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Cradle to Grave

19 Dec 2007
Elapsed Time 4 (tool)
Determine elapsed time of LDAP searches.

12 Dec 2007
One Giant Leap: Cool Solutions gets some New Digs (tip)
Eleven years after launching the first Cool Solutions site, we have just taken a major step forward. We have some new digs - a full-on community site with all the Web 2.0 bells and whistles. Check it out!

3 Dec 2007
Deleting Private Data from Your Linux/Microsoft Windows Machine (tip)
Private data can still be recovered after you format your Linux/Microsoft Windows machine. Here's a tip from Damian Myerscough that will help you make sure your data cannot be recovered.

30 Nov 2007
Finding Open Files and Network Connections (feature)
Mike Farrell shows you how to use the lsof and netstat commands to get a complete list of all open files or network connections on your system.

29 Nov 2007
List Running Resources on V1-style Heartbeat Cluster Node (tool)
Small Python script to check for running resources on your heartbeat cluster node.

21 Nov 2007
Installing the Novell Client for OpenSUSE 10.2 onto OpenSUSE 10.3 (tip)
Charlie Silverman shares a tip on how to install the Novell Client for OpenSUSE 10.2 onto OpenSUSE 10.3.

21 Nov 2007
Configuring SUSE Firewall for the SSL VPN Component in Access Manager (appnote)
In this Appnote, Sureshkumar T explains how to set up a SUSE Firewall configuration that works with the SSL VPN Component of Access Manager.

21 Nov 2007
Xen OCF Resource Management Script for HA Stack (tool)
Manage Xen domU as HA resource, replaces "xm".

21 Nov 2007
NIC Bonding with Xen Virtualization (feature)
Joe Harmon and Jim Short explain how to set up NIC bonding with Xen Virtualization.

20 Nov 2007
Understanding how RAIDed Disks Interact with the SLES Boot Process (tip)
Ivan Vari shares a solution for a problem he had installing a SLED/SLES system onto software raided (RAID1) disks.

20 Nov 2007
Submit a Tip (feature)
Tell us how you're using your favorite Novell products to do something unique, save time, streamline a process, boost your bottom line or troubleshoot an issue. Whether you send a suggestion, a short tip or a full-length article, you'll be making a difference and building the Novell support experience. Find out more.

19 Nov 2007
Configuring Custom Partition for Proxy Logging (feature)
If you create a custom partition or a directory for logging other than /var, the Linux Access Gateway does not mount the newly added partition because it is not listed in novell-vmc script. This article by Ajesh B explains how to create a partition, edit the novell-vmc script and associate the new partition.

19 Nov 2007
Protecting Apache against DOS attack with mod_evasive (feature)
Damian Myerscough shows you how to install and configure mod_evasive so your Apache web server can defend against HTTP DOS attacks and brute force attacks.

16 Nov 2007
Cluster Configuration on SLES 9 (appnote)
Rajesh Lingam explains how to set up a Cluster environment for ZENworks Linux Management, FTP, HTTP, Samba servers, etc. on SLES.

16 Nov 2007
Useful RPM Commands (tip)
Maer Melo put together a handy list of RPM commands you can use to install and remove software packages, update packages, and more.

9 Nov 2007
Using ClusterSSH to Perform Tasks on Multiple Servers Simultaneously (tip)
Martijn Pepping shows you how to use ClusterSSH to perform tasks on multiple servers simultaneously from one single command window.

1 Nov 2007
Automating OES 2 Installation Using PXE Boot and AutoYaST (feature)
Installing OES 2 using PXE Boot and AutoYaST eliminates the need for boot media, installation media and inconsistent server installations. Mike Faris explains how to set up and configure the installation Server.

1 Nov 2007
Customizing AutoYaST for OES 2 Installation (feature)
AutoYaST allows for automating your SLES 10 installations, eliminating repetitious tasks by deployment teams. Mike Faris shows you how to customize AutoYaST for your SLES 10 installations.

1 Nov 2007
Creating NSS Volumes on OES 2 using Distributed Replicated Block Device (feature)
Sakila Ravi explains how to configure DRBD to create NSS pools and volumes on a single hard disk machine on SLES 10 SP1 OES 2.

1 Nov 2007
Nagios 3.0 - Sample Check Program Integration for LDAP Statistics (feature)
In this third article of a series about Nagios 3.0, Rainer Brunold shows you how to integrate a new check program into the Nagios environment.

30 Oct 2007
/dev/null (feature)
Manoj Gupta explains the importance of /dev/null, why it is there, and how to use it.

29 Oct 2007
Setting Java System Variables (tip)
If you ever need to install a version of the Sun JDK (v1.5 update 12) that was not part of the distribution, you should check out this article by Jesse Pretorius on how to ensure that the system variables are set properly.

29 Oct 2007
Configuring Virtual Hosting using Apache2 on SLES 10 (feature)
Muhammad Sharfuddin shares a guide on how to configure Virtual Hosting using Apache2 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

29 Oct 2007
Samba Configuration and File Sharing on SLES 10 (feature)
Rajesh Lingam explains how to configure Samba on SLES 10 for sharing files and directories on Linux or Windows.

29 Oct 2007
Status-Checking Script for DirXML Remote Loader (tip)
Thanks to Arjan Anthonisse for sharing this script that makes status checking easier when you're running the DirXML Remote Loader.

26 Oct 2007
Nagios 3.0 Extension - NagiosGraph (feature)
Rainer Brunold continues his series of articles on Nagios 3.0. This article will show you how to add a Nagios extension that allows you to create charts based on service check results.

23 Oct 2007
Pure-FTPd Administration (feature)
Damian Myerscough explains how to install Pure-FTPd and how to create and manage virtual users.

19 Oct 2007
Nagios 3.0 - A Extensible Host and Service Monitoring (feature)
If you're planning on installing Nagios, check out this installation guide from Rainer Brunold that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set it up.

17 Oct 2007
Survey: How well are Novell and your other vendors meeting your needs? (tip)
We're interested in knowing how well Novell is meeting your needs in several areas identified as important to current customers. Please take this short, five-minute survey to help us understand your satisfaction with Novell and other vendors.

16 Oct 2007
Mounting/Viewing Windows/Linux shared files on Linux (tool)
This script will help in Mounting/Viewing shared files from Windows or Linux on a Linux machine.

10 Oct 2007
SSH Proxying (feature)
Damian Myerscough shows you how to set up the SSH (Secure Shell) proxy utility that gives you the ability to relay network connections via SOCKS and HTTPS.

10 Oct 2007
SSH brute force block (tool)
Detect brute force SSH attack.

8 Oct 2007
Mount/access Files Residing on Xen Virtual Machines (tip)
Ivan Vari explains how to access files residing on Xen virtual machines. This can be a life saver when for instance the VM is not bootable and you need to restore or edit some files quickly to fix it.

8 Oct 2007
GRUB Loading Problem while Booting from SLES Bootable CD / DVD (tip)
If you get the error message: "ISOLINUX 3.11 0X4639e5ce" while booting from a SLES bootable CD / DVD, this tip from Shashikala BV should help you fix it.

5 Oct 2007
Create an Integrated OES 2/SLES 10 SP1 DVD Image (tool)
This script combines the OES 2 ISO and the SLES 10 SP1 ISO into a single integrated DVD image for easier OES 2 installation.

3 Oct 2007
AutoYaST: Network Auto Configuration Script (feature)
Cameron Seader shares a script you can add to the Autoinst.xml file when setting up your systems using AutoYaST.

3 Oct 2007
AppNote: Advanced patching of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 with ZENworks Linux Management (ZLM) 7.2 (appnote)
Freshly updated with reader suggestion. ZLM 7.2 is a powerful Linux systems management suite, that provides centralized control of up to hundreds of managed devices. One of the main capabilities is automated system patching, but by default ZLM 7.2 adopts the classic software package overlay approach, also for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 devices. In this document we will thus explore how the native mechanisms of ZLM 7.2 can be used to orchestrate advanced ZYPP-based patching of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 managed devices.

28 Sep 2007
Configuring a Xen VM for Live Migration within a Cluster (feature)
Jason Record shows you how to configure a Xen Virtual Machine (VM) resource for live migration.

28 Sep 2007
Mounting a Root Partition in a Logical Volume (tip)
Here's a tip from René Jr Purcell on how to mount a root partition inside a Logical Volume.

14 Sep 2007
SLE10: Create a YaST Installation Source for Auto Installation (feature)
Cameron Seader shows you how to create a YaST installation source that can be used during an Auto installation or a Network installation.

14 Sep 2007
Server Report (tool)
Simple Bash script that generates a report for documentation purposes.

12 Sep 2007
Solving Error when using df -h (tip)
If you get the error: df: cannot read table of mounted file systems: no such file or directory, here is a tip from Shashikala BV on how to fix it.

30 Aug 2007
Lock, Stock and Barrel: Moving SUSE Linux Enterprise to a new Machine (tip)
It turns out that SUSE Linux Enterprise won't boot properly if you move the hard drive from one machine to another machine (even if you connect the hard drive to the same controller). Not to worry - Muhammad Sharfuddin figured out a workaround, and shares it here.

30 Aug 2007
Installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Without a Bootable CD (tip)
Ashish Kumar shares a tip on how to install SLES on a machine that has Linux (boot loaded GRUB) already installed.

28 Aug 2007
Epiware: Project and Document Management (tool)
Open Source web-base project and document management.

25 Aug 2007
A Xen Virtual Machine Monitor Plugin for Nagios (feature)
Axel Schmidt explains how to integrate a Xen Virtual Machine Monitor Nagios plugin into an existing Nagios system environment.

23 Aug 2007
INIT Script for Tivoli Storage Manager (tip)
Cameron Seader shares a script that will start the Tivoli Storage Manager client acceptor daemon on SUSE Linux Enterprise.

21 Aug 2007
Remote Installation of SUSE with SSH (feature)
Performing a remote installation of SUSE over VNC poses a possible security risk as the installation traffic travels over the wire unencrypted. This article by Damian Meyerscough shows you how to perform a remote installation over SSH which will encrypt traffic traveling over the wire.

17 Aug 2007
Creating shared storage on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 using Xen and OCFS2 (feature)
Arun Singh shows you how to create shared storage on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 using OCFS2 and Xen Virtualization.

10 Aug 2007
Compressed Drive Imaging over a Network (feature)
Michael Farrell explains how to copy an entire drive image from one computer running Linux to another.

10 Aug 2007
openSUSE Linux Rants eBook Library (tip)
Heads Up: Scott Morris has created a new openSUSE Linux Rants eBook Library where you can download his free eBooks. Get all the details here and download his new eBook called: "Investigation 101 - Gathering Information about Hardware, Filesystem, and Processes".

27 Jul 2007
Recovering a Lost LVM Volume Disk (appnote)
Jason Record explains how to restore LVM meta data and provides several examples of the recovery process.

27 Jul 2007
8 CLI Tools that are Under-utilized, Sometimes Unknown, or Unappreciated and Yet Pack a Powerful Punch (feature)
Jonathan Peck put together a list of command line tools that he has found to be very helpful and informative when it comes to administrating Linux.

27 Jul 2007
Securing Apache Web Server with mod_security (feature)
Damian Myerscough explains how to install and configure mod_security on your Apache web server.

25 Jul 2007
Novell's Markus Rex on loan to Linux Foundation for a year (tip)
Markus Rex, a long-time Linux executive at SUSE Linux AG and Novell, will serve as chief technology officer at the Linux Foundation for a year.

23 Jul 2007
Novell Open Audio: Enabling Linux migration with Crossover Linux and Wine, and more Xen virtualization (feature)
Novell Open Audio interviews the brains behind Code Weavers, the lead corporate developers on the open source project Wine, and producers of great interop products like Crossover Linux and Crossover Mac.

20 Jul 2007
Manually Partitioning Your Hard Drive with fdisk (feature)
Damian Myerscough shows you how to create partitions with fdisk on SUSE Linux Enterprise.

16 Jul 2007
PageSize (tool)
System paging size report

28 Jun 2007
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 for the Masses: Discover the Power of Network-Based, Hands-Free Installations (feature)
Nathan Conger explains how to setup and configure a Network Installation Server paired with PXE Boot and AutoYaST for speedy, hands-free installations.

28 Jun 2007
Mirroring Update Servers (feature)
Berthold Gunreben explains how to set up an update server in an environment where Internet access is not available.

28 Jun 2007
OpenSUSE 10.2 ATI Proprietary Linux Display Driver Installation Instructions (feature)
Jim Gravele shares instructions on how to intall a ATI Proprietary Linux display driver on OpenSUSE 10.2.

28 Jun 2007
Configuring DNS and DHCP Servers with SLES10 (tip)
Mike Petersen shares an easy to follow guide on how to configure DNS and DHCP Servers using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

28 Jun 2007
How to Enable PXE in SLES 10 SP1 Virtualized Environments (tip)
Jason Douglas explains how to enable PXE in SLES 10 SP1 virtualized environments.

28 Jun 2007
Deploying BackupPC on SLES (tip)
Mike Petersen explains how to automate your backups using a stand-alone server running BackupPC on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

27 Jun 2007
Xen 3.1 on SLES 10 SP1 (tool)
Xen 3.1 on SLES 10 SP1 can save/restore/migrate support for HVM (e.g. Windows) VMS.

21 Jun 2007
Troubleshooting the SLES10 Boot Process (feature)
Jason Record has provided a quick reference guide to narrow down the cause of a failed boot and get the server back up as quickly as possible. It is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

21 Jun 2007
Automate Installation of Web Server in openSUSE 10.2 (tip)
Scott Morris shares a new bash script that will help you get a web server installed and running with minimal effort.

21 Jun 2007
Remote Management using SSH and X-Forwarding (feature)
James Rudd explains how to use SSH and X-Forwarding for remote management of your OES or SLES servers.

15 Jun 2007
Loading Base SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Packages into ZLM Bundle (tip)
In order to update SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 managed devices with ZENworks 7 Linux Management, you need to load the base operating system packages into a ZENworks 7 Linux Management bundle. This process can also be used to load the SLE 10 SDK into ZLM. Here's how you do it

14 Jun 2007
New Free YaST eBook Available (tip)
Scott Morris has completed another free eBook. It covers the basics of managing software with YaST. It goes over what Installation Sources are, how to get a full list of them, and how to put them in. He also covers the basics of adding and removing software via YaST. Find out how to get the free ebook here.

14 Jun 2007
Changing the Default Text Editor Used in SLED 10 (tip)
Ricardo da Costa shares a tip on how to change your default text editor in SLED 10.

7 Jun 2007
Loading the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Base Packages into ZENworks Linux Management 7 (tip)
We've received a couple of questions about how to use ZENworks Linux Management to keep SLES and SLED updated. Here's what the fine folks in Novell Support have to say about that.

30 May 2007
VLAN Configuration in SLES 10 (feature)
Tim Wood explains how to configure VLAN support in SLES 10.

30 May 2007 (tool)
Python script that transforms your syslog-ng formatted messages from your logfile into an atom feed. So now you can use you favorite feed reader to keep up with your logs!

29 May 2007
Renaming a NIC (tip)
Muhammad Sharfuddin explains how you can change the name of a NIC in your system.

29 May 2007
OpenNMS on openSUSE 10.x (feature)
Fahim Siddiqui shows you how to install and configure OpenNMS on openSUSE 10.1 or 10.2.

29 May 2007
X Server not starting after installing NVIDIA driver on openSUSE 10.2 (tip)
Magnus Hoglund shares a solution that solves a problem he had after installing a NVIDIA driver on openSUSE 10.2.

24 May 2007
How to use NSS Storage with a SLES 10 iSCSI Server (feature)
Lane Harner explains how he solved some problems he had when using an iSCSI server as shared storage with NSS.

17 May 2007
Linux Matlab Printing Problem (tool)
Script for the "There are no properly configured printers on the system".

11 May 2007
Integrating Your Linux Host into a Windows Environment (tip)
Dewey Hylton shares a solution that allows you to easily navigate Windows and Samba servers.

11 May 2007
Free "Intro to Linux" Course (tip)
Heads Up: Scott Morris has just released a new free "Intro to Linux" course that is done via email. Its goal is to be the most basic introduction to Linux possible. You should have a basic understanding of Linux once you complete the course. Get all the details here.

11 May 2007
Cool Wiki: Migrating a DNS Service from NetWare to Linux (tip)
Louis Bernardo recently added a new article in the Cool Wiki about migrating DNS from a NetWare server to a Linux server. Read the article here.

4 May 2007
Moiz Kohari on SUSE Linux Enterprise Real-Time and Dale Olds updates us on Bandit Project (feature)
Moiz Kohari talks about SUSE Linux Enterprise Real-Time. Then get an update on cool new things that are happening with the Bandit Project from Dale Olds.

3 May 2007
DHCP Lease Data Monitoring Utility (tool)
Retrieve and display DHCP lease data of a Linux DHCP server.

2 May 2007
Fix for MATLAB (R14SP2) 64-bit on AMD (tool)
Fix for an error - /bin/sh: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

27 Apr 2007
Staying on Top of Your Memory Usage in Linux (feature)
If you notice that after using your computer for a long period of time, your system slows down, programs respond slower, or your web browsers seem sluggish, check out this article from Michael Farrell for some tips on how to fix it.

27 Apr 2007
SLE10: Apply Updates Without New Kernel Updates Being Applied (feature)
Cameron Seader shares a script that you can use if you have a need in your environment to apply updates without having a new kernel being applied.

27 Apr 2007
Novell Open Audio: Greg Kroah-Hartman on Linux Kernel Development and News from Support (feature)
SUSE Labs? Greg Kroah-Hartman joins the Open Audio team to talk about kernel development, including a beginners how to, and the kernel development hierarchy. Then Randy and Dave are back for another episode of News from Support.

19 Apr 2007 (tool)
Back up and restore trustee rights.

18 Apr 2007
Sentinel Collector for Apache Access Logs (tool)
Sentinel Collector that parses and normalizes events received from Apache 2 Access Logs (running on SLES10).

12 Apr 2007
Sumitomo Electric Industries Chooses Novell for Xen Virtualization (feature)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Xen on Intel Virtualization Technology extends the life of Sumitomo's applications and platforms, and simplifies disaster recovery. Find out more...

10 Apr 2007
Sentinel Collector for SLES 10 (tool)
Sentinel Collector parses and normalizes events received from SLES 10 by syslog.

6 Apr 2007
Troubleshooting YaST Online Update (YOU) (tip)
Here are some helpful tips from Novell Support for YaST Online Update issues.

6 Apr 2007
Setting Up iSCSI Using YaST (feature)
Andras Dosztal shows you how to create an iSCSI target on a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 server.

6 Apr 2007
Novell Open Audio: AppleTalk Filing Protocol on Linux and News from Support (feature)
Jason Williams talks about AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP) support on Linux. Plus, Randy and Dave have the latest News from Support.

5 Apr 2007
Remote Filesystem Access through SUSE Linux Enterprise Server FTP (feature)
Randy Goddard explains how to configure SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Remote Filesystem Access.

5 Apr 2007
How to Configure Automatic Printer Driver Download by Integrating CUPS and SAMBA (feature)
Maer Melo explains how to integrate CUPS with the SAMBA service to provide an easy and reliable print service for your network environment.

23 Mar 2007
Novell Outlines Enhancements in SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP1 (feature)
The SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Service Pack 1 beta is now available, with significant improvements in virtualization, high-performance computing, desktop usability, security, interoperability and system management. Get all the details here.

23 Mar 2007
Harnessing the Power of Server Virtualization: a Linux-Based High Availability Storage Foundation (feature)
This new Novell Connection article describes a demonstration recently documented by Novell engineers that provides an introduction to server virtualization by emulating an enterprise-class storage solution.

23 Mar 2007
How to manage X Windows on SLES10 Tunneled with SSH from Windows XP Client (tip)
Charles Short shares a solution on how to manage X Window VMware servers through tunneled SSH VNC from a Windows XP desktop.

23 Mar 2007
Cool Wiki: SLES Performance Tuning (tip)
Jesse Pretorius posted a new article in the Cool Wiki where information and references can be collected to make it easier for administrators to find information regarding SLES performance optimization.

23 Mar 2007
Cool Wiki: SLES 10 VMware Tips (tip)
Check out this new Cool Wiki article by Jesse Pretorius that has tips and best practices for the use of SLES as a virtualization host or guest.

23 Mar 2007
How to Configure an Installation Server, including Support Packs, using YaST on SLES 9 and 10 (tip)
Here's a new TID from Novell Support that has detailed instructions on how to configure an installation server using YaST on SLES 9 and 10.

14 Mar 2007
Getting FreeRadius 1.1.4 Running with eDirectory on SLES 10 (tip)
Need to go beyond version 1.1.0 of FreeRADIUS with SLES 10? Charles Short has a workaround that gets version 1.1.4 up and running.

8 Mar 2007
Updating Automatically (tip)
Chris Lander shares a script that will automatically update

8 Mar 2007
How to Create a Bootable USB Drive to Install SLES (tip)
Check out this new TID from Novell Support that explains how to create a bootable USB stick to install SLES 10 when a CD-ROM drive may not be available in the server.

7 Mar 2007
How to Create an Installation Source for SLES 10 (tip)
Rob Aronson needed to add some applications to his SLES 10 server. The packages he needed were included in SLED 10, all precompiled and ready to use. Read how Ron created an http installation source on a computer with SLED 10 so he could access the packages he needed.

7 Mar 2007
Switching your Linux systems to the new DST (feature)
Linux-Watch: Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols explains how to switch Linux systems to the new DST.

3 Mar 2007
Tool for changing the code page of a file/directory name stored on Linux (tool)
This tool changes the code page of a file/directory name stored on Linux file systems.

2 Mar 2007
Recovering a File in Linux (tip)
If you've ever lost an important document because the application crashed, or you closed the file without saving it, check out this tip from Mike Farrell to find out how to recover it.

28 Feb 2007
Webmin (tool)
Web-based interface for system administration for Unix.

22 Feb 2007
Quickstart Guide for Installing Domino 7 on SLES 9 (appnote)
Updated with new suggestions. The purpose of this document is to provide a quick way for someone who wants to test drive Domino on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9, for example for a lab pilot, etc. This document is not a comprehensive installation guide for Domino 7 on SLES 9, but I hope that it may save some time to others like me who needed a running Domino server fast, to eventually tune it or use it together with other solutions like Novell Identity Manager.

22 Feb 2007
How to Set Up a Bluetooth Proximity System (feature)
Dan Elder explains how to set up a connection between your computer and cell phone and create a simple proximity badge for you to use.

22 Feb 2007
Daylight Saving Time Changes for 2007 (feature)
Daylight Saving Time will begin the second Sunday in March (March 11th), 3 weeks earlier than in past years. Novell Support has provided all the information you need to ensure that your Novell products are updated and ready to handle the changes.

14 Feb 2007
BASH: cool functions for your .bashrc file (tool)
Weather, stock, translate, and define functions for your .bashrc.file.

14 Feb 2007
Configuring a Linux High Availability Cluster for IDM 3 and eDirectory 8.8 (appnote)
Can Identity Manager can be used in a clustered environment? Find out the answers in this AppNote by Novell's Jon Hardman.

9 Feb 2007
Add ACL Support to Nautilus (tip)
When using the GNOME interface on SLES10 or SLED10 it is hard to adjust ACLs on files and directories because Nautilus does not have ACL support (yet). Fortunately there is a extension that will add ACL support to Nautilus. It is called Eiciel. Mike Petersen has provided a RPM for Eiciel to allow for easy installation. Download it here.

9 Feb 2007
Securing Your Server With AppArmor (feature)
Christian Boltz explains how to use the YaST AppArmor modules or the command-line tools to secure your server using AppArmor.

9 Feb 2007
Converting SLES and SLED Evaluations to Paid-for Subscriptions (tip)
Rick Holzer explains how a customer can convert a SLES or SLED system from being registered as an Evaluation copy to a paid-for subscription.

9 Feb 2007
Create Multiple Backup Versions on your Disk (tip)
Tore Agblad shares a script that will create multiple backup versions on your disk.

9 Feb 2007
Automatically Restart a Service if it Crashes (tip)
Daniel Hedblom shares a script he uses on his network that watches a service and restarts it in case of a crash.

9 Feb 2007
Shrink NTFS Partition Using AutoYaST (tip)
Kenneth Stevenson explains how to install openSUSE on a machine that already has Windows occupying a NTFS partition spanning the entire disk.

9 Feb 2007
Troubleshooting Common Boot Issues (tip)
Here are some helpful troubleshooting tips from Novell Support that can help you figure out what's wrong if you have system boot issues.

8 Feb 2007
Installing Oracle Applications Release 12 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (feature)
If you're getting ready to install Oracle Applications Release 12 on SLES10, check out this detailed installation guide from Michael Taylor that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to install it.

8 Feb 2007
Novell Open Audio: Using Open Source at Novell, Daylight Saving Time (feature)
Ted and Erin interview the guys in Novell IS&T to find out how and why they use open source software for running Novell's business. Then, in News from Support, learn about what the upcoming changes in Daylight Saving Time may mean to your organization.

8 Feb 2007
High performance Compute pricing for SLES 9 (tip)
Novell offers special pricing for customers that are going to use SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) in the context of a High Performance Compute cluster (HPC). Get the details here.

2 Feb 2007
Setting Up Bind as a Caching Name Server (DNS) on SLED 10 (tip)
Scott Morgan shares a tip on how to set up Bind as a caching name server on SLED 10.

25 Jan 2007
Migrating from Red Hat to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (Course 3068) (feature)
Novell Training services announces its latest course that is ideal for administrators who are looking to expand their skills to be able to successfully carry out a migration from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10. This course is available both as a free download and as an Instructor-led class depending on individual customers preferred method of training, budget and time constraints. Get all the details here.

25 Jan 2007
Building Moodle on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (feature)
Alex Inman shares step-by-step instructions and a script that will help you install Moodle on SLES 10.

25 Jan 2007
Moving Linux Virtual Machine (VM) from Windows Host to Linux Host (tip)
Chris Randles shows us a quick fix to get the Graphical User Interface up after switching a Linux Virtual Machine from a Windows host to a Linux host.

25 Jan 2007
History Buffer Security... (tip)
Many installation executables require you to enter a password on the command line in order to achieve the installation. This means that your password is on view for all to see in the command line history buffer.

25 Jan 2007
Novell Open Audio: Tools of the Back Line Support Gurus (feature)
Randy Goddard and Dave Mair tell us about the tools and techniques that they use to help customers troubleshoot their servers.

25 Jan 2007
Success Story: Motorists Insurance Group (feature)
Motorists Insurance Group needed a more flexible IT infrastructure to provide Web-based applications to its independent agents. Learn how the company created an open enterprise with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, reducing hardware and software costs by 50 percent.

10 Jan 2007
eDirectory/PAM Authentication to Linux Services (feature)
Here's a step-by-step guide for authenticating users from eDirectory via PAM to services such as VMWare Server, and performing administration tasks using sudo.

10 Jan 2007
Console Monitoring Tools for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (feature)
Andras Dosztal has put together a list of console monitoring tools you can use for finding errors, spotting bottlenecks or just keeping an eye on your server.

10 Jan 2007
Deploying Web Applications to Tomcat (feature)
Brian Higgins shares a tip on how to deploy web applications, in the form of WAR files, to the Tomcat web server.

8 Jan 2007
Linux iManager Plugin Installer (tool)
Quickly install iManager plugins on Linux platform.

5 Jan 2007
Linux Control Tomcat (tool)
Program to control the Tomcat server on Linux machine.

5 Jan 2007
How to Setup and Configure Apache Web Server in SLES 10 (appnote)
Dave Simons explains how to setup and configure the Apache Web server in SLES 10.

4 Jan 2007
Custom Built RPMs for SUSE Linux Enterprise (tip)
Mike Petersen shares some RPMs he created for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

2 Jan 2007
Create and Run ASP.NET Applications on Linux using Mono (feature)
Savia Mendes shows you how to create and run ASP.NET applications on Linux using Mono.

21 Dec 2006
Partitioning Your Hard Disk Before Installing SUSE (tip)
Scott Morris shares a solution he provided for a user on how to partition a hard disk before installing SUSE.

15 Dec 2006
Creating Software RAID Configurations in SLES 10 (appnote)
Dave Simons explains how to create a Software RAID configuration in SLES 10.

14 Dec 2006
XEN: Install SLES 9 SP3 domU on SLES 10 XEN dom0 (feature)
Cameron Seader explains how to install SLES 9 SP3 domU on SLES 10 XEN dom0.

14 Dec 2006
Novell Open Audio: openSUSE 10.2 Overview with Martin Lasarsch (feature)
openSUSE developer Martin Lasarsch gives an overview about what's new in openSUSE 10.2.

14 Dec 2006
Installing Pure-FTPd on SLES 10 (feature)
Dave Simons explains how to install Pure-FTPd on SUSE Linux Enterprise 10.

13 Dec 2006
Using AppArmor to Create Confined Root Shells (tip)
Here's a new TID from Novell Support that explains how to use AppArmor to create roles that operate as restricted shells in Linux.

12 Dec 2006
ImportCertLinux (tool)
Automatically import certificate from eDirectory into local key store for iManager plugins to communicate over SSL.

8 Dec 2006
Mounting a USB Memory Stick (tip)
Scott Morris shares a solution he provided for a user on how to mount a USB stick on a SUSE machine.

8 Dec 2006
Remote Monitoring Using Screenshots and Your PDA (tip)
Daniel Bray was migrating a few 100 GBs of data, and didn't want to sit in front of his laptop and watch it copy. So he used his PDA to monitor it remotely.

7 Dec 2006
Using YaST Profile Manager on Your Laptop (tip)
Simon Crute explains how to use the YaST Profile Manager to create different profiles of your system configuration on your laptop when you use a docking station.

4 Dec 2006
Make SUSE DVDs (tool)
Make DVDs from SUSE ISOs.

1 Dec 2006
Special Holiday Drawing Winner! (feature)
Congratulations to Gary Childers - the lucky winner of the iPod nano RED special edition!

30 Nov 2006
Novell Open Audio: Open Enterprise Server: Listener Questions about Linux (feature)
Product manager Jason Williams answers questions from the Open Audio listener community. He also explains the differences between SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) and Open Enterprise Server (OES).

22 Nov 2006
Simple Firewall Configuration Using NetFilter/iptables (feature)
Here's a new cool solution by David Mair that walks you through the creation of a simple iptables firewall explaining how it works along the way.

20 Nov 2006
Success Story: The Susquehanna International Group of Companies (feature)
Learn how the Susquehanna International Group of Companies dramatically increased system performance, and allowed a hardware switch that reduced costs by about 75 percent by moving to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

16 Nov 2006
Novell Open Audio: SLE10: System Scaling at the Kernel Level (feature)
Kernel gurus Kurt Garloff and Hannes Reinecke share some of the work that they have been involved in regarding scaling features in the Linux kernel for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10.

16 Nov 2006
Installing HP Web Jetadmin on SLES 10 (tip)
David Benjamin shares a tip on how to install HP Web Jetadmin on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

16 Nov 2006
Installation of Centre on SLES 10 (feature)
James Tremblay shares instructions on how to install Centre on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

16 Nov 2006
SSH Option VerifyHostKeyDNS (tip)
Every time a new SSH connection is established, the software asks for the fingerprint of the public key from the server. Arndt Stajta explains how to automate the process.

10 Nov 2006
NSS Volume lister for Linux (tool)
List all NSS Volumes on an OES Linux Server.

9 Nov 2006
Checking the Log File for Invalid SSH Connection Attempts (tip)
If you have an open SSH connection, you will notice that a lot of people will try to log into your system. Houghi shares some tips on how to check the log file for invalid connection attempts and how to make sure your system is safe.

7 Nov 2006
Setting up SSL Communications on GroupWise Messenger Server on SLES 10 (tip)
Dave Cushing shares his solution on how to set up GroupWise Messenger agents on a Linux server.

2 Nov 2006
Centralized Syslogging with Syslog-NG on SUSE Linux (feature)
Scott Flowers explains how to configure a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or Open Enterprise Linux server to act as a simple centralized loghost, and how to configure SLES servers and desktops to log system messages to that host over the network.

2 Nov 2006
Using Amanda to Backup Your Linux Server (feature)
Brian Higgins explains how to configure and use Amanda (Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver) to backup a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

2 Nov 2006
This Week in Novell Open Audio: SLE10: Technical Training & Learning (feature)
Ted and Erin investigate some training options for using and administering SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 systems.

2 Nov 2006
Linux Automation Framework (feature)
Yatin Manerker shares some scripts that can be used to start a test on a Linux server without needing an agent running on the server.

1 Nov 2006
Novell & Microsoft: What Do You Think? (tip)
Learn more about the landmark announcement from Novell and Microsoft.

24 Oct 2006
SSLBridge: Samba Web Application (tool)
Open Source Samba Web-Based Interface.

23 Oct 2006
Bash - Making use of your .bashrc file (tool)
A sample .bashrc file.

18 Oct 2006
Novell Delivers Integrated Stack for SUSE Linux Enterprise Built with Mixed Source Software and Systems from IBM (feature)
Novell announced the global availability of the Integrated Stack for SUSE Linux Enterprise, a software bundle that combines SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell with a mixture of open and private source software from IBM, tailored for IBM* systems. Get the details here.

18 Oct 2006
Beige Paper: Implementing Oracle* 11i Applications on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (feature)
Novell recently completed its upgrade from Oracle* 11.02 to Oracle 11i. Read this new Novell IS&T beige paper and learn how we did it.

18 Oct 2006
This week in Novell Open Audio: Listener Survey Results and News from Support (feature)
Ted and Erin announce the winners and review the results from the Novell Open Audio semi-annual listener feedback survey, and explain how they are using the feedback to adapt the show. Plus, Randy Goddard and Dave Mair are back for News from Support.

18 Oct 2006
Find out how many actual processors are on your server (tip)
Saurabh Garg shares a tip that will help you find out many actual (physical) processors are on your server.

17 Oct 2006
AJAX Target Tracking and Animated Replay (tool)
Open Source application for adding targets and tracking the history and size of target area.

6 Oct 2006
How to Install and Setup Munin on SLES 10 (feature)
David Mair explains how to install Munin on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10. Munin is a Linux host monitoring application that lets you look inside your systems and see how they change over time. You can spot trends and hot-spots at a glance.

2 Oct 2006
SLES9: Apply Security Patches without New Kernel Patches Being Applied (tip)
Updated: If you have a need in your environment to apply Security updates without having a new Kernel being applied, then the following should help you accomplish this goal.

26 Sep 2006
LSENDMAG - Wake On LAN - (SUSE Linux) (tool)
Remotely turn on workstations and servers.

22 Sep 2006
Pconsole and KDE (tip)
If like most SUSE users, and you are a long time KDE user, you will be happy to know that pconsole has been integrated into the KDE console now. Kyaw Than shares a tip on how to use it.

22 Sep 2006
Novell Open Audio: SLE10: Data Center Technology Foundation (feature)
Markus Kraft and Hannes Reineke explain technologies that form a foundation for data center Linux, and they provide a cool tip for how you can set up a miniature data center demo using an iPod!

22 Sep 2006
Migrating User Storage from Windows NTFS to Linux and AD to a Samba Domain (appnote)
Michel Bluteau explains how user storage (home directories) and shared storage is moved or migrated from Windows NTFS to a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Samba server.

22 Sep 2006
NCPMNTSH v1.2 - A Linux Script to Map to a NetWare Server (feature)
Tay Kratzer has released a new version of NCPMNTSH. NCPMNTSH is a script that makes mapping a SLES or OES/Linux server to a NetWare server much easier. Get all the details here.

22 Sep 2006
Setting Up a Local Update Server for SLE 10 (tip)
Here's a new TID from Novell Support that shows you how to configure a local update service for SLE 10 packages that will lower bandwidth usage and perform updates faster.

20 Sep 2006
Preview - Installing Oracle 10g R2 Database on SLES 10 (appnote)
Michel Bluteau shows you how to install a Oracle 10g R2 Database (Enterprise Edition) on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

14 Sep 2006
Share Your PXE Boot Menus (feature)
Download additional PXE Boot menus and share your own creative PXE Boot menus here. We'll send you a t-shirt for your contribution!

13 Sep 2006
Using sudo with LUM-enabled eDirectory Users (tip)
Here's a tip from Marc Bitner that gives you the benefits of sudo with eDirectory users.

8 Sep 2006
Automatically Mount USB Hard Drives (tip)
Christian Prause explains how to set a fixed mount point for USB hard drives and then automatically have them mounted when plugged in.

7 Sep 2006
This week in Novell Open Audio: SLE10 - Multiple Hardware Platforms (feature)
Listen to Chris Cooper from partner developer services discuss his involvement helping Novell partners get their hardware and software ready for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10. Then, Technical Project Managers Bodo Bauer and Ihno Krumreich explain the processes to enable SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on many different hardware platforms.

7 Sep 2006
How To Configure Bonding on SLES (tip)
If you want to combine several physical network cards into a virtual one, check out this TID from Novell Support.

7 Sep 2006
Multi-level, Colorful and "Jazzy" PXE Boot Menus Made Easy (appnote)
Being bent on making the PXE boot menu "pretty", and easy to modify, Bryan Keadle came up with a "PXE development environment" that lets you easily, and *QUICKLY* develop the PXE boot menu. Contained in the downloadable package with this article are a couple tools to make building your PXE menu an easy few steps. Enjoy!

30 Aug 2006
Setting Up a SUSE PXE Installation Server in an Existing NetWare Environment (feature)
Bryan Keadle has provided some instructions for getting a working PXE-based installation server for your SUSE deployments in your existing NetWare environment.

30 Aug 2006
Designing a Clustering Solution for Linux and NetWare with Novell Cluster Services (feature) has published a sample chapter from the book Novell Cluster Services for Linux and NetWare by Rob Bastiaansen and Sander van Vugt. The chapter is titled Designing a Clustering Solution for Linux and NetWare with Novell Cluster Services. It provides you with all the functional and technical details you need to design your clustering solution.

30 Aug 2006
Novell Open Audio: Robert Love and News from Support (feature)
Robert Love returns to Novell Open Audio and he's got a new job! Randy Goddard and Dave Mair are back and up to their usual geek antics in News from Support.

29 Aug 2006
Novell Wins Top Channel Award for Open Platform Solutions (feature)
Novell Open Enterprise Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server have swept the top spots for server operating systems in the Annual Report Card (ARC), a prestigious ranking by VARBusiness that identifies the top technologies among the solution provider channel. Read about it here.

25 Aug 2006
Getting All the Benefits of your SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Eval Software (tip)
Here is a roadmap to getting free SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Eval software plus all the benefits that Novell offers with the test drive.

24 Aug 2006
SLES 10 Tip: Clustering Shorewall (tip)
Paul Gear shares a solution for implementing a cluster that load-balances ADSL connections to provide increased speed and reliability of Internet access.

24 Aug 2006
SLES 10 Tip: SLES 10 and VMWare Server 1.0 (tip)
Adam Robinson shares his experience with SLES 10 and VMware Server 1.0.

21 Aug 2006
You Talk, Novell Listens: Progress Report on Customer Suggested Improvements (tip)
Check out this report that explains how Novell has implemented many changes suggested by customers.

17 Aug 2006
Installing OES Linux as a Xen Guest on SLES10 (feature)
Glen Davis explains how to install Open Enterprise Server Linux SP2 as a Fully-Virtualized Xen VM Guest on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

17 Aug 2006
This week in Novell Open Audio: LinuxWorld (feature)
Listen to interviews with Nat Friedman and Jeremy Allison recorded at LinuxWorld.

17 Aug 2006
Getting the SLES / SLED 10 Software Updater to work if you use a Proxy Server (feature)
Hicham Mourad explains how to configure the Novell Customer Center and the Software Updater to work on your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or Desktop if you use a proxy server.

15 Aug 2006
GroupWise Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10; Entitlement Offer Extended (feature)
Novell is pleased to announce GroupWise support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) 10. Get the details here ...

11 Aug 2006
Dead-Gateway Detection (feature)
Randy Goddard shares a solution which can be used to allow enterprise servers a certain level of IP dead-gateway detection and modify their routing tables accordingly.

11 Aug 2006
How to Run NetStorage Within a Virtual Host in SLES (feature)
Jeff Atchison provides instructions on how to run NetStorage within a Virtual Host on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

11 Aug 2006
SUSE Linux Enterprise Technical Library (feature)
If you're looking for more information about SUSE Linux Enterprise 10, check out the SUSE Linux Enterprise library for the latest technical white papers.

11 Aug 2006
Building a SAN Storage Device Using iSCSI on SUSE Linux - Part 1 (feature)
Wouter Rusman explains how to build a SAN storage device using iSCSI on SUSE Linux. Part 1 shows you how to configure the iSCSI target on your Linux box.

9 Aug 2006
Create Installation Repository Structures for SLES 9 (tool)
Create installation repository structures for SLES 9 and all Architectures.

9 Aug 2006
Create Your First SUSE Linux Application in 10 Minutes Using the Visual Studio .NET IDE (feature)
This article describes how you can use Grasshopper to build a simple ASP.NET application that consumes a stock quote Web service, and presents it using a Web Form that runs on Tomcat under Linux.

3 Aug 2006
The Easiest Linux Guide You'll Ever Read (feature)
Heads Up: Scott Morris just released a new book called "The Easiest Linux Guide You'll Ever Read - An Introduction to Linux for Windows Users". It is available as a free download. Get all the details here.

1 Aug 2006
GroupWise Backup and Restore Product now Supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (tip)
Good news for GroupWise admins who are looking to move to SUSE Linux Enterprise 10. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 is now supported by a major GroupWise partner product, GWAVA Reload, as of a recent support pack.

1 Aug 2006
New Linux Certifications Now Available (tip)
If you are ready for premier training on the most progressive Linux platform, Novell is ready for you. It's time to take advantage of the hottest new certifications - the Novell Certified Linux Professional 10 and the Novell Certified Linux Engineer 10.

1 Aug 2006
Novell Bans Proprietary Linux Modules (feature) Novell has ceased distributing proprietary software modules such as 3D video drivers that plug into the Linux kernel. Read the article here.

28 Jul 2006
Novell Open Audio: SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and Eric Anderson (feature)
Eric Anderson tells us about his experience as one of the lead people involved in the integration of SUSE and Novell.

28 Jul 2006
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 VM Network Configuration Examples (feature)
Glen Davis shares some examples of Network setups using Xen 3 in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

27 Jul 2006
SLES 9 Authentication to Active Directory (tip)
Cameron Seader explains how to setup authentication for a SLES 9 client server to a Windows Active Directory Server.

27 Jul 2006
Configuring a NFSv4 Server and Client on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (feature)
Praveen Kumar explains how to configure a NFSv4 Server and Client on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

26 Jul 2006
How to Configure a 1X Aircard on a Laptop with SUSE 10.1 (tip)
Peter Van den Wildenbergh provides instructions on how to configure a 1vEV-DO PC Card & SUSE 10.1 on a laptop.

21 Jul 2006
Xenclone (tool)
Bash script for creating a new unique Virtual Machine (VM) based off a source VM.

20 Jul 2006
Getting to Know the Novell Customer Center (feature)
The new Novell Customer Center allows you to put all your Novell eggs in one basket, and keep a watchful eye on everything. If you've ever had the nagging suspicion that you have little piles of unused licenses going to waste, or if you need to be able to look the CIO in the eye and guarantee you are current on all security patches, you are going to love this.

19 Jul 2006
SLES Installation Directory Structure (tool)
Create installation server's directory structure from CDs.

19 Jul 2006
tkdiff (tool)
Graphical User Interface for diff utility

13 Jul 2006
Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 - Linux Without Tears (tip)
Check out this great review from Network Computing's Ben DuPont. Here are some pithy excerpts.

13 Jul 2006
Customer Comments about the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Pre-release (feature)
Freshly Updated -- We've been poring over the comments coming in from people who are trying the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Pre-release, and it's great to see the widespread enthusiasm for the new features, the elegant interface, and the ease of use for end-users. Take a look at some of the comments and early reactions. (To paraphrase Sally Field, "You like it! You really, really like it!")

13 Jul 2006
Configuring NFSv4 on Active/Passive iSCSI-based High Availability Clusters (appnote)
Yatin Manerker explains how to configure NFSv4 on iSCSI-based Linux High Availability (HA) clusters.

13 Jul 2006
How To: Remote Installation Using SSH or VNC (tip)
Here's a cool tip from Novell Support that explains how to set up a remote installation using SSH or VNC. An install can be started that will allow for remote control during the installation process.

30 Jun 2006
Migrating a NetWare iSCSI Target to a Linux iSCSI Target on SLES 10 (appnote)
Yatin Manerker explains how to migrate from a NetWare iSCSI target to a Linux iSCSI target on SLES 10.

28 Jun 2006
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 -- Up Close and Personal (feature)
Ready for some fun? Be one of the first to try the last pre-release version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10. For those of you who want some guidance through the product, check out the Reviewers Guide -- it walks you deep into the product to explore the coolest new features. Enjoy! (And take the survey after you've tried it. We want to know what you think about it.)

28 Jun 2006
A Hardened Backend - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (feature)
Don't miss this new Novell Connection article by Ken Baker. He provides an overview of what is included in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

28 Jun 2006
Setting up VPN on SUSE 10 (tip)
Kevin Alexander explains how to set up VPN to work on a laptop with SUSE 10.

16 Jun 2006
Useful SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Resource (tip)
If you're like me, you appreciate all the helpful resources you can get. In this case, I found a great resource for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 admins. It is called "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Installation and Administration". This is a good one for your bookmarks. I just saw it and wanted to pass it along.

16 Jun 2006
Novell Open PR: Say what? (tip)
Bruce Lowry sheds some light on the way things really are. This post is in response to a misleading article posted over a week ago about Windows servers outperforming Linux servers. Bruce sets the record straight.

1 Jun 2006
Interview with Andreas Jaeger (tip) has written up quite the interview. They met up with SUSE project manager Andreas Jaeger. Questions placed to Mr. Jaeger were answered neatly and succinctly. For anyone interested in the man behind the releases, come take a look.

31 May 2006
The Perfect Setup - SUSE 10.1 (32-bit) (tip)
Falko Timme has posted another very well-written article on how to set up a SUSE Linux 10.1 machine as a fully-functional server. When you're done, you will have mail, DNS, FTP, and HTTP. Nicely done.

23 May 2006
Madpenguin's Look at SUSE Linux 10.1 (tip)
Madpenguin has posted a nice review of SUSE Linux 10.1. It's a great review for those interested in looking for a great desktop Linux distribution.

23 May 2006
System Builders To Novell: We'll Give You A Listen (tip)
"If packed demo rooms are any indication of interest in its latest Linux desktop, Novell has a willing audience," says this article. Seems like more and more vendors are giving Novell a listening ear.

18 May 2006
Restore Settings after Updating SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (tip)
You have a fresh install of SLES 9. You proceed to install OpenXchange Server to your specified configuration users, domains, etc. You then apply all necessary patches and service packs to have a current system. You then realize ALL your customizations to the ldap database, users, domains, smtp settings are gone. WHAT DO YOU DO!?

10 May 2006
Reference List of SUSE Linux Resources (feature)
Would you like to know of some great SUSE-oriented forums? Are you interested in what SUSE bloggers have to say? Do you want SUSE-related news? Scott Morris lists all of these resources and others, including mailing lists, IRC channels, RSS feeds and more here in one place. Bookmark this page for quick reference.

4 May 2006
Novell OpenRap (tip)
Who says geeks can't rhyme? Check out this rap from Novell's own Bret Dayley, as certified a geek as you're ever likely to meet.

2 May 2006
Getting RSS Feeds in your Instant Messaging Client (appnote)
Rather than having a RSS news reader running all the time checking for updates to your web feeds (blogs and podcasts), wouldn't you love to get updates via IM? Jon Strickland explains how to use InstantFeed to get your RSS feeds to show up in most IM clients, including AIM, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, and Google Talk. Very nifty device for keeping yourself informed while you chat with your friends.

26 Apr 2006
Migrating a Client from an NNLS1 / SLES8 Server to OES (tip)
Novell's Aaron Burgemeister explains how to do an indirect migration of a client from NNLS / SLES8 to OES.

24 Apr 2006
FREE Enterprise Portal Released for Novell, Microsoft, Redhat, and other Linux Distributions (feature)
Organizations worldwide can immediately deploy the Lumenation v6.0 Portal and benefit from the robust middleware / framework environment - FREE.

24 Apr 2006
Sorting Out Intellectual Property in a "Composite" Application World (feature)
A sea change is taking place in software development. This article, by Douglas A. Levin, President & CEO of Black Duck Software, explores new approaches to protecting valuable software intellectual property.

24 Apr 2006
EnterpriseDB: Oracle Compatibility and Enterprise Performance on a PostgreSQL Foundation (feature)
Learn how EnterpriseDB amplifies the benefits of PostgreSQL, and what that can mean for your mission-critical enterprise applications.

24 Apr 2006
Novacoast Voice RD (feature)
Get the details on Novacoast's VoiceRD, the rapid deployment of a fully featured Open Source PBX.

24 Apr 2006
Spotlight on SugarCRM (feature)
Find out the difference SugarCRM can make for customer relationship management in your company, including a professional demo, TCO white paper and more.

20 Apr 2006
Cassatt Announces Collage Version 3 with Support for Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (tip)
Cassatt announced that it has teamed with Novell to deliver a unique combination of automation and virtualization tools to enterprise customers running Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in their data centers.

20 Apr 2006
Hard-Code Speed and Duplex Settings for NICs (tip)
For a system that will be network attached long term it is best practice to hard code the link speed and duplex setings on the nic(s) in the system to match the switch port settings. This prevents allignment errors, runts, FCS and other errors from occuring on the switch when the system autonegotiates network settings.

20 Apr 2006
Jeff Jaffe's Blog (tip)
Novell CTO Jeff Jaffe has started a blog for the company. Find insightful views and comments in his posts.

6 Apr 2006
siga: System Information GAthering (tip)
Need a nice neat way to gather and display all of the information about your system? The 'siga' command can help you out with this. John O'Riordan takes us through a quick intro to this slick tool.

6 Apr 2006
Restore Missing Option for NIS Users (tip)
"NIS Users" was not available as "Set Filter" option in Security and Users, Edit and Create Users after performing online update through Novell YOU server. If this has happened to you, this article might help.

6 Apr 2006
CTO Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe Starts Novell Blog (tip)
Novell CTO Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe has started a blog. This is a great asset for the technology community, considering the author.

5 Apr 2006
Manually Create A Network Installation Source For NLPOS9-SP2 & SLES9-SP3 (feature)
Novell Linux Point of Service includes NLD, SLES and NLPOS CDs and the corresponding Service Pack CDs. To speed up the installation of NLPOS and/or SLES one will discover that it is always a good idea to have an installation server available, even when the installation media is only available as ISO images.

23 Mar 2006
Novell CEO opens up road map (tip)
Novell CEO Jack Messman launched the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 products this week at Brainshare.

23 Mar 2006
Novell Gains Client in Catholic Healthcare West (tip)
Catholic Healthcare West has announced that they will be deploying Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to help reduce costs and increase security.

23 Mar 2006
Backup Express YES! Certified for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (tip)
Backup Express, a product designed to protect data, has been recently YES! certified with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9, according to Syncsort.

15 Mar 2006
Be famous: Get published at CoolSolutions (tip)
Let's get this party going! Write an article about your favorite application, an experience you've had with SUSE Linux, or a cool tip or trick.

9 Mar 2006
Introducing Cool Blogs (tip)
Heads Up: Check out the newest addition to Novell Cool Solutions -- Cool Blogs. Written by key Novell personnel who are responsible for creating, supporting, and marketing Novell's products, these Cool Blogs will be an unprecedented opportunity for you to get the inside scoop on this technology. If you use Novell in your desktop or datacenter, you need to check this out.

9 Mar 2006
Keeping Passwords Out of Viewable History (tip)
In Linux and Unix, history can come back to haunt you. Find out why and what you can do about it, in this tip from Novell's Aaron Burgemeister.

3 Mar 2006
Plesk SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Earns Novell YES Certification (tip)

SWSoft, a server automation and virtualization software company, announced that its Plesk Linux control panel has been YEST certified with Novell.

3 Mar 2006
Mantas Offers SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to Financial Services Institutions Globally (tip)
Mantas, a worldwide leader in compliance solutions for financial services, including anti-money laundering, trading compliance and broker compliance, is providing, as part of its offerings, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.

3 Mar 2006
SUSE 10.1 beta 6 Released (tip)
A new version of SUSE 10.1 has been released, beta 6. This is still a testing version and should not be used on production systems. It might be worth a glance, though, just to see what's in it.

3 Mar 2006
Switching to SUSE 10.0 (tip)
If you know someone who is interested in upgrading their systems to Linux, this thread may be of interest. A user named sharkscott decided to jump from Windows to Linux cold turkey. This thread outlines his experiences.

2 Mar 2006
IBM Helps Venezuela in Migration to OSS (tip)
Venezuela has enlisted the help of IBM to assist in the migration to open source software. This is just one of the many worldwide government agencies who are making similar upgrades in their departments.

2 Mar 2006
Why Windows Vista will suck (tip)
Here is some good stuff for you. It is an article by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols on why Windows Vista doesn't cut it.

24 Feb 2006
Keeping Students from meddling with the PXE Menu (tip)
ZENworks preboot services does not provide password protection for PXE menu options, but Ryan Veety needed a way to keep the students out of the PXE menu. He explains how he did it (not for the faint of heart -- it requires some skill working with config files in Linux).

22 Feb 2006
Survey Series: Review an App (trench)
Write a 4 - 5 page review of the software listed, and receive double points through the end of February.

22 Feb 2006
Automount CD-ROM Images (trench)
Chris Lander says, "Following up on the article "A Little YaST Magic" by Scott M. Morris posted on 6 Jan 2005, where he explains how to mount iso images of the distribution CD-ROMs,it is possible to automatically mount them by making suitable entries in /etc/fstab." This article explains how to automatically mount these images.

22 Feb 2006
What is the "umask"? How can I set it? (trench)
Christian Boltz tells us all about this feature, what it is, and how to use it.

22 Feb 2006
Get Thee to a Nano-ry! (tip)
Finally, a podcast for the die-hard Novell enthusiast! Novell Users International and Novell have teamed up to bring you Novell Open Audio, the cool audio companion for the avid Cool Solutions reader.

16 Feb 2006
How to Mirror OES and SLES9 patches using ZENworks 7 (feature)
In this first article of a two-part series, Scott Flowers explains how to use ZENworks Linux Management to keep your SLES9 and OES servers up to date.

16 Feb 2006
Using ZLM Mirrors of OES and SLES to Update Local Servers (feature)
In this second article of a two-part series, Scott Flowers explains more about how to use ZENworks Linux Management to keep your SLES9 and OES servers up to date.

15 Feb 2006
SURVEY: Status, Statistics, Suggestions, and Solicitations (feature)
Scott Morris reveals the current numbers of the "Request a Linux App" survey, found on Novell's CoolSolutions site.

7 Feb 2006
Be Published on CoolSolutions! (trench)
Write a short tip, software review, game review, or anything that will contribute to the community. Submit it, and receive the status of being published on CoolSolutions!

7 Feb 2006
Extraction Tool : xe (trench)
Do you support commandline linux users who sometimes get into a muddle uncompressing and extracting archives? Try 'xe', eXtract Everywhere, a great command-line tool by Markus Gaugusch.

7 Feb 2006
LUM-enable a SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 Server (trench)
Do you need to know how to LUM-enable a SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 Server? This article demonstrates how.

7 Feb 2006
Problem: No IP binding for NIC in VMWare (trench)
Rene Bonte shows how to fix this problem.

6 Feb 2006
Would it interest you to be able to cut costs in your data center? (tip)
Novell has programs available that will help you cut costs in your data center.

6 Feb 2006
Novell Launches Partnership Site (tip)
Hewlett-Packard and Novell have created the ideal alliance. Two industry-leading corporations join in the quest for a better future with Linux.

6 Feb 2006
Thinking about partnering with Novell? (tip)
Now is a great time! There's no time like the present, as they say.

6 Feb 2006
Novell Offers Training for its SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Line (tip)
Many businesses like to have support for the products that they purchase. Operating systems are no different. While it may be difficult to get support for other distributions of Linux, Novell offers support and training for its SUSE Linux Enterprise Server line.

6 Feb 2006
What makes Novell's SUSE Linux such a viable option? (tip)
Perhaps it's the stability. Perhaps it's the support. Maybe it is the training. Most likely is that it's all of the above.

6 Feb 2006
Novell delivers comprehensive bundled Linux support solution for mid-sized enterprises (tip)
One of the things that businesses like is support for their products. Since most Linux distributions are not backed by any one company, it is difficult to find support for Linux. This might be one reason many businesses resist migration to Linux. However, Novell has announced that they will be offering not only support for their SUSE Linux Enterprise Server line, but will offer training on it as well. How's that for a great offering?

6 Feb 2006
LSI Logic RAID "No Hard Drives" BugFix (trench)
Jason Jones explains how to fix the problem with the old LSI Logic RAID cards found in some older servers.

3 Feb 2006
While we're waiting, what can we use now? (feature)
It may take a while to convince vendors to port their applications to Linux. In the meantime, Scott Morris asks what possibilities exist now for the top requested applications.

2 Feb 2006
Update on Linux Application Request Survey (feature)
Scott Morris reveals and discusses the newest data and results from Novell's Linux Application Request Survey.

2 Feb 2006
PROBLEM: NFS Install Cannot Access Remote DVD Drive (tip)
Harold Stevens explains how to fix this problem.

2 Feb 2006
How to keep consistent user data across multiple installations of Linux on the same machine (trench)
Pim Dennendal explains how this is done.

2 Feb 2006
PROBLEM: Multiple cards assigned as eth0 (tip)
Christo van Rensburg shows how to remedy this problem.

2 Feb 2006
SUSE Linux 10.0 perfect setup (tip)
Falko Timme shares his Perfect Setup article with us. It's a great resource if you're looking at becoming an ISP, or you just want to easily mantain your server.

31 Jan 2006
Avoiding 404 Errors in GroupWise / OES Web Access (tip)
Here's a tip on avoiding 404 errors in GroupWise Web Access, courtesy of Matt Midson.

26 Jan 2006
The Application People Most Want Ported to Linux Is... (feature)
We have posted a survey designed to find out which Windows-only applications are keeping people from switching to Linux. Scott Morris reveals the progress of this survey.

26 Jan 2006
Can a regular user use SUSEWatcher? (tip)
Chris Cox demonstrates what's necessary to do this.

26 Jan 2006
HOWTO: Share Folders From Linux to Windows via Samba (tip)
Jay Martinez shows us how simple this is.

26 Jan 2006
VNC Not Allowed on Your Network? (tip)
If you cannot use VNC on your network, you need an alternative. Nicolas Barberis provides exactly that.

19 Jan 2006
Nagios: Host and Service Monitoring Tool (feature)
Rainer Brunold introduces Nagios, an excellent server and service monitoring tool.

17 Jan 2006
SSO with SSH (trench)
Nicolas Barberis, the author of this article writes, "As a consultant, I access many different Linux and Unix machines for administration porpouses. Remembering all those passwords can be difficult, and risky (if you write them down - please don't). Through a feature of SSH we can implement a SSO access to our different Linux servers." He explains how this is done in this article.

13 Jan 2006
Need an App to run on Linux? Request it here! (tip)
If you have critical applications that you MUST be able to use on Linux, please take a minute to let us know what they are, and we'll see what we can do to nudge the folks who create them. Together, your voices will count for more than they would separately.

12 Jan 2006
Highlighting Word Searched in Text Files (trench)
Jim Limmer explains how to highlight a word (or string) for which you are searching in a text file or log.

12 Jan 2006
10 steps to Password Protect SUSE's Grub Bootloader (trench)
Kory Sonnier provides an excellent explanation of how to make Grub and the boot process a little more secure.

12 Jan 2006
Unable to update SUSE via due to a http and https proxy (tip)
Randy Moeller explains how to fix this problem.

10 Jan 2006
Export/Import Installation Sources into YAST (tool)
Scripts to allow for the exporting or importing of installation sources into YAST.

5 Jan 2006
Recovering GRUB after being overwritten by Windows (tip)
If you have a dual-boot machine where you installed Linux first, then Windows, you may have lost your GRUB boot loader. Heinz Hartfiel explains how to fix this.

4 Jan 2006
RPM Error Installing Packages (tip)
Toris Russell offers a solution for the "ERROR(InstTarget:E_RpmDB_subprocess_failed)" error.

21 Dec 2005
Whitfield School Goes Open Source with SUSE (tip)
Whitfield School, of St. Louis, Missouri, has recently implemented a campus-wide network consisting of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Novell Linux Desktop machines.

20 Dec 2005
apropos: Command-Line Power Tool (tip)
Would you like to become more adept at using the command line? Scott Morris introduces one command that will help with this very thing.

20 Dec 2005
Novell starts work on contract with U.K. National Health Service (tip)
Novell has started work on a contract with the National Health Service (NHS) of the U.K. The contract is for somewhere in the neighborhood of $38.6 Million. This amounts to a fraction of what Novell will save the NHS in the long run.

20 Dec 2005
SUSE Linux for Swiss Federal Government (tip)
The Federal Government of Switzerland has recently announced that it will be migrating to Linux. They will be putting in more than 3000 servers running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

15 Dec 2005
Tux with a Flyswatter - Wallpaper (tool)
Creative SUSE Linux Desktop Wallpaper.

14 Dec 2005
How'd They Do It? (feature)
The winners of the desktop competition share how they set up their winning desktops. They have links to wallpapers, articles, resources, and lists of packages they used in their creations.

12 Dec 2005
Easy paste to (tool)
Paste file content from Stardard Input to

9 Dec 2005
Make ASCII Files (tool)
Script for creating ASCII and extended ASCII files.

8 Dec 2005
DupeTrace 1.5 (tool)
Utility to "play back" an LDAP trace file.

7 Dec 2005
Have Your Workstation Notify You of Problems (tip)
Randy Saeks provides a script that will allow you to set up a machine to notify you if it is having trouble with something.

6 Dec 2005
Desktop Competition Results (trench)
And the winning desktop submission is...

5 Dec 2005
Business Class (SLES & NLD) Vs. Consumer Class (SUSE Linux) (tip)
Name similarities and name changes have left some wondering which Novell Linux product is best suited for their. Here is a quick review of the differences.

30 Nov 2005
Speed Up Linux Installation (feature)
Tony Vickers showcases a slick way to speed up the installation of SUSE Linux-powered platforms.

30 Nov 2005
Bypass Trashcan When Deleting Files (tip)
Umesh shows us how easy it is to delete files outright instead of placing them in the trashcan.

30 Nov 2005
Customize Apache's Default Error Pages (tip)
Dominic Mendes shows how easy it is to customize the error pages displayed by Apache.

17 Nov 2005
Enable Webdav Tech in Apache 2 (trench)
Dominic Mendes explains how to enable Webdav technology in Apache 2.

14 Nov 2005
Host a Domain on Your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Box (trench)
How to host your own SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with a Cable Modem connection on the internet using a real DNS name.

14 Nov 2005
Use keyboard shortcuts at the command line (trench)
The bash shell offers a lot of power for interacting with the command line. By default, the shell uses an Emacs-like mode to edit lines, which you can change to a vi-like mode. The mode you choose largely depends on which editor you're most comfortable with.

14 Nov 2005
Make Firefox more powerful for Linux with these three tweaks (tip)
The Firefox Web browser is quickly becoming one of the most prominent Web browsers available. The fact that it is cross-platform makes it a comfortable browser for users who have to use more than one OS. There are, however, a number of hidden "gems" that you can enable that make Firefox even more powerful than it is "out of the box."

14 Nov 2005
Linux Equivalents of DOS Commands (trench)
Domnic Mendes provides a list of common DOS commands and their Linux equivalents.

14 Nov 2005
Fine-Grained File Permissions (trench)
Nikanth explains how to get fine-grained control over file permissions. Good tip.

7 Nov 2005
Detach and Reattach Console Sessions (tip)
Scott Morris shows how to detach and reattach console sessions (even on different machines).

7 Nov 2005
Running Processes in the Background and Bringing To the Foreground (tip)
If you need to run a job in the background and then bring it back to the foreground, this tip by Scott Morris will be of use to you.

7 Nov 2005
Information About Your System (tip)
Need to get info about your machine? Scott Morris shows how to access detailed data about your hardware and operating system with a few simple commands.

4 Nov 2005
Installing Oracle Apps 11i on SLES9 (feature)
Michel Bluteau provides valuable information in the step-by-step article on how to install Oracle Apps 11i on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.

4 Nov 2005
AppNote: Installing Oracle Applications 11i on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 SP1 (appnote)
Michel Bluteau explains in this great step-by-step AppNote how to install Oracle Applications 11i on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 SP1.

3 Nov 2005
Enabling Thermal Sensor Drivers (tip)
Most computers have integrated temperature-sensing circuitry which can be used to monitor the temperature of the CPU, motherboard chip set, etc. In SUSE Linux the drivers for these circuits is not enabled for default. This tip explains how to enable the drivers and access the temperature information

3 Nov 2005
Running YAST Online Update From The Command-line (trench)
YaST Online Update, otherwise known as YOU has the ability to be controlled through a command-line interface. This is very handy if updates need to be installed in scripts, or to install updates quickly with a minimal interface. In this article, Kirk Coombs explains how to do this.

3 Nov 2005
SECURITY: Preventing Hacking Attempts (trench)
Chander Ganesan shows how to block brute force attacks on your ssh server.

3 Nov 2005
SECURITY: Deny access to accounts that mis-type passwords several times concurrently. (tip)
Chander Ganesan shows how to increase security by deactivating accounts where the password has been mis-typed several times in a row.

3 Nov 2005
Install HP Data Protector on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (appnote)
Lance Ripps gives us the low-down on how to install the HP Data Protector on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Among others, this article includes installing the rsh-server, a telnet server, and the HP software itself.

3 Nov 2005
Patches, Fixes, and Updates for SLES 9 (tip)
Here is some information to help you follow up with upgrade protection.

27 Oct 2005
Application Core Files in SUSE Linux (feature)
Aaron Gresko explains what "core files" are in Linux. He tells us why they're good, when we should need them, and who should use them.

25 Oct 2005
Installing the Latest (As of Oct 2005) FreeNX Server on Novell Linux products (feature)
Move over VNC, FreeNX is taking the stage. If you have ever wondered if there's anything better than VNC for remote desktop access - there is. Peter Van den Wildenbergh does a great job of explaining how to get FreeNX configure to work on Novell Linux products.

25 Oct 2005
Linux File Types (tip)
Scott Morris shows how easy it is to find out the filetype of a file on your system.

25 Oct 2005
Configuring a Mail Server on SLES (feature)
Kirk Coombs explains the step-by-step process of how to create a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Mail Server.

25 Oct 2005
Differences between the SMP and BIGSMP Kernels (tip)
Kirk gives us a quick explanation of the differences between the two mult-processor-capable kernels.

20 Oct 2005
Using RPM Verify to Monitor Changes to System Files (feature)
It is important for administrators of critical server systems to be able to track changes to files on their systems. Tracking file changes helps detect accidental or malicious modifications such as viruses, root kits, or hacking activity. This article explains how to set up RPM to track these changes.

20 Oct 2005
Connecting Evolution to Exchange (trench)
Ruud van der Zwet explains to us his experience of successfully getting his Evolution email client to communicate with Microsoft Exchange.

16 Oct 2005
The Hunt for the Right Open Source Database (feature)
Lance Obermeyer, Ph.D., Director of Products for Pervasive Software outlines pros and cons of MySQL and Pervasive Postgres databases.

13 Oct 2005
Avoid Partitioning Problems When Installing Linux from an Installation Source (tip)
Aaron Gresko gives some simple advice to avoid boot problems while using different installation media.

13 Oct 2005
Software RAID: Beyond YAST (feature)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) provides an easy mechanism to create software RAID arrays with YaST. After the initial creation, however, YAST provides no tools to manage the RAID array. Functions such as monitoring the array and managing failed disks must be done manually. This article provides a guide for creating RAID arrays with YAST and managing them with the provided command-line tools.

13 Oct 2005
BrainStorm Cool Tip: Window Behavior (feature)
In GNOME, you can either set your windows to roll-up or to maximize when you double-click the title bar. Check out this week's BrainStorm Cool Tip to find out how.

13 Oct 2005
XChat: Excellent IRC Client (feature)
Are you looking for a nice IRC client for Linux? Scott Morris introduces XChat, an IRC client for Linux.

13 Oct 2005
Korn: A Monitor for Your Email Accounts (feature)
Would you like to know when you get email in your various accounts? Scott Morris introduces a small applet that runs in your system tray that will do just that.

12 Oct 2005
Enabling HP Systems Insight Manager 5.0 and Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management to co-exist on the same server (tip)
If you are a system administrator of HP ProLiant servers running Novell SUSE Linux and you need to consolidate your management and software updates onto a single server and want to take advantage of the capabilities offered by HP SIM and Novell ZENworks Linux Management, this paper is a must-read.

6 Oct 2005
Quick Access to System Preferences in KDE (feature)
Scott Morris shows an easy way to get access to the KDE control center.

6 Oct 2005
Managing Users and Groups From The Command Line (feature)
Scott Morris shows how easy it is to manage users and groups from the command line. He gives specific commands and examples, making this a great tutorial for people new to Linux.

29 Sep 2005
Synchronize Directories with rsync (trench)
There are many cases when it is useful to keep two directories in sync with each other. Examples include mirroring a FTP server and performing backups. This, and other uses for rsync are found in this article.

27 Sep 2005
User Management in YAST (feature)
Last week, Scott showed how to administrate users and groups in KDE. This week, he shows how to do this in YAST.

26 Sep 2005
Troubleshooting SLES Installation Problems (trench)
Most SLES installations go without a hitch. There are, however, the unfortunate cases when the install does not go smoothly. When this happens, it is essential to be able to drill down to the cause of the problem. This tip introduces the most common places to look for logs that may be helpful.

23 Sep 2005
AppNote: Using IDM to Synchronize with Oracle Internet Directory and Integrate Multiple Oracle Databases (appnote)
In this third article of a 3-part series, Michel Bluteau provide an enterprise solution for synchronizing multiple Oracle Databases (dictionary or catalog) through Oracle Internet Directory and LDAP.

23 Sep 2005
AppNote: Installing Oracle 10g Application Server on SLES9 (appnote)
This second article in the three-article series focuses on getting Application Server for Oracle installed so you can use Identity Manager to synchronize with Oracle Databases.

23 Sep 2005
AppNote: Installing Oracle 10g on SLES9 (appnote)
Note: This is the first article in a three-part series by Michel Bluteau that will help you set up access to multiple Oracle databases with Identity Manager.

21 Sep 2005
KAppFinder: System Menu Update Tool (feature)
Scott Morris introduces a cool application that will help update your K Menu if necessary.

21 Sep 2005
System Logs: Your Key to Successful System Administration (tip)
Scott Morris reminds us that one of the essential keys to the quick location of system problems is in checking the logs.

21 Sep 2005
Game Reviews: KMines and KPatience (trench)
Scott Morris introduces two classics of desktop games, a mine sweeper game called KMines, and a Solitaire game called KPatience.

21 Sep 2005
Moving to Linux: The Paradigm Shift Explained, Part Three (feature)
In the last of the series, Scott Morris explains more of the things to expect when upgrading to Linux.

21 Sep 2005
KUser: Easy User Management in KDE (feature)
Scott Morris provides a quick tutorial on the use and application of KUser, the user management tool for the KDE desktop.

21 Sep 2005
KRandRTray: Quick Access to Desktop Configuration (trench)
Scott Morris introduces a slick tool that gives quick access to desktop settings.

21 Sep 2005
System Keyboard Shortcuts in Gnome (feature)
Scott Morris shows how to set keybindings in the Gnome desktop to speed up efficiency and improve productivity on your Linux machine.

21 Sep 2005
Kate: Cool Tips and Tricks III (feature)
Scott Morris continues his series of the ins and outs of Kate, the excellent text editor for KDE.

21 Sep 2005
Kate: Cool Tips and Tricks IV (feature)
This is the final article in a series by Scott Morris outlining the powerful features of Kate, the text editor for KDE.

21 Sep 2005
Using strace to Debug Programs in Linux (trench)
The utility strace can be quite handy, if you know how to use it correctly. Aaron Gresko gives us the low-down.

20 Sep 2005
Introduction to Bash Scripting (feature)
Scott Morris introduces bash scripting and shows a simple example of how to harness this powerful tool for your benefit.

19 Sep 2005
Create and Use Persistent VNC Sessions (feature)
Aaron Gresko gives us a detailed step-by-step on how to create and use a persistent Virtual Network Computing session.

15 Sep 2005
A Tour of NFS (feature)
Kirk Coombs gives us an overview of how NFS works.

15 Sep 2005
Turbocharge an SSH Connection with screen (feature)
Kirk Coombs shows how to make an SSH connection more useful with the screen command.

13 Sep 2005
Moving to Linux: The Paradigm Shift Explained, Part Two (feature)
Scott Morris continues with the series designed to help people with the move to Linux.

8 Sep 2005
Moving to Linux: The Paradigm Shift Explained, Part One (feature)
Scott Morris explains how to get used to using Linux for users upgrading from Windows platforms.

8 Sep 2005
Rectifying Xsession boot up issue due to corrupt software installation (trench)
Installing third party software could result in a corrupting the xsession bootup process.

R Mohamed Razikh Ulla gives us an easy way to identify and solve this problem.

8 Sep 2005
Kate: Cool Tips and Tricks I (feature)
Scott Morris introduces the cool and useful aspects of Kate, the K Advanced Text Editor.

8 Sep 2005
Kate: Cool Tips and Tricks II (feature)
This is the second in Scott's series about Kate, an excellent text editor for KDE.

8 Sep 2005
VMware: Guest OS Issues (feature)
Paul McKeith gives us various tips on using SLES9 or OES on a Windows XP machine through VMware. The following tips are provided:

  • Fix for: Can't Perform a GUI based Install
  • Switching Between Virtual Consoles
  • Fix for: X-Server GUI not Working After Install
  • Installing VMware Tools
  • Fix for: Display Problems with Virtual Consoles (tty1-6)
  • 8 Sep 2005
    Massachusetts switches to OpenDocument (tip)
    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, after much debate, research, and investigation, has proposed and ratified a complete switch to the OpenDocument v1.0 format, to be enforced January 1st, 2007.

    30 Aug 2005
    Service Command in /etc/init.d/ (tip)
    Give Novell Linux Products the same service functionality at Red Hat or Fedora with this neat little script by Stomfi.

    29 Aug 2005
    VIM: Console Text Editor (feature)
    Scott Morris provides a gentle introduction to one of the most powerful text editors available.

    29 Aug 2005
    Forcing Thunderbird to Open Hyperlinks in Firefox (feature)
    Scott Morris provides some instructions on how to force Thunderbird to open hyperlinks in Firefox. This can be adapted for any browser you prefer.

    29 Aug 2005
    PDFTOHTML: Format conversion utility (feature)
    Scott Morris discusses a great tool for converting PDF files to HTML.

    29 Aug 2005
    Konqueror goes fishing (feature)
    Scott Morris illustrates Konqueror's inherent ability to understand and speak 'fish', it's version of the secure shell protocol.

    29 Aug 2005
    A Cool Solutions for Developers Book Review: Performance Tuning for Linux Servers (feature)
    Performance Tuning for Linux Servers provides the basic knowledge and skills needed to understand the performance of Linux servers, and contains examples based on popular enterprise Linux distributions (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux) useful to Linux developers, administrators and architects of all experience levels. Read on to see if it this book might benefit you.

    29 Aug 2005
    A Cool Solutions for Developers Book Review: JBoss 4.0, The Official Guide (feature)
    JBoss 4.0, The Official Guide is a tutorial in everything JBoss. As you know from his previous article, Simon likes to do what he can to help us understand and appropriately configure JBoss. See what he thinks of this new guide.

    26 Aug 2005
    Updating SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (tip)
    Updates for SLES are downloaded and installed via YaST Online Update (YOU). These updates may be installed both during and after installation. The process is the same regardless of when the updates are installed. This document gives an overview of YOU, the update process in the context of installation, and accessing YOU after installation.

    26 Aug 2005
    Registering SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (tip)
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) does not require registration during installation. Registration is done separately through a Novell Account and provides access to support, upgrade protection, and regular updates; all of which are essential for any server. A registration code for SLES can be obtained in a number of ways...

    24 Aug 2005
    Make your computer a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with a normal cable connection. (feature)
    Geoffrey Pointon describes how to host your own SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with a Cable Modem connection on the internet using a real DNS name.

    24 Aug 2005
    Performance Tuning Installation Tips (feature)
    Kirk Coombs shows us some optimization tips.

    24 Aug 2005
    Encrypting Data Partitions (feature)
    Kirk Coombs shows how to encrypt data partitions.

    19 Aug 2005
    Quick Intro to Klipper (tip)
    Scott Morris showcases a small utility called Klipper.

    18 Aug 2005
    Home directory checker (tool)
    Simple automated checker for home directories without users.

    18 Aug 2005
    Euler for GTK+ (tool)
    Quickly and interactively compute with real and complex numbers and matrices, or with intervals, and draw and animate your functions in two and three dimensions.

    16 Aug 2005
    Cache Remove (trench)
    Script to assist in removing cached files that may be corrupted.

    16 Aug 2005
    Review: Linux Kernel Development Second Edition (feature)
    Kirk Coombs provides a great review of this book.

    16 Aug 2005
    Review: Performance Tuning for Linux Servers (feature)
    This is a fine review by Kirk Coombs about this book.

    16 Aug 2005
    Using the "Magic System Request Keys" (feature)
    The System Request keys are great for debugging or for use on a non-production system. Enabling the System Request keys introduces a security risk--allowing any local or remote user to send commands such as SIGKILL or HALT to the system.

    16 Aug 2005
    Checking for a Support Pack on a Linux Desktop or Server (feature)
    Joe shows us how to check for a support pack on Novell Linux Desktop or Server.

    15 Aug 2005
    Novell Notches New Partners (tip)
    Why go with SUSE? You want a distribution that has an established market. Well, Novell's grip on the market is not only stable, it's expanding quite rapidly, as demonstrated by this article.

    11 Aug 2005
    Converting a PDF to a text file (tip)
    Ever received a PDF file that you wished you could just copy and paste into another document? pdftotext is the file for you.

    10 Aug 2005
    Configure SLP on SUSE Linux (feature)
    SUSE Linux and Novell software can use either of two SLP packages, NDS SLP or OpenSLP. Get SLP running smoothly on SUSE Linux by following the steps in this excellent article by Linux Product Specialist Aaron Gresko.

    9 Aug 2005
    Siebel Adds SUSE Support (tip)
    Siebel is now supporting SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.

    9 Aug 2005
    Novell Expands Partnerships with HP, JBoss (tip)
    Novell Inc. continues to make strides in giving enterprises fully qualified and supported software stacks.

    9 Aug 2005
    Novell Takes Market Share Lead for Linux Servers in China (tip)
    Novell is gathering momentum in the world of servers. Reports in China are that Novell has taken the lead in Linux Server Operating Systems in the country.

    9 Aug 2005
    Transparent Panels in Gnome (feature)
    Jason explains how to use the updated transparency feature in the panels of Gnome 2.6.10.

    9 Aug 2005
    Work With User Selection Icons In KDM (trench)
    Aaron gives us some tips on how to tweak KDM to more suit personal preferences.

    1 Aug 2005
    University sees savings in Linux (tip)
    De Montfort University is anticipating major cost savings and service efficiencies from using open source Linux as well as Novell's identity management software.

    1 Aug 2005
    Fix VMWare Graphical Installation Problems When Installing SUSE Linux (trench)
    When installing a SUSE Linux distribution in VMWare, the graphical install either fails to start and sends the install to text mode or the graphical YaST screen is split into four sections in the display.

    1 Aug 2005
    Using SPident to Report the Current Service Pack Level (feature)
    Often, when a Service Pack is installed is is hard to know whether the Service Pack has actually been completely installed. To make this easier the SPident tool was created. SPident compares the packages currently on the system with a database of which packages belong to each Service Pack.

    1 Aug 2005
    Make Room for Linux Apps (tip)
    Now that Linux is mainstream, many system administrators need to know how to incorporate Linux into their existing networks. Here are some ways to do this.

    26 Jul 2005
    Time Synchronization using Extended Network Time Protocol (xntp) (trench)
    Need to set the time on your machines? Here's a great way.

    26 Jul 2005
    CheckInstall (tool)
    Install programs so they can be removed even if compiled and installed from source.

    25 Jul 2005
    Reset Your Lost Root Password (trench)
    Kory Sonnier explains some simple steps to resetting the root password for your system, should you forget it.

    18 Jul 2005
    Perform Remote SUSE Installations With Virtual Network Computing (feature)
    Aaron Gresko and Justin Grote explain how to install SUSE Linux over a VNC connection.

    15 Jul 2005
    Open-Xchange to bundle, resell Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (tip)
    Open-Xchange Inc, maker of the world's leading open source collaboration server, today announced it has signed an agreement with Novell to begin selling SUSE Linux Enterprise Server bundled with its Open-Xchange (OX) Server. Open-Xchange also enters Novell's Technology Partner Programme and will receive selling, marketing and development support

    15 Jul 2005
    Novell scores NZ schools contract (tip)
    The New Zealand Ministry of Education has signed an agreement with Novell to license a range of software, including SUSE Linux, for all state and state-integrated schools.

    15 Jul 2005
    Fujitsu takes on SUSE support at the high end (tip)
    Fujitsu and Novell last week announced a deal where Novell's SUSE Linux operating system will be offered on Fujitsu's high-end server platforms. Meanwhile, Fujitsu will also offer support services for both the SUSE Linux operating system and the server hardware.

    12 Jul 2005
    The Enterprise Server Battle: What IT Managers Should Know (tip)
    Chuck Stevenson, CTO for Gupta Technologies, a provider of embedded relational databases, told LinuxInsider there are three top considerations when choosing any server platform: initial cost, long-term costs/ongoing maintenance, and longevity.

    11 Jul 2005
    Manually Create A Network Installation Source For SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SP1 (feature)
    Aaron Gresko gets into the nitty gritty about Network Installation Sources and explains how to create one manually.

    11 Jul 2005
    Securely Access a Real X Session Using ssh and x11vnc (trench)
    Kirk Coombs explains how to do VNC over an encrypted connection.

    11 Jul 2005
    The Importance of Running SUSEconfig After Installing (trench)
    Kirk Coombs explains the necessity of running SUSEconfig after installing a package with the rpm command.

    11 Jul 2005
    AppNote: How to Implement Login Scripts into a Pure Linux Environment (appnote)
    Written for existing Linux admins, this appnote explains in detail the various options and requirements for various Login Scripts in Linux. From LDAP to Crontab, this appnote is very informative.

    6 Jul 2005
    Implementing User & Computer Policies with Samba (tool)
    Use the System Policy Editor and custom policies to control Windows XP Clients, using Samba as a Primary Domain Controller.

    5 Jul 2005
    If you Forgot your MySQL Root Password... (trench)
    Forgot your MySQL root password and don't want to lose existing data by reinstalling? You won't want to miss this great tip from Rodney Crossman.

    5 Jul 2005
    Install Software With YAST From the Command Line (trench)
    Aaron shows us that YAST is much more than just a nice GUI tool...

    5 Jul 2005
    Review: Building Applications with the Linux Standard Base (feature)
    If you have ever wanted to learn more about the Linux Standard Base (LSB), then this book is your one-stop shop. Whether you are already familiar with the LSB, or have no experience with it, this book will provide valuable information.

    4 Jul 2005
    Going open source (tip)
    Some form of Linux is used in nearly 80 per cent of companies today. Most of them deploy it from a server level, and interest in desktop functionality is growing.

    4 Jul 2005
    Command-Line Versus Interfaced Apps in System Administration (tip)
    Some people argue that command-line is better for system administration. However, some people like the ease-of-use of interface-based applications. This article proposes that a combination of the two is probably the best way to go.

    3 Jul 2005
    Source of openness (tip)
    As the global campaign to promote Linux's software focuses greater attention on Asia, especially China, two major Linux vendors...

    3 Jul 2005
    Customize the BASH Prompt (tip)
    Interested in learning a bit more about customizing your BASH prompt? This article will show you exactly that.

    30 Jun 2005
    xCHM (tool)
    Graphical CHM viewer for *NIX.

    28 Jun 2005
    Backrev Software Packages with YaST (tip)
    Customers sometimes want to know how to backrev an updated software package back to a previous support pack or even to the original shipping version. Aaron Gresko explains how to do it using YaST.

    27 Jun 2005
    Creating Custom init Scripts (feature)
    Linux uses init scripts to start and stop the daemons on a system. Learn how to create these init scripts for any daemons you wish to run.

    27 Jun 2005
    Working with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (tip) has published a chapter of "Novell Open Enterprise Server Administrator's Handbook, SUSE Linux Edition". The chapter is titled "Working with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9." It is an introduction to administration in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.

    27 Jun 2005
    Greater support wins Linux customers (tip)
    Now that a large enough company like Novell is behind a mainstream Linux distribution, many companies are switching to SUSE Linux based solutions. Here is an example of one company that has done this.

    27 Jun 2005
    Open-source LAMP a beacon to developers (tip)
    The Linux operating system, Apache web server, MySQL database, and PHP programming languages comprise a toolset known as LAMP. has published an article about the development of this toolset for the enterprise environment.

    22 Jun 2005
    An Introduction to LDAP: Part 2-Using LDAP to Create a User Authentication and File Server for Linux and Windows Clients (feature)
    This is the second article in a two-article series that explains LDAP directories and their usage. Part 1 is a simple primer, intended to bring users who have no experience with LDAP up to speed with the basics. Readers who have no experience with LDAP should read Part 1 prior to proceeding.

    21 Jun 2005
    An Introduction to LDAP: Part 1-LDAP Primer (feature)
    This is the first article in a two-article series which explains LDAP directories and their usage. Part 1 is a simple primer to bring users who have no experience with LDAP up to speed with the basics.

    21 Jun 2005
    Enabling an Interactive Startup in Novell/SUSE Linux (trench)
    Kirk Coombs explains how to give a little more control to the user on bootup of Linux.

    21 Jun 2005
    Using openSSH to Securely Access Remote Systems (feature)
    If you are new to Linux, you may not be familiar with Secure Shell (SSH). SSH provides a secure method to access a remote host in the styles of telnet, rlogin, ftp, and others. With SSH, all communication between host and client computers is encrypted, reducing the risk of having passwords or data intercepted.

    21 Jun 2005
    Multiple Swap Partitioning (tip)
    Here's a neat article about how to use multiple swap partitions with Linux.

    15 Jun 2005
    Understanding the YAST Software Module Options (trench)
    Aaron helps us understand the YAST options a little bit better...

    15 Jun 2005
    Install SUSE Linux Professional From your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server CD. (feature)
    Russell Labay informs us how to get a SUSE Linux Professional NFS install using your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server boot CD.

    15 Jun 2005
    Linux versus Macintosh (tip)
    AnandTech gives a surprisingly detailed technical overview of how Linux (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) and Mac OS X perform in a high-strain environment as both workstations and servers. You might be surprised by what they found out.

    8 Jun 2005
    Novell, China, and Linux (tip)
    Novell is working with CS2C in China to promote Linux.

    8 Jun 2005
    Manual or Automatic? (tip)
    How do you like your software installation?

    8 Jun 2005
    Novell and the US Department of Health and Human Services (tip)
    New progress on the Linux front appears daily!

    3 Jun 2005
    Using the "Rescue System" on the installation CD to repair a broken system (feature)
    Accessing and repairing a system that won't boot is easy in Linux. This tip explains how it is done.

    1 Jun 2005
    Starting Services From the Command Line On SUSE Linux (trench)
    Aaron Gresko gives some understanding about how to start Linux processes from the command line.

    1 Jun 2005
    Novell Announces Linux Education Plans (tip)
    Dave Kearns of Network World explains Novell's effort in getting Linux into schools.

    1 Jun 2005
    AppNote: Migrating an Existing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 System to RAID1 (appnote)
    Jason Record shows us how to get our SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers using a RAID 1 system.

    1 Jun 2005
    Informative Bash Prompt (trench)
    Christian Boltz gives us some pointers on how to customize our bash prompts.

    1 Jun 2005
    POWER5 Virtualization: How to set up the SUSE Linux Virtual I/O Server (tip)
    Interested in how this works? Nigel Griffiths explains it for us.

    1 Jun 2005
    Developing Countries Choosing Linux (tip)
    The trend gathers momentum as more governments move to Linux.

    1 Jun 2005
    Flying Networks Running Linux (tip)
    This is totally off-topic, but it makes you proud to be a Linux user.

    1 Jun 2005
    Novell Validates Mixed Source Solution Stack (tip)
    Novell has published an interesting press release.

    1 Jun 2005
    Benefits of Open Source (tip)
    Douglas Schweitzer voices a well-informed opinion about the benefits of Open Source.

    25 May 2005
    md5sum Checking for Verifying Downloads (trench)
    Want to verify the integrity of your downloaded files? Try 'md5sum'. Scott explains how to do this.

    23 May 2005
    Immunix Acquisition (tip)
    Novell fortifies its security with the Immunix acquisition.

    18 May 2005
    An Introduction to JBoss (feature)
    The JBoss Application Server (JBoss AS) which ships with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (SLES9) is a J2EE 1.4 certified, scalable, open source, enterprise class Java Application Server. In this paper we familiarize the reader with JBoss on SLES9, covering installation, configuration and basic use while highlighting some special SLES nuances.

    18 May 2005
    Feedster opts to Implement SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (tip)
    The migration to Linux gains momentum.

    18 May 2005
    Windows Can't Kill Linux (tip)
    InfoWorld's Neil McAllister contends with a recent article published stating "Linux Can't Kill Windows"

    18 May 2005
    Keeping Sync with a Remote NTP Server (feature)
    Kirk Coombs explains how overcome some obstacles in keeping a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server synced to other servers using the Network Time Protocol.

    17 May 2005
    Novell and Intel Assert Growth of Linux in Brazil (tip)
    Linux is taking hold both at home and abroad. Brazil is especially receptive.

    11 May 2005
    Automatically Mounting Remote NCP (NetWare) Shares on SUSE Linux System Boot (feature)
    Many users want to have their NCP (NetWare) shares mounted on their SUSE Linux machine on system boot. This article explains how.

    11 May 2005
    Linux Scheduling Priorities Explained (feature)
    Jason explains the concept of using "nice" levels to make programs play better in Linux.

    10 May 2005
    AppNote: Modeling and Writing a Common Information Model (CIM) Provider (appnote)
    The Common Information Model (CIM) provides a unified method for managing an enterprise network without requiring an overhaul of the existing network management infrastructure. This How-to AppNote discusses CIM and explains the approach to be taken to develop a CIM Provider.

    5 May 2005
    Time Not Syncing With Remote NTP Server (feature)
    Sometimes the NTP client needs a little tweaking to sync with a valid NTP server.

    4 May 2005
    Automatic Install Environment for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (feature)
    In this excellent document, Adrian Malaguti gives a step-by-step rundown of how to set up an automatic SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 installation environment, using PXE to start the boot and install process across a network. In this process, all set-up is done without user intervention. From the booting up process, components and packages selection, to the final stages and customization.

    4 May 2005
    Overcoming LVM errors upon re-installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (feature)
    Some users experience problems when reinstalling a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server system that contains LVM volumes. Kirk Coombs shows us how to overcome this bug.

    3 May 2005
    Promoting Linux in China (tip)
    Novell and China Standard Software Company join forces to promote Linux in China.

    3 May 2005
    Know When To Edit Apache Configuration Files By Hand Or Through YaST (tip)
    Answer to question posted on the tech support forums.

    3 May 2005
    Specify Boot Runlevel As A Startup Parameter (tip)
    Need to boot to a specific runlevel? Here's how you can do this.

    3 May 2005
    Fix Java Errors With ConsoleOne On Linux (feature)
    Java giving you errors? Here's how to fix them!

    3 May 2005
    Create A Bonded Interface On SLES 9 (trench)
    Want to know how to do this? Here's how!

    3 May 2005
    Set Up Linux Kernel Crash Dump on SLES (feature)
    Would you like to know how to debug a kernel crash? Here's how!

    3 May 2005
    Runlevels in SUSE Linux (trench)
    This article takes you through how to use runlevels.

    3 May 2005
    Managing Runlevel Services in SUSE Linux (trench)
    Interested in knowing more about runlevels? This article explains how they work.

    3 May 2005
    Run GUI Apps as root (tip)
    Would you like to run a GUI-based app as root? Does it give you trouble? This tip will explain how this is done.

    28 Apr 2005
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Migration Studies (feature)
    Don't miss these outstanding Migration Studies, which will be very helpful to you as make your move to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.

    28 Apr 2005
    Which Linux Should I Use? (feature)
    Jason weighs the benefits of using Novell Linux Desktop, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, or SUSE Linux Professional and explains which product is best for which situation.

    27 Apr 2005
    The Linux Migration Movement Gains Momentum (tip)
    Just how strong is the open source migration movement? Companies such as the South African Revenue Service are making the switch daily. Review their experience.

    27 Apr 2005
    What Is Logical Volume Management? (feature)
    Jason explains how LVM can be used for servers that need ever-expanding hard drive space.

    27 Apr 2005
    How Easy is it to Switch to Linux? (tip)
    How easy is it to migrate from Windows to Linux? Very easy, as outlined by Mark Rais, senior editor at Says he, "If you have any experience with Windows, the switch to Linux will be relatively simple..."

    21 Apr 2005
    Fix Java Errors With ConsoleOne On Linux (feature)
    Having trouble with ConsoleOne on Linux? This tip will help you get it running.

    20 Apr 2005
    SUSE Linux 9.3 Professional Review 2 (feature)
    In an update to his previous review, Scott gives us a more in-depth walk through the features of the brand-new SUSE Linux Professional 9.3 Operating System.

    20 Apr 2005
    ftpd on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (feature)
    Scott Morris shows us an easy way to set up a file transfer protocol server on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

    20 Apr 2005
    SUSE Linux 9.3 Professional Live DVD Available. (tip)
    This live DVD will boot directly from the DVD without modifying the hard disk. It enables users to learn about and test the functions and applications of this new system without installing it on the hard disk and consequently offers an easy and convenient way to review the operating system.

    20 Apr 2005
    Neoxen Modus (tip) features an article about Neoxen, a European software company that offers process management solutions. The article outlines the new application authored by them that is now included in SUSE Linux Professional.

    20 Apr 2005
    Recognizing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (tip)
    Corporate Linux server buyers who may think that Red Hat is the only game in town for broad application support may want to think about investigating in Novell's SUSE, as several vendors announced enterprise products that run on the platform this week.

    20 Apr 2005
    African Linux Migration (tip)
    Migrations to Linux are becoming more and more the norm in the industry these days. The Southern Cape's Knysna municipality is no exception. They recently migrated 120 users to a system based on SUSE Linux and GroupWise. They have been incredibly pleased with the results.

    15 Apr 2005
    An Introduction to WBEM and OpenWBEM in SUSE Linux (feature)
    Often when developing applications for Linux, a systems management tool is needed for configuring the application or service on Linux. For example, say we implemented a time update daemon, how would the user go about configuring the service? The WBEM standard is the perfect way to add systems management to your application or service without having to develop the whole management application.

    14 Apr 2005
    New Series - GroupWise for Linux (trench)
    Scott Morris introduces a series about using GroupWise on the Linux operating system.

    14 Apr 2005
    What FTP client should I use on Linux? (feature)
    Scott reviews an FTP client abundant with features yet very easy to use.

    14 Apr 2005
    What does the poll say about the security of Linux? (tip)
    A poll was taken recently of over 6,000 IT professionals across the country. It was in regards to the security of Linux. What are the results? Come see.

    14 Apr 2005
    The Perfect Setup (tip)
    Falko Timme shares an article about how to set up a SUSE Linux Professional 9.2 server for use in an ISP.

    11 Apr 2005
    Fix Shared Library Errors On iFolder Client for Linux (tip)
    Learn how to fix a common problem with iFolder Client for Linux.

    6 Apr 2005
    Setting up a Linux NFS Install Source for Your LAN (feature)
    Tired of dragging the CDs around to all of your workstations? Scott explains how easy it is to create a central installation source for every Linux machine on your network.

    6 Apr 2005
    Which Packages? (tip)
    Ever wondered what packages come with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9? Wonder no more. Here's a list of them all.

    6 Apr 2005
    Fix Your Mouse Wheel... (trench)
    Jim Gravelle shows us how to edit your X server settings to get your mouse wheel working again.

    4 Apr 2005
    Avoid Bootloader Trouble When Using Raid1 (trench)
    Here's how to avoid some pitfalls when installing SUSE Linux onto a Raid 1 device.

    4 Apr 2005
    KNetStats is a Great Network Monitoring Tool. (tip)
    KNetStats, a python-enabled applet that sits it the KDE System tray is a network monitor applet that will install and run under NLD 9, SUSE 9.2 Professional and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 with the python packages installed.

    30 Mar 2005
    Need a Backup? (feature)
    Jason explains why rsync is such a great program to backup your hard drive.

    30 Mar 2005
    Eight Cool Years (feature)
    Novell Cool Solutions celebrated its eighth anniversary on 15 December 2005 and conducted a People's Choice competition to honor the people who made the stuff that made us famous. Come see the top three nominees, and cast your vote for (or write in) your personal favorite. Five lucky vote-casters will receive 100 WebWise Rewards points.

    29 Mar 2005
    Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols reviews the Novell Linux Small Business Suite (tip)
    During BrainShare, Jack Messman, CEO of Novell stated "NLSBS (Novell Linux Small Business Suite) is the first end-to-end, server-to-desktop Linux solution that offers a clear alternative for small businesses."

    29 Mar 2005
    Is Novell Committed to Linux? (tip)
    Joe Barr recounts his experience on day 4 of BrainShare.

    29 Mar 2005
    Novell, Open Source, and Microsoft... (tip)
    Peter Galli entertains many questions and claims from both Novell and Microsoft in this article about where Novell is headed in its efforts to convert its user base to Linux.

    29 Mar 2005
    Deploying Novell's Linux Server in a Windows Domain Environment (tip)
    Mike Petersen wrote a small article showing the steps to utilize Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 as a Primary Domain Controller for a Windows Network.

    28 Mar 2005
    Exploring MySQL 4.1 and PHP 5 on SUSE Linux (feature)
    Cool Solution's own Kevin Millecam stumbled across this painless way to check out the latest offerings from MySQL, PHP and countless other cutting-edge releases.

    22 Mar 2005
    SUSE Linux 9.3 Professional Review 2 (German version) (feature)
    In einer Fortsetzung seines Reviews gibt uns Scott tiefere Einblicke in die Features des brandneuen SUSE Linux Professional 9.3 Betriebssystems.

    18 Mar 2005
    Set Up Linux Kernel Crash Dump (LKCD) on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (feature)
    Gather crucial system information during a system crash with LKCD.

    17 Mar 2005
    Specify Boot Runlevel As A Startup Parameter (tip)
    Learn how to change the boot runlevel from the boot options line.

    16 Mar 2005
    Create a Bonded Interface in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 (feature)
    Learn how to configure bonded devices and take advantages of increased network throughput or failover capability in high availability setups.

    16 Mar 2005
    More Linux Games (feature)
    Scott adds to the ever-increasing list of great games for Linux.

    16 Mar 2005
    Sync Up The Taskbar and the Desktop in Gnome (feature)
    Jason shows us how to allow the Gnome desktops to be completely separate in both the toolbar and the desktop real estate.

    16 Mar 2005
    Trick Out Your KDE Desktop (feature)
    Scott takes a look at some neat ways to customize your KDE desktop.

    16 Mar 2005
    Windows Users Can Feel at Home Exploring Files in Linux (trench)
    Some users might feel a bit intimidated at first when they open Gnome's file explorer. BrainStorm, INC. explains how to get a "Windows" look and feel in Gnome.

    16 Mar 2005
    Windows Shortcuts for Firefox Tabs on Linux (tip)
    KDE users need not fret about Firefox's tab-changing keyboard shortcuts. Jason explains how to quickly set the shortcuts the same as in Windows.

    16 Mar 2005
    Sticky Notes for Gnome (feature)
    Can't find your pen and paper? Sticky Notes is faster anyway.

    9 Mar 2005
    ZDNET reviews SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (tip)
    Alan Stevens dazzles us with his opinion of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.

    9 Mar 2005
    YAST Online Update De-Mystified (feature)
    What is YAST Online Update, and how does it differ from a system upgrade? Scott explains all this and more.

    9 Mar 2005 Reviews SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (tip)
    Jason Brooks at shares thoughts about SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.

    4 Mar 2005
    Logical IP Addresses In SLES9 (trench)
    Avoid dangerous pitfalls when configuring logical IP addresses in SLES9 with this tip from Randolph Moeller.

    1 Mar 2005
    Easy Way to Debug SSL Connections (trench)
    Chander Ganesan vouches for OpenSSL as a great way to debug SSL connections without complex scripts or tools.

    1 Mar 2005
    What is so great about Firefox? (feature)
    Jason gives us the top reasons why he thinks Firefox is the best browser around. Everything from easily detectible security, to Firefox's extensibility.

    1 Mar 2005
    Basic Mounting Differences between Windows and Linux (trench)
    For Linux newbies, understanding how Linux mounts multiple hard drives can be a bit confusing. Jason helps us understand the basics of what Linux does with your hard drives.

    1 Mar 2005
    Against the Enemies of Linux (tip)
    Nelson Pratt of the pro-Linux organization has a few words against what the enemies of Linux claim.

    23 Feb 2005
    Authenticating SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and NLD to eDirectory via LDAP (tip)
    Here's a nifty Authentication Guide for SLES and NLD 9 users, contributed by reader Henry Louey. It covers server-side and client-side authentication, with plenty of screen shots and step-by-step instructions.

    23 Feb 2005
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 gets EAL4 rating. (tip)
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 gets EAL4 rating on an IBM eServer, putting SLES9 on par with Windows 2000.

    23 Feb 2005
    Linux Business Week gives kudos to Novell's alliance with Aurema. (tip)
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 might be the distribution to break the barrier between Linux and Aurema.

    23 Feb 2005
    Do I Have Permission? (feature)
    Confused by file permissions? Scott clears up the mystery.

    23 Feb 2005
    Novell Linux Desktop Equivalents of Windows Software - New and Improved (feature)
    Back by popular demand, Scott outlines an expanded version of the Linux Equivalents of Windows software.

    22 Feb 2005
    Burning an ISO or Creating a CD (tip)
    It is very simple to burn an ISO image. This article will walk you through the process.

    22 Feb 2005
    Zip and Unzip in Linux (tip)
    Zipping and Unzipping files in GNOME is made easy with a utility called File Roller.

    15 Feb 2005
    Text-Only Email in Evolution (feature)
    Want to streamline your email? Scott shows how to write text-only email messages in Evolution.

    15 Feb 2005
    Why Consider Linux, Anyway? (feature)
    Considering the current trend of migrating from Windows? Scott gives some convincing arguments for doing so.

    15 Feb 2005
    OSSNews Reviews Novell Linux Desktop (tip)
    Eugenia Loli-Queru, an editor at shares her thoughts about Novell Linux Desktop 9.

    15 Feb 2005
    BZFlag and TORCS (feature)
    Scott shares two more excellent Linux games.

    15 Feb 2005
    Akregator - RSS News Reader (feature)
    Like to read RSS Feeds? Akregator might just be what you've been waiting for.

    9 Feb 2005
    Easy Command-Line Introduction (feature)
    Intimidated by the command line? There's really nothing to it, as Scott demonstrates with this quick and easy overview.

    9 Feb 2005
    Installing RPM Files (trench)
    "Once I download an RPM, how do I install it?" Scott answers this question for us in this brief guide.

    9 Feb 2005
    Unisys Earns Novell Certification for Servers (tip)
    Unisys joins the ranks of those certifying on SUSE Linux.

    9 Feb 2005
    Message Templates in Evolution (feature)
    Would you like to use message templates in Evolution? Scott shows us how in this simple guide.

    2 Feb 2005
    Resolution problems with SUSE Linux in a .local domain (tip)
    Many companies that had a Microsoft network have setup their Windows network to use the .local domain policy. If someone then introduced a SUSE Linux box (with the 2.6 kernel) they would end up having resolution issues with that network. Here's the workaround.

    2 Feb 2005
    A New Cool Solutions Site - Novell Security Manager! (feature)
    That's right - we are launching a brand-new Cool Solutions site, dedicated to the brand-new Novell Security Manager product. Get the details here!

    1 Feb 2005
    Firefox Shortcuts (tip)
    Ever wondered how to manage Firefox with the keyboard? The guys at the mozilla foundation haven't left you out in the cold...

    1 Feb 2005
    How to Run Binary-Only Application Packages on Various Versions of Linux (feature)
    This article provides a migration path for users who have invested in proprietary application packages that were certified for specific versions of various basic libraries (such as glibc) but who now intend to run them on different versions.

    1 Feb 2005
    Minimize Your Maximizing with Multiple Desktops (feature)
    BrainStorm introduces us the Linux concept of having multiple desktops.

    1 Feb 2005
    Ximian's co-creator Nat Friedman entertains the future... (tip)
    Got questions about HULA, XGL, Interoperability between Evolution and GroupWise? Nat gives his vision of the future of Linux and Novell. A very insightful interview.

    1 Feb 2005
    Manually Mounting a USB Flash Drive in Linux (feature)
    Jason goes through the process step-by-step of how to manually mount a USB flash drive in Linux.

    27 Jan 2005
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Review (tip)
    Jem Matzan gives some information about SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 that most people don't know.

    26 Jan 2005
    NFS Saves the Day (feature)
    How do you install software on a network of SUSE machines without the CDs? It's easier than you think! Scott shows us how.

    26 Jan 2005
    ServerWatch reviews SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (feature)
    Michael Hall at ServerWatch shares his thoughts about SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

    26 Jan 2005
    Is Linux Here to Stay? (feature)
    Steve Hamm gives a refreshingly detailed analysis on why he believes Linux is here to stay, and why it is bound for success in seriously competing with Micosoft.

    20 Jan 2005
    Resizing Your Gnome / KDE Panels (feature)
    Jason steps through the process of customizing your panel's size in both KDE and Gnome.

    13 Jan 2005
    Network World Fusion Reviews SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (feature)
    Even when benchmarked against other Operating Systems, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 puts the muscle into enterprise-class serving.

    13 Jan 2005
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 vs. Microsoft Server 2003 (feature)
    Mike Petersen proves when put to the test, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 can hold its own agains Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

    11 Jan 2005
    Need Help? Try the Documentation First (feature)
    Many people don't realize what a wonderful resource the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9's documentation is. Jason gives us a good introduction to its goodness.

    9 Jan 2005
    HTML Development Tools in Linux (feature)
    Jason introduces us to three different text editors used in web development for Linux.

    7 Jan 2005
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Evalution Now Available For Multiple Architectures (tip)
    Novell has posted SLES 9 distributions for multiple architectures on

    7 Jan 2005
    Login Window Disappears to a Black Screen and Monitor Displays Frequency Over Range (tip)
    Learn how to fix X windows problems with Frequency Over Range errors.

    7 Jan 2005
    Beta Drivers for Adaptec HostRaid Now Available (tip)
    Adaptec has posted beta versions of the drivers used for their HostRAID controllers on many IBM servers.

    7 Jan 2005
    Can't Create NSS Pool Object on OES Linux (tip)
    Avoid common problems when trying to create NSS volumes on OES Linux.

    3 Jan 2005
    Receiving Kernel Panic After SLES-8-SLRS Was Installed On A Sun LX50 Server (trench)
    Here's a nice tip to help you avoid Kernel Panic in SUSE Linux Retail Solution.

    2 Jan 2005
    Adding To The Panels In Gnome. (feature)
    If dragging and dropping doesn't work, there are other simple ways to get items on your desktop panels in Gnome.

    1 Jan 2005
    Google Auto-fill Replica for Linux (feature)
    One add-on for Internet Explorer which people seem to miss when they move to Linux is the Google Auto-fill feature. The firefox auto-fill extension just might save the day in this case.

    1 Jan 2005
    Remote Administration (feature)
    Scott gives us a couple of solutions to working on multiple computers in a single location. Perfect for when working in multiple locations just isn't a good idea.

    1 Jan 2005
    HowTo: Using the Cron Shell Tool to Automate Procedures - Part 1 of 3 (feature)
    This HowTo explains how you can spend more time doing quality pursuits by using a Linux PC to automate general administrative tasks and procedures. There are three parts. The whole scheme is written using the Linux shell, as it is designed to run without any user intervention. This first part covers the strategy and most of the shell scripts.

    21 Dec 2004
    Set Up A Local YaST Online Update Server (feature)
    YaST Online Update (YOU) makes it easy to keep the systems in a network running with the latest patches. If your network has multiple machines that need to be updated, you may want to run a local YOU server that caches the updates. Here's how you do it.

    21 Dec 2004
    Serverwatch praises use of the new 2.6 Linux Kernel (feature)
    According to, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9's use of the 2.6 Linux Kernel gives it an advantage head and shoulders above the competition.

    21 Dec 2004
    SLES 9 on IBM POWER Servers (feature)
    IBM's POWER Series Servers are now teamed up with SLES 9 to create a mighty powerful solution.

    21 Dec 2004
    Setting Your Clock with the Network Time Protocol. (feature)
    A great way to make sure your server always is using pin-point precise time.

    21 Dec 2004
    HTTP Server Basics (feature)
    Setting up a web server has never been easier than in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.

    15 Dec 2004
    Special Offer for Cool Solutions Readers: Free Copy of Runtime Revolution (feature)
    (Download now fixed!) The good folks at Runtime Revolution have extended a special offer to Cool Solutions readers to make it easier for you to implement the great ideas in Stomfi's articles. Come see how to get your copy.

    15 Dec 2004
    Windows Compatible File Formats in Linux (tip)
    Some Linux programs can handle some Windows file formats. This makes the switch to Linux even easier.

    15 Dec 2004
    Which Email Client Should I Use? (feature)
    Scott runs through some important questions you should ask yourself when choosing an email client.

    13 Dec 2004
    How to Start, Stop, or Restart Services on a Linux Box (tip)
    If you ever need to interrupt services on your Linux box, this is a dandy little hint.

    13 Dec 2004
    How to Dismount a Mounted File System (tip)
    You may have discovered the hard way that you can't dismount a mounted file system while it is in use. Let's say you have mounted a network volume, cdrom, or a flash drive and now you want to dismount it but Linux won't allow it because the device is busy. Curtis Parker offers this helpful suggestion.

    19 Nov 2004
    AppNote: Moving a .NET C# LDAP Browser Application to Mono on Linux (appnote)
    This is about putting together a small LDAP browser graphical application with Visual Studio.NET that talks to eDirectory, and then moving it to a Linux server running mono. This helps to illustrate how to move existing C#.NET apps from Windows to mono on Linux.

    5 Nov 2004
    An XML interface for UNIX and Linux filesystems extended ACLs (feature)
    Novell's Michel Bluteau explains how XML can be implemented as an interface to POSIX filesystem Extended Access Control Lists. The main goal is to find a way to migrate filesystems from Windows, UNIX and NetWare to Linux, while providing granular ACLs and taking advantage of a Graphical User Interface, or GUI, in order to manage filesystem ACLs.

    2 Nov 2004
    Keep your CD-ROM from Opening Frequently (tip)
    Does your CD-ROM open every couple of minutes and drive you nuts? Here's why, and how to put an end to the madness.

    27 Oct 2004
    Disaster Recovery, Part 4 - Planning for the Future (feature)
    Here's the fourth installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. Now that you've lived through the worst, what do you do about securing a safe data future? Get some solid tips here.

    25 Oct 2004
    Troubleshooting "Platform Not Supported" Messages When Installing Products on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (tip)
    Having trouble installing products on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server? Aaron Gresko offers some handy diagnostic tips.

    21 Oct 2004
    Disaster Recovery, Part 3 - If You Rebuild It, They Will Come (feature)
    Here's the third installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. From mold on the walls to dust in the PC fans - what would you do to set it all right? Check out what our expert did, and wished he had done ...

    13 Oct 2004
    Disaster Recovery, Part 2 - Hard and Soft Data Recovery (feature)
    Here's the second installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. The "swimming pool" has been drained - now it's time to dry out the data! Get the hair-raising details here ...

    6 Oct 2004
    Disaster Recovery, Part 1 - Underwater Data (feature)
    If you think it can't happen to you -- think again! Here's the first installment in a four-part series on disaster recovery, based on a real-life success story. Get the details here, get a plan, and get ready!

    1 Oct 2004
    Capturing Screen Shots of a SUSE Linux Installation (tip)
    Getting screen shots of an installation can be difficult, especially for products like SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9, which can only be installed in text mode. Here is how you capture screen shots of an installation and copy them (during the install) to another linux workstation.

    10 Sep 2004
    Setting up LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) and SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 for PXE Support (feature)
    This document is a quick step-by-step setup guide for the installation of LTSP on top of the latest distro release of Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SLES 9, which is leveraging kernel 2.6. It complements the official documentation, and demonstrates the feasibility of setting up a LTSP server over SLES 9 for supporting PXE.

    24 Jun 2004
    One-Stop Info Page: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (feature)
    To help you find everything you need to know about Novell on Linux, we've done some serious surfing and pulled together a short list of the essential links. If we've missed a crucial one, please give us a shout.

    4 Nov 2003
    Novell Announces Agreement to Acquire SUSE Linux (feature)
    Heads Up: It's time to take a serious look at Linux. Novell is acquiring SUSE Linux, and will thus become the world's largest supplier of desktop-to-server Linux solutions and technical support. Read on for the details, then take a short survey and let us know your take on it.

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