shares his method of updating drivers in single Windows XP SP 2 image to work with new hardware as it comes out.

21 Sep 2005
Detection results not found after upgrading to hotpatch on ZENworks Patch Management Server (tip)
Got the latest Patch Management update, but after you deploy it, you get "Detection results not found", and workstations can't process "Discover Applicable Updates"? Follow this tip for one possible answer.

21 Sep 2005
Automatic Uninstall of Microsoft Client (tip)
Although this is not a ZENworks specific tip, it addresses a common problem you might be having. Freshly updated.

16 Sep 2005
Removable Media Device Security and Encryption (tool)
Disknet Pro provides eDirectory administrators with central control and encryption of removable media-I/O devices, and the ability to monitor user access through these devices.

8 Sep 2005
The Effective Service Desk and Novell (trench)
This article explains how to select an IT Service Desk/Help Desk Solution which can leverage specific features, as well as your overall investment in ZENworks, GroupWise, eDirectory and Identity Manager.

7 Sep 2005
Using ZENworks for Servers to Delete Directories on Servers (feature)
If you want to delete certain directories from a number of different network servers (NetWare, Windows, Linux, and Solaris), you normally may not have an automated method for performing this task. However if you are using Novell ZENworks for Servers (ZfS) 3 Policy and Distribution Services, the Server Software Packages feature of ZfS provides the capability for you to delete specified directories from any Subscriber server's file system.

7 Sep 2005
Ensuring that the PatchLink Server Detects the Machine (tip)
There are many reasons why you might get "Detection Results Not Found." Always good to have one more thing to try.

7 Sep 2005
Manually restoring from ZENworks Imaging CDs (tip)
Here's another take on a perennially favorite topic.

31 Aug 2005
Avoiding the Refused Connection Message in ZENworks Server Management (tip)
Emile Steenkamp shares a nice tip that can help you resolve certificate problems .

31 Aug 2005
Workaround for Group Policy Restriction Problems (tip)
If you're using ZENworks for Desktops 4.x, this could come in very handy.

31 Aug 2005
Workaround for Error after Installing Windows XP SP2 (tip)
If you get an error when you try to start myapps.htm after applying SP2, check out this nice tip from Ad van Rossum.

31 Aug 2005
Moving ZENworks 6.5 from evaluation to full product (tip)
If you've finished evaluating ZENworks 6.5 and you're now upgrading to the full product, here's how to do it.

24 Aug 2005
Storing Verbose Import Logs Long Enough for Troubleshooting (tip)
Here's a useful little script that you should tuck into your back pocket. Thanks, Nicoya!

24 Aug 2005
Using ZENworks to Protect PCs against Disgruntled Former Employees (feature)
David Lange explains one method of securing your PCs so the people you fire don't use their new-found free time to give you grief.

16 Aug 2005
How to permanently add a keyboard language/layout in ZENworks for Desktops imaging (linux) (tip)
Fred Blaise demonstrates this useful trick using Swiss French as an example. Thanks, Fred!

16 Aug 2005
Why Standard Desktop Colors Don't Always Work (tip)
We posted an OPEN CALL to get help for Jason K. who wondered why the desktop colors they setup for students and staff didn't always import correctly. Check out what we've gotten so far, and chime in if you have additional thoughts.

16 Aug 2005
Using ZENworks 7 to Patch and Upgrade Your Servers (feature)
Freshly Updated with template files. -- Here's a great new white paper from Novell's Martin Irwin that explains how to use ZENworks to tier, schedule and automate the distribution of Novell patches as well as almost any software patch you might encounter. Come see how to use Novell templates for sending patches out, tailor them to suit a particular environment, or even write and compile your own patches for any third-party software you may run on your servers. Must read!

16 Aug 2005
USB Storage Device AXT (tool)
Two AXT files to manage USB storage devices access with ZfD 4.01.

16 Aug 2005
XP SP2 Policy Templates (trench)
Leonard Holling expanded on a cool spreadsheet originally created by Ted Ziolkowski, and shares it here with Ted's permission. Freshly updated with supplements for Dutch and German users.

10 Aug 2005
ZENworks and RDP, Printer and Drive Redirection (tip)
Ramon Lustrati shares his method of autocreating printer and drive mappings with the RDP Protocol.

4 Aug 2005
Distributing Firefox to Non-admin Users (tip)
Michael Alexander found several complex ways for distributing Firefox to users, but they didn't meet his needs. Here's how he did it with a simple App Object.

4 Aug 2005
IDC White Paper - Managing Linux Operational Costs with Novell ZENworks Linux Management (tip)
With staff costs ranking as the single largest element in TCO models for supporting common business workloads, it stands to reason that investments in automating systems management can have a dramatic impact on ongoing operational costs. Check out this new white paper from IDC for all the details.

29 Jul 2005
ZENworks Apps Verify 1.2 (tool)
Users can verify all of their applications, even the ones not showing up in the NAL!

27 Jul 2005
How to Install NDPS Printers on Windows XP (tip)
Rick Darter explains how he sets things up so users can connect to an NDPS printer on Windows XP.

27 Jul 2005
Running Citrix Apps using NAL Objects (tip)
Come see Christopher Haag's method of running Citrix Apps using pass-through authentication via NAL objects.

27 Jul 2005
Restoring an Image from Multiple CDs (tip)
Brent Schmidt was asked to restore an image from multiple CDs, but found that there is nothing built into ZENworks for Desktops image engine to ask for a second or third or 20th CD in an image set. Here's how he did it.

27 Jul 2005
Creating a One-stop NAL Applications Folder for your Users (tip)
Jeremy Scott explains how he keeps his users' desktops from getting all cluttered up.

27 Jul 2005
Getting Your Hands on AdminStudio 6.0 ZENworks Edition (tip)
Novell is planning to ship AdminStudio 6.0 ZENworks Edition with ZENworks 7, but if you are a licensed customer you can download this version now. Here's the scoop.

21 Jul 2005
IMPORTANT Heads-up if you use encrypted distributions with ZENworks for Servers, or DirXML 1.1x (tip)
A digital certificate in a product you might be using is going to expire on 28 July 2005, which may affect the product. Come see if this affects you, and what you should do about it.

20 Jul 2005
Stop Typing in the Full Path during Imaging and Modifying Linux.2 (tip)
Inspired by a couple of earlier Cool Solutions articles, Sibrand van Minnen and Henny van de Ben share some modifications that further simplify ZENworks Imaging.

15 Jul 2005
Upgrades NetWare 6.0 servers to OES NetWare

14 Jul 2005
How to Mirror Open Enterprise Server Patches with ZENworks Linux Management 6.6.1 (feature)
Mirroring patches is a great way to save bandwidth and update multiple systems in a network. This article from Aaron Gresko demonstrates how to set up a ZLM server and get a mirrored OES patch channel running on it. Patching OES systems from the mirrored channel is also covered.

13 Jul 2005
How To Determine if a Computer is a Laptop or a Desktop Machine or Docking Station or ..? (feature)
This could be helpful for setting policies, pushing out certain applications, etc. I read a lot of information about different ways to tell if the computer was a laptop like search for a battery file or power setting, but could never get a good test. The solution is my VBS script and accessing the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

13 Jul 2005
Disabling the Novell Send Message (tip)
A school IT admin asked for a way to disable the Novell Send Message without touching each machine. Here are some ideas. Chime in if you have anything to add.

7 Jul 2005
Using ZENworks to migrate Email Clients (trench)
If you ever need to move your whole organization from one email client to another, there are many things to consider so you disrupt your users as little as possible. Heath Tennant shares his approach to the problem.

5 Jul 2005
DoRunRun (tool)
Helps automate app installs from Untrusted Publishers under XP SP2.

29 Jun 2005
AppNote: Roll Your Own -- Creating Custom Packages with ZENworks Patch Management (appnote)
Come learn how to use PatchLink Update Server to deploy and update an application of your own selection. While the pre-defined packages from the PatchLink subscription service may provide 99% of what most people need, there will always be that other 1%. And when it's your job to provide that 1% solution, then that becomes an important 1%.

29 Jun 2005
Having Trouble Installing ZENworks 6.5 SP1? (tip)
If you are getting a strange message about ZENworks 6.5 not being detected when you try to patch it, here's why it's happening, and what to do about it.

27 Jun 2005
ZENworks: Beyond the Documentation (tip)
The ZENworks documentation does what it set out to do: show you how to install, configure and administer the various products in the ZENworks suite. The articles on this page are designed to help you see beyond the documentation: how best to design your ZENworks implementations, how to use Best Practice techniques, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

23 Jun 2005
Policy Template File Editor (tool)
A Freeware tool for creating and editing ADM files.

23 Jun 2005
ZEN and the Art of Application Maintenance: Part One (feature)
The documentation for ZENworks covers many aspects of how to use the product, but this series of articles from well-known ZENworks Specialist Shaun Pond aims to give those who are just starting out (and more experienced users too!) some insights into how best to put this into practice, and how to make the most of ZENworks Application Management in the shortest time.

22 Jun 2005
Installing PatchLink Update Agent with PLDP (tip)
Here's how Andrew Armstrong helped one of his clients work around an install error. ( Might be too specific for you to follow exactly, but his experience offers good troubleshooting insight.)

22 Jun 2005
ZENworks for Desktops 6.5 Gina Overwrite during Install (tip)
As you may know, Novell has, at times, wanted to insure the NWGINA.DLL was the first GINA called. This happened with Client 32 and now with ZENworks. By "messing" with the chain, logins can be broken rendering the workstation unuseable. Trey Johnson supplied a workaround.

22 Jun 2005
Running ZENworks for Desktops 4.0.1 and using Roaming Profiles (tip)
If you're using Roaming Profiles on ZENworks for Desktops 4.0.1, there is important news buried away in the readme for IR6. Check out this tip for more details.

22 Jun 2005
3rd-Party Vendor MIBs (feature)
Updated with new MIBs. -- This ZIP file contains the third-party vendor SNMP MIBs that get successfully compiled in ZENworks for Servers 3 & ZENworks for Servers 6.5 - Management and Monitoring Services - SNMP MIB Compiler. Great time-saver!

20 Jun 2005
How to Perform Remote Control from a Workstation without the Novell Client Installed (tip)
Ever needed to perform Remote Control from a workstation that doesn't have the Novell Client installed? Here's a tip for ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management, and ZENworks for Desktops 4.0.1

16 Jun 2005
The Knowledgebase Advantage of Novell ZENworks Asset Management (feature)
Your key IT projects are too important to trust to raw data. Novell ZENworks Asset Management includes dozens of methods that enable it to discover, normalize, assimilate and present information effectively.

16 Jun 2005
Novell ZENworks and Intel Active Management Technology (feature)
In the new version of ZENworks Linux Management, shipping in a couple of months, you'll find some exciting new functionality that will help you recover quickly after hardware disasters, and lets you access machine ID information even when the hard drive has failed. Used with Intel AMT-enabled systems, ZENworks will offer a significant improvement in automated recovery processes. Here's a closer look.

16 Jun 2005
Preventing Reboot Problem after Installing Remote Management Agent (tip)
This bug has been reported to engineering, and a fix will probably be forthcoming soon. Meanwhile, here's a workaround.

16 Jun 2005
Creating a bootcd.iso for a huge ZENworks Image (on RedHat machine) (tip)
This tip will only be of use to you if you use a RedHat environment instead of Windows. But if you're one of those, this might be exactly what you're looking for.

16 Jun 2005
Upgrading without losing Inventory and Remote Management on Cluster (tip)
If you haven't applied ZENworks 6.5 SP1 yet, you may have trouble getting your Inventory and Remote Management components to install on a Cluster setup. The recommended approach is to apply SP1. But if there's some reason you have to install clustering to ZENworks 6.5 without the patch, here's how you do it.

13 Jun 2005
Remotely imaging a single partition (tip)
If you want to remotely take an image of a whole PC, ZENworks has a built-in option. But what if you only want one partition?

9 Jun 2005
Multiple Profiles for DLU (tip)
Are you having problems where user's profiles are "locked", resulting in profiles with .000, .001, .002, etc.? Check out this explanation, and a solution to most of your problems.

9 Jun 2005
Using Password-based Remote Control (tip)
If you're planning to use Password-based Remote Control, you may want to ensure that workstations have the same password: if so, follow this tip.

8 Jun 2005
Distributing AutoCAD using ZENworks (trench)
In response to an OPEN CALL, here are some ideas for a good way to distribute AutoCAD using ZENworks for Desktops. If you have other ideas, don't be shy.

1 Jun 2005
Documenting a ZENworks Installation (trench)
OPEN CALL: We're looking for slick and easy ways to produce reports that will show a complete ZENworks installation (all objects and their properties). Anyone got such a thing? Freshly Updated.

1 Jun 2005
Converting Static IP to DHCP on Windows 2000 and XP (trench)
Leonard Holling expands on an earlier article by sharing additional Reg keys needed to make this work with Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

1 Jun 2005
Using ZENworks to update Windows Media Player (tip)
If you've been able to use ZENworks to distribute an upgrade for Media Player, John I. would love to know how you did it. Check out the suggestions we've gotten so far and let us know if you have another idea.

26 May 2005
Seek and Ye Shall Find (tip)
Ever found that the policy you are editing isn't applying, and you can't see why? Shaun Pond clears it all up.

23 May 2005
Resolving Error when Deploying Packages to Windows XP Workstations (tip)
Andrew Armstrong shares what he discovered in a nifty piece of detective work, verified by Patchlink themselves.

23 May 2005
Correcting NIC Speed in ZENworks for Desktops Imaging (tip)
If you have trouble with NIC speed not running at correct speed in PXE boot when switch ports are hard set in ZfD 6.5 Imaging, come see this tip from Doug Strick.

23 May 2005
Keeping ConsoleOne Current Using ZENworks (tip)
Ever wish you could keep ConsoleOne up-to-date on your PC every time you run it using ZENworks? Here's how you do it, courtesy of Ashley Fuller.

19 May 2005
ZfD 4 on Windows XP SP2 (trench)
Novell is currently testing its ZENworks products running on the released version of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (XPSP2). If you have found any problems with this configuration, please let us know.

19 May 2005
How to get ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 Remote Control to work with Windows XP Professional with SP2 (tip)
Since SP2 for Windows XP Professional isn't tested or supported by Novell for ZENworks for Desktops 3.2, there have to be some manual changes to the workstation to get the Remote Control functionality to work. Ashton Smith explains two ways to get ZfD 3.2 Remote Control to work with SP2 for Windows XP Professional. Updated with another suggestion.

16 May 2005
When is a Virtual CD not a CD? (trench)
Providing applications to remote users who aren't connected to your network can be an issue. Steve Fullerton shares an idea to expand on the idea of the Virtual CD.

13 May 2005
Time at your fingertips! (tip)
Shaun Pond shares a nice little tip about how to set time more easily in ZENworks schedules.

11 May 2005
Pushing out McAfee Virus Scan 8.0 (trench)
Here are some more suggestions about how to distribute McAfee 8.0 using ZENworks. Feel free to chime in if you have other thoughts on the matter.

11 May 2005
ZENworks for Desktops 6.5 in a Microsoft-Only Environment (trench)
Here are some suggestions for a recent Q&A inquiry about a way to do Remote Control in an environment without the Novell Client. Come see what we have so far, and feel free to add your two bits.

10 May 2005
RunHide (tool)
Distribute a program, and hide the window(s) it creates.

4 May 2005
ZENFirefox (tool)
Method of distributing Firefox with ZENworks

4 May 2005
ZENworks Asset Management Ships (feature)
If you need to keep a tight rein on all your software licenses, or if you have to deal with government regulations like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, you'll be delighted to learn about the new ZENworks Asset Management. Check it out, and be sure to look at the special promotional pricing. You're going to love this.

4 May 2005
Windows XP User Account Creation (trench)
We posted an Open Call recently to get some help for Sherry, who needed a way to create a local Windows admin account on their workstations with a common password, so they could use the anti-virus scanners. Come check out the ideas -- and chime in with your own if you have anything to add.

4 May 2005
Getting the Most Out of Novell ZENworks Asset Management (tip)
Check out this new white paper that will help you get up to speed with the new ZENworks Asset Management product. This is a great overview of best practices, configuration options, and troubleshooting tips, and will make you the resident expert in no time.

4 May 2005
Taking the License View of Your Software Assets (tip)
There are three ways of looking at desktop software that apply to different users of software asset information feeds: the file view, the application view and the license view. The license view is the most powerful view of software in an enterprise because it addresses the thorniest aspect of asset management: license compliance. Come see how ZENworks Asset Management meets the challenge.

4 May 2005
Pushing out an Icon that links to a Folder (trench)
Paul Pedron explains how he distributes access to a departmental folder to all his users.

28 Apr 2005
Making ZENworks Imaging Scripts Available, without knowing Linux (tip)
ZFD / ZDM PXE boot to maintenance: how to make your own scripts directly available, if you have *no* LINUX knowledge? They need to be executable, so Windows alone is not suitable. Rudolf Thilo shares a "dummies help dummies" solutions for others who may also have (almost) no knowledge about linux.

28 Apr 2005
Rename XP Pro Workstations with this AOT (tip)
This one's for users of ZENworks 4.x and workstations with the XP Pro operating system. Scott McKenna shares an AOT file that he uses to rename workstations. Nice one!

28 Apr 2005
Installing ZENworks 6.5 Management Agent on Windows 2000 (tip)
If you experience problems installing ZENworks 6.5 Management Agent on some of your Windows 2000 PCs, this might be of help.

27 Apr 2005
eDir873x_NetWare_Patch_ZFS.spk (tool)
SPK ? allows you to customize and then patch eDIrectory 8.7.3 on NetWare.

21 Apr 2005
Handling the ZISWIN Ignore Registry Value (trench)
For your convenience, here is a script file which sets the "unsupported" registry values described in TID 10081392. Neat piece of coding! Thanks, Rudolf.

21 Apr 2005
Display MSI Package Installation Info without Letting Users Cancel (trench)
How to display MSI pkg installation dialog information/progress but not allow user to cancel the installation; also prompt user for reboot after installation. Perfect if you're trying to show the users the "real" MSI install.

21 Apr 2005
Login Script Drive Mapping After Applying Windows XPSP2 (tip)
Here's a quick workaround for a problem that's currently being investigated by Novell Engineering.

21 Apr 2005
Why you might Install more than one Inventory Database (tip)
On how many Inventory servers do I need to have an Inventory Database? Shaun Pond answers that burning question.

18 Apr 2005
The Importance of Launcher Configuration (feature)
One aspect of ZENworks for Desktops that is often overlooked is the setting of the Launcher Configuration options. Learn hints and tips on how to configure Launcher Configuration, and warnings about what NOT to do!

18 Apr 2005
Using Search Policies Effectively in ZENworks (feature)
Take the guesswork out of setting up Search Policies: learn the best (and the worst) ways of setting them up. Avoid the common pitfalls, ensure you are performing searches at peak efficiency.

13 Apr 2005
Displaying an Acceptable Usage Policy before Users Login (trench)
Another goodie from frequent contributor Andrew White. He explains how he displays the college's acceptable usage policy (AUP) and gets students to accept it before logging into the PC's. In the past, it had always been printed on their enrollment form, but we all know how many students actually read that. This way, despite the fact that they don't read it on screen either, at least they have to press "Agree" before using a PC.

13 Apr 2005
Shortcut to Linked App Folder (tip)
Would you like to place a shortcut to a linked application folder (that appears in start menu) on the desktop? Lothar Haeger shares his method, freshly updated for ZENworks for Desktops 6.5 and WinXP.

13 Apr 2005
Yet Another ZISD Editor (tool)
Simple and small ZISD editor.

9 Apr 2005
Create Debug Files Before Installing ZENworks (tip)
Check out this tip before installing ZENworks, or deploying a Support Pack.

8 Apr 2005
Keeping Users from Uninstalling the Management Agents (tip)
Donna Rogers needed to prevent the users from uninstalling the ZENworks management agents, but she had to let them be administrators of their workstations, which let them remove anything they wanted. Here's what she did.

7 Apr 2005
Naming the Workstation with Scripted Imaging (tip)
When you use Windows Unattended Installation, or SYSPREP, you always run into trouble with automatic naming of the workstation, especially when you also want the workstation to join the domain without any user interaction. Here's a solution that does it right after Image Restore

6 Apr 2005
zRegScan 1.8.4 (tool)
Allow capture of Windows registry data in the ZENworks for Desktops inventory database.

6 Apr 2005
RunIfNewer (tool)
Run a program only if the program has updated.

1 Apr 2005
Remote Management for ZfD 4x (tool)
Remote Control, Remote View, File Transfer, Remote Execute and Diagnostics of workstations without using ConsoleOne.

31 Mar 2005
Monitoring and Installing Silent-Install Scripts (trench)
When running silent installs you don't always know when the script is complete. Lisa Deger shares her nifty script that she uses to let users know that software is installing and also for controlling the installation through a batch file. Thanks, Lisa!

31 Mar 2005
Customing BOOTCD.ISO to prompt for Booting from CD (trench)
There's a discussion going on in the forums about the possibility of customizing the BOOTCD.ISO to provide a prompt such as: Press any key to boot from this CD. Although not exactly the "Press any key...", this is the alternative Yves Leger is using.

31 Mar 2005
JavaUpgrade.spk (tool)
Upgrades the NetWare JVM

30 Mar 2005
Administrative Template (tool)
Control Windows services startup settings via ZENworks.

30 Mar 2005
Eight Cool Years (feature)
Novell Cool Solutions celebrated its eighth anniversary on 15 December 2005 and conducted a People's Choice competition to honor the people who made the stuff that made us famous. Come see the top three nominees, and cast your vote for (or write in) your personal favorite. Five lucky vote-casters will receive 100 WebWise Rewards points.

24 Mar 2005
Doing a Remote Control Session while Scanning a Subnet (trench)
Christopher Nicholl's agency uses different utilities to manage and scan their network. They needed a way to integrate a quick remote control session via ZENworks when doing a scan. After a bit of searching and some experimentation Christopher discovered how to do this from the command line, and thought it might be helpful for someone else.

24 Mar 2005
Using USB Drive with ZENworks Imaging (trench)
Since the ZENworks Imaging proxy server is unavailable to Ryan Altschwager, he finds it a lot easier to use a USB hard drive to get images back and forth to different sites. Here's how he does it.

24 Mar 2005
Making a Boot Image that will work with new Dell PC (trench)
Jeff Wilson stopped by our BrainShare booth this week and shared this tip. We invited him to submit it under the new WebWise Rewards program, and here it is. Thanks, Jeff! Hope to hear more from you!

23 Mar 2005
Workaround for ZENworks Problem after upgrading to NetWare 5.1 SP7 (tip)
Wim Focke shares his workaround to a ZENworks inventory problem that started occurring right after they applied SP7.

17 Mar 2005
Using ZENworks Personality Migration as a Backup Tool (trench)
Frans Schilling shares his cool method of backing up important data by using ZENworks Personality Migration. He finds that it saves him from having to install backup software on every user's PC and on tapes. Here's what you do.

17 Mar 2005
Smart Downloading of Open Enterprise Server (tip)
Before you download the eval of Open Enterprise Server, check this out. Some people are inadvertently causing themselves unnecessary grief by downloading all the ISO images, rather than just the ones they need. Here's a little rundown of the images you'll need for each installation scenario. We also explain how to get the special code that gives you 30-day free access to updates and patches via ZENworks Linux Management. Good stuff!

17 Mar 2005
ZfD PXE LDAP Image Utility (tool)
LDAP Scripted Workstation Image Objects for ZENworks Preboot Services.

16 Mar 2005
Deploying Printers to Highly Restricted School Workstations (trench)
A high school administrator explains how he gets printers deployed via iPrint onto the school workstations, despite the restrictions.

8 Mar 2005
Workaround for Deploying Badly Authored MSI Installs (trench)
Badly authored MSI installs give error 1603 on a locked down workstation/user (User is only member of the 'Users' group). Peter van Esch shows you what to do about it. Revised with additional explanation.

8 Mar 2005
Installing Acrobat Reader 6.02 CE (feature)
Roel van Bueren of ROVABU NetWorks has graciously shared this excellent tutorial. This is part of his Windows Installer, Novell ZENworks and InstallShield AdminStudio courseware. Enjoy!

8 Mar 2005
Editing Group Policies in a Policy Package (trench)
Rob Yamry explains how to get around the error message you get when you're trying to edit Group Policies in your Policy Packages.

4 Mar 2005
Friendly Warning for your Laptop Users Before they Give that Big Presentation (trench)
If you've got folks that use laptops and secondary monitors, but seldom out in the field, you might want to check into this before they give that big presentation to the board.

4 Mar 2005
White Paper: Implementing ZENworks Middle Tier Server Scalability and Availability (feature)
Check out this great new white paper that explains the expectations that can be placed on a ZENworks Middle Tier Server, and details ways of getting greater scalability and availability from a middle-tier server configuration. Must read.

4 Mar 2005
AppNote: Sysprep, Add-on Images, Application Objects, Oh My! (appnote)
Come learn how to utilize the power of ZENworks and Microsoft Sysprep to streamline your imaging processes.

3 Mar 2005
eDir873x_Win32_Patch_ZFS.spk (tool)
SPK ? allows you to customize and then patch eDirectory 8.7.3 on Windows servers.

2 Mar 2005
WinMsg (tool)
Enhanced Windows Message Boxes from the Command Line.

1 Mar 2005
ZENworks 7 Linux Management: Almost Here! (feature)
For all of you zillions of folks who've been asking about ZENworks Linux Management, we're happy to say, it's almost here.

1 Mar 2005
Scripted ZENworks Imaging (trench)
Matthew Whited shares a nifty Workstation Imaging script that is a regular workhorse for him. It will request a new name if one is not found in ZIS, prompt you to change the existing name, as well as prompt you for a building, room, and model of the system you would like to image. Check it out and see if you can put it to good use.

28 Feb 2005
GroupWise_sp3-win.spk (tool)
SPK-allows you to patch GroupWise servers.

25 Feb 2005
GroupWise_sp3c.spk (tool)
SPK-allows you to patch GroupWise servers.

23 Feb 2005
GroupWise_sp3A.spk (tool)
SPK-allows you to patch GroupWise servers.

23 Feb 2005
GroupWise_sp3.spk (tool)
SPK-allows you to patch GroupWise servers.

17 Feb 2005
Windows XP SP2 Registry Keys for Student PCs (trench)
Here's a peek at the registry keys Andrew White distributes out to his student PC's (which is why they are a bit draconian) but so far, so good. If you're interested in running a tight ship, this is a good start.

15 Feb 2005
Deleting Workstations from ZENworks Inventory when they're not in eDirectory (trench)
How to delete workstation from the ZENworks database, if it's not present in eDirectory (NDS), but it exists in an inventory report.

15 Feb 2005
Making Remote Control work in Windows XP SP2 (trench)
Jeremy Noland shares his workaround Windows XP SP2 breaks the remote control feature in ConsoleOne

15 Feb 2005
Remote Control without VPN (trench)
Bryan Keadle chimed in with a better answer to an earlier Q&A. Check it out. Another goodie from Bryan.

10 Feb 2005
CopyDocs 2.01 (tool)
A Perl program that searches the hard drives for files with the extensions you wish to look for and allows you to copy them elsewhere.

4 Feb 2005
ZENworks Remote Session Request Utility for User on Managed Device (tool)
An easy way to request a remote session from the managed device.

2 Feb 2005
A New Cool Solutions Site - Novell Security Manager! (feature)
That's right - we are launching a brand-new Cool Solutions site, dedicated to the brand-new Novell Security Manager product. Get the details here!

1 Feb 2005
Letting Users Burn CDs without Additional Rights (trench)
If you want to let your users burn CDs with Nero, but you don't want to grant them Admin rights, here's a nice little tip from Terence Gestel.

1 Feb 2005
Making NFAP/NFS create an NFAUUser object (trench)
We found that NFAP/NFS SCHINST.NLM could not create NFAUUser object. Here's how we solved the problem.

1 Feb 2005
If ZISWIN Crashes when Finalizing an Image... (trench)
I was imaging my computer lab using ZENworks 4.0.1 and ZISWIN kept crashing with a memory access violation when it was in the process of finalizing the image. Here's the fix.

1 Feb 2005
Cool Tool: BrainShare Session Importer for GroupWise (feature)
If you're going to BrainShare and you have finished registering for the breakout sessions, try out this free tool from 'bond' Software Entwicklung GmbH that will import your 2005 BrainShare schedule into GroupWise. Download it here.

28 Jan 2005
ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5 Update (tool)
ZENworks Imaging for USB devices.

27 Jan 2005
Application Launcher Tool (tool)
Launch any application / file / URL / link from aZen application object.

26 Jan 2005
Weathering the Hurricanes of 2004 (feature)
The 2004 hurricane season affected many Cool Solutions readers living in Florida as well as Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and other Caribbean locations. We wondered what happened to the networks of all the people involved in the hurricanes, and we held a contest to find out how people fared. Come see the winning entries, and take a moment to consider how your own Disaster Recovery Plan would have fared in these circumstances.

21 Jan 2005
Using Extensible Policies to view Specific Drive Mappings (trench)
We map a number of drives for our staff and students to have access to applications and data, but don't always want them visible. Extensible and windows group policies only provide a few combinations of A,B,C,D, but by editing the proper adm file, you can have any combination of visible drives A - Z that you wish. For example, when students look in My Computer, we want them to see H (their home directory), and G (shared teacher/student data), but nothing else. Here is how we do it.

15 Jan 2005
Enhanced Windows Message Boxes from the Command Line (trench)
Bryan Keadle also needed a way to indicate that a NAL object was in the process of an install. Come see how he did it and download his free command line utility.

11 Jan 2005
Reducing Helpdesk Consultancy Time by 53 Days Per Year (trench)
Check out this cool success story from our good friends at ENGL.

11 Jan 2005
Not-so-Silent Install (trench)
When you make a silent installation for your users, sometimes it is too silent for the user, who may need to know something is happening on the PC. Jan Visser shares a nifty little VB script that helps you make things a bit less stealthy.

7 Jan 2005
Cool Solutions dot Com Forum (trench)
For the last couple of years there has existed an evolving web presence that many of you may not have been aware of: the Cool advice forum. The regular contributors to the forum have several hundred years' worth of combined experience in Novell product deployment and support. They'll tell you where the imperfections are, and how to get along with them; introduce you to features you never knew existed, and point you at places to get further support if you need it.

4 Jan 2005
Installing iPrint Printers via a Batch File and ZENworks (trench)
Here's how to install iPrint printers via a batch file automatically, save the printer driver settings to a file, and put the driver settings back into the printer. (Just run a batch file from ZENworks!)

4 Jan 2005
DLU Problem after Installing ZENworks for Desktops 4 Agent (trench)
If you find that after installing the ZfD4 Agent you suddenly have a DLU problem (Windows asks for authentication), this one's for you.

2 Jan 2005
AppNote: Updating Client on all Workstations via Login Script (appnote)
Christian Mies explains how to upgrade all workstations to an updated client version. He did this for a customer with about 200 workstations using a solution that works completely by login script with no interaction from the IT help desk.

1 Jan 2005
AppNote: New Features in Management and Monitoring Services in ZENworks for Servers 6.5 - A Case Study (appnote)
Along with an overview of the new features in ZENworks for Servers Management and Monitoring Services, this AppNote provides a typical customer scenario that demonstrates how the new features address specific business needs.

1 Jan 2005
Making Policies Work after Upgrade (trench)
We recently upgraded from ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 to 6.5. I began pushing out ZENworks Agents with the 3.2 NAL on the older server and realized that none of my policies were working. Especially the critical DLU.

1 Jan 2005
Making PatchLink Send Inventory Info to the Server (trench)
We were having problems with v6 PatchLink clients not sending inventory information to the server, although they were registering correctly. Here's the workaround.

1 Jan 2005
If Windows XP won't Boot after Imaging (trench)
Here's a nice little tip if you're imaging a Gateway on Windows XP.

1 Jan 2005
Fixing the Black Background of a Remote Controlled Workstation (trench)
If you don't want the screen to go black when you're remote controlling someone's machine, here's a tip.

1 Jan 2005
Mounting USB Hard Drive to use for ZENworks Imaging (trench)
You need to mount the USB hard drive to be able to use it from ZENworks Imaging. The mount/unmount command doesn't create a directory for you to mount it to. Ryan Altschwager explains how he does it.

1 Jan 2005
NT Client Configuration in ZENworks Workstation Policies Installed in new Tree (trench)
Dean Colpitts explains how he did NT Client Configuration in ZENworks Workstation policies with a fresh install of ZfD401 in a new NDS tree (ie fresh install of NW65SBS).

1 Jan 2005
SETUP.EXE Command Line Switches, and a Special Trick (trench)
Installing applications via an .MSI is handy when you can make a transform file (.MST) to modify the way the install behaves. However, some programs use SETUP.EXE to install, which might point to an .MSI, but you can't create a transform file for them (older MSI technology?). Bryan Keadle shares his solution.

1 Jan 2005
Find Out Which Student was Using a Workstation at a Specific Time (trench)
James Davey needed an easy way to know which student was logged into a particular workstation at a particular time, so they could find out who exactly sent that inappropriate message. Come see how he did it.

1 Jan 2005
Choose Imaging Server based on Subnet (trench)
Do you have a distributed network? Would you like to choose which server to pull your ZENworks images from based on what subnet the workstation is on? Here's the code to add into your ZENworks shell script to make that happen.

1 Jan 2005
Patching a ZENworks Patch (trench)
We found that applying ZENworks patch on 2.4.28 kernel fails when patching misc.c. Here's our "patched" patch.

16 Dec 2004
GroupWise ADM for Language Settings (tool)
ADM file to set the language for the GroupWise client via GPO.

13 Dec 2004
Configuring the ZENworks Linux Management Mirror to get Updates (tip)
Wondering how to configure ZENworks Linux Management for your environment? Here are two examples of how to use the ZENworks Linux Management Mirror - 'rcmirror' - to get updates. Enjoy!

10 Dec 2004
How to get Files from a Service Pack without Installing It (tip)
Wondering how to get just what you want from Interim Release (IR5) without installing the whole service pack? Marcus Breiden shares the secret (which can be adapted to all other service packs).

10 Dec 2004
Stop Typing in the Full Path during Imaging (tip)
(Updated with correction in the script.) In the process of creating an imaging menu, Box Lawrence found that mounting the linux.2 file was getting repetitive so he made a script to do it, and shares it here with you.

4 Dec 2004
Reasons for Keeping Novell Products (Also Known As: More With Less) (trench)
This document discusses the possibility of saving money by sticking with Novell products.

2 Dec 2004
MASS 2.79 (tool)
Multiple Application Setting Syncer.

2 Dec 2004
AmoK DelayDel (tool)
Delete files automatically upon reboot.

23 Nov 2004
ZENworks Imaging for USB devices (tip)
Check this out. Teppo Fahlstedt modified ZENworks Imaging 6.5 CD and 4.01.05 CD software to run on USB storage and CDROM devices, and a installer tool that installs ZENworks Imaging on USB devices. Great addition to your bag of tricks, from the ever-growing collection at Cool Solutions Free Tools.

19 Nov 2004
Prevent ZISWIN from Crashing (tip)
Kevin Guzaitis discovered what was causing ZISWIN to crash with a memory access violation when it was in the process of finalizing the image. Come see what he found, and how he fixed it.

19 Nov 2004
Show ZEN Application object Associations and Association Flags from a command line (tip)
Check out this very useful free tool. Rick Laughinghouse Application Association Show will display Objects that are associated to Application Objects or Default Association Flags. Also, it will show application objects that are associated to a specified object.

19 Nov 2004
ZENworks in your Business (tip)
Heads Up: Check out these two great articles from Novell Connection Magazine. This is perfect stuff to put on your boss's desk.

19 Nov 2004
ZENworks and ENGL help University of Wales Swansea Save 10 Weeks in Desktop Re-imaging Costs (tip)
After attending BrainShare, UoWS appointed ZENworks software experts ENGL to provide consultancy services and to deploy the ENGL Imaging Toolkit for ZENworks. Check out the cool results.

19 Nov 2004
Coordinating Rollout of Networked Database (tip)
James Romer shares an easy and effective way to move shared mdb's of a network drive and automatically install ODBC connection strings.

17 Nov 2004
ZENworks Imaging USB v4.01.05 (tool)
ZENworks Imaging for USB devices.

11 Nov 2004
ENGL ZmgWiz 1.0 (tool)
ZENworks image (.zmg) file analysis tool.

10 Nov 2004
Importing Workstations into ZENworks (trench)
Here's an easy way to import workstations into ZENworks and login script for hosts file replacement.

10 Nov 2004
Internet Connections TAB removal (trench)
If you use a proxy server to filter internet browsing with BorderManager, you may worry that students will figure out how to take their proxies off and browse anywhere. Worry no more. Here's a great idea from Joe Squiers.

10 Nov 2004
Limited Time offer - Purchase Novell Identity Manager 2 at 40% off (tip)
The DirXML Starter Pack ships with Novell NetWare 6.5, ZENworks 6.5 and Nterprise Linux Services 1.0; and now those customers have the option of upgrading to Nsure Identity Manager 2 Professional Edition for only $15 per user - a savings of 40 percent.

10 Nov 2004
ENGL ZmgWiz 1.0 - ZENworks image (.zmg) file analysis tool (tip)
Check out this great new freebie from our partners at ENGL. ENGL ZmgWiz is a Windows utility that can scan one or more ZENworks image (.zmg) files and display detailed disk and file usage reports which can be optionally output to an XML file. This can help you understand what disk space is being used by files within your ZENworks images and alert you to the amount of space that could be saved by purging or recreating the images.

9 Nov 2004
ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5 (tool)
ZENworks Imaging for USB devices.

4 Nov 2004
MyITHelper (tool)
Help Troubleshoot Desktop Issues.

4 Nov 2004
Running Firefox from a Network Drive (trench)
Here's a simple Application Object for running Firefox Internet Browser from a Network Drive, compliments of Ralf Kruger.

4 Nov 2004
How to turn on the ZWSREG.LOG File (feature)
ZWSREG.EXE is the replacement for the ZfD3.x WSREG32.EXE. Here are the command line options to use the executable.

4 Nov 2004
Control Windows Services Startup Settings via ZENworks (tip)
This template includes policies for all services found on a Windows XP machine with SP2 applied and all optional components installed.

4 Nov 2004
Centralis AXE 3 (tool)
The processing and publishing tool for ZENworks for Desktops.

29 Oct 2004
Creating Clean, Streamlined Images (tip)
When creating ZENworks images for distribution to multiple workstations, there are a number of steps that should be followed prior to sending the image up to the network that will insure the image is clean and streamlined.

29 Oct 2004
Speed up User Access to Large Remote Files (tip)
By using a combination of ZENworks and NetWare Management Portal, Andrew Barker has been able to eliminate the drives mapped to servers across WAN links, reduce WAN traffic caused by Windows accessing the mapped drives, and significantly speed up user access to large remote files.

29 Oct 2004
Selecting Between Admin Passwords (tip)
Here's a nice little tip that should save you some time if you have more than one Admin password to worry about.

28 Oct 2004
ZenRemoteControlWrapper (tool)
Wrapper exe to launch Zen RemoteControl

28 Oct 2004
ZfD Auto Workstation Import (Version I) (tool)
Auto workstation Import really made automatic.

27 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 4 - Planning for the Future (feature)
Here's the fourth installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. Now that you've lived through the worst, what do you do about securing a safe data future? Get some solid tips here.

22 Oct 2004
BCAST.AU3 (tool)
Display web page upon login.

21 Oct 2004
Removing Group Policy Settings from Workstation (tip)
ZENworks for Desktops group policy settings sometimes remain on workstations even when 'settings remain on logout' is not checked. Here's a nice little fix.

21 Oct 2004
Using ZENworks for Desktops 6.5 Imaging in a Cluster (tip)
Maurice Bosman explains how he got ZfD 6.5 Imaging to work in a clustered environment. Lovely!

21 Oct 2004
Centralis AXE 3.0: The ZENworks Application Publisher (feature)
Centralis AXE imports ZENworks for Desktops snAppShots into a database, creating Application Profiles which can then be edited using the software's powerful processing capabilities. This document examines the features of Centralis AXE 3.0, and the additional benefits they offer to the ZENworks administrator.

21 Oct 2004
Running Win2K without Admin Rights (trench)
Recently we ran an OPEN CALL to help a guy named Rick, who wrote: "Our workstation users running Win2K (about 800) do not have local administrative rights. We have been unsuccessful in trying to "ZEN" out the newest NAL agent upgrade." Come see the cool solutions people sent to Help Rick.

21 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 3 - If You Rebuild It, They Will Come (feature)
Here's the third installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. From mold on the walls to dust in the PC fans - what would you do to set it all right? Check out what our expert did, and wished he had done ...

14 Oct 2004
AppNote: Effective use of Advanced Trending Agent (appnote)
Come get an in depth look at the Advanced Trending Agent and learn how to use the Advanced Trending Agent effectively to monitor any SNMP OID on a managed server. This new AppNote explains how to configure the trending agent and how to create views in ConsoleOne to see the trend and alarm information. It also explains ways to retrieve the trend information and use it through any third-party tool.

14 Oct 2004
Weathering the Storms: Did your Network Survive? (trench)
We've just passed through an unbelievably harsh hurricane season in Florida, the Bahamas, Haiti, and other points near the Bermuda Triangle (hmmm). The question in our minds is: what happened to the networks of all the people involved in the hurricanes? Send us your experiences, and you just might win one of five Solar Navigator Lanterns (which would have come in mighty handy a month ago...)

14 Oct 2004
Trouble Running Inventory Reports (tip)
When attempting to run ZENworks reports, you may encounter this error message: "Unable to log into the database. Ensure that the ODBC driver is installed properly." Here's the fix, courtesy of David Frey and his friends at Southwest Gas Corporation.

14 Oct 2004
Using Drive Letters when Assigning Workstation Apps (trench)
Assigning workstation apps with drive letters is not supported by Novell because drive mappings are only visible to the user environment space, not the workstation space, which is what workstation associated apps use. But if you find you need to use drive letters, this is the tip for you.

13 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 2 - Hard and Soft Data Recovery (feature)
Here's the second installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. The "swimming pool" has been drained - now it's time to dry out the data! Get the hair-raising details here ...

12 Oct 2004
Compname v0.6 (tool)
Display SMBIOS information and change/display the computer name.

6 Oct 2004
Forcing Workstation Manager to see IP changes (trench)
Having trouble remote-controlling workstations after their IP address is changed? Aaron Brehm offers a simple fix.

6 Oct 2004
If NAL has Trouble Copying Files... (trench)
Here's a nice little solution to a couple of nagging NAL errors you might encounter.

6 Oct 2004
When you REALLY need Users to Read Something... (tip)
Check out this cool new Free Tool, that lets you get important messages in front of your users.

6 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 1 - Underwater Data (feature)
If you think it can't happen to you -- think again! Here's the first installment in a four-part series on disaster recovery, based on a real-life success story. Get the details here, get a plan, and get ready!

4 Oct 2004
ZENworks Cleanup Utility (tool)
Easily re-distribute Run-Once applications.

30 Sep 2004
Finding Out the Last Login Time for a User (trench)
Come see how you can easily get a list of logged in users sorted by last login time. And if you have any thing to add, don't be shy.

27 Sep 2004
Reminder (tool)
Splashes a yellow box with an editable reminder.ini to send a bold message to users.

23 Sep 2004
Deploying a Base Image Plus Addons (trench)
How about automating things so that after imaging the workstation automatically reboots, logs in as the local admin, runs NAL to install any addon images or cached NAL objects, and then reboots once more to finally rest at the Novell login screen ready to go with all apps installed? James Davey tells you how he does it for the student labs at his school.

23 Sep 2004
Parse DS String Values into Binary for MS Office (trench)
In the registry, MS Office user names and company names are saved in a funky kind of binary that cannot be replaced with string values from DS. This launch script will parse out the string from DS into the binary that is needed for MS office. Compliments of Robert Stout.

16 Sep 2004
Creating Application Images From Application Objects (trench)
David Hamer outlines the basic process of creating images from application objects.

16 Sep 2004
Imaging Mozilla and Netscape (feature)
Having trouble using ZENworks Imaging on Mozilla and Netscape? Here are some suggestions of how to make it work. Feel free to add to this if you know another way!

15 Sep 2004
Folder Redirection for Group Policies (tool)
ADM for Folder Redirection with Group Policies in Windows 2000/XP.

10 Sep 2004
Patching Firefox Silently (trench)
John Ferrillo needed a transparent way to roll out a Mozilla Firefox patch without their 500+ users having to click anything. Here's how he did it with the help of ZENworks.

9 Sep 2004
Contextless Login Application for Web Interface (CLAW) (feature)
Novell and Centralis announce the joint development of CLAW (Contextless Login Application for Web Interface). CLAW simplifies, secures and enhances your Citrix Web Interface installation by providing fast LDAP contextless login without the need for a Novell Client on the Citrix Web Interface Server. Check out this free download!

9 Sep 2004
Stopping the Forced Run on a Citrix server (tip)
Freshly updated with a new idea. The problem was, they needed to stop any 'Forced Run' snAppShots as some of these snAppShots had disabled their server or other software on the server. Here are some thoughts on how to do that.

9 Sep 2004
Give Users Easy Access to Helpdesk (tip)
Want to build a automated access to the Helpdesk from the client? In ZENworks 6.5 there is a new option to request a remote session from the client to someone who has a C1 running. This option can be used to give a user simple access to the helpdesk.

9 Sep 2004
Making a Bootable Image DVD (trench)
If you are trying to use ZENworks imaging but your image is too big for a CD, here's a method of making an image bootable on a DVD.

31 Aug 2004
Saving a ZENworks Image to a USB Device (trench)
Pre-Imaging tip: An image file (.ZMG) can be saved on a USB hard-disk. Here is how you do it.

31 Aug 2004
Creating One Image Object for all Remote Workstations (trench)
Many multi-site environments maintain multiple Image objects to image the remote workstations. Why not just have one? Uffe Bager tells you how.

31 Aug 2004
Logging into Domain with DLU Rights without Breaking Connection (trench)
When you login into a Domain with DLU rights, you break connection with the Domain. Here's how you can avoid that.

30 Aug 2004
Install remote Management for ZENworks server Management.

30 Aug 2004
Install Inventory agent for ZENworks server Management.

30 Aug 2004
ZFS65_INVREM.spk (tool)
Install Inventory and remote Management for ZENworks server Management

30 Aug 2004
InvAgent.spk (tool)

26 Aug 2004
AppNote: ZENworks 6.5 Server Management: Achieving Proactive Network Health Monitoring (appnote)
This AppNote enables you to comprehend the working principles of Health Reports, a feature of ZENworks 6.5 Server Management. With this understanding you will be able to customize the health report configuration to best suit your requirements and leverage the feature more effectively.

26 Aug 2004
Giving Mapped Drives to XP (Un)Secure System Users (trench)
XP (Un)Secure System User differs from Win2K (Un)Secure System User. With an (Un)Secure System User on XP, the user environment is NOT available to the System so you cannot run (Un)Secure System by using a mapped drive. Here's a nifty workaround.

25 Aug 2004
302agentpatch.cpk (tool)
Installs the ZENworks Server Management MMS agent-3.02

25 Aug 2004
302agentpatch.spk (tool)
A SPK that allows to you customize then compile the CPK for the ZENworks server Management Agent-3.02.

20 Aug 2004
AppNote: ZENworks for Servers 3.0.2 : Configuring Distributions (appnote)
After installing ZENworks for Servers, the next thing to do is configure schedules, channels, distributions, etc. This document describes the different configuration options on the TED Distribution objects and will give some information that will help on configuring the TED Distribution objects.

20 Aug 2004
AppNote: How to Use the View Builder Framework (appnote)
This AppNote discusses the configuration of different types of views using the View Builder framework. Also explains how the View Builder framework is useful in monitoring and managing a typical heterogeneous network environment.

20 Aug 2004
ENGL Imaging Toolkit for ZENworks 6.5 suite (tip)
Heads Up: Check out the ENGL Imaging Toolkit for ZENworks 6.5, a turnkey solution that enhances ZENworks imaging and the automated deployment of Windows 2000/XP Professional desktops and laptops.

19 Aug 2004
ZAPP (tool)
A GUI front end which generates script files that leverage a subset of the ZfD toolkit to make creating, deleting, associating, and synchronizing application objects much easier.

19 Aug 2004
Application Association Show (RLAASHW) v1.3 for eDir (tool)
Shows ZEN Application object Associations and Association Flags from a command line.

19 Aug 2004
RLACHAIN v1.1 for NDS (tool)
Synchronizes ZEN Application object Application Dependencies from a command line.

11 Aug 2004
Find out Who Installed Office XP via NAL (trench)
When Paul McLean wanted to know who had installed Office XP via a NAL shortcut delivered by ZENworks, he didn't just ask for a show of hands. Here's how he did it.

11 Aug 2004
Speeding up Windows XP User Profiles (trench)
Windows XP user Profiles can either corrupt on logout, due to network issues, or take lengthy periods to save/ load the hundreds of 1Kb files to/ from the server. Come see what Steven Turnbull does about it.

11 Aug 2004
Deploying Mozilla using ZENworks 3.2 (feature)
Come see how the IT guys at North Central College were able to use ZENworks 3.2 with no workstation objects imported to distribute Mozilla to thousands of desktops.

11 Aug 2004
AppNote: Automating the Installation and Execution of Spybot Search & Destroy with ZENworks (appnote)
Bill Geschwind outlines how to install and run Spybot Search & Destroy remotely, automatically and as unobtrusively as possible using ZENworks for Desktops.

9 Aug 2004
AdminStudio and Novell ZENworks Integration Highlights (feature)
Preparing high-quality software packages for distribution via ZENworks has never been easier. For organizations using ZENworks to deploy their applications, AdminStudio provides an easy way to rapidly prepare reliable Windows Installer (MSI) software packages for enterprise distribution.

6 Aug 2004
6-5SNMP-Agents.spk (tool)
Installs the ZENworks Server Management MMS agent-6.5.

5 Aug 2004
ZENworks Linux Management wins LinuxWorld Product Excellence Award (tip)
Heads Up: Novell ZENworks Linux Management was just awarded a prestigious LinuxWorld Product Excellence Award, being judged to be the "Best Systems Management Tool."

5 Aug 2004
How to use ZENworks Imaging for Partition Manipulation (trench)
Dennis Hestbech explains how to make ZENworks for Desktops Imaging do some of what partition manipulation programs do, should the need arise. Very nifty ideas here -- print and save.

3 Aug 2004
ENGL Zwake (tool)
ZENworks for Desktops Wake-On-LAN scheduler.

28 Jul 2004
Auto Updating McAfee on Workstations (trench)
Freshly Updated: None of the tips about this worked exactly right for Wayne, so he made his own solution, and shared it with us. Thanks, Wayne!

23 Jul 2004
Distribute Windows NT Security Updates (tip)
R. Engel explains how to create a single appobject that will run a Wsh script to deliver Windows NT security patches. Freshly updated with new information.

23 Jul 2004
Distributing Locked Files via ZENworks (tip)
When you try to copy a locked file via ZENworks distribution, it gets copied but the hidden, system, and read-only attributes are added to the file. Jim Koerner shares a handy way around that.

23 Jul 2004
Post ZfS3.0.2/SP2 Interim Release 1 (tip)
Heads up: Don't miss this new patch for ZENworks for Servers. It can help you upgrade your NetWare Service packs.

20 Jul 2004
Default Printer GUI (tool)
GUI which allows roaming users to select a default printer.

15 Jul 2004
ZENworks Imaging Menu (trench)
Jan Visser made a simple menu which starts with ZENworks Imaging, and thought it might be helpful to someone out there. Check it out.

15 Jul 2004
Workstation and User Auditing the Simple Way (trench)
Frequent contributor Andrew White explains how he can know who the last user on a certain PC was, get usage stats for a lab of students, and perform a workstation audit at the same time. Best of all: his solution involves free stuff. (This is, apparently, de riguer for IT guys in academia.) Enjoy!

15 Jul 2004
Automatic Update for ZENworks Imaging (trench)
Many users experience problems with new hardware and imaging. Damien Schmitt shares a script which updates kernel and drivers to support all new network devices and Serial ATA. Follow these instructions to update your imaging distribution.

15 Jul 2004
Capturing Windows Registry data in Inventory Database (trench)
Novell's Andrew Hill created this terrific free tool for a project he was working on, and generously shared it with us. Enjoy! Andrew has now placed his source code in Novell Forge, so if you'd like to help improve it, it's ready for action.

14 Jul 2004
ZFS302_nw65_PDSfix.cpk (tool)
A fix- it CPK for 3.02 servers only- see 3.02 documentation for more info.

14 Jul 2004
BOOTP.cpk (tool)
Installs Bootp.

13 Jul 2004
RLACOPY 1.6 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Copy Application Object) (tool)
Copies a ZEN Application object from a command line.

5 Jul 2004
ABC LanLicenser - Software Metering and License Tracking (tip)
Heads up: here's a nice tool (not free, but very cool) that can help you manage your software licenses, and integrates nicely with ZENworks.

5 Jul 2004
Applying MS MDAC Patch (trench)
We recently posted an OPEN CALL to help a reader apply the latest MS MDAC patch MS04-003(KB832483)silently with an app object via ZEN 4. Check out the answers!

5 Jul 2004
Updating McAfee Superdat Files (trench)
Michael Birkemose shares his method of updating the McAfee superdat files on workstations. In his solution you just have to power on a Windows workstation and login to a Novell server, nothing more.

2 Jul 2004
Imaging a Computer that's not in ConsoleOne (tip)
If you want to image a computer, but it does not show up in ConsoleOne, Justin Silva has a tip for you.

25 Jun 2004
Introducing ZENworks 6.5 Suite (tip)
Mark June 28 on your calendar: that's the day you'll be able to get the new Novell ZENworks 6.5 Suite. Read more about it.

25 Jun 2004
Forcing Start Menu to use Small Icons (trench)
Klaus Plantius explains how he is able to force standard settings like small icons in the Start Menu, and a couple of other people have shed some more light of their own.

25 Jun 2004
When Wake On LAN Won't Start (tip)
Rob Yamry explains what to do if you get an error when ZENworks WOL Service tries to start.

17 Jun 2004
RLATRSYN (Rick Laughinghouse Attribute Value Synchronization) (tool)
Synchronizes NDS Object attribute values from a command line.

16 Jun 2004
Novell ZENworks 6.5 Compared with Altiris, LANDesk and SMS (tip)
Novell recently commissioned KeyLabs to perform a comparative analysis of Novell ZENworks 6.5 with Altiris Client Management Suite (CMS) 6, LANDesk Management Suite (LDMS) 8, and Microsoft System Management Server (SMS) 2003. Check out the results!

16 Jun 2004
Copying Locked Files without the Extra Baggage (trench)
When you try to copy a locked file via ZENworks distribution, it gets copied but the hidden, system, and read-only attributes are added to the file. Jim Koerner explains how to get rid of these unwanted attributes easily.

16 Jun 2004
Client 4.9x ADM (tip)
The Administrative Templates (ADM files) for the Novell Client have not been updated for some time (since 2000 in fact!) and so there are many features missing. Here's the latest, greatest.

16 Jun 2004
Thinking about Migrating To Linux? (trench)
With appropriate planning and the right management tools like ZENworks, companies can move their business applications to a Linux platform and enjoy significant return on investment while working with a less intrusive network infrastructure.

10 Jun 2004
6XSPACK_V3.SPK (tool)
NetWare 6 SPK-allows you to customize and patch a NetWare 6. server

9 Jun 2004
Pushing a Folder Shortcut Out to Workstations (trench)
When Owen Zorge needed to push a folder shortcut out to a bunch of workstations using ZENworks for Desktops, he could find no specific option for this when creating an application object. Here's how he made it work.

9 Jun 2004
Keeping Students from Browsing Backwards from an App Object (trench)
Matt Colwell wanted the students to manage their files with an Explorer-like interface, but didn't want them poking around on the local hard drive, or playing around on other network drives. Here's how he did it.

9 Jun 2004
Force the NIC to your Speed Settings Without Modifying the Imaging Environment (trench)
Ever need to change the speed and settings like duplex from a NIC? Here is a solution to do this dynamically with a Workstation Image Object, compliments of Thorsten Mick.

9 Jun 2004
How to Sync the ZENworks Inventory Database with the NDS Database (feature)
If you are frustrated because after you delete workstations from NDS they still exist in the Inventory Database, this one's for you.

8 Jun 2004
Remote Management (tool)
Remote management of workstation without using ConsoleOne.

3 Jun 2004
Workstation and Apps Restrictions (trench)
In response to an OPEN CALL, come see ways for adminstrators to workaround restrictive policies to work on locked workstations. Chime in with your own, if you've got other methods of dealing with this problem.s

3 Jun 2004
Easy Reporting of ZENworks Databases with ZENq (tip)
Looking for more functions like customizing reports with history and connections to third-party systems? Here's a tool that might be worth a look. Not free, but you can try it for 30 days and see if it'll work for you.

3 Jun 2004
Store and Restore Image Files from Windows Shares (tip)
Here's an interesting way to use ZENworks Imaging in a Disaster Recovery Scenario. If you ever need to be able to store and restore image files from Windows shares without the use of the ZENworks Imaging Server, check out this great idea from Michael J. Tanenhaus.

2 Jun 2004
Prevent relaunching of MSI installations.

25 May 2004
APPASSOC: Application Association Utility (tip)
Novell engineer Scott Blake has created a great new free tool. APPASSOC will associate an application object with a user, group, or container. It will also set the association flags as requested. Tuck this away in your toolbox.

25 May 2004
APPCREAT: Application object creation utility (tip)
APPCREAT can create an application object from an application object template (AOT) file. If you have an AXT file, use AOTXPORT to convert it to an AOT file then use APPCREAT. This is another good one for your toolbox.

21 May 2004
NetConsole Launcher (tool)
Aids in licensing issues by closing the launcher when NetConsole closes.

20 May 2004
AppNote: Delivering Fault Tolerant MSI Applications using ZENworks for Desktops 4.0.1 (appnote)
One issue with fault tolerant application configuration is that it is not very successful with the delivery of applications packaged using MSI (Microsoft Software Installer) technology. Laurence Pitt provides a dynamic method of resolving the closest local location for an MSI application that allows for replication using ZENworks for Servers and requires minimal configuration at each location.

20 May 2004
Knowing which ZENworks Apps are Installed on a Machine (tip)
Ever need to know which ZENworks applications have been installed on a particular machine? Here's a great idea from Les Honke. Freshly updated with a new suggestion.

19 May 2004
APPASSOC - An application association utility. (tool)
Associate an application object with a user, group, or container, and also set the association flags as requested.

19 May 2004
APPCREAT - An application object creation utility. (tool)
Create an application object from an application object template (AOT) file.

12 May 2004
Workaround if NICI Fails to Set Current Tree Name (trench)
Thanks to Larry Bernstone, here's a dandy fix for those of you who use DLU and get the "Failed to set current tree name" errors in ConsoleOne.

12 May 2004
Speeding up Access to Offline Apps (tip)
If you experience loooooong delays trying to use the ZENworks 4.1 Management Agent on an offline workstation, this one's for you.

12 May 2004
Safeguarding Inventory Info (tip)
Michelle Tucker shares a little tip about how they keep current copies of their inventory close at hand.

12 May 2004
Use KiXtart to Map Drives at Novell Login (tip)
See how John Haas used KiXtart to simplify drive mappings. His script executes when users login to Novell and forces the drive mappings on their machines without user intervention.

5 May 2004
Naming New and Re-Imaged PCs Easily (tip)
When imaging with ZENworks for Desktops, you probably use utils/scripts to name the PC at first boot after Imaging. So, what do you do when it's a PC that's being re-imaged and already has a name? Dennis Hestbech shares a slick idea.

5 May 2004
Little Gotcha when Setting up Management and Monitoring Services on ZENworks for Servers (tip)
Jason Emery shares a little gotcha that could save someone else some aggravation. Thanks, Jason!

5 May 2004
How to run ZfD4 Inventory on an Oracle 9i Database (trench)
Mike Mason has been running ZfD 4.0.1 (clustered) with an Oracle 9i inventory database on Linux, and tells you how you can do it too.

29 Apr 2004
Prevent Users from Running Non-Standard Apps (tip)
If you'd like to prevent users from running non-standard applications on NT/W2k/XP workstations, here's an idea.

29 Apr 2004
Solving the Windows Roaming Profiles Nightmare (trench)
For years Henrik Jungermann has had problems with Roaming Profiles in the Windows Environment. Profiles weren't getting saved, the local profile directory was jammed up with directories, and other delights. Here's how he solved it, once and for all.

29 Apr 2004
Message Alert 5.1 (tool)
Make your users sign the dotted line electronically. Updated with new features.

23 Apr 2004
Migrating ZENworks For Servers and GroupWise with the Migration Wizard (tip)
Using the Migration Wizard 6.5 or 7.1 to migrate a server from an old piece of hardware to a new piece of hardware requires the reinstallation\reconfiguration of products after the migration has been completed. Here are some steps to help get ZENworks for Servers and GroupWise running on the new server after the migration, compliments of Novell's Glen Davis.

23 Apr 2004
Use Scripting to support Imaging Switches (tip)
When using Linux PXE for imaging, NIC's will come up half duplex if the switches do not auto negotiate. Herbert Smith shares an elegant solution (updated with some additional info).

23 Apr 2004
Adjusting a Refresh Rate that's Killing You (tip)
If your refresh rate is killing you by causing extremely high utilization, here are a couple of handy suggestions.

15 Apr 2004
Booting Toshiba Tecra S1 in ZENworks Imaging Engine (feature)
If you are having issues trying to boot the new Toshiba Tecra S1 into the ZENworks imaging engine, this one's for you.

15 Apr 2004
Boost Performance of Intel Pro 100 Cards for Imaging (tip)
Neil Ritchie discovered that Intel Pro 100 cards default to 10mb/half duplex during imaging if switch is hard-set to 100/full. Here's how he remedied that, and got big performance improvements. Updated with new reader suggestion.

13 Apr 2004
Novell ZENworks Patch Management (feature)
Check out the new Novell ZENworks Patch Management, powered by PatchLink Corporation. The eval is now available for download -- go take a look at what's in this powerful new tool.

8 Apr 2004
Local Group Policy Folder Redirection (HKCU User Shell) (tool)
Enable folder redirection through local group policy.

8 Apr 2004
Redirecting Document Shortcuts after Upgrading (trench)
Romuald Chatlas shares his ingenious method of making sure desktop shortcuts to Word documents will still work after upgrading. Users will love you.

8 Apr 2004
Forcing eTrust Policies to eTrust User PCs (trench)
Are you unable to distribute antivirus policies with eTrust antivirus admin server, when installing eTrust Antivirus with ZENworks? This one's for you.

6 Apr 2004
Achat - Application Tool (tool)
Admin tool import, export and associate ZEN applications.

2 Apr 2004
TrendingAgent.spk (tool)
Installs the Advanced Trending agent for Zenworks Server Management.

2 Apr 2004
traffic-agnt.spk (tool)
Installs the Traffic Management for ZENworks server Management.

2 Apr 2004
serv-mgmt.spk (tool)
Installs the Traffic Management for Zenworks server Management ? SPK allows for customization.

1 Apr 2004
Apps You Might Want to Ban: Part 2 (trench)
This contribution from the Network Manager at Salisbury College, UK, is a bit longer than usual, so we put it in this separate article. It was written in response to an Open Call about Apps You Might Want to Ban.

1 Apr 2004
Change the File Rights for App Objects using Volume Changer (trench)
This program will allow you to replace application object "File Rights" attribute based on the apps' current "File Rights" attribute. You simply browse for the volume to be replaced and then the new volume. Select the apps you want to be updated and you are done.

1 Apr 2004
Imaging Driver: Kernel version 2.4.18 (trench)
Updated: Here's a working driver for the 2.4.18 kernel from the resourceful Mike Mylie. (The original file was apparently corrupt -- so Mike sent a new one.) Enjoy!

26 Mar 2004
InstallFile (tool)
Update locked or in-use files.

25 Mar 2004
AdminStudio ZENworks Edition bundled with ZENworks 6.5 (feature)
Check this out: A special edition of InstallShield AdminStudio will be included with the upcoming release of Novell ZENworks 6.5. The combined solution will enable IT departments to seamlessly prepare and distribute reliable applications and software updates to every Windows workstation and server in the enterprise.

25 Mar 2004
Store and Restore Image Files from Windows Shares (feature)
Michael Tanenhaus shares his bootcd.iso version which contains the files necessary to use the Samba/SMB mount commands to mount Windows Shares. This will make a nice addition to your disaster recovery plans. You can restore your images from tape to a Windows server/workstation, mount the file system and begin to restore images to workstations/servers.

23 Mar 2004
Bootcd.iso with Samba Client (tool)
Store and restore image files from Windows shares.

18 Mar 2004
Distributing Workstation-licensed Software (trench)
Although they have site licences for most of their applications, some of them are licenced to a particular group of workstations. Here's how Kris Smith handled distribution.

18 Mar 2004
Deploying iPrint Printers to Restricted Machines (trench)
Are you having trouble deploying iPrint printers to pre-ZFD4 machines that have very tight restrictions on internet and system rights? Here's how Ryan Kelly did it.

18 Mar 2004
Using ZENworks to Edit an INI File (trench)
During a consolidation project, Justin Birt discovered that he needed a way to easily edit an INI file. ZENworks to the rescue. Here's how he did it.

12 Mar 2004
Run Multiple DOS Commands without a Batch File (tip)
Greg Walls shares his method of running multiple DOS commands without using a batch file. This made it a lot easier to push just the application to other locations and not worry about the batch files or rights to the file.

12 Mar 2004
Novell IS&T enhances ZENworks Imaging with ENGL Zim (tip)
By working in partnership with ENGL,Europe's leading ZENworks enhancementspecialists, Novell's U.S. IS&TDivision has been able to introduce anon-technical imaginginfrastructure for desktop and laptopimage restoration work.

12 Mar 2004
Touchpaper Integrates HelpDesk Software with ZENworks (tip)
Heads Up: Novell and Touchpaper have produced an integration that combines the support facilities provided by a leading desktop support product with the call management capabilities of Touchpaper HelpDesk.

4 Mar 2004
Copy a ZEN Application Object from a Command Line with RLACOPY 1.5 for NDS (trench)
Check out this handy freebie from Rick Laughinghouse. This ZENworks command line tool to distribute NAL application objects copies the GUID, but does not copy folder and association attributes.

4 Mar 2004
Avoid the Blue Screen When Closing ConsoleOne 1.3.6 (tip)
Getting the Blue Screen of Death when you close ConsoleOne? Jacques Burger has the workaround.

4 Mar 2004
Remove, Clean, and Protect yourself against Nachi Virus (tip)
This particular virus may have come and gone, but there is much to be learned from seeing how Steven McKibben approached the creation of an app object to combat it. This should work for other updates as well.

4 Mar 2004
Push Printer Settings along with Printer Driver (trench)
If you want to push printer driver settings to the clients along with installing the printer driver, check out this nice solution from Dennis Hestbech.

4 Mar 2004
PXE Imaging on Serial ATA (feature)
When Anders Martinusen had problems getting PXE imaging to work on 40 brand new PC's with Serial ATA (SATA) disks , he got busy and created two new PXE files. And, true to the Cool Solutions spirit, he shares them here with you. Freshly updated with instructions on how he did it.

2 Mar 2004
RLATRSET (Rick Laughinghouse Attribute Value Set) (tool)
Set NDS Object attribute values from a command line.

1 Mar 2004
RLPCOPY 1.3 (Rick Laughinghouse Policy Object Copy) (tool)
Copy a ZENworks policy object from a command line.

1 Mar 2004
Stream File Utility RLSTRSHW 1.1 for NDS (tool)
Shows an NDS object's stream attribute value from a command line.

1 Mar 2004
Stream File Utility RLSTRSRC 1.2 for NDS (tool)
Searches and replaces a NDS object's stream attribute value from a command line.

27 Feb 2004
PXE Imaging on Serial ATA (tool)
PXE imaging for PCs with Serial ATA (SATA) disks.

27 Feb 2004
Getting IP Address Details via an App Object: Part 2 (trench)
In response to an inquiry, Thore Andersson explains how to create a Force Run, Distribute Always NAL app that writes a new line to a log file every time the user logs on.

27 Feb 2004
Getting a Single Bootable Floppy to work with ZEN Imaging (tip)
Daniel Bray has developed a creative method to squeeze all four of the ZfD imaging floppies onto a single bootable floppy disk. (Yes, you read that right.) Check out his wonderfully detailed article, reprinted here with his permission. Also, there's a new CALL FOR HELP on this. Check it out.

19 Feb 2004
Pulling Building and Room Info into Inventory (tip)
A reader at a University wanted to brainstorm ideas on how to pull building and room from the machines and be able to have those in the ZfD inventory. Here are some suggestions.

13 Feb 2004
Using snAppShot Correctly (tip)
Here's a nice roundup of tips about how to get a clean snAppShot of an application for NAL, and avoiding problems when doing an application snAppShot .

13 Feb 2004
ADM Files Help Set Up User Policies (trench)
Steven DeLand wrote some ADM files that have saved him many hours of configuration when setting up user policies. Could be just what you're looking for...

13 Feb 2004
Replacing Windows Explorer shell with NAL (for XP and Win 9.x) (trench)
In a school lab environment you don't want the students "playing" with the "features" of Windows XP. Matt Colwell explains how they lock them out of everything except the handful of applications that apply to their work/assignments.

4 Feb 2004
Novell Resource Management: Delivering the Future of Policy-Driven Solutions (tip)
Here's a nice article that you might want to show your boss.

4 Feb 2004
Troubleshoot NAL with ENGL Znalhook 1.0 (trench)
Check out this nice little free tool from our partners at ENGL that will help you troubleshoot problems with App Launcher.

4 Feb 2004
Distributing Microsoft Security Patches Silently (trench)
Justin Birt explains his method of distributing the latest Security Patches from Microsoft (in stealth mode) to counter RPC attacks.

4 Feb 2004
ZENworks-based HelpDesk Solution for IT Support Organizations (trench)
If your helpdesk team is spending too much time answering the same basic questions over and over (like "How do I change my password?") you might want to take a look at this solution from our partners at GroupLink.

4 Feb 2004
ZENworks Agent Fails to Login on Win XP (trench)
Here's a workaround in case the ZENworks Agent won't login for users on XP workstations.

30 Jan 2004
Preventing ZENworks from overriding a RegKey Value (trench)
Sometimes a snapshot must add a value to an existing RegKey (like the path-variable). But ZENworks overrides the existing key with the new value. Here is Thorsten Mick's nicely detailed solution.

23 Jan 2004
ENGL Znalhook 1.0 (tool)
A ZENworks for Desktops Authentication Hook.

23 Jan 2004
Scheduling a Automatic Shutdown without Blindsiding Users (trench)
Matt Colwell's new Cool Solution will allow you to schedule an automatic shutdown time for your ZEN managed workstations. It will also allow you to prompt the user before shutdown, so if someone's working late it won't shutdown their computer in the middle of their work. (Big plus! Keeps users from marching on you with hatchets...)

23 Jan 2004
Switching between Remote Control Optimization Drivers (tip)
If you are having problems with the Drishti or Mirror driver on your machines, you're going to love this free utility. Rmsetdrv.exe provides an easy way to switch to either optimization driver without installing Remote Management again.

23 Jan 2004
ROI Case Study: Novell ZENworks - Queensland Transport (tip)
Here's some excellent boss fodder. The key words that make it so spellbinding to anyone who has to pay attention to the bottom line are: full payback; reducing fees, and increasing productivity. Check it out.

23 Jan 2004
Celeron and ZENworks (tip)
Got problems with ZfD4 and Celeron desktops? We want to know.

23 Jan 2004
ENGL Zim 3.0 (trench)
Heads Up: take a look at the new features in ENGL Zim 3.0, the latest version of ENGL's enhancement tool for ZENworks for Desktops imaging. Worth a look!

23 Jan 2004
Stop Viruses in their Tracks (trench)
We recently conducted a contest to find out how people are using ZENworks and other Novell products to battle viruses. Here are some of their their experiences; you should be able to find some great nuggets in here that you can use now, before the next big one hits. (And come see who won the Remote Control watches...)

21 Jan 2004
ZENworks PXE (tool)
Boot up to three NICS with this modified linux2 PXE boot file.

16 Jan 2004
MyDefault Printer (tool)
Quickly change default printer.

9 Jan 2004
Making Sure School Lab Computers Receive ZENworks Packages (tip)
Here's how one school ensures that all the ZENworks packages arrive safely on all the computers in the lab.

9 Jan 2004
Deploying NDPS/iPrint Printers using NAL (trench)
Matt Osburn explains how to use ZENworks to workstation- associate NDPS/iPrint printers for deployment--while not requiring user intervention. He even supplies a sample AXT -- nice!

9 Jan 2004
Getting Group Policies to Work (tip)
Mehmet Duran shares a quick tip that could help you get Group Policies to work, if you're stuck.

9 Jan 2004
Delivering the Future of Policy-Driven Solutions (tip)
Heads up: there's an excellent new business White Paper now available -- Delivering the Future of Policy-Driven Solutions. This is a good one to put in the hands of your boss.

6 Jan 2004
Group Wake on LAN (tool)
Wake all workstations in groups in NDS.

19 Dec 2003
ZENworks Image Safe Reader (tool)
Search for strings in the ZENworks Image safe area.

19 Dec 2003
Remote Control Utility for ZfD (tool)
Helps network admins manage workstations in their environment, without using ConsoleOne.

18 Dec 2003
Imaging Gateway Desktops with e1000 Cards (trench)
Loren Harshbarger graciously shares two files to help with imaging the newer Gateway desktops with the 10/100/1000 e1000 cards.

18 Dec 2003
Remote Control Utility for ZfD 4 (trench)
Looking to manage workstations without using ConsoleOne? If you've got ZfD 4, you're in luck. Check out this nice little freebie from Innovative SoftSystems.

11 Dec 2003
ZENworks Imaging Files (tool)
Drivers that are post zfd4sp1bservrp1c.exe (30th September 2003).

11 Dec 2003
Updated Imaging Files (trench)
Ross Irvine shares a nice supply of imaging drivers that you can snag for your collection.

11 Dec 2003
InfoWorld Review puts ZENworks on top (tip)
If server rollout is a headache, your cure might come in the form of automatic image deployment. Come see this review comparing Novell ZENworks with Microsoft and Altiris solutions.

11 Dec 2003
ZENworks for Servers 3 SP2 Updates (tip)
Heads Up: ZENworks for Servers 3 has a freshly updated patch. This file obsoletes zfs3sp2patch2.exe.

9 Dec 2003
Automated Location Configuration 1.2 (tool)
Automatically set LDAP contextless, NT environment variable and ZENworks workstation import server before first login.

3 Dec 2003
Success Story: The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (feature)
WMATA recently upgraded to Novell GroupWise 6.5. They used Novell ZENworks to deliver the GroupWise upgrade to 4,000 users and completed the entire upgrade from a central location in approximately five hours with a 98 percent success rate! Read their story here.

3 Dec 2003
Imaging a Client over a Second Network Card (trench)
Thorsten Mick explains exactly how to make ZENworks 4 activate a second Network Card over pxe-boot.

20 Nov 2003
Using McAfee and ZENworks to Fight Viruses (trench)
Mark Jacobson submitted this fine piece to the Virus Busting contest, and we are printing it here separately because of its length.

20 Nov 2003
Distributing Lotus Notes 4,5,6 (trench)
Jon Baldwin spells out how to use ZENworks to distribute Lotus Notes, despite a couple of big inhibitors.

20 Nov 2003
ZEN INTEGRATED HELPDESK - Remote Diagnostics and Troubleshooting for Help Desk Tickets (trench)
Our partners at GroupLink have announced the release of their browser-based, Linux/NetWare enabled HelpDesk with ZENworks data integration. Now, when a HelpDesk ticket is submitted, technicians can choose to view ZENworks information about a particular workstation as they resolve the ticket. Worth a look.

20 Nov 2003
Novell Jumps Into Linux Market With Both Feet (feature)
Come see what the analysts at the META Group have to say about Novell's recent Linux developments. Terrific boss-fodder...

17 Nov 2003
ZENworks GUID Erazor (tool)
Remove NAL registry keys to force reinstallation of specific packages down to a client.

13 Nov 2003
Getting Acquainted with Ximian Red Carpet Enterprise (feature)
As you may have heard, Novell has just begun shipping Ximian Red Carpet Enterprise 2, the latest version of the secure, customizable solution that automates the central management of software on workstations and servers running a variety of Linux distributions. Come find out more about it.

13 Nov 2003
Streamlining your App Objects (trench)
Here's a nice tip from William Phillips about how to streamline the number of files distributed to users in ZENworks application distribution.

13 Nov 2003
Rooting out the Sobig Worm (trench)
Want to check to see if installed computers have been infected with the SobigF worm? Just create a ZfD application and let it auto-run! Here's an AXT file to help you along, compliments of Peter van Beek.

12 Nov 2003
NIC driver for ZENworks Imaging (tool)
Broadcom 44xx series NIC driver for ZENworks Imaging.

7 Nov 2003
Channel Success: ZENworks in a Small Business World (trench)
Come see how ZENworks, and the rest of the Small Business Suite, was just perfect for a small credit union's needs.

7 Nov 2003
Taking the Pain Out of OS Migration (tip)
Here's an excellent white paper that you can use to help management understand the value of ZENworks.

7 Nov 2003
ZENworks Channel Success Stories (trench)
Come see the top entries in our ZENworks Channel Success Story contest.

7 Nov 2003
Channel Success: Heritage Oaks Bank gets Rapid ZEN Deployment (trench)
A large California community bank has been migrated to a more supported environment in a manner that allows them to be managed, securely locked down with desktop and user policies, inventoried, and provided with self-healing applications that can be repaired by even the most novice end-user.

6 Nov 2003
ENGL Zcnc Lite 1.3 (tool)
Change the computer name on Windows workstations.

31 Oct 2003
Logging into GINA after Unattended Install (feature)
Yves Blancquaert made a full unattended installation of Windows XP, and then had trouble logging in via the ZfD agent GINA. Here's his workaround.

31 Oct 2003
Deploying Novell ZENworks for Desktops 4 in a Pure Microsoft Windows Environment (tip)
Everything that you require to run in a pure Windows environment is supplied in the ZENworks for Desktops 4 product. Here are the details, in this great new White Paper.

31 Oct 2003
Centralis AXE 2.0: The new ZENworks application processing and publishing solution (feature)
Centralis AXE introduced thousands of ZENworks administrators to the concept of automated snapshot processing - the ability to apply a standard set of rules which transform a snapshot into a working application object in a fraction of the time needed for manual editing. AXE 2.0 features time saving improvements to the basic features such as creating rules, as well as a wide range of new features around application processing and publishing.

31 Oct 2003
No Title Line in DOS Application (tool)
IP-Address handling in local HOSTS for AWI in ZfD.

24 Oct 2003
Pruning an App Object of Un-needed Reg Entries (trench)
Want to prune away all the extra registry entries that get included in a snAppShot, but don't do a darned thing for the application? You're not alone. Since this article was last updated three years ago, in Oct 2000 (and referred to ZENworks 2), we thought it was high time to ask for new entries.

22 Oct 2003
Deploying iPrint to Workstations Using ZENworks (trench)
Matt Osburn shows us how he uses ZENworks to deploy iPrint without requiring the cooperation of the users.

22 Oct 2003
Custom Start Menu Group Policy (tool)
Use custom centralized Start Menus for PCs governed by Group Policy.

17 Oct 2003
Battling Welchia on XP with ZfD 3.2 (feature)
Keith Schneider shares his method of fighting Welchia on XP machines.

17 Oct 2003
Channel Success: Smooth Migration to Win2000 for Telcobuy (trench)
Brian Burrus recently did a full migration of their company's desktop from Win95 to Win2000. He explains how ZENworks helped the whole thing go smoothly.

10 Oct 2003
Novacoast helps County Government Battle MSBLASTER Worm (trench)
When the MSBLASTER virus hit in September of 2003 many organizations were brought to their knees by this malicious new breed of worm. One county government in Southern California was hit particularly hard. But one agency, who had been using ZENworks for Desktops, fared better than others.

10 Oct 2003
Desktop Management Middle Tier Server (feature)
This white paper discusses the current expectations that can be placed on a ZENworks Middle Tier server and how a Middle Tier server configuration can be enhanced to provide even greater scalability and availability.

10 Oct 2003
ZENworks and Red Carpet Deliver Resource Management for Nterprise Linux Services (tip)
There has been some confusion around which resource management components will be included in Nterprise Linux Services product. It was rumored that Novell is planning to drop ZENworks from Nterprise Linux Services. Not so! Here's the true scoop.

3 Oct 2003
Novell MSI Shortcut Launcher (tool)
Launch an advertised MSI shortcut (*.lnk file) directly from a NAL Application Object.

2 Oct 2003
Fixing the Imaging Problem on Serial ATA Drives (feature)
Kristoffer Bjørk details how they worked around the ZENworks Imaging problems they encountered on a Serial ATA equipped Dell GX270.

2 Oct 2003
Running Multiple EXEs from one App Object (trench)
Michael McCaffery explains how he gets maximum efficiency from his app objects. Because of the size of their company, each time they need to push an application or patch, they have to create more than 50 app objects for each OS. Here's how he overcame the need for multiple app objects in each container.

2 Oct 2003
Channel Success: Managing a Pure Microsoft Environment With Novell ZENworks (trench)
Check out this entry in the Channel Success story contest. Now that they've implemented their ZENworks solution, they can add or remove applications at will. They have about 250 PCs that they manage using ZENworks, and they are planning to add another 250 in the near future. ZENworks Imaging works extremely well for them and software distribution is an easy and comfortable process. In short, "sneakernet" is a thing of the past!

29 Sep 2003
DeviceLock (tool)
Prevent unauthorized access to USB, FireWire, Bluetooth, removable devices, CD-ROMs, floppies, etc.

19 Sep 2003
Configuring iPrint with Web Self-Service (OnDemand) and DeFrame (feature)
Check out this awesome article that will help you get your users hooked up with iPrint in a quick hurry.

19 Sep 2003
ZENworks Spin on the News (tip)
Check out these two items that recently appeared in the news, and see how ZENworks helped in one case, and could have helped in another.

12 Sep 2003
Fixing Windows 98 Extensible Policy Issues (trench)
Tom detailss his ZfD 3.2 Upgrade from the ZENworks 2 Starter Pack

11 Sep 2003
The Mystery of the Internal Segmentation Fault (trench)
Updated with comments from a helpful reader. Scott Campbell just went through the process of getting ZEN to Image some Evo D530 SFFmachines with XPP installed and thought that some might benefit from his experience. Enjoy!

11 Sep 2003
Preventing Specific Apps from Running (tip)
Don't forget about Program Killer

5 Sep 2003
User and Group Inconsistency Check (trench)
Here's a nice tool from Rob Bastiaansen to help you keep control of your groups. This program checks groups and users for any inconsistencies. Rob has just added the much requested feature to export the results to a file, so this should help you manage things a little better.

5 Sep 2003
Update to Multiple Application Setting Syncer (MASS) (trench)
Freshly Updated! Sometimes it's efficient to ensure application object's setting(s) carry the same value throughout the masses of them. Finding it annoying to traverse all400 applications objects in their tree, Bryan Berns wrote a ConsoleOne snapin to do the work. Happily, he was in the mood to share!

5 Sep 2003
Manage Group Objects without Carpel Tunnel Syndrome using Group It (trench)
For administrators who use group memberships for assigning NAL objects, your group management just got a whole lot easier! Check out the eval version of Group It, which will help you automate the creation, migration, and management of your group objects.

29 Aug 2003
Preparing for App Object Distributions via TED (tip)
Looking for advice on how to successfully distribute app objects through TED? Gerard Gremmen shares some advice from the school of hard knocks.

29 Aug 2003
Register Workstations to Containers based on IP Address (trench)
Find out how to register workstations to specified containers based on their IP address. Patrick Farrell has users that float back and forth between multiple locations, and this would occasionally lead to a workstation from site B showing up in site A's container. Here's how to set it up so that won't happen.

29 Aug 2003
Getting Usage Statistics about Workstations (trench)
Here are some ideas about how to get usage statistics about your workstations. If you need to find out details like which users use which workstations so you can do things like internal billing, check out this article.

29 Aug 2003
Getting a Clean SnAppShot of Opera (feature)
When Bjoern Gaul found that ZENworks had trouble making a clean snAppShot of Opera 7.11, he rolled up his sleeves and figured out how to do it. In true Cool Solutions fashion, he shares his discovery complete with AXT additions.

27 Aug 2003
Group Policy Template (tool)
Track your Group Policy settings with these handy templates.

20 Aug 2003
ZENworks Update for NetWare 6.5 (feature)
Heads Up: NetWare 6.5 officially began shipping last week and Novell has just released ZENworks updates for NetWare 6.5. These updates allow ZENworks 6, ZENworks for Desktops 4.0.1 and ZENworks for Servers 3.0.2 to run on the updated NetWare 6.5 server platform. Without these updates, ZENworks will not run with NetWare 6.5.

20 Aug 2003
Channel Success: Sx3 - Infrastructure Services (trench)
Here's an entry in the Channel Success story contest. This Novell Consulting partner helped reduce their customer's infrastructure complexity by consolidating the newly acquired networks into one European wide network. The company's staff are now able to communicate and retrieve personal files and relevant applications from anywhere.

20 Aug 2003
Granting Temporary Administrative Rights to Users (tip)
Running NAL applications as Secure System User or Unsecure System User can sometimes fail if the application involves scripting where one application executes another application. Paul de Yturralde shares his nifty workaround.

20 Aug 2003
Locked Down Users and Printers (tip)
Bobby Ip answers an OPEN CALL with his method of creating a ZENworks application object that allows for additions of printers for locked-down users.

14 Aug 2003
Troubleshooting ZfD3 Imaging (feature)
Here is a nice collection of troubleshooting tips and how-to instructions that solve many of the problems that customers have posed to Customer Support. Check here first, and save yourself a call.

13 Aug 2003
Deploying MS Visual Studio via ZEN (tip)
Looking for a slick way to deploy MS Visual using ZfD3.2? Here are a couple of nice suggestions.

13 Aug 2003
Harnessing the Power of Your Mobile Work Force - Powered by ZENworks (tip)
Heads Up: Here's a nice thing to pass along to your boss, who spends unspeakable hours pondering things like ROI, TCO, and other three-letter words.

13 Aug 2003
snAppShot Linux (tip)
Several people are looking for utilities or methodologies that allow you to snAppShot Linux in order to document the changes that are made after adding software. Here is one idea.

7 Aug 2003
Differentiating between Similar Machines for Imaging (trench)
Luc Van de Velde shares this great idea that can help you when you are imaging a large quantity of similar machines. This is how he solved the problem of differentiating between a DOS and Windows machine when distributing images.

7 Aug 2003
Adding NIC Drivers to the PXE-on-Disk Utility (trench)
Freshly updated with a reader suggestion. Check out the following info received from Preworx on how to add a driver for PXE on Disk. Following this example, you should be able to add drivers for most NICs.

7 Aug 2003
Policy-driven Personality Migration (feature)
Now available in PDF format! ZENworks for Desktops Personality Migration, provided by Miramar Systems Desktop DNA ZENworks Edition, is included in ZfD 4.0.1 and the ZENworks 6 suite. Here is a nicely detailed explanation of how to integrate ZENworks with Miramar Desktop DNA, from the Evil ZENworks Scientist himself.

31 Jul 2003
ZENdesk (tool)
Make sure the ZfD 4.x application launcher system tray icon is visible!

28 Jul 2003
Updated Server side files post ZfD4SP1b/4.0.1 (tip)
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. On the other hand, if it is broke, in some very specific ways, you'll want to hasten right out and apply this patch.

28 Jul 2003
Troubleshooting the Installation of ZENworks for Servers (feature)
Here are some handy tips from the good folks in Support that will help you troubleshoot any difficulties you may have when installing ZENworks for Servers.

28 Jul 2003
Installing the ZfH Proxy Service Using a ZENworks for Desktops Silent Install (feature)
In most ZENworks for Handhelds (ZfH) installations, you will need to install only one ZfH server. However, because handheld devices synchronize with users' desktop or laptop machines, the ZfH proxy service must be installed on any machine in your organization that a handheld device synchronizes with. Here are nicely detailed instructions about how to create Silent Install files, and how to distribute the App Object using ZfD.

23 Jul 2003
Troubleshooting ZENworks for Servers Installation (feature)
Here are some handy tips from the good folks in Support that will help you troubleshoot any difficulties you may have when installing ZENworks for Servers.

16 Jul 2003
Blocking MSN Messenger (tip)
If you use a firewall to block the main port that MSN Messenger uses, MSN can work around it. So how do you stop all that chatting? Robert Deverill shares a secret, and others have added more suggestions to the mix.

16 Jul 2003
If you Can't Access your Custom Icon... (trench)
When you create a custom icon your ZEN app, sometimes there's a problem when adding the icon in ConsoleOne: you can browse to it but the icon is not available. Here's how Jamie Glendinning solves it.

16 Jul 2003
How to Tweak ZENworks Imaging with hdparm (trench)
You might be having a problem adding the "hdparm -d1 -w1 /dev/hda" to the linux.2 from ZfD 4.0. Raffael Trotta shares a sneaky workaround.

9 Jul 2003
Dig into ZENworks for Desktops 4 (tip)
Don't just scratch the surface, dig into ZENworks for Desktops 4. This Novell delivered Advanced Technical Training course will show you the new features of ZENworks for Desktops 4 and give you hands-on instruction on how to troubleshoot them. Each student will walk out of the course with the ability to do the labs over and over again with a take-home DVD.

9 Jul 2003
Detecting Login on a MetaFrame Server (tip)
We've received some excellent additional information in the quest for easy ways to tell if a person is logging in from a local machine or a MetaFrame server.

8 Jul 2003
Using Centralis AXE 2.0 to Leverage the Power of ZENworks for Desktops 4 (trench)
Come learn about Centralis AXE , which simplifies and accelerates the process of creating application objects. AXE 2.0 brings a new level of functionality, with updated ZENworks 4 compatibility, template options and improved eDirectory integration.

8 Jul 2003
Keep App Launcher System Tray Icon Visible with ZENdesk (trench)
With ZENworks for Desktops 4, running NALDESK from the local workstation can be troublesome from time to time as the icon does not always show up in the system tray if it is launched too early during the login process. Jimmy Benson shares a cool new freebie that solves the problem very neatly. Thanks Jimmy!

8 Jul 2003
Distributing McAfee Updates (trench)
The problem of how best to provide McAfee Virus Scan updates to users is a constant concern to a large percentage of our readers. Here's a new addition to the great ideas in this collection.

2 Jul 2003
Automatically Start Service Server on Windows 2000 Workstation (tip)
Boris Sassou explains how you can start a service by changing a key in the registry.

2 Jul 2003
Enable Folder Redirection through Local Group Policy (trench)
If you'd like to redirect folders like "My Documents" through local Windows Group Policies, you undoubtedly know that you can't do it. David Brightman shares an ADM template which can be used to enable folder redirection through local Group Policy, as used by ZfD. Very nice.

26 Jun 2003
Enterprise Software Packaging Practices, Benefits and Strategic Advantages (feature)
Here's a very informative white paper from our partners at Wise Solutions, Inc. This paper presents a comprehensive look at the reasoning behind the enterprise packaging process and how it integrates into the overall enterprise systems management strategy organizations strive to put in place. It also outlines best practices. Good reference material here.

26 Jun 2003
Unattended Install of InstallShield-based Apps (trench)
Many applications use InstallShield but are packaged in a way that makes it hard to do an unattended installation with ZENworks for Desktops. John Klein shares his method of unpacking the self-extracting exe to make it work better. Freshly updated with a new suggestion.

26 Jun 2003
Connecting DHCP Imaging Client to Server (tip)
The ZENworks Imaging client (Linux) which uses DHCP doesn't connect to Imaging server although it has a valid IP address. Here's why, and how to get around it.

18 Jun 2003
Automatically uninstalling the original ZfD4 agent (feature)
If you upgrade the ZENworks for Desktops 4.x Management Agent from the shipping (InstallShield) version to the Support Pack (MSI) version on Windows 98SE, you are required to uninstall the old version, before you can install the new version. Certifiably smart guy Shaun Pond shares a cool solution that helps simplify that process.

18 Jun 2003
Automatically Downloading Printers to Workstations using ZENworks (trench)
If you have not the chance to play with iPrint or NDPS for automagically downloading printers to workstations, you can also try Sassou Boris' cool solution to download printers to workstations with ZENworks and Windows Scripting.

18 Jun 2003
New ZENworks Tool for LogicSource Subscribers: ZEN Logger (feature)
Check out a new exclusive utility for ZENworks for Desktops users (from the LogicSource team)! This tool is included in the July release of the Novell Professional Resource Suite.

18 Jun 2003
Deploying Novell ZENworks for Desktops 4 in a Pure Microsoft Windows Environment (feature)
Check out this new AppNote which discusses how ZENworks for Desktops can be deployed in a pure Windows environment, and walks you through the installation steps to set up a trial configuration.

18 Jun 2003
Setting Up Email Alerts in ManageWise the Old-Fashioned Way (trench)
As you may know, ZENworks for Servers will now send alerts via email (you configure it when working with the Alarm Disposition), but that's a fairly new enhancement and may not be available to all of you yet. Here's how Randy Bender set up alarms in the old days.

12 Jun 2003
Manually Disable DLU on a Workstation (tip)
If you should ever need to suppress Dynamic Local User on a particular machine, here's how you do it.

12 Jun 2003
ADM File Utilities 2.5 (tip)
Heads Up: the indefatigable Peter Riesett has just updated his very popular freebie. Check it out.

10 Jun 2003
ADM File Utilities 2.5 (tool)
Customize .ADM files.

4 Jun 2003
Adding items to the Exclusion list for McAfee (trench)
Scott Garrett shares a VBS script that will exclude the spooler service files and spool directory on any NT/2000/XP machine running McAfee 4.5.x. It's very simple to add additional items to the script. It's very handy if you forget an item to exclude during the time of deploying McAfee.

4 Jun 2003
Uninstalling the ZENworks Middle Tier from a Windows Server (tip)
If you ever need to remove the Middle Tier from a Windows server, here's what you do.

4 Jun 2003
Using the right NWGINA.DLL (feature)
Here's a tip to help you sort out which NWGINA to use with Client32 updates.

30 May 2003
Don't Touch that Button! (feature)
Do your users push your buttons by pushing buttons that they shouldn't on their handheld devices? Do they change standard configurations you have established? Do they install unauthorized applications? Are improper configurations a constant source of help desk calls from your PDA users? Come find out how ZENworks for Handhelds can lock your configurations so they can't be meddled with.

30 May 2003
Updating Image-safe Data from the Linux PXE Environment (feature)
The zauto script is a fast way for updating image-safe data from the Linux PXE environment, given that workstation hostnames are known to the DNS server. Image-safe data is updated by simply calling the zauto script from the bash-prompt or from a scripted image.

30 May 2003
Making Build Script work on SUSE Linux (tip)
Bjoern found that the build script for ZENworks 3.20.1 SP1 doesn't work on SUSE Linux. Here's a slick little tip that fixes the problem.

30 May 2003
Add Language Driver for Keyboard Layout to ZENworks 3.2 SP1 Imaging Environment (tip)
There are two files in the lang.tgz archiv where the names are too long for copying to the Imaging Environment per zimgboot. Thorsten Mick shares his cool solution.

22 May 2003
Upgrading/Installing ZfD4 into a MultiOS environment (trench)
Here's a great contribution from the State of Montana IT department. They created an automated process using the Login Script and a VBS script to ensure the OS meets the minimum requirements for ZfD4 Agent Install. The VBS script works in a Middletier environment as well. This looks to save you loads of time when you upgrade!

22 May 2003
Advanced Installer - MSI Windows Installer Authoring Tool (tip)
If you're in the business of "rolling your own" applications for distribution within your organisation using ZfD, here's a FREEWARE MSI Windows Installer Authoring Tool you can look into.

22 May 2003
Patch Management using ZENworks for Servers 3 (feature)
Trying to keep track of all the patches on your servers? ZENworks for Servers 3 can help you through your patch management nightmare. ZfS 3 will automate the delivery and installation of any patches to servers in your network, and will even give you alerting information, logs and reports to help you keep up on which servers have what patch and when it was delivered.

15 May 2003
Simple AXT Creator 1.1.2 (tool)
Self-contained program that will create an AXT file from a given directory.

15 May 2003
Finding the User's Workstation for Remote Management (trench)
Lukasz Lenart explains how he solved a common Remote Control problem: finding the darned workstation in eDirectory. Next time a user calls IT for remote help on a workstation he doesn't always use, this cool solution will be very helpful.

15 May 2003
Deleting Volatile Users After Logoff (tip)
When Dennis Box realized his volatile users were not getting deleted when they logged off, he noodled on it for awhile and came up with this fix. Update: Dennis received many inquiries asking for more information, so here is an expanded version of his tip.

15 May 2003
MIB Hunting (tip)
Here are some likely places to look when you're hunting for a MIB (Management Information Base).

9 May 2003
Keeping Kids from Stealing Apps (trench)
Here are some great ideas about how to set things up so students can't "borrow" apps from the school lab using their personal laptops.

9 May 2003
Unleash the power of the ZEN Tool Kits (trench)
If you use the ZENworks Toolkits (and who doesn't?), check this out. GUI IT is a suite of seven different graphical interfaces that leverage the ZEN Tool Kits. These interfaces will help you get the most out of the ZEN Tool Kits by automating numerous ZEN administrative tasks.

2 May 2003
Keep Administrators from being Locked out of Machines (trench)
Ever had a problem with multiple machine images with different, and sometimes forgotten, local administrator account passwords? What about users with local admin rights who change the password to Administrator or backdoor accounts, and lock the real administrators out of the machine? Leonard Zebrowski shares a very smooth idea.

2 May 2003
Create Unattended Install using ZEUS (trench)
Heads up: here's an eval copy of a tool that can help you create an unattended installation of Internet Explorer v.X , Windows 2000 service pack v.X, and ZENworks 4 Agent for Windows 2000 with no Novell Client and without administrative rights on client computer.

2 May 2003
Canon Subsidiary Switches to ZENworks to Handle Explosive Growth (feature)
Here's a good one to show your boss. Canon Business Solutions expects better workstation management from ZENworks to decrease the number of machines needing work each week by 80 percent, along with a 30 to 40 percent gain in overall administrative efficiency and a 200 percent return on investment in the first year.

25 Apr 2003
Moving Favorites to Home Drive (trench)
Come get the scripts and instructions that will allow you to easily move your users' "favorites" folder from their workstation to their network Home drive. Users will love you for this -- they hate to lose their Favorites...

25 Apr 2003
Updated SNMP.NLM for ZfS3 for NetWare 5 and 6 (feature)
Heads Up ZEN for Servers 3 users. Here's a fix for the problem of an incorrect SNMP getnext response for the sparse table.

25 Apr 2003
The Desktop Information Stamp (feature)
The Desktop Information Stamp gives you a slick and easy way to see all kinds of workstation details. It provides the machine name, OS, Service Pack, IP address, Domain, NAV Definition file version and system serial number. Right below all of that is the help desk number so the employees/students never lose it. Another great one from Jim Shank!

18 Apr 2003
Stop Scrolling in ZEN Workstation Browser (tip)
Tired of scrolling from side to side or up and down when using ZEN Workstation Browser? Set your Windows desktop Screen Area to a larger size. Chad Kerley tells you how.

18 Apr 2003
Copy User Data to Home Directory with File Synchronizer v5.0 (tip)
Here's a nifty little free tool that you can use for your mobile workers. It's already gotten high marks, and it was only posted a few days ago.

11 Apr 2003
Are Your Corporate Secrets Safe on Handhelds? (feature)
Are you aware of all the handheld devices in your enterprise -- even those birthday gifts your users brought in from home? Do you know if the users of those handhelds have configured a password for their devices? Are your corporate secrets truly secure on handhelds? Come see how ZENworks for Handhelds can help secure your secrets.

11 Apr 2003
Keeping Proxy Settings in Internet Explorer (tip)
David Storer explains how he solved the problem of how to keep the proxy settings in Internet Explorer using ZENworks policies on Win XP Pro.

3 Apr 2003
Automated ZEN Imaging: The Next Step (trench)
Here's an exceptionally detailed explanation of how to deploy Windows 2000 to workstations and get them up and running on the desktops of the employees in a hurry. Jim Shank takes you through the entire process he developed at his company, and along the way offers excellent insight into how to use many different tools and bits of information to create a unique solution. (Which is, after all, our our whole raison d'etre here at Cool Solutions.) Thanks, Jim!

3 Apr 2003
NTRights 1.2 (tool)
Grant group, file rights or registry rights from settings in the NTRIGHTS.INI file.

2 Apr 2003
OnDemand, DeFrame and Win95 (tip)
If you've installed OnDemand/DeFrame with all the latest patches and you find you have problems with your Win95 workstations, this tip is for you.

2 Apr 2003
IP corruption with Windows XP (tip)
Serge van der Baan discovered there is IP corruption when you use Windows XP in combination with NetWare 4.83 Client sp1 and ZENworks for Desktops 4 Agent. Here's his advice.

2 Apr 2003
Making a Scripted Image Utilizing ZISVIEW and ZISEDIT (trench)
Want to be able to drop a new workstation off at an end-user's desk, start the imaging process, and walk away without having to log in and rename the workstation after the imaging session? Here's how Jesse Hollington does it. Updated by Richard Gray with a rewrite of the script to autorun from the boot CD.

26 Mar 2003
Keep People from using the Send Message Option (tip)
Here's a nice tip for anyone who needs to keep some users (like students) from sending nasty messages via the "Send Message" option from the Novell system tray icon, but at the same time allows other users (like teachers) full access to that option.

26 Mar 2003
Imaging and Workstation Renaming (trench)
We recently posted this Q&A and asked for other comments from our readers. Doug Rutherford of Devon Canada Corporation sent us some excellent suggestions. Thanks, Doug!

21 Mar 2003
Reassign a Distribution Object to a Different Distributor: ZfS3 SP2 (feature)
Heads Up: here's something for all you ZfS 3 users. Here's a new patch that will let you assign an existing Distribution Object to a different Distributor.

21 Mar 2003
Running NAL app as Secure System User or Unsecure System User on Windows XP (trench)
Unlike Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000, Windows XP does not seem to "inherit" the logged-in user's drive mappings. This is a problem in a LAN/WAN environment where you want to keep users traffic local to their closest server and not traverse slow links. Roger Nelson explains his elegant solution.

21 Mar 2003
Automatic Workstation after Upgrading (trench)
Johan Back discovered that Automatic Workstation would not work after he upgraded from ZfD 3.2 sp1 to ZfD 4. Here's what he did about it.

21 Mar 2003
Install Client via ACU with no User Interaction (trench)
Wondering how to install the latest Novell Client using the ACU and keep user involvement to a bare minimum? Christopher Thorpe shares his method of doing it that takes 5 minutes and requires NO input from the users. That's as bare as a minimum can get...

14 Mar 2003
Inoculan 4.0 / InoculateIT 4.5x Automatic Workstation Downloads (tool)
Batch file to update your AVUPDATE download directory automatically.

12 Mar 2003
Distributing Sub-Folders when Copying ConsoleOne (trench)
Marcus Westlund of the Swedish Police shares a better idea for a Q&A we had published.

12 Mar 2003
ZFD3 Image Engine Command-line Parameters (feature)
When Ben L. from Western Australia went looking for advanced Imaging switches, he naturally expected to find them here. To our chagrin, we hadn't posted them. We quickly remedied that situation: here they are.

11 Mar 2003
SFImpersonator (tool)
Impersonate a system administrator to change passwords.

7 Mar 2003
ZfD 3 and 4: Peaceful Coexistence (tip)
As you all know, ZfD 4 does not support the managing of Windows 95 or Windows 98 workstations. But if you have a few Win95 or 98 machines hanging around, don't worry. You can operate both ZfD3.x and ZfD4 at the same time. Beautiful.

7 Mar 2003
ZENworks NT Impersonation in Workstation Policies (feature)
Here's a little overview of each of the impersonation levels and the rights that they use.

7 Mar 2003
Simple AXT Creator (trench)
Heads up: Don't miss this nifty free tool. It's a self-contained program that will create an AXT file from a given directory.

27 Feb 2003
Getting a Handle on Handhelds (feature)
Looking for ammo to help you convince the boss that it's time to get serious about managing the handheld devices in your company? Join us for this new series exploring the ins and outs of handheld management. This first article provides an overview of the issues and is perfect for the boss who may not realize the risk of ignoring these handy little gadgets.

27 Feb 2003
Turning off the Internet Connection Wizard (tip)
With DLU for a student lab all accounts are volatile, so when a new user logs in and wants to use Internet Explorer, they always are presented with the Internet Connection Wizard to go through. Jonathan shares a great trick to sidestep the dreaded Wizard.

27 Feb 2003
Letting Users Set their Own Home Page (tip)
Steven McKibben explains how he used ZEN to allow his users to select their own browser home page.

27 Feb 2003
Scripted Installs that use a Wrapper (trench)
Ever have a silent scripted install that uses a wrapper? David Leaf was frustrated trying to use the "Monitor Module" option to get the app to wait until the install finishes, so he cooked up this script to lend a hand.

20 Feb 2003
Prevent Redistribution of Reg Keys after ZfD4 Upgrade (trench)
From Tommy Mikkelsen comes this little freebie tool that prevents the redistribution of registry keys during an upgrade to ZfD4. The fix for this bug should be in ZfD4SP1. Use this in the meanwhile.

20 Feb 2003
Remote Control without ConsoleOne or NWAdmin (trench)
Check out this ZfD Remote Management toolkit with a user selector (instead of workstation browsing). Faster than ConsoleOne. (Imagine.)

20 Feb 2003
If Storer Won't Load (feature)
Corne Groesbeek explains a sly java workaround.

20 Feb 2003
Track Down the Origin of a Specific Print Job (trench)
In a school of 2,000 with over 30 network-based printers and hundreds of print jobs daily, how do you quickly and easily allow a non-technical person to access the printer logs so they can track down an "improper" print job? School Cool Solutions Advisory Board Member Rich Molettiere explains how ZEN can help.

20 Feb 2003
ZENworks in the News (trench)
Russell Cohen shares an interesting article that bodes well for our favorite product.

20 Feb 2003
A Competitive Upgrade: LANDesk Management Suite to ZENworks for Desktops 4 (feature)
Heads up all you LANDesk users looking to move up to ZfD4. Here's an AppNote that details how you do it.

20 Feb 2003
ZfD4 Redistribute Bug (tool)
Prevents redistribution of registry keys after Upgrade to ZfD4.

12 Feb 2003
ZENworks gets a Blue Ribbon (tip)
Here's something cool for those of you trying to get the boss to spring for an upgrade. Network World Fusion has just selected ZENworks as the Blue Ribbon Winner in their desktop management applications comparison test.

12 Feb 2003
Setting up a Workstation Import Server on a Per-container Basis (trench)
If you'd like to set workstation import server on per-container basis, much like the old ZEN 2 user policy used to work, here's how to do it, compliments of John Stoecker.

12 Feb 2003
How to put an Image on the Imaging Partition Automatically (trench)
Lukasz Lenart explains how he used Scripted Imaging to take an image of a workstation and put it on the local ZEN partition.

12 Feb 2003
Antivirus Definition Update Script (trench)
Roger Fenner shares a nifty script he wrote that is used to FTP the latest virus definition file from a software provider. It then copies the file to the distribution directory on another server and then increments the version number for the ZEN application object. Another good one for the ongoing battle against viruses...

7 Feb 2003
Installing ZfD 3.2 from a Win2K Workstation (tip)
How to keep from freezing when installing from a Win2K workstation. Might be just the golden nugget you need.

7 Feb 2003
Pushing out Updates Despite Slow WAN (trench)
Come see how Chris Nicholl uses ZENworks to avoid pushing big fat updates out via ultra-slow WAN links. Smooth!

7 Feb 2003
Rolling out IE6 to NT Desktops, using ZfD 2 (tip)
Frank Fitleberg explains how he used ZENworks for Desktops 2 to roll out Internet Explorer 6 on all of his NT 4 desktops, even though the users didn't have enough rights to finish the install.

29 Jan 2003
ZENworks for Desktops 4 Patches (feature)
Heads Up: If you're using ZENworks for Desktops 4, you may want to take a look at this.

29 Jan 2003
Madge Driver for ZENworks Imaging (trench)
Martin Weiss contributes a Madge Driver to add to your Imaging bag of tricks.

29 Jan 2003
Exporting an Application Object to another Tree (feature)
Ever need to export your objects from tree to tree? Don't sweat it; it's easy. Here's how you do it. Freshly updated with info about how partner product ZENith can simplify it even further.

23 Jan 2003
Altering Permissions for Windows 2000 Apps (tip)
Tony Kwok points us in the direction of a cool tool called setacl.exe. It can be added to a login script, in the Run After Distribution script, or in the run launch scripts to dynamically alter permissions before and/or after running an app.

23 Jan 2003
Pushing Browser Settings (tip)
Come see how Paul Pedron pushes internet browser settings for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator to his users. Freshly updated with a new suggestion.

23 Jan 2003
Automatic Shut Down (tip)
Here's a nice endorsement of the Automatic Shut Down tool. Shut down large numbers of workstations without cutting off users as they work. Very handy in an emergency.

23 Jan 2003
Distributing the Proxy to Companion PCs with ZfD (tip)
Because Handhelds are often personal purchases, many IT departments are not sure how many Handhelds exist in their environment. Come see how ZfH and ZfD can work together to get everything inventoried.

16 Jan 2003
Migration Manager (tip)
Bill Lunam explains how to prepare your server for migration so you won't lose any web-based services in the move.

15 Jan 2003
Viewing Inventory Reports Using a Web Browser (feature)
Follow these instructions and you'll be able to access Inventory reports using a web browser. Very slick.

15 Jan 2003
ZENworks for Servers Field Notes (tip)
A reader recently posted these suggestions for the ZfS documentation, and we thought you'd like to see them. Good tips for installing ZfS properly.

15 Jan 2003
Start NAL Service for Users (tip)
John Weeks conquered a pesky problem he had when distributing applications through NAL on Windows 2000 with NTFS permissions.

6 Jan 2003
Backup and Restore of ZENworks for Handhelds (feature)
The ZfH database and installation directory should be included in your regularlyscheduled backups. Here are step-by-step instructions for how to do that.

6 Jan 2003
Distributing Applications to Windows CE (feature)
Come see how to get your CAB file out of that EXE so you can use ZfH to distribute the apps.

6 Jan 2003
Installing the ZfH IP Client without ActiveSync (tip)
With very little user interaction, you can distribute the ZfH IP Client via a web server. Here's how you do it.

30 Dec 2002
Unattended Install with Reboots (trench)
Come see this nifty idea for creating an unattended install that forces the installation of a number of applications, AND includes reboots. Sweet!

30 Dec 2002
ZENworks Cleanup Utility (trench)
Don't miss this cool free tool that will help you keep your distributed applications in order. It will search the registry for any evidence of applications installed through Novell's Application Launcher and allow you to clean them up so they may be redistributed. It will work in both ZEN3 and ZEN4 modes as well as multi-tree environments.

30 Dec 2002
Backing up the ZFD 3.2 Sybase or Oracle Database (feature)
Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to backup the Inventory database. Add this to your giant Binder of Knowledge.

23 Dec 2002
Extra Protection from Viruses (feature)
Come see Ruud Hanegraaf's cool methods for protecting yourself against the majority of viruses, even without having an up-to-date virus scanner or all those security updates. It has helped stop viruses which slipped through the scanner or which were so brand new, they didn't have updates for the definition files yet.

23 Dec 2002
QuickResNT (trench)
Bryan Berns shares his tweaks of the popular QuickResNT utility, that makes it perfect for his academic environment.

23 Dec 2002
Opening Printers Folder when NAL is Shell (trench)
John Benton shares a method of opening the Printers folder when using NAL as the shell.

20 Dec 2002
Remote control access to ZEN workstations without using NWADMIN.

18 Dec 2002
Client Conflicts during Upgrade (trench)
Doug shares a snafu he ran into while upgrading from ZEN 3 to ZEN 3.2, and his nifty workaround.

18 Dec 2002
Getting a List of Users Associated to an App (trench)
Still another idea about how to associate users to an app, AND keep track of exactly who has it.

18 Dec 2002
Enable ZENworks Logging on Desktop (trench)
Heads Up: Don't miss this cool new free tool. It enables debugging options for NAL and ZEN. Great tool for those who need to enable debugging logs for tech support who feel uneasy editing the registry.

18 Dec 2002
NAL Updating (automatically) as a Workstation Policy (trench)
Patrick shares another method for updating NAL files automatically without reboot.

18 Dec 2002
Making an Outlook Form run from a NAL Icon (trench)
Here's a nice little trick for getting an Outlook form template to run from a NAL icon.

11 Dec 2002
Creating a ZEN 3.2 Image CD for non-networked PCs (trench)
Dan Borger explains how he creates imaging CDs.

11 Dec 2002
Making an Object that First Delivers another Object (trench)
Here's another idea about how to create an app object that will deliver another app object before delivering itself.

11 Dec 2002
Upgrading from ZENworks 2 or Starter Pack to ZfD 4 (feature)
We've had a great many inquiries about the proper way to upgrade to ZfD 4 from the pre-ZfD 3.x versions of ZENworks. Here's the definitive answer.

11 Dec 2002
Exist 1.0a (tool)
Check for the existence of a file in a script.

3 Dec 2002
NAL Registry Log Creation (tool)
To enable ZENworks debugging information for NAL.

2 Dec 2002
How to Automatically Uninstall Client32 for ZFD4 Agent (trench)
If you've got W2K workstations that you need to uninstall the client32 on when you are upgrading to ZfD4, here's a good way to do it.

2 Dec 2002
One-time or On-demand App Distribution (trench)
Zaher Al-Modaffer shares an easy way for NAL to find out if an application is already installed on a specific workstation AND if it's needed to redistribute on demand.

2 Dec 2002
Removing Outlook (tip)
Need an easy way to remove Outlook using ZENworks? Here's a tidbit from Doug Glenn.

25 Nov 2002
A Closer Look at ZENworks for Handhelds 5 (feature)
Get the lowdown on ZENworks for Handhelds 5 -- a directory-enabled systems management package that puts you in control of your mobile workforce and helps you reduce the cost and burden of managing Palm OS and Windows CE handheld devices.

25 Nov 2002
PreventRun and MSN Messenger 5 (trench)
Here's an idea about how to use the PreventRun option in MSN Messenger 5, to keep people from using Instant Messaging during school.

25 Nov 2002
Using a Variable for Delivering Applications to Workstations (trench)
Here is a very neat solution to deploying applications to workstations in a large environment.

25 Nov 2002
How to have Imaging Perform an Automated Task (feature)
This HOW TO document explains the process you may use to have Imaging perform an automated task such as boot from CD, mount the CD and restore an imaged stored from the CD/DVD.

25 Nov 2002
How to Add or Replace Imaging Files (feature)
This HOW TO document explains the process you may use to add or replace files on the Imaging CD or diskette boot media.

24 Nov 2002
ZfD3.2 Group Policies Spreadsheet (tool)
Get Group Policies documented.

21 Nov 2002
Changing Display Resolution for Users (tip)
Stephan needed to change the display resolution for some users when they logged in, but a workstation policy changed the display for all users. Here's the workaround.

21 Nov 2002
Grant or Revoke Win2K Rights with NTRIGHTS 1.2 (trench)
Heads Up: In case you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out this new Free Tool. Give you all kinds of power...

21 Nov 2002
Controlling Background Colors (trench)
If you hate tipping off the kids that you're using ZEN Remote to check up on them, here are a couple of ways to keep the background color from giving you away.

21 Nov 2002
Easy Remote Installation (trench)
James McLean shares a trick for people who have to do repetitious, remote server installations.

13 Nov 2002
Facilitating Remote Control after User Changes Workstation Name (trench)
Got users who insist on changing their computer's name? Hate how that makes it so you can't remote control them anymore? Bob Stumpp has a cool solution.

12 Nov 2002
Restricting Wallpaper using Group Policies and ZENworks (feature)
Want to control the wallpaper on everyone's desktop? Noah Broadwater explains how he does it in his school, using ZENworks Group Policies.

12 Nov 2002
Temporarily Elevate MSI Install Privileges (trench)
Doug Glenn shares two utilities that should be of help in MSI installations. This solution removes the need to set the policy to allow MSI to AlwaysInstallElevated, (which opensa security hole).

6 Nov 2002
Uninstalling Inoculan (trench)
More ideas about how to uninstall Inoculan without breaking a sweat.

5 Nov 2002
How to make Win2K "Lock" after Period of Inactivity (trench)
Here's a cool idea from Paul Behrens. He explains how to lock a Win2K workstation after five minutes of idle time.

5 Nov 2002
View ZENworks Image-safe Data in a browser (trench)
Check out this cool demo from our partners at ENGL. This tool will display the ZENworks Image-safe Data (ZISD) area from your Windows 2000 or XP workstation from an IE web browser.

5 Nov 2002
Booting up a Machine Without Loading Lilo (trench)
Looking for a way to boot a machine up without trying to load lilo the first time and then rebooting? Here's a suggestion.

5 Nov 2002
Rolling out Windows XP SP1 (trench)
Richard Brynteson shares his method of rolling out Windows XP SP1 to his workstations. Nice little block of instructions to tuck into your bag of tricks.

5 Nov 2002
NAV Automatic Download of New Virus Definitions (feature)
In this winning entry in the Cool Tools contest, Ben explains how to get all the workstations updated with the latest anti-virus definitions using a simple batch file. This solution uses a few DOS utilities, a Windows workstation and Novell ZENworks or even just the Novell login script.

5 Nov 2002
Make Your Users Sign on the Dotted Line (trench)
(Version 4.5!) Keith Medlock has updated his nifty message tool that you can use to make sure users read important notices. It makes users electronically "sign" the document and creates a log file of their responses. Great for things like changes in company or school policy, when you need proof they knew about it.

5 Nov 2002
Automating the Installation of ZENworks for Servers (feature)
For ZfS 1.0 only: how to use the Response File Wizard to automate the installation of ZENworks for Servers.

5 Nov 2002
ENGL Ztoolkit for Windows 2000/XP (tool)
Simplify and automate ZENworks imaging.

14 Oct 2002
Automatic Shut Down Tool (tool)
Gives user 30 seconds to cancel the shut down.

8 Oct 2002
Anti-Virus Updates (tool)
NAV automatic download of new virus definitions.

4 Oct 2002
Ninotech Path Copy 4 (tool)
Shell extension to copy the path of a file or directory to the Clipboard.

3 Oct 2002
w2ksp3.spk (tool)
SPK-Allow you to compile a CPK to patch Windows servers

20 Sep 2002
Internet Settings Policy Template File (tool)
Expose more of Internet Explorer's settings.

16 Sep 2002
MSI Utility (tool)
Avoid pushing out a policy to elevate the MSI installer.

5 Sep 2002
Blocking Web Sites without a Firewall (trench)
Bryan Berns details how you can block access to websites in IE (without use of a firewall) using 'Content Advisor'.

5 Sep 2002
Insufficent User Rights with Windows XP (trench)
Glenn Jobson explains his workaround that lets students with limited rights run an XP application.

30 Aug 2002
SetShell (tool)
Switch from Shell to Shell.

27 Aug 2002
ZENworks for Desktops 4 Ships (feature)
Heads Up: ZfD 4 is now officially shipping. Here's an overview of the bumper crop of new features in this release.

27 Aug 2002
Installing ConsoleOne Where it Can Do the Most Good (trench)
Andrew shares some ConsoleOne insight that could help when you're installing the K Patch.

27 Aug 2002
Avoiding the Windows 2000 Local Profiles Nightmare (trench)
Freshly updated with a new suggestion. Come see how Tommy Carter and Charles Hucks work around "One of the worst crimes against network administrators:" the forced implementation of user profiles with Windows NT/2000.

22 Aug 2002
Adding Additional Drivers to a Bootable CD (tip)
Jeffrey Sessler shares an easier method of adding imaging drivers, and shares the files he used in this solution. Thanks, Jeff!

22 Aug 2002
Blocking Access to Web via Help (trench)
Jeff Ferris explains how to keep people from surfing out to the Web from many products' online Help. Very cool if you want to keep the students on task.

22 Aug 2002
ZfD 3.2 Imaging Patches (feature)
Heads up: There are some new ZfD 3.2 Imaging patches that fix a handful of pesky problems. If you're being annoyed by stuff like reboot loops, check this out.

22 Aug 2002
Troubleshooting Automatic Workstation Import (feature)
If you're having trouble with Automatic Workstation Import Service, save yourself a call to Support, and read this first. This list of troubleshooting strategies came from the good folks in Support, compiled from their experiences with other customers.

22 Aug 2002
School Admin Tips (trench)
We asked our school system administrators to share their pet tips and tricks, and we got some nice nuggets from the school of hard knocks. These suggestions range from basic to advanced, but they're all tried and true by working professionals. No matter how basic an idea is, if it solves your problem, it's perfect.

16 Aug 2002
NWCli 1.1 (tool)
Shutdown client programs prior to Automatic Client Upgrade (ACU).

14 Aug 2002
Help Viewing Help (tip)
Heads Up: the documentation department told us that some people are getting an error when they go to view the online Help in Novell products. Let us know if this has happened to you, and get the fix here.

14 Aug 2002
Making NAL Objects Sticky (feature)
In case you haven't noticed, NAL objects do not stick to the desktop any more. Here's why they changed it, and how you can make them sticky again.

14 Aug 2002
Setting Up Mandatory Profiles in ZENworks (feature)
If you want to make sure everyone's desktop looks the same so you can wrap everyone in a cozy blanket of official corporate consistency, the slickest answer is to set up a mandatory profile. Here's how to do it.

14 Aug 2002
Enabling Workstation Manager Tracing on Windows 9x (feature)
Here's a nice little piece to tuck into your pocket if you have a lot of Windows 9.x workstations in your shop.

9 Aug 2002
ADM File Utilities 1.4 (trench)
Peter Riesett and Tim Dobrowolsky have updated their popular ADM File Utilities. Go snag these nice freebies.

8 Aug 2002
ZENith v2.50 - The 7th Generation (trench)
ZENith version 2.50 is now available! With its ground-breaking, patent-pending RELATIVE MACROS™ technology, ZfS integration and all the other features you've come to know and love, ZENith is one of the coolest products available for your ZENworks environment today!

8 Aug 2002
Adding an Imaging Driver to ZEN 3.x (feature)
By popular demand, here are instructions on how to add on a driver to the linux Kernel 2.2.14.

8 Aug 2002
Windows XP .ADM System Policies (trench)
Check out this free tool from Matt Ross. It includes files from Windows XP edited for use in the Extensible User Policies user package.

8 Aug 2002
Windows XP .ADM System Policies (tool)
For use in ZfD 3.2.

2 Aug 2002
Wake-up On LAN (tip)
Aaron explains how he got Wake on LAN to work with his Dell Optiplex PCs with 3COM integrated NICs in them.

2 Aug 2002
Automatic Workstation Registration (trench)
Xavier Zinn needed a way to register/re-register workstations in the proper context, and to let the user know that the workstation is registered and how to contact the help desk if necessary. Here's Xavier's solution: all done through the login script and using no third-party applications or custom in-house apps. Awesome!

2 Aug 2002
Reset the Password on a Local User (winnt/win2000) (trench)
Stefan shares his batch file which lets him reset the local administrator password or create a new local admin user. Updated with a new reader suggestion.

25 Jul 2002
Who's Hogging all the Disk Space? (trench)
Tim's just released an update to his great shareware tool which lets you know who the disk space hogs are. If you haven't used it yet, now's a good time to take a look at it.

25 Jul 2002
Preventing Internet Access via Office using IEHALT (trench)
Ron Fowler shares a small app that can help you keep people from surfing the net when they're supposed to be working (or studying).

18 Jul 2002
Novell Client Documenter (tool)
Find out what client version are running on your network.

17 Jul 2002
RemProf (tool)
Remove dead user profiles.

16 Jul 2002
Forcing the Install of the ZfD Remote Control Agent (tip)
If you ever have to re-install the Remote Control Agent, here's how to do it in one easy step.

16 Jul 2002
Bringing Out the Dead (User IDs) (trench)
When a person logs in and then turns off the machine without logging out; the DLU remains, leaving a steadily growing list of dead IDs behind. Here's a tool that can help you wipe them all out at once.

12 Jul 2002
Keeping Students (or Employees) 'On Track' (trench)
How to use several supervision aspects of ZENworks.

11 Jul 2002
Prepping NETBios CNames in Domains for ZENworks (feature)
Consultant Sterling Smith details how to clean up the Netbios Windows computer names that almost always end up as the basis for the eDirectory workstation name.

11 Jul 2002
Enforcing Standard Desktop Configuration (tip)
Come see Lee Pipkin's tip about how to make sure all your users have identical desktop configurations. Makes things much faster for the support consultants.

11 Jul 2002
NAL and the Registry (trench)
Here are some things they do with NAL and the registry to customize things a bit at Lawrence Public Schools.

2 Jul 2002
NAL Update Utility (tool)
Silently Update NAL Components on Windows NT/2K & XP

27 Jun 2002
AppNote Tool: Code Samples for System Management BIOS Information (tool)
Leveraging the System Management BIOS Information in NetWare-Based Applications.

26 Jun 2002
Remote Control by User Object (tip)
This solution even works for Help Desk Admins who only have the limited RC functionality.

26 Jun 2002
Forcing a Reboot (tip)
Kevin Spittle explains how he forces machines to reboot every night without using Remote Control, so students can't avoid Deep Freeze.

19 Jun 2002
Restoring Original Screen Resolution (trench)
There was a schooladmin who was searching for a way to start a certain application in a certain resolution, and then restore the original resolution when finished with that app. Here's a solution from Klaus Plantius.

19 Jun 2002
Cut Distribution Time In Half (trench)
Scott Morris shares a great idea that has helped him reduce application distribution time by 50%.

19 Jun 2002
Deploying the Office System Pack update to NT (trench)
Scott Garrett shares a transform file that allows you to install the Office System Pack update silently.

13 Jun 2002
NWQuota (tool)
A simple Novell home directory quota watcher.

13 Jun 2002
Internet Explorer Administration Kit (tip)
If you struggle with students who are always changing settings in internet explorer and setting pictures as the background, come see how Ryan Evans stops them.

13 Jun 2002
Updating the NAL Components on Windows NT/2K & XP Silently (trench)
Over the last few years Wade Grimm and his team have had a lot of problems updating the NAL components on the workstations for NT users with only User privileges. Here's a tool he wrote that "works great and has saved us about a million hours of desktop visits (ok, maybe not a million)." Check it out.

13 Jun 2002
Kiosk Machines for Internet Browsing (trench)
Michael Gilmour vouches for a nifty freeware tool he uses at his university, saying "It's made my life, kiosk-wise, much much much easier." How many things can you say that about?

10 Jun 2002
Reg2Adm (tool)
Convert registry keys to an ADM template file.

6 Jun 2002
Using ZEN to Modify NTFS Permissions (trench)
James shares a elegant and simple way to modify NTFS permissions during the installation of an application through NAL.

6 Jun 2002
Stream File Utilities (trench)
Check out these Stream File Utilities from Rick Laughinghouse. They allow you to display the contents of a stream file, search and replace stream files, and synchronize stream files between objects. Very nifty for managing ZENworks object attributes.

30 May 2002
Stream File Utility RLSTRSYN for NDS (tool)
Synchronizes a NDS Object's stream attribute value from a command line.

28 May 2002
Program Killer (trench)
Freshly updated: Joshua Kinard shares a free program he wrote that you can use to shut down any EXE a Sysadmin wishes to specify. This includes Instant Messengers, peer-to-peer services, Spyware programs, or any program in general.

28 May 2002
Remote Operator Wizard Fix (tip)
If you have run into the problem where the Remote Operator Wizard won't accept containers with the same name, don't miss this new patch.

28 May 2002
Program Killer (tool)
Terminates unauthorized processes.

22 May 2002
ZENworks snAppShots (Windows 2000 Professional) (trench)
Margaret Wild unravels the mystery of the 'File Copy Error!' she got when running snAppShots on Win2K machines.

13 May 2002
Using ZENworks to Manage 2000 University PCs (trench)
Doug Streit works in a university environment where he was tasked to change passwords and other account information on 2000 university-managed PCs -- not a trivial task. Read how Doug enlisted ZENworks to do all the heavy lifting.

13 May 2002
ZfS Failure to Communicate Error (trench)
Sally Barker sheds some light on a question we tackled a few weeks ago in Ask the Experts.

7 May 2002
Deploying IE 5.5 and NAL on NT Workstations (trench)
Scott Garrett shares his MSI files that allow you to install Internet Explorer 5.5 to NT workstations using ZEN.

7 May 2002
Partner Product: Enhancing ZENworks Imaging with ENGL Zim 2.0 (trench)
With all the bells and whistles that come with the latest ZENworks imaging updates, one basic problem exists - the Linux interface remains unfriendly and can be painful to tame unless you're happy wearing sandals, and live and breathe the numerous Linux download sites. Check out Zim 2.0 from our partners at ENGL for a friendlier front-end.

6 May 2002
Disabling Windows Password Prompts (tip)
Tired of W95/98/ME password prompts? Don't want to essentially cache your NetWare password on your hard drive? Here's a fix!

30 Apr 2002
Customizing Software Inventory Scan with SWRules.ini (tip)
If you are trying to customize software inventory scan in ZfD 3.2, here's a little tip from the Evil ZENworks Scientist himself.

30 Apr 2002
Bi-directional Replication (trench)
We've heard from several people looking for the ability to do bi-directional replication. Here's a tool you might consider, from Novell Consulting in Hungary.

30 Apr 2002
Keep NAL in Disconnected Mode (trench)
By design, NAL will automatically switch from disconnected mode to connected mode if a user authenticates to NDS remotely. If this remote connection is over a dial-up connection, things can be painfully slow if NAL switches to connected mode. Scott Morris shares his cool trick to keep it from switching.

23 Apr 2002
Image New Machine in 30 Minutes with Virtual CDs (trench)
Rob Small has created a smooth system of imaging from a Virtual CD. With his system, the techs can pull the PC out of the box, boot from the CD, and walk away for about 20 minutes and the machine is loaded for bear. Avoid extra traffic across the LAN, deploy to remote sites, and give your techs a CD of applications without giving out the originals (or copies).

23 Apr 2002
ZENworks 3.2 on Laptops (trench)
Two cool guys from The Scotsman deployed ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 to all the laptops in their system. Here are the headaches they encountered and their solutions, which could save you some grief.

19 Apr 2002
University Lab Strategy (trench)
Here's a tip to keep your university labs in tip top shape.

16 Apr 2002
iFolder Cool Solutions is Coming Soon (tip)
We're busy getting the newest addition to the family ready for launch. In the first part of May we'll introduce a new Cool Solutions for Novell iFolder users and administrators. Submit an iFolder tip for the maiden voyage, and we'll send you a shirt.

16 Apr 2002
Stop Forcing Large Apps to Remote Users (trench)
One drawback with the disconnectable feature of ZEN 3.2 is that if a user remotely authenticates to a server via the VPN, NAL automatically goes into connected mode. Big problem on a slow connection, when the admins are pushing out a big app. Here's a nifty workaround.

15 Apr 2002
Opening Printer Window from NAL Icon (tip)
Brett Wilson shares a tip that might save you some time and heartache. Updated with info about NT/Win2K and a grab bag of additional suggestions from Geoff Taylor.

15 Apr 2002
Timestamps and McAfee NetShield (tip)
If you're using McAfee Netshield 4.6, watch out for an issue that causes file modified time stamps to be updated during an on-access scan. Here's the workaround, from Andy Hill.

11 Apr 2002
NT4Lock (tool)
Screensaver for locking workstation.

11 Apr 2002 (tool)
Check the value of environment vars and return an errorlevel in ZENworks scripts for debugging purposes.

8 Apr 2002
How to Run a Batch File in ZENworks (feature)
Wonder how exactly to run a batch file in ZENworks? Look no further. Reverend Ted is here for you. (With a little help from Reinhart Jansen in The Netherlands.)

5 Apr 2002
ZENworks for Handhelds: Test Drive It Now (feature)
According to Gartner, the total cost of owning a handheld device tops U.S. $2,600 a year. That's almost 50 percent higher than the cost of owning a desktop computer. Come see how the new ZENworks for Handhelds can help you cut the cost of managing them.

3 Apr 2002
Check Log Files (tool)
Check log files for the last occurrence of a text string.

3 Apr 2002
NALTest (tool)
Test various aspects of NAL with this diagnostic tool.

3 Apr 2002
Space Replace (tool)
Replace spaces in environment variables.

2 Apr 2002
Resetting MS Office XP Autocorrect List with ZENworks (tip)
Students sometimes add words to the autocorrect as you type feature in MS Word XP. When the next student types something like "the", a different, vulgar word will replace it. Come see how Chris Gotstein keeps a lid on the obscenities.

2 Apr 2002
Problem Imaging Jaz Drive (tip)
Here's a goodie for anyone lucky enough to have multiple hard drives.

2 Apr 2002
ZEN Grace (tool)
Make an application forced run after the user has declined the prompt after X number of times.

1 Apr 2002
Delivering the Morning News with ZENworks (tip)
Oliver Nikoloski (our tipster) works for Swan District Hospital in Perth, Western Australia where he figured out how to use ZENworks to deliver electronic news to workstations every morning.

29 Mar 2002
NAL Time (tool)
Get last distributed time for NAL applications.

25 Mar 2002
Disconnected Mode Odd Distribution Behavior (ZfD 3.2) (tip)
Liz Aver explains how to workaround an oddity where when you login in a disconnected state, a standalone application object disappears from the NAL window.

20 Mar 2002
Imaging and SysPrep (tip)
Sande Nissen vouches for SysPrep when imaging NT, W2K and XP workstations.

20 Mar 2002
An Application Launcher Autostart Strategy (feature)
You may have discovered a limitation in setting the Launcher Configuration attribute "Auto-start NAL" to ON. Reverend Ted explains how to enable all users on a workstation to Auto-start NAL through a couple of different means.

20 Mar 2002
Why Use Centralis Contex for AD user Administration? (trench)
Centralis Contex for AD is a tool for all network administrators supporting users in a mixed eDirectory / Active Directory environment. It allows you to manage key user settings from Novell's ConsoleOne and synchronises these with the user's Active Directory entry.

12 Mar 2002
Installing/Running Applications as Unsecure/Secure System User (trench)
Paul Pedron shares a number of strategies for running apps as a secure system user. Nice practical advice here, from a Senior System Specialist for a large city.

12 Mar 2002
ZENworks for Desktops and Windows XP (feature)
Novell recently announced support for Windows XP professional with ZENworks for Desktops 3.2. Here's what that means, exactly.

5 Mar 2002
Keeping Students Focused and On Track (tip)
Keep the students from 'distractions' while presenting as 'real-world' an interface as possible on their Windows desktops.

4 Mar 2002
Using Centralis AXE and ZENworks to Deliver Thin Client Server snAppShots (trench)
Many customers wish to take advantage of the flexibility and cost of ownership benefits associated with Thin Client Server solutions, but also want to retain their investment in eDirectory, and to take advantage of the flexibility and functionality of ZENworks. Come see how Centralis lends a hand.

4 Mar 2002
Why Use Centralis AXE to Process ZENworks PC snAppShots? (trench)
Centralis AXE imports ZENworks for Desktops AXT files into a database, creating Application Profiles which can then be edited using the software's powerful processing capabilities. Come see how it saved a Florida hospital 6-8 months of work.

4 Mar 2002
What's New in Centralis AXE FR1? (trench)
Centralis AXE is designed to assist users of Novell's ZENworks for Desktops by simplifying, standardising and accelerating the process of creating Novell eDirectory (NDS) application objects. Come see what's new in Feature Release 1 of this popular product.

4 Mar 2002
Why Use Centralis Contex for NT to Administrate Users in the NDS? (trench)
Anyone looking after integrated environments ends up using more than one management system to achieve even simple tasks. Administrators must enter information into consoles from Novell, Microsoft and Citrix, just to create or edit a user. Come learn about this great tool from our partners at Centralis that could really simplify life.

4 Mar 2002
Building a Customized Imaging Driver (feature)
Need a special Imaging Driver? Here's all you need to build your own. (BTW: We used to have a contest in this article to see if people would share the ones they made, but since no one ever sent us one, we've closed the contest. We'll just put the Palm Pilot prize back in the drawer and use it later...)

4 Mar 2002
Using Wake on LAN but not Inventory (tip)
Need to use Wake on LAN, but not ZEN Inventory? Check out this great tip from the guys at Advanced Technical Training.

4 Mar 2002
NW Client Auto Login Registry - Win2K (trench)
Bradford Thorpe shares a piece of wisdom that helped him solve a baffling AutoAdminLogin problem.

18 Feb 2002
Troubleshooting Applications that Re-Launch MSI Installations (trench)
Some MSI-based installs will re-launch the setup program when the program launches if it finds everything isn't just how it thinks it should be. Way annoying, and could even halt some installs. Bryan Berns shares his slick solution and free tool.

13 Feb 2002
ZENworks Solves University Thefts (trench)
The manager of computing services for a major university send us this note detailing how ZENworks helped them catch a student who was up to no good.

13 Feb 2002
Automatic Workstation Removal Fix for ZFD3 (tip)
Don't miss this little patch. It fixes a problem where Automatic Workstation Removal would stop working after a certain time period, and you had to keep restarting the java process to get it to work. (Bummer.)

13 Feb 2002
Clear ZIS data under Windows NT/2000 (trench)
If you like the DOS utility ZISCLEAR but want to use it on NT workstations, Simon Pollard has a treat for you. Come get this freebie.

13 Feb 2002
App Distribution to Windows 2000 Local User Group (trench)
This article on effectively distributing applications to workstations via ZENworks where the workstation users are members of the Windows 2000 local user group only applies if you are using a version older than ZfD 3.0.

13 Feb 2002
Workstation Registration in ZENworks 2.0 (tip)
This tip was a finalist in the ZENworks Tip Contest in 1999. Santhi is a senior software engineer in Novell's India Development Center in Bangalore.

7 Feb 2002
Government Audit Requirements and Backups (trench)
How to comply with a government regulation that deals with backups and the "last accessed by" file attribute.

7 Feb 2002
Ye Old DOS Client (tip)
Jessica, our cheerful, yet long-suffering Novell webmaster, has received so many requests for the classic old DOS Client that she has arranged for us to post it in our Free Tools section.

6 Feb 2002
Changing Inventory Port (tip)
Don't like which port Inventory uses for Roll-Up? Change it! The folks from Advanced Technical Training tell you how.

6 Feb 2002
ZENWSIMPORT DNS Lookup (trench)
Bryan Thoreson shares his ZENworks Automatic Workstation Import zenwsimport solution. Sweet.

6 Feb 2002
Automatic Workstation Removal Fix for ZFD3 (tip)
Heads Up. If you're having trouble with Automatic Workstation Removal, check out this new patch.

6 Feb 2002
Ports Used by ZENworks (tip)
Here's a pretty complete list of the ports used by ZfS and ZfD for their various operations. Simon Pollard shares one we missed.

28 Jan 2002
Get Last Distributed Time for NAL Apps (trench)
Freshly Updated! If you have ever needed to find out when an app was last distributed to a workstation, but discovered too late that you didn't have logging turned on, you're going to love this free tool, the latest in a long line of goodies from Tommy Mikkelsen.

28 Jan 2002
ZfS2 Patch: NDSTRAP.MIB (tip)
Heads Up: if you upgraded to ZENworks for Servers 2 from ManageWise 2.7, here's a patch that you should know about.

23 Jan 2002
RLAPPSET 1.2 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Set Application Object) (tool)
Set application object attributes from a command line.

23 Jan 2002
ZISCLEAN - Clear ZIS data under Windows NT/2000 (tool)
Reset image safe data area for NT environments.

22 Jan 2002
Migration Tip for Remote Management (tip)
Did you know that the newer Remote Control console WILL control the older agents? Here's a nice scoop from the smart guys at Advanced Technical Training.

22 Jan 2002
RLGUISET v1.1 for NDS: Set an App Object's GUID from Command Line (trench)
The delightfully named Rick Laughinghouse shares an updated version of GUIDSET. This will set an Application Object's GUID to ANYTHING. Great freebie for you...

22 Jan 2002
ZENworks for Servers 2 Support Pack 1A (feature)
Heads Up -- there's a new Support Pack available for ZENworks for Servers 2. It contains updates for all components contained in the ZfS 2 product, and replaces Support Pack 1. Don't be the last one on your block to apply it.

22 Jan 2002
ZENworks and Virus-scan Products (trench)
Come see how people are using ZENworks with various virus-scan products, and add your own voice to the mix.

16 Jan 2002
Reporting on Last Scan Date (trench)
Come see how Tracy utilizes the last scan date variable to help him with Inventory.

16 Jan 2002
Providing Automatic Responses to Common Helpdesk Queries (trench)
Here is a very nice solution that adroitly takes advantage of the features of two Novell products, GroupWise and ZENworks. Should take some of the load off the stressed-out folks who man the world's helpdesks. Check this out, from cool reader Colin Minton in the UK.

8 Jan 2002
Reinstalling ZENworks for Desktops 3 Inventory Database (feature)
If you ever need to install the Inventory database again, either because of database corruption, or to start fresh, (or out of sheer boredom...), here's how you do it.

4 Jan 2002
ZENworks for Servers 2 and NetWare 6 (feature)
Because ZfS2 was created before NetWare 6, several compatibility updates are required to host ZfS2 services on NetWare 6. In this PowerPoint presentation, Shawn Li, ZENworks for Servers Product Manager, gives a detailed explanation of how to do it.

4 Jan 2002
Patch Helps Install MSI Apps on NT Workstations (tip)
If you have NT workstations, check out this new patch. The ZENAPP32.DLL included in this patch resolves the issue of MSI applications not completely installing on NT workstations with restricted users.

3 Jan 2002
Workstation Name Changer (trench)
WSName was first sent to ZENworks Cool Solutions as an addition to the article on Naming the Computer After the Login Name. Newly updated.

27 Dec 2001
Forcing NAL to Read One Tree (tip)
When NAL launches, it used to read all trees that you were attached to instead of just one tree. Come get this patch that adds the functionality of a command line to force NAL to read only from one tree.

27 Dec 2001
Controlling a Force Run (tip)
Dave Grasso explains how they controlled the launching of a force run app so it didn't fire every time someone logged in.

27 Dec 2001
Configuring Application Reporting (tip)
We've heard from a number of people who are baffled by how to configure a database object so they can take advantage of Application Reporting. Here is how you do it.

19 Dec 2001
Connect to Inventory Database via ODBC (tip)
Need to connect to the Sybase Inventory database via ODBC? The guys from Advanced Technical Training tell you how.

19 Dec 2001
SHGUIDS.EXE - Apply Self-Healing GUIDS (trench)
Steve Bogdanov shares a great tool that lets you stamp workstations with the appropriate GUID, to prevent an application from being deployed if it already is installed and functional on the workstation.

19 Dec 2001
Updated: Copy a ZENworks Policy Object from Command Line (trench)
Rick Laughinghouse has just updated this tool. RLPCOPY v1.2 for NDS copies a ZENworks policy object from a command line.

17 Dec 2001
Auto.exe - Win9x Novell Auto Login (tool)
Allow the Win9x Novell Client to automatically log in.

17 Dec 2001
SHGUIDS (tool)
Apply self-healing GUIDS.

16 Dec 2001
RLACOPY -- NAL App Object Copy (trench)
Rick Laughinghouse shares a nifty free tool that copies a ZEN Application object from a command line.

16 Dec 2001
Logging Inventory Errors (tip)
If you're looking for verbose logging to help you troubleshoot Inventory Server errors, check out this tip from Advanced Technical Training.

7 Dec 2001
Force a Manual Refresh of NAL (tip)
Need to force a manual refresh of NAL/NALEXPLD? Here's a nifty trick, from the smart guys at Advanced Technical Training.

7 Dec 2001
Limiting Imaging Actions to Specific Workstations (tip)
Some of our readers are worried about how to limit the individual admin's ability to push images to machines outside their authority. Come see why you can rest easy.

7 Dec 2001
ZENworks for Servers 2 Management and Monitoring Utility (tip)
Come get this free utility that provides some extra functionality to ZENworks for Servers 2.

29 Nov 2001
ZENworks for Handhelds (feature)
Yep. You heard us right. A brand-new addition to the ZENworks lineup is coming soon, as we are acquiring mobile and wireless device management technologies from Callisto Software. It just keeps getting better...

26 Nov 2001
Don't Recreate Apps after Upgrading (tip)
Go ahead. Upgrade. Your old Apps will follow you like a faithful dog.

26 Nov 2001
ZENworks Imaging Exclusives (feature)
Our ZENworks Imaging code-meisters have done it again! Released today and available exclusively on Cool Solutions are these three must-see packages for every ZENworks administrator.

21 Nov 2001
Linux Kernel Patch Files (feature)
Source-code modifications to the Linux kernel currently shipping with ZENworks for Desktops v3.2 (kernel version 2.4.3) as well as the for the newer kernel version 2.4.11, which includes improved support for many devices, including pcmcia and USB devices

21 Nov 2001
Windows XP Imaging and IDE Performance Enhancements (feature)
Updated version of the Linux imaging utilities that support the creation of and restoration of Windows XP partitions.

21 Nov 2001
Linux Imaging Environment Build Scripts (feature)
Details about modifying and configuring the resource files used with ZENworks Imaging, as well as the Linux tar file containing the files necessary to modify and build the ZENworks Imaging resource files.

16 Nov 2001
Delay Switch for NAL (tip)
If you suffer from conflicts while NAL and the user's Startup folder is processing, check out this useful tip from the folks at Advanced Technical Training.

16 Nov 2001
Troubleshooting Roaming Profiles on Windows NT/2000 and the Novell Client (feature)
Come get all the scoops on configuring roaming profiles, known issues, and troubleshooting using the Novell clients.

16 Nov 2001
Changing a Registry Value with a Machine Unique Key (trench)
Bradford Thorpe shares this tricky way of changing the WINS IP on all statically IP coded machines.

15 Nov 2001
Password Policy Manager for NDS (trench)
If you need stronger passwords and increased security in your NDS-based network, this is worth a good look. (All of you school, prison, government,and hospital administrators, pay special attention.)

12 Nov 2001
ZfD 3.x Application Management Tool Kit (tool)
Administer ZENworks with NAL tool kit.

9 Nov 2001
Enable Debug Logging for Imaging (tip)
Getting an error when uploading or downloading images? Try this nifty tip from the Advanced Technical Training guys.

9 Nov 2001
Limiting Tree Walking to Current Partition (trench)
Simone Golik adds an important extra bit of info to a Q&A.

31 Oct 2001
Rolling out Internet Explorer with ZENworks (trench)
A lot of people want to roll out IE55sp2 or IE6 in order to fight nimda and other things. Keith Klenke tells you what works for him.

31 Oct 2001
Troubleshooting MSI installs thru NAL (tip)
Another cool tip from the smart guys at ATT Technical Training.

31 Oct 2001
ZENworks for Desktops and Microsoft Windows XP (feature)
ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 provides partial support for Windows XP Professional. Evil ZENworks Scientist Martin Buckley explains exactly what "partial" means.

25 Oct 2001
Disabling the Send Message Option in the Client (feature)
Well, school must be back in session. We've started getting questions about how to foil the students in the computer labs again. Check this out, freshly updated with a new suggestion.

25 Oct 2001
Tracking Changes Made by Setup Programs (tip)
Check out this useful command-line tool which tracks changes made by Setup programs.

25 Oct 2001
Making Sure the NDS and Inventory Databases are Synched (tip)
From the good folks at ZfD Advanced Technical Training comes this great idea to add to your regular checklist.

25 Oct 2001
Combatting Roaming Profile Corruption (trench)
Aaron Albery explains his procedure for fighting corruption.

18 Oct 2001
ZENworks for Desktops 3.0 Patch Procedure (trench)
The large number of patches available for ZENworks for Desktops 3.0 causes some confusion and raises the question of which to apply and what order to apply them in when doing a new install. Michael Ducharme shares his nifty system that sorts it all out. Updated with news of soon-to-be-released ZfD3.0 SP1a.

18 Oct 2001
Installing Apps without Chewing Bandwidth (trench)
Shane Lamont shares a nice tip that has reduced a lot of work in their IT department. Which is, of course, the goal here.

18 Oct 2001
NetWare JVM Notes (feature)
Ever wonder why there are so many versions of the NetWare Java Virtual Machine (JVM)? Martin Buckley clears it up. Check out this Power Point Presentation from a Novell Master Class, and find out exactly which versions are best with ZENworks in different situations.

11 Oct 2001
Novell OnDemand Services Simplifies the Delivery of eProvisions (feature)
Check out this great article from Novell Connection magazine. Come find out how Novell OnDemand Services 1.5 makes your thin-client computing environment precisely what it should be: an environment that saves you time (and your company money).

5 Oct 2001
ATT Tip: Remote Control without Workstation Object Name (tip)
We asked the folks who deliver the ZENworks for Desktops 3 Advanced Technical Training (ATT) if they could share a few exclusive tips with us from the training they present, and they graciously agreed. Here's a nice one to help you manage workstations remotely.

5 Oct 2001
Providing Auto Workstation Import to Servers (feature)
There are four ways to provide automatic workstation import to site servers, depending on what you can and can't do with your DNS. Jesse Pretorius rounds them up for you.

5 Oct 2001
Deploying Mozilla Using ZENworks for Desktops (feature)
N.Tijssen explains how he used ZfD to move his company from their aging Eudora Pro 3 mail program to Mozilla.

24 Sep 2001
Organisator GUID Copy (trench)
Come get this new freebie from Nicolai Jensen. It allows you to do 'mass guid sync' on application objects in an NDS tree. It can be used to back up 'master' guids to a file as well.

17 Sep 2001
Limiting Internet Access on Specific Workstations (tip)
Here's an idea in response to a recent Open Call. Check it out, and see if you have any other suggestions to add.

5 Sep 2001
Troubleshooting Office 2000 Install (tip)
Peter Riesett explains how a custom start menu can mess up your Office 2K install. Come see the additional suggestions.

5 Sep 2001
Merging Two AOTs (trench)
Adrian Binggeli explains how to merge two application objects.

5 Sep 2001
Roaming with Lotus Notes using ZfD 3 (trench)
Through a series of batch files and VB scripts, Notes users are able to roam and keep their passwords and bookmarks current. (All the while running Notes local on either Win95 or W2K.) John McILwaine shares a nifty solution.

5 Sep 2001
Enhancing ZENworks for Desktops 3 Imaging with ENGL Zim (feature)
If you're playing around with Imaging, you'll want to check out this new AppNote which describes in detail how to customize ZENworks Imaging.

29 Aug 2001
Accessing Image Safe Data (tip)
Need to know what's in Image Safe Data without being in the Linux partition? The gurus from Advanced Technical Training share this cool tip.

29 Aug 2001
Fun Stuff With Imported Objects (trench)
Bryan Berns explains how to authenticate as two different users.

15 Aug 2001
Configuring Address of Imaging Server (trench)
Michael Ducharme shares a nice tip that will help you configure imaging so that it is easy to move to another server later.

15 Aug 2001
ZfD 3.2 Workstation Inventory in Novell Cluster Services (feature)
Need help setting up Workstation Inventory in a cluster? Don't miss these PowerPoint presentations that step you through installing Inventory in a cluster and configuring Inventory.

15 Aug 2001
ZfD 3.x Application Management Tool Kit (feature)
By popular demand, here is an updated version of the NAL Toolkit, which has long been an essential part of every ZENworks administrator's bag of tricks. It will even work with the brand-new ZENworks for Desktops 3.2, releasing today.

9 Aug 2001
Accessing and Modifying ZENworks files on the ZfD3 Bootable Imaging CD (trench)
If you are using bootable CD-ROMs to do ZEN Image installs, don't miss this excellent contribution from Colin Rhodes. Come find out how to update your CD-ROM equivalent of ZfD3 floppy disk 1.

9 Aug 2001
Goodbye Hosts Files (trench)
A school district administrator needed to keep admin machines from importing where the student machines were importing, and wasn't about to dink around with the host files on the individual workstations. Come nab this nifty AOT: another smooth one from Robert Stout.

9 Aug 2001
Troubleshooting Imaging Errors (tip)
Need to know what information is being written to the beginning of your hard drives by ZISWIN (the ZENworks Imaging Agent)? The folks at ATT Technical Training tell you how.

24 Jul 2001
Clearing the Disconnected Value on Apps (trench)
Clear the "Disconnected" value on all the apps in the tree or just one context, compliments of Robert Stout. Great for an upgrade so all your apps don't get cached all at one time.

24 Jul 2001
Automatically Adding NT Workstations to a Domain (trench)
Mark Walters explains how to add an NT/2000 workstation to a domain without user intervention.

24 Jul 2001
Moving IE 5.5 to its Own Directory (trench)
Don't miss Harry Abraham's ingenious method of working around problems with NT access permissions.

24 Jul 2001
New User Profile Quick Setup (tip)
Bradford Thorpe shares a great idea about how to stop Office 2000 re-installing every time a user who has not logged onto a machine before does so.

24 Jul 2001
ATT Tip: Enabling Workstation Manager Tracing (tip)
Need extra debugging for Workstation Manager on a 9x machine? Here's a nice tip from the good folks at Advanced Technical Training.

12 Jul 2001
File Exterminator (trench)
Are you looking for a solution to delete pesky files you don't want on your network or personal computer? For example, want to delete all those mp3s sitting on your network server doing nothing but taking up valuable network storage space? Jimmy Benson of DSAPPEAR fame brings you yet another time-saving goodie.

12 Jul 2001
Creating a Fake Name (trench)
If you're a school administrator who uses Catalog Services for contextless login, don't miss this one. Robert Stout explains his ingenious method of creating fake names to foil the pesky students who try to access each other's accounts.

12 Jul 2001
ATT Tip: Using Workstations While Inventory Scanner Runs (tip)
Here's a way to keep your workstations operational while you Inventory them.

27 Jun 2001
ATT Tip: Turning off NAL's Auto-Uninstall (tip)
Want to use NAL's Uninstall feature, but you've been burnt by it auto-uninstalling? This one's for you.

27 Jun 2001
Remote Management Agents Install Options (feature)
So you already set up the Novell client, but you did not install the Remote Management agent? Do yourself a favor: don't re-deploy the Novell client. Rajkumar V and Reverend Ted lay out the options.

27 Jun 2001
Special OU Just for ZENworks Objects (trench)
Come see what people have to say about ZEN tree design. Lively conversation here.

27 Jun 2001
FAQ from the Rev: Frequently Asked Questions About ZENworks Solutions (feature)
Reverend Ted holds forth on many of the questions he fielded at the recent ZENworks Web Seminar.

21 Jun 2001
Deleting Student Users after Graduation (tip)
Come see how Don Johnston sets things up so he can easily delete student accounts after they graduate.

21 Jun 2001
Replacing a Deleted Desktop Icon (tip)
If you've got some excessively tidy or careless users who accidentally delete desktop icons that have been delivered using NAL, don't worry. If you've set things up right, the icon will reappear on their desktops as if by magic without any extra work for you.

21 Jun 2001
ATT Tip: Verifying ZEN 3 Files on Server (tip)
We asked the folks who deliver the ZENworks for Desktops 3 Advanced Technical Training if they could share a few exclusive tips with us, and they graciously agreed. Here's one that should become a part of your normal troubleshooting routine.

21 Jun 2001
Booting Linux to Manual Mode (tip)
Lance Ripps shares a nice timesaving Imaging tip.

21 Jun 2001
Capture DSTRACE Conversations Without Speed Reading (trench)
DSTRACE messages fly off the screen at the speed of light and to glean any value from the content, you have to master the art of speed reading. Come see how our partners at NetPro have made it easier, and try the free eval of DS Expert and Multi-Server Trace.

13 Jun 2001
ARGS (tool)
Find out how an application is called.

13 Jun 2001
Conflicts between ZENworks and GroupWise Notify (tip)
Sometimes at startup time (after login) when the ZENworks Application Explorer is loading AND Groupwise Notify is loading, one or the other will lock up. Here's a nice workaround.

13 Jun 2001
Building the ZENworks Imaging Kernel (feature)
We've had a number of questions about how to build a linux kernel to let you compile the drivers. Evil ZENworks Scientist Martin Buckley stepped up and supplied these instructions. Enjoy! (And beware what you ask for...)

13 Jun 2001
ZEN 2 Patch 4 Installation Made Easy (trench)
Rick Hellewell shares a batch file that streamlines the installation of this patch. Could be a useful pattern to follow for future patch installs.

13 Jun 2001
Finding Out How an App is Called (tip)
Updated: If you ever want to find out how NAL calls an app or how any app is called, try this. Args.exe is a small stub that can be used instead of the real program. It just prints out all the command line arguments, waits for a key and exits.

7 Jun 2001
ENGL Zwake: Wake-On-LAN scheduler for ZENworks (trench)
For all of you who have been asking about Wake on LAN, check this out. ENGL Zwake 1.2: ZENworks Wake-On-LAN Scheduler is now available, and you should take a look at their eval and see what you think. Could be just what you're looking for.

6 Jun 2001
Create a Default Outlook Profile (trench)
Tom Wood has made a few improvements to this nifty tool, which eases the pains of Outlook as your email.

6 Jun 2001
Analyzing Web Surfers with BRDSTATS (tip)
Simon Begin explains how you can use his freshly updated tool to keep an eye on excessive web surfing at your company.

30 May 2001
Imaging with Token Ring Cards (feature)
Evil ZENworks Scientist Martin Buckley explains how to automatically detect and use either Token Ring or Ethernet NIC in Linux boot process.

30 May 2001
How to run a ZENworks Application Once (and only Once) Per Day (trench)
Craig Wilson shares this great trick: how to create an application that runs once a day per user or once a day per machine.

30 May 2001
Centralis Contex: The ConsoleOne Extensions for Thin Client Server Solutions (trench)
Centralis Contex is a set of snapins for ConsoleOne, Novell's administration software. It enables administrators to edit Windows NT Terminal Server / MetaFrame user environment settings from within the familiar Novell environment. Come try the free eval.

10 May 2001
NetWare Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and ZENworks (feature)
Evil Scientist Martin Buckley discusses which version of the NetWare JVM you should use with ZENworks for Desktops 3.0 and ZENworks for Servers 2.0.

10 May 2001
Deploying Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1 (trench)
In response to last week's open call, here are some ideas for you.

2 May 2001
Adding an Imaged Workstation into a Domain (tip)
Paul Pedron shares his solution to this problem raised in the Q & A a few weeks ago.

2 May 2001
Creating ZfD 3 Inventory Database on Oracle 8i (Unix) (feature)
Don't miss this great solution from Novell Engineer Krishnan R. This can be used to mount ZfD 3 Inventory database on Oracle 8i running on any UNIX operating system.

25 Apr 2001
Getting ZEN Imaging to work with SYSPREP (trench)
For those of you who like to have as few Windows 2000 images for as many different PCs as possible, and love the functionality of the ZEN Imaging Service, this cool solution is for you.

25 Apr 2001
Make Sure the Workstation Import Service is Listening (tip)
Would you like to be able to make sure the Workstation Import Service is listening for requests? Here's how.

25 Apr 2001
Setting Up ZfD3 Workstation Inventory (feature)
Need help setting up Workstation Inventory? You're not alone. By popular demand, here are some excellent step-by-step PowerPoint instructions that will guide you in installing Inventory, configuring the policies, and viewing Inventory.

18 Apr 2001
Create Printers Folder Shortcut without Explorer (tip)
If you are using NAL as the shell instead of Explorer, there IS a way to create a shortcut to the Printers folder without running Explorer. Scott Barcroft tells you how.

18 Apr 2001
ZfD 3 Imaging and IP Multicast (feature)
There has been quite a bit of debate about whether or not ZENworks for Desktops 3 Imaging supports IP multicast. (Short answer: Yes, if you know how to do it.) Come see what engineer Drake Backman has to say about it.

12 Apr 2001
AXTClean snAppShot Cleanup Utility (trench)
Brian Hammond shares his snAppShot cleanup utility that cleans the AXT file, removes unneeded files from the directory and will even rename the files.

12 Apr 2001
Programmatically Creating an Internet Shortcut (tip)
Come see how to create an internet shortcut from within ZEN, courtesy of the splendidly generous Anders Gustafsson.

12 Apr 2001
Copying HOSTS file to NT Workstations (tip)
Here's how to configure NAL to push out a force run, run once application that will copy a pre-placed HOSTS file from the server's PUBLIC directory to the NT workstation's C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC directory.

3 Apr 2001
Imaging NT Workstations (tip)
Come see how Paul Pedron gets newly imaged NT workstations into the domain.

3 Apr 2001
Troubleshooting ZfD3 Imaging (feature)
Here is a nice collection of troubleshooting tips and how-to instructions that solve many of the problems that customers have posed to Customer Support. Check here first, and save yourself a call.

28 Mar 2001
Making ZfD3 Inventory Server work with JRE 1.3 (feature)
From the ZENworks Zealots: Reverend Ted explains how to work around the fact that the ZfD3 Inventory Server was designed for JRE 1.2. A must-read if you are perplexed at all by Inventory.

28 Mar 2001
Analysts on ZENworks for Desktops 3 (feature)
Here are four reports that provide the kinds of statistics and analysis that make business owners sit up and take notice. Check them out, and next time some bean counter flirts with the idea of moving into murkier (non-ZEN) waters, you'll know just what to say.

19 Mar 2001
Making the Java Processes more Intuitive (feature)
Martin Buckley explains how to tag all those similarly-named java screens for easier identification in the NetWare Server console.

19 Mar 2001
Imaging Patches (feature)
Nitu Choudhary's team has provided these patches in response to customer issues posted in the Imaging Forum.

19 Mar 2001
Disconnected NAL (feature)
Details about how mobile users can use NAL while physically disconnected from their network.

15 Mar 2001
Imaging Patch for ZENworks for Desktops 3 Abends (tool)
Fix server Abend issues.

15 Mar 2001
Imaging Patch for ZENworks for Desktops 3 Client (tool)
Update Imaging client.

14 Mar 2001
AXTClean snAppShot Cleanup Utility (tool)
Create a freshly cleaned directory, free of unneeded files.

13 Mar 2001
Restoring the Good Name of the My Computer Icon (tip)
If the students in your lab do creative things with the name of this icon, Matt Lewis can help. Find out how to switch it back before it can harass the next user.

13 Mar 2001
Policy-Based Management of Mobile Phones (tip)
If you're like most companies with lots of mobile workers, you are grappling with how to keep track of all those cellphones you've issued. Come see this new AppNote that shows you how to set up corporate management of cell phones via NDS.

13 Mar 2001
Avoiding the DCOM Error during Office 2000 Install (trench)
If you are using ZENworks for Desktops 2.0 to do a silent install of Office 2000 to Windows 95 machines, you get a DCOM error during the install (if DCOM is installed) and your users need to click 'OK', the only option, to continue the install. We all know how many calls to the Help Desk this sort of thing can generate.

6 Mar 2001
Authenticating to Imported Workstation Objects (tip)
So how do you prevent having to login twice every time you want to restore an image? Patrice Clement tells all.

5 Mar 2001
LANboss Deployer (tool)
Application Deployer which uses Novell ZENworks SnAppShots.

28 Feb 2001
Scheduling a Force Run (tip)
Some readers are running into a problem setting up the Force Run properly. If you do it wrong, an application set to Force Run will run immediately despite a set schedule. Here's the right way to do it.

28 Feb 2001
Kill Unwanted Programs on your Workstations Invisibly (trench)
Jimmy Benson, one of our favorite school admins and author of several Cool Solutions, custom crafted these programs in response to a recent Open Call. We were looking for ways to block students and staff from using school computers to download copyrighted music from Napster, Gnutella, and other Peer-to-Peer music services.

20 Feb 2001
ZfD3 Inventory Reports (tip)
Come see just what is so cool about ZENworks for Desktops Inventory reporting.

20 Feb 2001
ZENworks for Servers 2
NetWare Support Pack Solution
ZENworks for Servers (ZfS) now supports distributing and installing NetWare support packs. Previously, to install a support pack a NetWare administrator has had to copy the support pack to every server, go to that server and run the install program, supply the administrator username, password, and wait for the support pack installation to complete to monitor and make sure that it has successfully installed and rebooted.

20 Feb 2001
Blocking Napster (trench)
Looking for ways to effectively block students (and staff) from accessing Napster from school computers? Here are some terrific ideas.

13 Feb 2001
Screensaver Passwords and ZENworks Policies (tip)
Would you like your users to be able to use the same password on the network and in the screen saver? Here's how you do it.

13 Feb 2001
Adding a Hosts Entry Remotely (trench)
These instructions are for adding an entry, NGWNAMESERVER, to the bottom of a Windows Hosts file. This is one way used by GroupWise to find the PostOffice.

13 Feb 2001
ENGL Zpush for Managing Windows Prompts (trench)
ENGL Zpush is a Win32 utility that will load and wait for a specified window title to appear then automatically perform an action on the window.

12 Feb 2001
Squashing the Worm (feature)
In case you're currently battling the new VBS/SST@MM worm, don't forget that there are some pretty nifty tools at your disposal in ZENworks for Desktops and GroupWise.

12 Feb 2001
Additional Macro Virus Protection Delivered Using ZENworks for Desktops 3.0 (feature)
This article describes how to use ZENworks for Desktops policies to deliver a lockdown which turns off the Windows Scripting Host -- a common exploit used by many new viruses.

7 Feb 2001
Limit Access to Some App Objects for Mobile Users (tip)
If you have users that are mobile or sitting on an ISDN line, you can use the Dependency to limit the access to certain programs getting installed, to prevent heavy downloads.

7 Feb 2001
Write Context and Server to the Registry (trench)
Here's a little utility which writes the current context and server to the Registry.

6 Feb 2001
NDSContext (tool)
Write context and server to the registry.

31 Jan 2001
NDS-DB Sync Tool (ZENworks for Desktops 2) (feature)
Synchronize the Workstation objects stored in the Inventory database with the Workstation objects in NDS with this free tool.

31 Jan 2001
Saving Changes in ConsoleOne Settings (tip)
If you've ever been in ConsoleOne and tried to make changes to the Client Configuration policy in the Workstation Package, you may have run into this. A lot of people find it difficult to save their changes, and keep going back again and again to figure out why they didn't take. Here's the scoop.

31 Jan 2001
Secure NAL Access for Citrix Users (trench)
Check out this great idea for controlling security while giving access to NAL.

31 Jan 2001
NDS-Database Sync for ZfD 2 (tool)
Synchronize Inventory objects with NDS.

25 Jan 2001
Making Sure Self-healing Apps Work (tip)
Frequently people ask how self-healing apps work. They often get stymied when a program like Word has a problem distributing the Spellchecker files, but NAL doesn't catch the problem and heal the app. Here's an excellent explanation that will help you understand what's going on, from Novell Consultant Timothy Forde.

25 Jan 2001
Empty the Recycle Bin with App Launcher (tip)
Here is a special Matt Brooks tip. He was asked if there was any way to empty the Recycle Bin from an app run from NAL. He gazed at the ceiling for about twenty seconds, seized his mouse, and this is what he came up with. As with everything from Matt, it isn't just an answer ("Yes."), it's a full-on solution complete with an AOT, AXT, and a Bonus Tip. All neatly packaged in the file below.

25 Jan 2001
Setting Up ZENworks in your Tree (feature)
The process of setting up ZENworks in your NDS tree (or how to fix it if you set things up clumsily) is the subject of much e-mail every month. It's a task that everyone has to do, and if you approach it with a good understanding of how ZENworks affects your tree, you can avoid a lot of confusion and grief later on. We were delighted when Ron and Brad and the friendly editors at Novell Press gave us permission to excerpt this chapter from their new ZENworks Administrator's Handbook, because it offers a first-rate explanation of the various elements of ZENworks, and how they affect your tree design. We think this will answer a lot of the questions we are seeing, particularly from administrators who are new to ZENworks.

24 Jan 2001
Space Requirements for ZEN Imaging (feature)
We've had some anxious inquiries from customers who fear they'll need gargantuan amounts of storage space if they want to use ZfD3 Imaging.

24 Jan 2001
Using .LNK files in App Objects (tip)
Donna G. wrote: We get a file not found or dll missing message when we try to use .LNK files as the executable file for an application object in the Novell Application Launcher. Here's how we do it.

24 Jan 2001
Deploying Office 2K Across the WAN (trench)
Some more ideas on this topic from experienced readers.

17 Jan 2001
Switching Off the Novell Login Screen (tip)
We've heard from some sys admins who are using Citrix on Win2000 to gain remote access to their networks, and would like to stop the Novell Login screen from appearing. Here's how you do it.

10 Jan 2001
Enforce the Same Screensaver Password on Multiple PCs (tip)
Someone asked if there is a way to enforce the same screensaver passwords on a number of PCs. Well, there is!

10 Jan 2001
Remote Control of Shared PCs (trench)
We recently ran this question in the Q&A, and made the topic an Open Call for ideas. We were fascinated to see how many different solutions you came up with.

10 Jan 2001
Consolidating ZENworks for Desktops 3 and Support Pack 1 Install (feature)
The purpose of this document is to provide the necessary steps for consolidating the installation of ZENworks for Desktops 3 and the Service Pack 1 installation.

3 Jan 2001
Setting NetWare Password as Screensaver Password (tip)
Reggie D. wrote: Does Novell have a product solution for Screen Savers that are secured by NetWare passwords? Is there some other vendor that provides one? There is a registry setting you can use.

3 Jan 2001
Deploying the zenwsimport Hostname for Automatic Workstation Import (feature)
Novell's ZfD3 makes populating the corporate directory with workstation identities easier than ever before through a feature called Automatic Workstation Import (AWI). This server-based process now fully automates a task that was only semi-automated in previous versions of ZENworks for Desktops

3 Jan 2001
ENGL Zim for ZfD3 Linux Imaging (trench)
ENGL Zim is a Linux text-console utility that is designed to assist organisations who wish to provide a user friendly front-end to ZENworks for Desktops 3 Linux imaging.

20 Dec 2000
Installing Office 2000 Without all the Apps (tip)
Richard posted this originally in one of the Novell Support Forums, where we found it, recognized the extreme coolness of his solution, and added it to the Q&A. Here's an updated version.

20 Dec 2000
Invoking Windows Screensaver with NT4Lock (trench)
This is an application to invoke the NT4, Windows 9.x, or Win2000 screensaver.

13 Dec 2000
Behind the Scenes with Novell Connecting Points: Part III (feature)
After major tradeshows like Comdex and Brainshare, we always receive a lot of e-mail asking for details about how the Connecting Points network is set up. Here's the third part of a three-part series that reveals how it's done.

13 Dec 2000
Copying C:\My Documents to the Network (tip)
About the question of copying a user's C:\My Documents directory to their network drive, here's something that might help.

13 Dec 2000
Changing Shells Based on Membership/Non-membership in a Single Group (trench)
Heavily using Microsoft Windows policies can be just plain messy. Using Novell Workstation Manager helps a lot, but I am still partial to using NAL as the shell to "lock down" Win95 users. The problem is that the shell is really a workstation setting and not a user setting. ZENworks 2 (NAL 3) permits you to make this a user setting, allowing locked down and non-locked down users to share the same PCs.

7 Dec 2000
ZfD3 Support Pack 1 (feature)
ZENworks for Desktops 3 Support Pack 1 has now released. Come find out what's new.

6 Dec 2000
Finding Rogue Workstation Connections (tip)
Have you ever tried to troubleshoot rogue workstation connections with ZENworks 2.0? If you have a lot of servers, you might run into issues with workstations connecting to unintended locations. Here's how I've managed to get around this.

6 Dec 2000
Switching from Shell to Shell (trench)
If you want the NAL shell to change with the user that is logged in, check out this little app.

29 Nov 2000
Remote Control Workstations without running NWAdmin (trench)
Check out this nice freebie. ZEN WS Tools allows all of the functionality that is available from within NWAdmin including Remote Control and View, Ping, Workstation Diagnostics, Remote Execute, File Transfer and Chat. It also includes a choice for creating a short cut on the desktop that is associated with a single station.

29 Nov 2000
Centralis Lyncx: Alias Utility for TCS Contextless Login (feature)
Centralis Lyncx (Locate Your NDS Context) simplifies and accelerates the process of creating Aliases for users in the NDS. It allows administrators to select users and drag and drop them into a container, automatically creating Aliases for them. This is done to support administrators who wish to use Alias accounts to deliver contextless login to Windows Terminal Server / MetaFrame environments, but do not wish to set up an Alias manually for each user.

29 Nov 2000
Enabling the Automatic Workstation Import (AWI) Debug Screens for Troubleshooting (feature)
Many features of ZENworks for Desktops 3 rely upon having workstations represented as an object in the corporate directory. Indeed, features such as workstation inventory, remote control, lights-out application distribution, and workstation configuration policies simply don't function without having workstations registered in the directory. Therefore, the Automatic Workstation Import (AWI) service is a critical foundation for a healthy implementation of ZENworks for Desktops 3.

29 Nov 2000
Forcing Small Icons in the Start Menu (tip)
Is there a registry key that you can push down each time to make the start menu use small icons? Here are some suggestions.

29 Nov 2000
Remote control workstations without running NWAdmin.

22 Nov 2000
Centralis AXE: The power utility for ZENworks for Desktops (feature)
Centralis AXE simplifies, standardises and accelerates the process of turning snAppShots into usable application objects. Centralis AXE contains built in functions which overcome many of the problems associated with deploying applications to PC and MetaFrame / Terminal Server environments, and allows administrators to create, store and apply their own processing rules

22 Nov 2000
OR vs. AND in Environment Variables (tip)
C G. wrote: Is there a way to set an Application Object to run if an Environment Variable = A OR B? Here are some ideas.

22 Nov 2000
ZEN 3: Install on Demand Software (trench)
Install-On-Demand software has always been a nice feature of ZENworks. The idea of Install-On-Demand is that the user gets the software when he needs it as simply as possible. This is normally done via ZENworks by displaying an icon to install the software or an icon to both install and run the software. This can be taken one step further to allow the software to be automatically installed anytime a user tries to open any document that needs the software.

22 Nov 2000
ZfD 3 Imaging Drivers (Linux) (feature)
There have been many questions about Linux and ZfD3 Imaging over the past few months. Here are some useful tools that can help you in this area, including the latest, greatest Linux drivers. As with everything at Cool Solutions, these tools are not supported by Novell, so proceed at your own risk.

22 Nov 2000
Linux Drivers (tool)
ZfD 3 Imaging Drivers (Linux)

15 Nov 2000
Force Run for the Closest Printer (tip)
Our users wanted the default printer to always be whichever printer was closest to the computer and not set by the user profile. Here's how we did it.

15 Nov 2000
Dynamically Addressing a CD-ROM drive (trench)
Here are some ideas in response to a query about how to make application objects a little more portable between different types of PC setups.

8 Nov 2000
Unlocking Laptops for Home Use (tip)
We just came up with a cool way to lock down our laptops while users are in the office and figured we'd share it in case any one out there may find it helpful.

8 Nov 2000
GUID Management Tools (trench)
Here are three command line tools for managing ZEN application object GUIDs.

8 Nov 2000
Behind the Scenes with Novell Connecting Points,Part II (feature)
After major tradeshows like Comdex and Brainshare, we always receive a lot of e-mail asking for details about how the Connecting Points network is set up. Here's the second part of a three-part series that reveals how it's done.

8 Nov 2000
Deliver IE5.x via ZENworks with NAL 3 as Windows 95 Shell (trench)
Here's a nifty app object that can help you distribute IE5.

7 Nov 2000
CompChanger (tool)
Change registry settings quickly.

1 Nov 2000
Setting Proper User Information for MS Office Users (tip)
I'd like to tell everyone about a neat little utility called NDS2WORD.When run, this tiny little program makes sure that the user information for Microsoft Office is set properly for the current logged in user.

1 Nov 2000
Finding Objects Distributed Before the Reporting Database Came Along (tip)
Ever wanted to be able to grab a report about application objects that were already distributed to your desktops before you got your reporting database up and running? Well here is a real quick solution.

1 Nov 2000
Limiting Users to One Instance of an App (trench)
Here are some ideas about how to make sure your users only run an app once at a time.

1 Nov 2000
Disabling UNC Conversion (tip)
I saw your answer in the Q&A section to the question about disabling the UNC conversion. You told TB the registry key for the document path, but if the user changes this path from within Word, it will again save the new path to the registry in UNC format. I think the key he is looking for is this one.

25 Oct 2000
Backing Up Rescue Disk Info for NT Machines (tip)
I have a tip for backing up rescue disk information for NT workstations. Instead of creating rescue disks for each machine and updating them regularly I do the following.

25 Oct 2000
Exploring Search Policies (feature)
This article is the first in what will be a series of articles about the lesser-used, but very powerful, features of ZENworks.

25 Oct 2000
ZFD3 Imaging: Friendly computer naming with ENGL's Zcnc (trench)
ZCNC is a free customizable computer name changer written for use with ZENworks for Desktops 3 Imaging. However, it can also be used in non-ZEN environments. In addition to the title and prompts being fully customisable, an input mask can be specified to 'force' the user to enter numbers and characters in a specific sequence and syntax.

25 Oct 2000
Distributing Office 2000 for Dynamic Access (trench)
We've had many inquiries about distributing Office 2000. Here are some ideas from Cool Solutions readers.

23 Oct 2000
Behind the Scenes with Novell Connecting Points, Part I (feature)
After major tradeshows like Comdex and Brainshare, we always receive a lot of e-mail asking for details about how the Connecting Points network is set up. Our readers are very impressed with the tight security, reliability, and scalability of these temporary networks that take such a huge pounding throughout these events, and wonder what kinds of tricks are being used behind the scenes. Not that any of you have exactly this kind of network (knock on wood...), but you never know what you might be able to use. Here's the first part of a three-part series that reveals how it's done.

18 Oct 2000
Removing Image Safe Data with ZISCLEAR (feature)
ZISCLEAR (ZENworks Image Safe Clear) will remove or invalidate the Image Safe data on the hard drive. This utility is necessary when you want to completely clean off the Image Safe data from the workstation's hard drive. ZISCLEAR is the only way to remove the ZENworks Image Safe data. FDISK does not affect the Image Safe data.

18 Oct 2000
Cut Network Management Time with ZENworks for Desktops 3 (feature)
We've received several requests for information that could help convince people's managers that their company really needs to upgrade to ZENworks for Desktops 3. Here's a nice succinct list of the advantages in case you need a little help.

18 Oct 2000
ZENworks for Desktops 3 Cluster Snap-In (feature)
This snap-in contains the program to support Workstation Inventory in a Cluster environment.

18 Oct 2000
Changing Netscape Preferences (trench)
Here's another idea aobut how to change things in the Netscape pref.js file.

11 Oct 2000
ZfD3 Application Management Files (feature)
Here's a handy reference for you to print and keep. It describes the Application Management (aka NAL) files that are installed with ZENworks for Desktops 3. It even tells you where they are typically installed on the server and workstation.

11 Oct 2000
Using an Old App Object to Distribute a New One (tip)
In the Q&A a user asks if users can be imported from an old app object. Here's one idea that may save a little time. Instead of moving users, use the existing app object to distribute the new app.

11 Oct 2000
Forcing Logout (With a Little Warning) (trench)
Here's a nice litle script that will let you force a workstation logout after a period of activity, but has the added grace of providing a little warning to the users.

11 Oct 2000
Clear ZENworks Image Safe data from your hard drive when you're finished with it.

11 Oct 2000
Odd behavior of IE5 using Student Profiles (tip)
We recently posted this inquiry and asked for comments. Here's what we got.

4 Oct 2000
Distributing IE 5.5 (trench)
We posted an Open Call for ideas about distributing Internet Explorer using ZENworks, and we couldn't believe how many top-notch solutions came in.

3 Oct 2000
Making a Secure Sub-window (tip)
I was browsing your site again tonight & while going through past Q&A I noticed one problem which I took on back in the NAL days (before it became part of ZENworks). The question was about placing a folder full of Adobe Acrobat files in a NAL icon. When attempting to make a "sub-window" about two and a half years ago I found a solution using Windows explorer that was a touch more secure than the one you mentioned.

27 Sep 2000
Adding Users to Groups (tip)
Although you can't add users to groups automatically, you can achieve a similar effect as follows.

27 Sep 2000
Pushing Proxy Settings for Two Subnets (trench)
Here are some ideas we received in response to an OPEN CALL from a school admin. Enjoy!

27 Sep 2000
Putting User's Current Context into Registry (tip)
I had an interesting problem of trying to get an app to put the current context of the user into the registry. As I couldn't find a macro to use I ended up using a batch file in the script and then regedit command.

27 Sep 2000
NDS "AKA" utility -- Alias Katharsis Application (tool)
Facilitate phase-out of aliases employed during changes to tree structures.

20 Sep 2000
Limiting App Distribution to Users AND Workstations (feature)
A little while ago, I designed a way to limit an application to a set of users, while ALSO limiting it to a set of workstations. This question has been posed in the Q&A, and also I've been explaining this concept all over Australia, and I'm getting a lot of "Ooh's" and "ahh's." Here's my solution.

20 Sep 2000
The Vanishing Red Arrow (tip)
Karen P. wrote: "I use the Application Explorer and I notice that when it delivers the icons to the desktop it does so with a red arrow in the lower left corner of the icon. For some strange reason on several of my PCs, the red arrow is missing, it's just a blank space. Can you please tell me how to get the red arrow back?" Here are some ideas.

14 Sep 2000
ZfD3 Cluster Snapin (tool)
Support workstation inventory in a clustered environment.

13 Sep 2000
Password Changer (trench)
I had restricted my control panel by policies, but some of my users wanted to be able to change their passwords like they did before. I searched through the cool solutions but couldn't find a solution to this. So I made an application object myself which points to the password application from Windows and it works very well.

13 Sep 2000
Setting a Screensaver in WinNT/2000 (tip)
This is a sample AXT to show how to set a screensaver on NT/2000 and to put the user's CN as text

6 Sep 2000
Removing GroupWise Notify (tip)
Here's a way to remove GroupWise Notify from users' systrays.

6 Sep 2000
Managing Netscape Profiles for Roaming Users (trench)
Looking to manage Netscape Profiles for your roaming users? Here are some cool ideas.

30 Aug 2000
Moving Licenses to a Different OU (tip)
We recently re-organized our tree, moving the users into an OU, the apps into another one, and the licenses into a third. Well, we tried moving the licenses. No matter what we did, we just got errors to the effect of not having access rights, or that the license was in use (even when logged in as .admin). Here's the workaround.

24 Aug 2000
ZEN 2 Application Management Tool Kit (tool)
Automate and speed many of the application management tasks.

23 Aug 2000
Using a Variable to Provide Computer Name to .INI (tip)
A supervisor wanted an application to be deployed to a number of users on NT that runs a service making each workstation the "server" for the application. Unfortunately, the service references an .ini file to find the computer's name. Here's how I solved it.

23 Aug 2000
What's New in ZENworks for Desktops 3: Part One (feature)
Just when you thought you'd reached ZenTopia, ZENworks for Desktops 3 (ZfD3) is going to blow your socks off! Here's the scoop, direct from Jerry Chadwick, one of the Development Managers for ZENworks for Desktops.

16 Aug 2000
Naming Printer Objects with their NDS Printer Name (tip)
In working with Windows 9x printer policies, I've discovered an awkward default: the printer objects created on the workstation get named after the print driver, not the NDS printer name. Here's how I used ZfD to help with this problem.

16 Aug 2000
Using ZENworks to Create Computer Accounts in an NT Domain (trench)
We have an automated NT Client build that leaves the workstation in a workgroup. At the end of the build we logon as a user that mports the user into the tree, and creates the computer account in an NT Domain.

16 Aug 2000
NAL Command-line Options (ZEN 2 and ZfD3) (feature)
ZENworks 2 introduced a number of new command-line options that you can use to make things run the way you want them to. Here they all are, freshly updated with a couple of new switches that are only in ZENworks for Desktops 3 (ZfD3). You may want to print this out and tape it somewhere prominent. You'll probably be using it a lot...

16 Aug 2000
Implementing Strong Passwords in an NDS Environment (feature)
There's an outstanding new AppNote by Marcus Williamson that details ways in which network administrators can provide enhanced security in their network environments by making use of strong password solutions. He discusses the concepts behind strong passwords and looks at currently available options for implementing strong passwords within a Novell Directory Services (NDS) environment. He also presents some available authentication solutions which do not make use of passwords, or which can be used to augment the use of password-based systems.

9 Aug 2000
Setting the Path on a WinNT workstation (tip)
This is a tip about setting the path on a Windows NT 4.0 workstation. It's relevant for the Q&A we published about Using an app object to change a registry key.

9 Aug 2000
Removing the Start Button from Login (trench)
We made a really cool tool for ZENworks called Disable. It completely removes the Start button when a user logs in! We also included a tool to disable the ctrl-alt-del and ctrl-alt-esc buttons for die-hard users.

9 Aug 2000
Aussie Daylight Time (feature)
Y2k is over, but we have a new problem ahead here in Australia. Several states changed the start date of the Daylight Time Saving period because of the Olympic Games, which will be held in Sydney during September. In my solution, I just ask ZENworks to deliver two small application objects, one in August, another one in October. The first one just changes two values in the registry to accommodate an earlier start date, the other one just sets it back in time for the normal DST period.

9 Aug 2000
Changing Screen Resolution Automatically (tip)
Here are some more thoughts on this topic published in the Q&A.

2 Aug 2000
Lights-Out Distribution of Novell Client (tip)
In regards to Lights-out distribution of the client, I've gotten this to work quite well.

2 Aug 2000
Using App-Assi to Mirror Apps to Multiple Servers (trench)
Welcome to the ZENWorks Application ASSISTANT. This tool helps you to distribute your applications to many servers, copies directories and grants rights to directories of many servers.

28 Jul 2000
Password Changer (tool)
Allow users to change their passwords even if you've restricted control panel access with ZENworks.

26 Jul 2000
Speeding up Distribution of a Large App (tip)
Ever wonder why it takes so long time to distribute a large application to a workstation? Well, sometimes it's caused by the workstation running a realtime virus-killer.

26 Jul 2000
Standardization of Desktops in an Enterprise Environment (feature)
This article gives a quick overview of the concepts and benefits of standardization of desktops in an enterprise. The scenarios are based on an existing multi-desktop environment with no standard, or limited standards, in place. Implementation will use the Novell operating system and ZENworks.

19 Jul 2000
Deleting Workstation Inventory Info from Database (tip)
I have found the command that Novell uses in NWAdmin to delete the workstation inventory information from the inventory database.

19 Jul 2000
Tuning the Inventory Database (trench)
This is the Sybase switch info on how to tune an ASA602 Database. This will help anyone who's perhaps the merest bit confused by the Inventory Database (lots of you, judging from our mail). Tim is currently working on a project in the UK producing a reporting tool for the ZENworks inventory (ZEN 2 and ZfD3), about which we'll be telling you more in the future.

17 Jul 2000
ZenLink (tool)
Use ZEN Objects with NSBS 5.1.

12 Jul 2000
The Basics of File Rights in ZENworks 2 (feature)
When people first get started with ZENworks, they often are confused about how to grant file rights to users so they can launch or install certain app objects. Here's how you do it.

12 Jul 2000
Tracking App Installs With the .ini File (feature)
I noticed a tip from David Pontius about using a textfile as a logfile. I have been using a better method, the .ini file.

12 Jul 2000
Using REGREAD to make Macros (trench)
Though there is no way to read the value of a registry key with NAL, I was looking for other solutions. Think I found a very useful one in co-operation with the Win9x 3.0x & NT4.5 or greater clients.

30 Jun 2000
App Objects for Dialup Users (tip)
So that dialup users don't miss out on the benefits of NAL delivered applications, I devised a simple way to allow this. Basically you put together a CD with the application object source and make a copy of the app object in the tree.

30 Jun 2000
Clearing off the Local Drives (trench)
Just completed a Visual Basic program that would be swell for those of you out there in School Administration LANd searching for a way to clear everything off your local drives for the summer. Designed with the average Teacher or Secretary in mind, the GUI is self explanatory and intuitive.

23 Jun 2000
Auto-Installation of NetWare 5.0 SP5 using ZENworks for Servers 1.0 (feature)
If you're using ZENworks for Servers 1.0, and you want to apply the latest NetWare 5.0 Support Pack (SP5), you're going to love this. If you were the guy who talked the bosses into buying ZfS, you're about to become a local hero.

23 Jun 2000
Installing NetShield with ZENworks for Servers (feature)
ZENworks for Servers (ZfS) includes a server software installation component called Server Software Packages (SSP). This article is not designed to cover the full feature set of the SSP, but will walk you through installing NetShield using the Server Software Package feature of ZfS.

22 Jun 2000
Updating McAfee, Part 3 (tip)
Mark Whitney sent this nicely detailed solution to the persistent problem of how to best update the DAT files for McAfee VirusScan for NT. This is the third solution to this problem that we've received so far, and it shows once again that there are many ways to skin this particular cat

14 Jun 2000
Accessing a URL from Anywhere (tip)
I discovered this one when I had to find a way to access certain pages on our intranet site from within our SAP ERP systems, while using all kinds of different browsers.

14 Jun 2000
Disable (tool)
Remove the Start button on login and disable the ctrl-alt-del and ctrl-alt-esc buttons.

7 Jun 2000
Installing Multiple Versions of MS Office (trench)
I started recently at an office that has a mishmash of versions of MS Office 97. Some have no SR install, some have SR-1. Most machines have Windows 95, a few have Windows NT. We are about to roll out ZENworks and the first big project is to get all machines up to the same version of MS Office 97. As part of this project, about 35-40% of the machines will be replaced with "clean" Windows NT machines with no MS Office installed whatsoever.

7 Jun 2000
Access to One Printer Only (tip)
This may be of interest to people who use NalWin32 as a replacement shell for Windows Explorer, who want to give a user access to only a particular printer window.

31 May 2000
Configuring ZENworks for Desktops 2 with NetWare Cluster Services (feature)
If you want to ensure all the services provided by ZENworks for Desktops 2 (ZfD) are highly available at all times, NetWare Cluster Services is the way to go. For example, you may be using ZfD primarily to push software updates out to all your users. If it is important to you that software updates occur even during planned or unplanned server hardware or software outages, you should consider implementing NetWare Cluster Services.

24 May 2000
Displaying Only Specific Drives (tip)
I thought your readers would like to know how I am enhancing Windows policies with ZEN. I am the network engineer for a small school system. I am using NAL as the shell in our labs. However, one thing I needed was a way to display certain drives and not others. For example, I wanted the students to have access to the A drive and H (their home directory). Here's how I do it.

17 May 2000
Finding Out Who DIDN'T Get the App (tip)
If you would like to be able to run a report as to what workstations DIDN'T get certain application objects installed on them, this one's for you.

16 May 2000
APP-ASSI (tool)
Distribute applications, copy directories and grant directory rights to many servers.

10 May 2000
Naming a Computer after the Login Name (tip)
Ever want to name the computer's name equal to the user's login name. Here's how you do it.

10 May 2000
Converting Static IP to DHCP on Win NT (trench)
We've had a number of questions about how to convert workstations from a static IP address to a DHCP address. Here are some ideas for Windows NT.

10 May 2000
Security in the Schools, Part 2 (trench)
One of our most popular hot topics is how to secure computer labs in schools. The original Security in the Schools article, which is a work in progress we add to as we get new solutions from people, has spawned this one, focused on keeping the Win 98 My Documents folder from providing a back door to all the directories you'd rather keep hidden.

10 May 2000
ZENworks for Desktops really proves its worth in global information emergencies like the recent spread of the ILOVEYOU virus. In the first few hours of a virus, before the antivirus patches become available, ZENworks can help you keep bailing the water out of the boat. And once the patches come out, ZENworks helps you distribute them quickly and efficiently. (And there is nothing more satisfying than walking past the CEO's office after you've saved the day.)

3 May 2000
Scheduler for the Inventory Storer Tool (feature)
This NetBasic script-based tool schedules the Inventory Storer at specified days of the week and time. The Inventory Storer transmits the inventory information to the inventory database. In cases of huge volume of data, heavy network traffic, or over a WAN network, Novell recommends scheduling the Inventory Storer at times when the network traffic is low.

2 May 2000
Distributing Lotus Notes (trench)
Several readers have requested ideas for distributing Lotus Notes via ZENworks for Desktops. We posed the question to the Cool Solutions community on April 26, 2000, and were blown away by the inventive and ingenious ways you guys have approached this problem.

26 Apr 2000
Making a Sticky User ID in Client 3.2 (tip)
As some of you may have noticed, whenever you install/upgrade to Client 3.2 for W95/98 the user who installed it will keep showing up in the login ID field. It doesn't remember the user ID of the last person to login. Here's the fix, but it requires you to edit the registry.

26 Apr 2000
Replace Spaces in Environment Variables (trench)
Had a little problem the other day where someone wanted to redirect users' drive mappings into text files using something like:
map > %username%.txt
but it wasn't working because some of the 'username' environment variables had spaces in them, and you can imagine what problems that caused! Here is a workaround.

19 Apr 2000
Running Software Without the CD (tip)
Regarding the question of how to run software without the CD present. I work at a local private school, and we have run into this problem time and time again. Here's what we do.

19 Apr 2000
Keeping Smut off the Wallpaper (trench)
Mike is a student employee at Buena Vista University. They are currently running a campus network on Novell 5 supporting over 1400 students and around 250 staff and faculty on an estimated 400-500 machines campus-wide. They primarily run Windows - the majority of which are still on Win95. In some instances the students were changing the wallpaper to images that were, well, not appropriate for public display. (Imagine...) But not for long, thanks to this nifty idea.

19 Apr 2000
Saving Techs from Rebooting (tip)
There is a strong sentiment amongst our readers that PC Technicians shouldn't do any more than they have to, to get apps installed on the machines of the world's teeming endusers. We, of course, heartily agree, since that is the whole raison d'etre for ZENworks. Here are some thoughts about saving Techs from having to reboot a system when they are installing apps.

12 Apr 2000
Appending to a Win NT Registry Entry (trench)
It seems some of you have devised tricky ways to stick extra things onto registry entries, rather than having to create new ones.

6 Apr 2000
Quick Remote Actions 2 (tool)
Fast access to the Remote Management features of ZENworks.

5 Apr 2000
Making a Toggle Switch (trench)
David is a Desktop Advisor at Macquarie Bank Limited in Sydney, Australia. Mark Poole of our Board of Review had the following comment about this cool solution: "This is a great suggestion on how to make ZEN into a toggle switch for any project, not just the one mentioned here. It is these kinds of "now why didn't I think of that?" ideas that makes Cool Solutions such a useful site." Thanks, David!

5 Apr 2000
Remote Access to Restricted User's PC (tip)
Recently someone Asked the Experts about a problem gaining access remotely to certain Windows features such as the Network Control Panel when the users have restrictions enforced. We have done the following to allow our help desk staff to remotely access a restricted user's PC to change network settings through the Network Control Panel.

5 Apr 2000
Policy Problems 101 (feature)
User Policies continue to befuddle lots of readers, so we turned to Mark Poole from our Board of Review to create a checklist that could be used for troubleshooting or planning. Thanks, Mark!

3 Apr 2000
Fighting the 911 Virus (trench)
In case you haven't seen it yet, be aware of the new 911 Virus. Here's the scoop from the SANS Institute:

27 Mar 2000
Optimizing ZENworks in a Production Environment (trench)
Here it is. As promised at BrainShare 2000?those easy administration tips you saw in the Optimizing ZENworks in a Production Environment presentation.

24 Mar 2000
Tracking App Installation (ZEN 1.1) (tip)
Want to track where your app has been installed? Try this tip.

24 Mar 2000
Forcing Users to Accept an App (trench)
How to make an application forced run after the user has declined the prompt after X number of times

24 Mar 2000
Eliminate Duplicate Names (trench)
To eliminate duplicate names on our network, I created an app object to change the computer name. I did this by snAppShotting the 95 machine with one name. Then I changed the workstation name again and finished the snAppShot process.

15 Mar 2000
Troubleshooting SNMP Application Logging (trench)
There are many steps to ensuring SNMP Application Reporting will work properly. This document will try to provide an explanation of that process, helpful implementation tips, and troubleshooting steps that may assist you in making sure it works properly and as designed.

8 Mar 2000
Distributing to Laptops (or Desktops) Only (tip)
An on-going brainbuster is the question of how best to distribute an application only to laptops, or only to desktops. This is a tricky one. To be able to add this option to the System Requirements, the engineers need a fool-proof way to distinguish a laptop from a desktop. Several people have sent in some great suggestions, and here they are.

8 Mar 2000
Tiered Electronic Distribution (TED): Improving Information Dissemination (feature)
Updating the servers can present an ongoing challenge in some systems. You can distribute SSPs by burning them to a CD; the disk can then be mailed to each location where an update is required. If you need to update your servers only occasionally, if you need to update only a handful of them, or if your bandwidth limitations restrict the size of distribution you can reasonably send, this method of distribution may be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you require that updates be performed on a regular basis or to a large number of servers, Tiered Electronic Distribution (TED) is the perfect solution. It's part of the new ZENworks for Servers, and looks to be a tremendous time-saver for lots of you. Here's an excellent discussion of how TED works, from Product Manager Rick Cox.

8 Mar 2000
Conditional Application Distribution using Fault Tolerance (trench)
Novell's Application Launcher software contains a flexible solution for handling distribution problems through its Fault Tolerance features. Here is why and how the Fault Tolerance feature can be helpful in other situations, too

8 Mar 2000
Leap Day Problems (trench)
The rule laid down by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 is that leap years are those that are divisible by four. His seemingly inocuous pronouncement that the Century years are only leap years if they are also divisible by 400 has screwed things up for some of us. This is what can happen when you stray away from simple math and start with the arbitrary conditions

1 Mar 2000
Understanding the Microsoft Office 2000 Installer (feature)
This is an extremely useful discussion of the Office 2000 Installer, which will help you to utilize ZENworks distribution to the fullest. If you ever plan to use Office 2000 and ZENworks together, you won't want to miss this one, from the zenworksMASTER himself.

1 Mar 2000
Controlling Internet Access with ZENworks (trench)
We use ZENworks to enable or disable the proxy settings in Internet Explorer 4.x and 5. Basically if you are a member of the IEAUTH Group, you get the settings for the firewall, if not you don't. If you login behind someone who was authorized, it removes the settings.

28 Feb 2000
Fill in Forms with NDS data Using NDS-Enabled Office (feature)
NDS-Enabled Office is a convenient and practical utility that allows you to provide your users with standard forms and documents that will automatically be filled in with data from their NDS objects.

23 Feb 2000
WAppAss 1.0 (trench)
The motivation for writing this program is that I'm part of a team which manages fairly large networks, and the process of associating NAL objects in a lot of containers can take considerable time in our setup (WAN lines, NAL containers lying in every container etc., etc.) and every time something was changed, we had to fix the batch files as well, whoa nightmare.

23 Feb 2000
Automatically purge files on a volume with ZENworks for Servers (tip)
The ZENworks for Servers (ZfS) Script policy adds functionality to ZfS with NCF files, Perl scripts, and NetBasic scripts. Using an NCF file and a useful Novell tool, Toolbox, you can automate volume purges on any server managed by ZfS.

9 Feb 2000
Difference Between Desktop and Laptop (Windows NT) (tip)
Here's an idea from Trevor in Canada, in response to several musings about a way to easily detect the difference between a desktop and a laptop.

9 Feb 2000
Checking Log Files (trench)
Since you were kind enough to advertise my diagnostic tool, I thought you might also like another quick and dirty one which I've put together. Someone wanted to check (text) log files for the last occurrence of an event, which was reported a few lines after the trigger event. The attached program scans through a number of files, finds a specific string, then outputs a specified number of lines to another file.

9 Feb 2000
ZENworks for Servers Q&A (feature)
ZENworks for Servers is a product in the Novell ZENworks product family. It provides automated server management with policies and fan-out distribution. From a single point of administration, you can automate standardized server configurations and distribute and install server software to any server in your NDS tree. Come find out more about it.

2 Feb 2000
Updating Office SRs using ZEN (trench)
Just would like to comment on the Tip you guys had some weeks ago about setting up ZEN 2 to update Office SRs. The suggestion was good but that was if you were in a perfect world. My company seems to break all the rules in networking.

2 Feb 2000
Using ZENworks to Distribute the Microsoft Windows Installer (feature)
Using ZENworks, you can push out the Windows Installer by itself prior to installing any Windows Installer compliant applications (ex. Office 2000). In addition, you can use ZENworks application objects to toggle the registry keys on and off to enable and disable elevated privileges as desired on your target workstations.

28 Jan 2000
NDS Tools You've Been Clamoring For (tip)
Here are some tools so fresh the paint is still wet on them. They utilize some of Netoria's very popular product technologies and features, particularly SFLogin and SFLock. A Valentine's gift to you, from the Client team.

26 Jan 2000
Updating McAfee, Part 5 (tip)
This is the fifth solution to the problem of how to distribute McAfee Updates.

25 Jan 2000
Using ZEN to convert from Static IP to DHCP (trench)
Following you will find the contents of an AXT file that we use here at the Federal Court of Canada to change workstation IP information. This is required at times as a computer may go out from our principal office to a regional office with the wrong network information.

19 Jan 2000
Requirements and Limitations of ZENworks 2 Inventory (feature)
This is a part of an excellent overview/cheat sheet called ZENworks 2 TechNotes, that answers many of the questions this very experienced Systems Engineer has been asked about ZENworks 2. Since we've had so many questions about Inventory, we thought you might like to see Dan's notes about it, in case he gives a quick answer to that weird question that's been bugging you. Consider this a free visit with one of the best.

19 Jan 2000
Adding Sound to your App Installs (trench)
Make your application installs a bit fun and informative. Use the Launch and Distribution scripts to add some sound to your delivery.

19 Jan 2000
Turning off your default printers (till you want them) (NetWare 5.1) (tip)
You've been in this boat: you fire up your machine, don't authenticate, but then because of your printer settings, you get a couple of login prompts (Office 2000 is really bad about this). Well, it turns out that in the NetWare 5.1 clients, there are some registry settings that you can manually create that will make it so that your default printers don't try to authenticate to NDS until you try to print. For mobile users this is very nice.

12 Jan 2000
Distributing NWADMIN95 (tip)
We've had some questions about how to use a snAppShot to distribute NWADMIN95. Here's how Tommy does it in Denmark.

12 Jan 2000
Importing an Edited AXT File (trench)
In dealing with a lot of applications, I found that it's easier to import a "corrected" AXT file, than to import whatever the snAppShot gives you, and edit the NDS object later.

5 Jan 2000
Y2K Oddities (trench)
Hey. We're still here. So far, your reports of oddities have been pretty tame, mostly focused on the date appearing incorrectly on harmless e-mails from Novell. (Oops...) Sounds like you all did your job before the Big Day, so the Big Day was just another day. Good work, guys.

4 Jan 2000
Solving Dr.Watson after ZEN 2 Upgrade (tip)
We recently upgraded to ZEN 2.0. We started noticing select computers with a Dr. Watson on Explorer.exe after ZEN launched. Here's how we fixed it.

4 Jan 2000
Solving the Disappearing Icons (Win 3.11) (trench)
There aren't that many organisations still using Windows 3.11 (aka Windows for Workgroups) but a recent customer of mine is going for Zen 1.1 with NAL in a big Windows 3.11 environment. I thought this rare nugget might be of use to us poor sods still working with old technology.

22 Dec 1999
Changing Text Files (tip)
Alert reader David Mitchell had a much cooler solution than ours, and we stand happily corrected. This is why we love the Cool Solutions Community. Together, we get it right.

22 Dec 1999
Handling Large Recurring Updates (ZEN 1.1) (trench)
A software package is distributed to all users. At a later date, the vendor produces a service pack. The service pack can be distributed to all users with an additional icon. The user can become confused about the icon, or may use the "verify" option on the original icon. This may "undo" the service pack or worse, produce a mix of DLL files that causes the software package to not work at all. Here's a way around the problem.

15 Dec 1999
Disabling part of a Roaming Profile (trench)
Disabling part of the roaming profile using a custom NT System Policy

15 Dec 1999
Capturing Printers Using Policies (tip)
Using ZEN 1.1 w NetWare 4.11 Client 3.10 for Win95 we were unable to capture net printers using an added action within a WS Policy. The capture would seemingly run as the User Logged in but the capture would not hold. Here's the fix.

8 Dec 1999
Configuring and Troubleshooting Workstation Association (feature)
In the ZENworks 2 release of Application Management (ZAM), one of the largest new features is what we call Workstation Association. This feature extends all of ZAM's capabilities (distribution, copying files, registry setting, INI file editing, text files editing, etc.) to a Workstation using the workstation object and workstation connection to NDS provided by Novell Workstation Manager.

8 Dec 1999
Killing Games on NT workstations (trench)
If you are tired of deleting games or don't want to use run restrictions to prevent users from running games here is a neat workaround.

1 Dec 1999
Workaround for WinNT Custom Folders problem (tip)
About one to two months ago I struck a problem when trying to install applications from a snAppShot. I have found the cause AND the fix.

24 Nov 1999
Table Sorting in the UK (tip)
I believe I have found a solution which has been bugging me for ages and might be of use to other users out there who use Office 95/97 and also had the A4 default printing problem which I had when I first implemented ZEN at the beginning of the year.

24 Nov 1999
The Basics of Pre-Install (feature)
Pre-install is a mechanism whereby an administrator (admin) can have software pushed to a workstation/user prior to the actual use or request to use the software. For example: the admin is rolling out Office 97 to all workstations in the enterprise, and wants the majority of the distribution to be done without the user having to wait for it to happen. By using the pre-install feature, the administrator can configure the pre-installation of the application to happen late at night. The next day, when the user runs one of the Office 97 applications, the only distribution done is the user-specific portions. This makes the launching of the application quick and requires no reboot at that point. Pre-install can be thought of as a specialized force-run/distribution mechanism.

24 Nov 1999
Installing mIRC on a NetWare server (trench)
Marjan Savli is a cool reader from Slovenia. Marjan recently sent us this outstanding solution for using ZENworks to distribute the popular Internet Relay Chat program called mIRC.

17 Nov 1999
Upgrading Clients in Win NT 4.0 (tip)
I'd like to pass along my solution to upgrading clients.

17 Nov 1999
Inventory Basics (feature)
Hardware and software inventory management is one of the prime reasons people buy ZENworks. Companies tend to have a lot of capital invested in these assets, and expect the IT manager to keep careful track of it. But it's a complex task to set up everything properly, and it generates quite a few questions when people first begin to use it. We thought it would be a good addition to our Basics section if we had an expert shine some light on the subject. Here's an excellent piece from the ZENworksmaster himself, Gary Busby.

10 Nov 1999
Hiding the Folders (tip)
I run Nalexpld, which doesn't give you the Windows Explorer look of all the NAL objects. Lot cleaner.

10 Nov 1999
Security in the Schools (trench)
We recently published a couple of Q&As (reprinted below) about how to prevent students from accessing the Internet or playing games when they're supposed to be doing computer assignments. Since this is such a hot topic for so many of you who do daily battle in the school computer labs, we invited school admins to share their tips and tricks. Here's what we've got so far.

3 Nov 1999
Group Association of Policy Packages (tip)
This entry won the Reader's Choice Award, the grand prize of the ZENworks Tip Contest in 1999. This entry was also awarded 2nd-prize by the judges in a very close race. Patrice is an Escalation Engineer in the Novell European Support Center.

3 Nov 1999
Printer Configuration Window in NT 4.0 (tip)
This entry was awarded 3rd-prize by the judges of the ZENworks Tip Contest in 1999. Paul is a support engineer in the Novell EMEA Premium Services Department in Bracknell, UK.

3 Nov 1999
Getting Excessive Tree Walking with ZENworks and don't know why? (tip)
This entry was awarded 1st Prize by the judges of the ZENworks Tip Contest. Peter is a Technical Support Engineer in EMEA - NTS, Netherlands.

3 Nov 1999
Performing ZENworks Remote Management Based on Usernames (trench)
After playing around a few times with ZENworks 1.0 Full Release, shortly after its release, I quickly thought it would be very practical to have faster access to Remote Control by performing this new function based on usernames instead of workstation names. It took me a while (ZENworks 2 was already released) to start working on a self-made solution. Now that I've taken up the challenge, I'm able to proudly present my new-born tool: Quick Remote Actions.

27 Oct 1999
AppNote: Using Novell ZENworks in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (appnote)
This AppNote describes how to use Novell ZENworks to distribute the Berkeley SETI@Home software used as part of the SETI project in the search for evidence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

27 Oct 1999
Danger When Testing for Y2K (tip)
Testing Y2K? Just lately a lot of people have been getting themselves in deep doo-doo by testing stuff in their production environment. Memorize this, and chant it every morning in your team meeting: YEAR 2000 READY TESTING OF NOVELL PRODUCTS SHOULD BE DONE IN A TEST ENVIRONMENT ONLY, NOT IN A LIVE PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT.

27 Oct 1999
Make a Customized GroupWise Address Book (trench)
Tommy Mikkelsen of KD Data in Denmark shares his smooth method for giving your GroupWise users a customized address book.

20 Oct 1999
Updating McAfee, Part 4 (tip)
Tommy Carter has come up with yet another solution for the ever-present McAfee upgrade problem.

18 Oct 1999
Using SetForce to Manage Profiles (trench)
Peter Spiby has created a program that can help you prevent registry errors, and clear out profile clutter from hard drives that are used by lots of different people.

13 Oct 1999
Running Apps Sequentially (tip)
Herman Verhoeven from Belgium sent the following sneaky way to run one application after another, without using the toolkit.

13 Oct 1999
NALTEST (trench)
Victor Markwart, another one of the brilliant Aussies we continue to meet on this site, sent us this outstanding diagnostic tool which reports on environment variables, command line parameters, UNC connections, etc. It's tailor-made for testing NAL. This could end up being one of your favorites.

13 Oct 1999
ZEN 2 Application Management Tool Kit (feature)
You asked for it, you got it. The famous App Launcher Tool Kit has now been updated so it works with ZENworks 2. This thing is packed with nineteen handy (free) tools that will automate and speed many of the application management tasks you will be performing regularly.

6 Oct 1999
Using Scheduled Events to Import Workstations (tip)
David Reimers, a ZENworks and Check2000 consultant, sent this nifty tip about using scheduled events for registering and importing workstations.

29 Sep 1999
Distributing Printers Icon (trench)
Prakash Sakya, Australia, sent another solution to distributing the Printers icon to a locked down desktop. He has been using Novell Application Launcher since Ver 1.1 and says they do almost everything using NAL in their office.

29 Sep 1999
GPEXPORT 1.0 (feature)
Many users have expressed the desire to be able to export the inventory data from the Sybase database into a common, well-known format, so that 3rd-party tools can be used to create reports from this data. GPExport 1.0 is the answer. GPExport will allow for the exporting of data into a comma-delimited format for the purpose of importing the data into other tools such as spreadsheets, databases or word processors.

22 Sep 1999
MakeAXT (tool)
Use Perl script to produce an .axt from an entire directory structure .

22 Sep 1999
The Readers Have Spoken (feature)
Thanks to all of you who voted, we now have a Reader's Choice winner in the ZENworks Tip Contest.

22 Sep 1999
Making an AXT from an entire directory (trench)
Mark Poole, our favorite expert on ZENworks in a school setting, sent us this splendid little beauty. It's a Perl script that will produce an .axt from an entire directory structure. Bet you can think of ways to use that, hmmm?

22 Sep 1999
Copy if Newer (tip)
We've recently pushed out the Windows 95 Y2K operating system patch using ZENworks. Soon afterward, we began having problems with workstations locking up. Here's what we found.

15 Sep 1999
Pad your System Requirements (tip)
Cool Reader Sande Nissen sent the following little tip about padding your system requirements in case some of your computers are secretly stealing memory.

15 Sep 1999
Application Launcher Software Metering (feature)
Novell's Application Launcher provides an easy, effective way to meter and track software license use. Come find out all about how to install and use it.

15 Sep 1999
Workaround for NT Client Install Bug (trench)
Peter Rowlinson sends this heads up about a bug he found during a ZEN Client install. He hopes it will prove useful to others, and save some of you a Support call.

8 Sep 1999
Renaming .fil extensions (trench)
Ron Reece, an analyst at the McLaren Health Care Corporation, sent the following timesaver From the Trenches.

8 Sep 1999
Integrating Icons and Start Menu (tip)
Nigel Noble sent the following cool tip.

1 Sep 1999
Sorting out the Win 98 Start Menu (trench)
Daniel Roemer from Novell Consulting in Chicago, sent us this heads up of a cool utility that was offered in PC Magazine. He created the files as outlined in the magazine, and has run them successfully on every machine that he tested. He sent along the files for your convenience. Thanks, Daniel.

1 Sep 1999
ZEN 2 Inventory Database Schema (feature)
This document provides information about the schema of the ZENworks Inventory database. To follow this document effectively, you should be familiar with terminology like CIM (Common Information Model) and DMI (Desktop Management Interface). You should also have a solid understanding of RDBMS and database concepts

1 Sep 1999
Updating McAfee, Part 2 (tip)
Here's a tip from cool reader Dan Sobel.

25 Aug 1999
Using Policies to Lock Lab Machines (feature)
One concern we've seen a lot is from people with lab environments who want to use ZEN policies to secure their workstations. However, they're afraid that when students log onto their own PCs in their rooms, presumably to study, they will find their personal machines are locked down as well. Here's a tip from One Who Knows, our favorite university admin expert

25 Aug 1999
The Basics of Creating and Importing an AOT File (feature)
An Application Object Template (AOT) file makes the job of distributing applications to your users' workstations very simple. It contains the details of what is required for the application to be installed. The file is a record of all the registry entries to be added, all the files to be copied, and all the changes to be made in the .INI files and system text files (autoexec.bat and config.sys). It contains everything the Application Launcher needs to be able to distribute the application to a workstation.

18 Aug 1999
Must-haves in your Custom Install (tip)
Want to do a custom install, but make sure that you have all that you need to use Remote Control? This is a fairly common scenario, and we found some excellent tips on this from a consultant in one of the Support Forums.

18 Aug 1999
Seven Things to Check if your Policy Packages Won't Download (feature)
Having trouble with Policy Packages not downloading? This is a hot issue right now, both in our e-mail, and in the Customer Support area. Here are seven handy troubleshooting suggestions, based on the TID that has been most successful in helping people troubleshoot this problem.

18 Aug 1999
Ghostbusters Part 5 (trench)
Here's another idea about machine re-imaging from a cool reader. Gov Maharaj, a network consultant in Alberta, Canada, sends this very creative solution for people who have a computer lab where they need to Ghost multiple machines, and don't want to rework the machine-specific information after every Ghosting.

12 Aug 1999
Office 2000 and ZENworks: A Dynamic Duo of Distribution (feature)
Editor's Note: This has been a very popular article, and Tim continues to receive responses from readers with questions that occur to them as they implement this solution. He has graciously been providing answers to the main questions that are posed, and you'll find them near the end of the article in a special section

11 Aug 1999
Getting your Admin$ shares back (tip)
Lost your ADMIN$ share, and need it for remote NT administration? This has happened to several readers. Some of them have even tried to resort to snAppShotting the reinstallation of this share, to no avail. Not to worry. Here's the skinny.

11 Aug 1999
Re-imaging an NT PC from an icon (feature)
Russell Moore sent this creative solution that allows you to re-image a PC (running Windows NT) from an icon in App Launcher. When the image is done, the PC will remember its old name and reassociate itself with its workstation object. Nifty, huh? It's not for the faint of heart, but it's wonderful if you're up to it. Thanks, Russell.

2 Aug 1999
Restoring Settings on Student Lab Computers (trench)
David Ruwoldt, Systems Specialist, Information Technology Services, University of Adelaide, sent this cool solution to a question we addressed in a Q&A awhile back. The question was: How can I reset the computers in my training lab to restore the original Windows settings after the students have changed them? Here's how he does it, down in Aussie land.

2 Aug 1999
Bring Up a Control Panel Printer Window without the Start Menu (feature)
Want to bring up a Control Panel Printer Window without using the Start Menu or Control Panel? This has been the subject of a couple of letters. Here's how you do it.

2 Aug 1999
How to do an ACU using NCIMAN (feature)
Wonder how you can easily upgrade everyone to the newest Client on Win95/NT/98? Wonder no more. Here is a dandy step-by-step guide to doing an Automatic Client Upgrade (ACU) using NCIMAN.EXE, so you do not have to go to each workstation physically and install the Client. You'll even be able to set install options without user intervention. This is a fine example of the essence of ZEN-ing: you let your fingers do the walking while you sit back in air-conditioned majesty, far from the madding crowd

30 Jul 1999
What's in the Tool Kit? (feature)
Here's a short description of the tools contained in the ZENworks Application Management Tool Kit. They have saved people unmeasurable vexation by making certain tasks much easier to perform. And, to add to your pleasure, they're all free.

28 Jul 1999
Saving Time with App Launcher: One Guy's Story (feature)
We recently rolled out a product called EMPAC, which is an enterprise class client-server application used by our facilities management department. Without App Launcher (aka NAL), this project would have taken much longer, and some of what we did would effectively have been impossible. This is a comparison of how things went on the major project tasks, and how they would have gone without App Launcher. We were using ZEN 1.1

21 Jul 1999
Filtering Apps by Processor Speed (tip)
Some applications are only suitable for fast machines. Right? Take, for example, Office 2000. You probably don't want to distribute it to Pentiums with 66 Mhz, but you do want to get it to all your Pentiums with 120 Mhz. If you ever need to filter your applications so they will only be available on workstations whose processor is a specific speed, read on. NAL engineer Matt Brooks offers this snazzy tip for how to do this using Windows NT System Requirements.

21 Jul 1999
Granting NT Admin Authority to Users (trench)
Craig Wilson from the US Navy offers this creative approach to letting other people do admin tasks on a locked-down NT workstation. The kicker? His method lets them do their tasks whenever they jolly well feel like it, not at a specific time using workstation manager. Which is apparently an important edge in an organization like Craig's, where Rank Hath Brig-throwing Privileges. Here's what he does.

21 Jul 1999
The Basics of Auto-verify (feature)
Auto-verify is a feature Application Launcher has offered since version 2.5. In essence, Auto-verify gives App Launcher the ability to offer a prompt to the user asking if they wish to ?Verify' the installation of the application. This is particularly useful when you want to re-distribute an application that may have been damaged, but you want to let the user choose the time for the re-distribution to take place.

9 Jul 1999
Hiding Drive C, Part 2 (trench)
Here's another idea about hiding drive C from NT users, this time from cool reader Matt Paulsen.

9 Jul 1999
Office97 Service Pack Updates and ZENworks 2 (feature)
Recently we were given a moment's notice to come up with a quick solution to a fairly common problem. We needed a way to check for the current version of MS Office 97 on any selected machine, and make available the appropriate Service Pack for that machine using an App Object in NDS. Microsoft currently has two service packs for Office 97 and they are required to be installed in a specific order. We found that with some of the new features in ZENworks 2.0 this task would be simple!

7 Jul 1999
Using ZEN to run ScanDisk on an Enterprise Scale (trench)
Mark Poole, our ever-helpful ZEN power user from James Madison University, sent along this explanation of how he uses ZENworks Workstation Management to schedule ScanDisk to run unattended on an enterprise scale.

7 Jul 1999
Updating McAfee for NT Users (tip)
Ronald Pitts contributed this very useful tip for people updating McAfee for NT.

30 Jun 1999
Watch Out for %CN% if you use Other Names (feature)
Here's a very useful tip from Dave S., IS Design Team, Transco, UK. Tuck this away for future troubleshooting forays.

30 Jun 1999
Setting up ZENworks 2 Reporting (feature)
Here's what you need to know to set up and configure reporting, so you can use this powerful tool to keep track of application deployment in your system.

25 Jun 1999
Associating apps with specific workstations using ZEN 1.1 (trench)
Frequent-contributor Daniel Stricharz, our very creative ZEN guru from the Faculty of Law, University of Wuerzburg, Germany, sent this excellent solution that shows you how to use pre-launch scripts to associate applications to workstations. Even though this functionality is available in the ZEN 2 release, Daniel's tool will let you do it using ZEN 1.1, so you can have this convenience before you are able to upgrade. This guy is certifiably cool.

23 Jun 1999
Sorting out the ZEN Version Differences (feature)
Lots of folks have written us lately asking for a succinct list of what's in the different versions of ZENworks. We agree it is a bit confusing, and that will never do. Here's a little bonus article outlining the main differences between the ZENworks Starter Pack, ZENworks 1.1, and the newest version: ZENworks 2.0.

18 Jun 1999
Convert Win95 machines from Static IP to DHCP (trench)
Jonathan F., has created a slick tool that will let you convert a Win95 computer from static IP to DHCP. It promises to save lots of shoeleather and administrator-grief. Which is, of course, the very definition of a ZENworks cool solution, and our complete raison d'etre.

17 Jun 1999
Using ZENworks to fight the ExploreZip.worm (trench)
Since ZENworks is a very effective tool in combatting such infections, we placed an Open Call in the Community for people to share their combat experiences.

15 Jun 1999
What's New in ZENworks 2? (feature)
Wondering exactly what goodies you'll find in ZENworks 2? You're not alone. Ever since the product was announced we've had a steady stream of reader mail asking for a peek at the entire feature list. If you've been keeping up with the weekly Q&A you'll know a lot of the things that will be available in ZENworks 2. And we've already run an article on the new Application Launcher features. But there's nothing like seeing everything in one place, now is there? So grab a Dr Pepper, put up your feet, and take a look at what's in store.

14 Jun 1999
Guide to NAL 2.01 (tool)
Administrator's Guide for using Novell Application Launcher (NAL) 2.01

11 Jun 1999
Ghostbusters, Part 4 (trench)
Doug B. of Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, offers this new spin on the machine re-imaging (Ghosting) ideas we've shared over the past few months in From The Trenches. This is the latest in a series of outstanding Community contributions about machine re-imaging

9 Jun 1999
Making NT users See the Same Desktop (tip)
Want to make sure all your NT users see the same desktop? Desktop uniformity certainly makes it easier for you to troubleshoot when things go wrong. Well, it's a cinch using NT profiles. Basically, you just create an NT user policy that contains the profiles you want to enforce, and then associate all the users to it.

4 Jun 1999
Hiding Drive C from NT Users (trench)
Russell M. has a cool solution to a problem we lamely attempted to address in a Q&A: How to hide Drive C from users on NT machines. This is a great example of how this community is supposed to work. We can't possibly know everything, so we do our best, and rely on everyone in the community to supply things they've learned in the School of Hard Knocks. So read this, and if you can shed additional light, by all means, chime in. And thank Russell if you see him.

3 Jun 1999
User Shortcuts with the Novell Client for Windows (feature)
Novell Client for Windows is the software that enables you to log in to the network. That's about all it does, right? Well, no, not really. The client includes some features that can actually make your day-to-day job easier. I'm not talking about technical stuff like configuration settings and optimization and other under-the-hood gizmos. I mean, there are doodads right there on the dashboard that make it easier to get where you're going on the network.

27 May 1999
Ghost Busters III (trench)
This is another cool ghosting solution, this time from two smart network administrators from Erasmus University Rotterdam. As you can see, there are many creative ways to do things in this business. Which, it seems to us, makes it more of an art than a science, and more fun than work.

26 May 1999
Reducing Waxy Buildup (tip)
I noted that one of the questions being discussed was the build up of user profiles on the NT workstations. We had this problem too. The way we dealt with the issue was as follows.

26 May 1999
Saving Shoeleather with ZENworks (trench)
Jari H., a systems specialist for Genencor, International, explains how he uses ZENworks to reduce the amount of walking and driving he has to do to take care of two hundred workstations at two manufacturing plants.

26 May 1999
Making INI changes that won't crash your system (tip)
Here's an important Heads Up about how to avoid a problem we've seen from a couple of people lately. This was a tough one to troubleshoot, but it's a cinch to prevent. It has to do with adding and removing values from SYSTEM.INI, and if it hasn't bitten you yet, you can chalk it up to pure dumb luck.

26 May 1999
Integrating Thin-Client Servers with NDS and ZENworks (feature)
The integration of Novell products such as NDS and ZENworks with the thin-Client servers satisfies the desires of both network administrators and end-users. End-users get a consistent desktop wherever they are and the performance they demand. Administrators have a single tool that can be used to administer both standard desktops and thin-clients. Read all about it in this special article.

11 May 1999
Appload (tool)
Launch URLs, files, or directories through Novell Application Launcher (NAL).

6 May 1999
Intercept (tool)
Intercept program calls and show the command line parameters.

4 May 1999
Detecting a Dial-Up Connection (tip)
Did you know that Application Launcher and Application Explorer automatically detect a dial-up networking session? If such a connection is detected, the user is given the option to exit Application Launcher or continue to have Application read information from NDS.

4 May 1999
ZENworks and the Art of NDS (tip)
Welcome to the wonderful world of! is an integrated set of products for distributing and managing applications, configuring and managing workstations and Windows desktops, and remotely repairing workstation software while reducing the total cost of ownership for networked computers through the power of NDS.

4 May 1999
snAppShot Tricks for Internet Explorer 4.0 (tip)
After some very intensive testing in our secret underground testing labs, we have concluded that the Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 installation is doing a few weird and funky things that the great snAppShot tool doesn't understand (a conclusion that many of you out there in network land have also made).

4 May 1999
One Suite, Two Platforms, And a Little Registry Magic (tip)
In an earlier article we noted (but didn't solve) the issue of a font problem that occurs as a result of distributing to a mixture of Windows 95 and Windows NT boxes. By popular demand, this week's Tip shows you a little "magic" to solve that problem.

4 May 1999
Finding Out What Version You're Using (tip)
Wonder what version of ZENworks you're using, but afraid to ask? It's not such a stupid question; we've gotten several letters about this very thing. The answer is right at your fingertips, but you have to know where to look.

4 May 1999
Upgrading from NAL 2.x to ZENworks 1.0 (tip)
If you've been administering a network with the NAL 2.0 or NAL 2.01 snap-in, and are planning to upgrade to the new NAL 2.5 included in, one of your concerns might be ?What about all those I have to do them again??

4 May 1999
Updating the Secure Portion of the Registry on Windows NT (tip)
R. van Merrienboer asks: NAL doesn't work when the user has only user rights on the NT workstation. If I give the user administrator rights, there is no problem at all. But then the user has administrator rights on the NT workstation, which we don't want because of security! Do you have an explanation and solution for this problem? Yes, indeed. Read on.

4 May 1999
Using an Application Object to Re-Image a PC (trench)
I have set up an Application object that re-initializes a workstation's hard drive. After the the Application object runs and the workstation reboots, the whole hard drive is re-written with a predefined image that I've stored on the server.

4 May 1999
Remote Control Without NWADMIN (trench)
Holger Dopp, from Novell Consulting, Germany, sent us this cool tool you can use for getting Remote Control access to ZEN workstations without using NWADMIN. As he said, "I gave it already to some of our customers and they are very happy about it." No doubt, Holger. This is neato.

4 May 1999
About Them GUIDs (tip)
The GUID (for Globally Unique Identification) plays a central role in Application Launcher's software distribution process. When Application Launcher distributes an application to a workstation, it stamps the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Registry hive with a special, randomly generated number. This is how it keeps tabs on that application on that machine.

4 May 1999
Why I Love Effective Policies (feature)
A cool feature that's near and dear to my heart (because I helped engineer it) is effective policies. Now, I admit I'm not much of a writer (but I'm a darn good programmer, thank you very much), so I've asked the editors at Cool Solutions to help me write this piece. My hope is that it demonstrates the power of effective policies, or at least clears up any misunderstandings.

4 May 1999
Using ZENworks 1.0 to Distribute Microsoft Office 97 (feature)
For months we've listened to you folks ask....(or should we say beg...?) for an article about distributing MS Office 97 Application objects. Truth of the matter is that we really couldn't do this topic justice until the the unveiling of, which sports several new ?suite friendly? features. More about those in a minute

4 May 1999
NDS Design for ZENworks (feature)
Before you install, we strongly recommend that you follow a few simple guidelines to ensure that your NDS tree design is efficient and successful regardless of the type and size of your network. By following these principles, you can have confidence that the NDS tree will meet the needs of your network environment

4 May 1999
A Secure Remote Control Is a Good Remote Control (feature)
Say the word "remote control" in conjunction with "workstation" and most PC users understandably get a little nervous: "You can control my workstation?" But when it comes to making sure the power to remote control falls into the right hands, there are fewer worries with™ 1.0.

4 May 1999
How to Register a Workstation (feature)
One of the truly cool values of ZENworks is the ability to represent all those boxes on your network as objects in NDS. Stop and think about what that means for a minute: You won't have to embark on a pilgrimage to the nether regions of your company to get information about some troublesome PC. Now, with ZENworks Workstation objects, you can, from the comfort of your own office, look up a workstation's vital statistics with a few clicks in your NDS tree. Is the Directory awesome, or what?

4 May 1999
Greenwich Mean Time's Check2000 Client Server (feature)
There are two methods for installing Greenwich Mean Time's Check2000 for This article covers both of these methods.

4 May 1999
Tricking Melissa (trench)
Undoubtedly you have heard of the Melissa virus by now. Cool reader Craig B., a senior systems analyst for Winnipeg Hydro, sent Cool Solutions the following account of how he used ZENworks to protect his users from infection, and kept his mail servers from going up in flames.

4 May 1999
Tricking Melissa, Part 2 (trench)
Here's another way someone used ZENworks to combat the Melissa Virus.

4 May 1999
Distributing URLs and Documents with ZENworks App Launcher (feature)
The main purpose of the ZENworks Application Launcher is to let you distribute applications from a central point and relieve the network personnel from the burden of visiting each workstation. But why not use Application Launcher to easily distribute information over your network? It seemed obvious to me that the Application Launcher should serve as storage for links to URLs and, for example, to PDF files. But instead of delivering documents through delivered applications, I wanted to distribute web documents directly.

4 May 1999
Intercepting Program Calls (trench)
While writing a wrapper utility program, I wanted to be able to launch ZENworks Remote Control. I found that the program was WVIEWNT.EXE, but when I tried to run the program by itself, I'd receive an error message. Then I had an about if I wrote a program to "intercept" the program call and show the command line parameters being passed!

4 May 1999
NAL 2.01 Roundup (feature)
So many NAL2.01 questions have come in lately, we've rounded 'em up into this little article for your reading pleasure. Snap on your reading glasses, tilt back your chair, and prepare for some major and minor epiphanies. Here you go, straight from the horse's mouth. (The horse, in this case, is Matt Brooks, an ultra-smart guy with steely blue eyes and Donny Osmond teeth, who was one of the original cowboys who invented this thing.)

4 May 1999
Shootin' Trouble with Application Launcher/Explorer (tip)
Did you know that you have some extremely useful information just a few clicks from the Application Launcher and Application Explorer icons on your desktop? True.

4 May 1999
Using an AOT to Fix Win95 and Win98 Y2K Settings (tip)
Both Windows95 and Windows98 ship with their regional settings set for a two-digit year (as Check2000 will show you). In order to fix this, we whipped up an Application Object to take care of it. It (obviously) wasn't very hard, but it saved us from either asking the end users to do it themselves, or asking a tech to go fix 3000 computers. Here's the AXT file.

4 May 1999
Ghost Busters, Part 2 (trench)
Ben D., Sydney, Australia, wrote: Hi I am a contractor with Sydney's Department of Public Works. I have a similar solution to Henry Snyder's but, I think, a little bit cooler.

21 Apr 1999
Unregistering a Workstation (tip)
Is there a way to unregister a workstation once it has been registered and imported into NDS? Why would you want to do this? Todd Grant brings you the answers.

3 Mar 1999
AppNote Tool: Sample Files for Distributing Netscape Navigator Using ZENworks (tool)
Use ZENworks to distribute personalized copies of Netscape Navigator.

22 Feb 1999
nappP32.EXE (tool)
Launch a data file or URL using 32-bit NAL.

1 Jan 1999
NCShtDwn (tool)
Programmatically shut down Windows 95 and NT in Logoff, Shutdown, or Restart modes.

1 Jan 1999
NCWSUT32 1.15 (Jan 99) (tool)
Stage new or repaired workstation.

29 Dec 1998
ZENlog (tool)
Short paper on how to track what ZENworks installs, where and when.

14 Nov 1998
Screensaver Password AOT (tool)
Synchronize Screensaver password with NDS.

27 Oct 1998
ZENworks Replacement Logo (tool)
Replacement logo.sys file.

15 Sep 1998
ZENworks Application Management (NAL) Tool Kit (tool)
Manage ZENworks 1.x with this collection of tools.

6 Aug 1998
Icons Fix for NAL 2.5 (tool)
Fix mixed-up icons on Novell Application Launcher (NAL) 2.5.

23 Jul 1998
ZENworks 2 Inventory Database Export Tool (tool)
Export the ZENworks inventory data in a comma-delimited format.

15 Jun 1998
NCCPPR32 (tool)
Access Printer Control without Start Menu or Control Panel.

17 Jan 1996
Automatic Boot Recovery 1.4 (tool)
Recovers Dial-in PC's, gateways and other operator-less machines from critical errors.

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