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12 Dec 2007
One Giant Leap: Cool Solutions gets some New Digs (tip)
Eleven years after launching the first Cool Solutions site, we have just taken a major step forward. We have some new digs - a full-on community site with all the Web 2.0 bells and whistles. Check it out!

27 Oct 2007
Novell Audit Starter Pack Database Version 1.3 (tool)
Capture, maintain and analyze the information gathered by the Novell Audit Starter Pack 2.0.2 application.

12 Sep 2007
Outputting Audit Query Results to a Web Page (tip)
You can get your Audit query results posted to a web page, thanks to this tip from Aaron Burgemeister.

5 Sep 2007
Avoiding MySQL "Noise" with Audit (tip)
Jason Doering share a simple tip for avoiding excessive MySQL activity when you install Audit.

29 Aug 2007
Audit Starter Pack: Installation, Configuration and Usage Instructions (appnote)
This AppNote by Chris Premo provides a complete guide to successfully installing, configuring, and using the Novell Audit Starter Pack.

14 Feb 2007
Monitoring Identity Manager with Novell Audit (feature)
Jeff Johnson shares a guide for getting Novell Audit set up to monitor your Identity Manager transactions.

6 Dec 2006
Troubleshooting Audit on MySQL 5 (tip)
Here is some practical advice for getting Novell Audit set up correctly to use MySQL 5.

1 Dec 2006
Special Holiday Drawing Winner! (feature)
Congratulations to Gary Childers - the lucky winner of the iPod nano RED special edition!

8 Nov 2006
Audit and Multiple eDirectory 8.8 Instances (tip)
If you run multiple eDirectory 8.8 instances, getting instrumentation to show up properly can be a bit tricky. Novell's Aaron Burgemeister has some suggestions ...

1 Nov 2006
Novell & Microsoft: What Do You Think? (tip)
Learn more about the landmark announcement from Novell and Microsoft.

9 Aug 2006
Novel Audit 2.0.2 Starter Pack Now Ready (feature)
Get the details here on the new Starter Pack available for Novell Audit 2.0.2.

5 Jul 2006
Alert E-mails in Audit when Trustee Rights Change (tip)
Steve Law explains how to set up NSure Audit to generate an alert e-mail whenever someone changes Trustee rights on a server with the Netware agent running.

5 Jul 2006
Installing and Configuring ODBC and LReport for Audit (tip)
Steve Law shares some easy steps for getting ODBC and LReport installed and configured on your system.

7 Jun 2006
Handling Corrupted Logs in Audit (tip)
Novell's Jason Doering shares some simple steps on handling and repairing corrupted log databases in Audit.

4 May 2006
Stoneware Report Services (tool)
Build, secure, and distribute custom reports from Naudit and ZENworks.

5 Apr 2006
Configuring and Using Novell Audit with Novell SecureLogin (appnote)
NSL = good; Novell Audit = good; NSL + Audit = even better. Find out how to configure these two powerhouse Novells apps to work together for your company.

8 Mar 2006
SecureLogin Q and A (feature)
Here are a few interesting Q+A samples you might enjoy about Novell SecureLogin.

22 Feb 2006
Get Thee to a Nano-ry! (tip)
Finally, a podcast for the die-hard Novell enthusiast! Novell Users International and Novell have teamed up to bring you Novell Open Audio, the cool audio companion for the avid Cool Solutions reader.

8 Feb 2006
Q&A for Secure Access (feature)
Here are some intereting Q&A samples from the world of Secure Access - enjoy!

1 Feb 2006
Log4j2NovellAudit (tool)
Appender to Log4J send log messages to Novell Audit.

2 Dec 2005
One-Stop Info Page: Novell Audit (feature)
Have you ever wished you could find a page that referenced everything Novell Audit and then some? Here's an update to our all-in-one Novell Audit page.

2 Dec 2005
Troubleshooting Tips for Novell Audit (tip)
Novell Audit expert Jason Doering takes you through a step-by-step approach to finding and fixing some of the most common troubleshooting issues you'll find with Audit.

2 Dec 2005
Audit Rollup Patch Now Available (tip)
Check out the new rollup patch for Audit 1.0.3 - get the details here.

2 Dec 2005
Avoiding Dropped Audit Records (tip)
Audit expert Jason Doering lends some advice on how to manage your logging expiration settings, so you'll keep what you need to keep.

1 Dec 2005
Novell's Story in Dutch (feature)
If you're curious - and speak Dutch (or would like to) - check out this web site by Leon van Lare on a history of Novell.

8 Nov 2005
SQL2Audit (tool)
Process audit events stored in a AUX table.

31 Aug 2005
What's New in Audit 2.0 (feature)
The Beta period for Audit 2.0 will be coming in the next couple of months. Meanwhile, here is a "what's new" presentation on the features and enhancements projected for version 2.0, contributed by Novell Audit Project manager Jason Arrington.

31 Aug 2005
Log Tables and Size Limits (tip)
Jason Doering lends some practical advice on log tables and size limits for Audit in this tip.

31 Aug 2005
Translating Codes, Times, and IP Addresses (tip)
Here are some tips on translating Event ID codes, times, timestamps, and IP addresses, courtesy of Jason Doering

18 Aug 2005
Lgdaim v. 1.0 (tool)
AOL Instant Messenger Log Channel for Novell Audit

2 Jun 2005
AppNote: Novell Audit Guide - Configuration and Implementation (appnote)
If you missed the 2005 Novell Audit Live BrainShare session (TUT345), here's your chance to catch up. Session presenters Jeremy Carter and Blair Thomas have put together this handy Novell Audit Guide based on the live session - check it out!

2 Jun 2005
Choosing Passwords (feature)
Passwords on stickies and paper gyrations? 26-character / 3 punctuations? Are these a few of your favorite things? Check out what admins are saying about password policies and what works (and doesn't) for them.

2 Jun 2005
Purging or Archiving Database Information (tip)
This tip from Jason Doering will help you set up your MySQL channel for archiving or deleting database records.

2 Jun 2005
Auto-Shutdown of MySQL (tip)
Need to shut down MySQL automatically? Here are some helpful suggestions from Forum experts on the topic.

2 Jun 2005
Setting Up LReport to Work with MySQL (tip)
Getting LReport to work with MySQL database just got easier, thanks to this solution from Jason Doering. Troubleshooting tips are also included.

30 Mar 2005
Eight Cool Years (feature)
Novell Cool Solutions celebrated its eighth anniversary on 15 December 2005 and conducted a People's Choice competition to honor the people who made the stuff that made us famous. Come see the top three nominees, and cast your vote for (or write in) your personal favorite. Five lucky vote-casters will receive 100 WebWise Rewards points.

2 Mar 2005
AppNote: HTTP Proxy Logging to Novell Audit in Novell BorderManager 3.8 (appnote)
This AppNote by Novell engineer Krishna CC explains how to to capture the log events reported by BorderManager into Novell Audit. The AppNote also explains how to query Novell Audit to get and analyze the log report, and how to use MySQL commands to query log report.

2 Mar 2005
Novell Audit 1.0.3 Now Available (feature)
Check out the pricing details here!

2 Mar 2005
BrainShare 2005 - Security Topics (feature)
Now's your chance to check out the Security sessions at BrainShare 2005, featuring developer hands-on sessions, tutorials, and more! Especially note the Novell Security Manager sessions, for an in-depth look at one of Novell's hottest new products.

1 Mar 2005
Tip: Tracking Events and Queries from Other Trees (tip)
When you do an iManager query to an Novell Audit database in another tree, you may not see what you're expecting. Here's a tip from one of our Forum experts that helps you track query and event information across trees.

2 Feb 2005
A New Cool Solutions Site - Novell Security Manager! (feature)
That's right - we are launching a brand-new Cool Solutions site, dedicated to the brand-new Novell Security Manager product. Get the details here!

1 Feb 2005
Cool Tool: BrainShare Session Importer for GroupWise (feature)
If you're going to BrainShare and you have finished registering for the breakout sessions, try out this free tool from 'bond' Software Entwicklung GmbH that will import your 2005 BrainShare schedule into GroupWise. Download it here.

22 Nov 2004
Novell Audit, Now and in the Future (feature)
Here's a look at Novell Audit features and developments as presented at BrainShare. Get the current and future perspectives here, including what's coming with supported platforms, instrumentation, and product components.

22 Nov 2004
Setting Up the MySQL Channel for Novell Audit (tip)
Get the details on setting up your MySQL channel in Novell Audit. It works for both WebAdmin and iManager processes.

22 Nov 2004
Logging from Other Servers (tip)
You can log from the logging server, but wouldn't it be nice if you could log from other servers as well? Find out how to do it in this article.

22 Nov 2004
Configuring the Platform Agent on NetWare (tip)
If you are missing event log information, or if the local cache has grown suspiciously large, you may need to perform some configuration steps to solve the problem. Get the details here.

22 Nov 2004
Synchronizing Log Time with Actual Time (tip)
What's the trick to getting log timestamps to match with local time? The solution may be simple or perhaps more involved, depending on the reporting packages you are using. Get some timely advice in this article ...

27 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 4 - Planning for the Future (feature)
Here's the fourth installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. Now that you've lived through the worst, what do you do about securing a safe data future? Get some solid tips here.

21 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 3 - If You Rebuild It, They Will Come (feature)
Here's the third installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. From mold on the walls to dust in the PC fans - what would you do to set it all right? Check out what our expert did, and wished he had done ...

13 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 2 - Hard and Soft Data Recovery (feature)
Here's the second installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. The "swimming pool" has been drained - now it's time to dry out the data! Get the hair-raising details here ...

6 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 1 - Underwater Data (feature)
If you think it can't happen to you -- think again! Here's the first installment in a four-part series on disaster recovery, based on a real-life success story. Get the details here, get a plan, and get ready!

26 Aug 2004
What's New in 1.0.2 ... (feature)
Novell Audit version 1.0.2 is here! Get the latest details on what's new since version 1.01. There are plenty of cool enhancements here to check out ...

26 Aug 2004
Bank Mutual Tracks for Success with Novell Audit (feature)
For a successful financial institution like Bank Mutual, it's all in the details. Read about how Novell Audit helped them get better control of logging and reporting, which in turn enhaced security and simplified processes.

26 Aug 2004
Novell Audit Feature Comparision Chart (feature)
Here's a handy chart that will answer your questions about what you get with the Novell Audit Starter Pack vs. the Starter Pack vs. NAAS.

26 Aug 2004
Novell Audit SDK Opens Possibilities (feature)
The Novell Audit SDK has been updated for version 1.02 of Novell Audit. See what's new and how this SDK can make reporting and channel events more powerful and easy to manage.

24 Aug 2004
A Day in the Life of a SysOp (feature)
Who are those invisible, witty and helpful characters who hang out on the Novell Support Forums, eager to lend their expertise and advice. Come meet a few of the volunteer SysOps who make the forums a hugely successful support endeavor for Novell.

4 May 2004
Novell Audit and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (feature)
Novell Audit can help you transform regulatory challenges and obstacles into a value-added opportunities. Read on to understand how Novell can help you turn your regulatory lemons into lemonade.

4 May 2004
BrainShare 2004 Presentations Available Here (feature)
If you've ever attended a BrainShare conference, you know there's nothing like being there in the flesh. But if you couldn't make this year's event, we've pulled all the Novell Audit presentations together for your perusal and enjoyment.

6 Apr 2004
Submit a Report, Earn Some Cash (feature)
We're looking for a few (hundred) good reports that make the most of the data collected by Novell Audit -- and we're prepared to make it worth your while. If you're a reports kind'o person, this might be an ideal way to add some cash to your hip pocket.

6 Apr 2004
Novell Audit Partnerships (feature)
Here's a quick read that explains all one needs to know about Novell Audit and partnering. Bottom line: Novell Audit was designed with partners (and their strengths) in mind.

6 Apr 2004
Police Your Policies With Novell Audit (feature)
Want to understand Novell Audit in 30 minutes? Here's a great article pulled together by Connection Magazine's Linda Kennard that provides a fantastic Novell Audit overview.

6 Apr 2004
Now Showing: Novell Audit QuickTrain Tutorial (feature)
Set the cruise control to glide and check out these outstanding QuickTrain modules that explore Novell Audit's feature set. All you need is a web browser and about 15 minutes.

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