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22 Jan 2008
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 Migration Best Practices Guide - Final Draft (feature)
The Final Draft of the Open Enterprise Server 2 Migration Best Practices Guide is now available. Download it here.

15 Jan 2008
Network login/logout utility (tool)
Provides easy access to the Novell network login interface.

12 Dec 2007
One Giant Leap: Cool Solutions gets some New Digs (tip)
Eleven years after launching the first Cool Solutions site, we have just taken a major step forward. We have some new digs - a full-on community site with all the Web 2.0 bells and whistles. Check it out!

6 Dec 2007
Configuring Novell Clustering with ESX Server (feature)
Brett Littrel explains two ways to configure Novell Clustering on VMWare ESX Servers.

30 Nov 2007
Incremental and Differential Backups with Linux (feature)
Hanny Kraa shares a solution on how to make incremental and differential backups of your Linux system.

30 Nov 2007
Finding Open Files and Network Connections (feature)
Mike Farrell shows you how to use the lsof and netstat commands to get a complete list of all open files or network connections on your system.

29 Nov 2007
Expanding a Mirrored Volume in a Two-Node Cluster (feature)
Jack Shreve shares step-by-step instructions on how to expand a mirrored volume in a two-node cluster. This is for administrators without clustered/mirrored data pool experience.

28 Nov 2007
Adding eGuide from OES1 to OES2 (tip)
Missing eGuide in your new OES install? This tip from Alan Pearson should help you get it back and working.

21 Nov 2007
Going Beyond a Simple Firewall Configuration using NetFilter/iptables (feature)
David Mair adds some new features to his iptables solution from 2006.

21 Nov 2007
NIC Bonding with Xen Virtualization (feature)
Joe Harmon and Jim Short explain how to set up NIC bonding with Xen Virtualization.

20 Nov 2007
Understanding how RAIDed Disks Interact with the SLES Boot Process (tip)
Ivan Vari shares a solution for a problem he had installing a SLED/SLES system onto software raided (RAID1) disks.

20 Nov 2007
Submit a Tip (feature)
Tell us how you're using your favorite Novell products to do something unique, save time, streamline a process, boost your bottom line or troubleshoot an issue. Whether you send a suggestion, a short tip or a full-length article, you'll be making a difference and building the Novell support experience. Find out more.

19 Nov 2007
Installing and Configuring Novell FTP Server for eDirectory Authentication (feature)
This article by Punya Mall is useful for administrators who want to use eDirectory instead of open-LDAP for user authentication.

16 Nov 2007
Recovering User Files on iFolder 3.4 on NSS using Salvage (feature)
Andrew Grant shares a solution he recently used to retrieve files that had been accidentally deleted from a user's computer and from iFolder.

16 Nov 2007
Useful RPM Commands (tip)
Maer Melo put together a handy list of RPM commands you can use to install and remove software packages, update packages, and more.

16 Nov 2007
Seeing Who's Logged in on your OES Server (tip)
Daniel Hedblom shares a script that will show a list of users who are logged into OES.

9 Nov 2007
Linux Add Volume (tool)
This tool creates a volume on a previously created Linux NSS Pool.

9 Nov 2007
Migrating CIFS to Samba on OES (feature)
Ruud van der Zwet explains how to migrate CIFS shares on OES NetWare to Samba shares on OES Linux.

9 Nov 2007
Using ClusterSSH to Perform Tasks on Multiple Servers Simultaneously (tip)
Martijn Pepping shows you how to use ClusterSSH to perform tasks on multiple servers simultaneously from one single command window.

9 Nov 2007
Enabling NSS xattr on OES (tip)
NSS pools contain metadata such as trustees and extended attributes not found on other Linux file systems. Dean Giles explains how to enable NSS xattr on OES so the specialized metadata can be preserved by standard Linux xattr APIs.

9 Nov 2007
Load/Unload NetWare NLMs Remotely using OES Linux (tip)
Karthik Bachu shares a tip on how to load/unload NetWare NLMs, or copy the files from NetWare to Linux or vice versa remotely using OES Linux.

6 Nov 2007
Linux Activate Pool Snapshot (tool)
This tool activates a previously created Linux NSS Pool Snapshot.

6 Nov 2007
Linux Deactivate Pool Snapshot (tool)
This tool deactivates a previously activated Linux NSS Pool Snapshot.

6 Nov 2007
Linux Get Pool Snapshot Info (tool)
This tool retrieves detailed information about a specified Linux NSS Pool Snapshot.

1 Nov 2007
Automating OES 2 Installation Using PXE Boot and AutoYaST (feature)
Installing OES 2 using PXE Boot and AutoYaST eliminates the need for boot media, installation media and inconsistent server installations. Mike Faris explains how to set up and configure the installation Server.

1 Nov 2007
Customizing AutoYaST for OES 2 Installation (feature)
AutoYaST allows for automating your SLES 10 installations, eliminating repetitious tasks by deployment teams. Mike Faris shows you how to customize AutoYaST for your SLES 10 installations.

1 Nov 2007
Creating NSS Volumes on OES 2 using Distributed Replicated Block Device (feature)
Sakila Ravi explains how to configure DRBD to create NSS pools and volumes on a single hard disk machine on SLES 10 SP1 OES 2.

1 Nov 2007
Nagios 3.0 - Sample Check Program Integration for LDAP Statistics (feature)
In this third article of a series about Nagios 3.0, Rainer Brunold shows you how to integrate a new check program into the Nagios environment.

1 Nov 2007
NetWare's EDIT.NLM, Revisited (tip)
Jack Shreve shares some tips and examples on how to use EDIT.NLM.

26 Oct 2007
Installing Open Enterprise Server 2 into an Existing Tree (appnote)
Updated: Joe Harmon provides a step-by-step process of how to install OES 2 into an existing tree.

26 Oct 2007
Nagios 3.0 Extension - NagiosGraph (feature)
Rainer Brunold continues his series of articles on Nagios 3.0. This article will show you how to add a Nagios extension that allows you to create charts based on service check results.

25 Oct 2007
Workaround for Backup Exec and Java Utilization Problem (tip)
Jack Shreve shares a solution for a problem when utilization of the node Backup Exec is running on spikes through the roof when attempting to check job logs.

24 Oct 2007
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 Technical Seminar (feature)
If you're looking to deploy Novell Open Enterprise Server 2, take advantage of a technical seminar delivered by global Novell Training Services partners. This seminar will introduce you to new and enhanced features such as Xen virtualization, Dynamic Storage Technology (DST), DFS Junctions and Archive and Version Services on Linux, Novell iFolder 3.6 and Novell iManager 2.7. Find out more...

19 Oct 2007
Configuring Novell Archive and Version Services using Pre-Configured PostgreSQL Server (appnote)
Anilkumar Bolleni explains how to configure a Novell Archive and Version server on an already configured PostgreSQL server. This is useful if a user has configured the PostgreSQL database earlier and wants the Novell Archive and Version Service to use the same database server.

19 Oct 2007
Cool Wiki: Changing an OES 2 Server's IP Address (tip)
Jesse Pretorius posted a solution in the Cool Wiki about how to change the IP Address of an OES 2 (Linux) server. Read it here.

19 Oct 2007
Migrating DHCP from OES 1.0 to OES 2.0 Linux (feature)
Bindu Nayar and Sulabh Sharma explain how to migrate a DHCP configuration from OES 1.0 (file based DHCP Server) to OES 2.0 (directory integrated DHCP Server).

19 Oct 2007
Nagios 3.0 - A Extensible Host and Service Monitoring (feature)
If you're planning on installing Nagios, check out this installation guide from Rainer Brunold that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set it up.

17 Oct 2007
Survey: How well are Novell and your other vendors meeting your needs? (tip)
We're interested in knowing how well Novell is meeting your needs in several areas identified as important to current customers. Please take this short, five-minute survey to help us understand your satisfaction with Novell and other vendors.

16 Oct 2007
Top Academic IT Solutions Survey (feature)
If you work for an academic organization, your insights on what IT solutions are most important to academic organizations can get you a chance at an Apple iPhone! Take the short survey by 19 October. 4 chances to win!

15 Oct 2007
Check eDirectory LDAP Statistics with Nagios (tool)
This program can be used to monitor the number of ldap searches and errors with Nagios.

10 Oct 2007
Using DFS in an Open Enterprise Server 2 Environment (appnote)
Karthik Bachu explains how to configure DFS on OES 2 and move or split volumes from one server to another.

10 Oct 2007
SSH Proxying (feature)
Damian Myerscough shows you how to set up the SSH (Secure Shell) proxy utility that gives you the ability to relay network connections via SOCKS and HTTPS.

10 Oct 2007
Using ECHO in NCFs (tip)
Bryan Keadle shares a tip that will help you get the screen-echo functionality working in NetWare 6.5.

10 Oct 2007
DesktopClean 2.5 (tool)
Scans local desktop, moves files to a specified network path, then creates shortcuts to moved files on desktop.

8 Oct 2007
Error from Invalid Credentials Stored in CASA Secret Store (tip)
If you enter a wrong password when entering authentication information, it is stored in the CASA secret store. If you try executing any migration CLI commands using the --use-casa switch you will get an error. Check out this tip from Shashikala BV for help on how to fix it.

8 Oct 2007
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 Now Available (feature)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 is now available to customers worldwide. Open Enterprise Server 2 features full 64-bit support of software services previously only found on NetWare, along with storage management enhancements and NetWare virtualization. Get all the details here ...

8 Oct 2007
Novell Open Audio: OES 2 Released!!! (feature)
Jason Williams gives an update on what OES 2 includes as well as future plans for service pack 1.

5 Oct 2007
Create an Integrated OES 2/SLES 10 SP1 DVD Image (tool)
This script combines the OES 2 ISO and the SLES 10 SP1 ISO into a single integrated DVD image for easier OES 2 installation.

5 Oct 2007
Dual Boot SLED 10 SP1 and Windows Vista with GRUB as the Boot Loader (tip)
Wally Frist explains how to set up dual boot for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Service Pack 1 and Vista using GRUB as the boot loader.

5 Oct 2007
Ultimate Linux Desktop (feature)
Ivan Vari shares a solution based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 with VMware virtualization. The outcome is a multi-boot (Linux/Windows) environment which allows a user to load both systems natively and virtualized as well as providing ultimate flexibility.

5 Oct 2007
Novell Credential Manager Interface (feature)
This article by Brian Cooper describes the Credential Manager Interface in the Novell Client for Windows and in the Novell Client for Windows Vista.

5 Oct 2007
NetWare Virtualized on Xen Tips (feature)
Glen Davis shares some helpful tips for NetWare virtualized on Xen.

5 Oct 2007
A Different Way to do 802.1X Authentication with Novell Client (feature)
Brett Littrell shares a workaround for some issues he had integrating 802.1X into his network.

3 Oct 2007
AutoYaST: Network Auto Configuration Script (feature)
Cameron Seader shares a script you can add to the Autoinst.xml file when setting up your systems using AutoYaST.

3 Oct 2007
Migrating Data from NetWare 5.1 to OES, with eDirectory (feature)
This article by Shashikala B.V. shows the step-by-step process to follow when migrating from NetWare 5.1 to OES, using upgrades to eDirectory.

1 Oct 2007
Data Migration Tool (tool)
This tool is can be used in OES 2 for data migration with data ACL information maintained from NetWare and Windows servers to OES 2.0 server.

28 Sep 2007
Configuring a Xen VM for Live Migration within a Cluster (feature)
Jason Record shows you how to configure a Xen Virtual Machine (VM) resource for live migration.

28 Sep 2007
SAN Storage Design for Xen Virtualization Based on Block Devices (feature)
This article by Ivan Vari focuses on a design where virtual machines are manually managed/migrated by the administrator and running on block devices.

27 Sep 2007
Working with DHCP in OES 2.0 Linux (appnote)
In this AppNote, Bindu Nayar and Ruma Chakraborty explain how to use DHCP in OES 2.0 Linux and provide an overview of the new features.

27 Sep 2007
Installing and Configuring Samba on Open Enterprise Server 2 (appnote)
Joe Harmon walks you through the process of installing and configuring Samba after the installation of OES 2.

27 Sep 2007
Highlights of Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 - Part 4 of 4 (feature)
The Wait Is Over: Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 delivers on the remaining services you've wanted to see on Linux, including directory-enabled Domain Name Services (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), DFS Junction support, and Archive and Versioning services. Read this Novell Connection magazine article for all the details.

27 Sep 2007
DOS Boot Menu for NetWare (feature)
James Rudd shows you how to setup a DOS boot menu for a NetWare server. Use it for firmware upgrades or to load the server with flags for troubleshooting. This guide should also work for NetWare servers running as virtualized guests on OES2.

27 Sep 2007
Solution for Error: nbackup: Unable to retrieve the Target Service Name list from xx.xx.xx.xx (tip)
If you're migrating data from NetWare 5.1 to OES 2 and get the following error: "nbackup: Unable to retrieve the Target Service Name list from xx.xx.xx.xx", here's a tip from Shashikala BV on how to fix it.

26 Sep 2007
NLM Inventory Tool 4.0 (tool)
Updated: Use MS Word and MS Access to inventory the NLMs on your servers and other Config.txt file data.

24 Sep 2007
(Error 898) NetWare Administrator Error Accessing Server Objects from Windows Client (tip)
Shashikala BV shares a solution for error 898: NetWare Administrator error while accessing the server objects from a Windows client.

24 Sep 2007
Novell Map Network Drive Problem from Windows Client (tip)
This tip from Shashikala BV shows you how to solve problems mapping a network drive from a Windows Client machine.

21 Sep 2007
Mounting a Windows Share to the Linux File System (feature)
Michael Farrell shares a solution for accessing Windows network shares on a Linux desktop.

21 Sep 2007
Troubleshooting Problem Accessing a GroupWise / OES Server from ConsoleOne after OES Migration (tip)
Greg Jandrain explains how he solved a problem he had accessing a GroupWise / OES server from ConsoleOne after migrating to OES.

14 Sep 2007
Integrating Dynamic DNS with Novell Business Continuity Clustering 1.1 for Linux (appnote)
Brad Rupp explains how to implement dynamic DNS on a single resource in a Novell Business Continuity Cluster.

14 Sep 2007
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 Public Beta (feature)
Heads Up: The Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 public beta is now available. Download it here.

14 Sep 2007
Server Report (tool)
Simple Bash script that generates a report for documentation purposes.

13 Sep 2007
Resuming From Suspend on a Dell Latitude D400 (tip)
Eric Gearhart shares a solution for a problem he had with his Dell Latitude D400 resuming from suspend in SLED 10 SP1.

12 Sep 2007
Error: Volume NCP could not be created, error 22 (tip)
Here's a tip from Shashikala BV on how to fix a problem with NCP volume creation on a OES 2.0 server. Error: "Volume NCP could not be created, error 22."

12 Sep 2007
Solving Error when using df -h (tip)
If you get the error: df: cannot read table of mounted file systems: no such file or directory, here is a tip from Shashikala BV on how to fix it.

10 Sep 2007
Illegal Partition Table Error While Booting (tip)
If you get an "Illegal Partition Table Error" message during system booting, it could be because the Partition Table got corrupted or deleted. Check out this tip from Shashikala BV on how to fix it.

7 Sep 2007
Implementing Virtual IP in a Novell Business Continuity Cluster using RIP (feature)
Brad Rupp explains how to deploy Virtual IP in a Novell Business Continuity Cluster.

7 Sep 2007
Troubleshooting iPrint Driver Store Errors (tip)
Jeffry Sleddens explains how he solved some errors he got when trying to create an iPrint Driver Store.

4 Sep 2007
ABENDLogFilter Utility (tool)
This utility rewrites the ABEND.LOG into a more readable and useful format.

1 Sep 2007
UserKVYMonitor v1.7.1 (tool)
The analyzer of user activity on NetWare server with Novell ZENworks Remote Management support.

31 Aug 2007
Setting Up Dynamic Storage Technology with Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES) 2 (appnote)
With his customary attention to detail, Joe Harmon explains exactly how to set up Dynamic Storage Technology on OES 2. If you ever want to move old unused data to older storage, remove unwanted JPG, MP3, ISO, and zip files from your system, or just have smaller backups, you'll want to read this. Thanks Joe!

30 Aug 2007
Using Docufide Secure Transcript with NDPS and SLES (feature)
Brett Littrell explains how to configure NDPS and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to send student transcripts to Docufide.

25 Aug 2007
Using iFolder to Backup and Share Tomboy Notes (tip)
Here's a tip from Richard Holder on how to use iFolder to backup Tomboy Notes and make them available on multiple computers.

24 Aug 2007
NetworkTester (tool)
This script is made to test networking hardware and software in a simple way by verifying packets travel reliably across the network.

24 Aug 2007
Identify a User's Location During Login (tip)
Darron Michael explains how to identify a user's location (onsite or offsite) during login and select which options to run or not run within the login script.

24 Aug 2007
iPrint fills up Apache Access_log Files (feature)
Andrew Barker shares a solution for a problem he had with a SYS volume being filled up by large Apache access_logs files. The Apache access_log files contained large amounts of iPrint entries.

23 Aug 2007
INIT Script for Tivoli Storage Manager (tip)
Cameron Seader shares a script that will start the Tivoli Storage Manager client acceptor daemon on SUSE Linux Enterprise.

23 Aug 2007
NetWare Disk IO Monitoring with Nagios (tool)
Nagios Script for Monitoring Novell NetWare Disk IO.

22 Aug 2007
Migrating AD into eDirectory, using OpenLDAP on OES (appnote)
This AppNote by Mike Faris takes you step by step through the process of migrating Active Directory data into eDirectory on an OES system, using OpenLDAP.

17 Aug 2007
Highlights of Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 - Part 3 (feature)
Here's the latest in a series of Novell Connection articles about Novell Open Enterprise Server 2. Part 3 explains how to preserve your NetWare services in a paravirtualized NetWare virtual machine.

16 Aug 2007
How to Maintain your Linux Environment, if you're New to Linux (feature)
Hanny Kraa put together a quick reference guide with some basic Linux administrative tasks for NetWare administrators who are new to Linux.

16 Aug 2007
Troubleshooting Problems Viewing Files on a NetWare Server (tip)
Tony Kelly explains how he solved some problems users were having when viewing files on a NetWare Server if they were using the Verdana Ref font.

13 Aug 2007
Backup4all 3.10.281 (tool)
Customizable backup software for full, incremental, differential and mirror backups.

10 Aug 2007
Compressed Drive Imaging over a Network (feature)
Michael Farrell explains how to copy an entire drive image from one computer running Linux to another.

10 Aug 2007
Virtualization Performance and Workload Recommendations to Get the Most From Your Assets (feature)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 has the ability to run in either a physical or virtual environment. Part of the Open Enterprise Server 2 product is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Support Pack 1 including Xen virtualization. This Novell Connection article by Jason Williams will give you information and guidance about virtualization in Open Enterprise Server 2.

10 Aug 2007
openSUSE Linux Rants eBook Library (tip)
Heads Up: Scott Morris has created a new openSUSE Linux Rants eBook Library where you can download his free eBooks. Get all the details here and download his new eBook called: "Investigation 101 - Gathering Information about Hardware, Filesystem, and Processes".

7 Aug 2007
Linux List Pool Snapshots (tool)
This tool lists Linux NSS Snapshot pools.

7 Aug 2007
Linux Add Pool (tool)
This tool creates an NSS pool on a specified device.

7 Aug 2007
Linux Remove Pool Snapshot (tool)
This tool deletes a specified NSS pool Snapshot.

7 Aug 2007
Linux Add Pool Snapshot (tool)
This tool creates a Linux NSS pool Snapshot on a specified device.

3 Aug 2007
Highlights of Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 - Part 2 (feature)
Here's part 2 in a series of Novell Connection articles about Novell Open Enterprise Server 2. Learn how Novell Domain Services for Windows can help simplify your IT environment.

3 Aug 2007
Configuring OES SP2 with NSS, NCS, and Samba (feature)
Jordan Nielsen shares instructions on how to configure Clustering, NSS, and Samba in an OES SP2 environment.

3 Aug 2007
Cool Blog: iFolder 3.6 - Looking *really* good! (feature)
Read Jason Williams latest blog about some of the new features and enhancements in iFolder 3.6.

3 Aug 2007
Setting Up XNTPD Time on NetWare 6.5 SP5 Servers (feature)
Chris Premo explains how to configure your NetWare 6.5 SP5 servers to use XNTPD Time.

27 Jul 2007
OES Migration (appnote)
Ruud van der Zwet shares instructions for a project that migrates five OES NetWare servers to one OES Linux server.

27 Jul 2007
Securing Access to the iPrint Web Page outside of the Network (tip)
Here's a tip from Chris Premo on how to secure access to the iPrint Web Page from outside of the Network.

27 Jul 2007
8 CLI Tools that are Under-utilized, Sometimes Unknown, or Unappreciated and Yet Pack a Powerful Punch (feature)
Jonathan Peck put together a list of command line tools that he has found to be very helpful and informative when it comes to administrating Linux.

20 Jul 2007
Migrating Microsoft DNS to OES Linux (feature)
Michael Faris shares instructions on how to migrate DNS zones from Windows to Linux.

20 Jul 2007
Manually Partitioning Your Hard Drive with fdisk (feature)
Damian Myerscough shows you how to create partitions with fdisk on SUSE Linux Enterprise.

20 Jul 2007
File Replication Pro - Native Novell File Replication & Synchronization (tool)
Bit Level, Real-Time or Scheduled File Replication & Synchronization

20 Jul 2007
How to put a Linux SMDR in NetWare Mode or in Dual Mode (tip)
When adding Linux servers to your network you may find that you need to back them up from a NetWare server. Here's a tip from Dean Giles that shows you how to put a Linux SMDR in NetWare mode or in Dual mode so you can backup a Linux server from NetWare.

12 Jul 2007
FSSync 1.8 (tool)
File operations (delete, copy, purge..) with some Novell specific add-ons (purge, truee/IRM-copy)

11 Jul 2007
Keeping your FTP Service to Yourself (tip)
Peter Frolich shares a slick method of keeping people from hacking in and using your FTP service. His solution keeps your logfile from getting crammed as well. Especially groovy when it comes to stopping bots. Enjoy!

6 Jul 2007
Highlights of Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 - Part 1 (feature)
In this first of a four-part series, Novell Connection magazine digs deep into some of the highlights of Open Enterprise Server 2, starting with Dynamic Storage Technology - a new feature focused entirely on helping customers control rising data storage costs.

6 Jul 2007
Delete or Rename Files with Corrupted Filenames (tip)
Have you ever been asked to delete a directory that was not empty but you can't find any files in there? Or you can see a file, but you can't delete it? Greg Riedesel shares some tips on how to get rid of them. Updated with new information!

28 Jun 2007
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 for the Masses: Discover the Power of Network-Based, Hands-Free Installations (feature)
Nathan Conger explains how to setup and configure a Network Installation Server paired with PXE Boot and AutoYaST for speedy, hands-free installations.

28 Jun 2007
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Creating a Custom AutoFill Sorted List in Calc 2 (feature)
Need to insert the same data over and over again in your spreadsheet? Does it need to be in a certain order? Calc's autofill feature can help you add that data with just a drag. Read this tip from BrainStorm, Inc. to learn how.

28 Jun 2007
Mounting ISO Image Files as NSS Volumes on OES for Linux (feature)
Simon Flood shows you how to mount ISO image files of CDs or DVDs as NSS volumes on OES Linux.

28 Jun 2007
Novell Open Enterprise Server Training and Support Promotion Extended! (feature)
The Novell Open Enterprise Server Training and Support promotion is being extended through September 15, 2007. Take advantage of free Open Enterprise Server training and support. Get all the details here.

27 Jun 2007
Novell Announces Two New Security Management Products (feature)
Novell announced two innovative solutions for the high-demand, device security management market. ZENworks Endpoint Security Management and ZENworks Secure Desktop. Find out more here ...

21 Jun 2007
Troubleshooting the SLES10 Boot Process (feature)
Jason Record has provided a quick reference guide to narrow down the cause of a failed boot and get the server back up as quickly as possible. It is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

21 Jun 2007
Complete NetWare to OES Linux Migration Guide (appnote)
Mike Faris shares a step-by-step guide on how to migrate a server from NetWare to OES Linux.

21 Jun 2007
Remote Management using SSH and X-Forwarding (feature)
James Rudd explains how to use SSH and X-Forwarding for remote management of your OES or SLES servers.

20 Jun 2007
Free* Novell Open Enterprise Server Administrator's Command Reference Quick Start Card (feature)
Put NetWare and Linux commands at your fingertips. Sign up to get your free* Novell Open Enterprise Server Administrator's Command Reference Quick Start Card from BrainStorm Inc.

15 Jun 2007
Patching an OES server with ZENworks Linux Management 7 (tip)
The best (and only supported) way to update an Open Enterprise Linux Server is by OES patch bundles and not via the oes-bundle. Here's how you do it.

14 Jun 2007
New Free YaST eBook Available (tip)
Scott Morris has completed another free eBook. It covers the basics of managing software with YaST. It goes over what Installation Sources are, how to get a full list of them, and how to put them in. He also covers the basics of adding and removing software via YaST. Find out how to get the free ebook here.

14 Jun 2007
How to Securely Access a Server GUI from a Workstation (feature)
Simon Flood explains how to securely access a server's graphic console from a workstation rather than have to be physically located where the server is.

14 Jun 2007
Changing the Default Text Editor Used in SLED 10 (tip)
Ricardo da Costa shares a tip on how to change your default text editor in SLED 10.

14 Jun 2007
Getting Ahead: Migrating from NetWare to OES (tip)
Check out this new Connection Magazine article by Ken Baker for some tips on planning a NetWare to OES Migration.

12 Jun 2007
NWAddIn - Novell NetWare Reporting in Microsoft Excel (tool)
Novell NetWare add-in for Microsoft Excel provides functions to extract Novell NetWare Server and Volume details.

8 Jun 2007
Create Backup Copy of File Every N minutes (tool)
Perl script creates a backup copy of a file every N minutes.

8 Jun 2007
Using Redirect Links to Consolidate and Simplify Access to Management Links (feature)
Bryan Keadle shows you an easy way to keep track of your web-based management tools and pages.

30 May 2007 (tool)
Python script that transforms your syslog-ng formatted messages from your logfile into an atom feed. So now you can use you favorite feed reader to keep up with your logs!

30 May 2007
Cool Wiki: Migration Wizard (feature)
Check out this wiki article for recommendations on server migrations and tips on tuning the server configurations to speed up the migration and reduce the risk of problems.

29 May 2007
Renaming a NIC (tip)
Muhammad Sharfuddin explains how you can change the name of a NIC in your system.

24 May 2007
Novell Open Audio: Bill Pray on GroupWise and Novell Business Continuity Clustering (feature)
When will we see parity on the GroupWise Linux client? Bill Pray and Gregory Webb answer this question in the interview, and get an update on the next release of GroupWise codenamed Bonsai. Also, Brad Rupp and Ryan Okelberry get technical with Novell Business Continuity Clustering.

24 May 2007
Login Tracking Scripts (feature)
James Rudd shares an easy way to keep a login log of users that can be used for tracking and statistical purposes.

24 May 2007
How to use NSS Storage with a SLES 10 iSCSI Server (feature)
Lane Harner explains how he solved some problems he had when using an iSCSI server as shared storage with NSS.

24 May 2007
NDPS Printer Installation Script (feature)
Ed Radke shares a script that he uses to aid in NDPS printer installations.

16 May 2007
Solution for Error: Could not initialize nwtermio terminfo database (tip)
Anthony Keaveney explains how he fixed a "Could not initialize nwtermio terminfo database" error he got when his server would abend when mounting the SYS volume.

16 May 2007
Back Up and Synchronize Files between a Desktop and Laptop on SLED 10 (feature)
Peter McCracken shows you how to back up and synchronize files between a desktop and laptop using a USB hard disk and RSYNC.

11 May 2007
NW Get File Time Info (tool)
This tool returns the stored times for all metadata. (ie. creation, modified, archived, accessed and metadata modified time).

11 May 2007
Creating a DFS Junction on OES Linux (tip)
Florian Deckert shares a tip on how to create a DFS junction on OES Linux.

11 May 2007
Restarting NDS on OES Linux without the Novell Client Warning Message on Desktops (tip)
Eric Champagne shares a tip on how to restart NDS and not have the Novell Client prompt warning message on every desktop.

11 May 2007
Integrating Your Linux Host into a Windows Environment (tip)
Dewey Hylton shares a solution that allows you to easily navigate Windows and Samba servers.

11 May 2007
Free "Intro to Linux" Course (tip)
Heads Up: Scott Morris has just released a new free "Intro to Linux" course that is done via email. Its goal is to be the most basic introduction to Linux possible. You should have a basic understanding of Linux once you complete the course. Get all the details here.

11 May 2007
Cool Wiki: Migrating a DNS Service from NetWare to Linux (tip)
Louis Bernardo recently added a new article in the Cool Wiki about migrating DNS from a NetWare server to a Linux server. Read the article here.

4 May 2007
Winsock 2.0 Management Option on NetWare 6.5 (tip)
Rodney Crossman shares a quick tip on how to use the Winsock 2.0 Management option in the NRM portal on NetWare 6.5.

4 May 2007
Extensions for PHP 5.0.5 (tip)
If you need more extensions for PHP 5.0.5, Guenter Knauf has compiled a large list of php extensions that are available for download.

3 May 2007
DHCP Lease Data Monitoring Utility (tool)
Retrieve and display DHCP lease data of a Linux DHCP server.

1 May 2007
OES: Apply Patches Without New Kernel Patches Being Applied (feature)
Cameron Seader shares a script that you can use if you have a need in your OES Linux environment to apply patches without having a new kernel being applied.

25 Apr 2007
Using Novell Remote Manager on OES Linux and OES NetWare Servers (appnote)
Dave Simons shows you how to use Novell Remote Manager on OES Linux and OES NetWare Servers.

24 Apr 2007
NW Ping Epoch (tool)
This perl script pings an inactive Epoch to prevent it from being removed.

24 Apr 2007
NW Reset Event List (tool)
This utility will remove all Event File List (EFL) Event Epochs, both active and used, for a specified NSS volume.

24 Apr 2007
NW Start Event Epoch (tool)
This utility will start a new active Event File List (EFL) Event Epoch for a specified NSS volume.

24 Apr 2007
NW Stop Event Epoch (tool)
This perl script will stop the current Event File List (EFL) Event Epoch for a specified NSS volume.

24 Apr 2007
NW File Event List (tool)
This utility creates a list of modified files for a specific EFL epoch on a specified NSS volume.

19 Apr 2007
NW Activate Pool Snapshot (tool)
This Perl script activates a specified pool snapshot.

19 Apr 2007 (tool)
Back up and restore trustee rights.

18 Apr 2007
Using OpenSSH to Manage Your Novell OES Server Remotely (appnote)
Dave Simons explains how to use OpenSSH to securely manage your OES server from a remote site.

16 Apr 2007
NW List Pool Snapshot (tool)
This Perl script lists pool snapshots on a server.

13 Apr 2007
Two Great Reasons to Migrate to Linux TODAY (feature)
If you're interested in migrating to Linux, here are two great reasons to start today! A new Novell Open Enterprise Server Migration web site, and HP recently announced a HP ProLiant NetWare Migration trade-in program. Get all the details here.

13 Apr 2007
Configure NTP in your OES Network (appnote)
Dave Simons explains how to configure your OES Linux server to be a NTP Time Provider in a mixed OES Linux/NetWare server environment.

6 Apr 2007
Novell Open Audio: AppleTalk Filing Protocol on Linux and News from Support (feature)
Jason Williams talks about AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP) support on Linux. Plus, Randy and Dave have the latest News from Support.

5 Apr 2007
TZUPDATER Post DST Issue (feature)
Walter Frist shares some tips on how to avoid errors when using the tzupdater tool.

5 Apr 2007
Remote Filesystem Access through SUSE Linux Enterprise Server FTP (feature)
Randy Goddard explains how to configure SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Remote Filesystem Access.

5 Apr 2007
How to Configure Automatic Printer Driver Download by Integrating CUPS and SAMBA (feature)
Maer Melo explains how to integrate CUPS with the SAMBA service to provide an easy and reliable print service for your network environment.

4 Apr 2007
Getting Additional Stunnel Logs via SSL VPN (tip)
With this tip from Chendil Kumar you can get more stunnel logs for your Linux client, via SSL VPN.

30 Mar 2007
Building an iPrint Cluster Using Heartbeat and OES Linux (feature)
Novell's Jerry Griffis shares a solution he used to cluster iPrint on OES Linux. Script examples are included.

30 Mar 2007
Saving NDPS Database Prior to Downing/Reloading the NDPS Manager (tip)
Bryan Keadle shares a tip on how to backup any changes you make during the day to NDPS/iPrint so you won't lose them in case the database is corrupted.

30 Mar 2007
Enabling the Debug Options in TSAFS on NetWare (tip)
Dean Giles explains how to put TSAFS in debug mode on NetWare so you can get a debug log.

30 Mar 2007
Getting Integrated with Linux - Part 3 (feature)
Here's the latest in a series of Novell Connection articles on Linux Integration. In Part 3 you'll learn about iPrint Migration and installing and configuring iFolder 3.2.

27 Mar 2007
Omni Mobile Version 2.4 Now Shipping - Enhanced GroupWise Mobile Features (feature)
Omni Mobile version 2.4 with enhanced GroupWise mobile features began shipping March 23. Version 2.4 includes mobile access to documents from your GroupWise Document Management System, mobile access to GroupWise Query folders, Proxy Send As, and on-line full account searches. Are you ready for the next step in extended GroupWise features on your mobile device? Register for an Omni Mobile 2.4 web seminar to see these and other exciting new GroupWise mobile messaging features from our friends at Omni.

23 Mar 2007
Sneak Peek: Check Out the New Summer Blockbuster Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (feature)
Check out this new Novell Connection article by Ken Baker for a sneak peek of the new features in Novell Open Enterprise Server 2.

23 Mar 2007
Cool Wiki: SLES Performance Tuning (tip)
Jesse Pretorius posted a new article in the Cool Wiki where information and references can be collected to make it easier for administrators to find information regarding SLES performance optimization.

23 Mar 2007
Disabling Broadcast Message when shutting down OES Linux Server (tip)
When rebooting or shutting down an OES Linux server, eDirectory sends out a console broadcast to all connected users saying the server is going down. Thomas Reibenwein shares a script that will disable it.

15 Mar 2007
Service Location Protocol (SLP) Directory Agent (DA) Setup Instructions (feature)
Updated: Frequent contributor Chris Premo shares some instructions on how to setup SLP services.

14 Mar 2007
SLP DA Configuration after NetWare to OES Linux Migration (feature)
Simon Tideswell explains how to configure SLP DA after migrating from NetWare to OES Linux.

13 Mar 2007
Omni Cool Tool: Desktop Total Cost of Ownership Calculator (feature)
Omni has published a Desktop TCO Calculator that compares the cost savings of the Multiplied SLED 10 Strategy with stand-alone Windows and Linux computers. Compare the costs of deploying 30 stand-alone Windows computers to 30 Multiplied SLED 10 systems. A conservative Multiplied SLED 10 deployment scenario results in 65% lower deployment costs -- a net savings of almost $45,000.

13 Mar 2007
Design Issues: OES Linux and GroupWise (tip)
Jim Michael shares some advice for setting up GroupWise on OES, with NCP for administration.

9 Mar 2007
Novell Open Audio: Dynamic Storage Technology; BrainShare's Installation and Migration Depot (feature)
Jason Williams and Novell Engineer Dana Henriksen talk about Dynamic Storage Technology (formerly Shadow Volumes). Plus, Dean Ricker is interviewed about the BrainShare Installation and Migration Depot.

9 Mar 2007
Getting Integrated with Linux - Part 2 (feature)
Here's the latest in a series of Novell Connection articles on Linux Integration. In Part 2 you'll learn how to move, create and access your Novell Storage Services volumes with Novell Open Enterprise Server on Linux.

9 Mar 2007
Daylight Savings Time - JRE Update (tool)
This package will copy the DST files to the SYS:\TID\DST folder for servers that meets the requirements.

3 Mar 2007
Tool for changing the code page of a file/directory name stored on Linux (tool)
This tool changes the code page of a file/directory name stored on Linux file systems.

2 Mar 2007
Remove the NetWare Tray Icon from the Taskbar via the Login Script (tip)
Ben Francom shows you how to remove the NetWare tray icon from the taskbar via the login script. This is done using a vb script to modify the registry.

2 Mar 2007
Cool Wiki: NetWare's AUTOEXEC.NCF (tip)
Jesse Pretorius recently added a new article in the Cool Wiki about NetWare's AUTOEXEC.NCF. Learn about what the lines are and in what situations they can be safely removed or remarked. Read the article and if you have something to add, feel free to do so.

1 Mar 2007
Automatic Print Screen Trick (tip)
Bryan Keadle shares a cool tip on how he uses the automatic print screen feature of a free PrintScreen utility.

27 Feb 2007
SEG.NLM: NetWare Memory Analyzer (tool)
Memory analysis NLM for Novell NetWare 5.1 and 6.x servers.

27 Feb 2007
Still ACT®-ing like you found a GOLDMINE® in your CRM Software? (feature)
Is your CRM a quick cure for unhappy customers and forgotten prospects? Before you answer you should know that 47% of all CRM initiatives fail. Is your organization one of them? Register now to find out what you can do to make your CRM work for you.

22 Feb 2007
NW Remove Pool Snapshot (tool)
This Perl script deletes a pool snapshot.

22 Feb 2007
Novell Open Audio: SLED10 Design and Usability, News from Support (feature)
Novell Open Audio interviews Anna Dirks, the leader of the SLED10 usability team. Plus, Dave Mair and Randy Goddard have the latest News from Support.

22 Feb 2007
Consolidate Data Between OES Linux Servers (tip)
Florian Deckert explains how to consolidate data between OES Linux servers.

22 Feb 2007
HowTo: Using CIFS to Serve Web Pages from NSS Volume via Windows 2003 Server (feature)
Bas Penris shows you how to configure CIFS to serve web pages from a NSS volume via a Windows 2003 server with IIS6.

21 Feb 2007
NetWare Control Center 3.1.2 (tool)
Novell Logfile Analyzer with Realtime Event Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting.

15 Feb 2007
TINY remote control for DOS (tool)
Lets you remotely control a Netware DOS machine from Windows or Linux over TCP/IP.

14 Feb 2007
BASH: cool functions for your .bashrc file (tool)
Weather, stock, translate, and define functions for your .bashrc.file.

14 Feb 2007
Daylight Saving Time Changes for 2007 - Updated (feature)
Updated with a new tip. Daylight Saving Time will begin the second Sunday in March (March 11th), 3 weeks earlier than in past years. Here are some new TIDs from Novell Support that provide all the information you need to ensure that your Novell products are updated and ready to handle the changes.

14 Feb 2007
Generating volume_inventory.html for automation (tip)
Theo Chaojareon shares an easy way to generate the volume_inventory.html file for multiple servers.

14 Feb 2007
Load BSTART in the AUTOEXEC.NCF file immediately after the file server name to solve numerous problems (tip)
Nicholas Pelton shares a solution for problems he had when using a NetWare 6.5 server for DHCP, ZENworks, and Brightstore 11SP1.

14 Feb 2007
Installing eDirectory on OES Linux (appnote)
Making the transition to OES Linux is a little easier, thanks to this AppNote on installing eDirectory on OES, by Dave Simons.

9 Feb 2007
Securing Your Server With AppArmor (feature)
Christian Boltz explains how to use the YaST AppArmor modules or the command-line tools to secure your server using AppArmor.

9 Feb 2007
Create Multiple Backup Versions on your Disk (tip)
Tore Agblad shares a script that will create multiple backup versions on your disk.

9 Feb 2007
Automatically Restart a Service if it Crashes (tip)
Daniel Hedblom shares a script he uses on his network that watches a service and restarts it in case of a crash.

9 Feb 2007
Installing a Second OES Linux Server into Existing eDirectory Tree (appnote)
Dave Simons explains how to add a second OES Linux server into your existing eDirectory Tree.

8 Feb 2007
Installing Oracle Applications Release 12 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (feature)
If you're getting ready to install Oracle Applications Release 12 on SLES10, check out this detailed installation guide from Michael Taylor that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to install it.

8 Feb 2007
Novell Open Audio: Using Open Source at Novell, Daylight Saving Time (feature)
Ted and Erin interview the guys in Novell IS&T to find out how and why they use open source software for running Novell's business. Then, in News from Support, learn about what the upcoming changes in Daylight Saving Time may mean to your organization.

8 Feb 2007
USB Drive Letter Manager (tool)
A Windows Service for W2K and higher that gives control over drive letter assignments for USB and Firewire drives. Without a configuration it just detects conflicts with network drive and solves them by assigning a drive letter that is really available.

5 Feb 2007
Users Login/Logout Audit - Vers. 1.18 (tool)
Registration of these events: user login to a NetWare server / user logout of a NetWare server, night control.

1 Feb 2007
Data Protection and Security with Novell Open Enterprise Server (feature)
When it comes to data protection and security, Novell Open Enterprise provides a number of services and tools to keep what's important to you and your organization safe. Novell Cluster Services, NSS Pool Snapshot, and Archive and Versioning Server are just a few of the items at your disposal. However, many desire an even greater level of protection. That's why Novell supports the efforts of numerous third-party backup and anti-virus vendors who complement what Novell Open Enterprise Server already provides. Find out more about what is in Novell Open Enterprise Server today and take a look at some profiles for vendors who support your environment and data protection needs now.

1 Feb 2007
Workaround for problem with HP LaserJet 1300/1320 printers not printing with iPrint (tip)
Joseph Marton shares a solution for a problem he had when using the HP LaserJet 1300 and 1320 with iPrint.

1 Feb 2007
Avoiding Localized NetStorage Problems After Installing NetWare 6.5 SP6 (tip)
David Krotil shares a solution for a problem he had with NetStorage after installing NetWare 6.5 SP6.

31 Jan 2007
NW Add Pool Snapshot (tool)
This Perl script creates a snapshot (snapName) of a (pool) and designates another pool (snapPoolName) as a snapshot data repository.

31 Jan 2007
Linux Get File Trustees (tool)
This Perl script lists the file trustees, and users' effective rights.

31 Jan 2007
Linux Set File IDs (tool)
This Perl script sets the creator, archiver, modifier, and metaDataModifier of a specified NSS file to an eDir user with the format .CN=user.O=organization.T=TREE_NAME.

30 Jan 2007
Linux Get File IDs (tool)
This perl script allows a user to see the creator, archiver, modifier, and metaDataModifier of an NSS file.

29 Jan 2007
User/Group Association Utility (tool)
Parse two LDIF exports, one only with users and the other only with group information, and check the associations between both.

26 Jan 2007
Getting Integrated With Linux - Part 1 (feature)
This Novell Connection article is the first in a three-part series aimed to acquaint you with Novell Open Enterprise Server and perhaps ease some of the anxiety you're feeling about making the jump from NetWare.

26 Jan 2007
List All Open Files on an NSS Volume Residing on an OES Linux Server (tip)
Andrew Armstrong shares a cool tip on how to list all open files by all connections on an OES Linux Server.

25 Jan 2007
Allow Public Printing via iPrint (tip)
Geoffrey Carmen explains why you may run into problems if you want to allow public printing via iPrint and try setting up a user without a password on the account.

25 Jan 2007
History Buffer Security... (tip)
Many installation executables require you to enter a password on the command line in order to achieve the installation. This means that your password is on view for all to see in the command line history buffer.

25 Jan 2007
Novell Open Audio: Tools of the Back Line Support Gurus (feature)
Randy Goddard and Dave Mair tell us about the tools and techniques that they use to help customers troubleshoot their servers.

19 Jan 2007
Restart NDPS Manager Without Having to Unload and Reload It (tip)
Did you know you can restart your NDPS Manager *without* having to unload it and reload it? Check out this new tip from Bryan Keadle and learn how.

19 Jan 2007
Moving and Resubmitting NDPS Print Jobs (tip)
Bryan Keadle shares a solution on how to "resubmit" print jobs (files) so that they will print.

18 Jan 2007
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Getting around in Large 2.0 Documents (tip)
You can easily jump between headings, graphics, sections, or other elements of a large document when you use the Navigator. Here's a tip from BrainStorm, Inc. to show you how.

18 Jan 2007
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Connect to a VPN Using SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)
With the proper information from your system administrator, connecting to a VPN with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is easy. Here's a tip from BrainStorm, Inc. to show you how.

11 Jan 2007
Need to Run Internet Explorer on Linux? Here's the solution! (feature)
Is your desktop migration to Novell SLED 10 being hampered because users need to access web sites or internal web applications that have Internet Explorer dependencies? Read this heads-up Cool Solution, submitted by our friends at Omni, on how to use a free, Open Source solution to run Internet Explorer on SLED 10.

11 Jan 2007
Migration of iPrint services from NetWare to OES Linux (feature)
Dave Krotil explains how to migrate iPrint services from NetWare 6.5 to OES Linux in the same tree, to the same container and DNS name.

11 Jan 2007
How to Install Novell Cluster Services on OES Linux (appnote)
In this AppNote, Dave Simons explains how to install NCS on OES Linux and how to create a shared storage disk to save data on your Novell Cluster.

10 Jan 2007
Deploying Web Applications to Tomcat (feature)
Brian Higgins shares a tip on how to deploy web applications, in the form of WAR files, to the Tomcat web server.

9 Jan 2007
The CNW Commander V2.53 (tool)
Manage drives, directories, and files from the NetWare server console.

9 Jan 2007
The CNW Editor V2.53 (tool)
The ultimate EDIT.NLM replacement.

8 Jan 2007
Linux iManager Plugin Installer (tool)
Quickly install iManager plugins on Linux platform.

5 Jan 2007
Get NetWare File Attributes (tool)
This perl script lists standard information about a file including the attributes that are set.

5 Jan 2007
Linux Control Tomcat (tool)
Program to control the Tomcat server on Linux machine.

4 Jan 2007
Set MetaData Archive Bit (tool)
This perl script allows a user to set or clear the metadata archive bit on a specified NSS file.

4 Jan 2007
Get Linux File Attributes (tool)
This perl script lists standard information about a file including the attributes that are set.

4 Jan 2007
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Wins InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award (feature)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 has earned a 2007 InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award, being named 'Best Linux Desktop'. Find out more.

4 Jan 2007
Installing iFolder 3 on OES in Container with Universal Password Set (tip)
Andrew Armstrong shares a solution for a problem he had installing iFolder 3 on OES in a container with a universal password set.

4 Jan 2007
Get NSS Pool Info (tool)
This perl script lists detailed information about the NSS pool.

4 Jan 2007
Descending into the Mine and Emerging Unscathed (feature)
This is the third article in a series about In this article, Kendra Dalin tests its limits by using it to complete common and advanced business tasks to create a community newsletter.

3 Jan 2007
Get NDS Name (tool)
This Perl script returns what the eDirectory name is for an existing NSS storage pool.

3 Jan 2007
Remove EFL Epoch (tool)
This perl script removes an EFL epoch and its file event list.

3 Jan 2007
Novell Open Audio: Tip: Disk Catastrophe Must-Have Information (feature)
Randy Goddard tells us about some quick command line utilities for backing up a disk's master boot record and partition information, as well as how to document vital system info quickly and easily.

2 Jan 2007
NWMON.NLM : NetWare Monitoring (tool)
Basic OS and eDirectory statistics for Novell NetWare 6.x servers with reporting via Novell Remote Manager.

2 Jan 2007
Create and Run ASP.NET Applications on Linux using Mono (feature)
Savia Mendes shows you how to create and run ASP.NET applications on Linux using Mono.

30 Dec 2006
NetWare Detector (tool)
Remotely detect the version and other information about NetWare system.

30 Dec 2006
Dynamic Group (tool)
A small utility for creating Dynamic Groups using the Novell Client.

21 Dec 2006
Novell Open Audio: Novell Client Update with Jason Williams (tip)
Jason Williams gives us an update about about the Novell Client, covering Linux, Windows Vista, and new wireless network authentication features.

21 Dec 2006
Partitioning Your Hard Disk Before Installing SUSE (tip)
Scott Morris shares a solution he provided for a user on how to partition a hard disk before installing SUSE.

21 Dec 2006
BrainStorm Cool Tip: See the Window List You Want in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)
You can organize your SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Window List so what you see on your Workspace is what you get in your Window List. Here's a tip from BrainStorm, Inc. to show you how.

21 Dec 2006
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Restart Numbering in 2.0 Writer (tip)
Don't hack your way into starting a new list in 2.0 Writer. Use the restart numbering feature. Here's a tip from BrainStorm, Inc. to show you how.

21 Dec 2006
Lowering Your Costs with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (feature)
This is the last article in a four-part series on the Novell Open Workgroup Suite. Learn how to make the final transition of desktop apps to open source and how to move onto the Linux desktop using the Novell Open Workgroup Suite.

21 Dec 2006
Consolidated Login Script (tip)
Jason Riebe shares a consolidated login script that is easy to read and maintain via eDirectory group memberships.

21 Dec 2006
Lowering Your Costs with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (feature)
Find out how SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop will lower your desktop costs while improving usability, productivity and security in this new Novell Connection article by Ken Baker.

19 Dec 2006
Linux Ping Epoch (tool)
Pings an inactive Epoch to prevent it from being removed.

18 Dec 2006
NW Remove Event Epoch (tool)
This perl script removes and EFL epoch and its file event list.

18 Dec 2006
NW List Epochs (tool)
This perl script Lists all EFL epochs for an NSS Volume on a NetWare Server.

18 Dec 2006
Linux Get Inactive Epoch Interval (tool)
Perl Script for getting the interval length that an inactive epoch will remain on the system before being removed.

18 Dec 2006
iFolder Detector (tool)
Remotely detect the version of iFolder.

15 Dec 2006
Using the Desktop Version of the MoinMoin Wiki with iFolder (tip)
Joe Pampel shares a cool tip on how to use the desktop version of the MoinMoin wiki with iFolder.

14 Dec 2006
Novell Open Audio: openSUSE 10.2 Overview with Martin Lasarsch (feature)
openSUSE developer Martin Lasarsch gives an overview about what's new in openSUSE 10.2.

12 Dec 2006
ImportCertLinux (tool)
Automatically import certificate from eDirectory into local key store for iManager plugins to communicate over SSL.

12 Dec 2006
Installing GroupWise WebAccess 7 on OES Linux Server (appnote)
This AppNote from Dave Simons walks you through the installation steps for getting WebAccess up and running on OES. Enjoy!

8 Dec 2006
Backup Critical Data to a Volume that is Backed Up Daily (tip)
Paul Caron shares a script that will backup your critical data to a volume that is backed up daily.

8 Dec 2006
Remote Monitoring Using Screenshots and Your PDA (tip)
Daniel Bray was migrating a few 100 GBs of data, and didn't want to sit in front of his laptop and watch it copy. So he used his PDA to monitor it remotely.

8 Dec 2006
How to Set Up a Dual Boot with SLED 10 and Windows (tip)
Scott Morris explains how to set up a computer to dual boot SLED 10 and Windows.

8 Dec 2006
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Applying Master Pages from Other Presentations in 2.0 Impress (tip)
Need to make your presentation comply to corporate style, but don't have the template for 2.0 Impress? Here's a tip from BrainStorm, Inc. to show you how to apply master pages from another correctly formatted presentation into yours.

8 Dec 2006
Clear Station All (tool)
Bounce OES Linux Server without broadcast messages.

7 Dec 2006
Using YaST Profile Manager on Your Laptop (tip)
Simon Crute explains how to use the YaST Profile Manager to create different profiles of your system configuration on your laptop when you use a docking station.

5 Dec 2006
Linux Mount Volumes (tool)
Script for remote mounting from NSS volumes.

1 Dec 2006
Display netware.metadata File Attribute with xattr APIs (tool)
Retrieve and display the data kept in the NetWare.metadata extended attribute on an NSS file on a Linux server.

1 Dec 2006
List Extended Attributes with xattr APIs (tool)
List extended attributes on NSS files on a Linux Server.

1 Dec 2006
Special Holiday Drawing Winner! (feature)
Congratulations to Gary Childers - the lucky winner of the iPod nano RED special edition!

30 Nov 2006
Novell Readies Customers and Partners for Linux-Based Open Enterprise Server 2 (feature)
Novell introduced Novell Open Enterprise Server 2, announcing support from software partners and delivering a training and technical services promotion to help more customers take advantage of Open Enterprise Server. The next Open Enterprise Server will feature virtualization, storage and file management innovations and complete the shift to providing workgroup services completely on SUSE Linux Enterprise, while helping long-time customers maintain their NetWare investment. Find out more.

30 Nov 2006
Resolving Install/uninstall Plugin Problem with iManager (tip)
Talekar Nagareshwar explains how to use the iManagerPluginInstaller tool to resolve the install/uninstall plugin problems associated with iManager.

30 Nov 2006
Novell Open Audio: Open Enterprise Server: Listener Questions about Linux (feature)
Product manager Jason Williams answers questions from the Open Audio listener community. He also explains the differences between SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) and Open Enterprise Server (OES).

30 Nov 2006
Novell Open Enterprise Server Training and Support Promotion (feature)
Novell launched a training and support promotion for Open Enterprise Server. Through this promotion, customers and partners will be able to take advantage of a free self-study kit, instructor-led training discount, and free OES-related support for 90 days. Get all the details here.

29 Nov 2006
Change Event Epoch (tool)
Stop an existing active EFL epoch and start a new active epoch for a specified NSS volume.

29 Nov 2006
Reset Event List (tool)
Remove all Event File List Epochs and reset EFL completely.

28 Nov 2006
Start Event Epoch (tool)
Start a new active Event File List (EFL) Event Epoch for a specified NSS volume.

28 Nov 2006
List File Events (tool)
List files that have had changes to file data or metadata during a specified time called an Epoch.

28 Nov 2006
Stop EFL Event Epoch (tool)
Stop the current Event File List (EFL) Event Epoch for a specified NSS volume.

28 Nov 2006
Linux Add Trustee (tool)
Perl Script for adding a trustee with scan rights to an NSS file.

22 Nov 2006
Simple Firewall Configuration Using NetFilter/iptables (feature)
Here's a new cool solution by David Mair that walks you through the creation of a simple iptables firewall explaining how it works along the way.

22 Nov 2006
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Linking to Documents in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)
Want the convenience of getting to a file on the desktop, without having to store it there? This BrainStorm Cool Tip tells you how you can link any file type to any directory in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10.

22 Nov 2006
Which Linux Desktop Packs The Most Punch? (feature)
The CRN Test Center recently compared 3 commercial distributions of Linux. For system builders, Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 has a leg up for its installation, networking features and support. Read the article here.

22 Nov 2006
Xming - A X Server for Windows (tip)
David Mair explains how to use Xming, a X Server that lets you use X based applications on a Windows desktop.

22 Nov 2006
This Week in Novell Audio: The Open Enterprise Server 2 Preview Extravaganza Edition (feature)
Product manager Jason Williams talks about the next version of Open Enterprise Server.

21 Nov 2006
ZedMon 3.26 (tool)
NetWare Server Monitor for Windows 2000/XP.

21 Nov 2006
List all EFL Epochs (tool)
List all EFL epochs for an NSS Volume on a Linux Server.

21 Nov 2006
Using Symantec Backup Exec for NetWare on SLED 10 (tip)
Gilles de Bellabre shares a quick tip on how to make Symantec Backup Exec for NetWare executable on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10.

17 Nov 2006
Linux List All Files (tool)
Utility for listing all files on an NSS Volume on a Linux Server.

17 Nov 2006
Send Attachment Script (tool)
Send mail and attachment from server console; handy to use for sending logfiles.

16 Nov 2006
Workaround for TLS Port Not Listening in Linux OES SP2 (tip)
If you get a "TLS port is not listening" error message after installing OES SP2, check out this workaround tip from Hema Joshi.

16 Nov 2006
Installation of Centre on SLES 10 (feature)
James Tremblay shares instructions on how to install Centre on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

14 Nov 2006
A BetterCommand Prompt (tip)
Here's a quick little tip from Bryan Keadle that is helpful when working with mapped drives at the command prompt.

14 Nov 2006
(R)emove (L)anguage (D)irectories (tool)
Free up space on SYS: volume.

14 Nov 2006
ATT Live 2006 (feature)
Registration is open for the ATT Live Conference Dec. 18-20, 2006. Take a look at the advanced classes for Open Enterprise Server and GroupWise. Seating is limited. Register now!

10 Nov 2006
NSS Volume lister for Linux (tool)
List all NSS Volumes on an OES Linux Server.

9 Nov 2006
NSS Pool lister for Linux (tool)
List all NSS Pools on an OES Linux Server.

9 Nov 2006
Linux Device Lister (tool)
List devices on an OES Linux Server which have NSS installed.

9 Nov 2006
Novell Open Audio: What Happened to iFolder? (feature)
Product manager Jason Williams talks about iFolder 3.6. Then, Dave Mair returns to tell us the latest news from Support, including a cool tip on how to use tunnel X over SSH.

9 Nov 2006
Improving Internet Access Speed on Multiplied SLED 10 Systems (feature)
Multiplied SLED 10 customers are saving 80-90% on their desktop deployment costs compared to stand-alone Microsoft desktops. Read this article to learn how to enhance users' Internet access speed when deploying Multiplied SLED 10 systems.

9 Nov 2006
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Going Wireless with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)
With built-in wireless network functionality, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 makes it easy to connect to a wireless network. Here's a tip from BrainStorm, Inc. to get you started.

9 Nov 2006
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Changing Headers and Footers in 2.0 Calc (tip)
When you're ready to print your Calc spreadsheet, you may notice a header you don't remember defining. You can define this header and customize it so it includes what you want by following this Cool Tip from BrainStorm, Inc.

9 Nov 2006 Writer (feature)
This is the second article in a series about In this article, Kendra Dalin shares her first impressions of Writer, the suite's word processor.

8 Nov 2006
How to use the lsof command (tip)
If you need to find out exactly what processes are manipulating your server and what files they are affecting, try using the lsof command. Jonathan Peck shares some helpful tips on how to use it.

8 Nov 2006
Novell Open Audio: Special Report: CEO Ron Hovsepian on Novell & Microsoft (feature)
After announcing the establishment of an agreement between Novell and Microsoft, Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian and Novell General Counsel Joe LaSala respond to some questions from Novell's customers and the free software community.

8 Nov 2006
Debugging SMDR on NetWare (tip)
If remote servers can't be seen, or connections cannot be made to remote servers, it is possible that SMDR is at fault. Dean Giles shares a tip on how to put SMDR into debug mode so you can get the debug log file.

2 Nov 2006
Change Telephone Numbers (tool)
Mass modification of telephone numbers from the console of server NW6.5

2 Nov 2006
Centralized Syslogging with Syslog-NG on SUSE Linux (feature)
Scott Flowers explains how to configure a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or Open Enterprise Linux server to act as a simple centralized loghost, and how to configure SLES servers and desktops to log system messages to that host over the network.

2 Nov 2006
Using Amanda to Backup Your Linux Server (feature)
Brian Higgins explains how to configure and use Amanda (Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver) to backup a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

2 Nov 2006
This Week in Novell Open Audio: SLE10: Technical Training & Learning (feature)
Ted and Erin investigate some training options for using and administering SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 systems.

2 Nov 2006
Linux Automation Framework (feature)
Yatin Manerker shares some scripts that can be used to start a test on a Linux server without needing an agent running on the server.

1 Nov 2006
Who.bat (tool)
Create a user log file to track IP address, computer name, and login time.

1 Nov 2006
Novell & Microsoft: What Do You Think? (tip)
Learn more about the landmark announcement from Novell and Microsoft.

31 Oct 2006
Announcing the Novell Workgroup Productivity Tour (feature)
Organizations just like yours have a simple, yet fundamental need: keep users productive and minimize cost. Join Novell as we visit more than 20 cities to showcase two key solutions for doing just that: the Novell Open Workgroup Suite and Novell GroupWise Mobile Server.

26 Oct 2006
The Penguins Are Marching - Novell Open Workgroup Suite: Migrating Back-end Servers and Services to Linux (feature)
This second article in a four-part series focuses on the migration of servers and workgroup services to Linux, based on the technology included in the Novell Open Workgroup Suite.

26 Oct 2006
SLED 10 Deployment Tips (feature)
Mike Petersen recently posted several guides in the Cool Solutions Wiki that provide tips and tricks on how to easily deploy SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. Read them here.

26 Oct 2006
OES Linux NSS Backup/ Restore in NetWare Emulation Mode using NetBackup (feature)
Suresh Kumar GP explains how backup and restore on OES Linux NSS volumes is done from an existing NetWare server configured with the NetBackup agent.

26 Oct 2006
Unable to Connect to the Network after RUG Updates (tip)
After applying RUG updates to an OES Linux server with SP2 on a Proliant DL380, no kernel modules were loaded or available. The server couldn't connect to the network or function in most ways. Read Rob Aronson's solution to fix the problem.

26 Oct 2006
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Placing Columns in the Middle of a Page in 2.0 Writer (tip)
Some documents, such as newsletters, might need column formatting on only one section of the page. Here's a tip from BrainStorm, Inc. to show you how.

26 Oct 2006
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Nautilus Shortcut Keys (tip)
The ALT key can add some easy file navigation tricks in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. To learn what ALT can do in the Nautilus file browser, check out this tip from BrainStorm, Inc.

23 Oct 2006
Bash - Making use of your .bashrc file (tool)
A sample .bashrc file.

19 Oct 2006
Troubleshooting SLPDA Services (feature)
Chris Premo shares some instructions he wrote to assist new administrators in troubleshooting SLPDA servers.

19 Oct 2006
Rohos Welcome (tool)
Password-replacement solution for Novell Client for Windows.

18 Oct 2006
Managing Live Migrations from Novell NetWare to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (feature)
Dell Power Solutions magazine recently published an article that explains how the Novell Cluster Services tool can help manage live cluster migrations from NetWare to Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Read it here.

18 Oct 2006
Find out how many actual processors are on your server (tip)
Saurabh Garg shares a tip that will help you find out many actual (physical) processors are on your server.

18 Oct 2006
Case Study: Archiving in the Novell NetWare Environment in the Banking Sector (feature)
Read how a large bank was able to solve its storage challenges as well as increase operational efficiencies by implementing an integrated CaminoSoft Managed Server HSM and EMC Centera solution supporting NetWare.

16 Oct 2006
Display Trustee Assignments (tool)
Scan one or more NetWare directories for trustees.

12 Oct 2006
Removing Unwanted and Unknown ACL's (feature)
Leonard Holling shares a workaround for problem ACLs, using a Perl script and JRB utilities.

12 Oct 2006
Using Remote Console with SLED 10 (tip)
When ConsoleOne 136e is installed on SLED 10 it doesn't include the Remote console utility as an option in the attributes menu of a server object. James Tremblay shares a tip on how to add it.

12 Oct 2006
Port Settings for Personal Firewall (tip)
Brian Kinney shares a list of ports that need to be opened when setting up a personal firewall.

10 Oct 2006
Bash Batch Image Processing Script (tool)
Manipulate entire directories of images all at once.

5 Oct 2006
Bash - Simple Phone Book using kdialog (tool)
A simple bash phone book with GUI interface.

4 Oct 2006
Seamless Authentication with the Squid Proxy (feature)
Proxy authentication with the Client Trust key is seamless - why not have seamless authentication with Squid, too? Simon Tideswell shows us how in this detailed article ...

3 Oct 2006
Load Balancing ZENworks Desktop Components across a Linux Cluster (feature)
Giovanni Coa explains how to load-balance ZENworks Desktop Management 7 components across an NCS on Linux cluster with multiple nodes in such a way that services such as PXE, Imaging, etc., may be moved from one node to another independently, taking advantage of the processing power of multiple cluster nodes.

2 Oct 2006
OPEN CALL: Installing and Distributing Firefox and OpenOffice (tip)
Updated: Bryan would like to know how other people manage their Firefox and OpenOffice installation and distribution, as well as the settings and policies for these applications. Share your experiences here and we'll send you a t-shirt!

29 Sep 2006
Got Skills? Bridge 'em to Linux - Part 9 (feature)
Here is the last article in a nine-part series designed to help you bridge your NetWare skills to Open Enterprise Server for Linux. This article offers pointers about what you can do and to what or whom you can turn to increase your understanding of Linux.

28 Sep 2006
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Cropping Graphics in 2.0 Writer (tip)
You don't need a separate graphics program to crop the images you place in your 2.0 Writer documents. Here's a tip from BrainStorm, Inc. that shows how to crop them directly in your document.

28 Sep 2006
"Multiplied" Linux Desktop Migration Strategy for SLED 10 and openSUSE 10.1 (feature)
With the excitement surrounding the launch of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 and openSUSE 10.1, it is clear that Novell has a winner with its new desktop strategy. With the Linux Desktop Multiplier, you can take the SLED 10 value proposition one step further. Learn how the "Multiplied" SLED 10 strategy is enabling organisations to migrate up to 10 users to each of their SLED 10 or openSUSE 10.1 computers.

28 Sep 2006
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Adding SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Panels (tip)
Is the bottom panel not quite big enough for all the applications and applets that you want to add? In SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, you can add another panel. Here's a tip from BrainStorm Inc. that tells you how.

26 Sep 2006
Consecutive start NLMs (tool)
PERL Script.

26 Sep 2006
LSENDMAG - Wake On LAN - (SUSE Linux) (tool)
Remotely turn on workstations and servers.

22 Sep 2006
SAN to SAN Migration Using Server Consolidation/Migration Utility (appnote)
Mike Faris explains how to move data from one SAN volume to a new SAN using the Novell Server Consolidation and Migration Utility.

22 Sep 2006
NCPMNTSH v1.2 - A Linux Script to Map to a NetWare Server (feature)
Tay Kratzer has released a new version of NCPMNTSH. NCPMNTSH is a script that makes mapping a SLES or OES/Linux server to a NetWare server much easier. Get all the details here.

22 Sep 2006
Novell South Africa Deploys 2,205 SUSE Linux Desktops in 105 Schools with Linux Desktop Multiplier (feature)
South Africa's North West Province is taking a leadership role in helping their students cross the digital divide. They were looking for the best way to deploy 2,205 desktop computers in 105 of their schools' computer labs. The solution * Novell's SUSE Linux Desktop operating system with the Linux Desktop Multiplier.

22 Sep 2006
iPrint Printers on Linux (tip)
iPrint printers on Linux fail to install when the user authenticating on the web page has an alias elsewhere in the tree. This because LDAP is returning multiple entries for the user during is search. Chad Israel shares a solution on how to fix it.

19 Sep 2006
Success with GroupWise 7 for Linux (feature)
GroupWise guru Tay Kratzer shares a free chapter from his new e-book, "Success with GroupWise 7 for Linux."

14 Sep 2006
Share Your PXE Boot Menus (feature)
Download additional PXE Boot menus and share your own creative PXE Boot menus here. We'll send you a t-shirt for your contribution!

14 Sep 2006
Synchronizing Firefox Bookmarks between SLED 10, Open Suse 10.1, and Windows XP (tip)
If you use several machines with different OS's and want to keep your Firefox bookmarks synchronized, check out this tip from Mike Brady. He shows you how to synchronize your bookmarks between SLED 10, Open Suse 10.1, and Windows XP.

14 Sep 2006
Got Skills? Bridge 'em to Linux - Part 8 (feature)
Here's the latest in a series of Novell Connection articles designed to help you bridge your NetWare skills to Open Enterprise Server for Linux. This article discusses some of the tools and command-line utilities you will use to monitor the Linux operating system.

14 Sep 2006
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Vertically Centering a Page in Writer (tip)
Perplexed by the lack of a "vertical centering" command in Writer? While the developers work on this, here's a tip you can use to vertically center the contents of a page.

14 Sep 2006
University Deploys Moodle On-line Course Management on "Multiplied" SLED 10 System (feature)
Read about how the Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla saved over 80% on the cost of deploying their on-line course management and e-learning software using a "Multiplied" SLED 10 strategy.

14 Sep 2006
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Quick Start Card Now Available (feature)
Heads Up: BrainStorm, Inc., the Novell-Authorized End-User Training Partner, is pleased to announce that the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Quick Start Card is now available. Find out how to get your copy here.

13 Sep 2006
SENDMAG (tool)
Remotely turn on workstations and servers.

11 Sep 2006
The world's biggest rollout of Novell iPrint (feature)
Check out Processingtalk's article about the rollout of Novell iPrint at BASF AG, BASF IT Services. They have completed the world's most comprehensive installation on 30,000 PCs and 9,000 printers. Read it here.

7 Sep 2006
How to Automate NetWare and OES File Migrations (feature)
Glen Davis shows you how to use the Server Consolidation Utility (SCU) to fully Automate File Migrations from one server to another using SCU's Server Based Processing and Cron.

7 Sep 2006
Multi-level, Colorful and "Jazzy" PXE Boot Menus Made Easy (appnote)
Being bent on making the PXE boot menu "pretty", and easy to modify, Bryan Keadle came up with a "PXE development environment" that lets you easily, and *QUICKLY* develop the PXE boot menu. Contained in the downloadable package with this article are a couple tools to make building your PXE menu an easy few steps. Enjoy!

7 Sep 2006
Why you might want to have iFolder 2.x and iFolder 3.x Coexist (feature)
Bryan Keadle shares a cool reason why you may want to keep both iFolder 2.x and iFolder 3.x running in your environment.

6 Sep 2006
NCS Volume Resource Validation Tool (tool)
Checks eDirectory object associations for NCS volume resources on OES Linux.

30 Aug 2006
Setting Up a SUSE PXE Installation Server in an Existing NetWare Environment (feature)
Bryan Keadle has provided some instructions for getting a working PXE-based installation server for your SUSE deployments in your existing NetWare environment.

30 Aug 2006
Installing iFolder OSS Enterprise Server on an Existing SLES 9 SP2 Server (tip)
Tim Hall explains how to configure iFolder 3.5 Enterprise Server on SLES 9 with NO OES installed.

30 Aug 2006
Designing a Clustering Solution for Linux and NetWare with Novell Cluster Services (feature) has published a sample chapter from the book Novell Cluster Services for Linux and NetWare by Rob Bastiaansen and Sander van Vugt. The chapter is titled Designing a Clustering Solution for Linux and NetWare with Novell Cluster Services. It provides you with all the functional and technical details you need to design your clustering solution.

30 Aug 2006
Issues fixed with downloading and installing patches on Open Enterprise Server (tip)
Updated: This information has been updated and is now available in the OES Documentation. Get the details here.

30 Aug 2006
Configuration and Authentication for Proxy Squid (tip)
Careful - there may be a proxy squid sitting next to you - and if you'd like to configure it for NDS Proxy authentication, Eric Champagne has the recipe ...

29 Aug 2006
Cool Blog: Teaching you to suck eggs? (tip)
Alex Evans shares a tip about using WinRAR to extract individual files from Novell patches. Read it here.

29 Aug 2006
Novell Wins Top Channel Award for Open Platform Solutions (feature)
Novell Open Enterprise Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server have swept the top spots for server operating systems in the Annual Report Card (ARC), a prestigious ranking by VARBusiness that identifies the top technologies among the solution provider channel. Read about it here.

23 Aug 2006
Getting USB Devices to work under Windows XP (tip)
Updated: Jason Doller explains why there are sometimes conflicts for drive letters when you're trying to use USB devices. (And, of course, supplies a way around the problem...) Freshly updated with some new suggestions, including automated ways to make this happen for your users without getting them all riled up.

22 Aug 2006
Getting an Open Enterprise Server box to Register SLP Services to NetWare SLP DA (tip)
Here's a very timely article. Configuring SLP on OES to communicate with a NetWare DA is a very common topic in the forums these days. Enjoy!

21 Aug 2006
You Talk, Novell Listens: Progress Report on Customer Suggested Improvements (tip)
Check out this report that explains how Novell has implemented many changes suggested by customers.

17 Aug 2006
Installing OES Linux as a Xen Guest on SLES10 (feature)
Glen Davis explains how to install Open Enterprise Server Linux SP2 as a Fully-Virtualized Xen VM Guest on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

17 Aug 2006
Using RSYNC to Synchronize Windows XP Group Policy on NetWare (feature)
Vikas Johari shares a solution on how to use RSYNC to copy and synchronize Windows XP/2000 Group Policy on NetWare.

11 Aug 2006
Running VMware Server on a NSS partition with OES (feature)
Florian Deckert shares a solution for a problem he had with VMware crashing with the error: caught signal 7.

9 Aug 2006
Migrating GroupWise to Open Enterprise Server on Linux (feature)
Read how Novell's own IS&T Messaging Team moved GroupWise to Open Enterprise Server on Linux.

4 Aug 2006
Novell Open Workgroup Suite Eval Now Available (feature)
Novell Open Workgroup Suite includes server and desktop platforms with complete management tools, e-mail and collaboration and office-productivity software. Now you can evaluate any or all of the great products in the Suite, including the Novell Edition of for Windows.

4 Aug 2006
Slipstreaming Post Service-Pack Patches into a Service Pack Build on NetWare (appnote)
This article by Greg Riedesel describes procedures for including patches released after a service pack into a service pack. Some patches are very simple, and others require knowledge of obscure Novell scripting. This can reduce (sometimes greatly) the number of reboots required during the application process of a NetWare service pack.

3 Aug 2006
The Easiest Linux Guide You'll Ever Read (feature)
Heads Up: Scott Morris just released a new book called "The Easiest Linux Guide You'll Ever Read - An Introduction to Linux for Windows Users". It is available as a free download. Get all the details here.

3 Aug 2006
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Using the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Search Tool (tip)
When you can't remember what you named that document, can't find an application, or can't recall the URL to the Web page you were browsing the other day, try using the Search Tool built right in to your desktop. In this tip, BrainStorm shows you how it works.

1 Aug 2006
Maintenance SPK (tool)
Use ZENworks to add the minimum patches after a Support Pack for OES NetWare.

1 Aug 2006
Using MySqlHotCopy on Open Enterprise Server (tip)
Chris Beckett explains how you can use Perl and a script that is already included in MySQL called MySqlHotCopy, to backup your tables on Open Enterprise Server.

28 Jul 2006
Create Trustee Audit Report (tool)
Creates a trustee audit report that includes Trustees assigned to a folder and their rights, and if any trustees are groups it will list the groups and their members.

28 Jul 2006
Installing iFolder 3.x on Novell Open Enterprise Server SP2 on Linux (feature)
Check out this new article in Novell Connection magazine. Bart Wallace explains how to install iFolder 3.x on Open Enterprise Server SP2 on Linux in an eDirectory tree within an existing clustered environment.

28 Jul 2006
How to Create a Cluster Resource with a Native Linux Filesystem (tip)
Novell Support recently published a new TID that explains how to create a native Linux Cluster Resource for Novell Cluster Services. Read it here.

27 Jul 2006
SLES 9 Authentication to Active Directory (tip)
Cameron Seader explains how to setup authentication for a SLES 9 client server to a Windows Active Directory Server.

27 Jul 2006
Configuring a NFSv4 Server and Client on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (feature)
Praveen Kumar explains how to configure a NFSv4 Server and Client on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

25 Jul 2006
NDPS/iPrint Print Queue Monitoring by Nagios (tool)
Monitor Print Queue Size of NDPS or iPP Print Queue on a Linux or NetWare Server.

21 Jul 2006
Got Skills? Bridge 'em to Linux - Part 7 (feature)
Here's the latest in a series of Novell Connection articles designed to help you bridge your NetWare skills to Open Enterprise Server for Linux. Part 7 provides basic information about Linux disk partitions, Novell Storage Services (NSS) on Linux, Linux file system access control, NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) server and file access for Linux, and Native client file access for Linux.

21 Jul 2006
Integrating Novell OES Linux iManager, Virtual Office and Welcome Page with Apache 2.2.2, Tomcat 5.5.17 and Sun Java2 1.4.2 (appnote)
Jonathan Peck has provided a guideline for installing Apache's web server version 2.2.2 and the Tomcat Java servlet version 5.5.17 and integrating them with your current OES Linux setup.

20 Jul 2006
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Posting Sticky Notes in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)
Ready for SLED 10? BrainStorm gives you a sneak peek and a tip that you'll want to use as soon as you install. Check out their tip complete with a flash demonstration on how to use Tomboy Notes, the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 electronic sticky notes program.

19 Jul 2006
tkdiff (tool)
Graphical User Interface for diff utility

13 Jul 2006
Configuring NFSv4 on Active/Passive iSCSI-based High Availability Clusters (appnote)
Yatin Manerker explains how to configure NFSv4 on iSCSI-based Linux High Availability (HA) clusters.

13 Jul 2006
Cool Blog: A Different Approach to HSM (feature)
Richard Jones has posted several Cool Blog entries about Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM). In his last entry, he talks about Shadow Volumes. Read it here.

13 Jul 2006
How To: Remote Installation Using SSH or VNC (tip)
Here's a cool tip from Novell Support that explains how to set up a remote installation using SSH or VNC. An install can be started that will allow for remote control during the installation process.

7 Jul 2006
SDelFile (tool)
Scan deleted files, purge deleted file on age.

6 Jul 2006
Got Skills? Bridge 'em to Linux - Part 6 (feature)
Here's the latest in a series of Novell Connection articles designed to help you bridge your NetWare skills to Open Enterprise Server for Linux. Part 6 covers four topics concerning the Linux file systems: System choices, System structure, File facts, and Commands and permissions.

6 Jul 2006
Nagios and NetWare: SNMP-based Monitoring (appnote)
Christian Mies shares a solution for NetWare monitoring with Nagios, based on SNMP Get and SNMP Trap.

6 Jul 2006
Francais-agent.cpk (tool)
Install/Update French agent

30 Jun 2006
AppNote: iFolder 3.1 on NSS with OES SP1 (appnote)
Andrew Grant shares some instructions on how to install and configure iFolder 3 to work on NSS. Update: Andrew discovered a race condition that affects iFolder on NSS. The problem is that if Tomcat comes up before the NSS daemon, iFolder simply doesn't start. Check the solution here.

30 Jun 2006
Using Clam AntiVirus to Protect your iFolder 3 Server (tip)
Magnus Hoglund explains how to install Clam AntiVirus as a real-time scanning anti-virus solution for your iFolder 3 server.

23 Jun 2006
Printer Driver Generator (tool)
Generate INF-based printer drivers without iPrint.

22 Jun 2006
NWCollect (tool)
Determine how much free disk space is available on NetWare servers.

22 Jun 2006
Cool Blog: Disaster Recovery - What are you doing? (feature)
Brad Rupp recently posted a request for feedback about your Disaster Recovery solutions in his Cool Blog. Read the responses and share your solutions here.

22 Jun 2006
Using INETCFG To Manage Your NIC Cards (tip)
Geoffrey Carman shares a tip on using INETCFG to manage NIC cards.

15 Jun 2006
Running a VMware Virtual Machine as a Service in OES Linux (appnote)
Virtualisation is something that has really taken off over the past few years. Andrew Grant explains how to run virtual machine(s) in a similar way to a service using freely available software.

15 Jun 2006
Got Skills? Bridge 'em to Linux - Part 5 (feature)
Here's the latest in a series of Novell Connection magazine articles designed to help you bridge your NetWare skills to Open Enterprise Server for Linux. Part 5 focuses on the server management tools that you use to remotely access and manage Open Enterprise Server for Linux.

15 Jun 2006
How to Change File Modification Dates without Changing Data in the Files (tip)
Andreas Eckert shares a tip on how to change a file modification date (if it is in the future) without changing data in the files.

15 Jun 2006
DisableClose and ShowDesktop (tool)
Prevent users from closing the windows that are running scripts.

8 Jun 2006
Cluster Resource Service Check and Preferred Node Failback via CRON and Server Console Conditional Commands (tip)
Jonathan Laudicina explains how to set up a scheduled failback of cluster resources by leveraging NetWare conditional commands and CRON.

7 Jun 2006
Workaround for Error: "LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-890: The specified server is unknown" (tip)
This error is caused when using MAP INS in the Login Script. It is fixed in the Novell CLient Post-4.91 SP2 Patch Kit B, but if you haven't applied the patch yet, here is a solution from Gurpreet Singh Khamba.

5 Jun 2006
RconJ for Mac - Updated (tool)
Runs using Java 1.5.0 and is native on Intel Macs so much faster overall.

5 Jun 2006
Automated Root Password Change Script for Multiple Systems (tool)
BASH script to gather system names and change root password.

5 Jun 2006
Convert list of group names and its members to CSV and TSV file for reporting (tool)
List all groups on a server with its members in a CSV file and a TSV file.

5 Jun 2006
Script to convert Volume Trustee Report to CSV (tool)
Perl script that will convert the text output from the Remote Manager Volume Trustee Report to a CSV file for volume or directory trustee audit.

1 Jun 2006
Novell Open Audio: Open Workgroup Suite (feature)
Rick Fowler and Allen Tietjen of the Workgroup product management team provide an overview of the Open Workgroup Suite.

1 Jun 2006
Enabling RConJ on Linux -- Unsecure Mode Only (tip)
Jim Gosney explains how to enable RConJ using the tools already available with NetWare 6.5.

31 May 2006
ConsoleOne Booster (tool)
Select ConsoleOne SnapIns at Startup.

30 May 2006
RConJ for Linux (tool)
Easily run RConJ on Linux.

23 May 2006
File System Primer (feature)
Richard Jones recently posted a File System Primer in the Cool Solutions Wiki. It provides an overview of the different Linux file systems and explains why there are so many file systems on Linux. Furthermore, he even clarifies when each Linux file system is best used. Read it here.

23 May 2006
How to Create Logical Volumes on Solaris (tip)
Harshwardhan Pradhan explains how to create a logical volume including two or more hard disks.

18 May 2006
Setting up Open Enterprise Server as a Primary Domain Controller (feature)
Justin Grote explains how to set up Open Enterprise Server to allow Samba to authenticate against the eDirectory Universal Password.

18 May 2006
Moving iManager to its own Virtual Host on OES Linux (feature)
This article from Justin Grote details the process of setting up an application inside its own Apache Virtual Host on OES Linux, using iManager as an example.

11 May 2006
Moving NetWare Java Webapps from Tomcat 4.1 to Tomcat 5.0 (tip)
Rodney Crossman provides instructions to help you move your NetWare Java Webapps from Tomcat 4.1 that is installed by default, to the faster Tomcat 5.0 system available on later NetWare 6.5 support packs.

10 May 2006
Novell Open Workgroup Suite Now Available (feature)
Heads Up: Novell Open Workgroup Suite is now available worldwide. Novell Open Workgroup Suite gives enterprises a cost-effective employee productivity solution based on proven, open software. Get all the details here.

10 May 2006
DSRepair - Cross-Platform Functions (feature)
This quick-guide article by Novell's Akos Szechy helps you run DSRepair effectively on Linux and Windows platforms.

9 May 2006
Implementing a Transparent Deployment of Novell Branch Office (appnote)
Gary Childers explains how to deploy NBO servers in a transparent fashion -- meaning that, if we do our jobs right, the end users may be blissfully unaware that any change at all has taken place on their network.

9 May 2006
Running GroupWise WebAccess with Tomcat 5 on NetWare (tip)
Joe Moore provides instruction to help you install and configure Tomcat 5 on NetWare and move GroupWise WebAccess to run on Tomcat 5.

4 May 2006
How to Build a Mixed OES Cluster using iSCSI (feature)
Andreas Ollenburg explains how to create a cluster on servers running OES NetWare and OES Linux.

4 May 2006
Installing OES or SLES without having to swap CDs (tip)
When installing a SUSE based system, be it OES or straight SLES, you may be swapping CDs for quite some time! William Schneider shares his solution on how to install a system without swapping CDs.

4 May 2006
Apache Error: (13) Permission denied (tip)
Matt Midson shares a tip on how to avoid the following Apache error: (13) Permission denied: file permissions deny server access.

3 May 2006
PKIDiag on Linux - Recreating Server Certificates (feature)
Can you run PKIDiag on Linux? No, but you can do the PKIDiag tasks on Linux, thanks to this solution from Justin Grote.

2 May 2006
Getting RSS Feeds in your Instant Messaging Client (appnote)
Rather than having a RSS news reader running all the time checking for updates to your web feeds (blogs and podcasts), wouldn't you love to get updates via IM? Jon Strickland explains how to use InstantFeed to get your RSS feeds to show up in most IM clients, including AIM, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, and Google Talk. Very nifty device for keeping yourself informed while you chat with your friends.

28 Apr 2006
How to put SMDR into Debug Mode on Linux (tip)
Dean Giles shares a tip on how to put SMDR into debug mode on Linux so you can get a debug log.

28 Apr 2006
Find Out Who Has a Specific File Open on OES Linux (tip)
Sometimes it is helpful to see who has a file open (for updates etc.) Olaf Zerfowski shares a script that will find the user who has a specific file open on OES Linux.

27 Apr 2006
RconIP Front (tool)
A small windows frontend for rconip.

27 Apr 2006
Novell Branch Office Q&A: An Open Discussion (appnote)
Updated with new Q&A: Gary Childers has provided answers to some of the most common questions that he has received about using Novell Branch Office.

20 Apr 2006
Enabling the Debug Options in TSAFS on OES Linux (tip)
If you've had problems backing up on OES Linux and need information about what might be failing, check out this tip from Dean Giles. He explains how to put TSAFS in debug mode so you can get a debug log.

20 Apr 2006
Disable NetWare Messenger for Specific Users (tip)
Tony Fiore shares a tip on how to disable the use of NetWare Messenger for specific users.

20 Apr 2006
Upgrading Tomcat 5.0.19 to Latest Version (tip)
Rodney Crossman provides instructions on how to upgrade Tomcat 5.0.19 to the latest version from the Apache Tomcat site.

20 Apr 2006
Configuring Apache Webserver to Withstand DoS and Brute Force Attacks on NetWare 6.x (tip)
Mike Farell explains how to configure your Apache Webserver to block DoS and Brute force attacks on your NetWare 6.x servers.

20 Apr 2006
Got Skills? Bridge 'em to Linux - Part 4 (feature)
Here's the latest in a series of Novell Connection magazine articles designed to help you bridge your NetWare skills to Open Enterprise Server for Linux. Part 4 shows you commonly used NetWare commands and tasks and then gives the functional equivalents on Open Enterprise Server for Linux.

20 Apr 2006
This week in Novell Open Audio: Novell Client for Linux & News from Support (feature)
Many organizations have told Novell that in order to start using Linux as a desktop OS, they must have a way for desktop Linux systems to simply and easily connect to their Novell infrastructure. Jason Williams tells us how Novell is bringing this to life. Plus, listen to a special report about the acquisition of e-Security.

13 Apr 2006
AppNote: Novell Client 4.9 SP2 : Initialization, Login and Settings (appnote)
Updated: Here is a fantastic AppNote that you'll want to print and cherish in your giant Binder of Knowledge. This article describes the operation of the Novell Client, from boot-up of the machine, through the user login. It discusses how the Client uses defined protocols to locate resources and authenticate a user. It also contains a comprehensive listing of the various settings available to control the behavior of the Client.

13 Apr 2006
Migrating from IPX to Pure IP (feature)
Fahim Siddiqui shares some tips and lessons learned from his experience migrating NetWare 5.1 Servers from IPX to Pure IP.

12 Apr 2006
FixMyKey! (tool)
Looks for drive letter conflicts between removable storage devices and mapped network drives and corrects them.

12 Apr 2006
Infoboard (tool)
Shows a .rtf file for a predefined time interval.

12 Apr 2006
ZfD iPrint Mover (tool)
Resets iPrint policies to the OES Linux iPrint printers.

6 Apr 2006
Checking NSS User Quotas on Open Enterprise Server for Linux (feature)
Marc-Andre explains how to create a friendly, convenient interface to the helpdesk for checking user quotas.

6 Apr 2006
Tomcat 4 Won't Start after Installing a New Package (tip)
Eric Champagne shares a solution for a problem he had with Tomcat not starting after he installed a new package.

6 Apr 2006
Open Enterprise Server Named 'Best of Show' at LinuxWorld in Sydney (feature)
Novell Open Enterprise Server was named 'Best of Show: Total Industry Solution' at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo held in Sydney, Australia. Get the details here!

6 Apr 2006
Data Replication Using Novell Technologies Video (feature)
Gary Childers presents some strategies for data replication using Novell technologies such as Novell Branch Office, Novell iFolder, and the RSYNC utility that has been ported to NetWare. Watch the video here.

30 Mar 2006
IFPING (tool)
Checks if a specified host is reachable and then returns the ERRORLEVEL value back to the CMD.

30 Mar 2006
OES Autoyast AID (Auto-installation tool) (tool)
Script creates an Autoyast Profile for use with OES SP2 Linux.

30 Mar 2006
Modules (tool)
Win32 based Workstation equivalent for the MODULES console command.

30 Mar 2006
Got Skills? Bridge 'em to Linux - Part 3 (feature)
Here's the latest in a series of Novell Connection magazine articles designed to help you bridge your NetWare skills to Open Enterprise Server for Linux.

23 Mar 2006
Leveraging Novell Open Enterprise Server and Novell eDirectory as a File Protocol Gateway and Central Identity Store (feature)
This article provided by Novell Support Engineers explains how to install and configure Novell Open Enterprise Server as a Protocol Gateway.

23 Mar 2006
802.1x Authentication and the Novell Client for Windows (feature)
Novell customers often ask if the Novell Client for Windows interoperates with 802.1x authentication protocols. As of the Novell Client 4.91 SP2 for Windows, the Novell Client does not include an 802.1x authentication supplicant or direct support for invoking a third-party supplicant. Get the details here, as well as workarounds, solutions and troubleshooting tips.

23 Mar 2006
Configuring NetStorage for Text View Only (tip)
Martin Haaksema explains how he configured NetStorage so users can only use the text view.

23 Mar 2006
How to Disable NetStorage Access to Users' Files (tip)
If you've ever had concerns that user accounts may be hacked into via NetStorage due to weak passwords, read Tony Fiore's solution he uses at his company.

23 Mar 2006
This week in Novell Open Audio: BrainShare 2006 (tip)
Listen to the latest Open Audio interviews recorded during BrainShare.

16 Mar 2006
A Data Backup and Recovery Strategy (appnote)
If you're looking for a data backup and recovery solution, check out this new AppNote by Eugene Phua. He explains how to implement an inexpensive and elegant data backup and recovery strategy that will help you minimize downtime in the event of a disaster.

16 Mar 2006
Generate Web Page with list of Current NCP Servers in the Tree (tip)
Stuart Beckett shares some code that will query LDAP for all NCP Servers, sort the list, then generate a table with the name, version, and link to the NRM. Now you can easily connect to the servers to manage them.

16 Mar 2006
Retaining Numerous Copies of SEGSTATS.TXT (tip)
Bill Callan shares his solution on how to avoid overwriting the SEGSTATS.TXT on startup.

16 Mar 2006
Open Enterprise Server Cool Blogs (tip)
Heads Up - Open Enterprise Server is now on Cool Blogs. OES experts - Jason Williams, Richard Jones and Doug Clower have started posting on Cool Blogs. Check it out!

16 Mar 2006
M-Backup (tool)
Single command to back up all important system information.

16 Mar 2006
Error: "Join retry, some other node acquired the cluster lock" (tip)
Reuben Bryant explains how he fixed the "Join retry, some other node acquired the cluster lock" error he got when changing the default gateway and subnet mask on NetWare cluster nodes. Updated with reader comments.

13 Mar 2006
Low Swap Space Notification (tool)
Notifies when free swap space is less than n bytes.

9 Mar 2006
Introducing Workgroup Cool Solutions (tip)
Heads up, all of you who love Novell's workgroup products. We have created a new super site which presents Cool Solutions content being written for all of Novell's awesome workgroup products, including Open Enterprise Server, GroupWise, and Novell Linux Desktop.

9 Mar 2006
Introducing Cool Blogs (tip)
Heads Up: Check out the newest addition to Novell Cool Solutions -- Cool Blogs. Written by key Novell personnel who are responsible for creating, supporting, and marketing Novell's products, these Cool Blogs will be an unprecedented opportunity for you to get the inside scoop on this technology. If you use Novell in your desktop or datacenter, you need to check this out.

9 Mar 2006
Script to Shut Down a NetWare Server (tip)
Shutting down a NetWare server can be problematic at times. Typing DOWN at the prompt may lead to a hung server as services don't unload in an orderly fashion. Wayne Doust shares a script he created that shuts down the services running on the server before shutting down the server.

9 Mar 2006
AppNote: Using RSYNC with Windows (appnote)
Updated: Lots of people are interested in backing up data on Windows laptops and PCs using RSYNC, in a variety of situations. Gary Childers shares some great ideas for some unexpectedly cool ways to use this great utility.

9 Mar 2006
Loading a Web Page from a NetWare Server using Viewport instead of Startx (tip)
Rich Stevenson shares a tip on using Viewport instead of Startx to load web pages from a NetWare server.

9 Mar 2006
Memory Tuning Calculator for NetWare 6.5 (tool)
Generates a set of specific recommended tuning parameters for a NetWare 6.5 server.

3 Mar 2006
How to Manually Set Up an Installation Source for Installing OES Linux Across the Network (tip)
Clive Richards shares his solution for a problem he had when using YAST to set up an installation source.

3 Mar 2006
This week in Novell Open Audio: What's happening with Open Enterprise Server (tip)
Heads up, OES fans. Tune into Novell Open Audio and hear Jason Williams and Troy Wilde hold forth about Open Enterprise Server. With any luck, Jason will say British stuff like "Bob's your uncle."

3 Mar 2006
Novell Client 4.91 SP2 Error - "An unknown error 0x0000000D (13)" (tip)
Paul Predron shares a tip on what to do if you get the following error when installing the Novell Client 4.91 SP2. Error: "An unknown error 0x0000000D (13) occurred while installing".

27 Feb 2006
NetWare File Server Activity Daemon (fadmn.nlm 2.00.a and fadmnexp.nlm 0.01.a) (tool)
NetWare file server utilities allow you to view real-time file access events and write to log file or send to syslog daemons.

24 Feb 2006
Keeping Students from meddling with the PXE Menu (tip)
ZENworks preboot services does not provide password protection for PXE menu options, but Ryan Veety needed a way to keep the students out of the PXE menu. He explains how he did it (not for the faint of heart -- it requires some skill working with config files in Linux).

22 Feb 2006
Get Thee to a Nano-ry! (tip)
Finally, a podcast for the die-hard Novell enthusiast! Novell Users International and Novell have teamed up to bring you Novell Open Audio, the cool audio companion for the avid Cool Solutions reader.

22 Feb 2006
Converting Novell Branch Office to Standard NetWare 6.5 (appnote)
Michael Faris explains how to convert Novell Branch Office to a standard NetWare 6.5 SP2 server. Script examples are included.

22 Feb 2006
Remote Server Navigation from OES NetWare to OES Linux or Vice Versa using NetWare FTP Server (appnote)
Ashwin S. explains how to use NetWare FTP server's remote server navigation to transfer data between Linux and NetWare.

22 Feb 2006
Rollover Solution with SQL (tip)
Forum participant Bill Sappington describes a sample scenario for a rollover solution with SQL.

20 Feb 2006
Disk Space Usage 2.4 (tool)
Determine where your disk space is being used.

16 Feb 2006
How to Mirror OES and SLES9 patches using ZENworks 7 (feature)
In this first article of a two-part series, Scott Flowers explains how to use ZENworks Linux Management to keep your SLES9 and OES servers up to date.

16 Feb 2006
Using ZLM Mirrors of OES and SLES to Update Local Servers (feature)
In this second article of a two-part series, Scott Flowers explains more about how to use ZENworks Linux Management to keep your SLES9 and OES servers up to date.

16 Feb 2006
Installing a Removable Hard Drive for Data Backups on NetWare (tip)
Jim Ferrill shares a few tips he learned when installing and configuring a new removable hard drive for data backups on NetWare.

16 Feb 2006
Printer Error "Gateway Other Problem" (tip)
Louis Bernardo shares a solution on how to fix the "Gateway Other Problem" error after creating a printer agent.

15 Feb 2006
SURVEY: Status, Statistics, Suggestions, and Solicitations (feature)
Scott Morris reveals the current numbers of the "Request a Linux App" survey, found on Novell's CoolSolutions site.

14 Feb 2006
Moodle (tool)
Create effective online learning communities.

9 Feb 2006
Solving Slow Logins and Poor Performance on Applications that use Small Files (tip)
Eric Belcher shares how he solved a problem he had with slow logins and poor performance on applications that used small files. Updated with new suggestion.

7 Feb 2006
Quick Access to Various Files on Multiple NetWare Servers (tip)
Ian Button shares a great tip on how to get quick access to various files/agents on a large number of NetWare servers.

7 Feb 2006
LUM-enable a SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 Server (trench)
Do you need to know how to LUM-enable a SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 Server? This article demonstrates how.

6 Feb 2006
Wireshark (previously known as Ethereal) (tool)
Multi-platform protocol analyzer.

6 Feb 2006
SysDwn32 (tool)
Performs Shutdown/Restart/Logoff at specified time.

6 Feb 2006
DynaWizard 2.10 (tool)
Ensures that the workstation returns to its set configuration each time, every time.

6 Feb 2006
TDPRCON 1.4 (tool)
Remote console with look and feel of RCONSOLE.EXE but secure and bandwidth efficient.

3 Feb 2006
While we're waiting, what can we use now? (feature)
It may take a while to convince vendors to port their applications to Linux. In the meantime, Scott Morris asks what possibilities exist now for the top requested applications.

3 Feb 2006
Big File Creator (tool)
Creates large files on NSS volumes, even larger than 4GB.

2 Feb 2006
Update on Linux Application Request Survey (feature)
Scott Morris reveals and discusses the newest data and results from Novell's Linux Application Request Survey.

2 Feb 2006
Recovering Deleted/Lost/Missing Data From Novell Servers Using Data Recovery Software (appnote)
This AppNote by Soubir Dutta discusses data loss from Novell server disks along with methods to recover and restore the lost data. He also includes a short case study (using Stellar Phoenix Novell) to help users better understand the recovery process.

1 Feb 2006
Getting Started with Password Policies (tip)
Interested in getting started with Password Policies? Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares the why's and how-to's of getting a Password Policy up and running, using iManager.

31 Jan 2006
Avoiding 404 Errors in GroupWise / OES Web Access (tip)
Here's a tip on avoiding 404 errors in GroupWise Web Access, courtesy of Matt Midson.

30 Jan 2006
Configuring iFolder on Linux clusters (OES SP2) (tool)
Automate the configuration of iFolder on OES SP2 Linux clusters.

26 Jan 2006
The Application People Most Want Ported to Linux Is... (feature)
We have posted a survey designed to find out which Windows-only applications are keeping people from switching to Linux. Scott Morris reveals the progress of this survey.

26 Jan 2006
How to use Backup Exec with Backup-to-Disk and SSO at the same time (tip)
Eric Marcus shares his solution for using Backup Exec with Backup-to-Disk and SSO at the same time.

24 Jan 2006
IPListLaunch 1.0 (tool)
List IP addresses and usernames for a NetWare server.

22 Jan 2006
ZLM 7 Bundle Handling (tool)
Check for Duplicate Packages in an OES Bundle.

20 Jan 2006
OES SP2 Update Tool (tool)
A script file that combines all of the steps needed to update an OES server to OES SP2.

20 Jan 2006
VOLMON - NetWare Volumes Monitor (tool)
An NLM module for monitoring NetWare volumes.

19 Jan 2006
Consultant's Corner: GroupWise 7 on OES Linux Clusters (feature)
Gregg Hinchman recently conducted a Proof of Concept to see if you really could use GroupWise 7 on an OES Linux Cluster. He's working on an entire White Paper about it, but shares this preliminary take on the ups and downs he experienced.

19 Jan 2006
Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2 (feature)
Heads Up: There's a new support pack available for Novell Open Enterprise Server. Download it here.

19 Jan 2006
Nagios: Host and Service Monitoring Tool (feature)
Rainer Brunold introduces Nagios, an excellent server and service monitoring tool.

19 Jan 2006
Using -t flag with SSH (tip)
Jared Ottley explains how he uses the -t flag with SSH to open a pseudo-tty within a current session.

13 Jan 2006
Need an App to run on Linux? Request it here! (tip)
If you have critical applications that you MUST be able to use on Linux, please take a minute to let us know what they are, and we'll see what we can do to nudge the folks who create them. Together, your voices will count for more than they would separately.

12 Jan 2006
Adding Storage to a Mixed NetWare/Linux Cluster (tip)
Dean Giles explains how to add storage to a mixed NetWare/Linux cluster so it's detected by the other OS.

12 Jan 2006
Installing iFolder v2.1.3 on Windows 2003 (tip)
Roy Lopez shares some tips to help you install iFolder v2.1.3 on Windows 2003.

12 Jan 2006
TBX.NLM (tip)
Geoffrey Carman shares what he has learned about the new TBX.NLM that replaces TOOLBOX.NLM.

12 Jan 2006
Uptime Workhorses: Still Crazy after all these Years (trench)
Updated with new screen shots: A few years ago we ran a contest to see how long your NetWare servers had been running. At that time, Charlie White had an old NetWare 3.12 server tucked away in the datacenter that faithfully kept on going year after year. He sent us a new screen capture of his NetWare NFS Server running on NetWare v3.12 showing that it has been up and running now for over 6 years! Can you top that? Let us know.

10 Jan 2006
Export/Import Installation Sources into YAST (tool)
Scripts to allow for the exporting or importing of installation sources into YAST.

5 Jan 2006
Migrating without the Migraines, Part 3: AMP and iSCSI on Open Enterprise Server for Linux (feature)
Here is part 3 of Linda Kennard's series on "Migrating without the Migraines" in Novell Connection magazine. Linda explains how to move existing files associated with Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl off of a server running NetWare 6.0 or NetWare 6.5 onto a single Open Enterprise Server for Linux. She also shows you how to set up Open Enterprise Server for Linux to access an iSCSI Storage Area Network.

5 Jan 2006
LinuxWorld Magazine: Novell OES vs. Windows 2003 Server (feature)
Jon Walker provides a great feature by feature comparison between Novell OES and Windows 2003 Server.

28 Dec 2005
Creating Custom Roles, Tasks and Property Books for Printer Operators (tip)
James Denton explains how to create custom roles, tasks, and property books to assign access control for printer operators.

28 Dec 2005
Dekart Logon (tool)
Password-replacement solution for Windows PCs and Novell Client.

22 Dec 2005
iPrint-like Printer Maps for NDPS Environments (tool)
Provides an internet protocol handler (prnt:) to install printers on Windows 2000/XP clients via an HTML page similar to Novell's iPrint maps.

21 Dec 2005
Novell Open Enterprise Server Linux Entitlement Tool (tip)
If you are deploying Novell Open Enterprise Server, did you know that you're entitled to deploy a number of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 servers with updates and support? Use this handy Entitlement Calculator to find out how many SUSE Linux Enterprise Server activation codes you're entitled to.

21 Dec 2005
Running Rconj on Linux (tip)
Darko Delinac provides a simple solution for running rconj on Linux. All you need is a working Java environment and 4 files from your NetWare server.

21 Dec 2005
Fun Fun Fun -- Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 1 (tip)
If you haven't seen it yet, check out this article by Ken Baker in the Novell Connection magazine. Learn about the new features and product updates in Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 1.

21 Dec 2005
Remove the Novell Client from a Remote Workstation in Silent Mode using ACU (tip)
Nasirkhan Mohibuddin explains how to remove/uninstall the Novell Client from a remote workstation in silent and unattended mode using ACU.

15 Dec 2005
AppNote: Installing NetWare 6.5 SP4a / OES-NW SP1 onto HP Blades (appnote)
Updated: Greg Riedesel describes how to install NetWare 6.5 SP4a or Open Enterprise Server SP1 - NetWare to an HP Bladeserver, using HP supplied tools. At the end of the process you will have a blade image from which installations of Open Enterprise Server - NetWare can be run quickly.

15 Dec 2005
Howto: Organising Thunderbird to save mail, filter spam and trash junk mail (feature)
Stomfi shares some helpful tips on how to use Thunderbird.

15 Dec 2005
Workaround for problem joining a new node to the Cluster in NetWare 6.5 SP4a (tip)
Corrado Ferilli shares his solution for a problem he had when trying to join a new node to the cluster in NetWare 6.5 SP4a. Error "CLUSTER--<2090>: Join retry, some other node acquired the cluster lock".

15 Dec 2005
Adding other File Systems or Network Resources to your NSS File System (tip)
J.R. Wessels explains how to add other file systems or network resources to your Novell NSS directory structure.

14 Dec 2005
TKInfo Tool (tool)
Script that creates four reports for monitoring information about keys.

12 Dec 2005
Troubleshooting Installation Problems ("Windows error 3") (tip)
When installing an NDK component with the executable installation download you may get the message "Windows error 3 occured while loading the Java VM." Here is a quick workaround to solve the issue.

12 Dec 2005
Easy paste to (tool)
Paste file content from Stardard Input to

8 Dec 2005
List Meta-Data Archive (tool)
Lists files with the meta-data archive bit set.

8 Dec 2005
Folder Sync (tool)
Yet another synchronization tool used to keep defined pair of folders in sync.

8 Dec 2005
Simple Password Self-Service (tool)
Allows users to change their own password.

8 Dec 2005
DupeTrace 1.5 (tool)
Utility to "play back" an LDAP trace file.

8 Dec 2005
AppNote: Location-Based Printing for Metaframe Services (appnote)
This AppNote by Eric Belcher details the installation of location-based printing facilities for Citrix Metaframe using Novell iPrint.

8 Dec 2005
Automating GroupWise Monitor on Windows and NetWare (feature)
The GroupWise Monitor Agent requires Windows or Linux and cannot be run as a NLM. Setting up GroupWise Monitor to be online automatically, all the time, is not as easy as one might think. The good news is, it is doable. In this configuration the "Agent" is running on a Windows server and the "Application" (Web) piece is running under NetWare Apache. Martin Zinaich shares the details.

8 Dec 2005
Distribute Printer Drivers Across the Network with RSYNC (tip)
Florian Deckert shows you how you can use RSYNC to distribute printer drivers across the network.

8 Dec 2005
AppNote: RSYNC Q&A - An Open Discussion (appnote)
Updated with new Question: Gary Childers has provided answers to some of the most common questions that he has received about using RSYNC. If you have other questions about RSYNC or would like to share how you are using the utility, send them in here.

5 Dec 2005
List TSA Utility (tool)
List the SMDRs and TSAs available and test the connections to both on a server.

2 Dec 2005
Volume lister (tool)
Lists 255 possible volumes and their names.

1 Dec 2005
Howto: Compile and install GIMPShop on SUSE 9.3 (feature)
GIMPshop is a hacked version of GIMP 2.2.4 that has been modified to resemble PhotoShop. In this Howto article, Stomfi explains how to install it on SUSE 9.3.

1 Dec 2005
Tips and Tricks Using QuickFinder Server 4.0! (feature)
QuickFinder is one of Novell's little-known gems. And yet, you've probably used it many times since it's the search engine used, without alteration, on and the award-winning Novell Support Web sites. The best part is that you probably already own it ...QuickFinder Server ships with Open Enterprise Server on both NetWare and Linux platforms and has been shipping with NetWare since version 5.1!

1 Dec 2005
How to Load the Azureus BitTorrent Java App on NetWare (tip)
Rodney Crossman shares instructions on how to load the Azureus BitTorrent Java Application on NetWare

30 Nov 2005
Speed Up Linux Installation (feature)
Tony Vickers showcases a slick way to speed up the installation of SUSE Linux-powered platforms.

30 Nov 2005
Customize Apache's Default Error Pages (tip)
Dominic Mendes shows how easy it is to customize the error pages displayed by Apache.

30 Nov 2005
Workaround for Error when installing iManager 2.5 on SUSE 9.3 (tip)
Rudi Synoradzki explains what to do if you're installing iManager 2.5 on SUSE 9.3 and you get an error that Red Carpet failed to connect to the local iManager channel.

29 Nov 2005
Sync Center 2.0 (tool)
Maintains file synchronization between different volumes or servers as scheduled.

22 Nov 2005
NCPSync.nlm (tool)
Synchronize two directory subtrees by NCP.

18 Nov 2005
System Information (tool)
Collect critical system information for easy reference in one text file.

17 Nov 2005
How to configure LUM on a new SUSE workstation (feature)
Got OES and NLD? Cool Solutions contributor Edward van der Maas shows you how to get LUM configured on a new SUSE workstation.

17 Nov 2005
HowTo: Create a Dialog Console-Based Configuration Helper - Part 3 (feature)
In the last part of this HowTo series, Stomfi shows you how add a Network module to the fixit system.

17 Nov 2005
Enable Webdav Tech in Apache 2 (trench)
Dominic Mendes explains how to enable Webdav technology in Apache 2.

14 Nov 2005
Use keyboard shortcuts at the command line (trench)
The bash shell offers a lot of power for interacting with the command line. By default, the shell uses an Emacs-like mode to edit lines, which you can change to a vi-like mode. The mode you choose largely depends on which editor you're most comfortable with.

14 Nov 2005
Linux Equivalents of DOS Commands (trench)
Domnic Mendes provides a list of common DOS commands and their Linux equivalents.

14 Nov 2005
OES/Linux Patch Installer (tool)
Script to interactively install patches using rug.

11 Nov 2005
Upgrading NetWare 6.0 Servers to OES using ZENworks Server Management (tip)
Freshly added - instructions for ZENworks 7! Check out these white papers from Martin Irwin -- ZENworks Server Management Upgrading and Patching Methodologies. Among other things, these papers includes instructions for how to use ZENworks to upgrade to Open Enterprise Server, apply NetWare patches, and a whole raft of other essential tasks.

10 Nov 2005
HowTo: Use a Webcam as a Magic Mirror - Part 2 (feature)
In part 2 of this HowTo article, Stomfi looks at web cameras and their software and explains what requirements must be met to make sure the system is usable.

10 Nov 2005
Patch Existing PHP Web Server to Make it NetWare Compatible (tip)
Florian Deckert shares some scripts that will patch your existing PHP web server to make it NetWare compatible.

10 Nov 2005
Forcing NIC Speed and Duplex on OES Linux (tip)
Updated: Dave Bogdan shares his solution to permanently set the NIC speed and duplex on OES Linux.

4 Nov 2005
FavsToIFolder (tool)
Make your IE Favorites consistent across all your different computers with no effort.

3 Nov 2005
SECURITY: Preventing Hacking Attempts (trench)
Chander Ganesan shows how to block brute force attacks on your ssh server.

3 Nov 2005
SECURITY: Deny access to accounts that mis-type passwords several times concurrently. (tip)
Chander Ganesan shows how to increase security by deactivating accounts where the password has been mis-typed several times in a row.

3 Nov 2005
Workaround for Missing Volume Object (tip)
When Tim Rath tried to create a new cluster volume resource using an existing NSS volume, the volume object he selected disappeared. Read his solution here.

31 Oct 2005
SQL2LDAP (tool)
Enable administrators of Novell networks to import user details from a SQL server to create the NDS user leaf objects.

27 Oct 2005
HowTo: Use a Webcam and PC as a Magic Mirror - Part 1 (feature)
This HowTo describes an "open patent" system which combines SUSE Linux, a webcam, a real mirror, some lighting, and some shell scripts interfaced to the GUI with Runtime Revolution and a couple of Linux apps, into a tool for helping people choose wearable products.

27 Oct 2005
Hosting iPrint Maps on Remote Server (tip)
Greg Riedesel shows you how to configure your iPrint Map so it can be hosted on a remote server.

27 Oct 2005
Application Core Files in SUSE Linux (feature)
Aaron Gresko explains what "core files" are in Linux. He tells us why they're good, when we should need them, and who should use them.

27 Oct 2005
Configuring Client 4.91(SP1) For Easy to Use C2S VPN (tip)
When implementing C2S VPNs, Thomas Schoope is often asked how to simply switch from VPN to inside usage and back. Here is his solution.

25 Oct 2005
Prevent Unwanted Files (tool)
Server-based tool to prevent unwanted files from using resources on your network.

24 Oct 2005
iPrint Map Links (tool)
Modified version of map tool to handle geographical maps.

24 Oct 2005
Multi-Server Monitoring System Vers. 3.20 (tool)
A new very useful tool for a real-time, continuous control of servers' activities and connections between them.

21 Oct 2005
Using Novell Solutions to Provide Integration with Citrix Products (tip)
Check out this great new White Paper from Novell Consultant David Shepherd. This document details how to integrate Novell and Citrix technologies using the latest products available from both companies

20 Oct 2005
Combining Rsync, Quickfinder and NetStorage for Fun and Profit (feature)
Scott Flowers explains how to take advantage of centralized backup data to do search indexing with Quickfinder, and then deliver content from the search results via NetStorage.

20 Oct 2005
Using RPM Verify to Monitor Changes to System Files (feature)
It is important for administrators of critical server systems to be able to track changes to files on their systems. Tracking file changes helps detect accidental or malicious modifications such as viruses, root kits, or hacking activity. This article explains how to set up RPM to track these changes.

20 Oct 2005
Connecting Evolution to Exchange (trench)
Ruud van der Zwet explains to us his experience of successfully getting his Evolution email client to communicate with Microsoft Exchange.

20 Oct 2005
SUSE versus Red Hat for Support (tip)
Find out exactly what support is available with the purchase of SUSE compared to Red Hat.

13 Oct 2005
Use getent to Display LUM Users On a Linux Workstation (tip)
Aaron Gresko explains how to use the getent command to display all of the local and eDirectory users the system knows about.

13 Oct 2005
HowTo: Create a Dialog Console-Based Configuration Helper - Part 2 (feature)
In part 1 of this HowTo article, Stomfi showed you how to develop a fixit system, a utility for helping a newbie fix common SUSE configuration problems from the command line. In part 2, you'll learn how to add the help files.

13 Oct 2005
SysUpTime Network Management System (tool)
Efficiently and proactively manage any network of any size.

13 Oct 2005
Document Your NetWare 6.5 Installation (tip)
Henny van der Ben shares a template he uses to document his NetWare 6.5 installations. It walks you through the NetWare installation process and prompts you for your settings as you install it.

6 Oct 2005
Managing Users and Groups From The Command Line (feature)
Scott Morris shows how easy it is to manage users and groups from the command line. He gives specific commands and examples, making this a great tutorial for people new to Linux.

6 Oct 2005
Troubleshooting OTRS Installation Problems on OES Linux (tip)
Matt Midson explains how he solved some problems he had when installing OTRS on OES Linux.

6 Oct 2005
HowTo: Create a Dialog Console-Based Configuration Helper - Part 1 (feature)
This HowTo article shows you how to use dialog to develop a shell-based utility that will display configuration files, display help, and launch the relevant shell-based configuration tool for SUSE.

29 Sep 2005
Synchronize Directories with rsync (trench)
There are many cases when it is useful to keep two directories in sync with each other. Examples include mirroring a FTP server and performing backups. This, and other uses for rsync are found in this article.

29 Sep 2005
How to Define Printer Properties on Windows Workstations (tip)
Emmanuel Oettinger shares a tip on how he sets the printer properties on a Windows workstation.

29 Sep 2005
Using RSYNC to Distribute a MySQL Database to a NetWare Server (feature)
In a previous article, Florian Deckert showed you how to use RSYNC to distribute a static web server to a NetWare server. In this article, he explains how to distribute a MySQL database.

29 Sep 2005
HowTo: Use Synergy to Control Several Workstations from One Keyboard and Mouse (feature)
Synergy lets you share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems. If you have several computers on your desk, you might want to give it a try. Take a look at this new HowTo article for instructions on how to install it.

29 Sep 2005
Solution for Virtual Office Problem after Upgrading to OES SP1 or NetWare 6.5 SP4 (tip)
Danny Grasso shares his solution for a problem he had with Virtual Office after he installed the OES SP1 or NetWare 6.5 SP4 patch.

28 Sep 2005
SendToX (tool)
Free up SYS: volume space.

28 Sep 2005
Tips for Installing Service Packs on Several Servers (tip)
Geoffrey Carman shares a few tips on how he installs service packs to several servers.

26 Sep 2005
Setting Up the iPrint Client to Use the Local iPrint Printer Map (tip)
Ron Imsland shares a solution he came up with that will redirect users to their local iPrint printer map when they click on the iPrint icon and select "Find/Install printers".

21 Sep 2005
HowTo: Use tput in a shell data entry system - Part 4 (feature)
In part 4 of this HowTo series, Stomfi shows you how to create adjustment scripts and add reporting to the system.

21 Sep 2005
Patching Open Enterprise Server Tips and Tricks (feature)
Aaron Gresko gives some quick and easy tips on patching Open Enterprise Server.

21 Sep 2005
Using strace to Debug Programs in Linux (trench)
The utility strace can be quite handy, if you know how to use it correctly. Aaron Gresko gives us the low-down.

21 Sep 2005
The Perfect Connection - Migrating without the Migraine: iFolder and iPrint on Novell Linux (tip)
Don't miss this new article in the Novell Connection magazine. Linda Kennard shows you how to upgrade Novell queue-based printing on a server running NetWare 5.1 or later to Novell iPrint on Open Enterprise Server for Linux. She also explains how to deploy Open Enterprise Server for Linux as a standalone Novell iFolder 3.1 server.

21 Sep 2005
The NetWare Toolbox: Now Available (tip)
Heads Up: Rob Bastiaansen recently released a new book that has 100 tips and tricks that will help NetWare system administrators solve and prevent problems in their NetWare environment. Get the details here.

19 Sep 2005
Down (tool)
Down the Server from Command Line or Batch Job.

15 Sep 2005
A Tour of NFS (feature)
Kirk Coombs gives us an overview of how NFS works.

15 Sep 2005
Scripts to Migrate Default Printer and iPrinter Settings to New Computer (feature)
Adam Reno shares two scripts that will migrate all the iPrint printers, default printer and LPT port captures from a user's old computer to their new computer.

15 Sep 2005
HowTo: Use tput in a shell data entry system - Part 3 (feature)
The first two articles in this series showed you how to use the "tput" command to develop a terminal based data entry system. Part 3 continues with the development by using the "dialog" command as a replacement for "tput" in the same scripts.

15 Sep 2005
Turbocharge an SSH Connection with screen (feature)
Kirk Coombs shows how to make an SSH connection more useful with the screen command.

15 Sep 2005
Avoiding a Timeout When Entering IP Address During NetWare 6.5 Installation (tip)
Geoffrey Carman shares a tip on how you can avoid a very annoying pause of several minutes or timeout when installing NetWare 6.5 and trying to enter the IP address.

15 Sep 2005
Even More Pros and Cons of Tape Backup Solutions (trench)
Here's the sequel to the original article, which achieved gargantuan proportions and has been settled into its permanent spot in the Vault. Come see the new suggestions, and feel free to add your own.

9 Sep 2005
AdRem Free Remote Console 5 (tool)
Free remote access to NetWare server console.

8 Sep 2005
HowTo: Use tput in a shell data entry system - Part 2 (feature)
In part 1 of this HowTo article, Stomfi showed you how to create a shell terminal based data entry system using "tput" and other cursor and screen attribute commands. In part 2, you'll learn how to use adjustment scripts to read and select a relevant line from a data file, display the data and allow it to be edited.

8 Sep 2005
AppNote: Configuring an OpenSLP DA on OES or SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers (appnote)
Peter Strifas explains how to configure your SLP environment to use OpenSLP on Novell's OES based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as a Directory Agent. He also explains how to configure a Novell Client on a Windows workstation to use SLP services from the same OES-SLES server.

8 Sep 2005
VMware: Guest OS Issues (feature)
Paul McKeith gives us various tips on using SLES9 or OES on a Windows XP machine through VMware. The following tips are provided:

  • Fix for: Can't Perform a GUI based Install
  • Switching Between Virtual Consoles
  • Fix for: X-Server GUI not Working After Install
  • Installing VMware Tools
  • Fix for: Display Problems with Virtual Consoles (tty1-6)
  • 8 Sep 2005
    Massachusetts switches to OpenDocument (tip)
    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, after much debate, research, and investigation, has proposed and ratified a complete switch to the OpenDocument v1.0 format, to be enforced January 1st, 2007.

    31 Aug 2005
    Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 1 Now Available (feature)
    Heads Up -- Open Enterprise Server SP1 is now available! SP1 adds to the strengths of the original Open Enterprise Server release with even greater capabilities in management scalability, global security, end-user productivity, deployment agility and business continuity. Download it today!

    31 Aug 2005
    How to use Branch Office to Replicate an Intranet Web Site and Redirect Users to Nearest Copy (feature)
    Florian Deckert explains how to use Branch Office NetWare servers to replicate a central intranet, and automatically redirect users to the nearest copy.

    31 Aug 2005
    HowTo: Use tput in a shell data entry system - Part 1 (feature)
    This HowTo describes a shell terminal based data entry system using "tput" and other cursor and screen attribute commands to create a useful and sophisticated interface without using a GUI. A basic inwards/outwards goods system is used as the platform to show these and other shell features including the use of functions.

    31 Aug 2005
    Configuring FreeRADIUS on Open Enterprise Server for Linux (tip)
    Eric Champagne explains how to configure FreeRADIUS on OES Linux with LDAP authentication and Linksys WRT54G.

    31 Aug 2005
    How to Redirect all Web Traffic on Server to Port 443 (tip)
    Cade Carvell shares a script he created that will redirect all web traffic on a specific server to port 443.

    26 Aug 2005
    Updating Open Enterprise Server (tip)
    If you need to update Open Enterprise Server, this article will explain how to do this.

    26 Aug 2005
    Registering Open Enterprise Server (tip)
    This article talks about how to register OES.

    24 Aug 2005
    HowTo: SUSE 9.3 plus sound & wireless on an IBM Thinkpad 600 (feature)
    This article explains how to get sound working on the IBM Thinkpad 600 using SUSE and Alsa and how to set up Ethernet and wireless pcmcia cards. The section on wireless network configuration will be interesting and useful to anyone who wants to set up wireless networking on SUSE Linux, no matter what computer hardware boxes they are using.

    24 Aug 2005
    AppNote: Novell Client Settings with Windows Terminal Server (appnote)
    Gary Childers explains how to install and configure the Novell client on a Windows Terminal Server.

    24 Aug 2005
    How to configure MySQL for NSS File System in OES for Linux (feature)
    This article by Rekha Bhaskaran describes how to configure MySQL server to use the NSS file system on Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux.

    24 Aug 2005
    Performance Tuning Installation Tips (feature)
    Kirk Coombs shows us some optimization tips.

    24 Aug 2005
    Basics: Partitioning Hard Drive for Linux Install (feature)
    Stomfi covers the basics with how to install Linux on an existing Windows hard drive partition, and how to choose default boot options.

    24 Aug 2005
    Encrypting Data Partitions (feature)
    Kirk Coombs shows how to encrypt data partitions.

    24 Aug 2005
    Printing More than 30 Pages via NDPS (tip)
    Royce Robinson shares his solution to a problem he had after upgrading to 6.5 SP3 with NDPS printers not printing jobs with more than 30 pages.

    24 Aug 2005
    Changing a Regular URL into one with a Tilde without Annoying your Users (tip)
    Greg Riedesel shows you how to use mod_rewrite and mod_proxy to add a tilde to a user's home directory url.

    18 Aug 2005
    Home directory checker (tool)
    Simple automated checker for home directories without users.

    17 Aug 2005
    Backdoor into a Server that is Locked by Scrsaver (tip)
    If you ever need to get into your server and scrsaver has locked your console screen, you'll appreciate this very helpful tip.

    17 Aug 2005
    If you can't open the ACT! Database (tip)
    Maurice de Laat offers another solution to this problem.

    17 Aug 2005
    How to Passthrough your DLU Credentials to the Member Server (tip)
    If you are using DLU and IDM or Account Manager to synchronize passwords, you can't automatically map to resources on your Windows Domain Member servers. Here's a nice workaround from Mark Harrison.

    17 Aug 2005
    HowTo: Use Javascript and Frames and Forms in a Web Site Part 2 (feature)
    This HowTo continues from Part 1 to show you a practical example of using Javascript and Frames using the web pages of the previous website article to navigate via a side bar menu. It also shows you how to create a simple form for emailing a quick inquiry.

    17 Aug 2005
    Open Enterprise Server Scores High in Clear Choice Test (tip)
    Check out this great review of Open Enterprise Server posted recently in NetWork World. They made it jump through significant hoops in their test lab, and it came out smelling like a rose. (Sorry to mix metaphors.)

    16 Aug 2005
    Cache Remove (trench)
    Script to assist in removing cached files that may be corrupted.

    16 Aug 2005
    Using the "Magic System Request Keys" (feature)
    The System Request keys are great for debugging or for use on a non-production system. Enabling the System Request keys introduces a security risk--allowing any local or remote user to send commands such as SIGKILL or HALT to the system.

    11 Aug 2005
    Converting a PDF to a text file (tip)
    Ever received a PDF file that you wished you could just copy and paste into another document? pdftotext is the file for you.

    9 Aug 2005
    Getting to Know Open Enterprise Server SP1 (feature)
    Open Enterprise Server SP1 is just about ready for action, so we thought we'd give you a sneak peek at what's inside.

    9 Aug 2005
    iPrint Troubleshooting (feature)
    Geoffrey Carman shares some very useful troubleshooting tips and best practices advice for using iPrint. Enjoy!

    9 Aug 2005
    Customizing Bootable Overlay CDs (tip)
    Jason Shropshire needed to do multiple installations for NetWare 6.5 SP3 and wanted to customize the installation with a response file, and consolidate the overlay CDs to a DVD, without making it unbootable. Here is how he did it.

    8 Aug 2005
    Add Novell Support to Your Firefox Search Engine (tip)
    If you're using Firefox to surf the web, check this out. It's a snap to add the Novell Support, Novell Documentation, or a zillion other search engines to your favorite list to be able to search directly from the Firefox Web Search bar. Gary Childers lays it all out.

    2 Aug 2005
    Configure an Open Enterprise Server (Linux based) Installation Source to Register with SLP (trench)
    Configuring an installation source to register with SLP is normally done by the YaST Installation Server module. The Installation Server module does not correctly handle Open Enterprise Server (OES) installation sources, however, so creating the installation source is done using a script.

    2 Aug 2005
    Working around Rconag6 Gotchas (trench)
    Rconag6.nlm is the IP-based replacement for Remote.nlm. However this created a few issues that Geoffrey Carman found annoying. Here's how he worked around the issues, freshly updated with some additional info.

    2 Aug 2005
    Where are my users in iFolder 3.0? (feature)
    The iFolder 3.0 plugin makes managing your users much easier than in previous versions of iFolder, but it takes a little getting used to. Jenn Bitondo explains how to add new users to iFolder 3.0, and how to get your other users to show up as well.

    2 Aug 2005
    HowTo: Use Javascript and Frames in a Web Site Part 1 (feature)
    This HowTo shows you a practical example of using Javascript and Frames, using the web pages of the previous website example, to navigate via a side bar menu. It also shows you how to create a simple form for emailing a quick inquiry.

    2 Aug 2005
    Server Abend at Startup on DBNET6.NLM -- NetWare 6 and 6.5 (tip)
    If you experience an abend on startup, here's a workaround that's worth a try. Freshly updated with new information.

    28 Jul 2005
    HowTo: Create a simple Document Management Application Part 2 (feature)
    This HowTo shows you how to create a simple Document Management System using the Shell and Runtime Revolution. Stomfi has used some new shell tools RunRev functions this week, to expand your knowledge a bit more.

    27 Jul 2005
    Changing all your Rconag Passwords in One Fell Swoop (tip)
    Tim Hansen shares a nifty idea that can save you tons of time when you need to change the Remote Console password on your servers. Beauty.

    27 Jul 2005
    Configuring iFolder Applet to make DNS Calls over TCP (tip)
    This is a good tip, but please but be warned, removing iFolder is risky. As a matter of fact, removing any of the OES components and reinstalling them is very temperamental. But if you need to do it, and you're feeling frisky, this is worth a look.

    27 Jul 2005
    Connecting to a NetWare FTP Server over SSL (feature)
    Bill Mercer shares a step-by-step explanation to an end-user of how to configure CoreFTP Lite for FTP over SSL with a NetWare server.

    27 Jul 2005
    OES Patch Channel Not Present After Activating Open Enterprise Server (Linux based) (tip)
    After activating Open Enterprise Server using rug or Red Carpet, if you find that the oes patch channel is not present, check out this tip from Aaron Gresko.

    27 Jul 2005
    How to Install NDPS Printers on Windows XP (tip)
    Rick Darter explains how he sets things up so users can connect to an NDPS printer on Windows XP.

    27 Jul 2005
    Mapping and Disconnecting NetWare Volumes using Commands - with and without Novell Client (feature)
    Think you need the Novell Client to map NetWare volumes? Think again. If you don't have the Novell Client, you can't do it the easy login script way. But you still have some command-line and batch file options to help you get the job done without manual intervention. Novell's Girish Mutt tells all.

    25 Jul 2005
    Reset Your Lost Root Password (trench)
    Kory Sonnier explains some simple steps to resetting the root password for your system, should you forget it.

    21 Jul 2005
    Adding RSS News feeds to Virtual Office (feature)
    There are a lot of RSS News feeds out there that are a great source of information. Here is how you serve them up with Virtual Office 1.5+.

    21 Jul 2005
    Workaround for Problem when Adding Another iSCSI Server for Cluster Backup (tip)
    Deepak Sharma offers a good look at verifying if your cluster nodes installed correctly. This could help someone who ends up with a similarly botched system.

    21 Jul 2005
    Keeping an Eye on Tomcat under NetWare (tip)
    Dirk Engels shares a nifty method of getting the Tomcat screen loaded. Enjoy!

    20 Jul 2005
    ContactWise 7.2 Now Available (trench)
    Don't miss this opportunity to obtain a Free Download of the new release of the powerful GroupLink® CRM / SFA (sales force automation) solution that leverages your investment in GroupWise, eDirectory, NetWare or Linux!

    14 Jul 2005
    Making Your Full SYS Volume Mount (NetWare 4.11) (feature)
    What would you do if your NetWare 4.11 SYS volume filled up and wouldn't mount anymore? Here's your cool solution.

    14 Jul 2005
    Enabling Telnet service in NetWare 5.1 (tip)
    If you are unable to get a connection when you're trying to Telnet in NetWare 5.1, this nice tip will show you how to fix it.

    14 Jul 2005
    Configuring Virtual Office to let Users Login with their Email Addresses (feature)
    Some companies want to allow their users log into corporate applications using their email addresses. Here's how you set that up for Virtual Office.

    14 Jul 2005
    How to Mirror Open Enterprise Server Patches with ZENworks Linux Management 6.6.1 (feature)
    Mirroring patches is a great way to save bandwidth and update multiple systems in a network. This article from Aaron Gresko demonstrates how to set up a ZLM server and get a mirrored OES patch channel running on it. Patching OES systems from the mirrored channel is also covered.

    14 Jul 2005
    HowTo: Create a simple Document Management Application Part 1 (feature)
    This is a simple but extensible GUI document details management system which allows you to look up records with search terms, add new records, and edit existing ones. It allows you to have multiple subject databases, and can use networked symbolic links for a corporate wide system. The system can be modified to suit different needs, each user in a network having their own details input window and database file, yet can be accessed by everyone by using the standard set of shell tools. The system uses Runtime Revolution for the GUI windows and the bibliographic shell tools to index and look up the databases.

    13 Jul 2005
    AppNote: Getting Settable Parameter Values in NetWare (appnote)
    This How-to AppNote discusses how to obtain the values of command-line-settable parameters from a NetWare-loadable Module (NLM) and explores creating and maintaining your own settable parameters. (Freshly updated.)

    13 Jul 2005
    Disabling the Novell Send Message (tip)
    A school IT admin asked for a way to disable the Novell Send Message without touching each machine. Here are some ideas. Chime in if you have anything to add.

    12 Jul 2005
    The Enterprise Server Battle: What IT Managers Should Know (tip)
    Chuck Stevenson, CTO for Gupta Technologies, a provider of embedded relational databases, told LinuxInsider there are three top considerations when choosing any server platform: initial cost, long-term costs/ongoing maintenance, and longevity.

    11 Jul 2005
    The Importance of Running SUSEconfig After Installing (trench)
    Kirk Coombs explains the necessity of running SUSEconfig after installing a package with the rpm command.

    5 Jul 2005
    If you Forgot your MySQL Root Password... (trench)
    Forgot your MySQL root password and don't want to lose existing data by reinstalling? You won't want to miss this great tip from Rodney Crossman.

    5 Jul 2005
    Avoiding Clarion SAN Issues by Configuring Startup.ncf Properly (trench)
    Here's a a really good hardware tip for those of you running Clarion SANs.

    5 Jul 2005
    Avoiding Unnecessary Traffic to DNS Server (trench)
    Microsoft Client OS's love to check in with dns every time they boot, renew, to update their entry in dns. David Souders shares his method of reducing that traffic.

    5 Jul 2005
    HowTo: Create a Home Cooks Recipe Book using the Linux Shell and RunRev GUI Part 5 (feature)
    In this fourth part we finish developing the shopping list system. A shopping list is different from an ingredients list, which deals with cups and teaspoons, because its quantities are either in package sizes or piece quantities.

    5 Jul 2005
    Connecting from Windows XP to NetWare 4.11 (trench)
    In response to an OPEN CALL, Daniel Ball tells how to connect from WinXP to a NetWare 4.11 server. Updated with new suggestions.

    30 Jun 2005
    Fix Certificate Problems In Open Enterprise Server Caused By Updating Java2 (tip)
    Open Enterprise Server has an issue with Java2 updates and the cacerts keystore used by various Novell services to authenticate secure LDAP. If you've installed patch-9788 or patch-10258 then you probably have this problem. The problem is only an issue for systems with VirtualOffice and/or iManager installed and configured.

    28 Jun 2005
    AppNote: iFolder on Open Enterprise Server Linux Cluster using iSCSI (appnote)
    This AppNote describes how to configure iFolder on iSCSI-based Linux cluster. The objective is to provide an alternative to original cluster hardware which is more costly than an ISCSI. Even setting up and configuring any service is very simple on iSCSI.

    28 Jun 2005
    Backrev Software Packages with YaST (tip)
    Customers sometimes want to know how to backrev an updated software package back to a previous support pack or even to the original shipping version. Aaron Gresko explains how to do it using YaST.

    28 Jun 2005
    HowTo: Create a Home Cooks Recipe Book using the Linux Shell and RunRev GUI Part 4 (feature)
    In this part we develop the shopping list system. A shopping list is different from an ingredients list, which deals with cups and teaspoons, because its quantities are either in package sizes or piece quantities.

    28 Jun 2005
    Goodbye to Tape - Backup Strategies in the New Millennium (feature)
    One of the undeniable issues we all face in network and server management is protection against data loss: that is, for most of us, data backup. It is simultaneously a bane and a boon to our existence. Many times, it is simply an enormous aggravation, when it isn't working properly – because we just never know when we might really need it. Gary Childers shares what he's learned over the years in the School of Hard Knocks. Enjoy!

    28 Jun 2005
    Primsrv .01b1 (tool)
    Set Novell primary server at client.

    27 Jun 2005
    Creating Custom init Scripts (feature)
    Linux uses init scripts to start and stop the daemons on a system. Learn how to create these init scripts for any daemons you wish to run.

    22 Jun 2005
    Deploying Printer Drivers to Multiple NetWare servers without using iManager (feature)
    Ever need to deploy the same printer drivers to multiple NetWare servers without using iManager? Matthew Shuter shares a nifty idea that could save tons of time when you have to roll out print drivers on multiple systems. Great one, Matthew!

    22 Jun 2005
    Lab Guide for installing Open Enterprise Server with Linux Kernel (feature)
    This lab installs Open Enterprise Server with the Linux kernel. It creates an NSS volume to allow file sharing and adminitration via ConsoleOne and iManager. It sets up an Apache web server and has examples to set up an intranet or public web server and use LDAP for authentication.

    22 Jun 2005
    HowTo: Create a Home Cooks Recipe Book using the Linux Shell and RunRev GUI Part 3 (feature)
    In this third part of the series, Stomfi explains how to develop the edit recipe parts of the system.

    22 Jun 2005
    Recommended Reading (tip)
    Looking for something cool to read on the beach this summer (or in front of the fire, for you good folks down under)? Consider these three titles; guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat till the very last page.

    22 Jun 2005
    AppNote: The Two Trees - Simultaneously Accessing Nterprise Branch Office Servers and the Corporate Tree (appnote)
    A lot of folks are trying out Novell's Nterprise Branch Office (NBO) product, in order to realize the savings on hardware and administrative costs, and are finding that the hardest part is the transition period between using traditional NetWare servers, and using the Branch Office servers. Gary Childers offers a boost up the learning curve. Enjoy!

    21 Jun 2005
    Enabling an Interactive Startup in Novell/SUSE Linux (trench)
    Kirk Coombs explains how to give a little more control to the user on bootup of Linux.

    21 Jun 2005
    Using openSSH to Securely Access Remote Systems (feature)
    If you are new to Linux, you may not be familiar with Secure Shell (SSH). SSH provides a secure method to access a remote host in the styles of telnet, rlogin, ftp, and others. With SSH, all communication between host and client computers is encrypted, reducing the risk of having passwords or data intercepted.

    17 Jun 2005
    AppNote: Open Enterprise Server (OES) services security (appnote)
    This outstanding AppNote focuses on disabling services you do not need or are not currently using, in order to strengthen the security of your system. This document will help you recognize and disable services running by default on OES NetWare and OES Linux. Pay special attention to the Nessus Assessment reports in the appendices. This document also documents each open service/port and offers recommendations relating to those services/ports.

    15 Jun 2005
    Avoiding the "In Use" Message from ACT! Software on an NSS Volume (tip)
    Tom Payne found this in the December 2002 Appnotes: eDirectory Challenges, "In Use" Message from ACT! Software on an NSS Volume. He tried the options, and vouches for his favorite.

    15 Jun 2005
    Drive Mappings Randomly Being Lost (tip)
    When running NetWare Client 4.91 on Windows XP SP2, network connectivity and drive mappings to random NetWare Servers are being lost at random times. Adam Gracey explains what's going wrong and (more importantly) how to fix it.

    15 Jun 2005
    Integrating Novell Linux Desktop into a Novell NetWare network (trench)
    James Tremblay couldn't find any documentation about using NLD in a NetWare 6.5 network, so he undertook to write some himself, and shares it here with you. Thanks, James! That's the Cool Solutions spirit.

    15 Jun 2005
    AppNote: Setting up a Business Continuity Cluster (BCC) using VMWare (appnote)
    Here's a nicely detailed explanation that you will want to print and keep, written by a Technical Training Specialist from Novell UK.

    15 Jun 2005
    HowTo: Create a Home Cooks Recipe Book using the Linux Shell and RunRev GUI Part 2 (feature)
    This HowTo continues from Part One the creation of a home cook's recipe system using the shell and Runtime Revolution.

    8 Jun 2005
    HowTo: Create a Home Cook's Recipe Book using the Linux Shell and RunRev GUI (feature)
    Here's a fun project to try. This HowTo describes the creation of a home cook's recipe system using the shell and Runtime Revolution.

    7 Jun 2005
    Entering Masses of Users to a NetWare Server (tip)
    If you ever need to enter a mass amount of users to a NetWare Server, here's one way to save some time.

    7 Jun 2005
    Using a Floppy or USB Device to Install License Files (tip)
    Keith Elshout tells how to install license files on a server that has no floppy drive.

    7 Jun 2005
    Mounting NetWare 4.x and 5.x Volumes on Linux Kernel (tip)
    Trying to mount an old NetWare 4.x or 5.x volume on the Linux kernel? You'll want to read this first.

    7 Jun 2005
    Installing Open Enterprise Server for Linux NSS Services under VMWare (trench)
    If you are trying to install OES for Linux Novell Storage Services under VMWare ESX 2.5, you're probably a little frustrated by now. Chuck Bardram shares the solution, and it's kind of a forehead-slapping moment. Enjoy.

    7 Jun 2005
    Finding an Open Source Content Management System (trench)
    Can open source help you solve honest-to-goodness business problems? Check out how Peter Cox went questing for a content management system and found the answer in open source.

    6 Jun 2005
    Install Open Enterprise Server (Linux Based) With AutoYaST (feature)
    The installation of Open Enterprise Server (Linux Based) can be automated using AutoYaST. In this article learn how to create and use an AutoYaST control file in OES.

    3 Jun 2005
    Using the "Rescue System" on the installation CD to repair a broken system (feature)
    Accessing and repairing a system that won't boot is easy in Linux. This tip explains how it is done.

    1 Jun 2005
    Starting Services From the Command Line On SUSE Linux (trench)
    Aaron Gresko gives some understanding about how to start Linux processes from the command line.

    1 Jun 2005
    Novell Announces Linux Education Plans (tip)
    Dave Kearns of Network World explains Novell's effort in getting Linux into schools.

    1 Jun 2005
    Informative Bash Prompt (trench)
    Christian Boltz gives us some pointers on how to customize our bash prompts.

    1 Jun 2005
    Evaluating OES: Netatalk talking to eDirectory via PAM (tip)
    Jeff C. sent this question as part of our Evaluating OES series. Come see the answer, and if you have any other questions as you look at Open Enterprise Server, please let us know and we'll track down the info. We live to serve.

    31 May 2005
    Sign up today for OES Insider News (tip)
    Have you heard about the new OES Insider Newsletter and Live Chat Series?

    31 May 2005
    Installing Open Enterprise Server Cluster Services (feature)
    This is a must read for anyone who wants to implement clustering with Open Enterprise Server. Mike Spong provides a level of excruciating detail that will makes it well nigh impossible to go wrong. Enjoy!

    31 May 2005
    Installing a Mixed Node Cluster in VMware (feature)
    Novell's Bhogilal Hirani details how to install a mixed node cluster (NetWare and Linux) in VMware. This is definitely print-worthy...

    31 May 2005
    Unload Scrsaver Before NSS Pool Verify (tip)
    Here's a little tip that might just save you some grief. Sounds simple, unless you forget to do it..

    31 May 2005
    Review: A Newbie Book for the MS windows user migrating to Linux (feature)
    This is a book review on an excellent book Stomfi found that any Linux newbie will love, and some professionals will find a handy quick reference for the basics.

    27 May 2005
    JDiskReport (tool)
    Reports disk and folder volume usage.

    25 May 2005
    HowTo: Create an X windows Start up Splash Window (feature)
    This is a Runtime Revolution and Shell script program which puts a start up splash screen onto your desktop. It lets you start up specific applications and make setting changes. Splash screens are useful when you wish to present users with a large but simple interface for setting up and launching a limited set of applications. The main focus is a replacement splash screen for the 'SCOOL dynebolic Live CD, although applying a start up splash screen for both the KDE and GNOME under SUSE 9.2 is covered in the article.

    24 May 2005
    Running Foxpro App from Remote Sites on NetWare 5.1 Server (tip)
    Edwin Grech explains how he helped one of his clients solve a problem without having to abandon his NetWare server.

    24 May 2005
    Letting Users Login to NetWare and Windows Simultaneously (tip)
    Amarjit Singh shares a quick little tip that could help simplify things for your users.

    18 May 2005
    Windows Can't Kill Linux (tip)
    InfoWorld's Neil McAllister contends with a recent article published stating "Linux Can't Kill Windows"

    17 May 2005
    Linux Login to NetWare Script (tool)
    Easy to use script for making an NCP connection to NetWare.

    17 May 2005
    HowTo: Install and Use QEMU on SUSE 9.2 (feature)
    This is a how to on installing, running and speeding up the qemu PC emulation program on SUSE 9.2. In the example, the Dyne:Bolic Live CD 'SCOOL distro is running in a window on the SUSE 9.2 desktop. An extra at the end of the article shows the newbie how to launch multiple instances of X Windows, each running a different window manager on the same machine.

    17 May 2005
    Evaluating OES: Multi-Path Functionality in Open Enterprise Server on Linux (tip)
    John R. wrote in with this question which was a potential show-stopper for them as they evaluated Open Enterprise Server on Linux. Come see the answer, and if you have any other questions as you look at OES, please let us know and we'll track down the info. We live to serve.

    17 May 2005
    Winners: First Annual People's Choice Awards (feature)
    Novell Cool Solutions celebrated its eighth anniversary on 15 December 2005, and launched a People's Choice Awards program to honor the people who made the stuff that made us famous. Here are the winners.

    13 May 2005
    How to tell which Citrix Server you are Logged Into (tip)
    Use this information to determine which Citrix server you are logged into.

    11 May 2005
    Automatically Mounting Remote NCP (NetWare) Shares on SUSE Linux System Boot (feature)
    Many users want to have their NCP (NetWare) shares mounted on their SUSE Linux machine on system boot. This article explains how.

    11 May 2005
    NSS Freezes System When Starting On Open Enterprise Server On VMWare (tip)
    NSS on Open Enterprise Server (Linux Based) has been having trouble with the smp kernel in VMWare. Learn how to get around it here

    11 May 2005
    Linux Scheduling Priorities Explained (feature)
    Jason explains the concept of using "nice" levels to make programs play better in Linux.

    10 May 2005
    AppNote: Modeling and Writing a Common Information Model (CIM) Provider (appnote)
    The Common Information Model (CIM) provides a unified method for managing an enterprise network without requiring an overhaul of the existing network management infrastructure. This How-to AppNote discusses CIM and explains the approach to be taken to develop a CIM Provider.

    10 May 2005
    CD-ROM not found during install of NetWare 6.5 on Dell PowerEdge 1850 (tip)
    If you're having problems finding the right drivers when installing NetWare 6.5, check out this helpful tip from Aaron Gilpatric.

    10 May 2005
    HowTo: Install the squashfs file system on SUSE 9.2 (feature)
    There has been a lot of talk about the squashfs file system in the Linux magazines of late, and how it will probably find a place into the kernel. At the moment it is not there, and to get it you have to install it yourself. The big pleasure of doing this install for the newbie is that adding squashfs lets you to patch, recompile, test and install a new kernel, something usually only done by tech heads and Linux gurus.

    5 May 2005
    Time Not Syncing With Remote NTP Server (feature)
    Sometimes the NTP client needs a little tweaking to sync with a valid NTP server.

    5 May 2005
    The Pros and Cons of Tape Backup Solutions (trench)
    Rick D. wrote: How about a "thread" on Tape backup solutions? I would be very interested to find out what other "Admins" out there are using. Come see what we've got so far, and add your two bits.

    5 May 2005
    Identifying iFolder Connections (trench)
    Bryan Keadle needed a way to identify their active iFolder connections including the DNS or IP address of the active connections. Here's how he did it.

    4 May 2005
    Accessing Volumes Besides SYS Using New BASH Shell (tip)
    Can't access volumes other than sys using the new BASH shell on OES NetWare or NW6.5 SP3? Here's a nifty solution from Curtis Parker that offers good hands-on steps that illustrate the point.

    4 May 2005
    How to access the GUI during a remote NetWare 5.1 to NetWare 6.5 Upgrade (feature)
    Ever attempt to upgrade a NetWare 5.1 server to NetWare 6.5 remotely? According to the Novell forums, many of you have run into this problem: How do you access the server through the GUI-portion of the upgrade?! Here's how Carl Whitbeck and Dave Grasso tackled the problem.

    4 May 2005
    HowTo: Create simple effective web pages for a business (feature)
    This How To uses Mozilla Composer with a bit of HTML editing to create a set of three simple but effective web pages for promoting a business. If you like NVU you can use that instead. It doesn't publish the site. We might address that in a later How To.

    4 May 2005
    New feature in Service Pack 3 Version of NetStorage (tip)
    If you use NetStorage much, you may have found it annoying when you needed to grab an entire folder of files. Well, problem solved!

    4 May 2005
    Windows XP User Account Creation (trench)
    We posted an Open Call recently to get some help for Sherry, who needed a way to create a local Windows admin account on their workstations with a common password, so they could use the anti-virus scanners. Come check out the ideas -- and chime in with your own if you have anything to add.

    28 Apr 2005
    Open Enterprise Server wins Network Magazine Innovation Award (tip)
    We're thrilled to announce that Open Enterprise Server has just won a prestigious award. Check this out.

    28 Apr 2005
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Migration Studies (feature)
    Don't miss these outstanding Migration Studies, which will be very helpful to you as make your move to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.

    28 Apr 2005
    Giving everyone a uniqueID (tip)
    If you ever created users without the uniqueID attribute, you'll note that they're unable to use web applications that require LDAP authentication. Here's a nifty suggestion for how to remedy that.

    28 Apr 2005
    HowTo: Create a GUI Interface to the Shell (feature)
    This is a simple RunRev/shell application for newbies that gives them a familiar window where they can use a point and click interface to construct a shell command line. Nifty way to ease users into Linux.

    28 Apr 2005
    Providing Server-based CD Access without a CD Tower (trench)
    Still dealing with CD Towers? Do you need to provide server-based CD access to your users? NetWare 6.5 SP2 can do it. (Freshly updated with an additional tip.)

    27 Apr 2005
    Differentiate Open Enterprise Server From SLES9 (tip)
    Easily tell if a system has Open Enterprise Server is installed with this tip.

    27 Apr 2005
    Apache Serving Zero Byte Files From NSS Volume (tip)
    If your Apache server is serving files from an NSS volume, check out this tip from David Benjamin.

    27 Apr 2005
    How Easy is it to Switch to Linux? (tip)
    How easy is it to migrate from Windows to Linux? Very easy, as outlined by Mark Rais, senior editor at Says he, "If you have any experience with Windows, the switch to Linux will be relatively simple..."

    21 Apr 2005
    Fix Java Errors With ConsoleOne On Linux (feature)
    Having trouble with ConsoleOne on Linux? This tip will help you get it running.

    20 Apr 2005
    After applying NetWare 6.5 service pack 3, iFolder and iPrint users can no longer logon (trench)
    Aaron Loydell explains how to workaround a problem you might experience after patching NetWare 6.5.

    19 Apr 2005
    What They're Saying about Open Enterprise Server (tip)
    Here's a quick round-up of some early reviews of Open Enterprise Server. If you spot other stories and reviews, let us know and we'll add them to the list.

    19 Apr 2005
    HowTo: Create and Use Stomfi's Cool School Show Part 5 (feature)
    Cool School Show is a multimedia presentation, editing, and review system for students to include their own school work in any field of endeavour for viewing and rating by other students in friendly competition. In part 5 of this How To series, we shall burn the CD using K3b, test it by rebooting, copy our RunRev IDE over to the Dyne:bolic home folder, use the IDE to recreate the SCOOL standalone, copy this back to our SUSE development hard drive folder, exit Dyne:bolic, reboot to SUSE and remake the CD with the new standalone, and package the CD using Stomfi's official CD artwork. This will complete this innovative series.

    19 Apr 2005
    Install and Configure iFolder on OES in Coexistent Mode (Linux Based) (feature)
    Make your next iFolder Server install smooth and problem free by following this article.

    12 Apr 2005
    Open Enterprise Server: Activation Quick Start Guide (tip)
    We've heard from some new Open Enterprise Server customers who are a tad bit confused about how to apply the activation code that lets them access their product updates. Here's something that will help a lot.

    12 Apr 2005
    HowTo: Create and Use Stomfi's Cool School Show Part 4 (feature)
    If you've been following along with this series, by now you should have the Cool School Show up and running. These last two parts of the SCOOL series are how to create a bootable no-install CD with the Cool School Show as a menu selectable application.

    12 Apr 2005
    iPrint Demos (feature)
    Here are some cool demos recently shown at BrainShare that show several new iPrint features available in Open Enterprise Server, and show ways to simplify the migration from QMS-based printing and NDPS.

    11 Apr 2005
    Fix Shared Library Errors On iFolder Client for Linux (tip)
    Learn how to fix a common problem with iFolder Client for Linux.

    7 Apr 2005
    Understanding Memory through the Novell Remote Manager Utility for NetWare 6.5 SP3 (feature)
    This article looks at the changes to memory in NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 3 as seen through the eyes of the NetWare Remote Manager (NRM) utility. In particular, we will look at all of the entries that have changed on NRM's initial View Memory Config page. We will then spend some time on the graph that appears at the bottom of the View Memory Config page. Finally, we'll discuss some of the things to look for in a NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 3 server as pertaining to memory.

    7 Apr 2005
    How to Have an iPrint Printer Service a Legacy Print Queue (feature)
    Do you have legacy print queues that still need to be serviced? You can configure a Legacy print queue to be serviced by an iPrint printer. This would be beneficial for a site that's in the process of upgrading/converting to iPrint printers while still having Legacy print queues in place.

    6 Apr 2005
    File Hung Open? Here's how to Close It (tip)
    If you're having trouble clearing out a file that is hung open, check out this clever solution from James Clinebelle.

    6 Apr 2005
    Migrating to Pure IP (trench)
    If you're thinking of moving to a pure IP environment, here are some things to take into consideration. Please chime in if you have anything to add.

    4 Apr 2005
    Avoid Bootloader Trouble When Using Raid1 (trench)
    Here's how to avoid some pitfalls when installing SUSE Linux onto a Raid 1 device.

    1 Apr 2005
    Changing the Virtual Office team file store location without using CIFS (feature)
    A number of people have asked about configuring the team file store location. This article by Novell Engineer Daniel Shelley describes how to configure it correctly as well as how to use an undocumented feature to move the team file store to a different, local location without using CIFS.

    30 Mar 2005
    Need a Backup? (feature)
    Jason explains why rsync is such a great program to backup your hard drive.

    30 Mar 2005
    Eight Cool Years (feature)
    Novell Cool Solutions celebrated its eighth anniversary on 15 December 2005 and conducted a People's Choice competition to honor the people who made the stuff that made us famous. Come see the top three nominees, and cast your vote for (or write in) your personal favorite. Five lucky vote-casters will receive 100 WebWise Rewards points.

    29 Mar 2005
    Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols reviews the Novell Linux Small Business Suite (tip)
    During BrainShare, Jack Messman, CEO of Novell stated "NLSBS (Novell Linux Small Business Suite) is the first end-to-end, server-to-desktop Linux solution that offers a clear alternative for small businesses."

    29 Mar 2005
    Is Novell Committed to Linux? (tip)
    Joe Barr recounts his experience on day 4 of BrainShare.

    29 Mar 2005
    Novell, Open Source, and Microsoft... (tip)
    Peter Galli entertains many questions and claims from both Novell and Microsoft in this article about where Novell is headed in its efforts to convert its user base to Linux.

    24 Mar 2005
    Portlock Linux Boot CD (tool)
    Comprehensive tool for managing storage on DOS, Linux, NetWare and Windows systems.

    23 Mar 2005
    Workaround for ZENworks Problem after upgrading to NetWare 5.1 SP7 (tip)
    Wim Focke shares his workaround to a ZENworks inventory problem that started occurring right after they applied SP7.

    23 Mar 2005
    HowTo: Create and Use Stomfi's Cool School Show Part 1 (feature)
    Cool School Show is a multimedia presentation, editing, and review system for students to include their own school work in any field of endeavour for viewing and rating by other students in friendly competition.

    18 Mar 2005
    Set Up Linux Kernel Crash Dump (LKCD) on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (feature)
    Gather crucial system information during a system crash with LKCD.

    17 Mar 2005
    Specify Boot Runlevel As A Startup Parameter (tip)
    Learn how to change the boot runlevel from the boot options line.

    17 Mar 2005
    Smart Downloading of Open Enterprise Server (tip)
    Before you download the eval of Open Enterprise Server, check this out. Some people are inadvertently causing themselves unnecessary grief by downloading all the ISO images, rather than just the ones they need. Here's a little rundown of the images you'll need for each installation scenario. We also explain how to get the special code that gives you 30-day free access to updates and patches via ZENworks Linux Management. Good stuff!

    16 Mar 2005
    NetWare 6.5 SP3 and Virtual Office (tip)
    If you have VO installed here is some information you MUST know before updating your 6.5 server to SP3.

    16 Mar 2005
    Sync Up The Taskbar and the Desktop in Gnome (feature)
    Jason shows us how to allow the Gnome desktops to be completely separate in both the toolbar and the desktop real estate.

    16 Mar 2005
    Windows Users Can Feel at Home Exploring Files in Linux (trench)
    Some users might feel a bit intimidated at first when they open Gnome's file explorer. BrainStorm, INC. explains how to get a "Windows" look and feel in Gnome.

    16 Mar 2005
    Windows Shortcuts for Firefox Tabs on Linux (tip)
    KDE users need not fret about Firefox's tab-changing keyboard shortcuts. Jason explains how to quickly set the shortcuts the same as in Windows.

    16 Mar 2005
    Heads Up: Open Enterprise Server has Left the Building (tip)
    The Novell Open Enterprise Server eval is now available. Buzz on over and take it for a spin. It's truly amazing stuff. And if you are migrating from a competitor like Microsoft or Red Hat, buy it now while there's a special migration promotion underway.

    16 Mar 2005
    HowTo: Create a Factory Rejects Data Recording system Part 4 (feature)
    This HowTo explains the creation of a turn key system for collecting and analysing factory reject data. In this Part 4 we will develop collecting the reject data from key strokes using standard keyboards, screens and computers.

    16 Mar 2005
    Enable/Disable the Chat Gadget in Virtual Office (Updated for Open Enterprise Server) (feature)
    Versions of Virtual Office released after NetWare 6.5 SP1 are shipped with the Chat gadget disabled, including the NLS and OES releases of Virtual Office. Earlier releases of Virtual Office shipped with the Chat gadget enabled. Daniel Shelley explains how to adjust it to your liking.

    16 Mar 2005
    Keeping your Roaming Users from Hogging the T1 Bandwidth (trench)
    When Kevin Garibaldi's roaming users needed to access their personal and shared folders from different campuses, they used to consume huge gobs of bandwidth on the T1 line. Here's his elegant solution.

    16 Mar 2005
    Deploying Printers to Highly Restricted School Workstations (trench)
    A high school administrator explains how he gets printers deployed via iPrint onto the school workstations, despite the restrictions.

    15 Mar 2005
    HowTo: Create and Use Stomfi's Cool School Show Part 3 (feature)
    Cool School Show is a multimedia presentation, editing, and review system for students to include their own school work in any field of endeavour for viewing and rating by other students in friendly competition. This third part of this HowTo series shows you the scripts so that the local user can edit and add new shows.

    15 Mar 2005
    HowTo: Create and Use Stomfi's Cool School Show Part 2 (feature)
    Cool School Show is a multimedia presentation, editing, and review system for students to include their own school work in any field of endeavour for viewing and rating by other students in friendly competition. The first part of this HowTo showed you all the windows used in the system. This second part shows you the objects and scripts that make it all work.

    11 Mar 2005
    Creating NSS Volumes on Open Enterprise Server Linux (tip)
    Here's a quick tip for those installing OES for Linux, who may be planning to create NSS volumes.

    9 Mar 2005
    Centralis PrintHere: Simple Location-Based Printing for Novell iPrint (feature)
    Many organisations with iPrint want greater administrative control over their users printing or require a much simpler way of presenting a list of suitable printers to the user. Centralis, specialists in designing added-value solutions for Novell environments since 2001, have developed Centralis PrintHere to meet this customer requirement for simple, location-based printing. Come get the scoops in this Centralis AppNote.

    1 Mar 2005
    Using iFolder to Synchronize Firefox Bookmarks (trench)
    Annoyed by multiple systems and multiple bookmarks? Come see how Sean used iFolder to synchronize bookmarks for Firefox browser.

    1 Mar 2005
    Easy Way to Debug SSL Connections (trench)
    Chander Ganesan vouches for OpenSSL as a great way to debug SSL connections without complex scripts or tools.

    1 Mar 2005
    HowTo: Create a Factory Rejects Data Recording system Part 3 (feature)
    This HowTo explains the creation of a turn key system for collecting and analysing factory reject data. In this part of this how to we shall build the Operators admin and Charting stacks and the shell scripts that do the processing, and add these to our RejCtl application. This will finish the first aim of this HowTo.

    1 Mar 2005
    What is so great about Firefox? (feature)
    Jason gives us the top reasons why he thinks Firefox is the best browser around. Everything from easily detectible security, to Firefox's extensibility.

    1 Mar 2005
    Basic Mounting Differences between Windows and Linux (trench)
    For Linux newbies, understanding how Linux mounts multiple hard drives can be a bit confusing. Jason helps us understand the basics of what Linux does with your hard drives.

    1 Mar 2005
    Against the Enemies of Linux (tip)
    Nelson Pratt of the pro-Linux organization has a few words against what the enemies of Linux claim.

    2 Feb 2005
    Beige Paper: Upgrading and Deploying Open Enterprise Server into a NetWare 4.11\4.2 tree (Revision 1) (feature)
    The Deployment team at Novell has begun creating a series of papers explaining exactly how they have deployed Open Enterprise Server in some very specific scenarios. Here's how they did it in a NetWare 4.11/4.2 tree.

    2 Feb 2005
    HowTo: Create a Factory Rejects Data Recording system Part 2 (feature)
    This HowTo explains the creation of a turn key system for collecting and analysing factory reject data. The use of Linux has let this system be developed. Any other solution platform would put the cost way out of the reach of the small businesses for whom it was designed.

    2 Feb 2005
    Beige Paper: Installing OES for Linux into a NetWare 5.1 Tree (Revision 1) (feature)
    The Deployment team at Novell has begun creating a series of papers explaining exactly how they have deployed Open Enterprise Server in some very specific scenarios. Here's how they did it in a NetWare 5.1 tree.

    2 Feb 2005
    A New Cool Solutions Site - Novell Security Manager! (feature)
    That's right - we are launching a brand-new Cool Solutions site, dedicated to the brand-new Novell Security Manager product. Get the details here!

    2 Feb 2005
    Improve Printing Speeds, and Keep Users off your Back (trench)
    Tony Kelly explains how he successfully kept the Windows spooler from stopping, and made printing snappy again. Good sleuthing, Tony!

    2 Feb 2005
    Avoiding Processor Error after Upgrading to NetWare 6.5 SP3 (trench)
    If doing a remote upgrade of NW6.5SP2 to SP3 causes a processor error after reboot when it tries to load old drivers, check out this tip from Kevin Mahnke.

    1 Feb 2005
    Another Way to Find out Which Student was Using Which Workstation, When (trench)
    Don Johnston has figured out another solution to the problem of how to identify who was using a specific computer at a specific time (like, say, when a nasty gram gets sent to President Bush from your school lab). Check this out.

    1 Feb 2005
    Dress up the Drive Icons for Windows Explorer Users (trench)
    If your Windows Explorer users have trouble when you say things like "select your H drive," here's a nifty little tool that will create drive icons that even the most innocent of endusers can use.

    1 Feb 2005
    Fixing the Time Sync after Reboot Problem (trench)
    Deepak Sharma used to lose time sync after rebooting his Compaq Proliant server. Here's his simple solution.

    1 Feb 2005
    Making a Disaster Recovery Image (trench)
    Here's how Kevin O'Neill makes CD images to backup his network.

    1 Feb 2005
    Mounting NetWare Volumes under Linux (trench)
    The Linux kernel does not natively support mounting Novell NetWare 4/5 volumes, but here's how you can do it.

    1 Feb 2005
    Firefox Shortcuts (tip)
    Ever wondered how to manage Firefox with the keyboard? The guys at the mozilla foundation haven't left you out in the cold...

    1 Feb 2005
    Double SYNC -- Using RSYNC Simultaneously With and Without Branch Office for Data Backup (trench)
    Some people might already be using (or considering) Nterprise Branch Office, in order to realize the savings on hardware and administrative costs. But they are also using full-fledged NetWare servers where the Branch Office appliance is not appropriate, and may want to leverage the same benefit of using RSYNC to replicate files from the full servers, at the same time. Can RSYNC do both? You bet it can. Gary Childers tells all.

    1 Feb 2005
    HowTo: Create a Factory Rejects Data Recording system Part 1 (feature)
    Stomfi explains the creation of a turnkey system for collecting and analysing factory reject data. Great practical application for IT pros who support factory production workers.

    1 Feb 2005
    Workaround if NetWare 6 Server chokes on SP5 (trench)
    If you've ever had a problem with the server abending when you're applying NW 6 SP5, come see what Michel van Spijk did about it.

    1 Feb 2005
    Installing NetWare 6.5 using ISO Images Hosted on another NetWare Server (trench)
    Rodney Crossman explains his cool method that saves on writable CDs and lets you install more than one server at a time during larger rollouts or beta testing.

    1 Feb 2005
    Letting Users Print from DOS to a Local Printer (trench)
    Shannon had some unhappy users who were unable to print to laserjet networked printers from DOS applications. Here's how she solved it.

    1 Feb 2005
    HowTo: Using the cron shell tool to automate procedures Part 3 of 3 (feature)
    Is this last part of the series we write the Gnuplot shell script which creates the data files and the plot configuration files for some bar charts which are saved as png pictures. An html file script is used to create a report. Lastly we look at this report and see how to use its methods to create a newsletter.

    1 Feb 2005
    Workaround if Installing Spooling Delays your Printers (trench)
    When a spooling security feature is installed either before or as part of windows 2000 sp4 it causes all Novell 4.11 (and perhaps other versions) printers installed on the computer to have a 30-second delay. Here's how to fix it.

    1 Feb 2005
    Making NFAP/NFS create an NFAUUser object (trench)
    We found that NFAP/NFS SCHINST.NLM could not create NFAUUser object. Here's how we solved the problem.

    1 Feb 2005
    How to Run Binary-Only Application Packages on Various Versions of Linux (feature)
    This article provides a migration path for users who have invested in proprietary application packages that were certified for specific versions of various basic libraries (such as glibc) but who now intend to run them on different versions.

    1 Feb 2005
    Minimize Your Maximizing with Multiple Desktops (feature)
    BrainStorm introduces us the Linux concept of having multiple desktops.

    1 Feb 2005
    Ximian's co-creator Nat Friedman entertains the future... (tip)
    Got questions about HULA, XGL, Interoperability between Evolution and GroupWise? Nat gives his vision of the future of Linux and Novell. A very insightful interview.

    1 Feb 2005
    Manually Mounting a USB Flash Drive in Linux (feature)
    Jason goes through the process step-by-step of how to manually mount a USB flash drive in Linux.

    1 Feb 2005
    Workaround if Server abends loading SLPTCP.NLM (trench)
    Our server would abend loading SLPTCP.NLM during boot up. Here's how we fixed it.

    1 Feb 2005
    Cool Tool: BrainShare Session Importer for GroupWise (feature)
    If you're going to BrainShare and you have finished registering for the breakout sessions, try out this free tool from 'bond' Software Entwicklung GmbH that will import your 2005 BrainShare schedule into GroupWise. Download it here.

    1 Feb 2005
    Designing Multi-tiered Service-Oriented Systems (feature)
    This is the first of a series of articles that will explore building multi-tiered service-oriented systems. This article outlines techniques and best practices for designing such systems in J2EE.

    1 Feb 2005
    Basics: Can I use a Linux CD to Recover a Crashed Windows Machine? (feature)
    Stomfi answers this question from Amit: Hello, I have a laptop whose OS - NT 2000 has crashed. I was wondering if I could use a live CD with Linux OS to run the machine again. My laptop does not have DVD drive, only a CD drive. If it is not possible could you please give me the other best option to make the machine work again.

    26 Jan 2005
    Is Linux Here to Stay? (feature)
    Steve Hamm gives a refreshingly detailed analysis on why he believes Linux is here to stay, and why it is bound for success in seriously competing with Micosoft.

    26 Jan 2005
    Weathering the Hurricanes of 2004 (feature)
    The 2004 hurricane season affected many Cool Solutions readers living in Florida as well as Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and other Caribbean locations. We wondered what happened to the networks of all the people involved in the hurricanes, and we held a contest to find out how people fared. Come see the winning entries, and take a moment to consider how your own Disaster Recovery Plan would have fared in these circumstances.

    25 Jan 2005
    Optimize iFolder Storage with CaminoSoft Managed Server HSM (trench)
    Here's another Cool Solution from CaminoSoft. NetWare and Windows customers now have a way to deploy iFolder without breaking the bank on storage and keeping all those inactive user files on expensive SAN high performance disk arrays.

    25 Jan 2005
    Installing Pure-FTPd on SUSE Linux Professional (feature)
    Pure-FTPd is a free, secure, production-quality and standard-conformant FTP server based on Troll-FTPd. It provides simple answers to common needs, plus unique useful features for personal users as well as hosting providers. Follow along as Cool Solutions' Kevin Millecam takes his SUSE box up a notch by adding this FTP server to the mix.

    9 Jan 2005
    HTML Development Tools in Linux (feature)
    Jason introduces us to three different text editors used in web development for Linux.

    9 Jan 2005
    HowTo: Using the cron shell tool to automate procedures - Part 2 of 3 (feature)
    In the first part of this HowTo we wrote several shell scripts to automate procedures. This is the last script which controls the sending of emails. Scripts like this replicate the checking tasks many administrative workers do. Like checking to see if someone has been sent an invoice and if they have paid or if not, have they been sent a reminder, and if so put them in the bad payers list, and send them a stronger one.

    7 Jan 2005
    Can't Create NSS Pool Object on OES Linux (tip)
    Avoid common problems when trying to create NSS volumes on OES Linux.

    7 Jan 2005
    Cool Solutions dot Com Forum (trench)
    For the last couple of years there has existed an evolving web presence that many of you may not have been aware of: the Cool advice forum. The regular contributors to the forum have several hundred years' worth of combined experience in Novell product deployment and support. They'll tell you where the imperfections are, and how to get along with them; introduce you to features you never knew existed, and point you at places to get further support if you need it.

    4 Jan 2005
    Installing iPrint Printers via a Batch File and ZENworks (trench)
    Here's how to install iPrint printers via a batch file automatically, save the printer driver settings to a file, and put the driver settings back into the printer. (Just run a batch file from ZENworks!)

    2 Jan 2005
    AppNote: Updating Client on all Workstations via Login Script (appnote)
    Christian Mies explains how to upgrade all workstations to an updated client version. He did this for a customer with about 200 workstations using a solution that works completely by login script with no interaction from the IT help desk.

    2 Jan 2005
    Fixing High CPU Utilization Caused by Backup Exec (trench)
    Backup Exec will occasionally stick server utilization up to around 50% + on a NetWare 6.5 server (normally runs 0 to 1% ). This makes the server run very slowly, and we used to have to restart the server to fix this. But here's a much easier fix

    2 Jan 2005
    AppNote: iFolder Data Cleanup in eDirectory (appnote)
    Have you ever deleted an eDirectory user and tried to figure out what iFolder data directory needs to be cleaned up afterwards? One of the developers of iFolder created this utility that helps you find out which iFolder directory belongs to which user.

    2 Jan 2005
    Solving the Disk Full Errors on new NSS Volume (trench)
    After installing a new NSS volume, the users suddenly couldn't save or copy large files. Here's how they solved it.

    2 Jan 2005
    Full Backup for Disaster Recovery (trench)
    Greetings from Germany. Here's how we do disaster recovery backup.

    2 Jan 2005
    Adding To The Panels In Gnome. (feature)
    If dragging and dropping doesn't work, there are other simple ways to get items on your desktop panels in Gnome.

    2 Jan 2005
    Is Linux Only For Computers? (tip)
    Most people wouldn't think that devices such as robots, security cameras or hardware routers may use Linux. You might be surprised...

    1 Jan 2005
    HowTo: Share Files and Printers Between Linux and MS Windows with Samba (feature)
    This HowTo explains a foolproof method of sharing files and printers between a Microsoft and a Linux computer. Another good one from Stomfi.

    1 Jan 2005
    Google Auto-fill Replica for Linux (feature)
    One add-on for Internet Explorer which people seem to miss when they move to Linux is the Google Auto-fill feature. The firefox auto-fill extension just might save the day in this case.

    1 Jan 2005
    Remote Administration (feature)
    Scott gives us a couple of solutions to working on multiple computers in a single location. Perfect for when working in multiple locations just isn't a good idea.

    1 Jan 2005
    AppNote: Using DFS in a Clustered Environment (appnote)
    In NetWare 6.x, Novell Distributed File Services (DFS) allows you to develop a logical view of your storage. DFS uses a Volume Location Database (VLDB), which maps the physical location of NSS volumes on all servers in the tree. This AppNote explains how to get the VLDB Database running as a clustered resource, effectively allowing more flexibility in server assignment.

    1 Jan 2005
    HowTo: Using the Cron Shell Tool to Automate Procedures - Part 1 of 3 (feature)
    This HowTo explains how you can spend more time doing quality pursuits by using a Linux PC to automate general administrative tasks and procedures. There are three parts. The whole scheme is written using the Linux shell, as it is designed to run without any user intervention. This first part covers the strategy and most of the shell scripts.

    1 Jan 2005
    Telling IP from IPX in the Login Script (trench)
    Since in order to use clustering technology you have to use IP, we needed a way to distinguish IP from IPX clients in the login scripts. This would allow us to have two different drive mapping statements in one login script, one for IP clients and one for IPX clients.

    1 Jan 2005
    Solving the NSS Memory Problem (trench)
    On server load, I got NSS errors stating NSS did not have enough memory, add memory to server, then the server would go into a loop and keep on rebooting. Here's how I solved it.

    1 Jan 2005
    Installation Problems Solved (trench)
    If you're getting getting installation errors, make sure you check to see if there's a patch before spend too much time troubleshooting.

    1 Jan 2005
    Installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL on SUSE Linux Professional (feature)
    Cool Solutions' own Kevin Millecam jumped in the deep end of the Linux pool, and lived to tell about it. If you're a neophyte, this is essential reading. If you're a Linux expert, we'd love to hear anything you'd care to add.

    1 Jan 2005
    Backup Windows XP Computers using RSYNC and NetWare 6.5 (trench)
    Gary Childers (Mr. RSYNC) explains another cool use for RSYNC. This time he tells how to use it to backup data from a Windows XP laptop to a NetWare 6.5 server.

    29 Dec 2004
    Let's get Involved: Helping the Asian Earthquake and Tsunami Victims (tip)
    We have many members of our Cool Solutions community, both readers and contributors, who live in the region that was devastated, and we send you our heartfelt condolences for your losses, and best wishes as you work to rebuild your lives.

    23 Dec 2004
    Build yourself a sNowflake (tip)
    As a little Yuletide gesture, here's a nifty tool from one of our designers.

    23 Dec 2004
    Heads Up: SUSE Linux Openexchange Server Changes Name (tip)
    Netline Internet Service announced recently that in Europe Novell will sell and provide training, maintenance and support for Netline's market-leading Open-Xchange Server (not available in US). Netline's Open-Xchange Server, the engine behind Novell's SUSE Linux Openexchange Server, is a modular, standards-based communications tool that provides small to medium businesses with flexible groupware functions. The Open-Xchange Server brand will replace the former brand of SUSE LINUX Openexchange Server on Novell's price list.

    23 Dec 2004
    HowTo: Create Artistic Backgrounds using the Gimp - Part 3 (feature)
    This is last part of the series, "Create Artistic Backgrounds using the Gimp". It shows the basics of creating and using layer channels and masks, and using filters and script-fu scripts in an artistic way. When you have completed these three how tos you will be able to create your own screen wallpaper, as well as birthday and Christmas cards.

    23 Dec 2004
    Strategy for Pitching Novell to the Boss: Compare Virus Records (trench)
    Here's another cool idea from our recent contest about how to champion Novell products in your organization.

    15 Dec 2004
    Special Offer for Cool Solutions Readers: Free Copy of Runtime Revolution (feature)
    (Download now fixed!) The good folks at Runtime Revolution have extended a special offer to Cool Solutions readers to make it easier for you to implement the great ideas in Stomfi's articles. Come see how to get your copy.

    10 Dec 2004
    Printer Removal Utility (tip)
    Here's a nifty little free tool you should take a look at if you ever need an easy way to remove printers from a workstation.

    10 Dec 2004
    Workaround for Op-Lock Timeout Error (trench)
    Here's one way around a pesky timeout error in NetWare 6.

    10 Dec 2004
    Getting to the DOS Partition before the Server Loads (tip)
    You need to get to the DOS partition of the Server before the Server loads, but you may find it's hard to interrupt the boot sequence at precisely the right time. Here's a cool batch file that Kenneth Lobo created that buys you some wiggle room.

    10 Dec 2004
    HowTo: Organize the Poems Project into a Distributable Package on CD (feature)
    This HowTo shows organize the Poems Project into a distributable package on CD. This is the final HowTo in the Poems project.

    9 Dec 2004
    Open Source Risk Management, Inc. Statement regarding comments made by Microsoft (tip)
    Reuters and other news agencies recently reported Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer making public references to OSRM's Linux Patent Review. Many of the reports included inaccurate statements regarding the material findings of this report. Read OSRM's response to these claims.

    9 Dec 2004
    Distribute Service Packs and Corporate Documents using RSYNC (trench)
    Gary Childers explains another use for RSYNC outside of Nterprise Branch Office. He uses it to push patches and standardized corporate documents from a central server to his remote servers.

    9 Dec 2004
    Strategy for Pitching Novell to the Boss: Use your Security Track Record (trench)
    Rene Kokenberg explains how he has been so successful at keeping Novell in his company. "Our management has seen the performance both security and availability wise. That alone was mostly sufficient."

    9 Dec 2004
    HowTo: Add Sounds To RunRev Poem Project (feature)
    This HowTo shows how to add a random wave file sound to play while the animation is being displayed in the Poems project. All the tasks and skills you have learned can be applied to real world projects, and as this series progresses, you will see lots of things you can use to make your computing more productive and beneficial, and hopefully lots of fun.

    4 Dec 2004
    Reasons for Keeping Novell Products (Also Known As: More With Less) (trench)
    This document discusses the possibility of saving money by sticking with Novell products.

    4 Dec 2004
    HowTo: Install Webmin - A Web-Based System Admin Tool (feature)
    This HowTo explains how to set up Webmin on a computer. It also explores using the shell to down load a file from a CD and how to unzip tar.gz files. The use of three handy shell typing shortcuts are described in this HowTo: the TAB key, the history list, and the shriek dollar.

    2 Dec 2004
    AppNote: Shimming CLib Context into NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) Built for LibC (appnote)
    This AppNote discusses how to write LibC-based NLMs that are able to consume CLib interfaces in the NLM environment.

    2 Dec 2004
    HowTo: Create Artistic Backgrounds using the Gimp -- Part 2 (feature)
    In Part 1 we created a picture and pasted one graphic. We also learned how to select an odd shape. Now we are going to use your selection shape to paste your second graphic in.

    1 Dec 2004
    NDPS and iPrint Access Control Security Levels (tip)
    We have received several inquiries from people confused about the behavior they should expect from the different printer security levels. Here's the scoop.

    1 Dec 2004
    GroupLink Announces IT HelpDesk 2.0 and ContactWise 7.1 (tip)
    Find out more about HelpDesk and ContactWise and sign up for a free demo. Mention CoolSolutions to receive your exclusive discount.

    1 Dec 2004
    Letting Students Use NetStorage from Home Securely (tip)
    At James Davey's school they recently opened NetStorage to their students and wanted them to have access to their user folders from home, but not to all the other network resources they are mapped to when they are in school. Here's their method of controlling access. Freshly updated with new suggestions.

    1 Dec 2004
    Strategy for Pitching Novell to the Boss: Servers are Cheaper than Trucks (trench)
    Check out this entry from our recent Pitching Novell to the Powers that Be contest. Dom Martin took a unique approach when he wanted some budget to upgrade the server.

    1 Dec 2004
    Strategy for Pitching Novell to the Boss: Side by Side Servers (trench)
    Check out this entry from our recent Pitching Novell to the Powers that Be contest. Dave Rippy explains how he demonstrates Novell's superiority. (Two running servers are worth a thousand words.)

    30 Nov 2004
    NetWare 6.0 Web Infrastructure Part 6: Apache (feature)
    Here's Part 6: Apache -- the latest in a series of training articles by Novell's Joe Harmon. Updated with a customer suggestion you might want to look at.

    30 Nov 2004
    NetWare 6.0 Web Infrastructure Part 5: iFolder Administration (feature)
    Here's Part 5 in Joe Harmon's series. Get the lowdown on how to set up iFolder for your teeming masses. This is one of the web services that will engender undying affection in your endusers. (Don't underestimate the value of undying affection.)

    30 Nov 2004
    Dealing with ZLSS.NLM Abends (tip)
    Mark Leslie shares a little gotcha that will help you deal with zlss.nlm abends.

    30 Nov 2004
    Scan Multiple NetWare Directories for Trustees (tip)
    Check out this freshly updated free tool that allows you to select one or more directories from one or more servers and create a list of all file and/or directory trustees. Bet you can think of some great reasons to use this one.

    30 Nov 2004
    AppNote: Customizing Password Self-Service (appnote)
    Password Self-Service is a cool and free utility from Novell. It allows users to change, reset or remember their password in a secure fashion and provides advanced password rules. In all, it can bring down the total number of helpdesk calls tremendously. However, by default Password Self-Service is only translated for a few languages. Here's how to fix that.

    24 Nov 2004
    HowTo: Create Artistic Backgrounds using the Gimp - Part 1 (feature)
    This HowTo is about using the Gimp to manipulate pictures to create an original that can be used as desktop backgrounds. You will use simple methods for selection tools, layers, copy and paste, changing the size and transparency of floating layers, and anchoring. The Gimp can do a lot more than is described in this simple HowTo, but here you will learn some of the basic and simple ways of doing things.

    22 Nov 2004
    Printing to iPrint printers with SmartSuite on XP (tip)
    If you're having problems printing to iPrint printers with SmartSuite 9.7 products on XP, here's what to do.

    19 Nov 2004
    HowTo: Add Animations to the Poem Project (feature)
    This HowTo covers basic sound editing using the Audacity program, a Linux and MS windows sound manipulation program.

    19 Nov 2004
    Pitching Novell to the Powers That Be (feature)
    We have a winner! Congratulations to Duane Fish for his outstanding entry. (We thought it would be fun to have a contest to see how people have been pitching Novell products up and down the org chart in their companies. )

    19 Nov 2004
    AppNote: Moving a .NET C# LDAP Browser Application to Mono on Linux (appnote)
    This is about putting together a small LDAP browser graphical application with Visual Studio.NET that talks to eDirectory, and then moving it to a Linux server running mono. This helps to illustrate how to move existing C#.NET apps from Windows to mono on Linux.

    19 Nov 2004
    Installing the Open Source "KnowledgeTree Document Management System" On NetWare (feature)
    Matt Mencel was tasked with finding a better way to store and retrieve support documentation for their helpdesk. After searching online for a "Document Management Solution" he came across KnowledgeTree. It is open source, has a lot of cool features, and runs on Apache/PHP/MySQL. Here's how he put it on a NetWare server.

    19 Nov 2004
    HowTo: Make Sounds with Audacity (feature)
    This HowTo covers basic sound editing using the Audacity program, a Linux and MS windows sound manipulation program. The sounds you make in this HowTo will be used in the Poems project and will be added into the animation display.

    17 Nov 2004
    Using RSYNC in Data Backup Solution (tip)
    Gary Childers explains how he uses Rsync outside of Nterprise Branch Office for a data backup solution, so that he wouldn't need to perform tape backups at remote office locations.

    12 Nov 2004
    HowTo: Add Animations to the Poem Project (feature)
    Stomfi continues in his quest to make Linux lovers out of all the world in this nice piece. This HowTo is going to show you how to add those animations you made with the Gimp to spice up your Poems project. The last HowTos in this series will show how to create sounds and incorporate them with the animation show.

    12 Nov 2004
    Slipping Linux into a Windows Business (feature)
    Just thought you might like to see how Stomfi goes about introducing Linux into an MS-windows-centric business. Unlike most of Stomfi's pieces, this is not really a HowTo, but it is a cool solution in the battle between David and Goliath, and helps demonstrate the beneficial difference between GNU/Linux and MS windows to businesses. Enjoy! And if you have anything to add, feel free to chime in.

    12 Nov 2004
    Limited Time offer - Purchase Novell Identity Manager 2 at 40% off (tip)
    The DirXML Starter Pack ships with Novell NetWare 6.5, ZENworks 6.5 and Nterprise Linux Services 1.0; and now those customers have the option of upgrading to Nsure Identity Manager 2 Professional Edition for only $15 per user - a savings of 40 percent.

    12 Nov 2004
    Mounting USB Flash Stick by Hand (trench)
    You plug in your usb memory stick as a user but somehow you cannot write to it. Here's a nice solution from Phillip Hamilton-Wilks.

    9 Nov 2004
    AppNote: Using RSync to synchronize data to and from NetWare servers (appnote)
    Keeping files and resources close to users across a WAN is important for file access performance. However, there is a great need for data integrity and availability. Today your environment may have hundreds of Novell NetWare servers across a WAN that need to synchronize data to a central office. This document will show you how to install, configure and use RSync to synchronize data to/from NetWare servers.

    9 Nov 2004
    Integration of Macintosh Computers into a Novell Environment (feature)
    David Henderson of Victor Central schools details the state of integrating the Macintosh into a predominantly Novell environment. He makes a comparison between the functionality of the Novell products while using a Windows machine versus a Macintosh.

    9 Nov 2004
    How to connect to a NetWare 6.5 server using Linux over Samba (feature)
    Check out this excellent new piece from Joe Harmon of Novell Technical Services. Another awesome contribution from Joe!

    9 Nov 2004
    Limited Time offer - Purchase Novell Identity Manager 2 at 40% off (tip)
    The DirXML Starter Pack ships with Novell NetWare 6.5, ZENworks 6.5 and Nterprise Linux Services 1.0; and now those customers have the option of upgrading to Nsure Identity Manager 2 Professional Edition for only $15 per user - a savings of 40 percent.

    5 Nov 2004
    An XML interface for UNIX and Linux filesystems extended ACLs (feature)
    Novell's Michel Bluteau explains how XML can be implemented as an interface to POSIX filesystem Extended Access Control Lists. The main goal is to find a way to migrate filesystems from Windows, UNIX and NetWare to Linux, while providing granular ACLs and taking advantage of a Graphical User Interface, or GUI, in order to manage filesystem ACLs.

    3 Nov 2004
    Updated Server Migration and Consolidation Utilities (feature)
    Heads Up: Novell has just released updated versions of its server migration and consolidation utilities. Check out these highly useful freebies.

    3 Nov 2004
    Avoiding BSOD when using Panda and Novell Client (feature)
    Jose Antonio shares his workaround for the Blue Screen of Death when shutting down a workstation running XP SP2, and Panda Antivirus.

    29 Oct 2004
    Dell And Novell Expand Partnership To Provide Customers Certified SUSE Linux Platforms And Services (feature)
    Dell and Novell have announced an agreement to offer Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 certified on select Dell PowerEdge servers worldwide. This announcement provides Dell and Novell customers with more choice for fully-supported Linux platform deployments, and at the best value in the industry.

    29 Oct 2004
    Configuration of the Synaptics Touchpad on SUSE Linux 9.1 (feature)
    On notebooks with a Synaptics touchpad, it has not been possible to perform any actions with a double click ("tap") on the touchpad since the installation of SUSE Linux 9.1. Here are two ways you can configure the touchpad in SUSE Linux 9.1.

    29 Oct 2004
    HowTo: Add Directory Zipping and Unzip file type checking to the Zip Menu Utility (feature)
    This HowTo explains a simple way of adding directory zipping functions to the Zip Menu utility and also zip type checking for the Unzip button. The additions explore if then else logic constructs and introduce the RunRev "contains" string comparator.

    27 Oct 2004
    Disaster Recovery, Part 4 - Planning for the Future (feature)
    Here's the fourth installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. Now that you've lived through the worst, what do you do about securing a safe data future? Get some solid tips here.

    27 Oct 2004
    Novell Linux Desktop Cool Solutions: Coming Your Way (tip)
    We are pleased to announce a new member of the Cool Solutions family is making its debut on 8 November 04. Subscribe to the newsletter now and we'll let you know the minute NLD is available. Hurry -- if you're one of the first 100 to subscribe, we'll send you a free t-shirt and enter you in a drawing for a Swiss Army Cybertool.

    27 Oct 2004
    Graph your server's traffic with Cacti (trench)
    Check out this cool freebie. You want to know what traffic is on your NetWare box? You want to have nice graphs but don't want to struggle with mrtg? Use Cacti.

    27 Oct 2004
    Traffic Shaping Engine for NetWare 3.2.0 (trench)
    Heads Up: there's a newly updated version of this popular bandwidth manager / traffic shaper for NetWare. Traffic Shaping Engine (TSE) 3.2.0 NLM runs on NetWare 4.xx, 5.x, and 6.x servers to manage server bandwidth and provide traffic shaping capabilities to the NetWare OS.

    27 Oct 2004
    ISCSI initiator connecting to the target server (trench)
    Norm O'Neal has been implementing a GroupWise and iPrint Cluster utilizing the ISCSI technology in the past week, and shares a quick tip that should save you some major time!

    22 Oct 2004
    HowTo: Create a GUI Zipping Utility with the shell and Runtime Revolution (feature)
    Using the knowledge obtained from the first three Poems project HowTos, this HowTo describes how to use shell scripts and Runtime Revolution to create a windowed menu and utility for zipping, zipping and encrypting, and unzipping files in the users HOME directory tree.

    22 Oct 2004
    Moving from a Windows platform to SUSE Linux (feature)
    If you have been developing Windows-based applications, this will give you a base understanding of Linux and issues surrounding the running and/or porting of your applications so you can move forward with your Linux project. Freshly updated with a new suggestion.

    22 Oct 2004
    Firefox Passes 5 Million Downloads (tip)
    Heads Up: have you seen this? The Firefox browser just passed the 5 million download mark, beating all previous records of a Mozilla-based browser.

    21 Oct 2004
    Disaster Recovery, Part 3 - If You Rebuild It, They Will Come (feature)
    Here's the third installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. From mold on the walls to dust in the PC fans - what would you do to set it all right? Check out what our expert did, and wished he had done ...

    18 Oct 2004
    iFolder Local Security Utility (trench)
    If your company's security guidelines require you to protect confidential data on mobile computers, check out this nice free tool from Andrew Hertsch, that adds an extra element of security to iFolder files.

    18 Oct 2004
    Turning off Chat in Virtual Office (tip)
    If your managers like everything about Virtual Office but the Chat feature, here's one way to turn it off.

    18 Oct 2004
    Moving NDPS Broker and Manager to New Server (trench)
    Moving a NDPS Broker and Manager from one server and volume to another server and volume results in "volume_unknown" when attempting to load the NDPS Manager on the new server. Tom Williamson found a "gotcha" in the TID about this problem, and shares his solution.

    13 Oct 2004
    HowTo: Using a Window interface with the Linux Shell -- Part 2 (feature)
    In Part 2 of this Linux Newbie tutorial, Stomfi explains how to put a viewing button on your initial window that will open a viewing selection window. There you will see how shell scripting is used in conjunction with RunRev. Using these simple examples, you'll use this knowledge in more simple HowTos to make the shell do work for you with the sophistication of a windowing interface.

    13 Oct 2004
    Patching a SLES8 Server (tip)
    Many customers have started to implement SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8. Their next question is "How do I patch my SLES 8 installation?" Tay Kratzer lays it all out for you. Updated with additional instructions.

    13 Oct 2004
    Running RConsoleJ on OS/2 (trench)
    As a die-hard OS/2 user (now using Serenity Systems' eComStation), Lewis Rosenthal found it most inconvenient to find a Windows machine from which to run RconJ simply to enter a few commands at the server console. Here's how he made it run on OS/2.

    13 Oct 2004
    Upgrading Old Servers to New Hardware without Upgrading the OS (trench)
    Interested in upgrading older NetWare servers to newer hardware without upgrading the OS or using the Migration Wizard? Here's how Jason Emery does it.

    13 Oct 2004
    Map a Windows Drive Letter to your NetStorage Drive (trench)
    Are your end users baffled by the NetStorage interface? If they prefer to do everything through Windows drive mappings, this is the tip for you. Freshly updated.

    13 Oct 2004
    Disaster Recovery, Part 2 - Hard and Soft Data Recovery (feature)
    Here's the second installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. The "swimming pool" has been drained - now it's time to dry out the data! Get the hair-raising details here ...

    11 Oct 2004
    Building Service-Oriented Business-Logic Components for J2EE and .NET (feature)
    This is the first of a series of articles that will discuss building service-oriented business-logic components that can be consumed by both J2EE and .NET applications. This article outlines techniques and best practices for building these business-logic components in J2EE.

    8 Oct 2004
    HowTo: Use a Runtime Revolution Window interface with the Linux Shell -- Part 1 (feature)
    In the previous HowTo, you learned how to write two simple shell scripts, one to facilitate the saving of humourous poems into a text file, and one to show a number selected poem on a terminal window. This week Stomfi builds on the previous HowTo and shows you how to create a window interface to let you write and save the poem.

    6 Oct 2004
    Disaster Recovery, Part 1 - Underwater Data (feature)
    If you think it can't happen to you -- think again! Here's the first installment in a four-part series on disaster recovery, based on a real-life success story. Get the details here, get a plan, and get ready!

    5 Oct 2004
    Improving Performance by Disabling Hyper-Threading (feature)
    If you are experiencing poor or slow server performance, or excessively high utilization, you may want to think about disabling Hyper-Threading. Here's how, along with a nice explanation of what Hyper-Threading is all about.

    5 Oct 2004
    Synchronizing Bookmarks between Mozilla and Internet Explorer (feature)
    There are already solutions for using iFolder to synchronize Internet Explorer Favorites. However, if you use both Linux and Windows on a regular basis on numerous computers, here's a way to synchronize your bookmarks on different browsers (Mozilla and Internet Explorer), compliments of Bryan Nahrwold.

    5 Oct 2004
    Encrypting iFolder Files (trench)
    Rolf Huisman shares his trick for securing his iFolder data.

    1 Oct 2004
    Linux Newbie HowTos: Learning to use Linux at Home and Work (feature)
    Please welcome our new Cool Solutions columnist, Tom Russell (aka Stomfi). Stomfi will be producing a series of articles exclusively for Cool Solutions aimed at showing Linux newbies how to use the Linux shell tools (sometimes with an easy windowing interface builder) to perform various office, factory and home tasks, and much, much more.

    1 Oct 2004
    HowTo: A simple Linux shell script database (feature)
    In this HowTo, Stomfi walks you through the process of building a very simple text database and reporting system using nothing but an editor and simple shell scripts and tools. You will use what you learn here for more sophisticated tasks later so try not to skip anything.

    1 Oct 2004
    AppNote: Securing a Novell Nterprise Linux Services Server: Step-by-Step (SUSE 8, NNLS 1.0) (appnote)
    The paper documents in detail how a server can be installed and configured to meet stringent security requirements that might exist in many environments. It also outlines and documents some of the ongoing maintenance procedures that need to be employed in order to keep the server secure and functioning well in its role. Testing procedures are included that will help to verify that the server is reasonably secure from the risks outlined as well as point out additional measures that might need to be taken to further secure the environment.

    28 Sep 2004
    PuTTY in your Hands (tip)
    In really simple terms: you run PuTTY on a Windows machine, and tell it to connect to (for example) a Unix machine. PuTTY opens a window. Then, anything you type into that window is sent straight to the Unix machine, and everything the Unix machine sends back is displayed in the window. So you can work on the Unix machine as if you were sitting at its console, while actually sitting somewhere else. Sweet huh? (And, did we mention, free?)

    28 Sep 2004
    Remote Console from inside iManager (trench)
    Cade Carvell needed he ability to remote console from within the iManager framework to a desktop in his company. He 'd seen ways to remote control the end user workstation for ZfD4, but none that were web based. So he wrote his own that uses iManager 2.0.2. Here it is, with his compliments.

    28 Sep 2004
    FWIW: Battling the Evil Empire (trench)
    In response to a recent Open Call, here are some suggested websites which will help in the battle against the Evil Empire.

    24 Sep 2004
    YaST2 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9: Getting Started (feature)
    YaST is a key difference between SUSE Linux and other Linux offerings.This article will help you to understand the internal working of YaST, from user, administrator and developer viewpoints. It provides steps to install the YaST SDK.

    24 Sep 2004
    ARS Altmann leaves Microsoft for SUSE Linux Openexchange Server and Saves Big (tip)
    SUSE Linux Openexchange Server has helped ARS reduce licensing costs with a platform that is 30 percent the cost of a Microsoft solution, and reduce IT administration time by 70 percent.

    24 Sep 2004
    Project penguin: Novell CIO Debra Anderson talks to (tip)
    Check out this interview just posted in vnunet. Novell chief information officer Debra Anderson tells about migrating the company's Windows desktops to Linux.

    24 Sep 2004
    Troubleshooting NNLS install (tip)
    If you are running into trouble installing Nterprise Linux Services 1.0, you should definitely check out TID 10093412. This puppy is crammed with tons of great troubleshooting strategies. Here's a little sampling.

    22 Sep 2004
    Memory Fragmentation Issue with NetWare 6.0/6.5 (feature)
    Having memory problems? If your NetWare 6.x server runs out of memory after a few days of normal operation, abends during a backup, or throws mysterious Short Term Memory Allocation errors , this one's for you.

    22 Sep 2004
    Using NSearch on NetWare 6 SP4 to Index a Remote Server (trench)
    If you want to use NSearch to index a remote server, you'll discover it can't be done without some special changes to the Apache engine. Cade Carvell explains what to do.

    22 Sep 2004
    Setting up Dual NIC Teaming (trench)
    Want to set up Dual NIC teaming on NetWare 6? Here's how Paul McLean did it.

    17 Sep 2004
    PAM/LDAP/start_tls Authentication via eDirectory for Linux Mandrake and EduLinux (feature)
    Here's another great article from Novell's Michel Bluteau. This is a quick setup guide for using PAM/LDAP authentication against eDirectory for Linux Mandrake 10 and EduLinux 2004.

    17 Sep 2004
    Creating NetStorage Storage Locations (tip)
    Here are a couple of ways to create access points from NetStorage to other file systems by creating Storage Location objects in eDirectory.

    17 Sep 2004
    About Novell eGuide (feature)
    Installing Virtual Office as part of Novell Nterprise Linux Services automatically installs Novell eGuide as well. If you've never taken a look at it, start here.

    15 Sep 2004
    iPrint Client 3.11 with Silent Install Option (feature)
    Check out this new patch which provides variations of silent installation options for iPrint.

    15 Sep 2004
    Giving Users Access to "Public" Programs Without Requiring Authentication (trench)
    Ever have a situation where you must deploy a product that needs to send information back to a secure location, and users don't necessarily authenticate to anything? Check out this cool tip from Mike Farrell.

    15 Sep 2004
    Oregon Liquor Control Commission Automates its NetWare-based HelpDesk (trench)
    Read how the Oregon Liquor Control Commission took their established and successful investment in Novell and expanded upon it by implementing GroupLink's HelpDesk.

    15 Sep 2004
    Array Expansion on a Dell PowerEdge Server with a Perc3/DC controller (trench)
    Here's a nice little tip explaining how to expand a single volume (example SYS:) when additional drive(s) are attached to a server and the existing RAID 5 array is expanded to incorporate these new drives.

    10 Sep 2004
    Policy-based Linux Desktop Environment (feature)
    Want to set up a centralized and restricted Linux desktop environment to improve user productivity and reduce help desk calls? Check out this excellent article from Adrian Malaguti explaining how to use a KDE application, Kiosk Admin Tool, to apply restrictive policies to a Linux desktop, manage Linux users from eDirectory, authenticate through LDAP and much more.

    10 Sep 2004
    Setting up LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) and SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 for PXE Support (feature)
    This document is a quick step-by-step setup guide for the installation of LTSP on top of the latest distro release of Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SLES 9, which is leveraging kernel 2.6. It complements the official documentation, and demonstrates the feasibility of setting up a LTSP server over SLES 9 for supporting PXE.

    10 Sep 2004
    Patching Firefox Silently (trench)
    John Ferrillo needed a transparent way to roll out a Mozilla Firefox patch without their 500+ users having to click anything. Here's how he did it with the help of ZENworks.

    10 Sep 2004
    Jazz up your Gtk# App with Ximian's Icons (feature)
    Annoyed by the disparity between's visual design and that of Linux or Windows? Ximian recognized this problem and made over a thousand high-color icons doused in alpha-channel goodness. Free to a good home. Kevin Breit tells all.

    8 Sep 2004
    Display File with Drive Letter First (trench)
    If you'd like to rearrange things so that mapped drives show with the drive letters first, for easier scanning in a narrow dialog box, check out this cool tip.

    8 Sep 2004
    Keep an Eye on Disk Space Issues with DFMAIL.PL (trench)
    Always running tight on disk space? Here's a PERL script that will automatically mail you with your current diskspace "issues".

    8 Sep 2004
    Solutions to Problems with Veritas Backup (trench)
    Here's a helpful tip for anyone banging their heads on the wall with a NetWare server that has a fat32 partition on the boot partition.

    8 Sep 2004
    HP Proliant NIC Teaming - the Easy Way (trench)
    NIC Teaming in NetWare is not easy. The default documentation leads you to using complex post bind options or running your NIC drivers from an NCF or even directly from Autoexec.NCF. Here's a better way that's worth a look.

    1 Sep 2004
    Tuning SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on IBM Eserver xSeries Servers: an IBM Redpaper (tip)
    This IBM Redpaper describes the methods you can use to tune SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, tools that you can use to monitor and analyze server performance, and key tuning parameters for specific server applications.

    1 Sep 2004
    About the SUSE Linux Quality Assurance Process (feature)
    Here's a little overview of the SUSE Linux testing processes that you might find interesting.

    1 Sep 2004
    Novell Identity Manager High Availability Cluster on SUSE Linux (feature)
    There are several possible approaches to achieving high-availability for Novell Nsure Identity Manager. TID #10093317 addresses the implementation of a High-Availability (HA) cluster on SUSE Linux.

    1 Sep 2004
    Linux Solutions on Handhelds (tip)
    Looking for a Linux way to replace Pocket PC on your handheld? Here are some places to start with.

    30 Aug 2004
    Portland General Electric Embraces NetWare-based ContactWise as Part of Its Strategic Plan (trench)
    See how Portland General Electric took their established and successful investment in NetWare and expanded upon it by implementing ContactWise, from our partners at GroupLink.

    27 Aug 2004
    Reinstalling the CUPS Printing System (tip)
    Want to completely reinstall the CUPS printing system (for any reason)? Here's how to do it manually.

    27 Aug 2004
    Use Runtime Revolution to Simplify Linux Solutions (tip)
    Tom Russell vouches for Runtime Revolution as a tool to supply point-and-click windowing for your complex (yet terrifically useful) shell scripts.

    27 Aug 2004
    Configure Linux to Authenticate to eDirectory via LDAP (feature)
    This document describes the steps necessary to configure system authentication of a Linux host to Novell eDirectory over LDAP. The scope of this document includes the configuration of the Linux host (LDAP client), and (LDAP Server) Novell eDirectory. This configuration provides authentication redirection via LDAP to Novell eDirectory.

    24 Aug 2004
    Safe and Sane Server Patching (trench)
    You want to run the latest greatest Support Packs, but you don't want to be the sucker at the bleeding edge, finding all the bugs the beta testers missed. Here's some great advice from frequent flyer Geoffrey Carman, (whose closet is jam packed with stuff carrying the Novell logo.)

    24 Aug 2004
    iPrint at Novell (feature)
    Some of Novell's coolest products and technologies have been created in direct response to problems faced by Novell's IS&T (Information Services and Technology) department. Case in point: The need for something like iPrint was identified by the building techs who managed printing at Novell, who grew weary of answering help desk calls (at 2:00 in the morning) from people who couldn't set up their printers. The end result was a killer technology that is now part of Novell NetWare, Novell Nterprise Linux Services, and the upcoming Novell Open Enterprise Server.

    19 Aug 2004
    Linux Authentication using LDAP and eDirectory (feature)
    Novell Consultant Adrian Malaguti shares this guide which will help you with user authentication to eDirectory and getting WIN2k/NAS home directories available for users on a Linux desktop. It addresses implementing Linux authentication against eDirectory (no local users) based on PAM and LDAP.

    19 Aug 2004
    Downloading GroupWise WebAccess Attachments on SUSE Linux (trench)
    Internet Explorer users are unable to download attachments from WebAccess when SSL is enabled. Jason Long shares this elegant solution for GroupWise WebAccess 6.5 on SUSE Linux.

    18 Aug 2004
    Supplying Local Printers to Roaming Users (trench)
    Check out this cool method of making sure roaming users have easy access to convenient local printers, no matter where they roam.

    13 Aug 2004
    Biometric Devices that Run on Linux (trench)
    If you are looking for biometric devices that will run on Linux, here's a good start. Many thanks to Patrick Greenwell for this excellent collection. If you know of any others, please let us know.

    13 Aug 2004
    Newbie Lesson: Setting up SAMBA File Sharing and Windows Printing (feature)
    Check out this wonderful Newbie Lesson from Australian Tom Russell. He details the easiest way to get a Linux box sharing files and an MS Windows 98 printer. These instructions were written for newbies who use MS Windows and who come to Computerbank Queensland for Linux lessons. Thanks for sharing, Tom!

    13 Aug 2004
    How to install VMWare on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 9 (tip)
    Here's what you do to get VMWare up and running on SLES 9, and each time you update a kernel.

    11 Aug 2004
    AppNote: How to Implement a 2 Node Cluster without External Shared Storage (appnote)
    Eugene Phua explains how to implement a 2 Node Cluster service on NetWare 6.5. This solution is ideal for services that have data that are either static or small. A NetWare 6.5 cluster can be implemented without any shared storage and it has all the advantages of a cluster. Since the applications do not require data storage, this solution requires only 2 NetWare 6.5 servers, and this should be affordable for most companies.

    11 Aug 2004
    NetWare Control Center 1.4: NetWare Logfile- and Event-Viewer (tip)
    Check out this nifty free tool, that's just been freshly updated. Use it to check for intruder lock-outs in thousands of entries in a few seconds, filter critical or fatal entries to check the health of your servers, analyze Logfiles through a graphical visualization, and much more.

    11 Aug 2004
    Collecting Information about Windows 2000/XP Workstations without ZENworks Inventory Database (trench)
    Msinfo32.exe provides a wealth of system information and diagnostics of the computer. Combined with ZENworks you have a centrally managed solution for collecting system information.

    11 Aug 2004
    Do it yourself NAS (trench)
    In response to a recent Open Call, here are some ideas for inexpensive and reliable backup solutions. If you've got anything to add, please let us know.

    11 Aug 2004
    Forcing Printer Settings with iPrint (trench)
    Come read some suggestions about how to push printer settings out with iPrint. Chime in if you know another way to do it.

    6 Aug 2004
    Writing Snazzy Documents using Styles (tip)
    If you are used to producing dazzling documents in MSOffice, and now have moved to OpenOffice, check this out.

    6 Aug 2004
    Enabling Single Sign On to SLOX server with iChain (tip)
    We've heard from some hapless SLOX users who find themselves unable to use iChain's single sign-on and can't figure out why. Well, in a nutshell: it's not your fault. Here's the scoop.

    6 Aug 2004
    Yikes! We've Got Plain Text Passwords! (tip)
    Heads Up SUSE Linux users: If you have configured your system as an LDAP client and discover, to your horror, that the users' passwords are stored in plain text on the LDAP server, don't panic. Here's what you do.

    6 Aug 2004
    Troubleshooting if SUSE Linux Installation Won't Start (tip)
    Here's a nice little tidbit that can help you figure out what's wrong if you have installation problems with SUSE Linux.

    4 Aug 2004
    Installing IPP Printers Two Ways (trench)
    In Guy Sasson's company they install printers using web pages based on iPrint showing floor plans and printer location. However, they found that they cannot insert selected drivers to the NDPS Broker. Guy shares two ways around that.

    4 Aug 2004
    Rob's Guide to Using VMware: Now Available (tip)
    Heads Up: There's an excellent new book about VMware that's worth a look. It's from frequent contributor Rob Bastiaansen of the Netherlands. Whether you want to get started with VMware Workstation, or want to setup an advanced configuration with NetWare or Windows clustering; this book is for you.

    4 Aug 2004
    Speeding up Backups on Large SANs (trench)
    Check out the new suggestions about getting faster backups on large SANs.

    29 Jul 2004 Macros for End-Users (tip)
    One big recurring theme from end-users who move from Word to is the plea for pre-built macros that will supply extra functionality without them having to code anything themselves. We went sleuthing and found a really nice supply of them, free for the taking.

    29 Jul 2004
    SUSE Linux Device and Interface Configuration (feature)
    This document describes a new concept for device initialization and interface configuration. Come learn why the changes made, and exactly how device initialization and interface configuration are handled now.

    29 Jul 2004
    Keep your Websites Secure by Forcing HTTPS Connections (tip)
    If your users transmit or receive private information, such as user name, password, and other sensitive data, on a normal HTTP connection, that data could be sniffed by someone else within few seconds. Here's how to protect your privacy.

    27 Jul 2004
    AppNote: Writing Alternate Debugger Command Parsers for NetWare (appnote)
    Adding debugger commands to help you debug your special application or library is a little understood process for NetWare. This How-to AppNote, from frequent contributor Russell Bateman, presents the details of doing it.

    20 Jul 2004
    AppNote: Implementing iFolder Server in the DMZ with iFolder Data inside the Firewall (appnote)
    With NetWare 6.5, you are able to configure a high availability iFolder solution that is both secure and inexpensive. It is secure because your data is protected inside the firewall. It is inexpensive because you only need three NetWare 6.5 servers without the costly SAN equipment. And since licenses are based on users, you can install as many NetWare 6.5 servers as you want; you are only limited by the number of servers you have. Eugene Phua explains exactly how to put it all together in this nicely detailed AppNote.

    20 Jul 2004
    How you can - really - use NPRINTER on Windows 2000/XP (feature)
    It IS possible to use NPRINTER on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Gabor Funk tells you how.

    20 Jul 2004
    Upgrading Print Server (trench)
    Freshly updated: Here are some things to consider when you approach the project of upgrading a 3.12 server that is only used for file and print sharing. Chime in if you have anything to add.

    19 Jul 2004
    Workaround if Red Carpet hangs during Nterprise Linux Services Install (trench)
    The Red Carpet install hangs and eventually times out during the Nterprise Linux Services install if it's unable to ping Here's Keith Schneider's workaround.

    19 Jul 2004
    Which Printers work with SUSE? (trench)
    Wondering which printers work with SUSE? Check out this site.

    19 Jul 2004
    Implementing non-Windows Desktops in the Real World (trench)
    Updated with new suggestions. Someone submitted this interesting topic and we thought we'd open it up and see what you have to say about it.

    19 Jul 2004
    Selection Missing from Installation CD (SUSE Linux 9.1 Personal) (tip)
    Here's how to solve a problem you might encounter when you try to repair or boot from the Installation CD.

    19 Jul 2004
    Review of SUSE Linux 9.1 Professional (tip)
    Check out this review of SUSE Linux 9.1 Professional from

    14 Jul 2004
    Connecting Asynchronous Services and Service Clients (feature)
    This article is the second of a series of articles which outline techniques and technologies that can be used to build Web services and Web service clients that interact asynchronously using JMS in a service-oriented environment. In this article, we will extend our framework to demonstrate JMS clients and loosely-coupled, JMS-aware, business-logic components which can realize the benefits of a service-oriented architecture.

    14 Jul 2004
    Making Scripts Portable (feature)
    Portable shell scripting is something of a black art, since with the evolution and derivation of the UNIX shell, the definition of "portable" is perhaps ambiguous. This paper explores the best practices involved in creating such elusive scripts.

    13 Jul 2004
    AppNote: Directions in NetWare Programming (appnote)
    Here's another great AppNote from Russell Bateman. This one discusses the features and functionality of NetWare's programming environment for writing applications that run as NetWare-loadable Modules (NLMs) on NetWare.

    13 Jul 2004
    Letting Users Browse their Files using NetStorage (tip)
    NetStorage is a great way to expose file systems to remote users via a browser. But the Explorerish interface does not allow a user to browse or dynamically map to folders. Cliff Petersohn explains a method of working around that for your more sophisticated endusers (not for the faint of heart...).

    12 Jul 2004
    Student Login Versus Staff Login (trench)
    Randy Saeks shares his method of telling students from staff at login, and identifying their location as well.

    12 Jul 2004
    Special Novell Software Bundles (including Linux) for Government Agencies (tip)
    Novell has become the first networking infrastructure vendor to reach an agreement with the U.S. General Services Administration to participate in the SmartBUY program for government-wide software purchasing.

    7 Jul 2004
    Getting to Know Open Enterprise Server: Part III (feature)
    In Part III of this popular article series we look at what it takes to manage, backup, and provide failover for an enterprise network with hundreds, even thousands of servers, when some of them are Linux boxes.

    7 Jul 2004
    Recover Deleted iFolder Files (tip)
    Michael Alexander needed to recover deleted files from a user's iFolder folder on the PC. (User was infected with MyDoom.f virus and had files deleted from iFolder folder on PC.) Here's how he did it.

    7 Jul 2004
    Extend your NetWare Infrastructure -- Free Online Trial for NetWare Users (trench)
    How can you improve communication within the organization to provide excellent internal technical support? Without redesigning training processes, how can you implement timely improvements to our users? Find answers to these and other questions in this article from Novell partner, GroupLink, and get your free trial.

    5 Jul 2004
    Using Old Hardware for Linux Desktop (trench)
    Turning older hardware into a useful Linux Internet desktop can be quite easy if you take the trouble to upgrade the video card to 4MB and use a small footprint window manager. Tom Russell explains how they do it in Brisbane.

    2 Jul 2004
    Using Novell Linux Services with Apache (1.3.26) (feature)
    After trying to get the Novell version of Apache (2.0.48-4) to run with their custom PHP build, Mike Duncan found that the install of Novell Linux Services (NLS) v1.1 did not install Apache header files he needed. Here's how he was able to use their customized version of PHP and mod_jk with the standard packaged version of Apache that is shipped with SUSE, while being able to continue to use iManager and other Novell web-based applications.

    2 Jul 2004
    Getting to Know Open Enterprise Server: Part II (feature)
    The primary purpose of the IT staff is to ensure that workers in the organization remain productive and have access to the information and services they need to do their jobs. Come see how Open Enterprise Server can make your users more productive than ever.

    2 Jul 2004
    Make the Switch to a LINUX Desktop (tip)
    Here's a cool offer you should take a look at. This is a free and easy way to make the switch to SUSE Linux 9.1 Personal, the first truly viable alternative to a Windows desktop operating system for PCs.

    2 Jul 2004
    Mono 1.0 Hits the Streets (feature)
    Heads Up: just a couple of days ago Novell announced the availability of Mono 1.0. Check it out.

    30 Jun 2004
    AppNote: Writing Command Parsers for NetWare (appnote)
    This How-to AppNote discusses how to register a command parser from a NetWare-loadable Module (NLM).

    30 Jun 2004
    Control (cut, copy, paste, purge) NDPS jobs with Qcontrol (tip)
    Check out this neato free tool. Anyone who needs to watch many printers at once - helpdesks, printer operators, and administrators - will find Qcontrol a valuable asset for printer management.

    30 Jun 2004
    One-Stop Info Page: NetWare (feature)
    To help you find everything you need to know about Novell NetWare, we've done some serious surfing and pulled together a short list of the essential links.

    25 Jun 2004
    Getting to Know Open Enterprise Server: Part I (feature)
    Come find out what's in Open Enterprise Server, and why you as a NetWare administrator should pay attention to it. Finally, an honest-to-goodness alternative to Microsoft.

    24 Jun 2004
    Options for Linux-based Accounting Tool (trench)
    Here are some recommendations for Linux-based Accounting software.

    24 Jun 2004
    Getting MSAccess Capabilities on Linux (tip)
    We've had several people inquire about MSAccess equivalents available on Linux. We'd love to see what you recommend.

    24 Jun 2004
    Rights Necessary to Install NetWare 6.5 (tip)
    To install the first NetWare 6.5 server in an eDirectory tree, here are the rights you'll need.

    24 Jun 2004
    Connecting IPX Servers Despite Linux Firewall (tip)
    Jose Eduviges Rivas needed to connect two NW51 servers using a leased line, under IPX protocol using Cisco 1700 routers. Here's how he did it.

    18 Jun 2004
    Query Novell Knowledgebase from Mozilla Firebird (feature)
    Want to have a Search Plugin for Mozilla Firebird that searches on the Novell Knowledgebase? Checkout this cool freebie.

    18 Jun 2004
    Novell Expands Commitment to Open Source Standards with IPsec Initiatives (tip)
    Building on its contributions to the open source community and commitment to interoperability, Novell is sponsoring the Openswan project, a Linux implementation of the IPsec (IP Security) standard that provides a common approach to securing Internet-based communications.

    18 Jun 2004
    SUSE Linux Updates for Linux Security Flaw (tip)
    Novell's SUSE Linux team has provided updates to fix a recently discovered Linux kernel flaw.

    17 Jun 2004
    About Novell's iFolder Open Source Project (trench)
    We received an inquiry from a reader who was interested in knowing more about Novell's decision to open source iFolder. Here's the scoop.

    17 Jun 2004
    AppNote: Writing NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) as Shared Libraries (appnote)
    This AppNote discusses how to write NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) that serve as shared libraries in the NLM environment. There are three traditional veins of NetWare Loadable Module (NLM) writing. Of the three, libraries have been the most vague and contradicted topic of discussion over the 15-year history of NLM writing. This topic was addressed by an extensive AppNote in May 2003, and this article updates that one for more POSIX-oriented work.

    8 Jun 2004
    Using the Red Carpet Daemon with Red Carpet Express (feature)
    It's easy to configure the Red Carpet command line tools (rc/rcd) to use Red Carpet Express. Here's the scoop.

    8 Jun 2004
    Using an ADSL Router in SUSE Linux 8.0 (feature)
    If you have an ADSL router for connecting several hosts to the Internet, and you want to use it to access the Internet, check this out.

    8 Jun 2004
    NPrinter Equivalent for Windows XP (trench)
    Here's how Geoff Taylor creates an NPRINTER effect when he has a printer on an XP workstation rather than a dedicated printserver device. Very slick!

    8 Jun 2004
    Logging in to Novell iManager 2 using Contextless Login (feature)
    If you find that you can't login to Novell iManager 2 using contextless login, but you can get in by entering your full LDAP context, here's why it happens, and how to work around it.

    8 Jun 2004
    Troubleshooting iManager 2.0.2 on NetWare 6.5 (feature)
    Here are four important things to check if you're having trouble running iManager on your NetWare 6.5 server.

    2 Jun 2004
    Migrating NPS gadgets to portlets Overview (feature)
    Bill Bodine discusses the Java development of portlets specifically in order to leverage the similarities between gadget and portlet development. This is not intended to be an exhaustive look at the development of portlets, but it will be enough to highlight the similarities and give the developer a reasonable understanding of what to expect while porting their application.

    2 Jun 2004
    Building Asynchronous Web Services with JMS (feature)
    Check out this first-of-a-series piece that outlines techniques and technologies that can be used to build Web services and Web service clients to interact asynchronously using JMS in a service-oriented architecture. In this article, we will build a framework that can be used to handle SOAP messages asynchronously across an HTTP-based network.

    2 Jun 2004
    Balancing Interactivity with SUSE Linux 9.0 (feature)
    In SUSE Linux 9.0 there are some changes in the default scheduler settings. If you're upgrading to SUSE Linux 9.0, this will help you get acclimated to the changes.

    2 Jun 2004
    Making Computer Clock Show Correct Time (tip)
    If you're using SUSE Linux and you find that the computer clock is never exactly right, this one's for you.

    1 Jun 2004
    ZedMon 3.20 Network and Server Monitor for Windows 2000 (tip)
    Take a look at this enormously popular Free Tool that's recently been updated. So far it's gotten 24 5-star ratings, and a nice little pile of raves under Reader Comments.

    1 Jun 2004
    List Users' Network Addresses (tip)
    Here's a nifty little freebie from Jim Schnitter that can help you keep tabs on your network usage. Bet you'll think of some great ways to use it.

    1 Jun 2004
    Remote Debugging Tools (feature)
    Check out this great free utility that can help you diagnose problems with your network. RDB, the Remote Debugger, can stay connected to the NetWare console even if the server has crashed or is in the debugger. RDB can upload and download files from the server.

    27 May 2004
    Installing Software with Red Carpet (feature)
    After updating your system with Red Carpet, you may find there is still some software you need that was not installed. That happens because Red Carpet will only update software packages that are already installed. The cool thing is, if you want to install more software packages, you can use Red Carpet to find and install them. Here's what you do.

    27 May 2004
    Setting the Computer Clock to GMT in SUSE Linux (feature)
    Here's how you set the clock in two ways: one for SUSE Linux versions up to 7.3, one for 8.0 and later.

    27 May 2004
    Error Installing SUSE Linux 9.x Professional (feature)
    We've heard from a few people who've run into perplexing errors when they're trying to install SUSE Linux Professional 9.0 or 9.1 from DVD. Some of them get an error message saying they can't use 64-bit software on their computer, some just get a black screen. Here's the scoop.

    25 May 2004
    Got Upgrade Protection? Linux is Already Yours (feature)
    Heads Up -- there's a special offer for NetWare customers with current maintenance or upgrade protection. You're entitled to introduce SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 and Novell Nterprise Linux Services 1.0 into your business environment-all under your existing NetWare licensing contract. What are you waiting for?

    25 May 2004
    iPrint via PHP - LDAP (feature)
    iPrint comes with a great visual Map feature, but this doesn't always prove to be easily manageable in a Hospital environment where things are always getting moved around. Daniel Bray shares his PHP script he uses in his NetWare environment to dynamically list out all of the iPrint printers.

    25 May 2004
    Running iFolder 2.1 in Protected Memory (trench)
    iFolder 2.1 does not by default load its own instance of Apache in protected memory on NetWare. Here is how you can setup another instance of Apache that will be loaded in its own memory address on the server.

    25 May 2004
    Saving I.T. costs by deploying on NetWare (trench)
    Are you deploying a new business application (departmentally or enterprise-wide)? If so, have you considered using NetWare's open application environment to minimize costs and complexity, while pleasing your business users? Read this Success Story from our partners at GroupLink, and get your free download.

    21 May 2004
    Keep Photos Coordinated using iFolder (tip)
    Kenneth Wilkins uses iFolder to help him avoid overwriting edits his wife has made to photographs for her website. Nice!

    21 May 2004
    Migrating to Linux at Health First (tip)
    Check out this excellent series newly posted at The two Health First network administrators interviewed in the series, Danny J. Wall and Daniel Bray, have contributed outstanding content to Cool Solutions over the years, and we were glad to see more by them.

    18 May 2004
    NetWare Authentication on Linux (trench)
    This was the winning entry in the Migration to Linux Contest conducted in February/March 2004. Congratulations to Gert-Jan. We'll be holding another contest like this one later this year, so if you are currently migrating, keep good notes, and you just might win next time!

    18 May 2004
    Blocking Broadcast Messages (tip)
    Want to keep broadcast messages from appearing on all of the workstations? Here's how you do it.

    18 May 2004
    Using CAPTURE in NetWare 4.x Login Script (tip)
    If you are receiving memory errors when executing CAPTURE in a login script in NetWare 4.x, here's a tip.

    12 May 2004
    How to Build Gaim for SUSE Linux 9.1 with GroupWise Instant Messenger Support (feature)
    Gaim is an open source instant messaging client that ships with SUSE Linux. Take the fast track to tweaking and tuning Gaim to work with GroupWise Instant Messenger in this expose by developer Ryan Smith.

    12 May 2004
    Switching between KDE and XD2 (tip)
    Novell's Don Vosburg explains how he uses KDM (the login and session manager for KDE) to switch back and forth between KDE and XD2 easily. Very slick!

    12 May 2004
    SPX Deploys Novell Identity Services on Linux (feature)
    SPX Corporation needed to integrate its business operations, improve productivity, and ensure security across the enterprise. What's more, the solution had to be cost-effective - and it had to run on Linux.

    12 May 2004
    Novell Announces Evolution 2.0 and Release of Connector for Microsoft Exchange Server Under Open Source License (tip)
    Heads Up: Novell has announced its Connector for Microsoft* Exchange Server will be integrated into EvolutionTM 2.0 and made available as open source.

    11 May 2004
    Recovering from Lost User Rights after Running DSMaint (trench)
    David Sayers lost user rights after performing a DSMaint procedure from one NetWare 5.x box to another 5.x box. Come see the steps he followed to recover.

    11 May 2004
    Using IP Multicast Loop Option (tip)
    Novell's N Subramanian explains how to use the IP_MULTICAST_LOOP option to control loopback delivery of multicast applications.

    7 May 2004
    SUSE Blows Doors Off of Red Hat (tip)
    In a recent review on, SUSE Server 8 received praise for its added value including the attractive Web-based interface and the overall completeness of the product. Check it out!

    7 May 2004
    BrainStorm Virtual Office Demo (trench)
    Do you want to experience Virtual Office which is now available in NetWare 6.5 and Nterprise Linux Services? Check out the Virtual Office flash demonstration created by BrainStorm, Inc.

    4 May 2004
    Improving Your NetWare Backup Performance (feature)
    Three years ago, Novell embarked on an engineering research exercise to look at the backup performance problem from a complete system viewpoint. This paper articulates Novell findings and recommends best practices. Must read!

    4 May 2004
    Novell exteNd App Server Cluster Implementation on NetWare 6.5 (feature)
    Some people seem confused about Novell exteNd App Server cluster implementation on NetWare 6.5. Novell engineer James Lee gives you the run down.

    4 May 2004
    Which to Upgrade First: GroupWise or NetWare (trench)
    We posed this question in an Open Call, and here's some input from readers. Chime in if you've got anything to add.

    4 May 2004
    Antivirus programs for NetWare 6 (trench)
    Come see some recommendations for good 3rd-party antivirus products that work best with NetWare 6.

    30 Apr 2004
    Network Monitoring with Nagios and MRTG (trench)
    Gert-Jan de Boer explains how his company uses Nagios and MRTG to monitor their NetWare and Windows servers, network links and other stuff.

    30 Apr 2004
    Does Enterprise Linux Adoption Depend on Application Development? (tip)
    Updated with comments. Here's an interesting article we'd like to hear your comments about.

    28 Apr 2004
    Updating NDPS Printers after Tree Merge (tip)
    If you find your NDPS printers won't print after a tree merge, this is how to update them, compliments of David Ralph.

    28 Apr 2004
    Logging in to Two Trees in WinXP (trench)
    Jack Turner shares the solution to a mystery. He logs into two different NetWare trees, and has permanent mapped drives in each tree. Under XP, the logon process marks these connections as "unavailable" with a red X. Here's the workaround.

    23 Apr 2004
    Debugging RedCarpet Problems (tip)
    Here are some tips that could be helpful in debugging RedCarpet problems. If you've got anything to add to this, don't be shy...

    23 Apr 2004
    Linux OS and Microsoft Office Functionality (trench)
    Are Linux Applications similar to or compatible with Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint? Ah, there's the burning question du jour. Come see what the experts think, and throw in your own two bits.

    20 Apr 2004
    Finding Deleted iFolder Directories (tip)
    Here's an iFolder riddle: once an ID is deleted and you did not remove the ifolder data for the user, how do you find this unused data that is on the Server? Todd Kyrk tells you how he does it.

    20 Apr 2004
    Login to iFolder without getting NIDApplet Not Found error (tip)
    If you have problems logging in to iFolder via browser, and you're getting a "NIDApplet not found" error, here's a workaround from Tommi Karetvaara.

    20 Apr 2004
    Why Print via NetWare? (trench)
    A reader was wondering what the major benefit is to using NetWare to print (as opposed to printing straight to the printer's IP address. Here are some reasons to use NetWare.

    16 Apr 2004
    Using Rsync for Flexible Powerful Backup and Restore and Self Serve Restore (trench)
    Scott Flowers shares his beautifully detailed solution (including sample bash scripts), that explains how to make daily incremental backups from your NetWare servers to a Linux backup server that look like full backups on disk. Using that backup archive, you can allow users to go and restore any file from any day with just a web browser. Must read!

    16 Apr 2004
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 Eval Now Available for Download (tip)
    Heads Up: if you've been itching to try SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 for X86, here's your chance.

    16 Apr 2004
    Quick-start cards for OpenOffice (tip)
    Looking for some materials to help train your users on the features of Here are a couple of good ideas.

    16 Apr 2004
    Interview with Jeff Hawkins - Linux Products and Strategies (feature)
    Jeff Hawkins, VP of Product Management at Novell, spells out the essential details for Linux strategies and products in this interview. Get the answers to over 25 hot questions that customers have been asking about Linux!

    13 Apr 2004
    Creating an Environment for Local, Remote, and Mobile Users (trench)
    Would you like your users to be able to access the network in similar fashion no matter whether they're local, mobile, or remote? Jody Greene explains how to setup your NetWare client environment to support seamless integration of local, remote, and mobile users with very little administrative overhead. Freshly updated, in response to reader inquiries.

    9 Apr 2004
    Getting News and Weather in Evolution Despite Privoxy (trench)
    If you use Privoxy to filter ads from your email, you may have conflicts with Evolution when you try to get news and weather updates. Peter Hyman shares his cool solution to that problem. Thanks, Peter!

    9 Apr 2004
    Linux IP Tables - a Pathway to Success (trench)
    Have you thought about the quality of the IP filter protecting your Linux server? How about knowing just what it does, and maybe does not do unexpectedly? BrainShare presenter Joe Doupnik explains the issues, and offers a new CD you can purchase to get you where you want to go quickly.

    6 Apr 2004
    Migrating Clients from any kind of printing to iPrint (tip)
    Hot from BrainShare. This package provides example scripts that will easily convert users from legacy QMS printing, NDPS printing, Microsoft Share printing and local printing to iPrint printing.

    6 Apr 2004
    UDMA Tips and Tricks under NetWare (feature)
    Interesting 3rd-party article on "UDMA tips and tricks under NetWare" which also contains a newer, officially unreleased ideata.ham for NetWare.

    6 Apr 2004
    PKI Diag Utility 2 (tip)
    Pkidiag.nlm is a utility written by the Novell Certificate Server development team to help troubleshoot and fix issues related to Novell Certificate Server. Worth a look...

    2 Apr 2004
    Ximian Build System now Available via GPL (tip)
    Heads Up: The Ximian build system for building and packaging software natively for a variety of platforms and packaging systems, including RPM (Red Hat, etc.), Deb (Debian), and SD (HP-UX) is now available via a GNU General Public License (GPL).

    2 Apr 2004
    Network Installation of SUSE Linux via PXE Boot (feature)
    Want to install SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 or SUSE Linux version 8.1/8.2 on a machine bootable through PXE on the network? Here's how you do it.

    2 Apr 2004
    Importing German Holidays in SUSE Linux Openexchange Server (feature)
    This handy tool will provide German users with a holiday list for importing to their calendars.

    2 Apr 2004
    Getting to Know SUSEPlugger (feature)
    SUSEwatcher is now in charge of monitoring updates only and the rest of its known functions together with some new features have been assumed by SUSEPlugger. Read all about it.

    2 Apr 2004
    What's the Future of NetWare? (tip)
    With the advent of Novell Nterprise Linux Services and the company's commitment to make all Novell advanced services available on Linux, what does this mean for the future of NetWare? Come read this interview with Ed Anderson, Novell vice president of Platform Services.

    31 Mar 2004
    What's the Future of NetWare? (tip)
    With the advent of Novell Nterprise Linux Services and the company's commitment to make all Novell advanced services available on Linux, what does this mean for the future of NetWare? Come read this interview with Ed Anderson, Novell vice president of Platform Services.

    31 Mar 2004
    Running Server Consolidation Utility on WinXP (trench)
    Having trouble running the Server Consolidation Utility on a WinXP SP1 Professional workstation? Rich Stevenson shares his solution.

    31 Mar 2004
    Visually see Disk Space Usage in Windows Explorer with Vyooh DiskView (trench)
    Check out this new tool (not free, but reasonably priced) that lets you see how your disk space is organized - inside Windows Explorer. Graphically see which files and folders are taking up your hard disk space.

    31 Mar 2004
    Running a Stand-alone Tomcat 5.0.19 on NetWare 6 (trench)
    For those of you out there who wish to be on the cutting (bleeding) edge of development, here is a little tip from Stig Sørensen on how to get Tomcat 5 running on NetWare. Enjoy!

    26 Mar 2004
    Setting up Spellchecking in (tip)
    Are you having trouble with spellchecking in OpenOffice? Many people are struggling with making spellchecking work automatically whenever you open a document. Here's how you set it up right.

    26 Mar 2004
    Installing Novell Nterprise Linux Services Correctly (tip)
    If you're installing Nterprise Linux Services and it times out looking for the LDAP server, or you get a treename failure, here's a word to the wise.

    23 Mar 2004
    AppNote: Installation and Configuration of 2 Node iSCSI Based Cluster Using NetWare 6.5 SP1 (appnote)
    NetWare 6.5 supports the iSCSI - a new internet standard which defines how industry standard SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface) storage protocols are run over industry standard TCP/IP. iSCSI on Gigabit Ethernet hardware is a fraction of the cost of a full Fiber Channel SAN solution. The iSCSI Target and Initiator components included in NetWare 6.5 allow NetWare 6.5 to be used as an iSCSI Disk Server (shared disk system) for Novell Cluster Services.

    23 Mar 2004
    Connect Computers to Servers Quickly and Easily Using PCID CD (feature)
    PCID was developed by Novell as an internal tool for IS, Test Groups, and Lab Managers to greatly improve the time it takes to connect computers to various NetWare, Linux, and Windows servers from DOS. With this tool, you do not need to know what is in the computer to connect it to a network. Beautiful.

    23 Mar 2004
    AppNote: Building Nterprise Deployment Solutions using NetWare 6.5 (appnote)
    This AppNote offers technical insight into Novell's new PXE-based Imaging Deployment Solution. Learn how to build Nterprise deployment solutions using NetWare 6.5 in the context of blade servers, and discover new technologies from Novell and its partners that facilitate unattended (fully automated) and scripted, semi-automated deployments.

    23 Mar 2004
    Prevent Abends when Restoring Trustee Rights with ARCserve (tip)
    Randy Boone had trouble with NetWare 6.0 SP3 server abends when restoring folder trustee rights using ARCserve 7.0. Here's how he solved it.

    17 Mar 2004
    Advanced Snap-in for ConsoleOne (trench)
    We recently got a terrific addition to the Free Tools collection from Volker Scheuber. This extremely popular tool used to be fee-based, and people have become quite attached to it. You'll see why when you use it, now that he's set it free.

    16 Mar 2004
    Using iFolder to Configure Non-Standard Machines (tip)
    Pre-configured images are useful for standard configurations, but what of non-standard machines or when you just want to tweak a new install just so? Check out this ingenious iFolder trick from Peter Smith.

    16 Mar 2004
    Extracting Server Disk Space Stats (tip)
    Looking for easy ways to extract server disk space stats on NetWare 6? Here are some suggestions.

    16 Mar 2004
    Nervous about doing a Pool Rebuild (tip)
    We're looking for good or bad experiences with pool rebuilds. Check out what we have, and chime in if you have anything to add.

    11 Mar 2004
    Linux Commands from A to Z (tip)
    Here's a great reference to bookmark: the Alphabetical Directory of Linux Commands. You just click on any of the 379 commands to get a description and list of available options.

    11 Mar 2004
    Review: SUSE Linux 9.0 Professional (tip)
    This review by Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier appeared in last October, and is an interesting read for people getting ready to upgrade, or looking to make the leap from Windows.

    11 Mar 2004
    About Red Carpet Express (feature)
    Red Carpet Express works like basic regular Red Carpet service, except there are more channels of software available, and you connect to a dedicated high bandwidth server. Learn more about it.

    10 Mar 2004
    Installing NetWare 6 on a Dell PowerEdge (feature)
    Cindy Stap explains how to install NetWare 6.0 on a Dell PowerEdge 400SC with and without a CERC SATA controller.

    5 Mar 2004
    Novell Nterprise Linux Services Reviewers Guide (feature)
    Check out this new Reviewers Guide, which presents an excellent overview of what's in Nterprise Linux Services, and what it can do for you.

    5 Mar 2004
    Dual Boot Windows and Linux using PowerQuest's BootMagic (tip)
    Wondering how to dual boot Windows and Linux using PowerQuest's BootMagic (included with Partition Magic)? Here's the scoop.

    5 Mar 2004
    Manual Installation of Software Packages on Solaris, Linux, HP-UX and AIX (tip)
    Here's a quick little cheat sheet to tape to your monitor for future reference.

    2 Mar 2004
    Deploying NetWare 6.5 with Portlock Storage Manager (feature)
    Here are some very helpful instructions on how to use response files to automate a NetWare 6.5 installation. It also includes a method of doing a factory install using Portlock Storage Manager.

    2 Mar 2004
    Monitoring your RAID Remotely (tip)
    Stig Sørensen explains how he uses the CPE Configuration Console to monitor an IDE-SCSI RAID remotely.

    2 Mar 2004
    Tranferring Single Reference Time Server Role to Another Server (tip)
    If you ever need to transfer the NetWare 4 Single Reference time server role from one server to another, for example when running down your old NetWare 4 network as NetWare 6 replaces it, here's how to do it, compliments of Mark Steele.

    2 Mar 2004
    Making Native File Access work after Certificate Server Reinstallation (feature)
    After the reinstallation of Novell Certificate Server, the NativeFileAccess doesn't work. If you create a new user the NFA works, but it won't work for users created with the old CA. If you try to set the simple password for an old user, you get the 1418 error. Roger Carlsson shares his solution.

    2 Mar 2004
    Authenticating to iPrint Without Another Login (tip)
    A school system administrator is looking for a way to authenticate people to the secure iPrint printer from their initial client32 login? (no second login) Here's a suggestion.

    26 Feb 2004
    AppNote: File Sharing in Novell Nterprise Linux Services 1.0 (appnote)
    The Samba server has become the preferred way on many platforms to share files and printers, and it is supported by all Windows clients. With Samba installed on a Linux server, the Linux server can provide the same functionality as a Windows server: with Samba, Linux can provide SMB based (Windows) file and print services to end-users, and there are even claims that the Samba server does this faster than Windows. In this new AppNote, Sander van Vugt explains how to use it with Nterprise Linux Services 1.0.

    26 Feb 2004
    Workaround for Authenticating through YaST2 (tip)
    Some of you have discovered a bit of a problem with SUSE SLES 8. It seems that when you try to authenticate through YaST2 for an online update, you get a puzzling error. Here's the workaround.

    26 Feb 2004
    Novell Nterprise Linux Services GW Client 1.0 (tip)
    Looking for more GroupWise languages? There's an updated version of Nterprise Linux Services GroupWise Client 1.0 that adds support for 21 GroupWise languages.

    24 Feb 2004
    Display of Drive Letters in Drop Down Boxes (tip)
    Here's something that most users have griped about forever. Drive letters appear on the right side of the network name in the list. This can really cause innocent users some grief when they need to choose a drive from a drop-down in a dialog box, and the drive letter is chopped off. Here's a great solution from Patrick Farrell.

    20 Feb 2004
    Easy and Secure Backup of Files on Linux (tip)
    Want to store, access, synchronize and back up files on your Linux platform? You can -- if you're running the File Services component of Novell Nterprise Linux Services.

    20 Feb 2004
    GroupWise 3rd Party Report from LinuxWorld (feature)
    Recently LinuxWorld was held in New York City at the Jacob Javits Center. BrainStorm, GWAVA, and Notify Technology were there supporting Novell in its move into the Linux space. Read what they said about the conference and Novell GroupWise 6.5 for Linux.

    20 Feb 2004
    Take GroupWise 6.5 for Linux for a Test Drive (feature)
    Did you know about the open beta availability of Novell GroupWise 6.5 for Linux? The product features native support for Novell's award-winning Ximian Evolution along with plug-in support for the GAIM instant messenger client. Take it for a spin.

    19 Feb 2004
    ToolBox.nlm Can Simplify Your Life (feature)
    ToolBox.nlm can simplify your life! It provides you with a collection of utilities that can be used at the server console, or executed from NCF files without the need to involve a client!

    17 Feb 2004
    Disk Performance on Cluster (tip)
    A reader was seeking advice about what kind of disk performance to expect from a cluster with two nodes and a server as an iSCSI target for those nodes. Here are some thoughts.

    17 Feb 2004
    Novell-based HelpDesk Solution for IT Support Organizations (trench)
    If your helpdesk team is spending too much time answering the same basic questions over and over (like "How do I change my password?") you might want to take a look at this solution from our partners at GroupLink.

    11 Feb 2004
    The GPL: Understanding the License that Governs Linux -Part 2 (feature)
    In the second part of this series exploring the GPL, Matt Asay examines this question: if no one owns this stuff, why should anyone bother to improve it? In other words, does the GPL foster or stifle innovation in software?

    11 Feb 2004
    Use the Right Version of Apache for iFolder 2.1 for Linux (tip)
    Here's a little heads up. The iFolder 2.1 module for Apache is compiled for Apache 2.0.43. This means that Apache will fail to start if there is already a different version installed on the server. Here's how to fix it.

    11 Feb 2004
    Distros for Newbies (tip)
    Come see what people suggested in response to this question: Which Distribution of Linux would you all recommend for someone that has never touched Linux?

    10 Feb 2004
    Authenticating to eDirectory via LDAP using an X.509 User Certificate (trench)
    Luke Tracy needed to use OpenLDAP client tools on a Linux box to perform changes to eDirectory users via LDAP and did not want to pass a user name and password each time. Here's his beautifully detailed solution. Thanks, Luke!

    9 Feb 2004
    The Mystery of the Hidden Tree (tip)
    Here's a rare bit of sleuthing. John Fuge could NOT figure out why the new laptop was unable to login to the company tree. Wait till you see what the problem was!

    9 Feb 2004
    Installing NW 4.11 on HP NetServer (tip)
    Joseph Wakeman shares a little tidbit that could save you some grief.

    9 Feb 2004
    Updating Print Queue Name Easily (tip)
    Here are a couple of good suggestions about how to update Windows workstations (98 and XP) with a new print queue name without having to reinstall it.

    6 Feb 2004
    How to Install SUSE Linux Standard Server ready for Nterprise Linux Services 1.0 (feature)
    SUSE Linux can be installed to allow Nterprise Linux Services to be installed on top of it. The following instructions detail how to do this.

    6 Feb 2004
    Tuning Unix / Linux NFS services to benefit Novell's NFS Gateway (feature)
    Sometimes it's necessary to tune the Unix or Linux system which is acting as the NFS Server (like when NFS protocol 2 is being used). This document discusses tuning a Unix or Linux server to handle more simultaneous NFS requests.

    6 Feb 2004
    Setting up Samba (feature)
    Here are a couple of suggestions of ways to simplify the process of setting up Samba.

    4 Feb 2004
    Troubleshooting Operating System Software (feature)
    Troubleshooting is both an art and a science, and your skill at it can have a huge impact on your IT career. Here is an excellent article about how to develop the skill of troubleshooting operating system software. This offers a good foundation to build from as well as a reminder to remember the basics and keep it simple.

    4 Feb 2004
    Getting iPrint to work after Upgrading to NetWare 6.5 (tip)
    After upgrading to NetWare 6.5, iPrint doesn't work. This is because iPrint in NetWare 6.5 requires a uniqueID to be set for every user. Here's a workaround, from Roger Carlsson.

    4 Feb 2004
    iSCSI Initiator 1.1 for NW5.1 and NW6 (tip)
    Have you seen the updated iSCSI Initiator that came out with NetWare 6.5 SP1? Here's the skinny.

    4 Feb 2004
    Updated CNW Commander 2.16a (trench)
    Check out the updates to this enormously popular shareware tool. As one user commented: "Norton Commander for NetWare! This is what I always dreamed of."

    4 Feb 2004
    Beware: Scrsaver.nlm Can Lock You Out (tip)
    Here's a little gotcha that G. Flier took time to share.

    29 Jan 2004
    Removing NDS eDirectory from Linux Server (tip)
    If you've tried to remove NDS from a Linux server by running nds-uninstall, you have, no doubt, discovered that it doesn't work. Here's how you do it.

    28 Jan 2004
    Using Linux box with BASH script to Update NetWare Virus Signatures (trench)
    Sylvain Lavoie is using a Linux box that is running a BASH script to update all their NetWare servers' virus signatures. Here's the script, compliments of Sylvain!

    28 Jan 2004
    Deploying iPrint Printers to Restricted Machines (trench)
    If you are having trouble deploying iPrint Printers to pre-ZfD4 machines that have very tight restrictions on internet and system rights (such as those in school labs), here's how Ryan Kelly did it.

    22 Jan 2004
    eDirectory for Linux (tip)
    Check out this patch, which contains an update to the original release of Novell eDirectory 8.7.1 (8.7 SP1), for Linux Lovers.

    22 Jan 2004
    Putting Your Money where your Mouth Is (tip)
    We've had several inquiries from people wanting to put their money where their OpenSource Mouth is. Resisting the impulse to place a PayPal button on our site, we have found a place you will soon be able to go to get involved financially.

    22 Jan 2004
    In the News: Governments starting to replace Microsoft with OpenOffice (tip)
    Updated: Here's some interesting reading about the way governments are looking to reduce their costs by using open-source software.

    21 Jan 2004
    Tracing Network Problems using Command Lines (tip)
    If you are a freeBSD unix server administrator/user and you are facing problems in using NetWare server for finding arp route, entry, etc., here's some good news.

    21 Jan 2004
    Kudos for NetWare Server Consolidation Utility (tip)
    Updated. These guys vouch for the Server Consolidation Utility as a life-enhancer. Thanks! That's why we love our readers...

    21 Jan 2004
    Using ConsoleOne instead of iManager (tip)
    Do you want to use ConsoleOne instead of iManager on NetWare 6.5? Here's how Somsak Kasemsuk does it.

    21 Jan 2004
    Installing iManager 2.x on NetWare 6.x (feature)
    If you're running into problems trying to install iManager 2, check this out. The installation of iManager 2 on NetWare 6.5 or iManager 2.0.1 on NetWare 6 or NetWare 6.5 has certain dependencies in order to complete. Here's the scoop.

    21 Jan 2004
    Speeding up the Login Script (tip)
    If you're experiencing slow login on Win2k and WinXP, using NW Client Version 4.9, this little tip might be just what you're looking for.

    16 Jan 2004
    The GPL: Understanding the License that Governs Linux (feature)
    Despite the critical role the GPL plays in the advance of Linux, not many people understand its terms. Columnist Matt Asay explains the GPL and how it relates to traditional copyright law, and explores how commercial software developers can legally benefit from this exceptional license.

    16 Jan 2004
    SUSE Linux and KDE (tip)
    Here's a quick little overview about SUSE's relationship to KDE, in response to some reader mail we have received over the past week.

    16 Jan 2004
    Novell Nterprise Linux Services Lab Guide (feature)
    Are you starting to test Nterprise Linux Services yet? Check out this excellent resource that will help you during your testing phase.

    14 Jan 2004
    Providing Fault Tolerance to Multiple NICs with Different Addresses (tip)
    Providing fault tolerance to multiple NICs bound to different network addresses is not possible in NetWare. Come see how you can use Virtual IP Address to accomplish the same purpose.

    14 Jan 2004
    Getting to NetWare Volumes from Linux (tip)
    Mark Batchelor shares his favorite method of accessing NetWare volumes from Linux.

    14 Jan 2004
    Novell NetWare Revisor (trench)
    Here's an interesting new tool (not free -- it's a trial version) just added to our Tools page. Worth a look.

    14 Jan 2004
    Trouble with Troubleshooting using DSTRACE (tip)
    Having trouble on NetWare 5.1 (SP5 & SP6) using the DSTRACE NLM to troubleshoot? Here's a tip from Recardo Wilson.

    14 Jan 2004
    Times Change, and so has NetWare (tip)
    Novell has just announced the End of Life plan for good old NetWare 4.2. Times change and so has your NetWare. Isn't it time you looked to make a change as well? Share your cool memories about NetWare 4.2, and your favorite new things in NetWare 6.5, and we'll send a t-shirt to everyone who gets published.

    14 Jan 2004
    Getting Started with Novell AMP Server - Part 2 (feature)
    This article is the second part of a series about developing with Novell AMP server. In this section, Jeff details configurations of Apache Web server, MySQL database server, and PHP scripting language, as well as talking about how to manage a Novell AMP server through eDirectory.

    13 Jan 2004
    Controlling Administrator Security using Rights (trench)
    With a NetWare installation, no one system is responsible for security. But arguably the two most important security safeguards are Novell Directory Services (NDS) and file system security. Amarjit Singh shares a nice explanation of how to control the rights of your administrators so no one can run roughshod over your tree (except you).

    7 Jan 2004
    NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 1 Available (tip)
    Heads Up: don't miss this new Support Pack for NetWare 6.5. It contains updates for components contained in the NetWare 6.5 product.

    7 Jan 2004
    Loading Norton on all Systems at User Login (trench)
    Michael Morrison explains how you can load Norton Antivirus protection on all systems across the network at user login.

    5 Jan 2004
    Software as Performance Art (feature)
    What do live performances by Moby have in common with Open Source? Read this fascinating essay by Matt Asay.

    17 Dec 2003
    Easy Changing of Machine's IP Address (tip)
    When the IP address of the machine changes, have you thought it was necessary to change the application configuration file with the new IP address manually? (For example, when the IP address changes, the Apache service won't come up.) Well, it's easier than you think, if you have NetWare 6.5.

    17 Dec 2003
    Panda Antivirus and Novell NetWare 6.0 (feature)
    When trying to start PAV.NLM there's always a failure loading Panda Antivirus (missing IPXS.NLM and SPXS.NLM). But you don't have to install the IPX/SPX protocol! Sebastian explains how to do it.

    17 Dec 2003
    Installing the Virtual Office Plugin Manually (tip)
    If you didn't select Virtual Office as a product to install in the initial installation of NetWare 6.5, and then you decide to install it later, here's an important heads up: don't forget you need to install the Virtual Office iManager plugin manually. Here's how you do it.

    16 Dec 2003
    The World According to Matt (feature)
    We are delighted to announce that Matt Asay of Novell's Linux Business Office and Open Source Review Board, has agreed to become a regular columnist for our new Nterprise Linux Services Cool Solutions (aka Linux Cool).

    16 Dec 2003
    Migrating to an Open Source Environment (tip)
    Check out this hefty document from the European Commission which explains how to migrate to an open source environment for office apps. It also includes a spreadsheet that compares the costs of continuing proprietary software versus migrating to OSS over a five year period. (In case you've got bean counters to deal with...)

    16 Dec 2003
    Samba beats Windows (feature)
    Heads Up: Here's an interesting article from VNUNET for you Samba users. Turns out Samba 3 smoked Windows Server 2003.

    9 Dec 2003
    How to Run iFolder 2.1 in Protected Memory (feature)
    By default, iFolder 2.1 Professional Edition does not load its own instance of apache in protected memory on NetWare. If you don't like that, here is how to set up another instance of apache that will be loaded in its own memory address on the server.

    9 Dec 2003
    Updated NetStorage Gadget (tip)
    Have you seen the recently updated NetStorage Gadget for Novell NetWare Webaccess? This Gadget will enable users to access their iFolder account, access mapped network drives processed via login scripts, and access their home directory. In other words, this will make your users worship you.

    9 Dec 2003
    Context for an Enterprise-Wide Standard Install (tip)
    Richard Blake shares his nifty method of setting up workstations with a standard install including an enterprise-wide standard client install, in spite of multiple contexts.

    5 Dec 2003
    Getting Started with Novell AMP Server (feature)
    Here is a splendid introduction to the Novell AMP or Apache MySQL, and PHP, PERL services offered on Novell NetWare. This article is the first in a series that will introduce concepts and skills associated with developing with Novell AMP Server.

    2 Dec 2003
    Stopping the iPrint client from Checking for Updates (tip)
    If you don't like the fact that the iPrint client checks for updates every time the workstation boots up, don't just gnash your teeth. Here's how to make it behave the way you want.

    2 Dec 2003
    Adding a NW6.5 server into your Tree (trench)
    We've heard from a lot of people who want some advice on what to do before introducing new NetWare 6.5 servers into a tree with existing NetWare 5.1 and 6 servers. Here are some ideas, and an OPEN CALL for any other suggestions.

    25 Nov 2003
    Avoiding NetStorage Login Problems (trench)
    Are you having problems logging in to NetStorage? Did you state the wrong hostname/domain/context during install? Can't log in to NSadmin? Change password of the user used when installed NetStorage, and can't login now? Here's an elegant solution from Magnus Ardstrom.

    25 Nov 2003
    Portlock Storage Manager for Linux and NetWare (trench)
    Come find out how our partners at Portlock Software plan to support Novell's Linux strategy. Their beta software for Portlock Storage Manager native on Linux is now available, if you want to take it for a test drive.

    19 Nov 2003
    AppNote: Multiple instances of iFolder on NetWare Configuration Report (appnote)
    This appnote will go into detail on how run multiple instances of iFolder on the same NetWare server. People running Novell Cluster Services (NCS) and people with large deployments of iFolder will benefit from this configuration.

    19 Nov 2003
    Simple File Sharing between NetWare and SUSE Linux Servers (trench)
    Want to familiarize yourself with SUSE Linux and allow simple file sharing amongst your NetWare server and your SUSE Linux Server 9 or Workstation? Here's a good starting point.

    19 Nov 2003
    Veritas Backup Exec 9.1 and OFM (trench)
    Sheila Otte shares an important gotcha. Be aware that when you apply Service Pack 6 (NW 5.1) it has a problem with Veritas Backup Exec and Open Files.

    12 Nov 2003
    AppNote: Installing iFolder Storage (appnote)
    Check out this great new AppNote that explains the business benefits of iFolder, and then tells you how to get it all up and running.

    12 Nov 2003
    AppNote: iFolder Features, Configuration, and Best Practices (appnote)
    Come find out about the new features and improvements in iFolder 2.0 (like recoverable pass phrases, PDA Access, terrific scalability, and Cluster support. And oh, by the way, it runs on Linux...

    12 Nov 2003
    Changing the IP Address (feature)
    Heads Up: This is MUCH easier to do in NetWare 6.5. If you need to change the IP address on your NetWare 6 server, you'll want to know all the places that need to be updated with the change. Here's a handy reference.

    6 Nov 2003
    Increase Login Speed on Citrix Metaframe Servers (trench)
    David Schon explains his elegant solution to the problem of remote users logging into the centralized Citrix Metaframe server at excruciatingly slow speeds.

    6 Nov 2003
    Changing User Data Directory on iFolder 2 (tip)
    The instructions for changing the user data directory in iFolder 1 don't work for iFolder 2. Vincent Krommenhoek tells you how to do it.

    6 Nov 2003
    Virtual Classroom using Virtual Office (trench)
    John Fuge helped a school in Mexico turn the world into a Virtual Classroom.

    30 Oct 2003
    Network Drive Loses Root Directory (tip)
    Rae Duncan encountered a problem where a network drive loses the root directory and shows as being in group only - in WinXP.

    30 Oct 2003
    Rconip: NetWare RCONAG6.NLM Client (feature)
    Have you seen this yet? It's a native Win32 RconJ replacement compatible with RCONAG6.NLM. This Free Tool has received glowing reviews, so if you haven't noticed it yet, it's definitely worth a look. One user called it "the most useful support tool for NetWare Servers since RCONSOLE for IPX!"

    30 Oct 2003
    Copying Files at the Console (trench)
    There are times when you need to copy files at the console. Say, the NIC driver is acting up and a client can't attach. Or maybe the NIC is causing a problem that prevents the GUI from being accessed on NetWare 5.x and 6.x. John Jakus explains how to do it.

    22 Oct 2003
    Deploying iPrint to Workstations Using ZENworks (trench)
    Matt Osburn shows us how he uses ZENworks to deploy iPrint without requiring the cooperation of the users.

    22 Oct 2003
    Success: iFolder in a University (trench)
    At Philadelphia Biblical University they implemented iFolder to cut down on floppy failure, and to save time for the IT staff. Worked great!

    22 Oct 2003
    Users Weren't Connected to Home Drive at Login (trench)
    Joe Squires explains how he solved this problem -- When users would login they were not being connected back to their home drives.

    21 Oct 2003
    Gartner TCO Findings: NetWare 6 Rules (feature)
    The research arm of Gartner recently took a look at a company that's been using Windows NT servers and NetWare 6 servers. Then they did the Total Cost of Ownership math. You'll like how the numbers added up .... if you like NetWare.

    14 Oct 2003
    Clearing a Previous Login off a WinXP Machine (trench)
    Here's a tip about clearing the client32 login dialog box of previously logged-in username on a WinXP box. Pascal Grosset-Grange searched the web for hours for this info, and finally just had to figure it out for himself. Then, happily enough, he took the time to share it with us.

    14 Oct 2003
    NICI Migration with Overlay CD (trench)
    If you would like to migrate from NW5SP6 to NW6SP3 across the wire, and you are using Migration Wizard, check this out. Andreas Troger shares a potential gotcha, and its workaround.

    14 Oct 2003
    Using RSYNC for NetWare Outside of Nterprise Branch Office (trench)
    Michael Ashton-Moore has figured out how to use the open source Rsync NLMs between two NetWare servers with no Nterprise Branch Office involvement. Obviously this is with no Novell support! Worth a look...

    14 Oct 2003
    Success: NetWare Server Runs Like Crazy (trench)
    Ashutosh Dhoundiyal shares the success he's had with his old faithful NetWare 3.1 server -- 9 years of solid performance. Only goes down when the power goes out. Beautiful.

    14 Oct 2003
    Success: NetWare 6.5 Virtual Teams in a School (trench)
    Charles LeClerc has found the new NetWare 6.5 Virtual Teams to be perfect in a school setting. Looks like a winner for teachers, students, and parents alike.

    8 Oct 2003
    NetWare 6.5 Patterned Installation Reference (feature)
    In NetWare 6.5 it is easier to install a server with one of the pre-configured installations, but you do not know what NetWare services/ products are actually installed with one of those pre-configured installations.Novell's Leandra Streicher shares a summary of NetWare 6.5 Pre-configured/ Patterned Installations and Files. This is a great one to print and keep in your Giant Binder of Knowledge.

    8 Oct 2003
    Special Issue: Novell Ships New iManager (feature)
    Novell has released a new version of its Web-based management console, iManager, and you've got to check it out! More than just fixes and patches, Novell iManager 2.0.1 now runs on NetWare and Windows - and it makes customizing the management interface easier than ever.

    8 Oct 2003
    NetWare 6.5 Virtual Office Quick Start Card (trench)
    Are you getting ready to deploy the new NetWare 6.5 Virtual Office to your users? Check out the cool new NetWare 6.5 Virtual Office Quick Start Card by BrainStorm, Inc.

    8 Oct 2003
    Recovering Data when Password was Written in Greek (trench)
    Come see what a couple of readers said about being able to change a password that was originally written in Greek.

    29 Sep 2003
    Mounting CDROM as an NSS Volume (trench)
    Malcolm Fisher was unable to mount CDROM as an NSS Volume within the OS, from the server on the HP Proliant ML370 G2 and G3 models. Here's his workaround.

    29 Sep 2003
    Novell Products in the Public Library (feature)
    Yarra Plenty Regional Libraries, a group of eight public libraries in north-east Melbourne, Australia, has just completed a comprehensive upgrade of its network infrastructure - including NetWare 6, BorderManager 3.7 and ZENworks 4.01 on each library's server and at headquarters, and GroupWise 6.5 centrally. From staff, to public, to beancounters: everyone's happy! (Imagine...)

    29 Sep 2003
    Monitoring your Buffers at a Glance (trench)
    Erik Klausen shares a tip that could help you keep an eye on several counters more efficiently.

    29 Sep 2003
    NetWare 6.5 Tomcat 4 .keystore Utility (tip)
    If the LDAP servers SSL certificate is changed or becomes invalid, Tomcat 4 will fail to load with a "Could not contact LDAP" error on the Logger Screen. Here's a utility to export the Host certificate (from localhost), and place it in sys:/adminsrv/conf/.keystore

    23 Sep 2003
    Create and Mass-delete Home Directories with HOMES 2.15 (trench)
    Heads Up: Here's a cool free tool that's worth a look. This is a utility for creation and deletion of home directories. You can use the program to create new home directories, or use the program for re-creation of the HOME DIRECTORY attribute in eDirectory after a migration and so on. The program can also mass remove home directories.

    23 Sep 2003
    Review of NetWare 6.5 (tip)
    Heads up -- check out this review of NetWare 6.5 from Network World Fusion.

    23 Sep 2003
    Programmatically Checking Time Synchronization (feature)
    If you've ever wanted to check for time synchronization events easily and automatically, here's some excellent advice from Novell engineer Siddharth Jagtiani.

    23 Sep 2003
    Backup Advice from the School of Hard Knocks (trench)
    Providing reliable server backup is one of the cornerstone services you perform for your company, and if you don't attend to it with proper diligence (and paranoia), it can be a career buster for you and your boss. Come see what some experts had to say about backup, and then add your two bits.

    19 Sep 2003
    Configuring iPrint with Web Self-Service (OnDemand) and DeFrame (feature)
    Check out this awesome article that will help you get your users hooked up with iPrint in a quick hurry.

    16 Sep 2003
    IP Address Management Framework: Managing Application IP Address/Port Configurations in NetWare 6.5 (feature)
    The IP Address Management framework is a centralized repository for managing applications' IP address/port associations. Check out this excellent new AppNote that introduces the key features, explains configuration scenarios, and shows the differences between the way it worked in NetWare 6 vs NetWare 6.5.

    16 Sep 2003
    iFolder 2.1 Client (tip)
    Heads up: The iFolder 2.1 Client was recently released. Check it out.

    16 Sep 2003
    Searching Extra Large Trees (trench)
    When performing a directory search in ConsoleOne in a large directory information tree, ConsoleOne only returns the first 2000 objects. Darren Reevell shares two ways around this limitation.

    16 Sep 2003
    Dealing with the Great Blackout of 2003 (tip)
    Novell customers tell us how they coped when the lights went out in mid-August. Come see these stories of grace under pressure, as NetWare and other Novell products took a licking, and kept on ticking. (And see the winners of the five Forever Flashlights.)

    10 Sep 2003
    NetWare 6.5 Installation and Server Consolidation: a Traveler's Companion (feature)
    Glen Davis of Novell's System Test team shares some excellent insight gained during the NetWare 6.5 testing process. This is the kind of thing you should print and have near at hand when you embark on your Install or Server Consolidation. It's sort of a Traveler's Companion noting things you might see on the way, alerting you to the pitfalls, and generally letting you know that you're not crazy when unexpected things happen.

    10 Sep 2003
    Your First NetWare 6.5 / Linux Application - - Immediate Improvement of IT efficiency and effectiveness!! (trench)
    Taking advantage of Novell's open-source vision for deploying web applications on NetWare 6.5 and Linux, GroupLink's HelpDesk lets you create an online support channel for your employees and provide more service without adding staff. Worth a look!

    10 Sep 2003
    Preconfiguring HP Drivers (trench)
    Ian Belton shares a nice little heads up about the HP driver configuration utility that will allow you to tweak the defaults for your LaserJet printers.

    2 Sep 2003
    DOS Nprinter replacement for Pure IP NDPS (trench)
    Have you searched in vain for a replacement for Novell's Nprinter.exe when your network migrated to pure IP? Looking for print servers while short on budget but still having some obsolete workstations lying around? Then read on.

    2 Sep 2003
    ConsoleOne Locks Up on ZfS Objects (tip)
    Aaron Albery recently had a problem with ConsoleOne locking up when trying to access a ZfS enabled object e.g. server, ZfS Sites etc. Here's the workaround.

    2 Sep 2003
    Dumping Your Directory DB Info for Novell to Debug (tip)
    If you ever need to get Novell's help debugging, you will need to create a Directory Information Base (DIB) set using DSRepair and send it to Novell. Here's how you do it.

    26 Aug 2003
    NetWare 6.5 Web Components Part 2: Upgrade (feature)
    In Part 2 of Joe Harmon's new series on NetWare 6.5, we investigate the ins and outs of upgrading, including preparing for a smooth upgrade, performing a remote upgrade, and much more. As always, this has Joe's trademark attention to detail. Definitely a must-read!

    26 Aug 2003
    WatchDISK Disk Space Tracker 3 (tip)
    Here's a nice addition to your arsenal for the never-ending quest to stop your users from hogging all the disk space.

    26 Aug 2003
    Trustee.nlm v 1.10c (feature)
    Heads Up: There's a new public release of the TRUSTEE.NLM that's been tested on NetWare 4.x, 5.x and 6.x servers.

    22 Aug 2003
    Enabling Access to iFolder (feature)
    For many users, iFolder has provided a safe haven for their work. However, the accessibility of iFolder via the Open/Save dialogs of the native environment, the Office productivity suites, and Windows Explorer, needs improvement. This document outlines several methods to improve accessibility to your iFolder in Windows XP, compliments of Trent Badger.

    22 Aug 2003
    Why the Directory Tree Mode parameter in Timesync was Removed (tip)
    As you may have noticed, the "Directory Tree Mode" parameter is not-funtional/missing in Timesync on CSP9 (NetWare 5.1 SP6, NetWare 6.0 SP3 and NetWare 6.5). There's a great reason for that. Here it is.

    22 Aug 2003
    Avoid Truncated Directory Names (tip)
    Setting up users from a workstation and creating long directory names in their home directory using the user template's setup script attribute always results in a truncated directory name. John Mes explains how to avoid that particular annoyance.

    22 Aug 2003
    Using RSYNC to back up to a Hub Backup Server (trench)
    Sam Morris was looking for instructions for using RSYNC without BOMA to back up multiple servers to a hub backup server. He couldn't find them, so he wrote them himself, and shares them here in glorious detail.

    22 Aug 2003
    Speedy Loading of FoxPro Database (tip)
    Al Dullum shares the secret of how he reduced the load time of their FoxPro database from 3 minutes to 15 seconds.

    15 Aug 2003
    NetWare 6.5 Ships! (feature)
    Heads Up!!!!!! NetWare 6.5 has left the building. Don't be the last one to find out about all the fantastic new features in this newest version of Novell's flagship product.

    15 Aug 2003
    Hot off the Forge: VNC for NetWare (feature)
    Looking for a VNC Server NLM for NetWare? Look no further. Russell Cohen explains how they tackled this in the Novell Forge, where to get it, and how you can participate in making it even better.

    15 Aug 2003
    VGadget 2.2 (tip)
    Get a quick status summary of all of the volumes on your 3.x, 4.x, and 5.x NetWare servers with this nifty little tool. Keep your eye on free space, purgable space, and much more.

    6 Aug 2003
    NetWare 6.5 Web Components Part 1: Fresh Install (feature)
    This is the first installment of the long-awaited sequel to Joe Harmon's training series on NetWare 6 Web Infrastructure. Snap on your reading glasses and dig into Part 1: Fresh Install of NetWare 6.5. (Be sure to take the survey so Joe can see how you like it.)

    6 Aug 2003
    Remotely getting a X Window System session from a NetWare server using Cygwin (trench)
    Using Cygwin as an X server for a NetWare box works like a charm: it is fast and there are no refresh problems that I can see. Why use Cygwin? Well -- it is free! In order to get it working do the following.

    6 Aug 2003
    Downing a NetWare Server Gracefully (tip)
    Freshly updated: In some cases you can't bring down a NetWare server by typing the command DOWN and hitting ENTER button, so lots of people resort to (gulp) powering down the server to bring it down. Bad idea. Here's a nifty keystroke combo that will keep you from resorting to such draconian measures.

    28 Jul 2003
    Using RSync on NetWare for Backup (trench)
    Andrew White has been using RSync on NetWare for a while now copying data from remote sites to their main site, so they can backup the data and also to have a secondary real-time copy refreshed every 60 minutes. If you get the timing right, it's quite handy for those file deletion moments students sometimes do....

    28 Jul 2003
    Removing NDS 7 using NWConfig (tip)
    Here's how to remove NDS 7 to 7.5 using NWconfig, in case you forget the administrator password, courtesy of Shyamal Ganguly.

    28 Jul 2003
    Downloading files from the NetWare server using GUI Download Manager (trench)
    Svetlin Petrov had a problem downloading files from the NetWare server using Sun Download Manager 1.1. Here's how he solved it.

    28 Jul 2003
    Making Digital Airlines CD work on VMware (trench)
    The Digital Airlines demo CD was designed to work on a Compaq Server and Compaq NIC. If you'd like to get it to run on VMware, check out this cool idea. (Freshly updated with the .cfg file.)

    23 Jul 2003
    Authenticate Users against iPlanet (trench)
    Scot Putney shares his cool scripts that will authenticate users against a iPlanet Directory, put that password into NDS for that user, and will also enable iFolder for that user. Smooth!

    23 Jul 2003
    Installing iFolder 2.1 on Active Directory (trench)
    When installing iFolder 2.1 on Active Directory, you may experience a setup error. The culprit? Password Policies. Michael Barrow tells all.

    23 Jul 2003
    Fixing Problems with DOS Partition after Server Reboot (trench)
    With NetWare 5.1 running on a HP Proliant G2/G3, built with SmartStart 6.x, the DOS partition is sometimes inaccessible and the server will not boot. Malcolm Fisher sleuthed out the problem, and offers his solution.

    23 Jul 2003
    Using NTPQ to Monitor NTP Synchronization (trench)
    Siddharth Jagtiani explains how to use the utility ntpq to keep an eye on your time synchronization. Nice one!

    16 Jul 2003
    How to connect to MySQL using the NPS query gadget (trench)
    Consultant Robert Strasser was configuring the NPS query gadget for a client and thought he would pass on the how-to tip. Now that's what we're talking about. Do it, share it with Cool Solutions, make the world a better place. Thanks, Robert!

    16 Jul 2003
    The Mystery of the Frozen PCs (trench)
    Anything they did on Windows Explorer, or any kind of browsing, locked numerous PC's on login-script-mapped Novell drives. The mystery drove them crazy. Chad Brown reveals the culprit.

    16 Jul 2003
    How to Redirect the Output to File on the NetWare Console (tip)
    Rajeev Sharma shares two parameters that will redirect the output to file.

    10 Jul 2003
    Your First Class Seat Awaits You! (tip)
    The NetWare 6.5 First Class Technical Training is coming to your area. It is a public technical training course taught by Novell Training Services. The NetWare 6.5 First Class will show you the components that make up NetWare 6.5 and how these components can be implemented to solve your business challenges. Register today!

    10 Jul 2003
    How to mount .ISO images as NetWare volume (tip)
    If you have an .ISO image you would like to mount as a volume on your NetWare 6 server here's how you do it.

    10 Jul 2003
    Installation of Open Watcom 1.0 and the NDK to create NLM's (trench)
    Wondering how to install Open Watcom 1.0 to program NetWare NLM's? Bjoern Gaul found the manual for original Watcom was a little lacking, so he's supplied the instructions here. (This is the beautiful thing about open source. It's all about sharing, and improving, and re-sharing. Kind of like Cool Solutions...)

    10 Jul 2003
    Changing IP address after using Migration Wizard (tip)
    Alan Coutts shares another thought about changing the IP address after using Migration Wizard to upgrade to new hardware.

    30 Jun 2003
    Easy Way to Discover Java Version (feature)
    Looking for a programmatic way to check which version of JAVA.NLM you are running? Rajeev Sharma shares a great little tip.

    25 Jun 2003
    NetWare Services for Linux (feature)
    Heads Up: have you heard about the new Nterprise Linux Services? For years we have been developing great networking services that sit on top of the NetWare kernel. We're now offering these same services on a Linux kernel too. Get the scoops, and sign up to be a beta tester.

    25 Jun 2003
    Making Wholesale Changes in the Labs (trench)
    Donald Mundrick needed to change the tree name and context on over a thousand computers. Here's how he did it.

    25 Jun 2003
    Update: Running NetWare 6 Under VMware Workstation for Windows (feature)
    Freshly updated: Novell's Roger Foss went to the work of setting NetWare 6 up with VMware. Learn what he did (without putting in the overtime).

    25 Jun 2003
    Ideas for iPrint Maps (trench)
    Have you made a cool iPrint map? Do your endusers trot off to the nearest printer with a smile on their face because you made it so darned easy and fun to find it? We'd love to hear from you. Share the snazzy iPrint maps you've created and we'll send you an equally snazzy Novell t-shirt and a whopping heap of bragging rights.

    25 Jun 2003
    Manually Correcting Registry Settings on a NetWare 6 Server (feature)
    If you ever have a problem with registry settings not getting set correctly, or if they ever get corrupted during the installation of NetStorage or ZfD 4 on a NetWare 6 server, this one's for you.

    18 Jun 2003
    Using DirXperts to achieve LDAP-based Contextless Login (trench)
    Marcel Cox shares some hidden capabilities of this popular free tool. Using REGMON and Ethereal, he was able to figure out the hidden options of LGNCXW32.DLL, and shares what he found in this cool article.

    12 Jun 2003
    Install Service Pack First (tip)
    Here's a good reason to install the Service Pack on a newly built server before configuring everything on it.

    12 Jun 2003
    Failing the NAV Master Server from one node to another on a NetWare Cluster (trench)
    If you are running Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) on a clustered NetWare system, you don't have any native way to fail the NAV Master Server from one node to another. Jack Turner explains how to do it in this nicely detailed article.

    12 Jun 2003
    Finding a File Quickly Using NetWare Web Search (feature)
    Peter Clemons, one of the NetWare Web Search engineers, explains a little-known trick that can help you search with blazing speed.

    6 Jun 2003
    Configuring Your iPrint Maps (feature)
    Come get all the details about how to create an iPrint Map, and get started on the (sometimes slippery) path of workplace creativity and personal fulfillment.

    6 Jun 2003
    Gotcha when Creating Login Script Batch Files (feature)
    Batch files can be trickier than they look. Jarrod shares a gotcha he found the hard way.

    6 Jun 2003
    Modifying the NetWare Registry through NetWare Remote Manager (feature)
    Would you like to edit NetWare registry settings graphically? Here's how you set things up so you can edit the registry via NetWare Remote Manager (NRM). Thanks once again to frequent contributor Greg Leong!

    6 Jun 2003
    Set CD Jumper Properly to Mount ISO CD (tip)
    tIf you run into problems mounting your ISO CD, take a look at this little tip from Alex Trappenberg.

    29 May 2003
    NetWare Systray Utility 1.05 (trench)
    Heads Up: Here's a very slick way to clear away some clutter from your desktop. This little freebie consolidates a lot of your most important NetWare Tools, Support Links and Resources into one tidy click. Check it out.

    29 May 2003
    Speeding up the Uploading of Large Files to NetStorage (tip)
    If you have found that uploading large files is too slow through the NetStorage HTML interface on a NetWare 6 server, here's a cool trick to speed things up.

    29 May 2003
    Download NetWare 6.5 to fix DHCP Related IP Address Issues (tip)
    Caleb Squires had problems with IP addresses changing when running a NetWare 6 Server off a DSL Connection. The answer? Upgrade to NetWare 6.5. Here's why.

    29 May 2003
    In the Works: NetWare 6.5 Web Component Series (tip)
    Joe Harmon's series on NetWare 6.0 Web Infrastructure is done and he's moved on to a new series on NetWare 6.5. Come see what he's got planned.

    20 May 2003
    Editing Login Script Drive Mappings Displayed through NetStorage (tip)
    Do you want to change the Login Script drive mappings that are displayed through the NetStorage interfaces (i.e. DriveJ@public)? Greg Leong tells you how.

    20 May 2003
    Eliminate the Windows XP Dual-Login Issue (tip)
    Rob Callbeck shares a great idea to keep your users from having to login twice from XP workstations in a NetWare-only environment.

    20 May 2003
    Problem with NetWare 6 DHCP (tip)
    Trevor Smith explains how to deal with abend problems involving clustered NetWare Servers and DHCP.

    20 May 2003
    Resetting Daylight Savings Mode (tip)
    If you find that Daylight Savings Time mode isn't working after you apply SP5, you'll appreciate this little tip from Brett Williams.

    16 May 2003
    Taking a coredump on Nterprise Branch Office 1.0 Servers (feature)
    If you need to take a coredump on your Nterprise Branch Office 1.0 server you'll find that the DOS partition image size is roughly 50 meg -- way too small to hold diagnostic coredumps. Here's what you do.

    16 May 2003
    Workaround for Compaq DHCP Problem (tip)
    After upgrading to NetWare 6, Alex's Compaq servers stopped handing out DHCP addresses. After three agonizing days, Alex solved it, and in a fit of altruism, shares the workaround here. Updated with a new suggestion.

    16 May 2003
    Apache 2.0: All New and Engineered for the NetWare Environment (feature)
    Don't miss this outstanding AppNote by Novell's Brad Nicholes. It summarizes what's new in Apache 2.0 and explains why you, as a NetWare web services administrator, should consider the upgrade.

    16 May 2003
    Emergency Admin (tip)
    Here's a nice freebie for your bag of tricks. It allows you to create a user with Supervisor rights to any container in your tree, including root.

    16 May 2003
    NetWare 6.0 Web Infrastructure Part 1: Installation (feature)
    This multi-part series will help you understand the complexity of Web Infrastructure on NetWare 6.0. In essence, you will see how to integrate Basic Web Infrastructure (Web products) into Extended Web Infrastructure (solutions). Part 1 addresses Installation.

    8 May 2003
    iFolder Wins 2003 Codie Award (tip)
    Woo hoo! Novell iFolder Professional Edition 2 just won a 2003 Codie Award for Best Storage Software. Get the scoops here.

    8 May 2003
    Getting Upgrades for Alexander LAN (tip)
    Heads Up: Did you know that you can no longer purchase Alexander LAN SPK from Novell? You need to go directly to Alexander LAN for upgrades and support. Here's the official letter from the folks at Alexander LAN, Inc.

    8 May 2003
    Creating a NetWare 6 Cluster in VMware 3.0 (trench)
    Rob Bastiaansen has set up a 2-machine NetWare 6 cluster -- on his laptop! Sounds like a cool way to learn, demo, or even teach about NetWare 6 and clustering.

    30 Apr 2003
    NAMP on NetWare 6 (feature)
    Here's a wonderful deployment guide for Apache, MySQL and PHP on NetWare 6 (aka NAMP). This PDF guide explains how to configure Apache, how to install PHP and MySQL, and offers a sample application.

    30 Apr 2003
    Contextless Login Fix for NT4/2000 (tip)
    This is a solution though for those of you that are trying to get contextless logins to work without having to set up the catalog.

    30 Apr 2003
    Clustering NetWare 6 Production Servers without Losing Data (tip)
    When clustering servers with "production" data, how do you cluster them without risking loss of data? Michael Taylor shares a neat trick.

    30 Apr 2003
    Change how Home Directories are Displayed in NetStorage (tip)
    Have you ever wanted to change how home directories are displayed through the Netstorage interfaces? If you want to reference home directories with a different word or in a language other than English, check out this cool tip.

    30 Apr 2003
    Use Broadcast Command to Save Data in Emergencies (trench)
    Here's a quick and reliable way to get the word out to your NetWare server users if there's an emergency and they need to log out and run away.

    30 Apr 2003
    AdRem NetCrunch 2.3 (trench)
    Looking for great network maps and alert to prevent server downtime? Check out this newly updated shareware tool

    22 Apr 2003
    NetWare 6.0 Web Infrastructure Part 8: Tomcat (feature)
    Don't miss Part 8 of Joe Harmon's amazing series about NetWare 6.0 web capabilities. In this episode, you'll explore the ins and outs of how Apache and Tomcat integrate. Get some toner in your printer: you're going to want this in hardcopy...

    22 Apr 2003
    Avoid Ctrl-Alt-Del on Login (tip)
    If your users are annoyed by the ctrl-alt-del they face when they login to the Client, here's a tip for you, updated with some new suggestions.

    22 Apr 2003
    Careful how you use the Migration Wizard (tip)
    This is probably common knowledge, but worth mentioning. This can save you a lot of work, especially if you have many users or other objects.

    22 Apr 2003
    Forcing Gateway P-4 Bootup to Novell Login (tip)
    Bill Cordiero shares a workaround for a problem he encounters from time to time. He's found that when using Gateway P-4 boxes, sometimes when booting, there is no Novell Logon screen.

    22 Apr 2003
    Accessing your iFolder files with NetStorage Interfaces (tip)
    Would you like to access your iFolder files through the NetStorage interfaces? Here's how.

    17 Apr 2003
    Post NetWare 5.1 Support Pack 5 Updates (feature)
    If you're a bit confused about Novell patches, you're not alone. Support gets a lot of questions from people wondering which patches should be included in routine maintenance, why there are patches that don't appear on the Minimum Patch list, and other mysteries. Premium Support Engineer David Stagg sets out the whole story in terrific detail. Don't miss this one.

    17 Apr 2003
    Installing the First NW6 Server in a Mixed Tree - The Long Version (tip)
    Looking for advice about installing the first NetWare 6 server in a mixed tree? Here are some great tips from Novell's Winston Castle, updated with lots more detail.

    17 Apr 2003
    NwDsk: NetWare Boot Disk (tip)
    Ever wanted to log on to your network and get files? And all this in DOS? Here's the solution -- a free NetWare Boot Disk called NWDSK.

    9 Apr 2003
    NetWare 6.0 Web Infrastructure Part 7: Apache Web Server Installation and Deployment Considerations (feature)
    In Part 7 of his wildly popular series, Joe digs deeper into the intricacies of Intranet Only, Extranet Only, and combined Intranet/Extranet deployment. This just keeps getting better and better...

    9 Apr 2003
    Customizing Nterprise Branch Office (NBO) Content to Fit Your Company (feature)
    Novell's Pete Raumann lays out in marvelous detail how to remove the pre-canned Configure My Printers page and insert a new home page and printer page. This document requires a basic level of HTML knowledge.

    9 Apr 2003
    The Server Consolidation Utility 2.0 JUST SHIPPED! (tip)
    It's new and it's improved, and now the Server Consolidation Utility copies files between Trees! Don't be the last one on your block to get it.

    9 Apr 2003
    Avoid Abend when running TNG across Cluster Nodes (tip)
    Trevor Smith shares a secret he learned the hard way: reading piles of books. Here's the Reader's Digest version.

    31 Mar 2003
    IP - IPX Boot Disk 1.7 (trench)
    This free boot disk has already received rave reviews during its brief sojourn over in the Free Tools area, and we thought you'd like to take a look at it. Readers have been calling it "One of the most simple to use and complete NetWare boot disks around," and "Hands down the best boot disk yet." See for yourself.

    31 Mar 2003
    Configuring Novell iPrint on NetWare 6 (feature)
    With Novell iPrint, users have an identical experience with all types of printers, whether local or on the Internet. Users can download drivers for each printer easily, with minimal user intervention. (Imagine a new employee installing all needed printers with only a few mouse clicks and no administrative assistance!) Here's how to set up this cool service.

    19 Mar 2003
    Scan one or more NetWare directories for Trustees (tip)
    Heads Up: Don't miss this cool Free Tool. TrstRpt allows you to scan one or more NetWare directories for trustees. You can scan for directory trustees, for file trustees, or for both.

    17 Mar 2003
    Giving Users Easier Access to iFolder with VirtualHost (tip)
    Lupe Silva shares a nice tip for making it easier for your endusers to find their iFolder.

    17 Mar 2003
    Patching IE6 disables iFolder (tip)
    Did you know that if you install the latest patch for Internet Explorer 6 you can't login into iFolder from your browser? Matt Boell shares the solution.

    17 Mar 2003
    Speeding iFolder Performance in Large Tree (tip)
    Jaco Burger explains a nifty trick to improve performance in those huge trees with, say, more than 20,000 objects.

    17 Mar 2003
    Installing iFolder (feature)
    Joe Harmon is part of Novell's Web Services Support team. This material is adapted from some excellent training sessions he recently presented here at Novell.

    11 Mar 2003
    NAAS Update for NW6 SP1 or SP2 Servers (feature)
    Don't miss this new patch for Novell Advanced Auditing Services (NAAS) for NetWare 6 SP1 or SP2. All the fixes in the patch will be in NetWare 6 SP3, but until that blessed event, here you go.

    11 Mar 2003
    Mac OS X version of RconsoleJ (trench)
    For Mac lovers who would rather administer their NetWare boxes from Apple's Mac OS X, this is your lucky day. Jeffrey Sessler has managed to get Novell's Java-based remote server console "RConsoleJ" running on Mac OS X, and shares it here.

    11 Mar 2003
    Moving the Organizational Certificate Authority from NW5.1 to NW6 (feature)
    Kyle Hussey details the stepsrequired when you move the Organizational CA from a NetWare 5.1 server to an existing Netware 6 server.

    4 Mar 2003
    Get McAfee Superdat Files without SecureCast (trench)
    Here's another way of getting superdat files from McAfee, now that McAfee does not support SecureCast any more, and you have to get the superdat files yourself.

    4 Mar 2003
    All About Nterprise Branch Office (tip)
    Come get the scoop on Novell Nterprise Branch Office in this new article from Novell Connection Magazine.

    4 Mar 2003
    Easy Search and Replace for Login Scripts (trench)
    If you are looking for a way to either search or search and replace login scripts for users, organization containers, org units, templates, and profiles in NDS, you should take a look at this new free tool. Very useful for big migration projects like NetWare 5 to NetWare 6.

    4 Mar 2003
    Command Line switches for the NDPS Manager (tip)
    Here's one for the great binder of knowledge. This is a list of all the command line switches that have been implemented into the NDPS Manager. (NetWare 5.1 and NetWare 6)

    4 Mar 2003
    Synchronize Files Among NetWare Servers with Sync Center (trench)
    From the Hungarian Consulting team comes this nifty tool that's worth a look if you need to keep the files and directories on your servers synchronized with each other. It's not free, but could be just what you're looking for.

    24 Feb 2003
    Upgrading from NetWare 5.0 to NetWare 6: Field Notes (feature)
    Here are some very useful notes from Daren Roberts, a Novell Consultant in New Zealand, that just might save you a lot of time (and grief) when you upgrade to NetWare 6. Thanks, Daren!

    24 Feb 2003
    NetWare 6.0 Web Infrastructure Part 4: NetWare Web Access Configuration (feature)
    Here is Part 4 of Joe Harmon's outstanding training series on NetWare 6 Web Infrastructure. This one explains the ins and outs of NetWare Web Access Configuration.

    24 Feb 2003
    Fixing the Disappearing Screensaver (tip)
    After performing a backup (Arcserve 7) Alex lost the screensaver from the server console. Here's his fix.

    24 Feb 2003
    Client Login Tips (tip)
    Here are a couple of nice tips to keep in mind in case you run into Client Login problems.

    20 Feb 2003
    Cool Tool: New and Improved Big Red NetWare Clock (trench)
    For those of you who can't stand to wear a watch, this is perfect. The Big Red NetWare Clock is an NLM that displays a large clock on the NetWare server console. You can toggle between 24-hour and 12-hour format, adjust the colour (if you can't take all that red...) and now use it as a screensaver.

    18 Feb 2003
    NetWare 6.0 Web Infrastructure Part 3: Increasing the Amount of RAM that Tomcat Can Use (feature)
    Here's the third installment of Joe Harmon's training series on how to integrate Basic Web Infrastructure (Web products) into Extended Web Infrastructure (solutions). Come find out exactly how to increase the amount of RAM available to Tomcat.

    18 Feb 2003
    Pay for Print for Wireless Users (tip)
    Paul Glenn figured out a cool way to allow the wireless users at the University of Kentucky to print though the pay-for-print system.

    13 Feb 2003
    iFolder for Micro Businesses (tip)
    Small businesses can use iFolder for an inexpensive and reliable backup solution, and they don't have to remember to switch tapes or anything. Slick for a busy small business owner.

    13 Feb 2003
    Boosting iFolder Access through Reverse Proxy (tip)
    If you're getting sluggish performance when you access iFolder through BorderManager or iChain reverse proxy, this nifty tip will do the trick. Thanks Nathan!

    13 Feb 2003
    Adding Multiple Users to iFolder Professional 2 for a Staged Roll-out (trench)
    If you need to muscle a lot of users into iFolder 2.0, take a look at how David Guest did it before you reinvent the wheel.

    13 Feb 2003
    Using NetDrive in University Computer Labs (trench)
    Jay Lee explains why they think NetDrive is the best solution for public computers. He shares how he configured NetDrive in the University computer labs for students and teachers.

    13 Feb 2003
    Installing iFolder 2.0 on a NetWare 5.1 Server (tip)
    We've had several letters from people wanting to know how to put iFolder 2 on a NetWare 5.x server. Here's the answer.

    11 Feb 2003
    Setting up Apache on NetWare 6 as a Proxy Server (feature)
    Novell's David Chenworth explains in glorious detail how to make your Apache web server function as a proxy server, and how to configure your workstations to work with the proxy server. Don't miss this: it's a keeper.

    11 Feb 2003
    NetWare 6.0 Web Infrastructure Part 2: Deployment (feature)
    Here's Part II of Joe Harmon's Web Infrastructure training. This multi-part series will help you understand the complexity of Web Infrastructure on NetWare 6.0. Part II addresses Deployment.

    11 Feb 2003
    Java-Based NetWare FTP Command Line Utilities 1.6 (feature)
    Check out these freshly updated Java-based NetWare-to-NetWare FTP-based utilities capable of single file, single directory or single directory tree FTP operations. They're free to a good home by the good grace of the generous Marc Savereux.

    11 Feb 2003
    Contextless Login Bug and Workaround (tip)
    Mark Saunders shares a workaround that helped him fix a problem with Contextless Login.

    11 Feb 2003
    CA Brightstor ARCserve 9 for NetWare 6 outperforms ARCserve 7 (feature)
    Come see the results of the recent Key Labs performance comparison of ARCserve 7 and ARCserve 9 on NetWare 6. Bottom line: ARCserve 9 showed a remarkable increase in performance. Also, don't miss the info about the special rebate. This could be your lucky day.

    3 Feb 2003
    Preventing Nasty Broadcast Messages (tip)
    Here's how Daren Petersen keeps the students at his school from using the red N to send nasty-grams to everyone.

    3 Feb 2003
    Resetting Login for the Morning After (tip)
    Stop those "morning after" phone calls. Here's a handy trick for all the sys admins who login to someone else's computer to fix it, and then (ahem) forget to reset the login.

    3 Feb 2003
    Industry Coverage about Native File Access (tip)
    Check out this nice review of Native File Access in a recent Tech Republic.

    28 Jan 2003
    Thawing the Win2K Freeze (trench)
    R.B.Woods updates his article about how to fix the slow performance of Win2K workstations.

    28 Jan 2003
    Silent Install for iPrint Client (tip)
    For all those who dreamed of a way to get the iPrint client to silent install, this is for you!

    28 Jan 2003
    Set NDPS for Immediate Purge (tip)
    Aaron Jacob vouches for Immediate Purge to manage the buildup of useless stuff in NDPS.

    28 Jan 2003
    Interrupting ARCserve (tip)
    Come see how Dave Calhoun solved a problem with ARCserve hanging on a NetWare server while running a job.

    21 Jan 2003
    Connecting to NetWare 5.x Server via TCP/IP & SLP with DOS boot disk (trench)
    Denny Hopkins explains how he created a boot disk that would allow the support team to re-image machines from images stored on their NetWare 5.1 servers over TCP/IP & SLP. Nice detailed info.

    21 Jan 2003
    Migrating Print Queues during Server Migration (tip)
    Charles Leclerc shares a quick tip on how to migrate standard print queues when doing a manual server migration (does not apply for NDPS).

    14 Jan 2003
    Moving iFolder objects to Another Container (feature)
    Heads up: If you ever need to move iFolder objects to a different container, you'll need to follow these steps. (You can't use the usual administration tools, like ConsoleOne, so don't even try it...)

    14 Jan 2003
    Keep Your IE Favorites the Same (tip)
    One of the cool things you can do with iFolder is to keep your Internet Explorer Favorites in synch, so no matter where you go, your bookmarked urls follow you. Here's how.

    14 Jan 2003
    Backup Netscape Mail Automatically (tip)
    Here's another cool use of iFolder, from a Netscape mail user.

    14 Jan 2003
    Install iFolder Client to Make NetDrive Work (tip)
    Nathalie Romero learned this the hard way: you need to first install the iFolder client for NetDrive to work on a Windows 2000, Citrix MetaFrame server.

    14 Jan 2003
    Clustering iFolder (tip)
    Users have found there are some great advantages to using iFolder in a cluster. Here are a couple of examples.

    14 Jan 2003
    Don't use Groups to manage iFolder (tip)
    Here's a piece of advice from the school of hard knocks.

    13 Jan 2003
    Managing Jobs for NDPS printers (tip)
    Lukasz Lenart shares his method of giving users a simple way to manage jobs on NDPS Printers.

    13 Jan 2003
    Adding Trustee Rights To Many Files (tip)
    Adding trustee rights on a large number of individual files and directories takes a long time and is hard to manage. Roger Dills vouches for the new TRUSTEE.NLM.

    13 Jan 2003
    Running NNTP Java App on NetWare 6 (tip)
    Michael Enevold needed an easy solution for setting up and running an NNTP server. Here's what he came up with.

    13 Jan 2003
    Capture LPT Ports for NDPS Printing (tip)
    Here's a better way to capture LPT ports and print to NDPS printers.

    19 Dec 2002
    Controlling Disk Space on Server (tip)
    Charles Hucks shares his method of finding huge files that are clogging up the server.

    19 Dec 2002
    Changing IP Address/Server Name on Multiple NW6 servers (tip)
    If you're contemplating a large-scale hardware upgrade, don't miss this great idea for creating a NetWare 6 image that will go on your new DS Master servers.

    19 Dec 2002
    Restricting Viewable Drives in NetStorage (trench)
    Chris Bailey shares a great idea for securing NetStorage. Here's a simple alteration to their login scripts that determine where the staff member is logging in from -- school or NetStorage.

    19 Dec 2002
    Portlock Storage Manager and NetWare (feature)
    Heads Up: if you are planning to migrate to a new storage device, you may want to take a look at Portlock Storage Manager, from our partners at Portlock Software. It allows easy server recovery and migration from local disks to other media.

    19 Dec 2002
    Extreme Network Security from Blue Lance (feature)
    Network security is one of the most critical jobs of the corporate IT department. If you're on the team that worries about security, you should take a look at this Novell partner, Blue Lance, Inc. Their LT Auditor+ auditing product is quietly providing rock solid security to businesses like banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions with extreme security issues.

    4 Dec 2002
    Synching your iPaq (tip)
    Kai Reichert shares a tip on how to keep files on your iPaq synched to all desktops via iFolder.

    4 Dec 2002
    Get Quick Download of VPN Software (tip)
    Mitchell explains how he used iFolder to enable executives to get VPN on their home machines in record time.

    4 Dec 2002
    Create a Hard Link to Files (tip)
    Humzah shares a method of creating a symbolic/hard link to the file or folder using ln.exe.

    7 Nov 2002
    Why Use NetDrive? (tip)
    A lot of new users have been wondering what NetDrive is, and if there's any advantage to using it over a browser to access files. Here's the scoop.

    7 Nov 2002
    Keeping Teaching Materials at your Fingertips (tip)
    A college professor explains how he uses iFolder to keep class rosters, grades, notes, and everything else handy.

    7 Nov 2002
    Synching Outlook Express Files (tip)
    Charlie Kubly explains how he uses iFolder to keep his Outlook Express files the same on my home and work computer.

    7 Nov 2002
    Accessing iFolder with NAT (tip)
    This is not new, but judging by the number of questions it's generated on the support forums it deserves more publicity.

    7 Nov 2002
    Sharing Files with Consultants (tip)
    If your company works with outside consultants a lot, you know that sharing secure documents and keeping them synched up is a serious issue. See how iFolder has helped these guys create a good place to collaborate with outsiders.

    9 Oct 2002
    Store Exchange PST Files (tip)
    Ever forget to backup your Exchange PST files? iFolder can help.

    9 Oct 2002
    iFolder Fault Tolerance (tip)
    Here's a nifty way to have iFolder Fault Tolerance. Great idea!

    9 Oct 2002
    Work from Home with iFolder (tip)
    Chris loves iFolder because it lets him work more efficiently from home.

    9 Oct 2002
    LDAP Syntax (tip)
    Bruce Jones shares a syntax gotcha that could be hanging you up. Check it out.

    9 Oct 2002
    If the Internet Won't Let you Login (feature)
    If you're having trouble logging in to iFolder via the Internet (at home, or on the road), and are baffled because you're able to login to it at work via the LAN just fine, listen up.

    9 Oct 2002
    Novell iFolder Professional Edition 2.0 (feature)
    Don't miss the new article in Novell Connection magazine that lays out the advantages offered by Professional Edition 2.0. It's just right for showing your bosses to help convince them to buy it.

    4 Sep 2002
    Stash your Travel Papers in iFolder (tip)
    This has the unmistakable ring of truth. Looks like Marcus has been there, done that, and doesn't ever want to do it without iFolder again.

    4 Sep 2002
    Goodbye GroupWise Remote - Hello iFolder (tip)
    Here's an ingenious way to couple GroupWise Document Management with iFolder. Thanks to Stuart Gunnis for this time saver!

    4 Sep 2002
    Modifying iFolder LDAP settings and Admin accounts on an IIS server (feature)
    On the IIS server all settings defined during the installation of iFolder for the LDAP server and Admin users are stored in the system registry. If you would like to modify these settings, here's a list of the ones you can change. (Not for the faint of heart...)

    4 Sep 2002
    Configuring iFolder on a Clustered Volume (feature)
    If you've got a Clustered Volume in place and would like to add iFolder to the mix, here's how to do it.

    3 Sep 2002
    Configuring iPrint Auto-Client Update (trench)
    To prompt or not to prompt? There's a configuration setting in the iprint.ini file that allows you to prompt (or not) users before updated iPrint client software is installed on their workstation. Get the details here.

    3 Sep 2002
    iFolder Helpers (tip)
    If you're running iFolder (or plan to) here are a couple of resources that you can access post install. One contains the Quick Start guide and other important info and the other lets you manage your users' iFolder accounts.

    3 Sep 2002
    NetWare 6 Ports Matrix (tip)
    If you're setting up an app on NetWare 6 that requires an IP port, this matrix will keep you from bumping another service off the radar.

    3 Sep 2002
    Mimimize Your Network Traffic by Turning RIP Off for TCP/IP (tip)
    Here's a nice explanation of how to turn off RIP and reduce overhead on the CPU and on the wire. Tuck this into your optimization bag of tricks.

    30 Aug 2002
    Open File Manager: v8.1 for NetWare 6 Now Available (feature)
    St Bernard Software has just began shipping their "Open File Manager" backup software for NetWare 6. Get the lowdown, and the free-trial download, here.

    30 Aug 2002
    Installing the NetWare Client for the Visually Impaired (tip)
    If you have special situations in your workplace that require the Novell Client be configured for the visually impaired, here's how.

    30 Aug 2002
    Fix for Users Who are Consuming Two Licenses Per Connection (tip)
    If you've noticed that your users are consuming two licenses when they log into your NetWare 6 server (but you aren't getting twice the work out of them) here's a fix.

    30 Aug 2002
    Advice for Upgrading Apache on NetWare 6 (tip)
    We've had a lot of readers ask us how, when, and where they can upgrade the Apache software that comes with NetWare 6 -- just 'cause they can. Senior software engineer Brad Nicholes shares some guidelines.

    26 Aug 2002
    Support Pack 2 NSS Modules Available for NetWare 6 (tip)
    If you've applied -- or are thinking about applying -- Support Pack 2 to your NetWare 6 servers, here are some newly-released modules for Novell Storage Services.

    26 Aug 2002
    Putting AdRem's Server Manager to the Test (feature)
    If you've ever wondered what a Server Management software package could do for you, wonder no more. Jeff Hughes installed a copy of AdRem's Server Manager 4.0 and logged his report here.

    26 Aug 2002
    Reinstalling Novell Advanced Audit Services (tip)
    Sometimes the best way to get a troubled install to work is uninstall and start from a clean slate. Here are the step-by-steps for uninstalling Novell Advanced Audit Services (NAAS) should you be faced with an install that won't.

    22 Aug 2002
    Hot Summary Statistics (feature)
    When Laura Chappell says a product is hot, we listen. Read how Laura uses the Summary Statistics window in Wild Packets' EtherPeek analyzer in this Novell Connection article.

    22 Aug 2002
    Auditing Who and How Much Your Printers are Printing (tip)
    Here's a tip that'll walk you through setting up auditing on your NDPS printers so you can put a finger on the pulse of your company's printing needs.

    22 Aug 2002
    RCONAG6.NLM for Servers Running NW6SP2 (tip)
    Here's a download, courtesy of the deep thinkers in Novell Technical Services, that'll fix a bit of a security issue if you use RConsoleJ with NetWare 6 SP2.

    21 Aug 2002
    Writing Start-up Code for NLMs (feature)
    Russell Bateman details how to get your NLMs up and running with your very own start-up code. Since Russell wrote the original NetWare start-up code, we figured this source to be one of our more credible.

    21 Aug 2002
    Help Viewing Help (tip)
    Heads Up: the documentation department told us that some people are getting an error when they go to view the online Help in Novell products. Let us know if this has happened to you, and get the fix here.

    12 Aug 2002
    Just Released: Novell NetWare Server Consolidation Utility (feature)
    How would you like to move volumes and directories from one NetWare server to another, with their eDirectory rights intact? Here's a very cool utility, just released by Novell, that allows you do to just that. Check it out!

    12 Aug 2002
    Using PKIDiag to Detect and Repair Certificate Problems (trench)
    Ever run into problems creating or using existing SSL Certificates? Andreas Bach shows you how to diagnose and repair these critical problems using a gem of a tool he's come across.

    12 Aug 2002
    Track and Graph Storage Services Stats with TrendNSS (trench)
    Here's a nifty add-on, just released by James Drews, that allows you to hook into Novell Storage Services and track trending statistics like CPU Utilization, Disk IO, LAN IO, and more. Did we mention that James is giving this one away for free?

    12 Aug 2002
    Green (and other colored) Book Standards for NetWare (tip)
    Green Book, Red Book, Blue Book, ...huh? Bone up on your knowledge of the infamous Rainbow series of trusted computer security documents, published by the US Government. Then you'll be able to brag to your friends that NetWare 6 complies with Green Book standards for document shredding!

    12 Aug 2002
    Novell's New Security Alerts Policy (feature)
    In light of increased customer interest in Internet-related security and the migration of Novell's products to the Internet Protocol, Novell is taking steps to better inform our customers and partners about security alerts.

    8 Aug 2002
    Beware of the & in Passwords (tip)
    Scott Villinski shares a password gotcha.

    8 Aug 2002
    Setting up Apache to listen on a Public and Private IP Address on NetWare 6 (feature)
    On NetWare 6 there are two instances of Apache. One runs the Web Manager and one runs iFolder. This article covers both configurations.

    8 Aug 2002
    iFolder Client Install Problem (tip)
    Mark explains why it's so important to have "My Documents" pointing to your hard drive when you're installing iFolder.

    8 Aug 2002
    Work on Your Website Using iFolder (tip)
    Here's a nice use for iFolder: keep web page files sync'd between the people who maintain your web site.

    8 Aug 2002
    Abend Fix (tip)
    Ian's iFolder server kept hard rebooting until he discovered this nice little trick.

    8 Aug 2002
    Why iFolder Might Fail to Load after installing GroupWise 6 (tip)
    Some people are finding that a perfectly good iFolder client has a problem after they install GroupWise 6. Here's why.

    5 Aug 2002
    NetWare 6 Tuning Tips (tip)
    If you don't have a lot of faith in the self-tuning features of NetWare 6, here's a tip or two that might help you squeeze some extra horsepower out of your servers (or at least help you appreciate the self-tuning functionality).

    5 Aug 2002
    Speeding Up the NetWare 6 Migration Wizard (trench)
    Jason Hite has devised a way to cut the time it takes to upgrade to NetWare 6 using the Migration Wizard. Get his formula -- and an update from Kristie McCusker -- here.

    5 Aug 2002
    iFolder Professional Edition 2.0 Licensing Change (feature)
    Upgrade protection is becoming a better and better deal. iFolder Professional Edition 2.0 has just been added to the list of reasons to re-up for this valuable service.

    5 Aug 2002
    Configuring Your Cluster to Send eMail Event Notifications (tip)
    Here's a tip to help you set up your Novell Cluster Services to keep you in the loop. Take these steps and you can have your cluster email you whenever it's taking care of an event (like a fail-over) that you really want to know about.

    29 Jul 2002
    Client Upgrades: Quelling User Prompts (tip)
    Here's a tip from Mark Schouls that will keep those pesky prompts from popping up while you upgrade the NetWare Clients on your user's machines. Give it a try.

    29 Jul 2002
    Configuring Your IP Print Solution (trench)
    If you're taking steps to move your network away from IPX , here's a tip from Jason Langdon. He went with an LPD (Line Printer Daemon) client and learned a thing or two about configuration along the way. Get your education here.

    22 Jul 2002
    Moving to New Hardware ... Gracefully (trench)
    Here's a bit of information we plucked out of the support forums that details a clever way to upgrade your server hardware without changing a lot of your server settings. This also helps you avoid problems with other services on the network by making the upgrade transparent to them.

    22 Jul 2002
    ConsoleOne Snap-In Tips (tip)
    We found Wallace Marks perched on a rock in the forums preaching the virtues of ConsoleOne. He spoke of how to get the most out of the various snap ins that, well, snap in to ConsoleOne and give it amazing powers. That's our story and we're sticking to it.

    22 Jul 2002
    Limiting Access to Console Resources (feature)
    Dave Kearns carries a tool on his belt that every NetWare administrator should know about -- SecureConsole. Check out what Dave likes about this tool and why.

    22 Jul 2002
    Simplifying Across-The-Wire Upgrades (tip)
    Here's a tip from reader Robert Stout that describes how he swaps out an old server for a brand new one without making any IP address changes. Sounds like a real time saver.

    22 Jul 2002
    Tuning the NetWare 6 TCP/IP Stack via SET Parameters (feature)
    Bonus material for the highly techy among us. The AppNotes team has put together this piece explaining how to tune things like the TCP Retransmission Threshold from NetWare 6's command line.

    18 Jul 2002
    NetWare 6 Selected as Best Operating System (feature)
    In the InfoWorld Readers' Choice Awards 2002, Novell NetWare 6 was chosen Best Operating System Product by those who actually use technology to run their businesses.

    18 Jul 2002
    Updated Apache for NetWare Released (feature)
    According to a Netcraft survey, more of the world's web sites are powered by Apache web server software than all other brands combined. Here's where you can download your own copy of -- the recently updated -- Apache on NetWare.

    18 Jul 2002
    Benchmarking NetWare (tip)
    If you're looking for a way to benchmark your NetWare servers for testing, comparison, or just for the heck of it; here are a few options.

    18 Jul 2002
    Greasing the Restore Skids (trench)
    Here's a tip from David Schon to speed up that critical restore for the boss.

    18 Jul 2002
    Install Tips for Running PHP on NetWare (tip)
    If you haven't tried PHP on NetWare yet, here are a few pointers -- from Novell Sales Consultant Willem de Pater -- to get you through the install.

    18 Jul 2002
    NetWare as an MP3 Jukebox? (feature)
    If you're looking for a way to liven up the office while giving your NetWare servers some real files to share, turn your server into a MP3 jukebox with this open source offering.

    18 Jul 2002
    Data Recovery Services to the Rescue (feature)
    If you just deleted all the user files on your company's server, you may need more help than we can offer. Here's a list of data recovery services just in case.

    11 Jul 2002
    How to Reset the User's Pass Phrase (feature)
    From the brilliant and long-suffering guys in the Novell IS&T group, here's a very handy cheat sheet to help you reset the iFolder Pass Phrase if (when) someone forgets it.

    11 Jul 2002
    iFolder Developer Kit (tip)
    You can develop your own iFolder client that can read, write, create, delete, and rename files on an iFolder server with the iFolder Developer Kit.

    11 Jul 2002
    Backup iFolder Information on the Server Side (tip)
    If the iFolder directory is backed up it can be restored, but there are some important things to remember.

    11 Jul 2002
    Installing iFolder on NetWare 5.1 (tip)
    We've heard from some folks who want to know roughly how long they should expect to spend installing iFolder on NetWare 5.1. Here's the scoop.

    11 Jul 2002
    Keeping Track of Projects (trench)
    Tim Dennis finds iFolder perfect for working on his weekly reports.

    9 Jul 2002
    Cutting Restore Time by Improving Transfer Speed (tip)
    In the process of upgrading their 80-plus servers to NetWare 6, Jason Rooth and team figured out how to get the backup data onto their new systems in record time. Get the scoop here.

    8 Jul 2002
    NDPS Management Tip from the Trenches (trench)
    Here's a tip from the desk of frequent contributor and NetWare guru Tommy Mikkelsen. Tommy ran into some problems configuring his NDPS printers over his company WAN. Here's the switch he used to get things up and running.

    8 Jul 2002
    Cluster Enabling Your DNS Service (tip)
    Ronald Zierikzee used VMware to set up a 2-node cluster *and* he did some fancy-pants cluster enabling of his DNS service. Get his notes here.

    8 Jul 2002
    Defining NSS Parameters at Startup (tip)
    European Support Center's Ahmad Sadeghpour shows us how to set and modify NSS (Novell Storage Services) parameters at system startup.

    8 Jul 2002
    Using the DOS Client with IP and NetWare 6 (tip)
    Adam Bradley helps a manufacturing customer get a little more mileage out of the DOS machines that keep their work flowing.

    24 Jun 2002
    Making Your SYS Volumes Fault Tolerant (trench)
    Here's a nifty solution the guys at M&T Bank Corp. (Carl Whitbeck & Tony Nero) designed to keep users from losing their SYS mapping when a server fails. A few of the in-the-know teams at Novell were impressed -- our guess is you will be too.

    24 Jun 2002
    Running RConsoleJ on Linux: Part 3 (tip)
    Jeff Brown learned what he needed to in parts 1 and 2 of our "series" about running RConsoleJ on Linux to write part 3. Read his approach to running the NetWare 6 version of RConsoleJ on his Linux workstation.

    20 Jun 2002
    Access Data Anywhere on Any Tree with NetStorage (feature)
    AppNotes writer and systems engineer Bill Calero takes a close look at NetStorage, a slick new chunk of NetWare code that allows you work with files on NetWare servers via the Internet. Bill digs into some of the more advanced tricks you can get NetStorage to do -- if you have the know how. Get all you can carry here.

    18 Jun 2002
    Changing a NetWare Server's IP Address (tip)
    Changing the IP address on a NetWare server and its related web services, is not an easy task. Here's a tip and a few TIDs to get you headed in the right direction.

    18 Jun 2002
    Exploring NetWare 6's Web Server Options (feature)
    NetWare 6 comes with a venerable plethora of web services and a pair of web servers to power 'em. Novell technical support's Joe Harmon sorts out and installs the Apache Web Server for NetWare and the NetWare Enterprise Web Server -- and tells the tale.

    18 Jun 2002
    Apache 2.0.x for NetWare Released for Testing (tip)
    Heads up: Apache 2.0.x has been released for those of you in the cutting edge crowd. This release includes all the latest features of the Apache 2.0 family but isn't quite ready for prime time. Download a copy for lab -- it'll mature soon.

    18 Jun 2002
    MOD_NDS for Apache on NetWare (tip)
    Here's some info we dusted off when a reader asked if MOD_NDS required SSL. If you're using the new Apache on NetWare, this info could come in handy.

    10 Jun 2002
    Attaching to NetWare 6 with the DOS Client (trench)
    Jerry Jennings needed to attach a workstation running the DOS Client to NetWare 6 on IP. It took some research and a shot of ingenuity -- get the scoop (and an update from Kent Altena) here.

    10 Jun 2002
    Resetting NetWare's Screen Saver Login Credentials (tip)
    If you don't like the idea of having the login name and context info of your administrator showing up on your NetWare console, here's the deal.

    10 Jun 2002
    New TIMESYNC Parameter: Time Zone (tip)
    There's a change in the NetWare 6 implementation of TIMESYNC that's causing a bit of grief. Get the missing parameter (and how to use it) here.

    7 Jun 2002
    Five New Marketing Videos Available (feature)
    The marketing department has been working on some sleek new video clips to help push some of your favorite products. Take a look.

    5 Jun 2002
    Workaround to Norton Internet Security (NIS) Error (tip)
    If you're using NIS and you get an error message when attempting to login to an iFolder server, this tip is for you.

    5 Jun 2002
    Shared iFolder Account Caveats (feature)
    Here are some important gotchas that could bite you when you use Shared iFolder accounts in Novell iFolder 1.0. Read this, and keep from tromping all over each other in the shared account.

    5 Jun 2002
    Don't Overlook NetDrive (tip)
    Check out NetDrive that comes with NW6! Everybody seems to have missed it, and it works great with iFolder.

    5 Jun 2002
    Recover iFolder Documents from Accidental Overwriting (trench)
    If you ever accidentally overwrite a file in iFolder and still need the original, don't despair. Andreas Bach explains how to snatch it from the jaws of death.

    5 Jun 2002
    Changing the Location of the iFolder Sync Folder (feature)
    Occasionally a user will need to change the location of the iFolder Sync Folder, either because they don't have room on their C drive, they want a shorter pathname, or they just want a perkier name than "My Documents." Here's how to do it in Win98 and Win2000.

    5 Jun 2002
    Novell iFolder ties for First Place (tip)
    Network World recently published a review of backup alternatives for laptops. No surprise to us--iFolder tied for first place.

    5 Jun 2002
    Stashing Student's Files in iFolder (trench)
    Here's a nice creative way to use iFolder to keep the kids from claiming their dog ate their homework.

    5 Jun 2002
    Restore a User's File or Folder (tip)
    Here's a nice trick to let you know which folder and file to restore if a user comes back to you weeks after deleting it and says he needs it (imagine...). Freshly updated to include instructions for iFolder 2.0.

    4 Jun 2002
    Leading Edge 161: Cluster Services (feature)
    If you've got developer blood running in your veins or if you just want to know more about Novell Cluster Services, here's a download from Developer Services that'll put a smile on your mug.

    3 Jun 2002
    IDACORP Energy Upgrades Their Windows/Sun Network (feature)
    When IDACORP Energy started shopping for ways to improve their Windows and Sun Microsystems network, one Novell solution after another was added to their list. Here's a comprehensive report from Novell Connection Magazine.

    3 Jun 2002
    PHP Web Scripting Language Debuts on NetWare (feature)
    If you you use your NetWare server to dish up web pages, here's a technology that can add some punch to those pages. Novell Developer Services is releasing an early access version of the popular PHP scripting language that runs on NetWare.

    31 May 2002
    More Speeding Tips for NetWare Access From Win2K Desktops (tip)
    We've gotten several more tips from readers telling us how they improved their NetWare access from Windows 2000 workstations. Here's the complete list. Send us your tip and we'll add it to the pile.

    31 May 2002
    Implementing a File Search Utility on NetWare (feature)
    K.S. Venkatram developed this demonstration search tool at Novell's Bangalore India development site. If you're looking for a better way to inventory your software assets, take a look at this technical piece.

    30 May 2002
    Using DSMaint to Reinstall a NetWare Server (feature)
    Craig Nadler came up with a process to help him hang onto his data and directory settings with one hand while he deleted and reinstalled NetWare with the other. This works swell if you want to change system settings or resize volumes without messing up the directory.

    24 May 2002
    Speed up NetWare Access From Win2K Desktops, part 2 (tip)
    Thanks to Graham Marsh for pointing us to a page that's chock full of ways to improve the performance of Win2K machines accessing NetWare -- and to one tip in particular.

    24 May 2002
    Understanding and Troubleshooting Novell's Security Infrastructure (feature)
    Marcus Gould pulled together some very useful info in this AppNotes article about Novell's security technologies -- namely PKI and NICI. Check it out to learn more and for some nifty troubleshooting tips.

    23 May 2002
    Speed up NetWare Access From Win2K Desktops (tip)
    This fix is guaranteed to make you the hero; almost every customer (every one we know of, that is) has issues with the speed between their Windows 2000 desktops and NetWare. Get the fix here.

    20 May 2002
    State of Ohio Auditor's Office Turns to NetWare 6 (trench)
    When the State of Ohio went shopping for a reliable server solution that would boost uptime and speed, and would have little-to-no volume constraints, guess what they bought?

    16 May 2002
    A Tool to Help Synch Up Your NLM Collection (feature)
    Here's a cool process that Chris Premo put together -- with a handful of tools and a macro -- to list all the NLMs (and their versions) that are running on each of his servers.

    14 May 2002
    Client 4.83 and Paradox 9 Network Error (tip)
    There's a new -- and quite popular -- technical information document that addresses the issue of Network Errors when Paradox 9 and Novell Client 4.83 get on the same machine. Get there from here.

    14 May 2002
    SLP Design and Implementation Guidelines (feature)
    Service Location Protocol, or SLP, leverages eDirectory to allow dynamic discovery of services locally and scalability in large networks. Read more about how to get the most of SLP's advantages.

    13 May 2002
    Anti-Virus Products for NetWare 6 (tip)
    We picked up some buzz on the forums about Anti-Virus products that run on NetWare 6. Here are a few of the products that have been certified and a way to get a current list from

    13 May 2002
    Protocol Analysis: Troubleshooting a School Network (feature)
    The protocol pro, Laura Chappell, takes us on a gig where she troubleshoots every network administrator's nightmare -- a public school network.

    10 May 2002
    Setting up BorderManager Authentication Services on NetWare 6 (feature)
    Support guy Joe Harmon knows that a picture is worth a whole lot of time on the support line. He put this document together -- complete with screen captures -- to walk us all through the installation of the BorderManager Authentication Services suite on NetWare 6.

    10 May 2002
    Running RConsoleJ on Linux: Part 2 (tip)
    Philip Chase of the University of Florida, College of Health Professions takes a different approach to running RConsoleJ on Linux. And in the true spirit of open source -- he's sharing his code.

    9 May 2002
    Securing Your Wireless Network (feature)
    If you're convinced that "wireless security" is an oxymoron, here's a tip that just might change your mind. Karl Reischl has added MAC addresses to his directory at Moraine Park Technical College so when a wireless user attempts to access the network, they must have a recognized username, password, *and* computer.

    9 May 2002
    Configure Automatic Logins with Your Eyes Closed (tip)
    One of our most popular contributors, Tommy Mikkelsen, got tired of all the manual work (and manual reading) that was required each time he was asked to set up a workstation to automatically log in to the network. So he built a tool that makes it all a snap -- and he's giving it away for free!

    8 May 2002
    Quick Start: NetWare WebAccess (feature)
    WebAccess is a cool chunk of NetWare 6 that deals with all the "web stuff". Things like iPrint, Net Storage, Portal Services, and GroupWise WebAccess are all parts of the new WebAccess functionality. Support guys Joe Harmon and Ralph Blood put together this document to walk you through the installation of these cool new tools.

    7 May 2002
    Running RConsoleJ on Linux (tip)
    If you have a Linux devotee in your shop (and who doesn't?), they'll love this tip. Eric Duncan has written a shell script that allows you to run RConsoleJ to manage your NetWare servers from Linux workstations.

    6 May 2002
    Setting Up Novell iFolder (feature)
    A primary use for Novell iFolder is as a disaster recovery solution that provides easy creation and recovery of backups. Come find out how to set up iFolder, and why it could be the smartest thing you ever did.

    6 May 2002
    iFolder and Passwords (tip)
    Here are a few little nuggets about iFolder passwords to tuck into your backpocket for troubleshooting purposes.

    6 May 2002
    Re-directing "My Documents" Folder in Windows XP (trench)
    With the initial release of iFolder 1.0, you do not have the capability of specifying which folder you want to be "synched". Michael Roberts shares his work-around for this when using Windows XP.

    6 May 2002
    Quick Changes to Close the Deal (trench)
    Having iFolder can be better than carrying a notebook, as Lex Laverock learned the easy way.

    6 May 2002
    Deploying iFolder Behind a Firewall (trench)
    Russell Cohen shares a "gotcha" for those attempting to implement iFolder in the enterprise.

    6 May 2002
    Installing iFolder: Nice to Know Tidbits (feature)
    Here are some dandy little snippets of advice that could help you glide through your iFolder install without a hitch. If you've got an install tip of your own to share, let us know and we'll add it to the list.

    6 May 2002
    Using iFolder to deliver a File Service: from an ISP Perspective (feature)
    Come find out why iFolder is so attractive to ISPs looking to offer additional services. Here's some practical advice on how to make profits from selling iFolder as a service.

    6 May 2002
    Disabling Windows Password Prompts (tip)
    Tired of W95/98/ME password prompts? Don't want to essentially cache your NetWare password on your hard drive? Here's a fix!

    3 May 2002
    Publishing Web Pages Across the Hemispheres (feature)
    Scotch College (Perth, Australia) sent some of their students to Europe with the expectation that they would document their day-to-day adventures on the school's web site. Read how the students published pictures and web pages without any intervention from the down-under IT staff.

    3 May 2002
    VMWare IP Fix for Cluster Demos (tip)
    If you're one of the many using VMware to run a NetWare cluster on your laptop -- for a demo or for the fun of it -- here's a tip about IP configuration that will keep things running smooth.

    30 Apr 2002
    Getting the Correct Time From an NTP Source (tip)
    You used to be able to get the current time (and temperature) by calling a number the local bank provided with their refrigerator magnets. Well the times, so-to-speak, they are a changin'. Here's how to set up your network to get the correct time from MIT, or NASA, or the US Naval Observatory.

    30 Apr 2002
    Managing the District's Servers From Home (trench)
    Steve Scarbrough has figured out how to manage the servers at Storm Lake Community School District's seven sites from home. Steve's solution is especially handy after hours and on weekends. Take a look.

    29 Apr 2002
    Using Multiple DHCP Servers in a Single Subnet (trench)
    Karl Reischl uncovered a way to make doubly sure his users could always lease a valid IP address by setting up dual DHCP servers on a single subnet. Read all about it right here.

    29 Apr 2002
    New Timesync TID Available (tip)
    The support team has published a new Technical Information Document to help administrators take advantage of some new and improved features in NetWare's timesync functionality. Get to it from here.

    25 Apr 2002
    Daylight Savings Glitch (tip)
    If you've noticed your NetWare 6 servers (and their time-dependant siblings) sprung ahead too far with this last Daylight Savings change, here's a fix.

    25 Apr 2002
    NetWare 5.1 to NetWare 6 Upgrade Tips (trench)
    Customers who recently finished a NetWare 5.1 to NetWare 6 migration passed these tips on to us. We couldn't find anything similar in the TID database so we thought we would pass them on to our faithful followers.

    23 Apr 2002
    NetWare 6 Drive Mirroring Tip (tip)
    Jim Reed shares a tip he learned while setting up mirrored drives on NetWare 6 using ConsoleOne.

    22 Apr 2002
    Restoring NDPS Without Disrupting Users (trench)
    Many thanks to Jason Harris who figured out how to put the NDPS pieces back together after a server crash without causing his user base any grief -- well, not much grief anyway.

    22 Apr 2002
    New Versions of VMware and Virtual PC (tip)
    New versions of the popular VMware and Virtual PC tools have been released with NetWare 6 support. Check 'em out.

    19 Apr 2002
    Spare Server Anyone? (tip)
    Spare ribs, spare tires, spare servers .... Spare servers? Here's a suggestion for imaging a spare server so you'll have it when you need it.

    16 Apr 2002
    New Webalizer Version Available (trench)
    Ulrich Neumann has released a new version of his *free* web server stats tool for NetWare 5.1 and NetWare 6. Free is always worth a look.

    15 Apr 2002
    TCP/IP on NetWare 6 -- Frequently Asked Questions (feature)
    Here's comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about TCP/IP and NetWare 6. Amandeep Singh Sandhu, a member of the Bangalore, India engineering corps pulled this compendium together.

    15 Apr 2002
    Keeping Users From Bypassing the NetWare Login (trench)
    Here are a few nuggets we gleaned from the support forums about keeping users from avoiding the NetWare login.

    15 Apr 2002
    Disaster Recovery in the 21st Century (feature)
    Novell's Chief Security Strategist, Alan Mark, offers some solid advice and guidelines in this new Novell Connection article.

    11 Apr 2002
    Intel Netport Print Server Driver (tip)
    Cool reader Marcel de Roode gives us a heads up on the new Intel Netport driver for NDPS.

    8 Apr 2002
    Protocol Filtering: Creating Cool Filters (feature)
    The protocol pro, Laura Chappell, tells all about her favorite protocol filters and how they can be used to troubleshoot your network bottlenecks.

    4 Apr 2002
    Automated Disaster Recovery System (trench)
    Chris Pratt has put several tools to work in a system he uses to backup, archive, and prepare his systems for disaster recovery. His article includes complete explanations, list of materials, and code samples.

    4 Apr 2002
    Of Login Scripts and Latency (tip)
    Here's some good information about local vs. global login scripts compiled by Novell Canada's David Stagg. David is one of the many we call on regularly to tackle the tough issues.

    3 Apr 2002
    Scheduling Volume Purges Using Cron.NLM (tip)
    Jim Trotter explains how he automates some of his server maintenance tasks like periodic DSREPAIRs and regularly-scheduled volume purges.

    1 Apr 2002
    Improving Collaboration and Workflow with WebDAV (feature)
    Here's all you need to know to take advantage of the IETF's proposed WebDAV standard to allow users to manage and edit their files -- stored on NetWare servers -- over the web.

    22 Mar 2002
    Tools and Utilities to Keep Your Servers Hummin' (tip)
    We've received a number of new tools this month designed to streamline your network administration tasks. Here's a quick summary of each one.

    18 Mar 2002
    iFolder Professional Edition 2 (feature)
    Novell recently announced a "Professional Edition" of iFolder, the remote-access file storage solution. This edition of the popular software will be available in mid-April. Read about it here.

    18 Mar 2002
    Link Level Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance in NetWare 6 (feature)
    Read how the new NetWare 6 provides infrastructure and support for multihoming, load balancing, and fault tolerance in this AppNotes article.

    13 Mar 2002
    Contextless Logins; a New Approach (trench)
    When the department Chris Moore worked for upgraded to NetWare 5.1, their old contextless login solution stopped working. That's when they put their heads together and came up with a pretty ingenious solution of their own.

    11 Mar 2002
    Demo Site Lets You Give iFolder a Spin (tip)
    If you want to give iFolder a test drive but don't have the time (or energy) to set up your own demo environment, have we got a URL for you.

    8 Mar 2002
    Squeeze Statistical Data Out of SNMP (tip)
    Novell Systems Engineer Roger Foss shares a tip or two about how to extract and analyze network information from the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

    5 Mar 2002
    Set Up Your Own Web-based Resource Center (trench)
    Craig Zimmer uses his cluster of NetWare servers to make information, tools, and utilities available to several audiences on the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill campus.

    4 Mar 2002
    Troubleshooting a Slow Network (trench)
    Hang with protocol pro Laura Chappell as she goes onsite to sleuth out what exactly is causing a client company's network to crawl.

    4 Mar 2002
    Let NetWare 6 and NSS Solve Your Storage Woes (feature)
    Here's some info about the synergy that can be leveraged when you team up NetWare 6 and Novell Storage Services.

    28 Feb 2002
    Tuning Memory Settings in NetWare 6 (tip)
    Here are a few tips designed to help you understand, control, and manage memory in NetWare 6.

    25 Feb 2002
    An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Weekend in the Datacenter (tip)
    According to our friends in support, running this little utility before upgrading to NetWare 6 could keep the upgrade overtime to a minimum.

    19 Feb 2002
    What to do With a Stuck Replica (feature)
    The Novell Research team shows us how to deal with a replica that's stuck in a New Replica, Dying, or Dead state.

    19 Feb 2002
    Developing Net Services with CodeWarrior (feature)
    Metrowerks has released a new version of CodeWarrior for NetWare that promises to make Net services development a snap.

    15 Feb 2002
    Avoiding Server Abends Caused by WebAccess Attachments (tip)
    If your server is abends while your users are trying to grab the attachments from their WebAccess mail messages, here's a tip that should help.

    14 Feb 2002
    Authenticate to Multiple Sites with SecureLogin (feature)
    If you're old enough, you can remember how George Jetson used to have his computer get him off to work in the morning. One of our readers -- a George in the making -- is setting up SecureLogin to fire up all his systems at the push of a button.

    12 Feb 2002
    Manage Daylight Savings Time With CRON.NLM (tip)
    If you participate in the semi annual Daylight Savings Ritual resetting the clocks on your servers, this tip from reader Steve Cantrill should keep you from losing any sleep to make the shift.

    11 Feb 2002
    A List of Useful TIDs and Docs (trench)
    A client recently totally messed up his NDS because he didn't follow the basics. So I assembled this list for him, and figured you'd all benefit by keeping it in your back e-pockets just in case.

    11 Feb 2002
    Remote Administration and Clear Text: A Survivor's Story (trench)
    Jim Trotter shares some wisdom that he's earned logging his share of time dealing with government regulations, remote administration, and clear text.

    11 Feb 2002
    NetWare 5.1 Console Commands; Some Normal, Some Hidden (tip)
    Kevin Burnett has been reading the docs again. This time, he's sharing some good (and some little-known) information about a few of NetWare 5.1's console commands.

    8 Feb 2002
    Ye Old DOS Client (tip)
    Jessica, our cheerful, yet long-suffering Novell mailmaster, has received so many requests for the classic old DOS Client that she has arranged for us to post it in our Free Tools section.

    7 Feb 2002
    Networking Doesn't Get Much Better (feature)
    The Novell Connection team has scoured the press and built a list of the significant articles, the awards garnered, and more about the new NetWare 6.

    5 Feb 2002
    Hottest of the Hot: Toolbox.NLM (tip)
    Here's a support download that's flying off the shelves. Maybe it's something that should be hanging off your tool belt?

    31 Jan 2002
    Setting Up Your XP Workstations to Auto-Login (feature)
    If you're in charge of a lab, classroom, or production floor you might be interested in setting your workstations up so they automatically log in to the network when they're fired up. Here's how to pull it off.

    31 Jan 2002
    Getting Locked Out for Using IE (tip)
    Wierd. Really wierd. If you're using Internet Explorer to access services on NetWare 6, you'll want to take a look at this tip.

    29 Jan 2002
    Update: Creating Your Own Service Pack Overlay for NetWare 5.1 (tip)
    Here's a cool way to make your installation of NetWare 5.1 faster: roll the main install and the Support Pack install into one step with the help of this new Deployment Guide.

    23 Jan 2002
    Supercharge Your Client with These Performance Tips (tip)
    Hans-Robert Vermeulen led us to this site that features tips to get (and keep) your Novell Client running at optimum speed.

    14 Jan 2002
    Configuration of NFS Server (v1.x) for NetWare (trench)
    To use NFS Server 1.2c on NetWare 3.x, you need to understand the difference between DOS text file editing and UNIX text file editing. See Kenneth Pont's article for this and more about how to successfully get these legacy products working together.

    7 Jan 2002
    iPrint Demo Illustrates Location-Based Internet Printing (tip)
    If you're looking for a way to show the boss how iPrint works (in less than 2-minutes) here's a slick demo that will amuse, entertain, and educate.

    26 Dec 2001
    Find That Digital Needle with NetWare Web Search (feature)
    Visitors to Novell's several web sites perform over 1,000,000 searches each week. Learn how NetWare Web Search Server (part of NetWare 6) has improved users' search experience on

    17 Dec 2001
    Outside In: Novell's Remote Access Solution (feature)
    Remote access to your company's storage and services can be a real competitive advantage. But it's not easy to pull off. Read how Novell tamed this beast in this Novell Connection article by Linda Kennard.

    17 Dec 2001
    iFolder: Your Data, When and Where You Need It (feature)
    It seems that everybody's talking about iFolder. If you think it's time to find out what all the fuss is about, here's a great overview from two names we've learned to trust: AppNotes and Kevin Burnett.

    17 Dec 2001
    Dave's Disaster-Recovery Pointers (trench)
    Dave Lunn's moto has to be the same as the Boy Scouts'. If being prepared is your thing, you'll enjoy reading how Dave stays a step head of disaster in his network.

    10 Dec 2001
    Installing and Configuring Tomcat on NetWare (feature)
    Ulrich Neumann show us how to mix the popular, powerful, and award-winning Tomcat with NetWare. This is not your grandma's Tom.

    10 Dec 2001
    NetWare 6; Rock Solid (feature)
    NetWare 6 is making those paid to support it look like the Maytag repair man. Read these cool facts about this new product's already stellar track record.

    10 Dec 2001
    NetWare 6 Talks Mac (tip)
    Did you know NetWare 6 speaks the Mac's networking language right out of the box? Read this tip to find out what tongue we're talking about.

    3 Dec 2001
    Preparing a Disaster Recovery Plan (feature)
    We struck gold when we uncovered this AppNote feature that details how to put together a good disaster recovery plan. Randy Bender has done a great job of showing you how to create a plan that fits.

    3 Dec 2001
    Spruce the Place Up; Migrating from NT to NetWare (feature)
    The new NetWare 6 gives you even more reasons to consolidate that room full of NT servers into a more managable set of NetWare boxes. If you're ready to make the move, this deployment guide will give you the steps (and there's fewer than 12).

    3 Dec 2001
    New eGuide 2.0 eGuide Provider.jar (tip)
    Here's a fix that gets eGuide up and running with Tomcat 4.0 and fixes strangeness that happens when a user's Distinguished Name includes characters like spaces or commas.

    3 Dec 2001
    Web Server Patch for NetWare 5.1 Post SP3 (tip)
    Here's a patch that will make your web users happy if their web services went wacky when you installed SP3 to your NetWare 5.1 servers.

    26 Nov 2001
    Building a Compaq SAN on NetWare 6 (feature)
    If you're looking for big, high-availability storage, SANs (storage area networks) are the name of the game. Check out this new deployment guide for steps to set up one of your very own.

    19 Nov 2001
    Novell CNAs: One Step Closer to a WGU Degree (tip)
    Western Governors University (WGU) has a new program where they'll let Certified Novell Engineers (CNEs) use their certification to apply toward an Associate degree in Information Technology.

    14 Nov 2001
    NetWare Login Dialog Boxes Brought up by the Print Providers (tip)
    Sometimes you just want to print -- without logging into the network. Marci Orler and Scott Villinski figured out how to do just that (without being prompted to log in).

    14 Nov 2001
    Running NetWare DHCP and ZENworks PXE DHCP on the Same Server (tip)
    NetWare 5.1 server will was not designed to support both the NetWare DHCP server (DHCPSRVR.NLM) and the ZENworks 3.2 PXE proxy DHCP server. Novell's Patrick Corrigan tells us how to pull off the impossible.

    14 Nov 2001
    Tweaking Client Installs on Windows ME (trench)
    Treasured reader Lynn Singer tells us how to get Windows ME and the Novell Client working together.

    14 Nov 2001
    NetWare 5.1 and Support Pack Concurrent Install (feature)
    Leave it to the field engineers to create an easier way to install NetWare. Use these overlays to make your NetWare 5.1 installs a little simpler.

    7 Nov 2001
    Native File Access -- What's in it for You? (feature)
    Here's a great article that covers how to give your UNIX, Macintosh, and Windows users native access (read; no client) to their files on NetWare servers.

    6 Nov 2001
    iPrint Client Fix for NetWare 6 (tip)
    This one gets filed in the "really weird" folder. If iPrint is misbehaving on your NetWare 6 network and you have a .0. in your IP address and Jupiter has aligned with Mars, you might be interested in this fix. (Okay, Mars and Jupiter don't have to be aligned but you do have to an a .0. in your IP address.)

    5 Nov 2001
    Deployment Guide: With NetWare 6, Upgrade to SLP v2 When You're Ready (feature)
    NetWare 6 can juggle both versions of the protocol that allows your network to discover services. Check out this Deployment Guide to learn about implementing SLP (Service Location Protocol) versions 1 and 2 on NetWare 6.

    30 Oct 2001
    Deploying iPrint on Your NetWare Server (feature)
    iPrint makes Internet printing a reality by helping your users find the right printer (on either side of the firewall), automatically receive the correct printer driver, and send the print job to that printer. Get your users up and printing with this new deployment guide.

    30 Oct 2001
    What's New in NetWare 6 DNS and DHCP (tip)
    NetWare 6 packs a bunch of new features but let's get specific. If you're interested in how the new operating system deals with DNS and DHCP, read on.

    30 Oct 2001
    NDPS Config Utility Has a New Name and Version (tip)
    This popular utility, that comes in handy if you want do do advanced management of your NDPS print jobs, has a fresh new look. Read about it here.

    24 Oct 2001
    Deploying iFolder on NetWare (feature)
    Here's a short and to-the-point deployment guide to help you get up to speed (and enjoy the advantages) of Novell's iFolder on your NetWare 5.1 or NetWare 6 systems.

    24 Oct 2001
    Using NPRINTER on Windows 2000 Clients (tip)
    If you're using NetWare 5.1 and Windows 2000 workstations, and want to run remote printers on the Windows workstations, try this tip.

    24 Oct 2001
    Running BorderManager on NetWare 6 (tip)
    If you're moving to NetWare 6 and are using BorderManager, this tip can make the transition to the new NetWare a smooth one.

    24 Oct 2001
    SMS Modules for NetWare 6 (tip)
    A new set of Storage Management Services (SMS) modules have been released to ensure compability with the newly-released NetWare 6.

    10 Oct 2001
    How to Reset an iFolder Pass Phrase (feature)
    If your users keep bugging you to reset their iFolder Pass Phrase, and you're tired of them, read on.

    10 Oct 2001
    Using iFolder for IE Favorites (tip)
    Ken Cofer shares a cool tip to make your web life easier.

    4 Sep 2001
    Novell Client Login Screen Bitmap Selector (trench)
    Ever wanted to change your Login screen bitmap without having to hack the registry? Check out this updated version of a utility that will do exactly that.

    4 Sep 2001
    Emergency Access to Server Console (trench)
    Adam Pacchiana shares this great idea which will allow others access to the Server Console in emergency situations without divulging the Admin password. Updated with another suggestion from Jeff Johnson.

    4 Sep 2001
    Upgrading NW5.0 (with eDirectory 8.5 already installed) to NW5.1 (trench)
    Novell Consultant Joe Azzopardi shares his terrific solution that allows you to upgrade with eDirectory already onboard.

    4 Sep 2001
    Configure NDPS Printer Properties (trench)
    NDPS pushes out most printers as base model printers without the paper trays, duplexer, paper source, etc. Come try the eval copy of a cool tool that configures extra paper trays, duplex option, paper source, default printer, and many other settings.

    4 Sep 2001
    List of TCP/IP Ports (tip)
    Straight from IANA, here's a list of all registered TCP/IP ports, for your troubleshooting convenience.

    10 Aug 2001
    SLP (Service Location Protocol) Design (trench)
    When a service registers to two SLPDAs there is a possibility that both of the SLPDAs will make changes in the same object, and then you can have collisions with time stamps. Eric Van Der Pluijm shares a design that avoids the problem.

    10 Aug 2001
    eBusiness on NetWare (feature)
    Check out this freshly updated free tool that you can use to create and operate an online store. Very useful for learning how to use Novell Script for NetWare to access the database and NDS for product and user information.

    26 Jul 2001
    Auto Logon with Win9x Clients (trench)
    Steve Bogdanov shares his nifty application which will provide automatic logon to the Win9x client. (Not for the WinNT/Win2000 machines, which already have AutoAdminLogon.)

    26 Jul 2001
    Viewing Management Portal Traffic Lights from your Desktop (trench)
    If you use Management Portal, you'll like this ingenious idea from Rich Stevenson. He's found a way to display the red, yellow, and green lights on your desktop.

    28 Jun 2001
    Accessing NetWare 5.1 files from a Browser (trench)
    If your employees want access to the files on their server from other office locations or from home (don't we all?), check this out. Gary Stothers and Andreas Bach team up to explain this ingenious method of providing users with a web page where they can upload their own files from their office server. Everything is easy, secure, encrypted, and best of all, FREE!

    28 Jun 2001
    Webalizer for NetWare (trench)
    Webalizer is a tool for webserver logfile analysis and graphical display. It works with NetWare Enterprise Webserver logfiles, Apache logfiles and many others.

    20 Jun 2001
    NetWare Server Uptime Contest Winners (feature)
    Come see who won in our recent contest to find NetWare servers that perform like the Energizer Bunny. We were very impressed by the number of faithful NetWare servers that are quietly humming to themselves in darkened rooms across the globe, requiring little more than an air-conditioner and an uninterrupted power supply (no small thing in these troubled times) to keep dishing out files.

    20 Jun 2001
    Capture DSTRACE Conversations Without Speed Reading (trench)
    DSTRACE messages fly off the screen at the speed of light and to glean any value from the content, you have to master the art of speed reading. Come see how our partners at NetPro have made it easier, and try the free eval of DS Expert and Multi-Server Trace.

    12 Jun 2001
    User Attributes and Properties (feature)
    For all you NetWare 4.1 die-hards, here's a useful quick description of all of the User Attributes available to the Network Administrator in the User Details.

    6 Jun 2001
    Analyzing Web Surfers with BRDSTATS (tip)
    Simon Begin explains how you can use his freshly updated tool to keep an eye on excessive web surfing at your company.

    6 Jun 2001
    SETBCAST, to Adjust BroadCast Mode (trench)
    Come see this nifty tool from the brilliant Anders Gustafsson, who has shared so many other great tools with us. This is a replacement for send.exe, basically to be able to do send /a=n, that works over IP.

    6 Jun 2001
    GetFTP Utility, to Download Files via FTP Protocol (trench)
    GetFTP is a NetWare command line utility for downloading a file via ftp protocol to a directory on the server. Compliments of Martin Strobl.

    6 Jun 2001
    NetWare 5.1 and Support Pack Concurrent Install (feature)
    Here is a guide to creating a CD image that will simultaneously install a NetWare 5.1 server with the latest Support Pack.

    21 May 2001
    TCP/IP Routing Problem (trench)
    Isn't it always the last place you look? Here's a tale from a poor soul who solved a TCP/IP problem by tightening a loose nut. Enjoy!

    10 May 2001
    iFolder Press Release (feature)
    Novell iFolder Synchronizes Information Across the Net; Provides Reliable Anytime, Anywhere Access

    10 May 2001
    Your Data Where You Want It, When You Want It (feature)
    Novell's iFolder makes your data accessible no matter where you are or it is.

    10 May 2001
    NetWare 6 Product Flyer (feature)
    With one Net accessibility, high availability and 32x32-way scalability for networked storage environments, NetWare 6 opens some new opportunities for network and file management.

    10 May 2001
    LANboss - Login Script Editor (trench)
    Edit multiple login scripts, across multiple trees at the same time, other features include syntax Highlighting, Keywords Substitution, Macros Substitution, NDS Attribute Substitution plus the standard editor Functions (Search/Replace etc).

    25 Apr 2001
    Will it be Lobster or Linguini? (feature)
    Choosing between SFT III and NetWare Cluster Services is similar to choosing an entree at a posh seafood restaurant. Both tools do an excellent job in providing data protection, but which is the best for your company?

    19 Apr 2001
    Preventing Data Loss with VREPAIR (tip)
    If you're repairing more than 1 volume at a time, and you are using the versions of VREPAIR.NLM and V_LONG.NLM that shipped with NetWare 5, there's a possibility of data loss on volumes after the first volume you repair.

    19 Apr 2001
    Using The command line utility TPING (tip)
    Need to verify the IP connectivity of a device from the NetWare server console? Check out TPING.

    5 Apr 2001
    Using the MAP Command (tip)
    More than just mapping drives to make it easier (fewer keystrokes) to get to a specific directory, the MAP command has come a long way over the years.

    5 Apr 2001
    A Big Pile o' Tools (feature)
    Run, don't walk to the Free Tools page. We just added a whole pile of them, and if you're in the bargain-hunting mood you should pick around and see if there's anything you want to hang on your personal toolbelt. Best of all, they won't tug your trousers in a downward direction. Very light.

    28 Mar 2001
    Fun with Protected memory spaces (tip)
    Did you know that with NetWare 5.x, you get the ability to load nlms into a protected memory space?

    28 Mar 2001
    Multiple Command Lines on NetWare 5 (tip)
    Sometimes it might be cool to be able to view more than one screen of information at a time.

    13 Mar 2001
    Managing Login Scripts (trench)
    A reader shares his tips.

    13 Mar 2001
    Network Monitor Tool (trench)
    A cool tool, NETMON.NLM is a NetWare loadable module which acts on the server console and monitors network traffic on a given network interface card.

    28 Feb 2001
    Updating your CNE to CNE 5 (tip)
    To all you procrastinators out there, if you missed the August 31, 2000 deadline for fulfilling the NetWare 5 Continuing Certification Requirement (CCR), all is not lost. What you have lost is your CNE benefits, but you're still a CNE.

    28 Feb 2001
    Pinging from a NetWare 5 Server (tip)
    Right at the console, tons of cool information awaits.

    15 Feb 2001
    NDS integrated Anti-Virus (trench)
    The world's first antivirus software integrated into NetWare is unleashed from Kasperski Labs.

    15 Feb 2001
    How to Enable the DirXML Trace Screen in Netware (trench)
    A reader shares his tips.

    8 Feb 2001
    Booting NetWare from LUN0 (trench)
    There are lots of switching options available to help with this issue.

    7 Feb 2001
    Creating Public Access Printers with the Novell NDPS Gateway (tip)
    Need to create and see a public access printer? Try using the Novell NDPS gateway.

    1 Feb 2001
    Login Script Utilities (trench)
    Here are a couple of cool login script utilities that we thought you might find useful. Give them the once over and let us know what you think.

    25 Jan 2001
    Securing your Intranet (trench)
    Security Tips

    18 Jan 2001
    Installing a 5.x server into a 4.11 tree (trench)
    One reader asks: It seems to be not easy to install a NW 5.1 Server in a NW4.11 tree (with a scenario of +/- 35 servers being NetWare 4.11).......? I have an idea on how to do this, but I just want to be sure it is a good one ...

    18 Jan 2001
    Client32 upgrade logs Viewer (trench)
    Just a little ditty to look at Client32 upgrade logs.

    11 Jan 2001
    Keeping Track of the Network (tip)
    Even in routine, standard maintenance of your network, you will often find yourself tracking huge inventories of network components, cable layout diagrams, and serial number documentation. Sometimes, getting access to the information you need to properly troubleshoot your file servers takes longer than actually fixing the problem.

    11 Jan 2001
    Free Remote Console for NetWare (trench)
    AdRem Remote Console for NetWare enables you to remotely access and control the server console of any NetWare server. It is easy to use, works over IPX and IP, does not overload Windows.

    4 Jan 2001
    Determining the Client Release with Win2000/NT (tip)
    Here's a cool tip to help you discover exactly what release of the client you are running.

    21 Dec 2000
    DirXML - Removing eBusiness Boundaries (feature)
    A key component of Novell's One Net strategy, DirXML is Novell's outstanding data-sharing and synchronization solution for revolutionizing directory management and e-business.

    13 Dec 2000
    Customize the System Tray Icon (tip)
    The default configuration for the system tray icon is that "Network Neighborhood" opens if you double-click on the icon, and that "Map Network Drive" opens if you double-click on the icon while holding down the Shift key. Here's how to change that default.

    13 Dec 2000
    NSLookup Utility for NW5.x (trench)
    Version 1.0 of NSLOOKUP for NetWare. It supports more DNS record types, and redirection to a file.

    30 Nov 2000
    Getting tree or server names in pure IP (tip)
    Check out these new name retreival functions that can be used to get names of DS trees or servers.

    21 Nov 2000
    Isolating NLM memory allocation errors... (tip)
    A useful feature in NetWare 5 is the '-m' module loader option, which can be applied to any NLM module to help track down memory allocation errors. Here are a few details.

    21 Nov 2000
    ComputerName Changer (trench)
    This utility will change the computername, computergroup, comment in the network neightbourhood settings in the registry, fast.

    16 Nov 2000
    Remove a node from a cluster (tip)
    If you're using a clustering environment, and are faced with needing to remove an unused node from the cluster, here is an easy way to do it.

    7 Nov 2000
    BorderManager Proxy Statistics tool (trench)
    Come grab this very cool tool that analyzes HTTP Proxy common logs and provides very useful stat reports.

    7 Nov 2000
    Surviving UImport and Creating Long Home Directories (feature)
    Faced with finding a way to meet new standards while creating 6800 user objects in multiple contexts, David Stagg fell back to his DOS batch processing days to come up with a series of steps that met his immediate needs using UImport.exe and Rights.exe.

    2 Nov 2000
    Multiple Organizations at the top of a tree and licensing (trench)
    We were having licensing problems with NetWare 5 servers in a predominantly Netware 4.11 tree. This procedure seemed to cure the licensing issues.

    2 Nov 2000
    Converting Legacy Data to LDIF format (feature)
    A key issue when bulkloading users into Novell's eDirectory is converting the data from legacy systems (often supplied in CSV format) to a useable form with all the required fields. Check out this free tool that will lend a hand.

    2 Nov 2000
    Win2000 and VMWare (tip)
    Windows 2000 doesn't accept anything but a hub (no cross-over cable etc.) to enable the network connection. This is especially annoying when trying to run a bridged VMware configuration on one laptop with W2K as the host. Here's a solution you could try.

    26 Oct 2000
    More on the Winsock Error (trench)
    Here's an addendum to a tip we published previously.

    19 Oct 2000
    Getting Info From Lotus Notes to NetWare (trench)
    Want to get/analyze some information from Lotus Notes (should work on any platform, but I tested with 5.0.3 on Linux) to NetWare? Use Notes java classes on NetWare!

    12 Oct 2000
    Recovering from a Lost Admin Password (trench)
    A solution to a common problem that does not require a call to the Help Desk.

    12 Oct 2000
    Pconsole and NetWare 5.x (tip)
    Well this tip will give the user the steps and files that are needed for Pconsole to function in a NetWare 5.x environment.

    5 Oct 2000
    ComNETWORX Commander V1.0 (trench)
    Check out CmNETWORKX Commander -- the ultimate file manager on the NetWare server console.

    5 Oct 2000
    Managing Multiple Users (tip)
    I saw a question regarding making "lump sum" user object changes, and thought I'd share my trick

    21 Sep 2000
    Fixing Full NW4.11 Volume (trench)
    The question is "What do you do when your Netware 4.11 SYS volume fills up and won't mount anymore?".'s your coolsolution.

    21 Sep 2000
    NCIMAN not properly writing an Unattend.txt file for use with the /ACU option (tip)
    We've come across a problem in Win95 Client 32 version 3.20 and 3.21. This bug deals with the NCIMAN not properly writing an Unattend.txt file for use with the /ACU option.

    14 Sep 2000
    Licensing Tips from Licensing Geeks (tip)
    Here are some Licensing tips from Licensing geeks. Enjoy!

    7 Sep 2000
    Capture Commandline and Show Environment (trench)
    This small VB6 executable was created to show the environment variables under Windows in a good readable form.

    7 Sep 2000
    NDPS Manager Debug Display (tip)
    When the NDPS manager is loaded on the server the "ndps manager debug display" command allows you to view communication, attribute and other information about NDPS.

    24 Aug 2000
    Setting a default browser preference on multiple desktops (tip)
    For loading several desktops at once, here's a quick way to push a Netscape preference pointing the browser to a specific server WITHOUT using ZENworks for Desktops or NAL.

    24 Aug 2000
    Configuring DHCP with NetWare Cluster Services (feature)
    With NetWare Cluster Services, if your UPS fails you're still in business. In such a situation your DHCP Server can be automatically migrated to another NetWare server on your network. In addition, with NetWare Cluster Services you can upgrade or service hardware during business hours, and your users won't lose access to the network or critical network resources.

    17 Aug 2000
    NetWare, IP, and Load Balancing (feature)
    If you are planning to have a NW5.1 and a Pure IP environment, you may be wondering if it is possible to have load balancing on NW 5.1 and over IP. Read on...

    11 Aug 2000
    NIMS and Hosting Multiple Domains on the Same Physical Box (feature)
    OK, here's the scoop on multiple domains, unique naming and other related topics with NIMS.nim

    3 Aug 2000
    DirXML Goodies (feature)
    DirXML is an awesome technology and is a very valuable skill set to acquire. Resources and information are scarce, but it's getting better.

    3 Aug 2000
    BTRIEVE and NetWare 5.1 (tip)
    Whatever happened to BTRIEVE? Here's the scoop.

    27 Jul 2000
    NT Servers and Timesync (tip)
    Check out this nice overview that will help you sync time on your servers.

    20 Jul 2000
    NSS, Quotas and Mirroring (feature)
    In case you would like to add quotas and / or mirroring to an NSS volume, there are a few steps you will need to take. This was supposed to be documented in the readme for the Support Pack, but it was not.

    20 Jul 2000
    Reading Long Filenames in ConsoleOne (tip)
    Having trouble viewing long object names in ConsoleOne? Check out this nice little tip.

    12 Jul 2000
    Reduce the Annoyance of Broadcast Messages (tip)
    Make broadcast messages disappear in no time.

    12 Jul 2000
    Change the Login Display (trench)
    As some of you may have noticed, whenever you install/upgrade to client 3.2 for W95/98 the user who installed it will keep showing up in the login ID field. It doesn't remember the user id of the last person to login. Here's the fix.

    12 Jul 2000
    Configuring non-NetWare DHCP servers for NWIP (feature)
    This article provides configuration instructions for WIN2K DHCP and NWIP Options 62 and 63. This solution was tested on NT 4.0 with workstations using the 4.7 client.

    23 Jun 2000
    Faster login to IPX Servers (tip)
    Hate waiting forever to login to your IPX server? You're not alone. This has generated a lot of support calls (and hair loss) and is very easily remedied, once you understand why it's happening.

    23 Jun 2000
    NetWare 5 Memory Debugging Features (feature)
    The NetWare 5 operating system provides several new features that are helpful in debugging problems associated with allocated memory. Here's a nice overview.

    24 May 2000
    Before Calling Support (tip)
    Next time you get ready to pick up the phone to call Support with a Novell client problem, run through this handy checklist and make sure you've got all your ducks in a row. The last thing you want to do is pay someone to tell you your problem was solved in the latest version of the client. This list comes directly from the nice folks in Customer Support, who would rather spend their time wrestling with Big Gnarly Problems than ripping you off for the easy stuff.

    24 May 2000
    Making Your Corporate Web Site Reliable (feature)
    Publishing a corporate web site is strategic to your company, providing visitors a view of the companies' products, solutions, and programs. However, the corporate web site is susceptible to all of the traditional problems relating to a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day per week service. Here are some helpful tips.

    19 May 2000
    Dodging the WINSOCK2 Fatal Error (tip)
    When you install the Novell Client (Win95/98, versions 3.0 and higher) you may find yourself with a Fatal Error when the Microsoft WINSOCK 2.0 (Windows Sockets) installation program is run. Here's the workaround.

    19 May 2000
    Tuning the NetWare Server (feature)
    A tutorial on how to tune and optimize your NetWare 4 servers.

    13 May 2000
    Installing the NDPS Printer Agent Client (feature)
    This Basics Article outlines how to install the Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS) Printer Agent Client for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1.

    10 May 2000
    License Types (feature)
    The CLA/MLA licenses have "CLA/MLA license" written on it. VLA licenses are normal licenses, except that they might be sold separately from the media. Here is an overview of these different options.

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