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Cradle to Grave

12 Dec 2007
One Giant Leap: Cool Solutions gets some New Digs (tip)
Eleven years after launching the first Cool Solutions site, we have just taken a major step forward. We have some new digs - a full-on community site with all the Web 2.0 bells and whistles. Check it out!

12 Dec 2007
LDAP Password Changes and Versions of Security Services (feature)
Geoff Carman

12 Dec 2007
Counting References for an eDirectory Identity (tip)
Sailaja Mada

5 Dec 2007
Converting Structured Attributes in eDirectory (feature)
Fernando Freitas share some IDM rules that help you convert a structured syntax attribute to two different eDirectory formats.

5 Dec 2007
Managing the eDirectory Database Cache (tip)
You can manage you eDirectory database cache more effectively, thanks to this tip from Geoff Carman.

28 Nov 2007
Installing eDirectory 8.8 SP2 as a Non-Root User (appnote)
In this AppNote, Samuel Soares explains how to install and configure eDirectory 8.8 properly as a non-root user.

28 Nov 2007
Adding eGuide from OES1 to OES2 (tip)
Missing eGuide in your new OES install? This tip from Alan Pearson should help you get it back and working.

26 Nov 2007
UniqueID Check v1.0 (tool)
Analyze UID and CN attributes from an eDirectory tree.

21 Nov 2007
LDAP Directory Access over SSL, with MAC OS 10.5 Leopard (feature)
The new version of Mac OSX introduces some issues with LDAP Directory Access over SSL. Colin Pearce explains how to get smooth access again, with LDAP and the Directory Utility application.

21 Nov 2007
Building Group Memberships in eDirectory (tip)
This tip from Jack Shreve explains how to add a new eDirectory group, based on an existing group with similar membership.

21 Nov 2007
Avoiding an Error when you Delete an Application from iManager (tip)
This tip Francesco Vinci explains what to do about an error that can happen when when you delete an application from iManager.

21 Nov 2007
Controlling Container Access for eGuide Users (tip)
Here's a tip from Niklas Ekstedt that helps you control how eGuide users access certain containers.

19 Nov 2007
Installing and Configuring Novell FTP Server for eDirectory Authentication (feature)
This article by Punya Mall is useful for administrators who want to use eDirectory instead of open-LDAP for user authentication.

14 Nov 2007
Configuring SugarCRM to use Novell eDirectory for Authentication (feature)
Check out this cool solution posted by Omni to help its Riva SugarCRM GroupWise Integration closed beta customers configure SugarCRM for eDirectory LDAP user authentication.

14 Nov 2007
Mass Updates to Individual Trustee Assignments (tip)
Aaron Burgemeister explains how to change the individual trustee assignments, en masse ...

14 Nov 2007
New at - iManager Plug-ins (tip)
Check out these new iManager plug-ins, available at

14 Nov 2007
Solving Application Access Problems after Upgrading to eDirectory 8.8 (tip)
This quick tip from Jack Shreve helps your users access applications and dirmap correctly after an upgrade to eDirectory 8.8.

7 Nov 2007
Using DXCMD in a Script (tip)
Here's a sample script and explanation from Geoff Carman that helps you run the dxcmd app to restart eDirectory and start necessary drivers.

7 Nov 2007
Finding Updated Snap-ins for iManager (tip)
This tip from Jesse Pretorius shows you how to find the sometimes elusive iManager snap-ins you need to download.

7 Nov 2007
Configuring eDirectory LDAP Server to Listen on Specific IP Addresses/Host Names (tip)
G Gireeshkumar explains how eDirectory LDAP Server can listen on selected IP addresses or host names.

7 Nov 2007
Checking NICI Libraries (tip)
Marcel Cox explains how you can tell whether your NICI library is really up-to-date.

31 Oct 2007
Backup scripts for eDirectory on Linux (tool)
Scripts to backup eDirectory on Linux using either dsbk or ndsbackup.

31 Oct 2007
IDM Driver Monitoring Solution (tool)
IDM Driver monitoring solution for Linux

31 Oct 2007
Using iManager 2.7 with Apache (tip)
Here's a brief guide on how to configure iManager to work properly with Apache. Thanks to Pekka Kuronen for sharing.

31 Oct 2007
eDirectory Migration and Disk Space Problems (tip)
If you're not fond of the idea of running out of disk space during an eDirectory migration, this tip from Andy Cox is for you.

31 Oct 2007
Using ndsconfig with eDirectory Installs (tip)
Aaron Burgemeister shares a few insights on using the ndsconfig utility when installing eDirectory.

31 Oct 2007
Customizing the Chooser Mode in iManager Roles & Tasks (tip)
Here's a tip from Wolfgang Schreiber that helps you specify the chooser mode that's used for custom tasks in iManager.

30 Oct 2007
Solving a Socket Error on a Linux Client (tip)
Ritu Sati explains how to deal with socket errors that occasionally happen when you run the eDirectory LDAP performance tool on a Linux client.

24 Oct 2007
Understanding Replicas in eDirectory (tip)
Aaron Burgemeister gets down to the basics of replicas and how they work in eDirectory.

24 Oct 2007
Changing iManager 2.7 Default Timeout (tip)
Geoff Carman describes how to change the default 30-minute timeout for iManager version 2.7.

17 Oct 2007
New at eDirectory 8.8 Plug-in for iManager 2.5, 2.6 & 2.7 (feature)
Check out the latest eDirectory plug-in available at ...

17 Oct 2007
Creating Nested Groups in eDirectory 8.8.2 using iManager 2.7 (tip)
You can create nested groups in eDirectory 8.8.2 more easily, thanks to this tip from Mada Sailaja.

15 Oct 2007
Check eDirectory LDAP Statistics with Nagios (tool)
This program can be used to monitor the number of ldap searches and errors with Nagios.

11 Oct 2007
Expire Accounts Not Used in 30 Days (tool)
Script expires accounts that haven't been used in the last 30 days.

10 Oct 2007
New at (feature)
There are quite a few new software versions available at - learn about them here ...

10 Oct 2007
Cool Blog: TAO Files and Drivers (feature)
In this Cool Blog, Aaron Burgemeister unravels the ancient mysteries of TAO ...

10 Oct 2007
ATT Training Update (feature)
Check out the latest happenings in the Advanced Technical Training world ...

10 Oct 2007
Debugging Slow Performance in iManager on NetWare (tip)
Marcel Cox provides a few suggestions for getting iManager to respond more quickly when running on NetWare.

10 Oct 2007
Simple LDAP Management Tool, works with eDirectory from Linux (tool)
Allows users to easily update multiple users attributes, including passwords from the Linux console.

3 Oct 2007
Migrating Data from NetWare 5.1 to OES, with eDirectory (feature)
This article by Shashikala B.V. shows the step-by-step process to follow when migrating from NetWare 5.1 to OES, using upgrades to eDirectory.

3 Oct 2007
Adding Alternative Names with Certificate Signing Requests (tip)
This tip from Klaus Gast shows you how to get alternative names into a CSR, using a process that leverages OpenSSL.

1 Oct 2007
DNSBrowse 2.08.04 (tool)
Utility for browsing through the DNS/DHCP records in NDS.

26 Sep 2007
Check ZLM assignment integrity between eDirectory object store and postgresql data store (tool)
This program checks the bundle, catalog and policy assignments between the eDirectory object store and postgresql data store.

26 Sep 2007
Establishing Cross-Realm Trust between Active Directory and Novell KDC (appnote)
In this AppNote, Anil Kumar Sekhara and Ashish Kumar explain how to log in to Windows XP, with Novell KDC interoperating with Microsoft KDC (Active Directory).

26 Sep 2007
Success Story: Nippon Comsys (feature)
Learn how Nippon Comsys built an effective single sign-on system with the help of Novell eDirectory, Identity Manager, and iChain.

19 Sep 2007
Understanding Unrestricted Access in iManager/RBS (tip)
Aaron Burgemeister explains the notion of "unrestricted access" with iManager and RBS.

19 Sep 2007
More about Container Searches in ConsoleOne (tip)
Jack Shreve adds some insight to the ongoing discussion on container searches in ConsoleOne ...

12 Sep 2007
ATT Training Update (feature)
Check out these new training opportunities from Novell ATT ...

12 Sep 2007
Success Story: Anne's Diary (feature)
Learn how Anne's Diary, the first secure social networking site for children, found the secure identity environment it needed, thanks to Novell eDirectory, Access Manager, and NMAS.

12 Sep 2007
Solving Search Issues with ConsoleOne (tip)
If you're not getting great results from ConsoleOne searches, this tip from Geoff Carman may clear things up for you ...

12 Sep 2007
Outputting Audit Query Results to a Web Page (tip)
You can get your Audit query results posted to a web page, thanks to this tip from Aaron Burgemeister.

12 Sep 2007
Using LdapConnection with Windows (tip)
Here's a code sample from Johann Akerstrom that shows how to use an ldapconnection to get eDirectory information.

11 Sep 2007
A GroupWise First -- Integrate eDirectory Values into GroupWise Signatures (feature)
Do you need to standardize your GroupWise signatures by adding eDirectory values? Read more about how Omni's new Managed Signature module allows you to push eDirectory values into GroupWise signatures.

5 Sep 2007
Success Story: SecureX (feature)
Learn how the SecureX group combined Novell Identity Manager with eDirectory to manage user accounts in a complex production system.

5 Sep 2007
Solving iPrint Errors in Mobile iManager (tip)
This tip from Wolfgang Schreiber helps you avoid iPrint exception errors that can occur when you use Mobile iManager.

5 Sep 2007
Adding a link to a Photo Editor in eGuide (tip)
If your eGuide users need an online graphics editor for their pictures, this tip from Jim Goodall should help.

30 Aug 2007
DSRAZOR for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare (tool)
Secure, delegate, administer and audit your eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems. Manage user accounts, report on and manage security settings, delegate helpdesk tasks and more.

30 Aug 2007
DSMETER for NetWare (tool)
Audit and control your eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems. Track login/logout activity, audit, alert and control server, file system, and directory activity, report on server inventory and more.

30 Aug 2007
DSRAZOR for GroupWise (tool)
Secure, delegate, administer and audit your GroupWise installations. Manage user accounts, report on and manage security settings, report disk space usage, manage distribution lists and more.

29 Aug 2007
Success Story: Saarland University (feature)
Learn how Germany's Saarland University found a centralized solution for iits 25,000-user network with Novell Identity Manager.

24 Aug 2007
NetworkTester (tool)
This script is made to test networking hardware and software in a simple way by verifying packets travel reliably across the network.

22 Aug 2007
Migrating AD into eDirectory, using OpenLDAP on OES (appnote)
This AppNote by Mike Faris takes you step by step through the process of migrating Active Directory data into eDirectory on an OES system, using OpenLDAP.

22 Aug 2007
Installing and Configuring eDirectory 8.8.x on Ubuntu Linux (appnote)
Need to install eDirectory on Ubuntu? It can be done, as this AppNote by Jon Hardman demonstrates.

22 Aug 2007
NMAS Authentication for Novell eDirectory, via Biometric Client and Server Login Kits (feature)
Fujitsu and 123ID have introduced Biometric Client and Server Login Kits, enabling NMAS authentication for Novell eDirectory. Learn more here ...

22 Aug 2007
Scrubbing eDirectory 8.8 on Linux (tip)
Aaron Burgemeister explains how to delete instances of eDirectory on Linux.

22 Aug 2007
Solving ConsoleOne Display Corruption (tip)
If you're getting annoyed by frequent display setting corruptions in ConsoleOne, this tip from Tony Kelly should help.

15 Aug 2007
K-12 School Uses EMU to Create and Bulk Modify Novell Home Directories for Mac OS X Users (feature)
Struggling with managing Macintosh Home Directories on NetWare / OES? Does your school district or college use Macintosh OS X computers with home directories on NetWare or OES? Check out this Cool Solution success story about how Savannah Country Day School uses EMU to manage their 1,200 user accounts, including Macintosh home directory values on NetWare.

8 Aug 2007
Cool Blog: Are You Ready for eDirectory 8.8 SP2? (feature)
Jaimon Jose explains the top reasons why you should be excited about the upcoming eDirectory 8.8 SP2 release, including performance boost, encryption features, security enhancements, and more ...

8 Aug 2007
Handling Port Collisions with Multi-Instance eDirectory (tip)
Geoff Carman explains how to avoid port collisions that can sometimes occur when you run multiple instances of eDirectory on a server.

8 Aug 2007
Scheduling eDirectory Backups (tip)
Bryan Keadle shares a handy script and explanation for how to easily get a backup of a server NDS.

7 Aug 2007
Preventive Maintenance for System Administrators (feature)
Here's some practical and detailed advice on staying ahead of the server maintenance game, courtesy of Hanny Kraa.

6 Aug 2007
3D Log Viewer v 1.11.1 (tool)
A must have utility for viewing IDM log files, but makes it easy to visualize many other cryptic logs. By unchecking rules the results can be dramatically altered for easy viewing.

6 Aug 2007
Base64 Encode/Decode (tool)
Easily decode Base64 encoded data while viewing an LDIF file.

6 Aug 2007
PKI Certificate Expiry Reporter (tool)
This utility simply reports the certificate expiry date, it does not validate certificates.ident

1 Aug 2007
Scheduled Backup of Clustered Multiple eDirectory Instances with dsbk (tool)
This script detects which eDirectory instance is running on which host, then performs a backup of it with dsbk.

24 Jul 2007
MiniChecker (tool)
Monitor individual drivers on NW, Linux, and Windows, as well as some LDAP search/auth performance and directory sync.

24 Jul 2007
Changing a GroupWise Given Name (tip)
Paul Lamontagne and Uwe Buckesfeld explain a curious problem that can happen when you try to update a GroupWise name in ConsoleOne.

18 Jul 2007
Single Sign-On to eDirectory 8.8.2 using the SASL GSSAPI Mechanism (appnote)
In this AppNote, Anil Belur describes the SASL GSSAPI (Generic Security Services Application Programming Interface) authentication mechanism for Kerberos V5 authentication with eDirectory 8.8.2.

13 Jul 2007
NDSRepair for UNIX Menu Wrapper (tool)
NDSRepair is a UNIX command-line utility used to check and repair the NDS database.

11 Jul 2007
Restoring a Single Object from a Whole DIB Backup (feature)
Need just one object from a DIB? Nikanth Karthikesan shows you how, as well as comparing the pros and cons of the most popular eDirectory backup methods.

5 Jul 2007
Omni Webinar Series (feature)
Omni presents three weekly web seminars to help you maximise your GroupWise, eDirectory and SLED deployments. Find out how to deploy GroupWise Dynamic Distribution Lists, Common Calendars, set Proxy Access for Auditors, clean-up eDirectory information to prepare for IDM, save up to 80% on your SLED desktop deployments and provide ZERO-Rights, delegated user account management.

5 Jul 2007
New at - Novell Kerberos KDC 1.0 .3 (tip)
Check out the new version of Novell Kerberos for Linux on ...

27 Jun 2007
Working with Empty E-mail Notification Fields (tip)
V.M. Luotonen explains how to change empty e-mail notification fields from "$Variable$" to something more useful.

27 Jun 2007
Converting "Miliseconds Since 1970" to Readable Date Format (tip)
This tip from V.M. Luotonen gets the unwieldy "milliseconds since 1970" into a more friendly and readable date format.

20 Jun 2007
ldiftosch - Convert LDAP Schema into Novell SCH Format (tool)
Convert LDAP schema (ldif) file into SCH file (Novell eDirectory specific format).

20 Jun 2007
ATT Training Update (feature)
Check out the latest training offerings from Novell ATT ...

20 Jun 2007
Solving a Slow Performance Situation with iManager 2.6 (tip)
Is iManager running slower for you since upgrading to version 2.6? Wolfgang Schreiber has a fix that should improve performance ...

13 Jun 2007
More about UniqueID in eDirectory (tip)
Geoff Carman shares additional insights about the purpose and use of the eDirectory UniqueID, and how it compares with the CN.

13 Jun 2007
Getting iManager Plug-ins to Show Up in OES Linux Server (tip)
Can't find the iManager plug-in modules that you need to install? Dave Simons has a workaround that gets their link to show up properly.

11 Jun 2007
SwapVol (tool)
Swapvol is a simple tool for updating the volume (part) of the "home directory" attribute in the eDirectory.

6 Jun 2007
iManager Password Management Plug-in Available (feature)
Get the details on the new iManager Password Management Plug-in, available from

6 Jun 2007
Public Beta: GroupWise Collaboration Integration Suite for eDirectory and GroupWise, June 8, 2007 (feature)
Check out this cool announcement from our friends at Omni. Their new, unified GroupWise integration suite allows you to create Dynamic GroupWise Distribution Lists, push calendar entries, push proxy access, clean up address books, generate GroupWise archive path reports, eDirectory password expiry reports and more. Sounds like just the kind of application a GroupWise administrator would like to have on hand.

6 Jun 2007
Removing eDirectory 8.8 Instances (tip)
Aaron Burgemeister shares a simple process for clearing out separate instances of eDirectory 8.8 on a server.

6 Jun 2007
Troubleshooting SDIDIAG and NICI Problems (tip)
Klaus Gast shares some insights on dealing with SDIDIAG and NICI problems that may come up with server maintenance.

6 Jun 2007
CN and UID - Matching or Not? (tip)
In eDirectory, does your CN need to match your UID? Marcel Cox and Dave Gersic weigh in with practical advice on the question ...

30 May 2007
Using KeePass to Track Admin-Level Passwords (tip)
Michael Roizman explains how the KeePass open source solution can help you get a grip on the many passwords needed in your environment.

30 May 2007
Counting LDAP Searches and Binds (tip)
How many LDAP searches or binds are you doing these days? Akos Szechy shows us how to add up the score ...

23 May 2007
Restarting eGuide from a Linux Command Line (tip)
Here's a simple tip to restart eGuide from a Linux command line, rather than from a web-based interface.

18 May 2007
Blackbird DeTroubler for eDirectory & Active Directory (tool)
Rapid online recovery for eDirectory & Active Directory.

16 May 2007
ATT Training Update (feature)
Check out the latest in ATT sessions coming to a location near you ...

16 May 2007
Using the iManager Plug-in Studio to Customize Your Own Plug-in (feature)
This step-by-step explanation from Magnus Hoglund helps you use the iManager Plug-in Studio to customize a plug-in for LDAP authentication.

16 May 2007
Using ICE to Create External Entities from a Delimited File (tip)
Jim Henderson shares a tip for using ICE and LDIF to get external entities from a delimited file.

16 May 2007
Mass Import of Users (tip)
Here's another approach to mass-importing users into eDirectory, courtesy of Scott Owen.

16 May 2007
Replication Override in German ConsoleOne (tip)
Florian Albers shares a workaround for getting Replication options working properly in the German version of ConsoleOne.

9 May 2007
lastlogin - Generate Report Based on Last Login Time (tool)
Creates a report of all users not logged in within a configured time frame.

9 May 2007
LDAP / Universal Password with eDirectory 8.8 (appnote)
In this AppNote, Novell's Paul McKeith explains the new feature in eDirectory 8.8 SP1, where NMAS enables LDAP authentications (binds) so that they are case-sensitive. This feature can also help ease the deployment of Universal Password.

9 May 2007
Beyond the "Three-of-Four" Policy with NMAS (feature)
Looking to get more than the typical "three of four" password security policy? Aaron Burgemeister shows you how the new version of NMAS can meet your needs.

9 May 2007
Success Story: Novell Secures User Identities at Fairfax County Public Schools (feature)
One of the nation's largest school districts picks a portfolio of Novell products to centrally manage its identity infrastructure

9 May 2007
Speeding Up Syncsort Backup Express eDirectory Backup with Embox (tip)
If you're getting slow results with Syncsort backups on embox, this tip from Michael Alexander may help.

2 May 2007
Success Story: ANSI (feature)
Learn how the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) used a Novell identity management solution to reduce time spent on manual user provisioning by 90 percent.

2 May 2007
Fixing Expired Certificates for NRM and NDPS (tip)
Jamie Roth shares a tip for resolving an error when certificates are viewed on NRM with NDPS.

25 Apr 2007
PKI Auto-Enrollment for Novell eDirectory (appnote)
In this AppNote, Steffen Koehler explains how to use certificate auto-enrollment to help users and machines get certificates transparently.

25 Apr 2007
Expiring Passwords En Masse (tip)
In an emergency, how would you expire passwords immediately? This tip from Bryan Keadle will point you in the right direction ...

25 Apr 2007
Response: Tracking Admin Passwords (tip)
Geoff Carman responds to the Cool Solutions Open Call for advice about tracking admin passwords.

18 Apr 2007
Uninstalling eDirectory 8.7.3 Patches in Windows (tip)
Mada Sailaja shares an easier way to get eDirectory 8.7.3 patches removed on a Windows system.

18 Apr 2007
Open Call - Tracking Admin-Level Passwords (tip)
So how are you handling admin-level passwords in your organization? Inquiring minds - including Bryan Keadle - want to know ...

18 Apr 2007
Switching eDirectory 8.8 to a Non-Root User (tip)
Jurgen Schulz explains how to give a non-root user rights to the location where eDirectory is installed.

18 Apr 2007
Removing Rights for Home Directory Users (tip)
This tip from Jim Henderson shows how to remove rights from many users with a simple procedure.

11 Apr 2007
Improved LDAP Search Tree for eDirectory 8.8 and IDM 3.5, Part 1 (feature)
In this article, Mike Faris shows us how to create an improved LDAP Search Tree for applications that use eDirectory 8.8 and Identity Manager 3.5. Part 1 focuses on creating multiple eDirectory trees on a single SLES server with eDirectory 8.8.1.

11 Apr 2007
Simplified Install of Certificate/Trusted Root on Workstations (feature)
Michel Bluteau shares a step-by-step process for pushing the eDirectory trusted root into end users' Internet Explorer Trusted Root stores, while avoiding annoying warning messages.

11 Apr 2007
ConsoleOne, iManager, and Universal Password (feature)
Aaron Burgemeister and Marcel Cox answer questions about using ConsoleOne and iManager to administer Universal Password.

11 Apr 2007
Cross-platform (Java) Universal Password Retrieval Utility (tip)
Here's a handy utility that stores UP user and password information in an output file before you make that major upgrade, courtesy of Adam Bradley.

4 Apr 2007
Setting Up UIDs in iManager based on CN Values (feature)
Aaron Burgemeister shows us how to get UIDs assigned for users in iManager, based on their CN values.

4 Apr 2007
Getting Additional Stunnel Logs via SSL VPN (tip)
With this tip from Chendil Kumar you can get more stunnel logs for your Linux client, via SSL VPN.

4 Apr 2007
Success Story: Gundersen Lutheran (feature)
Learn how Gundersen Lutheran health system reduced user management time by 95% with a solution based on Novell Identity Manager and eDirectory.

4 Apr 2007
Assigning a Universal Password Policy with a Simple-Password User (tip)
How do you assign a Universal Password policy to a simple-password user? This tip from Jim Willeke may help ...

4 Apr 2007
Finding the Last Item in DSTrace Live (tip)
Geoff Carman shares a workaround that helps you see the entire trace file you need, not just the last few seconds in DSTrace Live.

28 Mar 2007
Using Mobile iManager to Test iManager Changes (tip)
Long-time Cool Solutions contributor Wolfgang Schreiber shares a simple method for testing iManager customizations by using Mobile iManager.

28 Mar 2007
Printing the NDS Tree (tip)
Richard Beels and Peter Kuo list their favorite ways to get printouts of an NDS tree.

28 Mar 2007
Counting Users per Container (tip)
If you need to know how many users are in a given container, this quick tip from Akos Szechy can get you started ...

27 Mar 2007
Ldapsearch Wrapper (tool)
HTML application which adds a GUI front end to the ldapsearch executable, providing an easy, form based, interface for searches and configuration management.

21 Mar 2007
LDAP for "Dummies" (feature)
If you're new to LDAP, this refresher from David Gersic could be what you need to get your indexing set up for faster searches.

21 Mar 2007
Subtree Search Performance in eDirectory (feature)
Jim Henderson explains subtree searches, presence indexes, and Ancestor IDs ...

21 Mar 2007
Creating a Custom Help Desk Page for iManager (tip)
Here's a tip from Wolfgang Schreiber that helps you set up a form for using custom fields on a help desk page in iManager.

21 Mar 2007
Mass Data Addition for Existing eDirectory Users (tip)
Need a simple way to get mass updates made to existing users? This tip from Jim Henderson should help.

21 Mar 2007
Customizing Attributes for iSeries (tip)
If you're using iSeries (i5os), this tip helps to clarify how user data is arranged in iSeries and how Control Language programs help you customize your driver.

16 Mar 2007
HOMES 3.06.08 (tool)
A utility for (re)creation and deletion of home directories.

14 Mar 2007
Getting FreeRadius 1.1.4 Running with eDirectory on SLES 10 (tip)
Need to go beyond version 1.1.0 of FreeRADIUS with SLES 10? Charles Short has a workaround that gets version 1.1.4 up and running.

14 Mar 2007
Preventing the UID from Displaying in the eGuide Details Page (tip)
Here's a solution from Andrei Karyagin that helps you prevent a UID from showing on the eGuide details page, while still allowing the user to log in.

14 Mar 2007
Setting Up Admin Container Rights (tip)
Aaron Burgemeister has some advice for getting admin rights set up in your tree, with consideration for roles and drivers.

14 Mar 2007
Listing Users with Universal Passwords (tip)
If you're using JRB Utilities, this batch file from Chuck Perilli will list the Universal Password Policies for your users, OU's, and O's.

14 Mar 2007
Importing an OU Structure from Excel (tip)
Edward van der Maas and Aaron Burgemeister share some approaches to doing an LDIF import of an OU structure, using an Excel document.

14 Mar 2007
Listing Home Directories for Deleted Users (tip)
Forget to delete a Home Directory when you delete a user? Here's a tip from Dave Simons that helps you find those extra directories so you can delete them, too.

7 Mar 2007
Determining the Type of Directory Server on a Remote System (tip)
You can easily find out the type of directory server running on remote system, thanks to this tip from Talekar Nagareshwar.

7 Mar 2007
Creating/Modifying Groups using an LDAP Command Line (tip)
Aaron Burgemeister shares a quick solution for adding or changing eDirectory groups from an LDAP command line.

3 Mar 2007
NDSRC (tool)
Perl-coded script designed to backup eDirectory on Linux or Solaris.

28 Feb 2007
iManager as a Help Desk Tool (appnote)
This AppNote from Dave Simons describes how you can use iManager in a help desk setting, without granting full eDirectory rights to a temporary worker.

28 Feb 2007
Success Story - JohnsonDiversey (feature)
Find out how the JohnsonDiversey corporation strengthened data security and cut administrative costs with a solution including Novell eDirectory, Identity Manager, and ZENworks.

28 Feb 2007
eGuide as a Help Desk Tool (appnote)
In this AppNote, Dave Simons explains how Novell eGuide can wear a second hat - as an effective help desk application.

28 Feb 2007
Forcing Global Password Changes on NetWare 6.5 Server (tip)
Aaron Burgemeister shows how to use an LDIF file to force a password change for users on a NetWare 6.5 server.

28 Feb 2007
Running ConsoleOne on the Windows Vista Business Edition (tip)
Eventually ConsoleOne will work on Windows Vista - in the meantime, Michael Enevold shares a workaround for getting it up and running.

28 Feb 2007
Quick Way to Detect the iFolder Version (tip)
You can find out the iFolder version on a machine without logging on to it, thanks to this tip from Talekar Nagareshwar.

21 Feb 2007
DosNDS 1.05.04 (tool)
Commandline utility for modifying eDirectory from the commandline.

21 Feb 2007
Global Retailer Uses eControl to Enhance Novell Identity Manager (feature)
Find out how a leading global retailer has deployed eControl from Omni to enhance its Novell Identity Manager implementation.

21 Feb 2007
eGuide as a Company Address Book (appnote)
Dave Simons shares a step-by-step process for installing and using eGuide as your company address book.

21 Feb 2007
Quick Guide for Reinstalling an eDirectory Tree (tip)
Pekka Kuronen shares a solution for quickly reformatting your eDirectory tree, in case of accidents or reinstalls.

21 Feb 2007
Detecting the iManager Version (tip)
Talekar Nagareshwar has a simple method for finding out what version of iManager a remote machine is using.

20 Feb 2007
MassUser 3.06.07 (HomesPlus) (tool)
A utility for (re)creation and maintenance of home directories and some user attributes.

14 Feb 2007
Configuring a Linux High Availability Cluster for IDM 3 and eDirectory 8.8 (appnote)
Can Identity Manager can be used in a clustered environment? Find out the answers in this AppNote by Novell's Jon Hardman.

14 Feb 2007
Installing eDirectory on OES Linux (appnote)
Making the transition to OES Linux is a little easier, thanks to this AppNote on installing eDirectory on OES, by Dave Simons.

14 Feb 2007
Trimming Long Attributes in eDirectory (feature)
If you have some of the world's longest names in your Notes fields, you can trim them down to size with this solution from Novell's Perry Nuffer.

13 Feb 2007
Update (tool)
Windows Utility to replace XCopy/NCopy.

7 Feb 2007
Identity & Security Management: Time Zone and Daylight Saving Changes (feature)
Find out what you need to know - and do - to get your Novell product implementations ready for the upcoming time zone and Daylight Savings changes.

7 Feb 2007
Password Information Tool (tool)
If you need to know about passwords, this tool may help.

7 Feb 2007
Creating a Custom XML Universal Password Policy (feature)
What if you need more than the Password Management iManager plug-in can offer? Brett Berger takes us inside the uncharted regions of customizing the XML Universal Password Policy.

7 Feb 2007
Success Story: Maine Medical Center (feature)
Learn how the Maine Medical Center added Novell Identity Manager and SecureLogin to an existing eDirectory base to create a scalable and secure identity management solution.

7 Feb 2007
Delimited Text Driver for Exporting Passwords from eDirectory to a File (feature)
If you need to export passwords from eDirectory to a file, proceed with caution - and check out this Delimited Text Driver solution from Aaron Burgemeister.

7 Feb 2007
Novell Password Types for eDirectory (feature)
Ever get a bit confused trying to describe all the different Novell Password types? Matt Dunkin shares a brief and clear guide to understanding the basic types of passwords used by Novell.

7 Feb 2007
NMAS Server and Client Guidelines (tip)
Marcel Cox shares some advice on understanding and using NMAS server and client concepts.

7 Feb 2007
New ActivIdentity Solutions for Novell (feature)
Find out about the latest ActivIdentity product solutions for Novell in this press release.

7 Feb 2007
Configuring Login Scripts for Selected Users (tip)
Stephen Wicklund explains how to run portions of your login script so you can exclude VPN users, or users from a users from a specific network or address.

31 Jan 2007
Managing eDirectory Objects with LDAP Commands (tip)
For those new to using LDAP commands with eDirectory, this tip by Donald Lohr should prove quite useful.

31 Jan 2007
Investigating Intruder Lockout History (tip)
Stephen Spalluto shares some insights into getting meaningful results from the Intruder Lockout tool.

31 Jan 2007
Error: No Instance for eDirectory Server is Configured (tip)
Novell's Akos Szechy provides a workaround for a missing instances file in eDirectory.

30 Jan 2007
Group Fix Tool (tool)
If your groups are out of whack, this tool may help.

29 Jan 2007
User/Group Association Utility (tool)
Parse two LDIF exports, one only with users and the other only with group information, and check the associations between both.

24 Jan 2007
Granting Selected Rights for a Temporary Admin (tip)
David Gersic explains a strategy for getting a temp admin ready to edit users, without granting full system rights.

24 Jan 2007
Renewing Challenge/Response Data Administratively (tip)
Kevin Hurni shares a way to administratively reset the answers for a user's challenge/response questions, via ConsoleOne.

24 Jan 2007
Firefox Bug in iManager (tip)
Here's a workaround for a Firefox bug that causes iManager pages to display incorrectly. Thanks to Kevin Hurni for the heads up ...

23 Jan 2007
Universal Password Retrieval Utility (tool)
This Linux command-line utility allows an eDirectory administrator to easily retrieve a user's Universal Password in clear-text.

17 Jan 2007
Cleaning Up after Losing Your CA (appnote)
If you lose your tree's Certificate Authority, all is not lost - thanks to this detailed AppNote from Greg Riedesel.

17 Jan 2007
Troubleshooting Ports with Custom eDirectory 8.8 Instances (feature)
If your default eDirectory instance is down, and you configure a custom instance location, your default instance may not come up again. Here's a workaround for this problem, courtesy of Mada Sailaja.

17 Jan 2007
Detecting Plug-ins Installed in iManager (tip)
Talekar Nagareshwar shows how to quickly and easily detect whether a given plug-in is installed in iManager - without logging in to iManager first.

10 Jan 2007
Configuring Certificates for iManager Plug-ins (appnote)
In this AppNote, Talekar Nagareshwar demonstrates a quick and easy way to configure the certificates needed for your iManager plug-ins.

10 Jan 2007
LUM-enabling eDirectory Users (feature)
Novell's Aaron Burgemeister provides detailed instructions for getting your eDirectory users LUM-enabled on Linux systems.

10 Jan 2007
eDirectory/PAM Authentication to Linux Services (feature)
Here's a step-by-step guide for authenticating users from eDirectory via PAM to services such as VMWare Server, and performing administration tasks using sudo.

10 Jan 2007
Displaying First Name Only in eGuide (tip)
Andrey Karyagin describes the steps for finding and editing eGuide code to let you display a first name only to users.

3 Jan 2007
Get NDS Name (tool)
This Perl script returns what the eDirectory name is for an existing NSS storage pool.

3 Jan 2007
Verify Certificate (tool)
Verify the SSL certificate present on local host or directory server.

3 Jan 2007
Doing a Mass Modify after User Add Operations (feature)
Rob Schneider shares a Word macro that takes the hassle out of doing modifications after an ICE or LDIF user import.

3 Jan 2007
Adding Features and Controlling eDirectory Automated Installations (appnote)
Selva Muthu Kumaran T, a Software Consultant for the eDirectory Installation Team, shares this AppNote for automating and customizing eDirectory installations.

3 Jan 2007
Filtering Server Objects with ConsoleOne (tip)
Cool Solutions contributor Bryan Keadle shares a tip that helps you quickly find the server objects you need in ConsoleOne.

3 Jan 2007
Sample Code: Paging Searches in eDirectory, via LDAP (tip)
Here's a Python code sample that returns simple paged results from a search in eDirectory, courtesy of Michael Stroder.

2 Jan 2007
LDAP Object RDN Reverser (tool)
PERL code to manipulate LDAP extracted data and reverse an object's RDN allowing for the sorting of data by container/organizational unit.

31 Dec 2006
Certificate Scanner (tool)
Scan the entire network for verification of SSL certificate.

30 Dec 2006
View Directory Certificate (tool)
Remotely view the SSL certificate on directory server.

30 Dec 2006
Export Certificate (tool)
Download certificate from directory server to local machine.

30 Dec 2006
Configure Password for eDirectory Users (tool)
Change/reset passwords for large number of users in eDirectory.

20 Dec 2006
Introducing - Identity & Security Management Cool Solutions (feature)
Get all the details on the newest Cool Solutions site and newsletter - Identity & Security Management!

20 Dec 2006
Managing LDAP User Attributes Dynamically through Group Membership (feature)
Cool Solutions reader Mikko Mallat shares a real-world solution for managing user attributes, using Policy Builder, groups, and eDirectory synchronization.

20 Dec 2006
Reporting on LDAP Information with MySQL and Linux (feature)
Daniel Bray uncovers the power of MySQL database reporting for LDAP information, with a custom script provided.

20 Dec 2006
Handling PKI.npm in Non-English Environments (tip)
Long-time contributor Wolfgang Schreiber shares a few localization workarounds for the latest PKI tool.

13 Dec 2006
Manage Users (tool)
Create or delete large number of users from eDirectory.

13 Dec 2006
eDir Locator (tool)
Locate eDirectory version remotely.

13 Dec 2006
Alternative Method of Installing Plugins for iManager (appnote)
In this AppNote, Talekar Nagareshwar explains an easy way to get your plug-ins installed in iManager.

13 Dec 2006
Documenting eDirectory/LDAP Schema (tip)
Looking for a quick and easy way to show your eDirectory/LDAP schema? Novell's Jim Henderson has the answer ...

7 Dec 2006
Home Directory Changer 2.0 (tool)
Change the attributes from one volume to another after a server consolidation.

6 Dec 2006
Configure LDAP Server (tool)
Configure LDAP Server properties remotely.

4 Dec 2006
Trustees 6.1 (tool)
Reads all file trustee rights of user, group, and organizational objects, and writes them to a file with the long file names. This file is then used to add rights back.

1 Dec 2006
Special Holiday Drawing Winner! (feature)
Congratulations to Gary Childers - the lucky winner of the iPod nano RED special edition!

29 Nov 2006
Integrating eDirectory SNMP Agent with a Management Framework (appnote)
In this AppNote, Novell's Mohan Kumar explains how to integrate the eDirectory SNMP Agent into the HP OpenView management framework.

29 Nov 2006
Success Story: State of Geneva, Switzerland (feature)
Learn how the State of Geneva, Switzerland used Novell eDirectory to provide services to reduce the complexity of managing multiple directories.

29 Nov 2006
Passing Domain/Username via Net Use (tip)
Julian Benson shares a workaround for getting the domain/username passed when you use "Net Use" to map drives in the login script to Microsoft shares.

29 Nov 2006
Controlling iMonitor Session Length (tip)
iMonitor not lasting long enough for you? Geoff Carman shares a few simple tips for expanding the session length in iMonitor, so you 'll have more time for your troubleshooting tasks.

29 Nov 2006
Generating Random Passwords for User Creation (tip)
Here's a bit of sample code from Arno Dorenbusch that helps you generate random passwords when you create new users.

28 Nov 2006
Asgard Login Module (tool)
Allows developers to use eDir to control application logins.

28 Nov 2006
QryAttChange (tool)
Update LDAP objects using an LDAP query search.

28 Nov 2006
FileAttChange (tool)
Change objects using a file with a list of objects.

27 Nov 2006
Directory Server Scanner (tool)
Remotely detect type of directory servers running on machines.

22 Nov 2006
OpenAdaptor and Password Expiration Notification (feature)
Here's an alternative solution for handling notification of expiring passwords, courtesy of Andrey Karyagin.

22 Nov 2006
Disabling "Modify Photo" in eGuide (tip)
Need to stop users from fiddling with their eGuide photos? Andrey Karyagin explains how to disable the Modify Photo link.

22 Nov 2006
iManager Role for Renaming Only (tip)
Wolfgang Schreiber shares a quick tip on creating an iManager role that just allows renaming users.

22 Nov 2006
eDirectory Remote Synch Question (tip)
Is synching eDirectory over the Internet without a VPN a good idea? Find out what several people have to say ...

16 Nov 2006
Workaround for TLS Port Not Listening in Linux OES SP2 (tip)
If you get a "TLS port is not listening" error message after installing OES SP2, check out this workaround tip from Hema Joshi.

16 Nov 2006
Client Certificate Generation (tool)
Generate Client Certificate for Radius authentication, integrated with eDirectory.

15 Nov 2006
Novell eDirectory Supports More Than 500,000 Users of SAP Developer Network (feature)
Novell eDirectory helps provide a secure and content-rich site for the half-million strong and rapidly growing SAP technical community. Learn more here ...

15 Nov 2006
Solving iManager Session Timeouts (tip)
Jonathan Cauthorn show you how to modify configurations so your iManager sessions don't time out so frequently.

15 Nov 2006
Avoiding Java Error when Loading Printer Drivers for iManager (tip)
Gary Croxford has a simple tip for resolving a Java error that sometimes occurs when you load printer drivers in iManager.

15 Nov 2006
Importing Encrypted Passwords Into eDirectory (trench)
Brad Williams is our kind of support guy. When asked a question he didn't have an answer for (about importing encrypted passwords) he did some testing of his own -- and kept notes!

13 Nov 2006
DNS CLEAN (tool)
Clean up old/invalid DNS entries en masse.

9 Nov 2006
CSV to LDIF Converter (tool)
Convert CSV file into a formatted LDIF file for importing into LDAP.

8 Nov 2006
Audit and Multiple eDirectory 8.8 Instances (tip)
If you run multiple eDirectory 8.8 instances, getting instrumentation to show up properly can be a bit tricky. Novell's Aaron Burgemeister has some suggestions ...

2 Nov 2006
Change Telephone Numbers (tool)
Mass modification of telephone numbers from the console of server NW6.5

2 Nov 2006
SNMP Start Script (tool)
Script to start the SNMP master and sub agent for eDirectory 873 version.

1 Nov 2006
Novell & Microsoft: What Do You Think? (tip)
Learn more about the landmark announcement from Novell and Microsoft.

25 Oct 2006
Web-based User Account and Identity Management White Paper (feature)
Mergers, acquisitions, security and privacy requirements - and the potentially devastating lawsuits for non-compliance - have increased the need for systems and processes that simplify user account management in mixed networks. Omni eControl delivers a web-based, "ZERO Rights" user account management tool for Novell GroupWise, eDirectory and mixed Novell and Microsoft networks. It's an ideal complement to Novell Identity Manager 3 for distributed user account management.

25 Oct 2006
Why NMAS? (feature)
Marcel Cox shares some insights on why you may need NMAS, or why not - along with tips on NMAS usage and password management.

25 Oct 2006
Creating Home Directories, Rights, and Quotas with ICE (feature)
Are you creating users through ICE but also want to generate home directory info for them? Cool Solutions reader Bo Bonnevie shares a Perl script that uses TRUSTEE and TOOLBOX to get the job done ...

25 Oct 2006
Avoiding SNMP Support Error in eDirectory (tip)
Sometimes the answers are easy ... here's an example from Dave Gersic on how to avoid login error -634 with SNMP for eDirectory.

19 Oct 2006
Rohos Welcome (tool)
Password-replacement solution for Novell Client for Windows.

18 Oct 2006
Stoneybrooke Christian Schools Imports and Manages Student Accounts with EMU (feature)
Like many Novell school districts, Stoneybrooke Christian Schools needed a more efficient way to import and manage their student accounts. Stoneybrooke uses EMU to quickly and easily import and manage their students' eDirectory and GroupWise accounts.

18 Oct 2006
Avoiding NICI Problems with OES Installs (tip)
Niklas Ekstedt shares some tips and tricks for getting NICI working will with eDirectory and OES installs.

17 Oct 2006
Quick for NDS v1.50a (tool)
Execute several NDS operations from the command line or from batch files.

16 Oct 2006
Display Trustee Assignments (tool)
Scan one or more NetWare directories for trustees.

11 Oct 2006
Integrated PKI Solutions (appnote)
Curious about PKI with eDirectory? In this AppNote, Steffen Koehler explains the pros and cons of PKI solutions using Novell Certificate Server or cv act PKIntegrated (a third-party tool).

11 Oct 2006
Scripps Networks Selects eDirectory for Five-Year Media Asset Project (feature)
Scripps Networks, a civerse media enterprise, will manage 100 million records with Novell eDirectory. Get the details here ...

11 Oct 2006
Open Call - Time-Limit App for eDirectory Sessions (feature)
Here's your chance to share (or point us to) an application that can limit time on the network for school or lab environments.

11 Oct 2006
Changing Photo Sizes in eGuide (tip)
Need to change the default photo properties in eGuide? Try these tips from Ron Imsland and see the difference ...

11 Oct 2006
Solving a Client Extractor Error for Novell Messenger (tip)
Steve Van Slyck helps you avoid a Novell Messenger error when NMMA loads and tries to build the client extractor.

6 Oct 2006
GetCert (tool)
Program to get the Trusted root certificate from eDirectory through LDAP.

4 Oct 2006
Seamless Authentication with the Squid Proxy (feature)
Proxy authentication with the Client Trust key is seamless - why not have seamless authentication with Squid, too? Simon Tideswell shows us how in this detailed article ...

27 Sep 2006
Disabling eGuide on a Server (tip)
Timothy Leerhoff shares a simple way to disable eGuide on a server.

20 Sep 2006
Building an IDM 3 Test Environment using eDirectory 8.8 Multi-Instances (appnote)
Novell's Akos Szechy brings the worlds of IDM 3 and eDirectory 8.8 together, focusing on multi-instance support in a test environment.

20 Sep 2006
Assigning Selective Read Rights with IDM (appnote)
In this AppNote, Raymon Epping explores setting ACLs selectively, using Novell Identity Manager 3, Designer, and IDM connector tracing.

20 Sep 2006
Success Story: RedSpider and Novell Identity Manager (feature)
Learn how an alliance of colleges in the Netherlands - known as RedSpider - saved a significant amount of money by using Identity Manager to streamline student account management and password synchronization.

20 Sep 2006
Using Universal Password with Mac Clients (tip)
Here are some simple suggestions from Geoff Carman on getting Universal Password to work with Mac clients.

13 Sep 2006
Success Story: State of Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (feature)
Learn how the State of Nevada leveraged Novell Identity Manager and eDirectory to simplify ID and password acces in their new web-access environment.

13 Sep 2006
Results from Open Call: Laptop Encryption without Active Directory (tip)
Several readers have responded with their approaches for laptop encryption - without Active Directory. Read their comments here ...

13 Sep 2006
Using sudo with LUM-enabled eDirectory Users (tip)
Here's a tip from Marc Bitner that gives you the benefits of sudo with eDirectory users.

13 Sep 2006
Cool Blog: Using ZENworks Server Management to Install or Upgrade to eDirectory 8.8 (feature)
Novell's Martin Irwin has been busy in his mad scientist lab, cooking up a way to easily install or upgrade to eDirectory 8.8 via ZENworks CPKs.

13 Sep 2006
Finding the eDirectory Patch Version in Windows (tip)
Mada Sailaja has a quick tip for how to finding the version number of your eDirectory Patch in Windows.

12 Sep 2006
Fileusage v2.0.0 (tool)
Monitors open files by connected users, NDS users, NDS groups, and folders. Can also check multiple servers simultaneously

10 Sep 2006
Enterprise User and Import Management Utility (EMU) (tool)
Bulk Manage eDir/NDS and GroupWise accounts, group membership, organizational roles and home directories.

7 Sep 2006
DelDaysOld (tool)
An easy way to schedule to prune files based on age.

6 Sep 2006
NCS Volume Resource Validation Tool (tool)
Checks eDirectory object associations for NCS volume resources on OES Linux.

31 Aug 2006 (tool)
Installs a new eDirectory 8.8 Tree on a Windows server.

31 Aug 2006 (tool)
edir-exist-cpks for Automating the Installation or Upgrade of eDirectory 8.8 sp1

30 Aug 2006
Success Story: Fairchild Semiconductor (feature)
Learn how Fairchild Semiconductor combined Novell eDirectory and Identity Manager to unified their worldwide file and print environment, and to reduce passwords for many of the 9,000 employees from seven to one.

30 Aug 2006
Configuration and Authentication for Proxy Squid (tip)
Careful - there may be a proxy squid sitting next to you - and if you'd like to configure it for NDS Proxy authentication, Eric Champagne has the recipe ...

30 Aug 2006
Customizing the Lens Icon in eGuide (tip)
Andrei Karyagin shines some light on the lens - how to customeize the eGuide lens icon, that is.

23 Aug 2006
Success Story: Automobile Association (feature)
Learn how the Automobile Association of the UK used Novell eDirectory and Identity Manager to increase information security and reduce business risk, while keeping costs under control.

23 Aug 2006
Troubleshooting NMAS on ConsoleOne (tip)
Marcel Cox shares a workaround for a DLL version conflict that affects NMAS running with ConsoleOne.

23 Aug 2006
ConsoleOne or eDirectory - Which First? (tip)
Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares some insights on installing eDirectory and ConsoleOne - and getting port 524 working right.

21 Aug 2006
You Talk, Novell Listens: Progress Report on Customer Suggested Improvements (tip)
Check out this report that explains how Novell has implemented many changes suggested by customers.

18 Aug 2006
UserKVYlist v1.1.3 (tool)
Create reports about users in eDirectory.

16 Aug 2006
Changing the eGuide Default Directory (tip)
What should you do if you need to change the default directory for an eGuide installation? Andrey Karyagin has the answers ...

16 Aug 2006
Autolog (tool)
Allow for fast configuration of automatic logon to the network and the workstation.

16 Aug 2006
International Mapping in eGuide, Take 2 (tip)
Mike Braden provides some fresh info on international mapping in eGuide, including support for UK addresses.

16 Aug 2006
Reloading Driver Store after a Move (tip)
Has some knucklehead moved your Driver Store and Manager? Scott Burman shows you how to get things back in order ...

16 Aug 2006
The App that Won't Go Away (tip)
Deleting an app in ConsoleOne doesn't necessarily make it go away, as Darron Michael explains.

4 Aug 2006
ImportCert (tool)
Automatically import certificate from eDirectory server into local store.

4 Aug 2006
XXCOPY 2.84.9 (tool)
Synchronize directory structures between multiple NetWare servers.

3 Aug 2006
Mass User Delete for Groups (tool)
Applet that will delete users from a group based on a text file.

1 Aug 2006
eDirectory Manager (tool)
A simple tool for exporting and importing large amount of eDirectory data.

26 Jul 2006
Ldif2dib - Offline Bulkload Tool for eDirectory (appnote)
This AppNote by Hiredesai Santosh and Piyush Janawadkar highlights the features and inner workings of the powerful new Bulkload tool in eDirectory 8.8 - "ldif2dib"

26 Jul 2006
Checklist for Trustee and Key Re-creation (tip)
When a server with a tree certificate crashes, what objects need to be deleted or recreated? Here's some advice on the topic from Richard Beels ...

26 Jul 2006
Troubleshooting Missing RBS Tasks (tip)
Marcel Cox shares a few practical ideas for finding RBS tasks that aren't showing up on the Roles and Tasks screen in iManager.

25 Jul 2006
Novell NetWare Revisor 3.4.1 (tool)
Creates NDS image and report, and performs recovery.

19 Jul 2006
Creating UIDs for Older User Objects (feature)
User objects that have been around for quite a while may not have unique IDs. Donald Lohr explains a straightforward way of using LDAP utilities to add those IDs.

19 Jul 2006
Accessing eGuide from the BlackBerry Browser (tip)
Jamie Pepper shows how to avoid a WML exception when trying to access eGuide from the BlackBerry Browser.

19 Jul 2006
Overriding Password Policies (tip)
Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares his thoughts on the basics of overriding password policies.

19 Jul 2006
Solving ObjectProperties Problems with ADSI (tip)
Microsoft's ADSI can be handy for LDAP calls, but in some cases may be problematic. Steve O'Hara offers a solution for ObjectProperties problems when using ADSI.

18 Jul 2006
Dat file Creator (tool)
Create dat files from LDIF files.

12 Jul 2006
eDirectory and SNMP - Down and Dirty (appnote)
Command-line isn't pretty, but it gets the job done - especially in SNMP utilities for eDirectory. Kudos to Don Lohr for this practical how-to approach on monitoring LDAP and eDirectory items via SNMP.

12 Jul 2006
Update: Mac OS X and Novell eDirectory Integration (feature)
Integrating Macs into a Novell environment can have its challenges, so here's a detailed AppNote from Cool Solutions contributor Randy Saeks on the topic. Get the inside scoop on directory and desktop setup, managing preferences, and more. *Check out the new content in the downloadable PDF file!*

12 Jul 2006
Displaying HTML Code in eGuide (tip)
Adam Bradley shares his UI handler code that helps you display HTML-formatted text in eGuide.

3 Jul 2006
GRBackPro - Professional Backup 6.1.0 (tool)
Data backup program for Windows Vista/2K3/XP/2K/NT/Me/98/95.

28 Jun 2006
Success Story - Ohio Office of the Attorney General (feature)
Learn how the Ohio Office of the Attorney General used a Novell solution to integrate multiple applications and give users secure single sign-on access to tools that help solve and prevent crimes.

28 Jun 2006
Removing Rights for NDS and File System (tip)
Niclas Ekstedt shares some insights on blocking rights and how it applies to trees and trustee assignments.

28 Jun 2006
Restoring Server References (tip)
Getting that empty feeling in a root context is not a happy thing. Novell's Akos Szechy shows how to restore server references after a partition crash.

28 Jun 2006
Renaming User Accounts, eDirectory to AD (tip)
Peter Norris shares an IDM policy that lets you change the CN in Active Directory.

28 Jun 2006
Finding the eDirectory Database Size (tip)
Here are some simple tips on how to find the current size of your eDirectory database, courtesy of Akos Szechy and Massimo Rosen.

26 Jun 2006
PINpoint - Mobile BlackBerry Directory (tool)
A corporate application that distributes an up-to-date listing of users defined in BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (BES) to some or all enterprise-activated devices.

21 Jun 2006
Inheritance with Universal Password (feature)
Novell's Akos Szechy explains how password policy inheritance works with Universal Password.

21 Jun 2006
emBox and Tree Merge (tip)
Here are some clarifications on using emBox to do a tree merge, as shared by Novell's Jim Henderson.

21 Jun 2006
LDAP Sort Order (tip)
How does LDAP sort order relate to eDirectory sort order? Aaron Burgemeister lends a few thoughts on the question ...

21 Jun 2006
Monitoring eDirectory Performance (tip)
If you're new to iMonitor, here are some tips on where to start looking for eDirectory performance indicators, courtesy of David Gersic.

21 Jun 2006
Authenticating to Member Servers without being Prompted (tip)
Garry Goodwin explains how to get non-AD usernames treated as AD accounts, so authentication to member servers can proceed without extra prompts.

21 Jun 2006
Running Multiple eDirectory Trees on SUSE 9 (tip)
Here's a tip from Justin Grote that helps you get multiple instances of eDirectory all starting at boot time.

20 Jun 2006
cDir - Compact Mobile Directory Browser (tool)
Remotely access information stored in your organization's Corporate Directory from a RIM BlackBerry, other mobile device, or web portal.

14 Jun 2006
Universal Password and LDAP (feature)
Don Lohr sheds some light on using Universal Password (and NDS and Simple passwords) in an LDAP setting.

14 Jun 2006
Solving the iManager 'Service Not Available' Message (tip)
George Iosif shares a few tips for solving the "service not available" error message you may get when using iManager to administer the NetStorage service.

7 Jun 2006
Password Query for OS X (tool)
Query the specified LDAP server to determine how many days until the current user's password expires.

31 May 2006
ConsoleOne Booster (tool)
Select ConsoleOne SnapIns at Startup.

31 May 2006
GWTreecast (tool)
Manage corporate Shared Folders centrally and without end-user intervention.

25 May 2006
Mass User Add for Groups (tool)
Applet that will add users from a txt file to a group.

24 May 2006
Enabling Entitlements for the eDirectory Driver(s) without In-the-box Entitlements (appnote)
Novell's Michel Bluteau shares an AppNote that describes how to create an Entitlement for the eDirectory driver. It also helps you leverage the driver with the Workflow/Provisioning Module, to create workflows for granting or revoking access.

24 May 2006
Setting the UniqueID on eDirectory Users (tip)
Geoff Carman has some practical ideas on setting and using the UniqueID attribute, including how to leverage it with LDAP apps and JRB utilities.

24 May 2006
SAP Success Story (feature)
Learn how software giant SAP built a successful developer network on the strengths of Novell's eDirectory.

24 May 2006
Mounting or Sharing Directories for eDirectory on Solaris (tip)
Mounting a large DIB on a Solaris server can be a problem. Here's a tip from Mamatha S R that helps you get the files and permissions right.

24 May 2006
How to set NMAS method at the container level in eDirectory 8.8 or above (feature)
from Harsh Pradhan

19 May 2006
Dirload Template and Data Files (tool)
Dirload Template and data files for generating User LDIFs for test teams.

18 May 2006
Setting up Open Enterprise Server as a Primary Domain Controller (feature)
Justin Grote explains how to set up Open Enterprise Server to allow Samba to authenticate against the eDirectory Universal Password.

17 May 2006
Catholic Healthcare West Success Story (feature)
Learn how Catholic Healthcare West streamlined operations with a solid identity management solution from Novell.

17 May 2006
Resolving NMAS Authentication Problems after eDirectory 8.8+ Upgrade (feature)
If you're using eDirectory 8.8 and trying to do NAMS authentication, this tip from Novell's Harsh Pradhan should make things a bit easier for you.

17 May 2006
Uninstalling NICI Keys, to Successfully install eDirectory 8.8 in Windows 2003 (tip)
Mada Sailaja takes us through the process for getting NICI keys uninstalled in order to install eDirectory 8.8.

17 May 2006
Avoiding Memory Errors While Closing ConsoleOne (tip)
Novell's Raghuveer Talekar provides a simple solution for avoiding nagging memory errors when closing ConsoleOne.

10 May 2006
eDirectory 8.8 Multiple Instances (appnote)
Heard of the new multi-instance support feature in eDirectory 8.8? Now you can get an inside look at the technology, thanks to this AppNote from Novell's Paul McKeith.

10 May 2006
DSRepair - Cross-Platform Functions (feature)
This quick-guide article by Novell's Akos Szechy helps you run DSRepair effectively on Linux and Windows platforms.

10 May 2006
Accessing eDirectory on NetWare from Perl (appnote)
Here's an AppNote from David Bank that shows you how to access eDirectory on NetWare from a Perl script.

10 May 2006
Bringing up the TLS port on Unix after a DIB Restore (feature)
Novell's Harshwardhan Pradan explains how to successfully bring up the TLS port after NICI problems have been encountered.

10 May 2006
Bringing up eDirectory after a Change of Server Hostname or IP Address (tip)
Harshwardhan Pradan explains how to successfully bring up eDirectory after a hostname or IP address change.

10 May 2006
Bringing up iManager 2.0.x after a Change of Server Hostname (tip)
Harshwardhan Pradan explains how to successfully bring up iManager after a hostname change.

4 May 2006
ShowMembers (tool)
View and extract NDS group members.

3 May 2006
Novell Acquires eSecurity, Inc. (feature)
Read about how newly acquired e-Security and its Sentinel 5 product make Novell's Identity Management solutions even stronger.

3 May 2006
Novell Videos Are Here (feature)
Now you can find Novell marketing videos in one convenient place, including BrainShare, Student Competitions, and Archived Videos.

2 May 2006
Getting RSS Feeds in your Instant Messaging Client (appnote)
Rather than having a RSS news reader running all the time checking for updates to your web feeds (blogs and podcasts), wouldn't you love to get updates via IM? Jon Strickland explains how to use InstantFeed to get your RSS feeds to show up in most IM clients, including AIM, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, and Google Talk. Very nifty device for keeping yourself informed while you chat with your friends.

26 Apr 2006
Bulk Deletion of Linux Profile Data (tip)
Here are some practical tips on doing bulk deletions of user objects in Linux, shared by Justin Grote and Aaron Burgemeister.

26 Apr 2006
Counting LDAP Connections (tip)
Curious about how many persistent LDAP connections are active on your server? Here's a tip from Novell's Aaron Burgemeister that adds them up.

24 Apr 2006
NWLogoff (tool)
Command line utility to quickly disconnect from all NetWare/eDirectory servers.

24 Apr 2006
fMakeLDIF - Convert CVS files to LDIF (tool)
Convert CVS files to LDIF and pipe to ldapmodify IE.

21 Apr 2006
LDAP expired password notification (tool)
An AppleScript to run a query against the LDAP server of the current logged in user to determine how long until the user's password expires.

19 Apr 2006
The Problem with NCP Protocol over NAT (feature)
Novell's Akos Szechy gives an inside look into the NCP protocol, and why is it not supported to use the Novell client and eDirectory over a NAT connection.

19 Apr 2006
Continuum Partners Success Story (feature)
Read about how Novell consultants helped Continuum Health Partners create a security and identity solution with Novell eDirectory and Identity Manager.

19 Apr 2006
Using ldapsearch with LDIF Files (tip)
Novell's Jim Henderson shares a tip on using the ldapsearch command with the -f option.

12 Apr 2006
CPAN LDIF Utilities (feature)
If you need LDIF tools, the CPAN site is your friend! Check out the cool array of scripts and tools, complete with samples and histories.

12 Apr 2006
Weber District Success Story (feature)
Learn how the Weber School District's new identity management solution is saving time and money, providing a consolidated view of 31,000 student and staff identities.

11 Apr 2006
Check NDS Login ability with Nagios (tool)
Used by Nagios to check every configured Server for eDirectory Login.

3 Apr 2006
Novell Linux Client Tricks (appnote)
Peter Van den Wildenbergh shows some slick ways to log in to the Novell Client for Linux using some of his own scripts.

29 Mar 2006
Snapshots - a Good DR Practice? (tip)
How useful are system snaphots as a resource for disaster recovery? Novell's Jim Henderson shares some thoughts on the potential pitfalls of snapshots, in several disaster recovery scenarios.

29 Mar 2006
Implementing Secondary SLP Scopes (feature)
Cool Solutions reader Nicholas Pelton outlines a detailed approach for setting up secondary SLP scopes in a large organization.

26 Mar 2006
DSReport: NDS Report Generator (tool)
Browse NDS Object Attributes, Generate NDS Reports.

24 Mar 2006
VolRst32 (tool)
Set Volume Space Restrictions.

23 Mar 2006
GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH Success Story (feature)
Read how pharmaceutical company GEHE harnessed the power of eDirectory and Identity Manager to reduce costs and boost efficiency.

23 Mar 2006
Getting a Wildcard SSL Certificate into eDirectory (tip)
Cool Solutions contributor Chris Perry has written a nifty procedure on how to get a wildcard SSL certificate into eDirectory for use with Apache, iManager, NetStorage, and Remote Manager.

15 Mar 2006
TOD (tool)
Export and import trustees and rights from the filesystem into an XML file.

15 Mar 2006
Authenticating Macintosh OS X machines to eDirectory via Kanaka (feature)
Geoff Carman shares several tips on using Kanaka for eDirectory authentication on the Mac platform.

15 Mar 2006
Kanaka Troubleshooting (appnote)
Here's a guide to troubleshooting Kanaka, the popular Mac authentication tool from Condrey Consulting. Cool Solutions contributor Geoffrey Carman shares his hands-on tips in this helpful AppNote.

15 Mar 2006
Java Implementation of LDAPNetAddr PHP Function (tip)
Cool Solutions reader Damien Joldersma adds a new twist to Jay Burrell's LDAPNetAddr function - a Java implementation.

9 Mar 2006
Introducing Cool Blogs (tip)
Heads Up: Check out the newest addition to Novell Cool Solutions -- Cool Blogs. Written by key Novell personnel who are responsible for creating, supporting, and marketing Novell's products, these Cool Blogs will be an unprecedented opportunity for you to get the inside scoop on this technology. If you use Novell in your desktop or datacenter, you need to check this out.

5 Mar 2006
Password Enhancements in eDirectory 8.8 (appnote)
eDirectory 8.8 has some significant enhancements in password technology and deployment, notably with Universal Password. Novell's Sarangthem Chanu explains the details in this AppNote.

1 Mar 2006
LDAP Benchmarking Script (tip)
Wouldn't it be nice if there were a Perl script that could do LDAP performance benchmarking? Well, there is - and it's here. Thanks to Novell's Aaron Burgemeister for sharing it with us.

1 Mar 2006
About Effective Rights (tip)
How far down the tree are effective rights calculated? Here are a few insights on the question, courtesy of Aaron Burgemeister.

1 Mar 2006
Updated: How to Connect Securely to LDAP using PHP (tip)
Bryan Thoreson shares the steps necessary to connect to LDAP using PHP. The article has been updated with new steps.

22 Feb 2006
Subtree Searches in eDirectory 8.8 (appnote)
It's not often you get to peek under the hood of eDirectory 8.8 technology. In this AppNote, Novell's Prasad Gaitonde shares his insights on eDirectory 8.8's improved subtree search capabilities.

22 Feb 2006
Novell Takes Silver for ID Management (feature)
Read about Novell's recent identity management award given out by Information Security and

22 Feb 2006
Get Thee to a Nano-ry! (tip)
Finally, a podcast for the die-hard Novell enthusiast! Novell Users International and Novell have teamed up to bring you Novell Open Audio, the cool audio companion for the avid Cool Solutions reader.

15 Feb 2006
New Cool Solutions Site: Secure Identity (feature)
This week is the debut of Secure Identity Cool Solutions! Check out the latest articles on eDirectory and Identity Manager - all in one convenient Cool Solutions site.

15 Feb 2006
Automating DIB Collection (feature)
Make your bed, brush your teeth, collect your DIBs ... wouldn't it be nice if it were all automatic? Check out this solution from Thomas Erickson and friend - while it won't take care of your teeth and your bed, collecting DIBS could get a whole lot easier ...

15 Feb 2006
Secure Identity Q and A - Feb 15 (feature)
Here are some interesting Q and A entries to contemplate - from iManager plug-ins to role-based entitlements for AD, and more.

15 Feb 2006
Disabling a User after Intruder Lockout (tip)
Here's another tip from Aaron Burgemeister - this one helps you prevent a locked-out intruder from trying passwords against another system with synchronized passwords.

15 Feb 2006
Best Login Practices - Part 4 (tip)
Cool Solutions reader Paul Gear shares a login script that solves a problem with workstations holding a login script open, which would prevent updates.

15 Feb 2006
Better-looking Fonts in ConsoleOne (tip)
If you're of the opinion that ConsoleOne fonts don't look so hot on an LCD monitor, try this solution from Russ Ringer - your eyes will thank you.

6 Feb 2006
Search eDirectory Groups (tool)
Search eDirectory groups and list all members of these groups.

6 Feb 2006
Wireshark (previously known as Ethereal) (tool)
Multi-platform protocol analyzer.

3 Feb 2006
While we're waiting, what can we use now? (feature)
It may take a while to convince vendors to port their applications to Linux. In the meantime, Scott Morris asks what possibilities exist now for the top requested applications.

3 Feb 2006
OpenLaszlo - for Developing Rich Internet Applications (feature)
Looking for an open-source platform for Internet application development? Check out OpenLaszlo - it may have what you need.

3 Feb 2006
Using Novell Solutions to Provide Integration with Citrix Products (tip)
David Shepherd works for Novell Consulting in the UK and has been involved in a number of Citrix Integration projects. He realized that there was very little current information to be found on that topic, so he took matters into his own hands and wrote this excellent document on Citrix/Novell Integration. Along the way he's updated it, and here's the newest version.

2 Feb 2006
Update on Linux Application Request Survey (feature)
Scott Morris reveals and discusses the newest data and results from Novell's Linux Application Request Survey.

1 Feb 2006
Integrating eDirectory with Cisco Call Manager (appnote)
In this proof-of-concept AppNote, Andy Swiffin shows how eDirectory can be integrated with Cisco Call Manager.

1 Feb 2006
Getting Started with Password Policies (tip)
Interested in getting started with Password Policies? Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares the why's and how-to's of getting a Password Policy up and running, using iManager.

1 Feb 2006
Moving eDirectory to Another Subnet (tip)
Here's a step-by-step solution from Alan Shea on how to move eDirectory from one subnet to another.

26 Jan 2006
The Application People Most Want Ported to Linux Is... (feature)
We have posted a survey designed to find out which Windows-only applications are keeping people from switching to Linux. Scott Morris reveals the progress of this survey.

25 Jan 2006
FreeRadius Integration with eDirectory (appnote)
If you need an integrated solution with FreeRadius and eDirectory, check out this AppNote from Cool Solutions reader Alexandre Dachine.

25 Jan 2006
Login Scripts - Best Practices, Part 3 (feature)
Our recent series of articles on best practices for login scripts is capped off by this gem from Cool Solutions contributor David Lange - enjoy!

25 Jan 2006
eDirectory - Beyond File System Rights (feature)
Novell's Jim Henderson sheds some light on the important question - "What does eDirectory do for me without managing file system rights?"

25 Jan 2006
Mac Authentication to eDirectory (feature)
Getting Mac OSX authentication to eDirectory just got easier, thanks to this approach from Cool Solutions contributor Chris Perry.

25 Jan 2006
Troubleshooting eDirectory 8.8 Installation (tip)
*Update* - If your eDirectory 8.8 install fails early on, you may have noticed that you can't re-install the same language version. Our eDirectory expert Akos Szechy shows you how to work around the problem so re-installation can be done.

24 Jan 2006
IPListLaunch 1.0 (tool)
List IP addresses and usernames for a NetWare server.

18 Jan 2006
Hiding Users in eGuide (feature)
Need an easier way to hide that admin user in eGuide? Check out this solution from Andreas Ollenburg, with screen shots and a detailed step-by-step procedure.

18 Jan 2006
Using ICE to Mass-Create Objects (tip)
Forum experts Dave Gersic and Jim Henderson share some tips on using ICE to mass-create objects.

18 Jan 2006
Using Directory Map Objects to Point to Folders (tip)
Cool Solutions reader Darrell Eddy explains how to take the pain out of moving directories across volumes, with an approach that maps directory objects to specific folders.

18 Jan 2006
Path to DSRepair on Linux (tip)
Three Novell experts show us the "PATH" to running DSRepair on Windows or Linux platforms ...

18 Jan 2006
Tracking User Object Connections (tip)
Forum expert Dave Parkes shares a code sample that helps you track the last logged-in user.

13 Jan 2006
Need an App to run on Linux? Request it here! (tip)
If you have critical applications that you MUST be able to use on Linux, please take a minute to let us know what they are, and we'll see what we can do to nudge the folks who create them. Together, your voices will count for more than they would separately.

11 Jan 2006
eDirectory 8.8 and Novell Product Compatibility (tip)
Get the details here on which Novell products are or are not supported with the new eDirectory 8.8.

11 Jan 2006
Using OpenLDAP ldapsearch to Query eDirectory (feature)
Cool Solutions contributor Darko Delinac shares his insights on the basics of using ldapsearch queries, including search filters and bind parameters. Plenty of examples are provided!

11 Jan 2006
Best Practices for Login Scripts, Part 2 (tip)
Last week we posted an open call on best practices for login scripts. Here are three of the best responses we received, from around the globe - enjoy!

4 Jan 2006
eDirectory in the News - America First (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how the State of Utah has benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

4 Jan 2006
Open Call - Best Practices for Login Scripts (tip)
Here are a few tips on using login scripts more effectively - send us your best practices and common-sense solutions, too!

4 Jan 2006
Mouseover Sample Code for eGuide (tip)
This sample code solution from Andrey Karyagin gives you the freedom to display your own .GIF on a mouseover event in eGuide.

4 Jan 2006
Disabling Fields in eGuide (tip)
Here's a tip from Forum expert Niklas Ekstedt on how to hide the Address and Project Links fields in eGuide.

4 Jan 2006
Sample Code - LDAPNetAddr (feature)
This sample code shows how to extract a readable network address from the LDAP-encoded networkAddress attribute.

4 Jan 2006
Commandline login 1.03 (tool)
A simple commandline login utility.

3 Jan 2006
Tree logout commandline (tool)
Command-line logout of a tree and kill all connections.

28 Dec 2005
Solving Continuous Synchronization Problems (tip)
Novell's Akos Szechy lends a tip on how to solve continuous synchronization problems. The key is in finding the problematic timestamps in large log files.

28 Dec 2005
Using Keytool to Create an SSL Cert via eDirectory (feature)
Novell's Rich Roberts shows us how to use keytool to create an SSL Cert via eDirectory. The cert can then be used with iChain and a JBoss portal.

28 Dec 2005
Installing ConsoleOne on a Debian Distribution (tip)
With this tip from Cool Solutions reader Darko Delinac, you can do the "impossible" - installing ConsoleOne on a Debian distribution.

28 Dec 2005
Creating Custom Roles, Tasks and Property Books for Printer Operators (tip)
James Denton explains how to create custom roles, tasks, and property books to assign access control for printer operators.

28 Dec 2005
Copying Student Files Quickly (tip)
Here's a tip from Cool Solutions reader James Denton that helps you speed up the process of migrating student accounts.

28 Dec 2005
Dekart Logon (tool)
Password-replacement solution for Windows PCs and Novell Client.

22 Dec 2005 (tool)
LDAP utility to populate attributes without an LDIF.

22 Dec 2005
iPrint-like Printer Maps for NDPS Environments (tool)
Provides an internet protocol handler (prnt:) to install printers on Windows 2000/XP clients via an HTML page similar to Novell's iPrint maps.

21 Dec 2005
Novell Releases iManager 2.6 (feature)
Novell iManager 2.6 is here! Check out the new features and what it can do for you, as well as the additional plug-ins available for eDirectory 8.8, NMAS 3.0, and PKI 3.1.

21 Dec 2005
Installing iManager 2.6: Windows server with IIS / GroupWise 7 WebAccess (tip)
You've installed iManager 2.6 but you get the "Unable to start Tomcat" error - so what next? Novell's Jeff Crow comes to the rescue with this workaround.

21 Dec 2005
International Mapping with eGuide (tip)
Need to go global with the eGuide map? Mike Braden lends this tip that shows you how to get maps for the world ...

21 Dec 2005
A Beginner's Guide to LDAP Development (feature)
This article is specifically for those who are brand new to LDAP development and have been tasked with building a "Directory-enabled" application.
*Update* - new Java code sample by Cool Solutions reader Jeff Porter.

20 Dec 2005
LDAP Exporter 1.2 (tool)
Export data easily from a LDAP server.

15 Dec 2005
DSSec.exe: Report NDS Security Issues (tool)
Create reports on users who have no passwords, insecure password restrictions, or excessive rights.

14 Dec 2005
Password Generator (tool)
Generate random passwords.

14 Dec 2005
TKInfo Tool (tool)
Script that creates four reports for monitoring information about keys.

14 Dec 2005
Leveraging Security Features in eDirectory 8.8 (appnote)
Hot topic 1: Security ... Hot topic 2: the new eDirectory 8.8. Put these together and you get a great new AppNote from Garg Shailesh and Jaimon Jose that helps you get the most from Encrypted Attributes and Encrypted Replication.

14 Dec 2005
Using the dsbk Utility on Windows (feature)
Curious about the dsbk utility? Novell's Saurabh Garg serves up a timely treatise on the basics of running dsbk on Windows, with info on parameters, examples, and more.

14 Dec 2005
Finding Duplicate GUIDs (feature)
Duplicate GUIDs can be a pain! Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares a cool Perl script that can track down those annoying critters so you can fix them. *Now updated with some helpful background information ... *

12 Dec 2005
Password Change (tool)
Create a password change page in Java applications.

9 Dec 2005
WalkID: The iChain LDAP-Query-enabled Plug-in (feature)
Novell's Alfredo Santos and Andres Monteiro team up to show the business case and technical usages for WalkID, the iChain LDAP-Query-enabled Plug-in.

8 Dec 2005
List Meta-Data Archive (tool)
Lists files with the meta-data archive bit set.

8 Dec 2005
Simple Password Self-Service (tool)
Allows users to change their own password.

8 Dec 2005
DupeTrace 1.5 (tool)
Utility to "play back" an LDAP trace file.

7 Dec 2005
DSRepair in eDirectory Troubleshooting (feature)
You've heard of DSRepair, and you've probably used it - but how well do you really know it? Here's a look inside that popular and sometimes misunderstood eDirectory tool, courtesy of Novell's Akos Szechy.

7 Dec 2005
A Faster Schema Synchronization Check (tip)
When you install or upgrade eDirectory, one of the time-consuming tasks is checking the schema synchronization. This tip from Cool Solutions reader Mahmood Anwar helps you set up a script to make schema-checking quicker and easier.

7 Dec 2005
Restoring Queue Objects (tip)
Here's a quick tip by Novell's Dean Giles on a way to avoid failures when restoring queue objects.

5 Dec 2005
SchDiff (tool)
Compare eDirectory Schema on 2 Trees and Report on Differences.

2 Dec 2005
NDS Expediter (tool)
Verify, inspect, backup, restore and monitor objects on specifically selected replicas.

2 Dec 2005
Schema LDIF Exporter: SchExp (tool)
Export selected classes and/or attributes.

30 Nov 2005
eDirectory Tuning (feature)
Is your eDirectory running smoothly on all cylinders? Get some timely tips of boosting your eDirectory performance in this BrainShare summary article.

30 Nov 2005
eGuide StyleSheet Modifications for FireFox/Mozilla/Safari (tip)
Are you seeing strange things? More to the point, do you see odd-looking eGuide buttons in Firefox, Mozilla, or Safari? This tip from Cool Solutions reader Andrew Miller will get your eGuide vision back to normal.

28 Nov 2005
Nlist Search Tool (tool)
Used with nlist.exe to compile a list of users' emails in a given context.

28 Nov 2005
Mini Remoter for ConsoleOne (tool)
Used with ConsoleOne for loading ConsoleOne to remote PCs.

22 Nov 2005
NCPSync.nlm (tool)
Synchronize two directory subtrees by NCP.

17 Nov 2005
How to configure LUM on a new SUSE workstation (feature)
Got OES and NLD? Cool Solutions contributor Edward van der Maas shows you how to get LUM configured on a new SUSE workstation.

16 Nov 2005
eDirectory Partition Operations - Part 2 (appnote)
Here's the second AppNote on eDirectory partition operations, by Novell's Akos Szechy.

16 Nov 2005
LDAP Enabling for Oracle (appnote)
Cool Solutions points leader Michel Bluteau continues his suite of Oracle articles with this AppNote on enabling LDAP for Oracle.

16 Nov 2005
Solving Password Caching Problems on Macintosh (tip)
With this tip from Mac expert Randy Saeks, your Mac users can get around a password synchronization problem with AFP servers.

14 Nov 2005
iMgrXML (tool)
Developer Tool to read existing iManager Info from eDirectory and export as XML.

14 Nov 2005
iMgrExport (tool)
Read existing iManager Info from eDirectory and export as XML.

13 Nov 2005
HBWSchema 1.05 (tool)
Add and remove attribute and class definitions into/from schema.

9 Nov 2005
eDirectory Partition Operations - Part 1 (appnote)
Need some practical insights on handling replica and partition operations? Novell's Akos Szechy clears up the picture with this insightful Appnote - and stay tuned for his follow-up AppNote next week - eDirectory Partition Operations - Part 2 ...

9 Nov 2005
Configuring iManager to Manage SLP objects (appnote)
If you've been waiting for a plug-in to manage SLP with iManager, wait no more! Novell's Chuck Flood shows you step-by-step how to get iManager to manage SLP objects in your tree.

9 Nov 2005
Finding Application Associations (tip)
How easy is it to read application associatioins? Sometimes, not so easy - but this tip from Cool Solutions reader Mathieu Provencher should help make it go a bit smoother, especially for ZENworks users.

9 Nov 2005
Bulk Load Test-User Generator (feature)
Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares a cool LDIF utility that creates, modifies, renames, and deletes groups of test users, on Linux, UNIX, NetWare, and Windows.

8 Nov 2005
eDirSync (tool)
Easily create reports on available Partitions and Replicas and some basic health information. Check or Force Synchronization.

3 Nov 2005
WalkID (tool)
Search attribute values of any object of one LDAP Server.

2 Nov 2005
iManager Configuration - Part 2 (feature)
Here's the second article in a two-part series on iManager configuration, as presented in BrainShare. It covers object classes, preferences, plug-ins, and tips and tricks for iManager.

2 Nov 2005
Avoiding Crashes on Fedora Core (tip)
Here's a tip from Cool Solutions reader Klaus Steinberger that helps you deal with iManager and ConsoleOne crashes that can happen on Fedora Core.

1 Nov 2005
NDS Object Counter (tool)
Count total number of object in NDS Tree.

31 Oct 2005
SQL2LDAP (tool)
Enable administrators of Novell networks to import user details from a SQL server to create the NDS user leaf objects.

26 Oct 2005
iManager Configuration - Part 1 (feature)
Here's a good overview of iManager configuration, courtesy of BrainShare TUT267.

26 Oct 2005
NDS Health Check Tutorial (feature)
The famous NDS Health Check TID - 10060600 - now has a step-by-step tutorial. Now health checks are even easier to do!

26 Oct 2005
Faster iManager on Internet Explorer (tip)
Cool Solutions reader Eric Young leverages a GroupWise TID to help speed up iManager performance on Internet Explorer.

26 Oct 2005
Extending Certificate Life (tip)
A year goes by all too quickly when you're dealing with certificate expirations. Thanks to this tip from V.M. Luotonen, you can extend your certificate life for eGuide to a lot longer - 10 years in this example.

26 Oct 2005
Sample Code - Printing and Converting 64-bit Integers (feature)
This sample code shows how to print 64-bit integers and convert them to character strings.

19 Oct 2005
eDirectory 8.8 Now Available (feature)
The best is now even better! Check out the details on the latest version of Novell eDirectory - 8.8 is here.

19 Oct 2005
Attribute Mapping for Password Self-Service (feature)
Here's an inside look at Novell Password Self-Service by Gordon Mathis. A sample application in the article shows you how to use the NMAS Challenge/Response method outside the framework of Password Self-Service.

19 Oct 2005
Solving Binding Problems on Solaris Servers (tip)
Here's a tip from Cool Solutions reader Donal Duane on how to get NDS utilites to bind correctly on Solaris 9 servers.

19 Oct 2005
Sample Code - Adding an eDirectory Object with LDAP-Perl (feature)
This sample code shows how to use the perl-ldap module to add an object in eDirectory.

12 Oct 2005
Tree Architecture Design (feature)
How does tree design affect LDAP search scope? What is "horizontal scaling," and when should it be used? Get the answers to these and other questions in this BrainShare summary article.

12 Oct 2005
Auto-filling iManager Fields (tip)
Here's a tip from long-time Cool Solutions contributor Wolfgang Schreiber on how to use the iManager 2.5 Plug-in Studio to auto-fill attribute values. Javascript examples are included.

12 Oct 2005
Large-scale User Object Creation with PERL (feature)
Consultant Ian Pattison used Perl scripts to create user accounts for 17,000 students and 1,500 teachers at a large Catholic school in Toronto, Canada. What would have been a 45-day project was done in just 9 days, with data imports taking just an hour.

12 Oct 2005
eGuide Fix for Timeshifts (tip)
Cool Solutions reader Andrey Karyagin lends this fix to a time-shift problem in eGuide, complete with .java and .class code files.

12 Oct 2005
Sample Code - Modifying Attributes with LDAP and Python (feature)
This sample code shows a simple function that will modify attributes of an object using LDAP and Python-LDAP.

5 Oct 2005
Using dsbk on Linux and Unix (feature)
You may be familiar with the dsbk utility on NetWare, but are you comfortable using it on Linux or UNIX? This article by Novell's Jim Henderson will help you understand and use the dsbk utility more effectively.

5 Oct 2005
Centralis Contex White Paper Now Available (feature)
Find out how Centralis Contex can help you get the most from ConsoleOne, by downloading the new Contex white paper from Centralis.

5 Oct 2005
From .CSV File to User Accounts - in Minutes (tip)
Cool Solutions reader Charles Love takes us from .CSV file to imported user accounts, using some easy-to-follow ICE commands. A lot faster than manual data entry, to be sure ...

5 Oct 2005
eDirectory in the News: State of Utah (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how the State of Utah has benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

5 Oct 2005
Removing Files when Updating ConsoleOne (tip)
If you're having troubling removing all the folders and files when you try to deploy a new version of ConsoleOne, check out this tip from Mathieu Provencher.

29 Sep 2005
Developing an NMAS Method (feature)
Novell Developer Labs creates NMAS methods - and you can, too, thanks to this article from Novell's Gordon Mathis.

29 Sep 2005
Installing iManager after Renaming a Tree (tip)
If you rename your tree at some point, don't forget this timely tip from Novell's Jeff Crow to keep your iManager software running smoothly.

29 Sep 2005
Displaying Partial Attributes in iManager (tip)
Cool Tools guru Wolfgang Schreiber lends some code that helps you display partial attributes

29 Sep 2005
Sample Code: Searching eDirectory using LDAP and Perl (feature)
This sample shows how to use the perl-ldap module to search eDirectory.

28 Sep 2005
eDirectory: Making It Count! (tip)
Have eDirectory count how many objects there are in your tree or in a given organizational unit.

27 Sep 2005
Duplicates (tool)
Identify Objects with Attributes Duplicate / Attributes Present / Attribute Not Present.

27 Sep 2005
Mutate Objects (tool)
Change the base class of existing objects.

27 Sep 2005
OuDelete (tool)
Delete eDirectory Organizational Units recursively (with all their subcontainers).

21 Sep 2005
Automating eDirectory Updates with ZENworks (feature)
Check out this new feature in the eDirectory patch You can use ZENworks server management to automate e-Directory patches. And it works for Windows or Netware! Find out more here ...

21 Sep 2005
AppNote: NMAS and Kerberos (appnote)
Update - The AppNote now contains new Usage Scenarios. The single sign-on feature of Kerberos is a great thing - and now you can use that feature in eDirectory authentication, thanks to this AppNote by Preetam Ramakrishna.

21 Sep 2005
Speeding Up with ConsoleOne (tip)
ConsoleOne running slow for you? Try this simple solution for speeding up performance, from Cool Solutions reader Eric Young.

16 Sep 2005
Removable Media Device Security and Encryption (tool)
Disknet Pro provides eDirectory administrators with central control and encryption of removable media-I/O devices, and the ability to monitor user access through these devices.

15 Sep 2005
Universal Password, Part 2 (feature)
Here's the second part of the BrainShare 2005 presentation on Universal Password. It's a collection of vital Q&As to help you understand, use, and troubleshoot Universal Password.

15 Sep 2005
Extending the Schema for LUM / iManager 2.5 (tip)
If you need help extending the eDirectory schema for LUM (Linux User Management), here's a tip from Cool Solutions contributor Andy Bialock that might do the trick.

15 Sep 2005
Changing a Simple Password on Windows, via CIFS (tip)
Here's a tip from Donald Lohr that helps you change a simple password on Windows, via CIFS and local authentication.

14 Sep 2005
Check Login (tool)
Checks if password is about to expire.

9 Sep 2005
AdRem Free Remote Console 5 (tool)
Free remote access to NetWare server console.

8 Sep 2005
eDirectory Now Available (feature)
You can get the latest and greatest eDirectory patch release for NetWare, Windows, Solaris, Linux, and HP-UX platforms - check out the details here!

8 Sep 2005
Universal Password, Part 1 (feature)
What's the difference between NDS, Simple, Enhanced, and Universal Passwords? If it took you more than a few seconds to think of the answers, this summary article on Universal Password is for you ...

8 Sep 2005
Finding Orphaned Home Directories (tip)
When user accounts are deleted but the home directories are not removed, you can be stuck with a mess. This tip from Cool Solutions contributor Charles Hucks provides a script to get the cleanup handled.

8 Sep 2005
The Effective Service Desk and Novell (trench)
This article explains how to select an IT Service Desk/Help Desk Solution which can leverage specific features, as well as your overall investment in ZENworks, GroupWise, eDirectory and Identity Manager.

8 Sep 2005
Authenticating Windows Users to eDirectory (tip)
The task of authenticating Windows Users to eDirectory just got a bit easier, thanks to this tip from Andy Bialock.

8 Sep 2005
Reducing OU Search Times in eGuide (tip)
Tired of long delays in your OU searches? This simple solution from Martin McNaught can help you cut lag time when you search on fields other than surname or firstname.

31 Aug 2005
Scripted Approach to Maintaining Groups (feature)
Cool Solutions contributor Charles Hucks shows us how to combine a script with Novell ActiveX controls to simplify group maintainenance.

31 Aug 2005
AppNote: Moving User Home Directories, the sed Way (appnote)
*Here are some late-breaking additions to the AppNote* This extensive AppNote from Jim Pye gives you a step-by-step approach to moving home directory data between servers in eDirectory. It also sheds some valuable light on the sed tool. So go get your cuppa and find out what's uppa ...

31 Aug 2005
Single Sign-On to Citrix Web Interface 4.0 using eDirectory Authentication (tip)
Kevin Hurni explains how to Single Sign-on to the Citrix Web Interface 4.0 that is configured to use eDirectory authentication. He also provided an example of the form fill policy he used.

31 Aug 2005
Installing eDirectory on SUSE Linux (tip)
Here are some tips from Avtar Gill on installing eDirectory on SUSE Linux.

31 Aug 2005
Sample Code: LDAP Connection Class for eDirectory in Python (feature)
This code sample from Novell Forge shows a simple class to manage a connection to eDirectory in Python.

24 Aug 2005
eDirectory Disaster Recovery (feature)
A server crash - when will it happen to you? Don't panic - eDirectory expert Jim Henderson is here with some great advice and techniques on getting up and running again.

24 Aug 2005
Importing certificates with a Private Key (tip)
Here's a tip on getting external certificates into eDirectory - with the Private Keys included.

24 Aug 2005
Reactivating Expired Objects (tip)
Cool Solutions reader Andrew Armstrong explains how to reset expiration dates for large numbers of objects, using iManager.

24 Aug 2005
Setting Up an eGuide Proxy (tip)
Martin McNaught shows us how to set up an eGuide proxy in a few easy steps.

22 Aug 2005
Get Directory Size and Quota Size (tool)
Perl-Script to Generate CSV-file Report with dir_name;dir_size;dir_quota information.

22 Aug 2005
Change File/Directory owner (tool)
Perl-Script to change Direcrtory / File owner

18 Aug 2005
Home directory checker (tool)
Simple automated checker for home directories without users.

17 Aug 2005
Certificate Expiration Information (tip)
There are some great reasons to check out TID 10098567 - read about them in this summary article.

17 Aug 2005
Renaming Containers (feature)
Novell's Jim Henderson describes an easy way to rename containers and update information on Windows workstation clients using a login script.

17 Aug 2005
Another Workaround for ConsoleOne Templates (tip)
Here's a tip from Cool Solutions contributor Geoff Carman that expands on the recent article "Workarounds for ConsoleOne Templates."

17 Aug 2005
Update: CRON for MySQL Shutdown (tip)
Rekha Bhaskaran sends us a tip on automating the close of MySQL via a CRON job.

10 Aug 2005
Password Challenge Reset and Hints (tip)
Here are some tips from Forum expert Brett Berger on resetting password challenge questions and supplying password hints - with an eye towards the security issues that are involved.

10 Aug 2005
Sample Code - Moving/Renaming Objects in eDirectory using LDAP and Perl (feature)
This code sample from Novell Forge shows how to use the perl-ldap module to move/rename an object from eDirectory. The object can be moved within the same container or to a completely different branch of the tree.

10 Aug 2005
Configure SLP on SUSE Linux (feature)
SUSE Linux and Novell software can use either of two SLP packages, NDS SLP or OpenSLP. Get SLP running smoothly on SUSE Linux by following the steps in this excellent article by Linux Product Specialist Aaron Gresko.

2 Aug 2005
Schema Utilities (tool)
Outputs the class and attribute definitions in your tree.

2 Aug 2005
Making a New Single Time Server (tip)
This article from Forum expert Donald Albury shows you the steps for making a new server your primary single time server.

2 Aug 2005
Sample Code - Search eDirectory in PHP using LDAP (feature)
This code sample from Novell Forge shows how to search eDirectory in PHP using LDAP.

2 Aug 2005
Workarounds for ConsoleOne Templates (tip)
You can use NWAdmin user templates in ConsoleOne, thanks to these tips from Forum experts.

27 Jul 2005
AppNote: Moving Custom Plug-ins to iManager 2.5 (appnote)
Wanting to upgrade to iManager 2.5 but worried about losing your custom plug-ins? In this AppNote, Mark Hinckley shares a step-by-step process for moving custom plug-ins to iManager 2.5.

21 Jul 2005
Identity Apps with NVDS (feature)
There are a lot of advantages to building and deploying identity applications that are directory-enabled. Get the details on how NVDS (Novell Virtual Directory Services) can be part of your solution.

20 Jul 2005
Insufficient memory errors after upgrading to eDirectory 8.7.3 IR6 (tip)
Heads Up: there's a possible memory problem you should be aware of. Check out this new TID.

20 Jul 2005
ContactWise 7.2 Now Available (trench)
Don't miss this opportunity to obtain a Free Download of the new release of the powerful GroupLink® CRM / SFA (sales force automation) solution that leverages your investment in GroupWise, eDirectory, NetWare or Linux!

20 Jul 2005
eGuide Q&A Session (feature)
Here are somely tips on eGuide customization you'll want to check out. They're in the form of a Q&A session by Cool Solutions contributor John Peacock. Enjoy!

20 Jul 2005
RiteHere: Identify Effective File Systems Rights (tool)
Identify the eDirectory users with effective rights in one or more specified directories.

13 Jul 2005
More about DSRepair (tip)
eDirectory experts Jim Henderson and Aaron Burgemeister share some insights on DSRepair and how to use it more wisely.

13 Jul 2005
Running iManager 2.5 on SLES 9 64-bit Opteron Systems (tip)
If you were wishing there were a way to run iManager on a 64-bit SLES system, this is your lucky day. Novell's Jeff Crow shares the steps to get iManager up and running on one of these systems.

13 Jul 2005
eGuide Display Screens based on User Login (tip)
Cool Solutions contributor John Peacock shares an approach to setting up different eGuide screens based on user login.

13 Jul 2005
eDirectory in the News: MLP Group and Eastern Michigan University (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how the MLP Group (finance) and Eastern Michigan University have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

7 Jul 2005
Updated Readme - NMAS, Authentication, Secugen (tip)
Norm O'Neal sends us an updated readme article for NMAS Login Methods, Graded Authentication and Secugen Biometric Mice. As Norm says, this will save you some quality time in the near future. Thanks, Norm!

7 Jul 2005
Solving Zone Problems in DNS (tip)
Thanks to Cool Solutions reader Andrew Barnett for this workaround for zone issues in setting up DNS.

7 Jul 2005
Sample Code: Sample LDAP Classes for Java (feature)
Here are some sample code pieces from Novell Forge that demonstrate common operations using the LDAP Classes for Java.

30 Jun 2005
Addendum to the FreeRADIUS Administration Guide (feature)
Check out this new addendum to the FreeRADIUS Administration Guide, composed by Cool Solutions contributor Fahim Siddiqui.

28 Jun 2005
Password-Expiration and Grace-Remaining Email Notify (PERL Script) (tool)
Script that sends users email notifications of upcoming password expiration.

22 Jun 2005
AppNote: The Two Trees - Simultaneously Accessing Nterprise Branch Office Servers and the Corporate Tree (appnote)
A lot of folks are trying out Novell's Nterprise Branch Office (NBO) product, in order to realize the savings on hardware and administrative costs, and are finding that the hardest part is the transition period between using traditional NetWare servers, and using the Branch Office servers. Gary Childers offers a boost up the learning curve. Enjoy!

22 Jun 2005
eDirectory - A Look Ahead (feature)
Here's a peek into the future of eDirectory, with a glance at the important features of upcoming version 8.8. See what all the buzz is about, and get ready for some powerful new eDirectory capabilities.

22 Jun 2005
Password Self-Service Q&A (feature)
In this two-minute drill from Forum expert Brett Berger, you'll find some helpful answers on the basics of password self-service.

22 Jun 2005
iPrint Plug-in for iManager (tip)
Here's a tip from Kevin Fenn on using the new iPrint plug-in for iManager, with step-by-step instructions.

22 Jun 2005
About Mobile iManager (feature)
Since it's fairly new, some of you may be wondering what Mobile iManager is all about. Here's a perspective from Aaron Burgemeister on what it does for you and why it's a great product.

22 Jun 2005
Sample Code: Using the LDAP Connection Class (feature)
Here's another popular piece of sample code from Novell Forge. It uses the LDAP Connection class to perform basic LDAP operations.

16 Jun 2005
Understanding Sync Immediate (tip)
How immediate is Sync Immediate? Can you make it "more immediate" - or less? Here's some background info on understanding what happens when you flag attributes as Sync Immediate.

15 Jun 2005
Hiding Folders, Trusting Admins (tip)
Who's minding the store - or, if you can't trust your system admin, who can you trust? Here's a brief discussion on rights for admins and the issues it raises.

15 Jun 2005
Timesync Tips (tip)
Time may drift by, but it's not a good thing when time keeps drifting around on your server clocks. These suggestions can help you keep things running like clockwork ...

15 Jun 2005
Load Scripts and Blue-Screens (tip)
Reader B. Kuhlmann shares his experience in resolving a blue-screen problem after a system crash.

13 Jun 2005
Interpreting Predicate Statistics (feature)
Part of the process of improving performance of eDirectory searches is to evaluate the index requirements and set up indexes appropriate to your environment. In order to come up with sane index requirements, however, you need to understand what sorts of queries are being made against the directory server. In this tip, we will look at how to use and interpret Predicate Statistics for this purpose.

9 Jun 2005
syntheticTime (tool)
Reports if a DS server is using synthetic time.

8 Jun 2005
NVDS Early Docs on Novell Forge (feature)
There's early documentation on Forge about NVDS (Novell Virtual Directory Services). Check it out - and get a leg up on understanding this vital new technology.

8 Jun 2005
Mac Authentication to eDirectory (tip)
Here's a tip from Cool Solutions reader Andy Knoke that helps you get Macintosh workstations authenticated to eDirectory.

8 Jun 2005
Preserving Customized Styles in eGuide (tip)
When you upgrade versions in eGuide, don't throw away those customizations you worked so hard on. With a little work (and this tip from John Peacock) you can keep them working and handy.

8 Jun 2005
Sample Code: Servlet for Security Features (feature)
Here's a popular piece of sample code from Novell Forge. It's a Servlet that tries to read all available security features from the request (Client Certificates, Encoding type, Cipher Suite, etc.).

6 Jun 2005
SPACEWatch Pro v5 (tool)
Multi-platform centralised storage management of files and directories.

5 Jun 2005
Detecting Synthetic Time Programmatically (feature)
This article presents a simple Win32 utility that can query an eDirectory server (regardless if it is NetWare or not) to see if synthetic time is being used, and if synthetic timestamps are being issued, how far ahead the future timestamp is so you can decide if a new time epoch should be declared using DSRepair or simply wait for the real time to catch up.

2 Jun 2005
Choosing Passwords (feature)
Passwords on stickies and paper gyrations? 26-character / 3 punctuations? Are these a few of your favorite things? Check out what admins are saying about password policies and what works (and doesn't) for them.

1 Jun 2005
AppNote: Clustering eDirectory and IDM on Windows 2003 (appnote)
A cluster for eDirectory and Identity Manager (with drivers) on top of Windows 2003 Enterprise Server ... is it possible? Yes, thanks to this AppNote from Cool Solutions guru Michel Bluteau - get the step-by-step process here.

1 Jun 2005
Detecting Tomcat Stops and Initializations (tip)
How do you know when Tomcat has stopped, so you can restart it again? Or how can you tell when Tomcat has fully initialized itself so you can use iManager again? Well, you can guess ... or read this handy solution from Novell's Mark Hinckley.

1 Jun 2005
Evaluating OES: Netatalk talking to eDirectory via PAM (tip)
Jeff C. sent this question as part of our Evaluating OES series. Come see the answer, and if you have any other questions as you look at Open Enterprise Server, please let us know and we'll track down the info. We live to serve.

25 May 2005
Understanding Windows Process Authentication (feature)
Here's a behind-the-scenes look at Windows Process Authentication by Cool Solutions contributor Craig Wilson. Learn about rights, resources, mappings and more.

25 May 2005
Tooltime for eDirectory - May 25, 2005 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of May 25.

25 May 2005
Adding Network Address Values to eDirectory via LDIF (tip)
Tired of looking at Network Address values in base64 in eDirectory? Start seeing some user-friendly data with this tip from Cool Solutions reader S T Bhavani.

25 May 2005
Synthetic Time on Non-NetWare Platforms (tip)
NetWare servers will display a warning message on the console when synthetic time is being used. But how about other platforms that eDirectory runs on, such as Windows and Linux? Peter Kuo shares two easy ways to keep an eye on it on other platforms.

25 May 2005
If iManager 2.5 Will not Start, Try This (tip)
After upgrading to iManager 2.5, if you have trouble getting it to startup, here's what you do.

25 May 2005
Implementing Samba as your Primary Domain Controller (tip)
Thanks to a helpful Wiki on the Gentoo web site, you can get Samba configured as your PDC (Primary Domain Controller).This is especially helpful if you're using Linux and need Universal Password. Thanks to Justin Grote for the heads-up!

25 May 2005
Recovering eDirectory Path Attribute Data (trench)
Come see how you can recover lost eDirectory path attribute data after a system failure.

23 May 2005
Volume Reporter 1.3 (tool)
Create an HTML report about the status of the volumes on your network.

23 May 2005
Can't get into iManager 2.5 after upgrading from NetWare 6.5 sp2 to OES NetWare and iManager 2.5 (tip)
Peter Strifas supplies some settings to check if you are unable to get into iManager after upgrading.

19 May 2005
Password Expiration Email Notification (tool)
Java console application that sends users email notifications of upcoming password expiration.

19 May 2005
Using Venn Diagrams for Role-Based Provisioning (feature)
Remember those old Venn Diagrams you used in school? Well, they're not just for whiteboards any more. Here's a thumbs-up article from Cool Solutions contributor David Guest that brings Venn Diagrams to the world of role-based provisioning.

18 May 2005
Linux Login Client Modules for NMAS (feature)
Novell's eDirectory and NMAS have been running on a Linux server for years now. At least the NMAS server, and server side modules known as LSM's (Login Server Modules). However, recently the NMAS client has been ported to Linux and it is possible to run client side modules known as LCM's (Login Client Modules) on a Linux system. Come see how to install NMAS on Linux and a whole lot more.

18 May 2005
Sample Code: Adding a fullname to users without one (tip)
Here's a popular piece of sample code from Novell Forge. It does an LDAP search for for users with no fullname attribute value and fills it in with "givenname sn".

18 May 2005
Monitoring eDirectory (feature)
Do you know how to effectively monitor your eDirectory events? This article from a recent BrainShare presentation explains how to do that, via SNMP traps and iMonitor.

18 May 2005
Getting Mac Synching Rules to Work (tip)
Here's a tip from Mac expert and regular Cool Solutions contributor Randy Saeks. Check out the LDIF file that solves a schema synching issue in OS 10.2 and above.

18 May 2005
eDirectory Command-line Utilities for Linux (feature)
Here are some useful tips on running eDirectory command-line utilities on a Linux platform, adapted from a recent BrainShare presentation.

13 May 2005
Allow changing of passwords for many users from a text file.

13 May 2005
User Importer (tool)
Import users from a CSV file into NDS.

11 May 2005
Password Manager (PWM) v1.0.2 for iChain (tip)
PWM is a password management servlet with iChain integration features, suitable for handling expired passwords with iChain, and other scenarios. Check out the latest improvements.

11 May 2005
AppNote: Letting Users Modify Personal Attributes (appnote)
Help is on the way ... now you can let users modify some of their own personal information in iManager, without exposing data they shouldn't change. Get the details in this AppNote by Novell's Mark Hinckley.

11 May 2005
eDirectory in the News: DeMontfort University and Madison Area YMCA (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how DeMontfort University (U.K.) and the Madison Area YMCA have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

11 May 2005
Setting Up eDirectory on Linux (feature)
Here are some helpful tips from BrainShare 2005 on installing and configuring eDirectory on Linux. Check out system requirements, time and communications issues, and more.

11 May 2005
Solving Error -723: database will not open (tip)
Here's a quick tip that gives you some options for dealing with error -723. Let's hope you won't need to use them, but they may come in handy if it happens to you ...

10 May 2005
AppNote: Modeling and Writing a Common Information Model (CIM) Provider (appnote)
The Common Information Model (CIM) provides a unified method for managing an enterprise network without requiring an overhaul of the existing network management infrastructure. This How-to AppNote discusses CIM and explains the approach to be taken to develop a CIM Provider.

4 May 2005
AppNote: Designing and Building Applications on Directories (appnote)
Imagine if you could build applications right on top of your directory, instead of on an SQL database. Now it's a reality, thanks to this development guide from long-time Cool Solutions contributor Michel Bluteau. Build it with C#.NET, move it to Linux ... it's all here.

4 May 2005
Providing Unique IDs with ConsoleOne (tip)
Thanks to Cool Solutions reader Mitch Mitchell for sending us this tip on using ConsoleOne to map unique user IDs. And it earned a thumbs-up rating as well!

4 May 2005
eDirectory in the News: Indiana State University and Amsterdam Airport (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how Indiana State University and the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

4 May 2005
Deleting "Stubborn" Objects (tip)
You know the old line - "How can I miss you when you won't go away?" If you'd like to get those stubborn objects to go away, check out these pointers from Forum experts.

27 Apr 2005
Using iMonitor to Perform eDirectory Health Checks (feature)
Performing health checks of your directory can be a time-consuming task - and as we all know, tasks that take a lot of time tend not to get done. Find out how to use the iMonitor tool to speed up your health checks significantly, as well as how to automate running them.

27 Apr 2005
iManager RBS Configuration Tips (feature)
Are you RBS-savvy? Learn about RBS and what it can do for you in this BrainShare summary article.

27 Apr 2005
Installing NMAS Methods for Secugen Biometric Mice (tip)
Here's a tip from Norm O'Neal that helps you get up and running with NMAS methods for biometric mice.

27 Apr 2005
Update: Understanding eDirectory and Clustering (tip)
So, you're thinking of setting up a cluster of servers. How will eDirectory be affected by this, and what should you know about clustering behavior? Get some insights on the topic here from some of our Forum experts. *Also, some comments from Cool Solutions reader Geoffrey Carman ...*

21 Apr 2005
AppNote: Directory Design for Identity Management Solutions (appnote)
Here's a cool AppNote from Garth Williamson of Novell's World Wide Consulting Resolution Team (CRT) that sheds some useful light on SIM directory design principles and synchronization. Get educated - and build a stronger Identity Management Solution for your organization.

21 Apr 2005
Password Expiration Email Notification Tool Now Available (feature)
Great news - Paul Sherman of Novell IS&T has made his cool Password Expiration Email Notification Tool available for free as a Cool Solutions Tool. It's the same tool that Novell IS&T uses, and now it can be yours - get the details here!

21 Apr 2005
Fix Java Errors With ConsoleOne On Linux (feature)
Having trouble with ConsoleOne on Linux? This tip will help you get it running.

20 Apr 2005
Saved Login Feature in iManager 2.5 (tip)
What happened to the Saved Login Feature in iManager 2.5? Here's the scoop.

20 Apr 2005
Tip: Workaround for Embox Script Error (tip)
Thanks to Cool Solutions contributor John Fuge for this tip on how to get around an Embox utility error that occurs in NetWare 6.5 SP3. Sample text and NCF files are included to help you get the solution up and running on your system.

20 Apr 2005
Automated Uninstall of NMAS (tip)
Here's a tip from Cool Solutions reader Thomas Erickson that automates the uninstall of NMAS on client machines. Source and .exe files are included for your convenience in running the script.

19 Apr 2005
Using the DSREPAIR Utility Appropriately (feature)
Learn some important tips on how and when to use the DSREPAIR utility in order to ensure that the usage makes sense and is the appropriate tool to use.

13 Apr 2005
Tool Time for eDirectory - April 13, 2005 (tip)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of April 13.

13 Apr 2005
Fixing ConsoleOne Refresh Problems (tip)
Cool Solutions reader Keith Schneider lends some practical tips on how to avoid the screen refresh problems that sometimes occur in ConsoleOne.

13 Apr 2005
Universal Password and Containers (tip)
How do containers and subcontainers affect Universal Password? Get some insights and practical tips on the topic in this article.

13 Apr 2005
Deactivating Anonymous LDAP Logins (tip)
Can you disable anonymous LDAP logins? Find out how to do it from both ConsoleOne and iManager.

8 Apr 2005
eDirectory Backup Script for Linux (tool)
Simple script for a full tree backup.

6 Apr 2005
LDAP Tool (tool)
Create and Modify LDAP Objects

6 Apr 2005
AppNote: PAM Integration with eDirectory and LDAP (appnote)
In this AppNote, author Madhavi Phanse explains how to integrate PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) with eDirectory and LDAP, including PAM-enabling of the pure-ftpd service in OES / Linux.

6 Apr 2005
Followup: Creating an eGuide Search Box (tip)
Here's a followup tip by author Peter Wass. It explains the details of creating the search box for an eGuide search that comes from a different page.

6 Apr 2005
Tip: Managing NBO Printers via iManager (tip)
This tip from Cool Solutions reader Jason Rooth helps you add LPR names to NBO printers using iManager.

6 Apr 2005
Automatic Failover Systems and eDirectory (tip)
Here are three basic approaches that enable users to keep doing address lookups, even when the main server is down.

6 Apr 2005
Troubleshooting Tips for NLDAP (tip)
Here are some common-sense troubleshooting suggestions for solving NLDAP issues. Check them out - you could save yourself time and effort in debugging.

30 Mar 2005
See What's New in Novell iManager 2.5 (feature)
Novell iManager 2.5 is now available as part of Novell Open Enterprise Server and as a standalone product from Check out the details here!

30 Mar 2005
Mac OS X and Trash File Size (tip)
"I could have sworn I deleted those Mac files, and now they're back!" Find out why this happens and how to fix it, thanks to this handy tip from Cool Solutions contributor Randy Saeks.

30 Mar 2005
Helping Your Admins to Update eGuide (tip)
You're too busy to update eGuide fields, but you have an admin available to help you. Is it more trouble than it's worth to get the admin up to speed on the updating process? Here are some tips from Forum experts to make it easier on everyone.

30 Mar 2005
Eight Cool Years (feature)
Novell Cool Solutions celebrated its eighth anniversary on 15 December 2005 and conducted a People's Choice competition to honor the people who made the stuff that made us famous. Come see the top three nominees, and cast your vote for (or write in) your personal favorite. Five lucky vote-casters will receive 100 WebWise Rewards points.

24 Mar 2005
TKInfo Tool (feature)
*Update: - Newest TKInfo script* Do you really know what's going on with your tree keys? Wonder no more - Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares a handy script that generates four useful reports about keys and synchronization.

22 Mar 2005
DSClone - A New Tool for Disaster Recovery (feature)
Thanks to Paul McKeith for shedding some helpful light on the versatile DSClone utility. Learn how it differs from DSRepair in disaster recovery, and how it can be a valuable addition to your toolset.

22 Mar 2005
Scenario: Using DSClone for Disaster Recovery (feature)
If you dread the thought of disaster recovery in a large organization, it's time to take a look at what DSClone can do. It's not the answer to every problem, but it can sure save you a tremndous amount of time. Find out how and why in this article.

22 Mar 2005
Searching eGuide from Another Page (tip)
Searching on the eGuide page is a breeze, but what if you want to do an eGuide search from a different Internet page? Here's a solution from first-time Cool Solutions contributor Peter Wass that helps you do just that.

21 Mar 2005
AppNote: Basic Linux/Samba Authentication with eDirectory on Novell Linux Small Business Server (appnote)
This article by Mark Robinson shows you how to configure LDAP authentication to eDirectory from Samba/PAM without the use of NMAS/LUM.

21 Mar 2005
DSRepair: Is It Overused? (tip)
DSRepair is a powerful utility, no doubt about that. But should it be used for regular maintenance tasks? Here's what one of our Forum experts has to say about the issue and what he recommends.

17 Mar 2005
New on (tip)
You must have these updates for iManager for Nsure Identity Manager and Password Management.

17 Mar 2005
ZfD PXE LDAP Image Utility (tool)
LDAP Scripted Workstation Image Objects for ZENworks Preboot Services.

17 Mar 2005
Case Study: Integrating an Oracle Application with Identity Manager (feature)
One of our top Cool Solutions writers, Michel Bluteau, contributes a solid article on how to integrate Oracle applications with Nsure Identity Manager. It comes complete with sample code, screen shots and more - check it out.

17 Mar 2005
Advanced triggerless Oracle JDBC driver for Users and Roles (feature)
Here's an in-depth look at creating an Oracle JDBC driver for Users and Roles. Author Michel Bluteau has put together a tour-de-force article that takes you inside the inner workings of driver development.

16 Mar 2005
Getting Alerts when Problem Users Log In (tip)
You know that irksome user - the one who's at it again, sending flaming e-mails or trying to hack other people's accounts. Now you can get an automatic e-mail when a problem user logs in, thanks to this tip from Cool Solutions reader Rob Yamry.

16 Mar 2005
Auto-mounting of Drives during Linux Login (tip)
Here's a tip from author Peter Van den Wildenbergh that adds user access to shared drives on an NDS volume, right from your Linux desktop.

15 Mar 2005
LDAP2CSV (tool)
Outputs an LDAP Search in CSV format

10 Mar 2005
Treating Synthetic Time with Respect (tip)
Peter Kuo shares a couple of nifty ways to address synthetic time problems, depending on how far in the future the Modification Time Stamp is (years versus hours).

8 Mar 2005
Tool Time for eDirectory - March 9, 2005 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of March 9. Import photos, find user network addresses, weed out duplicate network files and more!

8 Mar 2005
It's Fudge Time ... (tip)
No, it's not about the chocolate sundaes ... it's about configuring time synchronization for servers and monitoring PCs with a "fudge" statement. Get the sweet details here ...

3 Mar 2005
NDS2Shell (little sister of NDS2Word) (tool)
This tool checks the folder redirection from info in eDirectory and will fix it on the workstation.

2 Mar 2005
Backing Up Trustee Assignments (feature)
Cool Solutions guru Mark Russell lends some valuable and time-saving insights on backing up trustee assignments. Don't do it the hard way - use these tips to handle it with ease and precision.

2 Mar 2005
Distributing Unique IDs to Users (tip)
What do you do if a number of your users are missing the uniqueID attribute? Here's a script solution from Cool Solutions reader David Benjamin that lets you create and distribute unique IDs to users so they can authenticate to LDAP.

2 Mar 2005
eDirectory in the News: North East ISD and Harbor Federal Bank (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how the Northeast Independent School District (Texas secondary education) and Harbor Federal Savings have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

2 Mar 2005
Managing Custom Schema Attributes (tip)
I extended the schema to create a new attribute (property). I associated it with the user object How do I add this new attribute to the user object "form" in NDS so I can store data in it?

2 Mar 2005
Tip: Valid Characters in eDirectory (tip)
Here's some advice on the characters you use in eDirectory, from a few of our Forum experts. Save some headaches by sticking to the characters that are safest!

1 Mar 2005
Easy Way to Debug SSL Connections (trench)
Chander Ganesan vouches for OpenSSL as a great way to debug SSL connections without complex scripts or tools.

1 Mar 2005
Decoding LDIF-Formatted Network Addresses (tip)
Decoding LDIF-Formatted Network Addresses - a tip adapted from the eDir Troubleshooting book, pg 100-101.

23 Feb 2005
Authenticating SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and NLD to eDirectory via LDAP (tip)
Here's a nifty Authentication Guide for SLES and NLD 9 users, contributed by reader Henry Louey. It covers server-side and client-side authentication, with plenty of screen shots and step-by-step instructions.

23 Feb 2005
BrainShare 2005 Registration is Open! (feature)
Don't delay - check out this year's offerings and get signed up. There are plenty of eDirectory-related sessions to enjoy, from March 20-25 in Salt Lake City.

23 Feb 2005
Tip: Bulk-Loading Photos into eDirectory (tip)
If you need some flexibility in how you store eGuide photos in eDirectory, check out this tip from one of our Cool Solutions readers, Eric Belcher.

23 Feb 2005
eDirectory in the News: JRI and the City of Stockholm (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how James Richardson International (JRI) and the City of Stockholm have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

23 Feb 2005
Avoiding 9999 (tip)
Here's a short tip from reader Matt Hudson in the U.K., who tells us why 9999 may not be your lucky number after all ...

16 Feb 2005
Starting the WWW Service, Hands-free (tip)
When the WWW service starts before the NDS sevice on a computer, that can cause problems. Here's a solution from Cool Solutions reader George Iosif that helps you put things in the right order and avoid authentication failures.

16 Feb 2005
Handling User Name Changes (tip)
Here's a tip from one of our experts on avoiding object disconnections when username changes occur in the directory.

7 Feb 2005
LDAP Error Count 2.0 (tool)
Count all the LDAP error codes in a dstrace or iMonitor log file.

7 Feb 2005
Getting from LDAP FN to Novell FDN (tip)
The LDAP DN is in comma-delimited format, but Novell's FDN uses dotted notation. What to do? Try this simple tip from reader Michael Longman that gets the commas into the proper dot-notation for you.

3 Feb 2005
Migration Tips: Getting from NDS to eDirectory (tip)
OK, so you've been putting off the inevitable for a while now. Yes, it's finally time to start enjoying the benefits of the latest eDirectory technology and leave your old NDS version behind. Get the tips you need here.

3 Feb 2005
Tips for Using ldapsearch and ldapmodify (tip)
Ldapsearch, ldapmodify, and ldapdelete can be useful tools for finding and changing user data. However, there are a few "gotchas" to look out for, as explained by a few of our Forum experts.

2 Feb 2005
Scan all subdirectories below the path specified.

2 Feb 2005
eDirectory in the News: Duke University and Penn Hills School District (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on education, showing how the The Duke University Pratt School of Engineering and the Penn Hills School District have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

2 Feb 2005
Getting ConsoleOne Running on Red Hat 9 (tip)
If you've tried to get ConsoleOne running on Red Hat 9 without luck, here's a quick tip from reader Paul Todd on solving the problem. Or, you could always migrate to SUSE Linux (sorry, we just had to throw that in ...)

2 Feb 2005
A New Cool Solutions Site - Novell Security Manager! (feature)
That's right - we are launching a brand-new Cool Solutions site, dedicated to the brand-new Novell Security Manager product. Get the details here!

2 Feb 2005
Changing Passwords: LDAP, Identity Manager, and Active Directory (tip)
Changing and synchronizing passwords can get a bit complicated when you involve LDAP, Identity Manager 2, and Active Directory. Here are some tips from a few of our Forum experts on the topic.

1 Feb 2005
Making NFAP/NFS create an NFAUUser object (trench)
We found that NFAP/NFS SCHINST.NLM could not create NFAUUser object. Here's how we solved the problem.

1 Feb 2005
Cool Tool: BrainShare Session Importer for GroupWise (feature)
If you're going to BrainShare and you have finished registering for the breakout sessions, try out this free tool from 'bond' Software Entwicklung GmbH that will import your 2005 BrainShare schedule into GroupWise. Download it here.

28 Jan 2005
Novell Client v4.9 SP2 for Windows (tool)
Allows users of Windows NT/2000/XP workstations to access and use all of the services available on servers running eDirectory.

26 Jan 2005
Discussion: AD vs. (or with) eDirectory (feature)
If you're using Windows, can you get rid of AD and just use eDirectory? What about combining AD, eDirectory, and Identity Manager? Check out this discussion with several of our Forum experts on this topic.

26 Jan 2005
ToolTime for eDirectory - January 26, 2005 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of January 26, featuring File and Volume, Synchronization, and LDAP.

26 Jan 2005
Weathering the Hurricanes of 2004 (feature)
The 2004 hurricane season affected many Cool Solutions readers living in Florida as well as Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and other Caribbean locations. We wondered what happened to the networks of all the people involved in the hurricanes, and we held a contest to find out how people fared. Come see the winning entries, and take a moment to consider how your own Disaster Recovery Plan would have fared in these circumstances.

19 Jan 2005
eDirectory Tools - Best of 2004 (feature)
Here are over 100 handy eDirectory tools and utilities to make your computing life easier and more productive. Check them out - they're arranged by category for quick reference.

19 Jan 2005
iManager and Windows 2003 NLB (Network Load Balancing) (feature)
Is iManager compatible with Network Load Balancing? What happens in a failover scenario when a user has an active session against iManager? Find the answers to these questions and more in this insightful article by frequent Cool Solutions contributor Michel Bluteau.

19 Jan 2005
Generic Design of iManager Plugin - Part 2 (feature)
This article describes the procedure to auto-generate Java classes and JSP files for an iManager plugin.

19 Jan 2005
Classic is Back: Mac Apps on the Network (tip)
Learn how to get around network limitations so you can run your favorite classic Macintosh applications from the network.

19 Jan 2005
Installation Tips for eDirectory (tip)
Here are some tips from Cool Solutions reader Sam Mason on installing eDirectory 8.7.1. If you're new to installations, these are some common-sense pointers you may not have thought about.

18 Jan 2005
Generic Design for an iManager Plug-in (feature)
This article by R. Sathish explores how to arrive at a generic design that can be used for any plugin development for iManager.

18 Jan 2005
Luma (tool)
A powerful and user-friendly GUI LDAP administration tool.

12 Jan 2005
eDirectory in the News: Swedish National Police Board and Cathay Pacific Airways (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how the Swedish National Police Board and Cathay Pacific Airways have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

12 Jan 2005
Including .jsp Files in iManager Custom Tasks (tip)
Here's a tip on handling .jsp files in iManager custom tasks, including a sample task declaration.

12 Jan 2005
Digging a "Stunnel" (tip)
If you have several web servers running LDAPS, what do you do about security? A good start is to use that funny-sounding but easy-to-use application - it's "stunnel" time.

7 Jan 2005
Cool Solutions dot Com Forum (trench)
For the last couple of years there has existed an evolving web presence that many of you may not have been aware of: the Cool advice forum. The regular contributors to the forum have several hundred years' worth of combined experience in Novell product deployment and support. They'll tell you where the imperfections are, and how to get along with them; introduce you to features you never knew existed, and point you at places to get further support if you need it.

4 Jan 2005
Integrating GroupWise Instant Messaging in eGuide (tip)
Here's a tip from reader Martin Plouffe that helps you get GroupWise Instant Messaging working with eGuide. Several .xsl examples are also included to get you going.

4 Jan 2005
Hiding Disabled eDirectory Accounts (tip)
Sometimes it's nice to filter out disabled container objects so they don't clutter your views. Follow the easy steps in this article, and you're on your way to successful attribute filtering.

4 Jan 2005
Promoting iManager Custom Plug-ins and Tasks (tip)
How do you get custom iManager tasks and plug-ins from development to test to production, without creating a whole lot of extra work for yourself? Here's some practical advice on the matter ...

4 Jan 2005
Finding Users by IP Address (tip)
How do you quickly find a user based on IP address? Here are several approaches you can try, from simple to elegant to "old school."

2 Jan 2005
AppNote: iFolder Data Cleanup in eDirectory (appnote)
Have you ever deleted an eDirectory user and tried to figure out what iFolder data directory needs to be cleaned up afterwards? One of the developers of iFolder created this utility that helps you find out which iFolder directory belongs to which user.

22 Dec 2004
Cleaning Containers, Moving Servers (tip)
Here's an article from Cool Solutions reader Andrew Barnett on how to move servers to a new container.

15 Dec 2004
Eight Cool Years at Cool Solutions (feature)
Check out this nostalgic look at Eight Cool Years for Cool Solutions. Get your party hat and join the festivities, and you could win some cool prizes yourself!

15 Dec 2004
Partner Spotlight: Novacoast, Inc. (feature)
They've won North American Partner Awards over the past few years - meet Novacoast, a professional services company headquartered in California. Check out their Directory Services strategies and solutions, including a technical paper on securing Linux servers.

15 Dec 2004
Fixing Invalid Userpassword Data (feature)
If your userpassword attribute data has become corrupt, remember that there are other places this attribute lives - such as ZENworks. This tip from Cool Solutions reader Ottmar Konrad helps you get it all resolved at once - quick and easy.

15 Dec 2004
Getting Started with PAM Modules (tip)
Here's how one reader got started learning and implementing PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) for Linux, with suggestions, practical tips, and resources to check out.

15 Dec 2004
Finding eDirectory with DA Discovery (feature)
One of our Forum experts lends a hand to answer a basic but vital question - what can you do when neither your Windows Novell Client nor ConsoleOne can find eDirectory? Like the title says, give DA discovery a try ...

15 Dec 2004
PASSChg 2.9 (Beta) (tool)
End user XP/NT/NDS/GroupWise password change and synchronize program for NetWare environments.

8 Dec 2004
Custom Plug-in for iManager - Unique CN Checks (tip)
How do you ensure that a CN exists or is unique in an eDirectory tree? Several of our readers teamed up and provided us a custom iManager plugin to do that very task. There are actually two versions here - see which works best for you.

8 Dec 2004
Synchronizing with eDirectory (feature)
Here's a look at the role synchronization plays in eDirectory, with a focus on external references, obituaries, schemas, agent configurations, and objects.

8 Dec 2004
eDirectory in the News: New South Wales RTA and RSPCA (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how the New South Wales (Australia) Road and Transit Authority and the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

8 Dec 2004
Adding to a Group Membership via LDAP (tip)
Can you add a person to a group membership using only an LDAP tool? The answer's yes - and here are some suggestions from several of our Forum experts on how to do it.

8 Dec 2004
eDirCheck (tool)
Retrieve Information on Partitions and Replicas.

6 Dec 2004
Changepass (tool)
Change passwords in specified containers defined by the Administrator.

4 Dec 2004
Reasons for Keeping Novell Products (Also Known As: More With Less) (trench)
This document discusses the possibility of saving money by sticking with Novell products.

1 Dec 2004
Directory Design - Thinking "Directorially" (feature)
Need to design a directory? Don't miss these top tips from an eDirectory expert, including interviewing strategies, fact-finding and fact-filtering, and schema design.

1 Dec 2004
New Releases from GroupLink (feature)
Get the latest details on two great eDirectory tools - GroupLink's Contact Wise and HelpDesk. Schedule a free demo and get a Novell user discount, too!

1 Dec 2004
Troubleshooting Common LDAP Errors (tip)
Here are descriptions, causes, and fixes for common LDAP errors you may encounter via the GroupWise POA.

1 Dec 2004
eDirectory in the News: McDonald's Brazil and TransUnion (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how the McDonald's Brazil (food services) and TransUnion (credit information) have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

1 Dec 2004
ZEN and the Art of Base 64 (tip)
If you've had trouble reading LDAP values for ZEN objects, you're not alone - they are encoded in Base 64. Here's a handy tip in the form of a PERL script to crack the code and find the hidden info.

1 Dec 2004
Changing the eGuide Map Link (tip)
If the the default map link in eGuide doesn't suit your needs, why not change it? Get the easy steps here (you are now free to browse around the world ...)

24 Nov 2004
Downloadable Plug-ins for iManager (feature)
Is your iManager deployment getting the greatest benefit from other Novell products? Check out these product plug-ins for iManager, download them for free, and see the difference they can make.

24 Nov 2004
eDirectory in the News: GKB and Informatica (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how the Graubundner Kantonalbank (banking, Germany) and Informatica (IT services, Belgium) have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

24 Nov 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - Nov 24 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of November 24, featuring LDAP, Security, User Objects and more.

24 Nov 2004
Querying LDAP Operational Attributes (tip)
Here are some helpful tips on querying operational attributes in LDAP, including modifyTimeStamp, entryFlags, subordinateCount, and more - plus a sample query.

22 Nov 2004
IPPortCheck (tool)
Command line tool to test for alive (or listening) TCP ports.

19 Nov 2004
Mkhome (tool)
NDS users network Home Directory maker.

17 Nov 2004
AppNote: Integrating NDS in K12LTSP (appnote)
Here's a nifty article contributed by CriticalControl Solutions (Canada), a leading IT solutions proivider. Find out how to authenticate LTS users against an NDS server and mount NDS homes as Linux homes on the LTS.

17 Nov 2004
eDirectory in the News: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and ComSuper (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (UK government) and ComSuper (Australian government business unit) have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

17 Nov 2004
Cool Tip: Handling DLU and Domains (feature)
Here's a tip sent in by Cool Solutions reader Ron Fowler. Check out this easy way to handle both DLU and a domain in a Windows environment. It includes a step-by-step process and a script example.

17 Nov 2004
Ten Linux Tips - Nov. 17 (tip)
Here are ten tips that Novell Linux users wish they had known, from ACLs to SLP settings and more.

17 Nov 2004
Built-in eDirectory Tools: NDS iMonitor and ICE (feature)
How much do you know about NDS iMonitor and ICE? Here's a refresher on these two essential eDirectory tools ...

10 Nov 2004
BT Partners with Novell for Directory Consulting Services (feature)
Novell has partnered with BT (formerly British Telecommunications) to provide an innovative Directory Enablement Program. Find out how this program leverages eDirectory to reduce IT costs and enable faster and easier access to vital information.

10 Nov 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - Nov. 10 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of November 10, featuring Passwords, Management, and more.

10 Nov 2004
LDAP Authentication Tips (tip)
Check out these tips for authenticating to LDAP, with secure or non-secure connections. There's also an alternate method available, using ConsoleOne and ICE.

10 Nov 2004
Built-in eDirectory Tools: DSRepair and eMbox (feature)
How much do you know about DSRepair and Hot Continuous Backup (eMbox)? Here's a refresher on these two essential eDirectory tools ...

4 Nov 2004
MyITHelper (tool)
Help Troubleshoot Desktop Issues.

3 Nov 2004
What's Next for eDirectory? (feature)
What's on the horizon for eDirectory? Check out the features and enhancements in the upcoming versions and be prepared for your next eDirectory upgrade.

3 Nov 2004
eDirectory in the News: London Health and Poway School District (feature)
Here's the latest installment of eDirectory in the News. This week we focus on how London Health Sciences Centre and the Poway (San Diego) Unified School District have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

3 Nov 2004
Lock 'Em Out ... (feature)
If employees were tampering with a sensitive computer at your company, what solution would you turn to? Check out this lively discussion about the human side of technology problems.

3 Nov 2004
Populating and Clearing Network Addresses (feature)
When and how is the network address updated or populated? How do wireless laptop logins and standby modes affect network addresses? Get some insights here in this Q&A discussion ...

3 Nov 2004
Troubleshooting Error -613 (tip)
Here's a nifty workaround for Error -613 (editing the NDSPKI:SD server attribute). It was sent in by one of our Cool Solutions readers, and it just might save you a support call someday ...

2 Nov 2004
Multi Password Changer (tool)
Change passwords for multiple users in one container.

27 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 4 - Planning for the Future (feature)
Here's the fourth installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. Now that you've lived through the worst, what do you do about securing a safe data future? Get some solid tips here.

27 Oct 2004
Case Study: Grouplink's ContactWise Gets Meadowlark Singing (feature)
Check out the latest success story from GroupLink, and find out how ContactWise help the Meadowlark Company expand sales and manage its grower customer base.

27 Oct 2004
Tip: Solving a ConsoleOne Install Bug on Linux (tip)
Here's a tip sent in by a Cool Solutions reader on how to get past an install bug while installing ConsoleOne on Linux. Eight easy steps and you're on your way ...

27 Oct 2004
The Rights Stuff (tip)
Too many rights can make a wrong - especially if they belong to user objects in your tree. Check out some practical advice here on dealing with the problem, contributed by one of our Forum experts.

21 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 3 - If You Rebuild It, They Will Come (feature)
Here's the third installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. From mold on the walls to dust in the PC fans - what would you do to set it all right? Check out what our expert did, and wished he had done ...

21 Oct 2004
LDIF Basics - a BrainShare Perspective (feature)
If you're new to LDIF, here's a helpful guide from BrainShare Europe that can get you started with syntax and examples. Discover the LDIF difference yourself!

21 Oct 2004
Subrefs: What Are They, and Why Do I Need Them? (tip)
Subordinate references (subrefs) are often misunderstood. Check out some insights on subrefs from a Novell Forum expert, and learn how they fit into the big picture.

21 Oct 2004
Three Views on Deleting Multiple Users (tip)
It's often easier to add multiple users, but what are the best ways to remove them? There are several approaches you can use, as discussed here ...

13 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 2 - Hard and Soft Data Recovery (feature)
Here's the second installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. The "swimming pool" has been drained - now it's time to dry out the data! Get the hair-raising details here ...

13 Oct 2004
eDirectory for NetWare and NT is Here (feature)
Interim Release for eDirectory is now available for download. Check out the fixes here and get your download of the latest eDirectory version!

13 Oct 2004
eDirectory and NetWare vs. Active Directory and Windows (feature)
Next time you're in a heated discussion about eDirectory vs. Active Directory, or NetWare vs. Windows, be prepared with the best information! Check out these resources for getting an inside look at the issues.

13 Oct 2004
eDirectory in the News: Husky Energy and British Airways (feature)
n this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how Husky Energy Inc. and British Airways CitiExpress have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

13 Oct 2004
Getting Started with LDAP (feature)
Here's a helpful guide to getting started with LDAP. It's adapted from a BrainShare Europe presentation, complete with examples of LDAP requests and how to use them.

6 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 1 - Underwater Data (feature)
If you think it can't happen to you -- think again! Here's the first installment in a four-part series on disaster recovery, based on a real-life success story. Get the details here, get a plan, and get ready!

6 Oct 2004
eDirectory in the News: Georgia Court of Appeals, FNB Corporation (feature)
n this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how the Georgia Court of Appeals and FNB Corporation (financial services) have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

6 Oct 2004
Save Your Weekends with CRON (tip)
As much as you love your job, there are probably other things you'd rather do on weekends. Find out how to use the CRON tool to schedule weekend jobs that run while you're at the barbecue ...

6 Oct 2004
Replica Placement Strategy (feature)
Here's a sample replica placement design sent in by a reader, along with some feedback by one of our Forum experts. Check out some replica placement pros and cons here.

29 Sep 2004
Free Password Self-Service Tools for eDirectory (feature)
Need a good password self-service solution? Check out the free tools you can use to add self-service and policy enforcement to eDirectory, GroupWise, ZENworks, and more.

29 Sep 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - September 29 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of September 29, featuring file management, password, Citrix and more.

29 Sep 2004
NMAS Server Maintenance Release (tip)
Check out the new NMAS Server maintenance release here, including installation notes and a summary of fixes included in this version.

29 Sep 2004
eDirectory in the News: Dallas Police Dept., Tomball School District (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how the Dallas Police Department and the Tomball (Texas) School District have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

29 Sep 2004
Fixing Inconsistent Object Totals on Replicas (feature)
If the total number of objects is not consistent across your replicas, errors are bound to happen. Here are some quick tips to get this problem fixed and get consistent replicas for your servers.

23 Sep 2004
Check LDAP Password and Change Domain Password (tool)
Allows a user who knows their NDS password to change their NT-Domain/AD Password.

22 Sep 2004
LDAP Authentication for IIS with eDirectory (tip)
Here's another tip from one of our Cool Solutions readers. This one includes an LDAP authentication solution for Microsoft IIS servers, complete with instructions for adding an ISAPI filter and customizing the LDAPAUTH.INI file.

22 Sep 2004
Frequently Asked SLP Questions (feature)
It's all SLP here - from registrations and queries to traffic patterns and database handling. Test your knowledge of SLP basics with these 11 frequently asked questions.

22 Sep 2004
Multiple Mac Connections without Additional Logins (feature)
Here's a nifty Macintosh solution sent in by one of our readers. Find out how Mac users can connect to multiple volumes or servers without additional logins - a definite time-saver.

15 Sep 2004
ndspasswd (tool)
UNIX/Linux command line tool to change NDS password and UNIX/Linux login shell.

14 Sep 2004
Novell Announces Upcoming Directory Products (feature)
Don't miss out ... get the word on two new products that are sure to make waves in the computing world: Novell Virtual Directory Services and eDirectory 8.8.

14 Sep 2004
eDirectory in the News: Health First and Hewitt Associates (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how Health First and Hewitt Associates (capital management) have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

14 Sep 2004
The Sysops Speak - Tips from the Techies (feature)
Here are some various nuggets of wisdom from a few of our longtime Novell Volunteer Sysops. Come and see what's on their minds ...

14 Sep 2004
Restricting Access by MAC Address or Protocol (tip)
Here's a tip from one of our readers on restricting user access based on MAC address and protocols, complete with example scenarios and data values.

14 Sep 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - Sept 15 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of Sept 15, featuring file management, LDAP, schema definitions, and more.

9 Sep 2004
Office User Information (tool)
Populate Microsoft Office User Information from user's eDirectory attributes.

8 Sep 2004
Display File with Drive Letter First (trench)
If you'd like to rearrange things so that mapped drives show with the drive letters first, for easier scanning in a narrow dialog box, check out this cool tip.

8 Sep 2004
Backup: A Few Good Reasons (feature)
So you have Read/Write replicas ... that means you don't really need to worry about backing up your tree and your NDS objects, right? Read about what a few of our Novell Sysops have to say on the subject.

8 Sep 2004
Strategies for School Account Management (tip)
Here are some useful strategies for school account management, sent in by a reader who coordinates over 20 school sites. You'll find tips on handling accounts for elementary and secondary school students, as well as a cleanup strategy.

8 Sep 2004
No Aversion to New Versions (tip)
If you've ever found the versions of eDirectory and DS a bit tough to sort out, here's an article that should make things a bit simpler. And check out the handy reference graphic for version comparisons ...

2 Sep 2004
Testing for LDAP Authentication (feature)
Here are some handy tips for verifying that your LDAP authentication is working properly. You'll need the LDAP editor/broswer first; then you're ready to start!

2 Sep 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - Sept 2 (feature)
Here's the highlight of handy eDirectory tools for the week of Sept 2, featuring eGuide, directories, and LDAP.

2 Sep 2004
Upgrading to NetWare 6.5 on a Down Server (feature)
If you thought it was impossible to have a down server and yet upgrade it to NetWare 6.5, well ... think again! Read about how to do the upgrade - remember, it could happen to you.

2 Sep 2004
eDirectory in the News: Berkshire Industries and CB Richard Ellis (feature)
Here's the latest installment of eDirectory in the News. This week we focus on how Berkshire Industries (manufacturing) and CB Richard Ellis (commercial real estate) have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

24 Aug 2004
Portland GE Embraces eDirectory-based ContactWise (feature)
Here's a true-to-life case about how Portland General Electric added value and saved time and money. The key was leveraging an eDirectory-based product, ContactWise, from Novell Partner Grouplink. Read the details here.

24 Aug 2004
A Day in the Life of a SysOp (feature)
Who are those invisible, witty and helpful characters who hang out on the Novell Support Forums, eager to lend their expertise and advice. Come meet a few of the volunteer SysOps who make the forums a hugely successful support endeavor for Novell.

24 Aug 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - August 24 (feature)
Here's the highlight of handy eDirectory tools for the week of May 6, featuring remote management, printing, storage management, and more.

24 Aug 2004
eDirectory in the News: MBF Insurance and PCA Packaging (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how MBF Insurance and the Packaging Corporation of America have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

18 Aug 2004
Making the Most of your Forum Visits (feature)
If you haven't yet visited the Novell Support Forum for eDirectory - what are you waiting for? Check it out, as well as some timely tips for getting the most out of your forum participation.

18 Aug 2004
eDirectory Interim Release (feature)
Interim Release (IR) is now available for eDirectory. Check out the fixes and improvements, and find out how to get your own copy installed.

18 Aug 2004
eDirectory in the News: Huntington National Bank, ITL Zug (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how Huntington National Bank and ITL Zug (Swiss regional IT services) have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

18 Aug 2004
Leveraging eDirectory with Apple Workgroup Manager (tip)
Here's a new tip sent in by one of our diligent readers in the education world. Find out how you can use manage Macintosh users with an eDirectory structure and Apple Workgroup Manager.

16 Aug 2004
XLDAP Servlet (tool)
Servlet to access LDAP using SQL query language, with query results returned as XML.

11 Aug 2004
Time-Triggered Actions for eDirectory (tip)
How do you trigger events for future actions in eDirectory and Nsure Identity Manager? A ticking clock may be your answer - get the details here in this informative article written by Novell Technology Solutions Architect Michel Bluteau.

11 Aug 2004
Condrey Consulting Announces Kanaka Plug-in for Mac (feature)
Condrey Consulting, makers of the popular File System Factory software, have announced the upcoming release of the Kanaka plug-in for enhanced NetWare connectivity with Macintosh computers. Get the details in this article ...

11 Aug 2004
eDirectory 8.7.3 Update for Linux and Solaris (tip)
Find out what's new in the latest eDirectory update for Linux and Solaris, including fixes for NDSD, NLDAP, NDSTrace, eMBox, and more.

11 Aug 2004
eDirectory in the News: City of Los Angeles and Collier Schools (feature)
In this installment of eDirectory in the News we focus on how the City of Los Angeles and the Collier County School District (Florida) have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

11 Aug 2004
Keeping the Forest in Synch (tip)
DirXML Password Synchronization for Windows is designed to work smoothly with Active Directory, NT domains, and a single eDirectory tree. But what if your trees have become a forest? Find out here how to expand password synchronization to multiple trees.

4 Aug 2004
Linux Tips for eDirectory - Part 1 (tip)
Here's the first in a series of articles with a focus on smooth integration and use of eDirectory in a Linux (or mixed Linux) environment. Get the cross-platform details here!

4 Aug 2004
The Magic of GSAR (tip)
The GSAR program can be used to automate a lot of different tasks, such as creating LDIF files to automate user account creation. Check out this article by Cool Solutions reader Marcel Tempelman, complete with LDIF and batch file examples.

4 Aug 2004
eDirectory in the News: RadioShack and Santa Clara University (feature)
Here's the latest installment of eDirectory in the News. This week we focus on how Radio Shack and Santa Clara University have benefitted from an eDirectory infrastructure.

4 Aug 2004
Security Update 5 (feature)
Get the latest info on Security Update 5 for eDirectory and iManager, including some important bug fixes to the PKI program.

4 Aug 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - August 4 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of August 4, featuring LDAP, passwords, auditing and more.

27 Jul 2004
Windows Tips for eDirectory - Part 1 (tip)
Here's the first in a series of articles with a focus on smooth integration and use of eDirectory in a Windows (or mixed Windows) environment. As it's been said many times, eDirectory plays on all platforms, and it plays well.

27 Jul 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - July 27 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of July 27, featuring Printing, Network Management, and more.

27 Jul 2004
eDirectory in the News: Assumption University and Becker & Poliakoff (feature)
Here's the second installment of eDirectory in the News. This week we focus on how Assumption University in Thailand and the law firm of Becker & Poliakoff have benefitted from an eDirectory strategy in the workplace.

27 Jul 2004
Registry Keys Used with Secure Workstation (feature)
Here's a rundown on the Windows registry keys and values used for the Secure Workstation NMAS method. For best results, get to know them and set ACLs for them.

21 Jul 2004
eDirectory in the News: Absa and Ameren (feature)
In the next few months, Cool Solutions will be running a number of short success stories - "eDirectory in the News." These examples highlight customers who have directly benefitted from eDirectory. This first story showcases Absa (banking) and Ameren (utilities).

21 Jul 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - July 21 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of July 21, featuring Directories and Files, Security, eGuide, and more.

15 Jul 2004
Novell Client 3.4 for Windows 95/98 (tool)
32-bit Novell Client for NetWare and NDS.

14 Jul 2004
Caltrans Takes the eDirectory Route (feature)
Caltrans Deputy CIO Gilbert Tafoya recently participated in an CIO Profile interview with Novell. The subject: how eDirectory has made a critical difference in their data infrastructure. Get the details here!

14 Jul 2004
Getting SNMP Running on Linux with eDirectory 8.7.3 (tip)
Here's a complete how-to article sent in by one of our readers, on getting SNMP services running on SUSE Linux Professional 9.0 or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8.2.

14 Jul 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - July 14 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of July 14, featuring LDAP, Security, and Console.

14 Jul 2004
Upgrade Tips for eDirectory 8.7.3 (tip)
Here are a few tips that may come in handy when you're ready to make the move to eDirectory 8.7.3.

13 Jul 2004
RLACOPY 1.6 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Copy Application Object) (tool)
Copies a ZEN Application object from a command line.

7 Jul 2004
Scott & White Builds around eDirectory (feature)
Scott & White, one of the largest healthcare group practices in the U.S., is building for success. They recently adopted a solution based on Novell eDirectory and Nsure Identity Manager - check out the details in this success story.

7 Jul 2004
Free Download - Make the Most of Your eDirectory Infrastructure (feature)
When your organization needs to implement a new solution, how do you make sure it integrates with your existing infrastructure, maximizes the benefits of your existing Novell systems, and maintains security for sensitive information for your users? Find answers to these and other questions in this article from a Novell partner, GroupLink, and get your free download.

7 Jul 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - July 7 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of July 7, featuring LDAP, Tree, Volumes, and more.

30 Jun 2004
One-Stop Info Page: eDirectory (feature)
Here's a handy list of links for Novell eDirectory, including: What is eDirectory, Documentation, Technical Support, Training, Developer Resources and more!

30 Jun 2004
Santa Clara University Leverages eDirectory (feature)
Santa Clara University, the oldest university in California, adopted the Novell Nsure solution for smooth and secure identity management, with eDirectory playing a key role. Read the details here.

30 Jun 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - June 30 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of June 16, featuring LDAP, Trustee, Browse, and more.

23 Jun 2004
Single Object Recovery through DeTroubler (feature)
Here's a Partner Spotlight article on the DeTroubler tool. Get an inside look at the technology that DeTroubler uses to intelligently back up and recover user objects, making IT life just that much easier.

23 Jun 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - June 23 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of June 16, featuring LDAP, Trustee, Browse, and more.

22 Jun 2004
PassXchk (tool)
Alerts end-users that their password is about to expire and allows them the option to change their password.

22 Jun 2004
Novell Password Reset (tool)
Reset passwords in a bindery, NDS or mixed environment.

22 Jun 2004
PASSChg 2.7 (tool)
End-user XP/NT/NDS password change and synchronization program for NetWare environments.

17 Jun 2004
RLATRSYN (Rick Laughinghouse Attribute Value Synchronization) (tool)
Synchronizes NDS Object attribute values from a command line.

16 Jun 2004
Creating LDAP Server and Group Objects (feature)
Need to get LDAP initialized on a server? The first step is creating and configuring LDAP server and group objects. Learn the easy how-to steps in this article.

16 Jun 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - June 16 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of June 16, featuring LDAP, Login, ConsoleOne, and more.

16 Jun 2004
Learning About Sub-Reference Replicas (feature)
Sub-reference replicas - what are they, and what do you need to know about them? Get a quick and clear introduction here.

16 Jun 2004
Article Update: Authenticating to Linux (feature)
Here's a reader-supplied update to a Cool Solutions article that was published last year. It has some additional info to make your Linux authentication from eDirectory go smoothly.

9 Jun 2004
Security Update 4 (feature)
Security updates for Novell products don't come out that often, so take note of Security Update 4 and how it can help you avoid OpenSSL security issues and problems.

9 Jun 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - June 9 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of June 9, featuring Oracle, ACL, browsing, and more.

2 Jun 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - June 2 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of Jun 2, featuring trees, reporting, launcher configuration, and stream attribute values.

2 Jun 2004
Troubleshooting Certificate Server Problems (tip)
Here are some handy tips on recognizing and resolving certificate server problems.

2 Jun 2004
Partner Spotlight: Isode Connects eDirectory to X.500 (feature)
Learn how Isode's M-Vault Connector helps eDirectory customers seamlessly connect to and integrate with the X.500 service. The M-Vault Connector leverages LDAP, and it comes with a comprehensive set configuration tools.

2 Jun 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - May 26 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of May 26, featuring schema, LDAP, and more.

26 May 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - May 26 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of May 26, featuring schema, LDAP and more.

26 May 2004
Importing a Schema into a Tree (feature)
At some point you may need to import a schema from one tree into another. Here are the steps and details to do it successfully.

19 May 2004
From the Inside Out: Taking Advantage of the New Universal Password (feature)
In this week's From the Inside Out, Shawn Dickerson, Program Marketing Manager for Novell eDirectory, makes a compellin case for the new Universal Password technology. Read about how it can make a real difference in your password integration and administration!

19 May 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - May 19 (feature)
Here's the highlight of useful eDirectory tools for the week of May 19, featuring login, trustees, consistency checking and more.

19 May 2004
New Interim Release for Novell eDirectory - (feature)
It's here - the latest in eDirectory is interim release Check out what's new and get tips on installation and usage in this version of eDirectory.

17 May 2004
RLVOLCRT v1.1 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Volume Create) (tool)
Creates a volume object in NDS from a command line.

17 May 2004
Printer Properties Pro 6.5 (tool)
Centrally configure and distribute iPrint & NDPS printer properties like: A4 Paper Size, Duplexer, Paper Source, etc.

14 May 2004
Novell Identity Manager driver for Oracle Internet Directory 10g (tool)
Manages Users, Roles and passwords from eDirectory to OID.

14 May 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - May 12 (feature)
Here's the highlight of handy eDirectory tools for the week of May 12, featuring eGuide, directories, and LDAP.

14 May 2004
Creating Debug Files for Novell Account Management 3 (feature)
Here's a better way to troubleshoot in Novell Account Manager 3 - use the Debug function to find what you're looking for.

13 May 2004
Novell LDAP Command JavaBeans Introduction (feature)
Novell LDAP Command Beans are used to develop web-based Directory applications. They are 100% pure Java, with no dependancy on native code. Because of this, they can be used in any J2EE technology such as JSP, Servlets, or Enterprise JavaBeans.

13 May 2004
RLPRINT v1.5 for NDS (tool)
Creates Print Objects in NDS and links them together from a command line.

10 May 2004
ShellOwnedFiles (tool)
End User Management of NetWare Owned Files via Windows Explorer Extension.

6 May 2004
Tool Time for eDirectory - 05-06 (feature)
Here's the highlight of handy eDirectory tools for the week of May 6, featuring security, reports, printing, object management and more.

6 May 2004
Two DLU Tips (tip)
Our readers contribute two handy DLU tips, complete with sample code. Read about using DLU to access Microsoft domain servers via DLU and to easily add workstations to domains.

6 May 2004
Reading the Network Address from LDAP (tip)
Puzzled about that cryptic network address value that LDAP returns? Here are some deciphering tips that should take the mystery out of it.

4 May 2004
NDPS Printer Installer (tool)
Lets you assign printers based on computer rather than user.

28 Apr 2004
eDirectory Tool Time (feature)
Here's a list of Cool Solutions tools for eDirectory, all published within the last year or so. Enjoy - and stay tuned for weekly highlights on popular tools.

28 Apr 2004
Troubleshooting iManager 2.02 (tip)
Recently we ran an article on troubleshooting tips for iManager 1.1 and 1.5. Now here are some handy tips for iManager 2.02 running on NetWare 6.5, including use of server certificates, LDAP over SSL, Tomcat, and Apache.

28 Apr 2004
From the Inside Out: Deploying eDirectory with an LDAP Proxy (feature)
Novell eDirectory and Identity Manager are powerful tools, but your applications might not be using them to the fullest. That's where Directory Federator Express, a middleware solution from OctetString, fills the gap. It provides an LDAP proxy that can boost availability, reliability, and security of your directory services infrastructure.

20 Apr 2004
SPX Deploys Novell Identity Services on Linux (feature)
Let's say you're a Fortune 500 company running on nine different platforms, needing a Linux solution. How do you store and manage user identity information? If you're SPX, a leading provider of tech products and services, you choose Novell eDirectory and Nsure - part of a Novell Identity Services Solution.

12 Apr 2004
eDirectory Interim Release for NetWare, Windows NT, and UNIX (feature)
Get the scoop on the latest interim version of eDirectory, including details for NetWare, Windows NT, and UNIX (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX platforms).

12 Apr 2004
eDirectory on Windows 2003 Servers (feature)
With Windows 2003 servers in the mix, when do you need eDirectory, and when do you need Novell Identity Manager 2 or Novell Account? And to get eDirectory and Active Directory to peacefully co-exist, there's training to think about. Get the info here and plan ahead!

7 Apr 2004
Hartford Hospital Leverages eDirectory (feature)
Data -- everyone wants it, but it's still hard to get to. Hartford Hospital, the largest medical center in Connecticut, took a major step towards accessible data with Web services integration based on Novell eDirectory and Nsure. Now their data access is the picture of health.

7 Apr 2004
Developing to eDirectory (feature)
The Novell web site for developers has some great ideas and tools for building solutions that rely on eDirectory. You can also download a copy of eDirectory for evaluation and testing. See the possibilities today!

7 Apr 2004
Troubleshooting iManager (tip)
If iManager isn't working for you, don't despair. Check out these tips and tricks for getting up and running with iManager - you'll be glad you did.

6 Apr 2004
EZPage: Simple Paging Software (tool)
Use the GroupWise 5.5 or GroupWise 6 address book for sending pages.

31 Mar 2004
Egemin Finds a Scalable Solution (feature)
Egemin, an international provider of advanced automation tools, needed a corporate portal to give employees acces to data anytime, anywhere. Of course, Novell Nsure and eDirectory played starring roles in the solution - read about it here.

31 Mar 2004
From the Inside Out: What's Next for Novell eDirectory - Part 1 (feature)
One of the most exciting developments on the horizon for eDirectory is the new "multi-instance" capability. Yes, you will be able to host more than one eDirectory service on a single server. And that means a lot of intriguing possibilities become reality ... read this new "From the Inside Out" column here!

31 Mar 2004
eDirectory Leads the Way (feature)
The META Group(tm) has given Novell eDirectory its top rating for LDAP Directory solutions. Read a summary of the report here, and link to it as well for all the good news.

31 Mar 2004
Time for a Checkup? (feature)
Like a trip to the doctor or dentist, doing a periodic health checkup on your servers can be good preventive medicine. Read the summary steps and link to the well-known TID to get the whole procedure.

30 Mar 2004
Volume Changer (tool)
Changes the Volumes in the "File Rights" for app objects.

23 Mar 2004
Launcher Configuration Copy 1.02 (tool)
Copy a launcher configuration from one object to another.

17 Mar 2004
eDirectory at the University of Michigan (feature)
Here's an inside look at how the University of Michigan has deployed eDirectory and other Novell products to meet the computing needs of one of the largest universities in the United States.

17 Mar 2004
From the Inside Out: BrainShare Lab Sneak Peek (feature)
Here's an inside look at what will be on display next week at the BrainShare Lab - from the eDirectory vantage point. Get the sneak preview here!

17 Mar 2004
The How-to Guide for OIDs (feature)
OIDs (Organizational IDs) are an essential part of the eDirectory schema. Knowing how to create and register them properly can save you grief and help you keep your tree growing nicely.

17 Mar 2004
Advanced Snap-in for ConsoleOne (trench)
We recently got a terrific addition to the Free Tools collection from Volker Scheuber. This extremely popular tool used to be fee-based, and people have become quite attached to it. You'll see why when you use it, now that he's set it free.

11 Mar 2004
RLATRCLR (Rick Laughinghouse Attribute Value Clear) (tool)
Clears NDS Object attribute values from a command line.

10 Mar 2004
Cramming Made Easy - Study eDirectory for the CNA (feature)
Here's a good warmup for your CNA study. This article gets you into the flow of learning eDirectory, with helpful graphics, tips, and lab exercises. How much easier could it be?

10 Mar 2004
Using LDIF to Import Users into NDS (tip)
How do you get users into an NDS you've created from scratch? LDIF can do it - with a little help. Here's how one user solved the problem.

4 Mar 2004
Avoid the Blue Screen When Closing ConsoleOne 1.3.6 (tip)
Getting the Blue Screen of Death when you close ConsoleOne? Jacques Burger has the workaround.

3 Mar 2004
RLDMCRT v1.5 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Directory Map Create) (tool)
Creates a directory map object in NDS from a command line.

3 Mar 2004
NDS Login Script Editor 1.2 (tool)
Either search or search & replace login scripts for users, organization containers, org units, templates, and profiles in NDS.

3 Mar 2004
RLGRPCRT 1.2 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Group Create) (tool)
Creates a group object in NDS from a command line.

3 Mar 2004
RLOUCRT 1.1 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse OU Create) (tool)
Creates an Organizational Unit object in NDS from a command line.

3 Mar 2004
RLACLSHW 1.1 (Rick Laughinghouse Trustee List Show) (tool)
Shows an NDS object's trustees and the trustees' rights from a command line.

2 Mar 2004
From the Inside Out: Novell eDirectory Goes Kerberos (feature)
There are dozens of ways to authenticate to a network, depending on the security model an organization chooses to employ. One method that's been getting a lot of attention lately is the Kerberos protocol, and it will soon be leveraged by Novell products.

2 Mar 2004
Update NDPS Printers after Tree Merge (tip)
Ever do a tree merge only to find that your NDPS printers won't print? Bummer. David Ralph explains how you can update NDPS printers after a tree merge if they are not printing.

2 Mar 2004
DLU and Pass-through Authentication (trench)
A reader is looking for a way to allow pass-through authentication of eDir users to Windows 2000 servers. Here are some suggestions.

2 Mar 2004
RLATRSET (Rick Laughinghouse Attribute Value Set) (tool)
Set NDS Object attribute values from a command line.

1 Mar 2004
RLDELOBJ 1.1 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Delete Object) (tool)
Deletes an NDS object from a command line.

1 Mar 2004
RLRENOBJ 1.1 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Rename Object) (tool)
Renames an object in NDS from a command line.

1 Mar 2004
RLACLSET (Rick Laughinghouse Set Trustee Assignments) (tool)
Makes ACL trustee assignments to NDS objects from a command line.

1 Mar 2004
Stream File Utility RLSTRSHW 1.1 for NDS (tool)
Shows an NDS object's stream attribute value from a command line.

1 Mar 2004
Stream File Utility RLSTRSRC 1.2 for NDS (tool)
Searches and replaces a NDS object's stream attribute value from a command line.

1 Mar 2004
RLUSESET 1.5 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Set User Object Attributes) (tool)
Set user object attributes from a command line.

28 Feb 2004
Portlock Scorpion (Version 1.02) (tool)
Convert NetWare Traditional volumes to NSS volumes and NSS volumes to Traditional volumes.

26 Feb 2004
Changing the Certificate Authority (feature)
Here's what you do if you need to delete and re-create the Organizational CA.

26 Feb 2004
Count all the LDAP Errors in the Log File (tip)
Have you seen this nifty new free tool from Novell's own Jim Schnitter? LDAP Error Count will count all the LDAP error codes in a dstrace or iMonitor log file. You can use this tool to quickly determine the result of every LDAP operation.

26 Feb 2004
Tracing LDAP Activity to a Screen or Log File (feature)
It is possible to view and capture all LDAP activity on an NDS/LDAP server. However, methods vary depending on NDS and LDAP version. Here's the scoop.

19 Feb 2004
TOOLBOX.NLM 2.17 for NetWare 4 - 6 (tool)
NetWare server tools that can be used at the server console or executed from NCF files.

18 Feb 2004
Configuring LDAPS connection for iManager on Sun Solaris or Linux (feature)
Here are the steps you'll need to follow to enable LDAPS communication to the LDAP server.

18 Feb 2004
From the Inside Out: Never Upgrade your Directory Again (feature)
By combining eDirectory with Ximian Red Carpet Enterprise on your Linux servers, you soon will be able to completely automate the upgrade and patching of eDirectory and iManager. Here's a sneak peek.

18 Feb 2004
MSSQL Advanced Driver for Native Security (tool)
An enhanced version of the JDBC 1.6.2 driver for MSSQL.

10 Feb 2004
Getting ConsoleOne to run on Linux (tip)
Sylvain Lavoie found that ConsoleOne 1.3.6 doesn't run on Fedora Core 1 (Linux) after installing with Novell's supplied JRE. Here's the workaround.

10 Feb 2004
From the Inside Out: Securing Digital Assets with the Technology You Already Have (feature)
Making sure that confidential data remains private, as well as accurate and secure, can be an expensive and time-consuming mission. For companies using Novell eDirectory, this challenge is addressed in a product component that is crucial but often unheralded ... until now. Novell Certificate Server is an established technology used by thousands of customers worldwide, and which is gearing up for some significant enhancements in the months ahead.

10 Feb 2004
Authenticating to eDirectory via LDAP using an X.509 User Certificate (trench)
Luke Tracy needed to use OpenLDAP client tools on a Linux box to perform changes to eDirectory users via LDAP and did not want to pass a user name and password each time. Here's his beautifully detailed solution. Thanks, Luke!

4 Feb 2004
Oracle Advanced Driver (tool)
An extension of the EMP/Eventlog example provided with the JDBC 1.6 Driver for Oracle.

4 Feb 2004
DirXML 2 Driver (tool)
Detect groups without members or users without group memberships.

4 Feb 2004
DirXML 2 Driver for ACF2 6.5 sp01 (tool)
Deliver a bi-directional driver for ACF2, including the password.

3 Feb 2004
From the Inside Out: Comprehensive Backup and Restore for Novell eDirectory (feature)
In this week's column, Rob Sabey, Partner Manager for the Novell eDirectory Product Line explains how DeTroubler, from the Blackbird Group can provide a comprehensive backup and restore process for Novell eDirectory.

2 Feb 2004
From the Inside Out: Novell eDirectory and the World of Linux-based Services (feature)
Ted Haeger offers an insider's view about how you can expect Novell's drive to embrace Linux to affect Novell eDirectory and vice versa.

2 Feb 2004
Novell iManager Migration Wizard (tip)
Heads Up! Here is a zip file containing the Novell iManager Migration Wizard, which simplifies the process of upgrading a Novell iManager deployment.

2 Feb 2004
Solaris 8 LDAP Authentication via eDirectory: Configuration Notes (trench)
These instructions will allow you to authenticate Solaris 8 hosts to use LDAP authentication from eDirectory 8.7.x. Linux clients can authenticate using these instructions except using their pre-built rpm with the Padl Ltd LDAP libraries and the same ldap.conf as outlined in this article.

29 Jan 2004
SetACL - Windows Permission Management (tool)
Set permissions on virtually anything.

27 Jan 2004
From the Inside Out: Choosing a High-End Directory Service (feature)
Shawn Dickerson offers 5 criteria by which to evaluate a high-end directory service when you are embarking on a large-scale deployment.

23 Jan 2004
.NET Universal LDAP Connector (ULC) (tool)
An object to communicate with LDAP servers.

20 Jan 2004
Novell Recognized as Market Leader by META Group (feature)
Heads Up: Novell has been ranked as the market leader in META Group's recently released METAspectrum for LDAP Directories, specifically recognized for its superior delivery of features and functionality, customer service and an established presence in the market for both Internet- and enterprise-facing directory needs.

20 Jan 2004
Set the Duration of Group Membership for a User using Oracle Agent (trench)
Here's a nice new addition to the Free Tools. The goal behind this driver is to provide a way to assign a period of validity for a Group Membership for a given user, something that is not supported out of the box by eDirectory.

20 Jan 2004
How to Automate eDirectory logging on Solaris with Retention (trench)
eDirectory comes with ndstrace which is useful to diagnose problems, but unfortunately, it overwrites its logfile, so it's not very useful for auditing ldap authentications, queries, etc. Patrick Dooley lays out a cool solution to that problem.

14 Jan 2004
Using .NET C# LDAP Library (feature)
.NET C# LDAP library provides easy access to any LDAP compliant directory from managed code. The library enables the developers to write LDAP enabled applications that access, manage, and update information stored in Novell eDirectory or other LDAP-aware directories. We assume that the user of the library is familiar with general understanding of LDAP before using the class provided in the library. This document provides an overview of the .NET C# LDAP library and programming code examples.

13 Jan 2004
Controlling Administrator Security using Rights (trench)
With a NetWare installation, no one system is responsible for security. But arguably the two most important security safeguards are Novell Directory Services (NDS) and file system security. Amarjit Singh shares a nice explanation of how to control the rights of your administrators so no one can run roughshod over your tree (except you).

13 Jan 2004
Novell eDirectory Adds Support for Windows 2003 (tip)
Heads Up: Thought you might like to know that on Jan. 15 Novell will announce the availability of Novell eDirectory 8.7.3, which adds support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003, in addition to previous versions of Windows, Linux, NetWare and a variety of UNIX operating systems.

13 Jan 2004
Getting to NetWare Volumes from Linux (tip)
Mark Batchelor shares his favorite method of accessing NetWare volumes from Linux.

7 Jan 2004
Oracle Agent (tool)
Activation/expiration time for a Group Membership in eDirectory, using an Oracle table.

7 Jan 2004
Adding a User Home Directory with iManager 1.5 (tip)
Having trouble creating a user home directory attribute with iManager 1.5 using the Modify User Task? Don't go there. You just can't do it. Here's why, and the right way to do it.

7 Jan 2004
Making HP Jetdirects Work After eDirectory Upgrade (tip)
Todd Carter found that HP Jetdirects were not attaching to the server after eDirectory 8.7.1 was installed and sp1 was applied. Here's how he solved the problem.

7 Jan 2004
Installing iFolder and Netstorage in a Separate Tree from eDirectory (LDAP) (tip)
Many people want to run iFolder and NetStorage on a server in the DMZ that resides in a unique tree from the production (private) tree. This is essentially used as an extra layer of security, since it provides an environment where the web services are in an isolated environment (DMZ) from the production tree without needing to open port 80 to the outside in the production environment. Here are some points to consider when setting this up.

29 Dec 2003
Implementing OCSP with NMAS (feature)
There are two ways of implementing the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP), which is an alternative to Certificate Revocation List (CRL) checking as a means of validating a certificate. The current version of NMAS (2.2) allows for only one of them. Here are the details.

29 Dec 2003
eDir Authentication Server Modules 2.3 (NMAS) (tip)
Heads Up: there's a new maintenance release for NMAS server that ships with eDirectory. This patch is for NMAS 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2. eDirectory 8.6.1, 8.6.2, 8.7, or 8.7.1.x and NICI 2.4.0 or later must be installed before applying this patch.

23 Dec 2003
Restoring NDS from Tape Backup: Proceed with Extreme Caution (tip)
(Updated with reader suggestions.) If you're thinking about restoring NDS from a tape backup, you need to read this next sentence very carefully. The NDS database *should not* be restored from tape except in cases of extreme disaster, and the entire old NDS tree should be eradicated before doing so. Here's why.

18 Dec 2003
Set Default Password Stylesheet (tool)
This stylesheet assigns a default password during user creation, and the "User must change Password at next logon" is left unchecked.

16 Dec 2003
How to test LDAP over SSL (tip)
Here's a nice little block of instruction to print out and add to your Binder.

8 Dec 2003
Using LDIF to Modify eDirectory Schema (feature)
Did you realize that you can perform any schema operation using LDIF scripts? Very useful for things like the dreaded -644 error (schema is in use). Here's the scoop.

8 Dec 2003
Troubleshooting Roaming Profiles on Microsoft Windows NT/2000 (feature)
Microsoft Windows NT allows users to customize their desktop and to have that custom configuration follow them throughout the network. This is referred to as a roaming profile. Here's some info about known issues, troubleshooting, and configuring roaming profiles using the Novell clients.

4 Dec 2003
Rights to change the DS and Domain Password (tip)
Here's a nice little tidbit to tuck into your Binder. These are the property rights to another user that you'll need in order to change the domain password.

4 Dec 2003
Running iManager in Standalone Mode without Apache Server (tip)
If Apache HTTP Server-Tomcat integration fails, here's how to run iManager (Non-SDK Version) in standalone mode without integrating to Apache HTTP Server.

25 Nov 2003
Disabling NMAS Authentication during the Client Installation (feature)
When the Novell Client 4.90 for Windows NT/2000/XP is installed, the NMAS Components are installed as well, including NMAS Authentication. If you want to disable NMAS Authentication during the client install, you have three different options. Here's the scoop.

18 Nov 2003
NDS ActiveX controls for Web-based authentication (trench)
Check out this freebie (GPL Licensing) from Martin Zinaich. It will help you develop Web pages based on a user's NDS information. Bet you can think of lots of ways to use this...

17 Nov 2003
NDSAX (tool)
NDS ActiveX controls for Web-based authentication.

11 Nov 2003
AppNote: Directory Primer - eDirectory 8.7 Features (appnote)
Here's a nice explanation of some new features in eDirectory 8.7 and Directory administration through iManager.

11 Nov 2003
AppNote: eDirectory Administration on Windows (appnote)
Jeff Fischer explains how to administer eDirectory running on a Windows Server and use the common NetWare tools on Windows 2000. True to the fine tradition of AppNotes, this is packed with screen shots and the kind of detail that makes it eminently print-worthy. Thanks, Jeff!

11 Nov 2003
Novell Wins the NWC Inc. Editor's Choice Award for Best Identity-Management Suite (trench)
Security Pipeline announced Novell won the Editor's Choice award in a head-to-head review at the NWC Inc. business applications lab, in Green Bay, Wis. "The robustness and flexibility in its supported target systems, password and account management make this suite, which comprises DirXML, eDirectory, Novell Audit and iChain, a perfect fit with the many custom applications NWC Inc. deploys."

6 Nov 2003
Novell eDirectory on Linux: Lab Guide (feature)
Here's an excellent new lab guide that will walk you through the setup of Novell eDirectory 8.7.1 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8.2. This will get you up and running in a quick hurry with a test lab deployment of Novell eDirectory on the Linux operating system.

6 Nov 2003
ENGL Zcnc Lite 1.3 (tool)
Change the computer name on Windows workstations.

5 Nov 2003
Installing Novell eDirectory on Linux (feature)
Many of you have asked for information about how to install eDirectory on Linux. Here's the info. And if you have anything to add, let us know.

5 Nov 2003
How to Configure Linux to Authenticate to eDirectory via LDAP (feature)
Here are the steps necessary to configure system authentication of a Linux host to Novell eDirectory over LDAP.

5 Nov 2003
GUI tools for Linux - dTk (ndsrepair), nTk (ndsconfig) (tip)
Check this out. These two useful eDirectory tools, formerly known as NDSREPAIR and NDSCONFIG are now available in the Novell Forge.

5 Nov 2003
Novell Ships eDirectory on HP-UX (tip)
Heads up: As of tomorrow (Nov. 6), Novell will release eDirectory on another platform, HP-UX. Thought you'd like to be the first to know.

5 Nov 2003
Login Problem on RedHat Linux (tip)
If you're having problems logging in to the tree on RedHat, here's a workaround from Martin Wong.

4 Nov 2003
Novell Announces Agreement to Acquire SUSE Linux (feature)
Heads Up: It's time to take a serious look at Linux. Novell is acquiring SUSE Linux, and will thus become the world's largest supplier of desktop-to-server Linux solutions and technical support. Read on for the details, then take a short survey and let us know your take on it.

4 Nov 2003
LRights (tool)
Assign trustee rights to files or directories.

28 Oct 2003
Tree Design for Universities (trench)
This is one university's proposed tree design, and comments about it. If you have any helpful comments to add, or if you have other suggestions for tree design that works particularly well in a university campus setting, please chime in. Freshly updated with new ideas.

28 Oct 2003
Hooking a Web Service into iManager (feature)
Want to use iManager to manage a product that does not yet have a task plug-in? If the product already has a web interface, then you are in luck. You can create a custom task to automatically login to the product, and you can control access to the task through iManager's Role-Based Services (RBS) just like any other task. Here's how.

28 Oct 2003
Using the RBS Configuration Wizard to Implement Role-Based Services (feature)
Delegating simple administrative tasks like resetting passwords or adding network printers, allows the IT staff to focus on strategic projects that more directly affect an organization's bottom line. This article discusses how to quickly implement Role-Based Services using the RBS Configuration Wizard.

28 Oct 2003
Finding proof of eDirectory Sabotage (trench)
Come see these suggestions submitted in response to an Open Call. Someone suspected a co-worker of eDirectory sabotage, and wanted ways to prove it. One hates to think of civilized people stooping so low, but if they do, here's how you catch 'em.

28 Oct 2003
SNMP support in eDirectory 8.7 for Solaris and Linux  - Frequently Asked Questions (feature)
Looking for info about ithe new SNMP support in eDirectory 8.7? Here's a great place to start. Come learn about installation, configuration, management of eDirectory using SNMP management applications, the eDirectory Management Information Base, traps, and more.

16 Oct 2003
Report: Date-Range 1.5 (tool)
Identifies users whose password expires within a specified date-range, optionally advances it, and e-mails a formatted report to your inbox.

15 Oct 2003
Synchronizing Enhanced Password and NDS password (feature)
Enhanced Passwords allow the administrator to force user passwords to conform to a pre-defined policy specifying minimum and maximum length, number of letters and numeric and special characters, excluded passwords, etc. Come find out how to synchronize your Enhanced Passwords with your NDS passwords.

8 Oct 2003
Chisholm Institute - NDS Design (trench)
A complete re-think of the Chisholm Institute tree design.

7 Oct 2003
Planning Security for Delegated Administration (tip)
Don't miss this white paper, which will help you understand the important security considerations when using iManager for delegated administration.

7 Oct 2003
eDirectory 8.7 gets WebSphere Certified (tip)
Heads Up: Novell eDirectory 8.7 is now certified for use with IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.0.2.

2 Oct 2003
ConsoleOne Update Utility (tool)
Keep ConsoleOne updated effortlessly.

30 Sep 2003
What's Causing Slow Performance? (feature)
Slowdowns can be really annoying, especially when the root cause is not obvious. eDirectory has many background processes that kick in during lean times (i.e. no searches or updates). Subbu K.K. shares his personal troubleshooting methods for getting to the bottom of abnormally slow performance.

30 Sep 2003
Understanding Effective Directory Services Rights (feature)
Come explore the intricacies of DS rights, which are devilishly hard to understand. They can come from many independent (yet cumulative) sources, and if you don't apply the rules correctly, it's hard to know where you went wrong. Get the skinny on the rules of implied rights, inheritance with filters, and security equivalence, and much more.

30 Sep 2003
Turning on Debug Screens during eDirectory 8.7 Webapps Installations (tip)
Did you know that debug screens can be launched during the eDirectory webapps installation to gather additional information to diagnose install problems? You launch them a little differently depending on the platform. Here's how.

24 Sep 2003
Allow Admins to log on to W2K Desktop with Admin Rights (trench)
David Kretschmer, and Ben Commins wanted to have their support and admin staff be able to log onto a W2K desktop with full local administrator rights. All other users needed to have a restricted desktop environment. And they needed to be able to manage these permission groups via ConsoleOne. Here's how they did it.

24 Sep 2003
Create and Mass-delete Home Directories with HOMES 2.15 (trench)
Heads Up: Here's a cool free tool that's worth a look. This is a utility for creation and deletion of home directories. You can use the program to create new home directories, or use the program for re-creation of the HOME DIRECTORY attribute in eDirectory after a migration and so on. The program can also mass remove home directories.

24 Sep 2003
Taking Things Out of Context: Using LDAP Contextless Login in Your Network (feature)
The LDAP Contextless Login feature introduced with the Novell Client for Windows NT/2000/XP version 4.9 makes it easier for users to log in to the network because they no longer have to remember their context or tree name. This excellent AppNote explains how to configure it in your system.

24 Sep 2003
How to Verify Default Rights in NDS (feature)
When a new object is created, the Default ACL Assignments for its class are read and applied to the object. Only a handful of classes have these assignments. The only way to determine what the Default ACL Assignments for any class would be is to check it in the schema. Here is how you do it.

16 Sep 2003
A Better Way to Search Extra Large Trees (tip)
Kudos to Darren Reevell tor submitting this tip and explaining how to use DSBROWSE to take the pain out of searching super-sized trees.

16 Sep 2003
Native File Access for UNIX (NAFU) (trench)
Rudi Synoradzki shares this tip that illustrates what to do if you're installing Native File Access for UNIX (NAFU) and you're having problems creating the NFAUUser.

16 Sep 2003
Streamlining an Installation with the Clone DIB Set Option (tip)
Here's a tip from Shivageetha Choodi that could save you *days* when adding a new server to an existing tree.

14 Sep 2003
NDS Editor 3.05 (tool)
NDS management NLM.

9 Sep 2003
Using LDAP Contextless Login in Your Network (feature)
This new feature of the Novell Client for Windows NT/2000/XP v4.9 allows users to log in to the network without having to enter any eDirectory tree or context information. The wait is over (finally). Get the details here.

9 Sep 2003
eDirectory Performance Tuning Guide for Linux and UNIX Installations (feature)
You'll want to fire up the printer for this keeper! Make directory scream on Linux or UNIX systems with the help of this 16-page tuning guide. It's the compilation of tips and techniques from the brightest directory / *nix heads around.

9 Sep 2003
Understanding How LDAP Works with eDirectory (feature)
Everything you need to know about teaming up eDirectory with LDAP is in this 12-page document from the bright minds in Novell's documentation department. Get the most from these two cutting-edge technologies by teaming them up today.

5 Sep 2003
User and Group Inconsistency Check (trench)
Here's a nice tool from Rob Bastiaansen to help you keep control of your groups. This program checks groups and users for any inconsistencies. Rob has just added the much requested feature to export the results to a file, so this should help you manage things a little better.

4 Sep 2003
User and Group Inconsistency Check (tool)
This program checks groups and users for any inconsistencies.

4 Sep 2003
RLAPPSHW 1.2 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Application Object Show) (tool)
Shows application object attribute values from a command line.

3 Sep 2003
Stanford University Secure Identity Management White Paper (feature)
Did you know that many companies take longer than two days -- and many longer than two weeks -- to revoke the network access of terminated employees? Learn more in this informative Stanford University White Paper.

3 Sep 2003
Catalog Services and Contextless Logins (tip)
From the forums ... Read about how this company is using Catalog Services to enable contextless logins and how to deal with potential performance issues.

3 Sep 2003
Renaming a Directory-Enabled UNIX Server (tip)
If you're faced with renaming one of your UNIX servers (or if you plan to in the future) here are a few guidelines to help you keep your directory healthy during the transition.

3 Sep 2003
Improving Login Performance Over Citrix (trench)
Here's a way to speed things up if you have users logging into your Novell network over Citrix.

2 Sep 2003
Dumping Your Directory DB Info for Novell to Debug (tip)
If you ever need to get Novell's help debugging, you will need to create a Directory Information Base (DIB) set using DSRepair and send it to Novell. Here's how you do it.

26 Aug 2003
Installing eDirectory on Windows and Linux (feature)
Here's one for the three-ring binder! Jeff Fischer of Novell AppNotes fame walks us step-by-step where many of us have dared not go -- installing eDirectory on Windows and Linux. Thanks Jeff, for bringing the flashlight.

26 Aug 2003
iManager Training Exercises Part 3 (feature)
Here is Part 3 of Kevin Fenn's famous lab exercises. Learn about group management, LDAP management, help desk management and more. This series is a great way to get to know iManager 1.5.

26 Aug 2003
To Index or Not to Index? (trench)
That's the question. What's the answer? Here's some sage advice from a forum poster regarding when and when not to use indexes with eDirectory.

26 Aug 2003
Adding a Windows 2000 Server to Your Tree (trench)
Another nugget of upgrade advice culled from the wise ones that offer such insight from within the support forums. If you deal with multiple platforms in your eDirectory trees, you're not alone. Maybe this tidbit can enlighten and inspire.

26 Aug 2003
DS Report 1.2 (tool)
Search eDirectory and export results.

25 Aug 2003
NMAS.NLM Addressing 649 Errors (tip)
Here's a recently-released file that is advertised to stop those pesky -649 errors in their tracks -- get more here.

25 Aug 2003
Get Help Moving from BMAS to NMAS (tip)
Heads Up: ActivCard has announced ActivPack 2.0 for Novell eDirectory, which includes their full-featured method for NMAS and a BMAS-to-NMAS migration tool.

20 Aug 2003
LDAP Group Consistency Checker (tool)
Check consistency between persons and groups via LDAP (NDS).

20 Aug 2003
eDirectory Shipping with Additional Linux Support (feature)
8.7.1 is shipping and the box is getting heavier! This version of the world-class directory service comes with support for the most current Red Hat and SUSE Linux distributions. AND advanced security features that enable smart card, token and biometric authentication. Get the scoop here.

20 Aug 2003
New Developer Features in Novell eDirectory 8.7.1 (feature)
Here's a look at the newly-released eDirectory from a developer's point of view -- courtesy of our friends in the AppNotes mill.

20 Aug 2003
How Did You Survive the Blackout? (feature)
Where were you when the lights went out in North America? A couple of our users wrote in with very cool stories about how their Novell products -- including eDirectory -- rose to the occasion. If you have a similar story, send it in!

14 Aug 2003
Leveraging eDirectory to Manage Apache Servers (feature)
If you've ever set up an Apache server then you know just how daunting the http.conf file can be. This should help: NetWare 6.5 includes a new utility that leverages eDirectory and a user-friendly web interface to help you manage your Apache configuration(s). It can't get much better than that, now can it?

14 Aug 2003
Of eGuide and Employee Photos (trench)
Here's a solution or two we picked up in the forums regarding eGuide and it's ability to sport those good looking employee photos we're all so proud pack.

14 Aug 2003
Third-Party Web Administration Solution for eDirectory (feature)
Here's a new Web-based management solution, created by the engineering team at Omni Technology Solutions, that you just might want to add to your lineup. Check it out.

11 Aug 2003
UIHandler for eGuide 2.1 (tool)
XSL Stylesheet to display eGuide addresses as graphics to discourage address harvesting.

7 Aug 2003
Roadmap for Secure Identity Management Success Available for Download (feature)
If you're looking for a good solid reference to use in your quest for identity management nirvana, you've come to the right place. Novell has just released a 50-page guide to all things security -- best of all -- it's free!

6 Aug 2003
Update: Liberty Alliance, SAML and Novell (feature)
Novell Connection author Jeffrey Harris dives head first into the security issues we all face in our day-to-day dealings with the Web. Jeffrey outlines Novell's answers to those issues and how the Liberty Alliance and SAML fit in.

6 Aug 2003
ScheMax 1.11; an Oldie But a Goodie (tip)
The requests just keep coming in for this eDirectory helper. Come see what all the fuss is about.

6 Aug 2003
Understanding the "Directory Tree Mode" Parameter (tip)
Siddharth Jagtiani gives us some insight about (and logic behind) the "Directory Tree Mode" parameter and its associated warning messages.

29 Jul 2003
Keeping Logins Painless for Roaming Users (trench)
In this day and age, more and more of us are dealing with mobile workforces. Here's an excellent tip (complete with accompanying code snippet) that illustrates how Cool contributor Florian Deckert deals with a roaming workforce.

29 Jul 2003
Using LDIF to Add Unix Users (tip)
Here's some more information to help you better integrate your Unix workstations with eDirectory. This tip deals with using LDIF to grease the skids of user profile imports.

29 Jul 2003
Cool Tool: NDS Editor 3.05 (tip)
Here's a slick (and free) tool from our friends at ANCHORA Ltd. that lets you browse (trees), list (objects) , modify (passwords), remove (users) and more!. Take a look.

21 Jul 2003
Managing Large-Scale Directories in a Tiered Structure (feature)
Brand new article from our friends in the AppNotes department -- this one delves into the art of organizing and managing complex directories. Check it out.

21 Jul 2003
Stylesheet Controls How AD Changes Affect eDirectory (trench)
Here are some handy XSL stylesheets written by Denmark reader Kelvin Dam. Kelvin wrote these gems to control how changes made on the AD side of his network impact his eDirectory tree. Thanks man!

21 Jul 2003
Configuring Linux and Squid for LDAP authentication to eDirectory (trench)
Here's another useful piece for those of you integrating Linux into your eDirectory environments. This one comes to us from the Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia

21 Jul 2003
A Novel Approach to eGuide Authentication (trench)
Here's a clever approach to an authentication problem. Pete Willis explains (with code samples!) how his organization lets users browse their directory via eGuide but requires authentication to make changes to the content.

21 Jul 2003
AD Filter Stylesheets (tool)
Filters unwanted deletions and/or edits from AD or another directory into NDS.

17 Jul 2003
Creating a Batch File to Remove Home Directories (trench)
Excellent tip from Alan Coutts in the UK. He's devised a way to delete his graduated 6th grader's home directories with a batch file. His tools of choice include the ODBC driver for eDirectory and Excel.

17 Jul 2003
Loading XNTPD Instead of Timesync During Server Startup (tip)
Here's a cool tip from Siddharth Jagtiani that describes how to modify the NetWare 6.5 load sequence to take advantage of XNTPD -- the implementation of Network Time Protocol Version 3 (NTPv3).

17 Jul 2003
Who Created What and When? (tip)
If you're wanting to know a little more about who added those aliases to your tree, here's a valuable piece of intel.

15 Jul 2003
eGuide Driver (tool)
Allows eGuide users to download contacts into their personal address book.

8 Jul 2003
PasswordSync 1.0 Troubleshooting Guide (feature)
If you ever run into problems with PasswordSync, it's time for a little guided meditation. Work your way down this handy list of troubleshooting questions, and sooner or later you'll say "Doh!"

8 Jul 2003
Authenticating Linux Machines to eDirectory via LDAP (feature)
Here's a step-by-step doc, pulled together by one of our faithful readers, that shows pretty much exactly how to use LDAP to take care of authenticating to eDirectory from a Linux machine. Updated with a Q&A by one of the authors.

8 Jul 2003
eDirectory 8.6.2 SP4 for NetWare and NT (tip)
Heads Up: Have you seen this new patch? This patch contains Novell eDirectory 8.6.2 Support Pack 4 for NetWare and NT platforms. It should only be applied to servers currently running Novell eDirectory 8.6.2.

3 Jul 2003
iManager Training Exercises Part 2 (feature)
Here is Part 2 of Kevin Fenn's famous lab exercises. Come learn how to create a custom Role, a custom Task and a custom Property Book and assign it to user ediradmin. If you're looking for a nice way to get to know iManager 1.5, this is it.

3 Jul 2003
New Helpdesk Product Leverages eDirectory (feature)
Here's a clever product developed by the great minds at GroupLink. It takes advantage of the inherent power of eDirectory to manage Helpdesk workflow. Check it out!

24 Jun 2003
eDirectory to be Part of Novell Linux Services (feature)
Novell announced today that eDirectory will be part of the Early Adopter Suite for Novell Linux Services. Read more here.

24 Jun 2003
Moving Servers Within the Tree (tip)
Here's some advice we snagged from the forums. When is it safe to move servers within a tree. Get the answer here.

24 Jun 2003
Monitoring Synchronization with NTPQ (trench)
Here's a tip from Siddharth Jagtiani to help you monitor your synchronization processes with the Network Time Protocol Query tool.

24 Jun 2003
New eDirectory LogicSource (feature)
For some "geek-to-geek" technical information about the latest changes to eDirectory, check out the updated eDirectory LogicSource! It's included on-line and on CD as part of the July Novell Professional Resource Suite.

24 Jun 2003
Creating Custom Tasks (tip)
Custom tasks can be very cool -- when used responsibly. Here's a tip that illustrates how you can use these hidden gems to empower your help desk staffers.

24 Jun 2003
Tree Script (tool)
Setting the preferred tree programmatically.

18 Jun 2003
SecretStore 3.2: A Technical Overview (feature)
Novell's SecretStore technology uses eDirectory to securely store a user's login credentials. Single sign-on applications work with eDirectory to use these credentials on behalf of the authenticated user. Read how it all comes together here.

18 Jun 2003
More Info About Upgrading to eDirectory 8.7 (feature)
Looking for an up-to-date tip sheet to follow while upgrading to eDirectory 8.7? Here's a current piece compiled by the AppNotes and Technical Services teams.

18 Jun 2003
iManager Training Exercises Part 1 (feature)
Here are some lab exercises Kevin put together for some training here at Novell. It basically walks through several things you can do with iManager 1.5, and although it's not comprehensive, it's useful for giving you a good sense of the capabilities of iManager 1.5. Kevin is a Novell support engineer, and a fine human being.

18 Jun 2003
Troubleshooting NTP Time Synchronization (trench)
Here's a tip from Siddharth Jagtiani about how he solved problems with time synchronization using Network Time Protocol.

18 Jun 2003
Using DirXperts to achieve LDAP-based Contextless Login (trench)
Marcel Cox shares some hidden capabilities of this popular free tool. Using REGMON and Ethereal, he was able to figure out the hidden options of LGNCXW32.DLL, and shares what he found in this cool article.

12 Jun 2003
TransUnion Raves About Their Successful Nsure Implementation (feature)
Read how TransUnion, a global information solutions company with 3,000 associates supporting clients in 24 countries, benefited from Novell's Nsure suite.

12 Jun 2003
Managing Compression to Streamline eDirectory Installs (tip)
Here's a gem we found in the forums that can be a real time saver. If you're doing eDirectory installs or upgrades, do yourself a favor and check this tip out.

12 Jun 2003
Port Selection on Linux Installs (tip)
Here's some advice (that should keep you out of trouble) about selecting ports for iMonitor to use on your Linux system.

12 Jun 2003
eDirectory on Linux Installation Tips (tip)
Sometimes the simplest tips are those you treasure. Here are a few pointers if you're trying to install eDirectory on Linux -- but struggling.

5 Jun 2003
Setting Up Accounting Functionality for Chargebacks (feature)
Here's a quick primer to get you started with the accounting functionality that allows you to limit a user's access or charge them according to their use of any of the following: Blocks Read, Blocks Written, Connect Time, Disk Storage, or Service Requests.

5 Jun 2003
eDirectory Released for All Platforms (feature)
Novell Technical Services has announced the release of the eDirectory patch. Read the list of improvements here.

5 Jun 2003
A Quick Way to Revive a Dead Server (trench)
Reader David Gersic fills in some holes left by a few missing TIDs in this tip about recovering a "dead" server that's been running eDirectory 8.7 or earlier.

5 Jun 2003
Helping Novell Clients Find Services on Linux and Solaris (tip)
If you're running eDirectory on Linux or Solaris, here's some background info that should be help your clients find the services they need.

28 May 2003
iManager 1.5: Assigning Roles and Tasks (feature)
Jeff Fischer digs deeper into the functionality of iManager in this month's AppNotes article that focuses on tasks, roles, and Role Based Services (RBS) objects.

28 May 2003
Zauto script (tool)
Automatically set image-safe data from DNS lookup in the Linux PXE environment.

28 May 2003
Browsing a Tree on the Other Side of a WAN Link (trench)
Cool reader David Gersic always comes up with some golden (and useful) advice. Here's a tip from David that reveals how to overcome a few obstacles to browsing trees on the other side of your WAN link.

28 May 2003
If Your Login Script Stops Logging You In (trench)
Another gem from David Gersic. This time David advises an administrator who's having trouble getting his own login script to do its job.

28 May 2003
Dislodging a Server That's Stuck in a "New" State (feature)
Here's a tip from a user who ran into a problem adding a replica to a new server when all things came to a screeching halt. Read how he got things back up to speed.

27 May 2003
Palm Beach County Case Study (feature)
If you've ever thought about using one of the NetPro products for eDirectory (DS Expert, DS Analyzer), here's an informative case study. The study focuses on how the IS team at Palm Beach County's Board of County Commissioners use the NetPro products to keep their eDirectory system well-oiled.

22 May 2003
Using Perl, Python, or PHP to Access eDirectory via LDAP (feature)
We've fielded a lot of requests for this information. Drew University's Mike Richichi steps us through what it takes to access eDirectory 8.7 using the open source scripting languages Perl, Python, or PHP.

22 May 2003
Reviewing Your eDirectory Tree Design (feature)
If your organization has been making changes (and who's hasn't?) chances are your directory could use some remodeling too. Here are some useful tips pulled together by Linda Kennard.

22 May 2003
Setting Rights in eGuide (trench)
Here's a tip from Iskandar Razali about how he sets up rights in eGuide for maximum flexibility.

19 May 2003
Username DupSearch (tool)
Find duplicate user names in tree.

19 May 2003
ACL Reset (tool)
Perl program to recreate all the default ACL's for users.

14 May 2003
Optimizing eDirectory Performance (feature)
Linda Kennard dug up some solid info about tuning the cache settings in your eDirectory to get optimum performance. Tune up today; speed on tomorrow.

14 May 2003
Liberty Identity Provider for Novell eDirectory (feature)
An early-access release of the Liberty identity provider for eDirectory is now available as a free download on The Liberty technology gives users single sign-on abilities with internal, external and partner web sites via open standards.

14 May 2003
Password Changing and PAM_LDAP (Linux) (trench)
Updated: Here's a tip from Casper Peterson that'll give your users rights to change their own passwords before they can say "LDAP" three times fast.

8 May 2003
AppNote Tool: Building a Secured Corporate Web Application Infrastructure (tool)
Tutorial: An introduction of developing a secure web application environment based on user's identity.

5 May 2003
Nsure UDDI Server Released as Open Source (feature)
The goal: a world without information boundaries. The first step: The open-source UDDI 2.0 registry built on Directory Services technology. Check it out here.

5 May 2003
Tips for Installing eDirectory on Linux (feature)
Linda Kennard compiled this list of Linux "gotchas" and their solutions for those of us more comfortable with the DOS prompt than the command line.

5 May 2003
Adding Drivers to the NDPS Broker (trench)
Steve Daniels has come up with a painless process to install print drivers to his NDPS broker. Read his step-by-step here.

5 May 2003
Running RConj.exe From Your Local Drive (trench)
Updated with key reader comments: David Gersic likes to run rconj.exe from his local drive. When he couldn't get the latest release to run locally he set out to find out why and how. Here's his hand-crafted list of what you need to run the latest release locally.

2 May 2003
EmAdmin 1 (tool)
Emergency Admin.

2 May 2003
Global GroupWise Distribution List Synchronization (tool)
Creates and Synchronizes Global GroupWise Distribution Lists.

30 Apr 2003
Using the StuffKey Utility to Help with Backups (trench)
Here's some supplemental documentation written by William Liporace that shows how to use the StuffKey Utility to automatically shut down processes (like antivirus) before you backup systems like eDirectory.

29 Apr 2003
Backup eMTool and Roll-Forward Logging (feature)
Linda Kennard shows us how to flip just the right switches to get the most out of eMTool -- the eDirectory backup utility. A must read!

29 Apr 2003
iManager Users: Here's a Fix for Sun's JVM 1.3 (trench)
We can always count on David Gersic to supply us with the greatest tips on the planet. Here's one that fixes a problem with iManager that's caused by Sun's JVM 1.3.

29 Apr 2003
Using DSBrowse to Find Obituaries Quickly (tip)
Here's a clever technique from Ron Rafajko in support. If you're looking for a quick way to ferret out obituaries, Ron's technique may be just what the doctor ordered.

28 Apr 2003
Configurable PhoneList for NetWare (tool)
PHP Solution that displays a phone list from NDS users.

23 Apr 2003
Basic LDAP Login (tool)
How to Authenticate users with Novell UserName and Password with LDAP through PHP.

21 Apr 2003
Using PHP and LDAP to Query eDirectory (trench)
Here's a useful sample of PHP code that can be used to access data stored in eDirectory and display it in an HTML table. (Imagine the possibilities!)

21 Apr 2003
eDirectory Released for All Platforms (tip)
Novell Technical Services has announced the release of the eDirectory patch. Read the list of improvements here.

16 Apr 2003
Basic LDAP Example (tool)
Basic LDAP example with PHP.

16 Apr 2003
TRESTORE.BAT from NW411 for NW6 (tool)
Converts paths in TRESTORE.BAT from "old" syntax (numbering only, starts with 0) to "new" syntax (using "tilde" and numbering starts with 1).

10 Apr 2003
Monitoring Change Cache During Batch Update on a Replica Server (feature)
The change cache buffers all updates applied to a server that are yet to be synchronized to all its peer servers in a tree. Tracking this buffer size is a tedious procedure, but it is important to gage the load (and vulnerability) of a server in a tree.

8 Apr 2003
New Training: eDirectory Tools and Diagnostics (feature)
Just formally announced, this new training offering for eDirectory focuses on "preventing, troubleshooting, and solving common problems related to eDirectory 8.7." Get the details here.

8 Apr 2003
FIXLOC Utility Replacement (tip)
If you're looking for a replacement to the FIXLOC utility, you came to the right place.

31 Mar 2003
DSML v2 for eDirectory Now in the Novell Developer Kit (feature)
If you're an application developer familiar with using XML and SOAP, DSML v2 makes it easy to work with eDirectory using the tools you know. Learn more here.

31 Mar 2003
More eDirectory 8.x Upgrade Tips (feature)
Here's a pile of new tips -- straight from Niclas Ekstedt in the support forums -- for those of you looking for help with your eDirectory 8.x upgrade.

31 Mar 2003
Troubleshooting Slow Object Creation (trench)
Here's some good advice we plucked from the forums. It includes a troubleshooting checklist to go over when creating user objects is making you late for dinner.

31 Mar 2003
Changing User Associations (trench)
If you're trying to manage associations in a mixed eDirectory / Active Directory environment, here are a couple of tips to consider when modifying those associations.

31 Mar 2003
Searching Extra Large Trees (trench)
Reader Darren Reevell has a better way (maybe the only way) to search through extra-large directory trees. Weigh in here.

24 Mar 2003
Granting Self-Administration Rights to eGuide Users (trench)
Hamish Speirs answered this question about granting eGuide users self-administration rights (so they can take care of their own address changes).

24 Mar 2003
Advice From the Trenches About Resolving -128 Errors (trench)
Here's a tip from a reader in the trenches -- Mike Taylor -- regarding success he's had ridding his directory of -128, LOCK FAIL errors.

17 Mar 2003
In the News: Digital Identity's Hidden Maestro (tip)
Check out this case study we found in It features how a Florida technology CTO is saving $500,000 a year using Novell technologies.

17 Mar 2003
30-Second eGuide Demo (feature)
Here's a quick and to-the-point demo that hits all of eGuide's high points. If you want to know -- in a minute or less -- what eGuide can do for you and your career, check it out now.

10 Mar 2003
Building the Business Case for Secure Identity Management (feature)
If you're working on a proposal to beef up your company's identity management technologies, here are some proof points about eDirectory and the Nsure solution from Novell Connection Magazine.

10 Mar 2003
Setting up an Organizational Role to Administer Group Membership (trench)
David Gersic offers some advice on the complex and oft-misunderstood topic of Role-Based Administration.

10 Mar 2003
Solving Full Unattended DSRepair Aborts (tip)
If you've experienced errors while running full unattended DSRepairs, here's a new Technical Information Document that just might help.

6 Mar 2003
NDS Partition Check 1.20b (tool)
Analyze Partitions and Replica Rings for Corruption.

5 Mar 2003
SMTP Display Name Utility (tool)
Construct SMTP Display on GWIA from eDirectory Attributes.

3 Mar 2003
Understanding and Using Persistent Search (feature)
If you're into cutting-edge technologies, here's one that promises to speed processes that rely on LDAP searches by moving the real work from the client to the server. Read more here.

26 Feb 2003
eDirectory Rights Assignment Recommendations: Part 2 (feature)
Novell AppNotes' Jeff Fischer does a great job outlining smart, logical ways to assign rights to your users. Here's a second part in this informative series.

26 Feb 2003
eDirectory and Auxiliary Classes (trench)
Here are a few tips from forum poster Niclas Ekstedt about eDirectory's new Auxiliary Classes and how to manage them in a mixed NetWare environment.

26 Feb 2003
Novell Announces DSML Support; Makes DSML Code, Tools, Available for Free (feature)
eDirectory now supports the Directory Services Markup Language (DSML v2) standard. To encourage eDirectory and Web Services development, Novell is giving away their DSML code and a pile of their development tools.

26 Feb 2003
Limit Connections, Improve Performance (trench)
Here's a handful of tips from reader Brian B. that explain the measures he takes to keep directory response time at its best.

19 Feb 2003
Implementing LDAP Referrals in eDirectory 8.7 (feature)
eDirectory 8.7 has a cool new feature that allows you to leverage LDAP to get multiple directory services (Novell or otherwise) on speaking terms. Reverend Ted tells all.

19 Feb 2003
Setting Up an Unattended/Remote Install of iManager 1.5 (tip)
If you've been looking for a way to install iManager remotely or in any situation where user intervention would be a problem or impossible, here's the secret code -- from the team in Novell Technical Services.

19 Feb 2003
Using eDirectory to Manage Access to Postfix (trench)
Here's how reader Tony Casciato has simplified his life by using eDirectory and OpenLDAP to manage access to his open source mail gateway, Postfix. Nice job Tony!

19 Feb 2003
Security and eDirectory Replication (feature)
Interested in how your directory data is protected during the replication process? Here's the word from eDirectory engineering.

10 Feb 2003
Fix for Queue-Based Printing Problems (tip)
If your print queues just haven't been the same since you made the jump to eDirectory 8.7, here's some advice that should pep them back up.

10 Feb 2003
Making Password Changes Easier for Mac Users (trench)
Matthew Gerrod tells how he won the admiration of his Mac users by making their networked lives a little easier. Toss that gentleman a T-shirt!

10 Feb 2003
Novell's Gillette Tactic? (feature)
Dave Kearns writes in his Network World Newsletter that Novell's tactic of giving away eDirectory in order to sell more directory-enabled applications may just be working.

3 Feb 2003
Timestamping Obits for Easy Cleanup (feature)
Here's a way to take advantage of DSRepair's new timestamp switch to restamp and clean up old obituaries.

3 Feb 2003
Using LDAP to Populate Home Address (feature)
Use these tips to populate Home Address fields in eDirectory via LDAP.

3 Feb 2003
Postal Addresses and LDAP (tip)
It's LDAP trivia time! Did you know that information like city, state, and zip are all stored in a single LDAP string? Here's the explanation.

3 Feb 2003
Index of LDAP Names (feature)
Here's an valuable reference to those of you doing LDAP/eDirectory work. This index lists the entire collection LDAP names and how, when, and where they relate to eDirectory.

3 Feb 2003
Using UID instead of CN with eDirectory (tip)
If you're integrating eDirectory with a Sun system, here's a tip (about cn's and uid's) that could make the going a little easier.

27 Jan 2003
Display Name Utility Updated (trench)
Here's a tool that draws from information stored in eDirectory to create email return addresses that mean something -- like whether the addressee is an employee or a contractor. Pretty slick. Check it out here.

27 Jan 2003
Updated User Import Tool Now Available (trench)
Francis Little has just released an update to "User Importer" the incredibly useful tool that imports users, in bulk, from a comma-separated file into eDirectory. Get your copy here.

27 Jan 2003
eDirectory 8.7 Webinar Archive (feature)
If you missed the Developer Services webinar that focused on what's cool -- to developers -- in eDirectory 8.7, check out the archive or download the presentation here.

27 Jan 2003
Configuring SLP with a Scoped Directory Agent (feature)
If you need information about how to set up SLP with a Scoped Directory Agent, the Novell Research team has put together this nice step-by-step piece. Get to it from here.

21 Jan 2003
iMonitor: eDirectory's Management Utility (feature)
Here's a great overview of eDirectory's new web-based management utility -- iMonitor. Senior Research Engineer Kevin Burnett begins his series on iMonitor with this feature review.

21 Jan 2003
Upgrading to NetWare 6 from NetWare 5.1 Running eDirectory 8.7 (tip)
If you're already running eDirectory 8.7 but have put off upgrading to NetWare 6.0 here's some new technical information to make your upgrade to v6 smooth sailing.

21 Jan 2003
After the Upgrade: Keeping Your Backups Backing Up (trench)
Here's a tip from Alejandro Pulido that you'll probably want to put on your "after the upgrade" checklist.

21 Jan 2003
Managing Trustee Directory Rights From the Command Line (trench)
Here's another tidbit from "T's for Tips" master Michael Gerrard. This one outlines how to add or change trustee directory rights from the comfort of the command line.

15 Jan 2003
Read and modify ACL on NDS objects.

13 Jan 2003
eDirectory Rights Assignment Recommendations (feature)
Here's the perfect guide to help you establish some guidelines with respect how many or how few rights your users should have. AppNotes Research engineer Jeff Fischer details best practices for rights assignments and provides justification for his recommendations.

13 Jan 2003
Troubleshooting Password Synchronization (feature)
Novell Consultant Raymon Epping discovered that one of his password synchronization implementations wasn't working because of encryption level differences between the workstation and server. Download the info -- and the tools -- he used to ferret out the problem.

13 Jan 2003
Modifying a Schema Object with LDIF (feature)
Here's a tip from Julie Powers to help you get your head around using LDIF to change schema objects.

13 Jan 2003
Adding Trustee Rights From the Command Line (trench)
Michael Gerrard dropped us this tip that describes how he adds trustee rights to a container in the directory straight from the good 'ole DOS prompt.

7 Jan 2003
Troubleshooting the Synchronizing Schema Error in Linux (tip)
Here's some new information from the Technical Services team to help you avoid "Synchronizing Schema" errors when running eDirectory on Linux.

7 Jan 2003
Searching Out the De-provisioned (trench)
Here's a code snippet that may come in handy if you want to search for users who are no longer with your firm but who still have network access. Sounds useful to us ...

6 Jan 2003
Tailoring eGuide for a Custom Fit (trench)
Here are a couple of tips from users in the trenches to help you modify the look of your eGuide pages to fit the special needs or your organization.

30 Dec 2002
eDirectory Success Stories aPlenty (feature)
A lot of heavy hitters use eDirectory to run their companies every day. Here's a sampling of who's who on the list and the full details behind each.

30 Dec 2002
Connecting Managers to their Reports with LDIF (tip)
If you're trying to generate org charts in eGuide with data from eDirectory, here's some info to keep you from turning the organization upside down.

30 Dec 2002
Querying Creation and Modification Timestamps Through LDAP (tip)
Here's a code snippet for your library. Plug this in and query, using LDAP, for objects based on the creation or modification timestamp.

23 Dec 2002
More on Cloning Trees for Testing (tip)
Peter Strifas provides some excellent details to supplement last week's article on "Cloning Trees for Lab Tests". Dive in to learn more.

23 Dec 2002
Solutions for INHIBIT_MOVE Obituaries (tip)
Here's a featured technical information document that can help you out of a bind if you're running eDirectory 8.6.2 and are experiencing errors related to INHIBIT_MOVE and obituaries.

23 Dec 2002
Counting Replica Objects (tip)
Here's one way to count the objects in various replicas. If you have another way, chime in!

23 Dec 2002
Using the DC Naming Convention for Containers (tip)
Here's a way to take advantage of applications that use the DC naming convention in eDirectory while, at the same time, supporting applications that don't understand the new convention yet.

18 Dec 2002
eDirectory Promotion Brings in Staggering Results (feature)
Novell's aggressive "Is Your Directory Leaving People in the Dark?" promotion is reaping phenomenal rewards. Read this independent article.

18 Dec 2002
Cool Tool: LDAP Benchmark Tester (tip)
Richard Stubbs came up with this nifty tool designed to help you optimize your Filtered Replicas and Indexes by allowing you to benchmark your LDAP queries and servers.

18 Dec 2002
Backing up eDirectory on Linux (tip)
We gleaned a few new ways to backup eDirectory on Linux from one of the forums -- from users like you. Check out the mind meld.

18 Dec 2002
Cloning Trees for Lab Tests (tip)
Here's a thread from the forums that talks to the joys and the perils of cloning a tree for testing. Rule number one, NEVER let your production tree touch your test tree.

16 Dec 2002
LDAP Benchmark Tester (tool)
Test the speed of your LDAP searches with this simple, multithreaded tester program.

13 Dec 2002
Using the eDirectory Management Toolbox (feature)
Cool Solutions Exclusive: Advisory Board Member Jim Henderson reveals some undocumented features of 8.7 that can make your eDirectory administration tasks a breeze.

12 Dec 2002
iMonitor Configuration for eDirectory 8.7 on UNIX (tip)
Here's a tip from the team in technical services to help the UNIX admins figure out why iMonitor isn't working on their brand-new 8.7 installation. (We've thrown in a fix for good measure).

12 Dec 2002
Benchmarks: Why Do We Need Them? (feature)
In today's technology marketplace, do benchmarks mean as much as they did a decade ago? Should purchase decisions be based on them? Kevin Burnett investigates.

10 Dec 2002
Keep Users and Groups Synchronized with this Driver (tip)
If you use DirXML and LDAP to keep things in your directory current and up-to-date, here's a driver that will tie up a few loose ends inherently left by the update process.

9 Dec 2002
PortsLock (tool)
A firewall with user-level access controls for Windows NT/2000/XP.

6 Dec 2002
Get eDirectory and the DirXML Driver for LDAP Free (feature)
Free always catches our eye. Here's an offer that should make any directory enthusiast's day -- and it's just in time for the holidays!

6 Dec 2002
Importing Schema Extensions (feature)
Here's a tip from Israel Forst to take the chill out of using ICE to import eDirectory schema extensions.

6 Dec 2002
Installing eDirectory on Windows 2000 Server (tip)
Here's a proven tip from the technical support team that is helping a lot of users with problems installing eDirectory on Windows 2000 server. Check it out ...

6 Dec 2002
Tracking the Creation of User Objects (tip)
Here's a tip to help you generate a list of users that were created in the last month, or quarter, or year or ...

5 Dec 2002
Deleting Duplicate Objects from a Remote Replica (tip)
Here's a tip we picked up in the forums about deleting a pesky duplicate object that's making itself comfortable in a remote replica. Can you say obituary?

25 Nov 2002
Account Manager (tool)
Enable or disable NDS accounts, NetMail (NIMS) accounts, and Internet access; as well as administer passwords.

24 Nov 2002
NDS2Word 1.1 (tool)
Place full name and generational qualifier in registry for Word and Excel.

22 Nov 2002
Why Upgrade to 8.7? How About [This]? (feature)
Here's a cool feature of eDirectory 8.7 that seems to be a pretty well-kept secret. Among other things, it has to do with allowing authenticated users to modify their own information in eDirectory.

22 Nov 2002
UIMPORT: An Oldie But a Goodie (feature)
Tom Gibson and a couple of co-workers create 1,500 user accounts at the beginning of each school year -- in a couple of hours. Needless to say, they've gotten it down to a science. Learn their secret in this how-to from Tom.

22 Nov 2002
Tree-to-Tree SLP (tip)
If you want to know more about Service Location Protocol (but don't really want to ask), here's commentary from the all-knowing Dear Abend.

22 Nov 2002
Epochs and Schema Extension Errors (tip)
Dear Abend advises us all on the finer points of schema extension and the instance in time known to eDirectory administrators as the schema epoch.

21 Nov 2002
Group Membership Updater (tool)
DirXML driver that keeps User and Group pointers synchronized after LDAP updates.

14 Nov 2002
More on What's New in eDirectory 8.7 (feature)
Last week we had the "short list" of what's new in eDirectory 8.7. This week, thanks to the product documentation team, we have something to chew on. Here's a comprehensive list complete with hyperlinks to detailed descriptions.

14 Nov 2002
Adding Custom Tabs to eGuide (tip)
If you've ever thought, "Gee it would be nice if I could add my own tabs to eGuide", stop thinking. Will Peterson reveals a secret in the eGuide code that will open the world of custom tabs to you and your trusted associates.

14 Nov 2002
Creating a ConsoleOne Attribute Map (tip)
Here's a clever way that Novell Consultant Israel Forst uses to generate a guide to how fields in ConsoleOne (like Department) map to attributes in eDirectory (like OU).

14 Nov 2002
Understanding eDirectory Synchronization and Background Processes (feature)
eDirectory is the premiere directory service because it's secure, scalable, cross-platform, and a lot more. In this AppNotes article, Kevin Burnett covers those features that fall into the "a lot more" bucket.

7 Nov 2002
eDirectory 8.7 Ships With a Laundry List of New Features (feature)
We've pulled all the info (pricing, requirements, features) on this new release into one place. It's short. It's sweet. And it's pretty darn informative.

7 Nov 2002
Provisioning Access to Network Assets (feature)
Want to know more about "Nsure"? Novell Connection's Linda Kennard puts all the pieces together in this article about the newly-released "Nsure Resources".

7 Nov 2002
eDirectory Performance Tuning for Unix Platforms (tip)
Here's a White Paper chock full of ways to streamline the way your eDirectory on UNIX runs. Read it. Apply it. Watch your system scream.

7 Nov 2002
Change Password Utility (tool)
Users can change Windows domain password and Admin can change password from ASP.

1 Nov 2002
Clean out the Dead Users (tool)
Clean out all the dead users from your tree regularly, and it could help reduce security issues.

31 Oct 2002
Novell Import Conversion Export Utility Examples (feature)
Novell Import Conversion Export Utility (a.k.a. ICE) is a cool utility if you're moving eDirectory content from one place to another. We snagged these super examples from somewhere in the docs. Take a look.

31 Oct 2002
Constructing a Member Query for a Dynamic Group (tip)
Here's a tip we plucked from the forums about Dynamic Groups and just how to go about building member queries. Check it out.

31 Oct 2002
Using "dots" in Usernames (tip)
If the dot-com era is impacting your naming conventions, here's some information about using those all too pervasive "dots" in your user naming scheme.

31 Oct 2002
Understanding SLP Discrepancies (tip)
Dear Ab-end advises an administrator who's bothered by inconsistencies in the reporting of Service Location Protocol (SLP) services.

29 Oct 2002
AdRem sfConsole 5 (tool)
Secure and fast access to remote and local console plus role-based management of console access rights (server screens and console commands).

28 Oct 2002
LDAP Bind Sample Code (tool)
Sample ASP code for an LDAP bind over SSL using the NWIDirQuery control.

25 Oct 2002
Install NDSAUTO (tool)
Install the NDSAuto Cool Tool to multiple servers.

22 Oct 2002
Directory Primer -- eDirectory Naming Conventions (tip)
What's in a Name? Senior Research Engineer Kevin Burnett digs into the conventions used to name objects in eDirectory. Learn exactly what is meant by Fully Qualified Distinguished Name ... if you dare.

22 Oct 2002
Creating a UNIX Configuration File for Troubleshooting (tip)
Here's a utility and a technique from the technical services team to help you troubleshoot your eDirectory implementation on UNIX. Basically, the utility pulls all kinds of configuration info together into one log file. Could be helpful for you or the support person you happen to have on the line.

22 Oct 2002
Storing Student IDs in eDirectory (tip)
The ability to store information like a student or employee ID in your directory service is a necessity in many industries. Here's a note from Dear Ab-end of Novell AppNotes fame, that can get you started on a solution.

15 Oct 2002
Cool Ways to Leverage the DirXperts Tool (tip)
Dale Alford puts the DirXperts tool to work in a number of ways -- to promote his company's code of conduct, to provide contextless logins, and to beef up their password security scheme. Read the details here.

15 Oct 2002
Tuning Your Directory to Harmonize with JRButils (tip)
James Brennan has figured out a way to maximize the performance of JRButils as it imports a new studentbody for him each semester.

15 Oct 2002
Using NAL Toolkit to Ease Upgrades (tip)
Glenn Barvang shows us yet another use for one of our coolest tools, the NAL toolkit. He uses the toolkit to inventory his apps before an upgrade just in case ...

15 Oct 2002
Redirecting the X Windows GUI on an eDirectory Install (feature)
If you're installing eDirectory on NetWare and X Windows is part of the mix. Here are a few pointers from members of the support team.

15 Oct 2002
Enabling SSL on Microsoft's IIS with Novell's Certificate Authority (feature)
Great step-by-step document for those of you trying to Novell's Certificate Authority to shore up the security on your Microsoft IIS Web server. (Comes in handy if you're running technologies like iFolder on IIS).

18 Sep 2002
Cleaning Your Directory of Elusive Obits (trench)
If you can't figure out why your obits don't purge when you run DSRepair, David Gersic has an answer -- and a fix. Read what he does to keep his DS clear of these sometimes-sticky obits.

18 Sep 2002
Protecting the All-Important Home Directory Reference (trench)
Here's a tip that'll keep you from having to re-key your users' home directory locations in the event that those critical references get mucked up by the inadvertent removal of the volume object. Check it out.

18 Sep 2002
Using SSL for LDAP Connections on eGuide (feature)
If you're in a situation where your data would benefit from the added protection of Secure Socket Layers (SSL) in your eGuide installation, Nathan Jensen has "been there, done that". Walk in his footsteps here.

18 Sep 2002
ContactWise 6.1 Secures Customer and Sales Data with eDirectory (feature)
Check out the new ContactWise from the GroupLink team. This maximum-strength contact manager keeps information safe, secure, and easy to manage with a little help from eDirectory.

11 Sep 2002
Using eDirectory to Put the Avocent DSR2161 KVM Switch to Work (feature)
If you access your servers from a single KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switch, here's a tip, written by Chris Drab and Randy Benischke, that shows you how to use the Avocent DSR2161 switch on a NetWare 6 network -- thanks to a little eDirectory magic.

11 Sep 2002
Optimizing Import Performance (trench)
Working in a University setting, James Brennan has gotten really good at importing new users into his directory. Here's a tip he picked up to speed up this sometimes arduous task.

11 Sep 2002
Directory Primer: NDS Error Types (feature)
Senior Research Engineer, Kevin Burnett, takes on a tour of what exactly those error codes mean that eDirectory sometimes spews our way.

11 Sep 2002
NetVision Updates Monitoring Tools (feature)
Novell Sysop and Network World columnist, Dave Kearns, takes a look at a couple of updated offerings from NetVision -- ServerAlert and Directory Alert.

10 Sep 2002
Change Tree 1 (tool)
Change the current tree and display all authenticated trees.

10 Sep 2002
CRON.NLM Server Utility 1.7 (tool)
Schedules commands to be executed on a NetWare server at specified dates and times.

10 Sep 2002
DS Rights 1 (tool)
Troubleshoot problems with Directory Services rights.

10 Sep 2002
DSBrowse for NetWare 5.x (tool)
Gives a detailed view of objects in the Directory Services database.

10 Sep 2002
TBACKUP Utility (tool)
Back up and restore trustees and Inherited Rights Filters (IRFs).

10 Sep 2002
Trustee Copy (tool)
Copy trustee assignments from one directory structure to another.

10 Sep 2002
ToolBox Utility including COPY.NLM (tool)
TOOLBOX.NLM version 1.09d (NetWare v3.12 and NetWare v4.x).

10 Sep 2002
NetWare Config Reader 2.67 (tool)
Analyze the config.txt file produced by CONFIG.NLM.

10 Sep 2002
DLL Loader for NetWare 4.11 (tool)
Allows the NetWare 4.11 kernel to accept registration of loader extension modules.

4 Sep 2002
eProvisioning Implementation Guide (feature)
If you're looking for ways to streamline your provisioning process or if you're just looking for new ways to leverage your directory services investment, here's a guide that'll get the creative juices flowing. Includes a number of ways to team eDirectory with Novell and third-party products to create a enterprise-class eProvisioning system.

4 Sep 2002
Novell eDirectory; Embed it in Your Solution (feature)
Here's a new White Paper released by the Developer Services Group that reveals the added functionality an application can have when it comes with an embedded version of eDirectory. It's cool stuff. Check it out.

4 Sep 2002
Allowing Users to Administer Their Passwords -- Or Not (tip)
Here's a tip from the forums that shows how to regulate which tree(s) users can be allowed to change their passwords in. Get the details here.

4 Sep 2002
DSRepair -XK3: How, When, and Why (feature)
If you thought XK3 was a character in a Austin Powers flick, think again. It's actually part of the DSRepair utility. Here's some info from the AppNotes team that tells how, when, and why to put XK3 to work.

4 Sep 2002
eDirectory Versions; What's the Diff? (feature)
If you've wondered what the difference is between NDS 8.x and eDirectory 8.x, you're not alone. Here's a short and to-the-point guide that sets the record straight.

3 Sep 2002
NDS Maintenance Automation (tool)
Stuffkey commands for automating NDS maintenance tasks.

29 Aug 2002
eDirectory Database and Troubleshooting Files (feature)
If you've ever wondered what things like eDirectory's roll back log, roll forward log, DSRepair log, or DSTrace log do (above and beyond take up server space). Get the details on these logs and more right here.

29 Aug 2002
Identity Provisioning for Employees; On-Site Visit Opportunity (feature)
Novell is looking for a few good companies where they can send their best engineers to install the next generation of software that allows identify provisioning for employees. This new software, code named Mercury, is a cross-platform solution designed to keep identity information in your HR system, your Messaging System, and your Network Directory synchronized and up-to-date.

29 Aug 2002
New Utilities for Your Toolbelt (trench)
Here are a couple of new and nifty tools that landed in our pile 'o cool tools this week. Designed with the directory administrator in mind.

27 Aug 2002
Installing ConsoleOne Where it Can Do the Most Good (trench)
Andrew shares some ConsoleOne insight that could help when you're installing the K Patch.

26 Aug 2002
TrendNDS (tool)
NetWare Remote Manager plugin to track and trend eDirectory statistics.

22 Aug 2002
Changing Up Your Directory Info (trench)
Here are some techniques we picked up in the support forums to do some searching and replacing on your directory info. Buyer beware, these techniques should always be tested in a lab before unleashing them on your production tree.

22 Aug 2002
Hot Summary Statistics (feature)
When Laura Chappell says a product is hot, we listen. Read how Laura uses the Summary Statistics window in Wild Packets' EtherPeek analyzer.

22 Aug 2002
More on Installing ConsoleOne (trench)
Peter Riesett chimes in to tell us how they've installed ConsoleOne at The Community College of Baltimore County. Thanks Peter!

22 Aug 2002
eDirectory 8.6.2 Support Pack (tip)
If you're running the new 8.6.2 version of eDirectory, there's a Support Pack you should check in to -- if you haven't beat us to it. Get the details here.

22 Aug 2002
Install Script Trivia: eDirectory on Linux (tip)
Here's some bits of info (and a tip or two) about what goes on under the hood of the eDirectory on Linux install script.

22 Aug 2002
Help Viewing Help (tip)
Heads Up: the documentation department told us that some people are getting an error when they go to view the online Help in Novell products. Let us know if this has happened to you, and get the fix here.

13 Aug 2002
Novell's New Security Alerts Policy (feature)
In light of increased customer interest in Internet-related security and the migration of Novell's products to the Internet Protocol, Novell is taking steps to better inform our customers and partners about security alerts.

12 Aug 2002
Just Released: Novell NetWare Server Consolidation Utility (feature)
How would you like to move volumes and directories from one NetWare server to another, with their eDirectory rights intact? Here's a very cool utility, just released by Novell, that allows you do to just that. Check it out!

7 Aug 2002
Choosing a Directory Matters (feature)
If you think choosing a directory service can wait until after the *real* choices about hardware and software are made, think again. Novell Connection's Cheryl Walton explores why the directory service decision should get top billing. Read more here.

7 Aug 2002
Using NetPro at Shands HealthCare (trench)
Here's a success story from our good friends at NetPro. This piece describes how the Shands Healthcare system in central Florida uses NetPro's DS Analyzer and DS Expert to monitor the health of their various eDirectory installations.

2 Aug 2002
Automatic Workstation Registration (trench)
Xavier Zinn needed a way to register/re-register workstations in the proper context, and to let the user know that the workstation is registered and how to contact the help desk if necessary. Here's Xavier's solution: all done through the login script and using no third-party applications or custom in-house apps. Awesome!

1 Aug 2002
Performing Health Checks on Account Management 2.1 (feature)
Patrice Clement works with some of Novell's largest accounts as a dedicated technical support resource. He's put some of his best gray matter to paper in this AppNotes article that covers how to keep your Account Management implementation healthy, wealthy and ... well, healthy anyway.

1 Aug 2002
Running eDirectory From Your Laptop (tip)
Here's a tip to help you get eDirectory working on your laptop in case you need to pack a directory home with you -- like this developer -- to put in some quality time with your code.

1 Aug 2002
Understanding eDirectory Process Requests (feature)
Novell AppNotes Senior Research Engineer, Kevin Burnett, digs into the heard of eDirectory to help us understand eDirectory Process Requests.

30 Jul 2002
DirXML Changelog (tool)
Creates a log of changes made in DirXML implementations.

23 Jul 2002
eDirectory 8.7 Backup Management Tool (feature)
eDirectory 8.7 is scheduled to come with a cool new backup tool that makes directory administration a lot easier (and backups a lot faster). Novell Connection takes an in-depth look at the new tool.

23 Jul 2002
Schema Rebuilding Tips (feature)
If messages like "rebuild operational schema" give you the willies, you're not alone. Here's an article from AppNotes to help you take this error message in stride.

23 Jul 2002
Testing LDAP (feature)
Here's a good resource pulled together by the AppNotes team to help you troubleshoot LDAP. It includes tests to help determine if an LDAP-related problem is being caused by eDirectory and the LDAP server or by the client application making LDAP requests.

19 Jul 2002
Manage, Store, and Generate Your Web Site Using ... eDirectory? (trench)
How to have a large web site that is as scalable as you want, managed with very little work.

19 Jul 2002
Querying eDirectory for Fun and Profit (trench)
What if you wanted a list of users currently connected to the network, their full name, login time and workstation name? How about a list of all login-disabled users in the tree with the reasons for being disabled? Greg Pott explains how anything contained in eDirectory can be accessed quickly and easily and for no cost.

19 Jul 2002
LDIF Reference Materials (feature)
LDIF is defined as the LDAP Interchange Format and is often used to migrate directory information from one datastore to another. When a few of our faithful readers asked for LDAP details, we dug out the 3 x 5 cards and hit the library -- sort of.

19 Jul 2002
When All Else Fails, Try the Common Name (trench)
Reader Erich Burnett found out the hard way what credentials are needed for certain installations. Learn from his experience here.

19 Jul 2002
NetWare Care (tool)
Use CRON and STUFFKEY with these simple, basic, timesaving proactive management scripts.

19 Jul 2002
Password Sync Debug Tools (tool)
Tools to help debug password synchronization problems between eDirectory and other data stores.

17 Jul 2002
RemProf (tool)
Remove dead user profiles.

12 Jul 2002
Directory Design for a School Network (trench)
How to develop a tree for growth.

11 Jul 2002
Replicas in eDirectory, a Primer (feature)
If you want to get a better grip on what replicas are and what they do -- but only have 10 minutes -- this is the document for you. Kevin Burnett does a super job covering all the replica basics without diving too deep in the shallow end.

11 Jul 2002
Installing NAM 2.1 for W2K and eDirectory 8.6.2 (tip)
Oscar Caballero's been in the lab again. This time he came out having learned a thing or two about installing Novell Access Manager, eDirectory, and DirXML in a Windows 2000 environment. Learn from his experience here.

11 Jul 2002
In the News: Setting Up New Employees (feature)
Looking to put your eDirectory to work on a few employee provisioning (or de-provisioning) tasks? Here's a good article about that very topic from NetWorkWorldFusion. Go figure.

11 Jul 2002
In the News: Liberty Alliance Adds to Ranks (feature)
Here's the latest on the Liberty Alliance Project -- new members. Novell joined the alliance in February 2000 to help develop and deploy open standards for network identity.

11 Jul 2002
Visio2000: Fix for Drag and Drop Issue in Directory Navigator (tip)
It seems that Visio2000 has a bug that affects the way drag and drop works in the part of the program used to diagram directory structures. Microsoft has a hassle-free fix.... Check that. Microsoft has a fix that will take care of this odd behavior. Get the lowdown here.

10 Jul 2002
Salvage 98 for NetWare (tool)
Search for deleted files by owner, deletor or deletion date, then salvage or purge.

8 Jul 2002
Recovering Crashed Domain Controllers (feature)
Here's some sound advice from senior technical supporter, Patrice Clement, about using eDirectory to recover crashed domains, even if they're housed on NT servers.

8 Jul 2002
Reset NDS Password 1.17 (tool)
Help desk utility to reset or unlock passwords.

28 Jun 2002
eDirectory Data to MS Excel (tool)
Retrieve eDirectory 8.5 objects into Excel.

26 Jun 2002
Transitive Synchronization Revisited (feature)
Kevin Burnett gets the nitty gritty on Transitive Synchronization from the eDirectory Core Development team -- and puts it into English for the rest of us.

26 Jun 2002
More eDirectory 8.x Upgrade Tips (trench)
Here's a list of steps -- straight from Niclas Ekstedt in the support forums -- for those of you facing an eDirectory 8.x upgrade.

26 Jun 2002
NDPS Printer Management Tool (trench)
In the school system where Charles Hucks works, they needed a way to assign printers to computers instead of to users. Through trial and error they created a system, and a configuration wizard, that worked perfectly. Now they're sharing their genius -- and their tool.

26 Jun 2002
Moving the Certificate Authority From One Server to Another (feature)
Here's some good information from the engineering corps regarding moving your server's Certificate Authority (CA) from one server to another. Newer versions of eDirectory and NetWare support this move ... others don't. Find out more.

26 Jun 2002
Using an LDAP Search to Populate Dynamic Groups (tip)
Here's a way to script an LDAP query that finds objects based on an attribute of a related object. In this example, the results of the query are used to populate dynamic groups.

20 Jun 2002
Authenticating to Unix Systems with eDirectory and LDAP (feature)
Stellar AppNote that covers every aspect of setting up eDirectory as a point of authentication into a UNIX system. What more can we say?

20 Jun 2002
eGuide: The Definitive $35 Org Chart App (feature)
eGuide is a browser-based product that displays the contents of your eDirectory in org-chart form. A change to your directory is automatically and immediately reflected in eGuide's org charts. Get more from this description in DeveloperNet Connections.

20 Jun 2002
Layman's Guide to NICI (feature)
Here's a nifty guide we ran across that's written to help unfold the mysteries behind Novell's cryptography infrastructure -- a key technology behind eDirectory.

20 Jun 2002
Access Data Anywhere on Any Tree with NetStorage (feature)
AppNotes writer and systems engineer Bill Calero takes a close look at NetStorage, a slick new chunk of NetWare code that allows you work with files on NetWare servers via the Internet. Bill digs into some of the more advanced tricks you can get NetStorage to do -- if you have the know how. Get all you can carry here.

12 Jun 2002
Technical Considerations for Choosing the Best Directory (feature)
Directory Services Chief Strategist, Justin Taylor, explains what to look for in a great directory in this article from Novell AppNotes.

12 Jun 2002
Dealing with Blank NT Passwords (tip)
The support team has an answer (and a fix) to the question, "When I create a user in NDS (using NDS for NT) the password (on the NT side of the house) is blank. What's up with that?"

12 Jun 2002
NDS for Unix Frequently Asked Questions (feature)
Here's a piece of bedtime reading for your favorite Unix devotee. A pile of UNIX-related NDS questions, all in one place.

11 Jun 2002
Default NDS to LDAP Mapping Info (tool)
Excel Spreadsheet file shows mappings of attributes and classes.

11 Jun 2002
Vitality Gadget (tool)
Read the loginTime attribute using a PortalConnection and present it in a statistical overview.

7 Jun 2002
Deluser for Win NT/2000/XP (tool)
Delete users conditionally as specified by command line arguments.

7 Jun 2002
Quota Report for Win32 (tool)
Generate disk space usage statistics based on directory quotas for user accounts.

6 Jun 2002
Stream File Utilities (trench)
Check out these Stream File Utilities from Rick Laughinghouse. They allow you to display the contents of a stream file, search and replace stream files, and synchronize stream files between objects. Very nifty for managing ZENworks object attributes.

4 Jun 2002
Processing Stuck Obituaries (feature)
Here's some freshly updated info from the technical support team about tackling stuck obituaries with some of the new NetWare and eDirectory versions.

4 Jun 2002
Leading Edge 158: Advanced Audit Services (feature)
If you are inclined to develop new solutions using Novell technologies, here's a download that could bring a tear to your eye. Novell Developer Support has packed up some goodies that can help you use eDirectory to audit various services running on your network.

4 Jun 2002
eDirectory Quarterly Report: Q202 (feature)
eDirectory's popularity continues to rise on a record-setting pace. Here's a document that gives a brief overview of the growth.

3 Jun 2002
Got NT User Manager Problems? Here's a Solution (tip)
Here's some advice from the European Support Center's Patrice Clement for those of you trying to use NT User Manager to create users in eDirectory.

3 Jun 2002
IDACORP Energy Upgrades Their Windows/Sun Network (feature)
When IDACORP Energy started shopping for ways to improve their Windows and Sun Microsystems network, one Novell solution after another was added to their list. Here's a comprehensive report from Novell Connection Magazine.

31 May 2002
More Speeding Tips for NetWare Access From Win2K Desktops (tip)
We've gotten several more tips from readers telling us how they improved their NetWare access from Windows 2000 workstations. Here's the complete list. Send us your tip and we'll add it to the pile.

30 May 2002
eProvisioning Tales and a DirXML ROI Worksheet (feature)
Two treats in one! Check out these eProvisioning tales from Dave Kearns and download an Excel spreadsheet -- designed by Raymon Epping -- that helps you calculate the return on investment that DirXML can generate as part of an eProvisioning system.

30 May 2002
Using DSMaint to Preserve and Protect NDS During a NetWare Reinstall (trench)
Craig Nadler came up with a process to help him hang onto his data and directory settings with one hand while he deleted and reinstalled NetWare with the other. This works swell if you want to change system settings or resize volumes without losing your directory investment.

30 May 2002
Stream File Utility RLSTRSYN for NDS (tool)
Synchronizes a NDS Object's stream attribute value from a command line.

28 May 2002
Portal User Reset (tool)
Reset tool for Portal users.

24 May 2002
Speed up NetWare Access From Win2K Desktops, part 2 (tip)
Thanks to Graham Marsh for pointing us to a page that's chock full of ways to improve the performance of Win2K machines accessing NetWare -- and to one tip in particular.

24 May 2002
Understanding and Troubleshooting Novell's Security Infrastructure (feature)
Marcus Gould pulled together some very useful info in this AppNotes article about Novell's security technologies -- namely PKI and NICI. Check it out to learn more and for some nifty troubleshooting tips.

24 May 2002
Modify Password Stylesheet (tool)
XSLT stylesheet for DirXML 1.1 that modifies passwords in eDirectory.

23 May 2002
DirXML ROI Worksheet (tool)
Excel worksheet to calculate the DirXML impact on a company's E/De-provisioning bottom line.

23 May 2002
Speed up NetWare Access From Win2K Desktops (tip)
This fix is guaranteed to make you the hero; almost every customer (every one we know of, that is) has issues with the speed between their Windows 2000 desktops and NetWare. Get the fix here.

23 May 2002
Windows 2000 Network Delay Fix (tool)
Resolves pause on Windows 2000 when users try to access folders on NetWare network.

22 May 2002
Removing All Replicas From a Server; DSREPAIR -XK2 (feature)
Here's a 5-star TID we ran across and figured our readers would like it as much as its raters have. It *carefully* describes the steps to force all replicas off a server and clean up the replica rings.

21 May 2002
Novell eDirectory Surpasses 420 Million Licenses Worldwide (feature)
We counted eDirectory noses again and came up with some pretty impressive numbers -- especially in the last quarter. Get the weighted average here.

20 May 2002
Getting to Know SecureLogin (feature)
SecureLogin uses eDirectory to track *all* those username and password combinations you use to get into the web sites and web-based applications you and your users are starting to depend on. Keith Lewis digs in and shows us how to set up SecureLogin in our own shop.

20 May 2002
Move Specified Users with this Stylesheet (feature)
Here's a DirXML stylesheet from Gustavo Gallardo that: 1) moves the users you've specified from one tree to another, and 2) based on each user's context, moves them into the correct OU in the target tree.

20 May 2002
Specified Users Stylesheet (tool)
DirXML Stylesheet that targets specified users for synchronization from one tree to the user's OU in another tree.

14 May 2002
SLP Design and Implementation Guidelines (feature)
Service Location Protocol, or SLP, leverages eDirectory to allow dynamic discovery of services locally and scalability in large networks. Read more about how to get the most of SLP's advantages.

14 May 2002
Centennial College Prepares for Growth with eDirectory (trench)
Ontario's Centennial College is implementing a provisioning solution to make network authentication and administration fast, reliable, simple, and secure for 12,000 full-time students and 3,000 employees.

13 May 2002
Synchronization Processes; a Primer (feature)
Kevin Burnett takes a look under the hood of eDirectory's synchronization process and finds a number of related processes that it's good to know about.

10 May 2002
Language Select Gadget (tool)
Let a user update their language setting in eDirectory.

9 May 2002
Biometrics: Helping 85,000 Children Remember Their Passwords (feature)
Forget lunch money, could you imagine helping 85,000 school children keep track of their usernames and passwords? The schools in Stockholm Sweden are implementing solutions that involve fingerprint scanning. Now, that's cool. Linda Kennard gets us the details.

9 May 2002
Securing Your Wireless Network (feature)
If you're convinced that "wireless security" is an oxymoron, here's a tip that just might change your mind. Karl Reischl has added MAC addresses to his directory at Moraine Park Technical College so when a wireless user attempts to access the network, they must have a recognized username, password, *and* computer.

9 May 2002
NDS Automatic Health Check, Repair, and Report (tool)
Perform automated DS health check and DSREPAIR with logging and summary report.

9 May 2002
Trustee Rights Task (tool)
Document Trustee Rights with this task that will then generate another task to recreate/transfer the Trustee Rights.

8 May 2002
eDirectory Performance Tools (feature)
The team at NetPro has been working on directory services tools for some time now. In this piece Juli Kerr, one of NetPro's system engineers, explains how DS Expert and DS Analyzer can be used to keep your directory running like a well-oiled machine.

3 May 2002
User Management Stylesheet (tool)
Attribute-driven XSLT stylesheet for DirXML 1.1 that can create, delete, modify users and move them from one OU to another.

3 May 2002
Reviving Your Web Server After eDirectory Install (tip)
If you can't get your web server to respond after installing eDirectory (on the same machine), here's a tip from our friends in Technical Services.

1 May 2002
Formativ Applet: Read Novell eDirectory Example (tool)
Read user phone numbers out of eDirectory using Formativ.

30 Apr 2002
Troubleshooting Synthetic Time (tip)
We uncovered a Technical Information Document that explains the ins and outs of Synthetic Time. It's a very good background/troubleshooting document that's getting high marks from readers. Check it out.

30 Apr 2002
Using LDIF to Set Up Dynamic Groups (tip)
If you're looking for an automated way to set up Dynamic Groups, LDIF might be the answer. Here's a tip to get you started.

30 Apr 2002
New Timesync TID Highlights Enhancements (tip)
The support team has published a new Technical Information Document to help administrators take advantage of some new and improved time synchronization functionality. Get to it here.

25 Apr 2002
Best of the Best: NDS Guidelines TID (tip)
Here's a TID (Technical Information Document) that everyone has given a five-star rating. It's organized, it's comprehensive, and it's useful. What more could one ask for?

23 Apr 2002
iChat Corporate Instant Messenger (IM) (tool)
Instant Messenger that authenticates to eDirectory and leverages your corporate UserID.

22 Apr 2002
Notes From the Field: eDirectory 8.6.2 Upgrade (feature)
Brett Ratliff shares his tried-and-tested recipe for successful eDirectory 8.6.2 upgrades. There's nothing like cooking tips from someone who's actually in the kitchen.

18 Apr 2002
Checking eDirectory 8.6.2 on Solaris and Linux Hosts (tip)
Here are some super tips to troubleshoot your Solaris or Linux implementation of eDirectory 8.6.2 straight from Novell's India Development Center.

18 Apr 2002
DirectoryAlert (tool)
Monitor all network directory activity.

17 Apr 2002 (tool)
Show server connections.

16 Apr 2002
Using and Managing Dynamic Groups (feature)
Dynamic Groups are a slick new feature in eDirectory 8.6.x that makes management of large and complex organizations a lot of fun -- for some of us. Here's an article from AppNotes that dives deep into this new technology.

16 Apr 2002
Do You Have Enough Cache? (trench)
If your directory seems to have lost its zip, maybe it could use some cache. This forum poster solved a number of problems by giving the directory a little room to work.

15 Apr 2002
Prepping Lotus Notes for SecureLogin (tip)
If you've installed SecureLogin but can't quite get it to log you into Lotus Notes, here's a tip that should get you back to work.

15 Apr 2002
Special Characters and Usernames (tip)
Sometimes those pesky Hi-ASCII characters can cause a grown network administrator to cry. If you're having to deal with uncommon characters in your usernames, here are a couple of references designed to help.

11 Apr 2002
Single Sign-On Through Novell SecureLogin (feature)
JD Marymee takes a look at traditional Single Sign-On solutions before exploring what makes SecureLogin such a unique -- and powerful -- solution to this growing problem.

11 Apr 2002
DirXML 1 Grace Login Fix (tool)
Stylesheets that fix grace logins getting out of sync when using the NDS to NDS driver.

9 Apr 2002
Disaster Recovery in the 21st Century (feature)
Novell's Chief Security Strategist, Alan Mark, offers some solid advice and guidelines in this new Novell Connection article.

9 Apr 2002
NDS Snoop (tool)
Complete NDS projects without writing any code.

8 Apr 2002
Understanding the DSRepair Function: "Rebuild Operation Schema" (tip)
Here's a command in DSRepair that is often used but seldom understood (see irregardless). The support team helps us understand when and when not to use this one.

8 Apr 2002
Disaster Recovery Tips (tip)
Disaster recovery has been top-of-mind for Benedict College's Freeman Burgess. Here are a few of the disaster recovery tips he submitted as part of the Government Tip Contest.

8 Apr 2002
ETS Groups Stylesheet (tool)
XSLT stylesheet that manages users in eDirectory Groups.

5 Apr 2002
Move Data From Excel to eDirectory (trench)
Vivek B M built this tool to get Excel data into the directory-digestible LDIF format. Take a look.

5 Apr 2002
eDirectory Migration Notes (trench)
Novell consultant Kevin Vinson has been busy working on an eDirectory migration project in North Carolina. He kept notes (oooooh). And he's sharing them with us (aaaaah).

5 Apr 2002
Excel 2 LDIF 1.1 (tool)
Import information from Microsoft Excel into eDirectory.

4 Apr 2002
Installing Novell Account Manager 2.1 on eDirectory 8.6.2 (tip)
Straight from support: the latest instructions for installing Novell Account Management 2.1 for Windows 2000 on eDirectory 8.6.2.

4 Apr 2002
ETS Stylesheet (tool)
XSLT stylesheet that works with DirXML 1.1, eDirectory 8.6.2, and Windows XP Pro.

3 Apr 2002
Scheduling DSRepair Using Cron.NLM (tip)
Jim Trotter explains how he automates some of his server maintenance tasks like periodic DSREPAIRs and regularly-scheduled volume purges.

3 Apr 2002
eDirectory 8.6.2 Upgrade Info (feature)
Here's some info you can take to the bank regarding eDirectory 8.6.2 and its sometimes confusing upgrade path. Brought to you by the good people in support and product management.

2 Apr 2002
Container/Object Stylesheet (tool)
DirXML Stylesheet that targets specified containers for synchronization.

2 Apr 2002
AppNote Tool: iChain Java Servlets (tool)
Obtain an LDIF file with a list of schema definitions for iChain 2.0, including changes from previous versions.

28 Mar 2002
Optimal Configuration for LDAP on NetWare (feature)
The support guys came up with these guidelines for getting the most out of LDAP and eDirectory on your NetWare server. Each setting comes with an explanation and rationale -- wow.

26 Mar 2002
Skins Gadget (tool)
Streamlines the process of importing or exporting portal skins.

22 Mar 2002
Automate Your Directory Maintenance (trench)
Christopher Lahiff shares his collection of StuffKey files he created to automatically (read regularly) check vitals in a directory like timesync, network addresses, connections, replica sync, and more.

22 Mar 2002
Centralis Contex Eases AD Administration (trench)
Centralis Contex for AD is a third-party tool for network administrators with users in a mixed eDirectory / Active Directory environment. It allows you to manage key user settings from Novell's ConsoleOne and synchronizes these settings with Active Directory.

20 Mar 2002
Alias Utility for Contextless Login (tip)
Here's a free utility designed to automate the process of creating multiple aliases. (Especially useful if last week's article on aliases and contextless logins struck you as extraordinarily clever).

14 Mar 2002
Leveraging Aliases in a Contextless Login Solution (trench)
When the department Chris Moore worked for upgraded to NetWare 5.1, their old contextless login solution stopped working. That's when they put their heads together and came up with an ingenious solution of their own.

13 Mar 2002
eDirectory 8.6 and NDS Compatibility Guide (feature)
Straight from support -- this document will help you understand the differences between the different versions of eDirectory and NDS and why some of them shouldn't be mixed in an environment.

13 Mar 2002
New eDirectory 8.6 Versioning Standard (feature)
Here's a bit of clarification about what eDirectory version numbers represent, who's in charge of them, and what each digit means to you.

13 Mar 2002
Installing eDirectory 8.6.1 on Linux 7.2 (trench)
Xavier Martorell generated this detailed checklist that can be used to install eDirectory on Linux. Avoid possible hangups by walking in his footsteps.

11 Mar 2002
Health Checks for Legacy Versions of NDS (feature)
You might think preventative maintenance was a term coined by your dentist. Nope. It was a guy in support who stresses that brushing and flossing won't keep your directory healthy, but these tips will.

6 Mar 2002
Automating Account Creation on Linux Systems (tip)
Here's a tip from the support team that details how to take some of the hand work out of account creation on Linux systems running eDirectory.

6 Mar 2002
Exporting Directory Info to a Database or LDAP via LDIF (tip)
Here's a relatively painless way (read; no XML) to get info out of your directory and into a database for report generation, or account management, or mailing list generation, or whatever.

5 Mar 2002
Using Low-Level Delphi to Build eDirectory Applications (feature)
In this last-in-the-series article, Wolfgang Schreiber, demonstrates the finer points of developing eDirectory applications using the Delphi: Low-Level toolset.

5 Mar 2002
Cisco Secure Access Control Server Vulnerability (tip)
Heads up: Cisco has released infomation about a security vulnerability that shows itself when their Secure Access Control Server is used with NDS. Get info on the problem and the fixes here.

1 Mar 2002
Setting Time on Windows Servers Running eDirectory (trench)
Pauline Robinson, one of our conscientious readers, sent in a critical step we missed in our "eDirectory Upgrade Checklist". Check out her key additions to our checklist.

28 Feb 2002
Synchronizing Passwords Between eDirectory and Active Directory (tip)
Here's a quick read about how eDirectory and Active Directory can be set up to exchange and synchronize password information.

27 Feb 2002
Troubleshooting System Issues with DS Expert (trench)
NetPro's Juli Kerr shares a few tips designed to help you troubleshoot your eDirectory operation using the advanced features of DS Expert.

26 Feb 2002
Where's NDS Manager in NetWare 6? (tip)
If you've gotten used to the slick features in NDS Manager, these readers tell where you can find similar functionality in the new NetWare 6.

22 Feb 2002
eDirectory Upgrade Checklist (feature)
If there's a directory upgrade in your future, this checklist from the trenches can help you avoid the mistakes of those who have gone before you.

22 Feb 2002
LDAP Testing Tool (trench)
If you do much work with LDAP, here's a tool that came to us with a stellar recommendation.

22 Feb 2002
NDS, AD, and Time Synchronization (tip)
According to this reader, timing is everything when it comes to Active Directory.

19 Feb 2002
Novell Helps Develop Federated Identity (feature)
Novell is joining with other industry players to develop an open, single sign-on identity model that will help simplify and secure the process of doing business on the net.

19 Feb 2002
Change Log Tool (tool)
Use DirXML to create a log of changes made to objects in your eDirectory tree(s).

14 Feb 2002
Full Service Directory; The Definitive Site (feature)
We stumbled across this mother lode of really cool diagrams and explanations about eDirectory a.k.a. the Full Service Directory. It looks to be good for everything from studying for certification to developing strategic deployment plans.

13 Feb 2002
eDirectory Change Log Tool (feature)
Have you ever wanted to log the changes made to the objects in your eDirectory tree? Check out this tool written by Israel Forst and Holger Dopp.

11 Feb 2002
Transitive Vector: What Is It? (tip)
If you've always wondered what the heck a Transitive Vector is, Kevin Burnett puts on his kit gloves and helps the rest of us understand what it is and why it's important to eDirectory.

6 Feb 2002
You're Hired -- Now Get to Work! (feature)
Novell Connection's Linda Kennard writes about how Novell uses eDirectory to get new employees and contractors what they need to work from the get go.

5 Feb 2002
Synchronizing Network Time (feature)
The Support Team has been fielding quite a few calls about Time Synchronization lately. Here's where to get some help without making a call.

4 Feb 2002
Solaris Upgrades and the NICI Migration Utility (tip)
It's all about reading the readme file before upgrading. If you, like us, sometimes skip this step, here's some eDirectory on Solaris disaster recovery advice.

29 Jan 2002
Audit Your Security with These Tools (trench)
Info on tools that help system administrators audit their security.

29 Jan 2002
Group Management Eating Your Day? Try Dynamic Groups (feature)
If you're tired of managing groups, you have to take a look at a new feature in eDirectory 8.6 called Dynamic Groups. Dynamic Groups monitor user objects and when they see someone move from one job (or country) to another, they dynamically modify group memberships to reflect the change.

28 Jan 2002
Lufthansa Brings in eDirectory to Track 70,000 Employees (feature)
Deutsche Lufthansa AG recently signed a sizable license agreement that will allow the airline to create secure and structured employee access to their company intranet.

24 Jan 2002
Beneficial Life Opens its Internet Doors (feature)
Cheryl Walton outlines the steps this life insurance company took to leverage Novell products (including eDirectory) en route to making its services available over the Internet.

23 Jan 2002
RLAPPSET 1.2 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Set Application Object) (tool)
Set application object attributes from a command line.

23 Jan 2002
Getting the Focused, Undivided Attention of Apps Launched with Application Launcher (tip)
If your Application Launcher users have upgraded to Windows 2000 and are noticing they now have to launch an application *and* click on its window (to bring it into the foreground) before they can use it, here's a way to open apps the way your users want them to open.

22 Jan 2002
RLGUISET v1.1 for NDS: Set an App Object's GUID from Command Line (trench)
The delightfully named Rick Laughinghouse shares an updated version of GUIDSET. This will set an Application Object's GUID to ANYTHING. Great freebie for you...

17 Jan 2002
NDS Password Checker (tool)
Can be used to inform users during login that their password will be expire if 'Force periodic password change' is enabled in NDS.

17 Jan 2002
Upgrades: There's an Order to These Things (tip)
Marcel Cox offers advice on what to upgrade when to avoid getting the proverbial cart before the horse.

16 Jan 2002
Creating Random Passwords for Multiple Users (tip)
Here's a quick way to batch-create, random passwords for your new accounts.

14 Jan 2002
Storing Notes.ID Files in eDirectory (tip)
Store your Lotus Notes.ID files in eDirectory with Single Sign-on and this tool from Holger Dopp.

14 Jan 2002
Single Sign-on Wrapper for Lotus Notes 1.1 (tool)
Store Lotus Notes ID files in eDirectory.

11 Jan 2002
New eDirectory Book; Get Chapter 1 Here (feature)
Novell Press author Jeffrey Hughes has just released a new book titled, "Effective eDirectory Design & Proactive Analysis". Get your preview here.

10 Jan 2002
AppNote Tool: Sample Code for eDirectory-enabled Applications (tool)
Building eDirectory-Enabled Applications Using Delphi: Low-Level.

8 Jan 2002
Setting up Outlook to Use Addresses from eDirectory (feature)
Jim Schnitter show us how to hook Outlook into eDirectory and create an address book to rival all address books.

4 Jan 2002
eDirectory Brings Order to Oslo Supplier (trench)
Shipbuilding supplier Unitor needed a way to help their 1,000 employees working from 70 sites keep track of their 10,000 products. ComputerLand consultants steered them to eDirectory.

4 Jan 2002
Upgrading from NDS: eDirectory 8 or eDirectory 8.5? (tip)
We found a user who has an eye on upgrading their directory and was looking for some advice. Luckily we also found Marcel Cox who was ready with all the right answers.

28 Dec 2001
Synching Passwords Across Multiple Trees with DirXML (trench)
This team from Mount Sinai/NYU Health rolled up their sleeves, figured out *exactly* how to leverage DirXML to synchronize passwords across multiple trees -- and they kept notes! Dig into this one.

28 Dec 2001
Upgrading From Windows NT running NDS for NT to Windows 2000 (tip)
For those of you making the jump from Windows NT to Windows 2000 and wondering how to keep your directory intact, here's a tip.

19 Dec 2001
Using eDirectory and DirXML to Enforce a Corporate Naming Policy (feature)
Karl Bunnell shows us how to use DirXML and eDirectory to assign and manage usernames that comply with a corporate convention and keep the multiple Jones' in your address book straight.

19 Dec 2001
eDirectory 8.6 Compatibility Matrix (feature)
Here's a great guide, put together by the guys in support, to help you drop eDirectory 8.6 into your existing mix.

19 Dec 2001
More Answers to the Directory or Database Question (tip)
The eDirectory engineers tossed us some info designed to amuse and amaze regarding the directory-or-database question.

19 Dec 2001
eDirectory Product Information (feature)
We don't make it a habit of pointing out new marketing lit, but we like these new pieces because they're fact-packed, and low on fluff.

17 Dec 2001
Create UNIX Home Directories (tool)
Create UNIX home directories with Account Manager 2.1 for Linux or Solaris.

12 Dec 2001
eDirectory Gets SAP Certified (feature)
eDirectory and DirXML are officially certified to power the identity aspects of eBusiness platform solutions.

12 Dec 2001
Using Delphi: ActiveX to Build eDirectory Apps (feature)
In part two of this three-part AppNote series, Wolfgang Schreiber explores the finer points of Delphi: ActiveX programming.

12 Dec 2001
New eDirectory Resource Center (feature)
Wow! Everything eDirectory in one place! How'd they do that? (If you're a fact fanatic that drools over white papers and product flyers, take your meds before you click on in.)

7 Dec 2001
Getting Schooled in eDirectory 8.6 Synchronization Changes (feature)
eDirectory 8.6 performs synchronization a little differently than did its predecessors. Learn all the details in this piece from the Support team.

6 Dec 2001
eDirectory Makes Online Banking a Reality in the Philippines (feature)
Before China Bank could open their digital doors for online transactions, they looked for a way to beef up their security. Guess what they found?

6 Dec 2001
Using Delphi to Build eDirectory Apps (feature)
Whether your a true-blue developer or just want to try your hand at building something that leverages eDirectory this AppNote article by Wolfgang Schreiber will give you a place to start.

3 Dec 2001
Preparing a Disaster Recovery Plan (feature)
We struck gold when we uncovered this AppNote feature that details how to put together a good disaster recovery plan. Randy Bender has done a great job of showing you how to create a plan that fits.

3 Dec 2001
AppNote Tool: Sample Code using Delphi: ActiveX (tool)
Building eDirectory-Enabled Applications using Delphi: ActiveX

3 Dec 2001
AppNote Tool: Corporate Naming Policy Using DirXML Stylesheets Example (tool)
Enforce corporate naming standards.

30 Nov 2001
Directory, Database, or Breath Mint? (trench)
If you're struggling with the directory or database tug of war, here's a feature from Novell AppNotes that should bring peace to both fronts.

30 Nov 2001
Keeping Your Guard Up With eDirectory (feature)
Is eDirectory vulnerable to Denial of Service attacks? We ask one who knows.

30 Nov 2001
eDirectory and Active Directory; an Outsider's Perspective (trench)
Read how this writer at "ExtremeTech" thinks eDirectory and Active Directory stack up against each other.

30 Nov 2001
Managing eDirectory on Solaris (tip)
What does one need to run/manage eDirectory on Solaris? That is the question. And, yes, we do have the answer to this one.

21 Nov 2001
Novell Nets Major Fish Food Manufacturer in Norway (feature)
Novell eDirectory helped reduce complexity of this manufacturer's operations by consolidating all of their networks into one virtual network and allowing each user to experience their business network in a personalized way.

16 Nov 2001
Novell eDirectory vs. Active Directory Competitive Guide (tip)
A great guide for those of you who are having to justify eDirectory to others in your organization who are eyeing Active Directory.

16 Nov 2001
Guide to eDirectory Obituary Troubleshooting (tip)
The support guys have put together a wonderful (read: comprehensive) guide to dealing with eDirectory Obituaries. Read on.

16 Nov 2001
Directory Services: Taming the Turbulent Business Environment (feature)
Network World Columnist and Novell Sysop, Dave Kearns, does a top-notch job exploring eDirectory's value in today's tumultous business environment.

15 Nov 2001
The Pureness of IP, and how really Icky IPX Can Be (trench)
Can you make these two protocols coexist within your network in a nice, harmonic way?

12 Nov 2001
Novell LDAP Address Book (tool)
Manage addresses in LDAP-based directories (including eDirectory).

9 Nov 2001
Open Call: Looking for Some App: Application Smarts (trench)
If you know this headline isn't a typo, you could know just enough to help one of our readers out. If you're a wiz at programming with directory objects, do we have a quiz for you.

9 Nov 2001
Configuring Contextless Login to Search Part of the Tree (tip)
Cool contributor Debbie Carraway has figured out a way to keep the dirExperts contextless login utility from searching your entire tree.

2 Nov 2001
eDirectory Tree Merge Guidelines (feature)
Novell Consulting's Ken Lenihan authored this report about the complexities of merging eDirectory trees. It comes with the warning: professional drivers on a closed course, do not attempt without adequate training and supervision.

2 Nov 2001
Tip for eDirectory Upgrade to 8.5 or 8.6 Synchronization Error (tip)
Here's some solid info (from Novell Technical Support) on getting your directory back on its feet if you've upgraded to version 8.5 or 8.6 and are faced with a nasty synchronization error.

2 Nov 2001
Tip for Continuous Synchronization Issue (tip)
If you've recently upgraded to eDirectory 8.5 or 8.6 and have noticed that your directory objects are unnecessarily synchronizing, here's a new Technical Information Document (TID) that could help you out.

2 Nov 2001
Cool Tool: NDSCount v3 (tip)
Nope, this isnt' a typo. Some of our Systems Engineers saw the previous piece on counting directory objects and sent us info on this utility. You'll have to shell out a few dollars for this one but it gets two big thumbs up from those in the know.

26 Oct 2001
Another Tree-Splitting Example From the Trenches (trench)
From the "more than one way to split a tree" department, eDirectory arborist Peter J Strifas sent us this fantastic example of how his team split off part of their company, packed them up, and moved them out.

26 Oct 2001
eDirectory, Tru64 UNIX, LDAP, and rfc2307 (tip)
If you're struggling to get eDirectory running on Tru64 with LDAP and rfc2307, these tips may just nudge you in the right direction.

19 Oct 2001
Splitting eDirectory Trees (trench)
So your CEO sold off the right hand (Albany) without telling the left (Dublin)? What's a network administrator to do? We went to the trenches and found a guy who's split more than his share of eDirectory trees.

19 Oct 2001
Upgrading to eDirectory 8.6 on NetWare 6 (tip)
The tech support team has released some great (read: useful) tips for you to read through to help you upgrade to eDirectory 8.6

19 Oct 2001
Improvements, Updates, and Changes to eDirectory in NetWare 6 (tip)
The Novell Appnotes team has come through with another great piece -- this one spells out the improvements made to the new eDirectory. Time to bone up!

9 Oct 2001
How to Use eDirectory-Based Home Directories with the Apache Web Server (feature)
Don't miss this excellent AppNote, which can help you expand user home directories to the web.

9 Oct 2001
Ten Guidelines for Designing Effective Schema Extensions (feature)
Excellent AppNote to print and tuck away for future reference. These ten guidelines will help you extend and customize the schema to tailor NDS for your specific needs.

9 Oct 2001
Uninstalling eDirectory from a Windows NT/2000 Server (tip)
Come see the three methods of uninstalling eDirectory on Windows NT. Pick the one that suits your fancy.

1 Oct 2001
eDirectory Cache Settings for Million Object Trees (tip)
Subbu K. K. offers some excellent tips for anyone working on high-end tree deployments.

1 Oct 2001
NDS for UNIX Tools and Tips (feature)
If you use eDirectory 8.5 for Solaris/Linux or NDS Corporate Edition for Solaris/Linux, this one's for you.

1 Oct 2001
Active Directory Password Security (feature)
Have you ever created a new user and gotten a blank password on the AD account? Many people who encounter that consider it to be a huge security hole, and have written most eloquently about it. Jay Burrell adds a new suggestion to this article.

1 Oct 2001
Bulkloading eDirectory Objects (tip)
If you ever have the need to load a huge number of eDirectory objects in a short period of time, you know how daunting that task can be. Here are some suggestions to speed up the process.

28 Sep 2001
What is eProvisioning? (feature)
Bringing a new employee on board entails a series of actions involving compensation, security, and physical assets. Technology can play an important part in ensuring that business practices are implemented efficiently, cost effectively, and quickly. The new buzzword for this is eProvisioning.

7 Sep 2001
Adding a Second Domain Controller (tip)
Frank Keessen shares a tip he learned the hard way.

7 Sep 2001
Building Your Own LDIFs (feature)
Want to build your own LDIFs automagically? Consultant Rich Roberts shares his cool tool.

7 Sep 2001
Browse NDS Object Attributes, Generate NDS Reports (trench)
Come get this nifty tool from one of the smart guys in Worldwide Developer Support. It will allow you to run reports on any attributes of any object in an NDS tree.

22 Aug 2001
Novell Single Sign-on/SecureLogin Product Strategy (feature)
In June 2001 Novell released its SecureLogin 2.5 single sign-on product. Since Novell already markets a single sign-on product, NSSO 2.1, the existence of NSL 2.5 has created some questions and concerns about the future of these products. Bob Bentley tells all.

22 Aug 2001
Upgrading to eDirectory 8.5 (tip)
As you prepare to upgrade your servers to eDirectory 8.5, you may be looking for a bit of practical advice. We checked with David Nicoll (Novell Consulting Scotland) and Mark Schouls (Consultant, Novell Canada) who have done this recently, and here is what they suggest.

22 Aug 2001
Using Mail Merge to Create an LDIF (tip)
Tony Gettig figured out a smooth way to give all the high school students their own user accounts. If you're a school administrator, check this out.

3 Aug 2001
Build your own LDIFs automatically.

2 Aug 2001
Cross-tree Access (feature)
Need a way to move groups of users from several trees and consolidate them into one NDS tree? Check out the TREE login script command.

2 Aug 2001
Novell LDAP Address Book (feature)
This sample application was demonstrated during Brainshare 2001. It is used for managing addresses in LDAP-based directories (including eDirectory). Enjoy, compliments of the ActiveX/JavaBeans team.

9 Jul 2001
Using CRON and STUFFKEY to Prepare Servers for Upgrade (trench)
Jonathan Laudicina shares his tools and automated scripts. Without these two tools, he'd have to manually run health checks, DSREPAIR and DSTRACE actions on almost 400 servers.

18 Jun 2001
Uninstalling NDS eDirectory from a Windows NT Server (feature)
Several ways to skin this cat. Don't you love it when you have choices?

18 Jun 2001
Downloading NDS 8 (eDirectory) (tip)
A few little tips about when you can and can't use NDS 8 (aka eDirectory).

18 Jun 2001
Capture DSTRACE Conversations Without Speed Reading (trench)
DSTRACE messages fly off the screen at the speed of light and to glean any value from the content, you have to master the art of speed reading. Come see how our partners at NetPro have made it easier, and try the free eval of DS Expert and Multi-Server Trace.

11 Jun 2001
Synchronizing Passwords after Migrating Users (tip)
NDS for NT does not synchronize passwords during initial migration because of the encryption of both NT and NDS passwords. Here's how to work around that for your users.

11 Jun 2001
Using the Force Password Sync (FPS) option for NDS for NT (feature)
We've had several inquiries about how to use FPS, so here's a nice explanation of how to set it, and how it affects migrated users.

11 Jun 2001
Setting User Passwords to Expire (tip)
Looking for a utility that can set people's passwords to expire? Here are some suggestions.

1 Jun 2001
eBusiness Kit (tool)
Create an online store with these tips and sample scripts.

31 May 2001
Forcing Clients to Login to Local Replica (tip)
Adam Pacchiana shares a great tip he picked up during some idle chit-chat time with one of our splendid support technicians.

31 May 2001
Managing your ConsoleOne Snapins (trench)
Wallace Marks explains how he creates a master directory so everyone can keep their PCs up-to-date with the latest greatest snapins.

31 May 2001
NDS Snoop--An NDS Prototyping Tool (feature)
The author of the enormously popular NDS Snoop has made numerous bug fixes to the original, and here's the new and improved version. Thanks, Karl! Quick go grab it for your personal toolbox.

16 May 2001
Mutual containment with NDS eDirectory (tip)
In many ldap servers, all objects are containers. In NDS eDirectory, the concept of a leaf object is preserved. Leaf and container objects may be contained by (instantiated within) containers. How do you define two container objects, both of which may contain the other?

16 May 2001
How to add an auxiliary class to an object in NDS (trench)
Prior to NDS 8 the only way to add additional attributes to an NDS object was to extend the object class of that object. The down-side to this mechanism was that schema extensions added to the base class cannot be removed. NDS 8 has added the capability to use an auxiliary class to define additional attributes on an NDS object. So how does it work?

16 May 2001
eDirectory and NDS Differences (tip)
What is the difference between eDirectory and NDS Corporate Edition? Are they the same product?

20 Apr 2001
eBusiness Spending Remains Strong (feature)
An article published by NetworkWorld Fusion shows that opportunities for Net Directory Services Software remain strong.

28 Feb 2001
Customer Success Story (trench)
Bracknell Forest Borough Council implemented the first eGovernment solution in the UK that enables citizens to access personalized information and interact directly with Council staff online using their own secure, digital identities.

28 Feb 2001
Login Script Management Tool (trench)
This program is very useful if you would like to have a lot of loginscripts 'synchronized'.

22 Feb 2001
Customer Story (trench)
Protocom Development Systems announces their new office in The Netherlands. Learn more about Protocom and its products here.

8 Feb 2001
Creating Public Access Printers with the Novell NDPS Gateway (tip)
Public access printers do not appear in NDS as objects and anyone with network access can print to a public access printer. To create a public access printer using the Novell NDPS gateway perform these steps.

6 Feb 2001
NDSContext (tool)
Write context and server to the registry.

1 Feb 2001
Remove a Server Reference (tip)
Ever have a new, not-yet-backed up server that has died and you now need to remove any reference to the server from the tree? Well, do not fear, help is near.

31 Jan 2001
NDS-Database Sync for ZfD 2 (tool)
Synchronize Inventory objects with NDS.

25 Jan 2001
DNS Federation (feature)
Learn the ins and outs of the DNS Federation feature for NDS 8.5 in this article.

18 Jan 2001
eDirectory Positioning (feature)
How does eDirectory stack up against the competition? Find out who has the edge ...

18 Jan 2001
Changing your personal NDS information (tip)
Here are several ways to make this happen, without calling IS&T.

11 Jan 2001
Merging Trees with NDS8 (trench)
If you are using an early version of NDS8, you might want to upgrade to the latest version which will include the ability to merge trees again.

11 Jan 2001
Authentication with NDS-AS (tip)
With NDS Authentication Services (NDS-AS), you can use NDS as your primary authentication database, even for client platforms that currently don't support NDS.

4 Jan 2001
Conflict with NDS8 in a tree that has a 4.10 server (tip)
The short answer - upgrade to 4.11 or higher ...

4 Jan 2001
eDirectory Overview (feature)
A good place to start getting a handle on the terms and techniques of NDS ... is right here.

4 Jan 2001
DirXML and support for Deltas on Import (trench)
Using APPSHIME to do the filtering, you can selectively synchronize only the changed / new / deleted users, even with a base textfile of hundreds of thousands.

6 Dec 2000
Inventory Show (INVSHOW) (tool)
Shows a Workstation Object's Inventory Data from a command line.

17 Nov 2000
Can't Find It? Now You Can (feature)
Get the facts on the Search Engine - and rev it up!

31 Oct 2000
NcSv2Ldf (tool)
Convert legacy data to LDIF format.

6 Oct 2000
Login to NDS Using E-Mail ID? Yes. (trench)
Find out how to log in to NDS using your e-mail ID and NDS password in this article.

13 Sep 2000
DS Analyzer - an NDS eDirectory Troubleshooting Tool (trench)
Read how a branch of the Canadian government increased perormance and improved directory design by using NetPro's DS Analyzer.

9 Aug 2000
Login.Tar.Gz (tool)
Login to NDS using email IDs

28 Jul 2000
Password Changer (tool)
Allow users to change their passwords even if you've restricted control panel access with ZENworks.

19 Jul 2000
The Art of Troubleshooting (feature)
Keep calm, stay focused, get your tools and solve the problem - and survive to take on the next challenge.

28 Jun 2000
NDS-Based Workflow on Your Intranet or Extranet (feature)
Read how GroupLink's E-Business suite helped the DuPont Registry quickly design and implement their own e-business processes.

18 Jun 2000
NDS Browser (tool)
Shows NDS User objects and offers the possibility to change the users password and/or unlock accounts without using NetWare Administrator.

14 Jun 2000
NDS Explorer (tool)
Allow NDS objects to appear in Windows Explorer.

9 Jun 2000
DirXperts (tool)
Allow LDAP contextless login, extend valid password rules, display an administrator-defined message.

6 May 2000
Contextless Login (tool)
Perform contextless login.

5 Apr 2000
NDS eDirectory Design Guide (tip)
By Justin Taylor, Corporate Technology Strategist

23 Mar 2000
NDS eDirectory - Ending Directory Myopia (feature)
Here's a broader look at the directory and what it's good for ...

22 Mar 2000
ScheMax 1.11 (tool)
Easily customize, administer and extend NDS.

10 Mar 2000
Seeing Your Whole Tree (trench)
Visualize this - a tool that reads NDS and shows in a visual tree who has what rights and where they got them from.

28 Feb 2000
Fill in Forms with NDS data Using NDS-Enabled Office (feature)
NDS-Enabled Office is a convenient and practical utility that allows you to provide your users with standard forms and documents that will automatically be filled in with data from their NDS objects.

24 Feb 2000
All About Redirect, NDS, and Windows 2000 (tip)
Get the facts on the NDS Corporate Edition product.

22 Feb 2000
NDS-Enabled Office (NEO) & Administration Guide (tool)
Everything needed to install and use NDS-Enabled Office for automatic fill of data fields.

2 Feb 2000
Cool New Tools (tip)
Contextless login and more, check out these tools for eDirectory.

28 Jan 2000
Single Sign-On Secrets (feature)
Well, they won't be secrets after you've read them, but you'll be all the wiser.

8 Dec 1999
Viewing the NDS Hidden Directory (tip)
Let me look ... just a peek ... well, OK ...

8 Dec 1999
Restoring the Admin Password, Without Calling Support (trench)
Here's a tip about using SETPASS.NLM - it's cheaper than a support call for restoring passwords.

2 Dec 1999
Resources on Demand for Roaming Users (trench)
Here's a solution for providing local mappings to mobile users.

2 Dec 1999
Uncover Your NDS Stuck Obituaries with DS Expert (feature)
Find out how NetPro's DS Expert can shine the light on stuck obituaries so you can move on with your work.

24 Nov 1999
DSRepair and Placing Your DIBs (feature)
Did you know you can use DSRepair to place a DIB file in any location on the server? Well, now you do - so check out the details here.

23 Nov 1999
Secrets to Deleting and Restoring Group Objects (tip)
With a handy utility tool, you can fix those disassociated users (and it won't hurt ...)

19 Nov 1999
Scheduler for ZENworks 2 (tool)
Schedule the Inventory Storer based on the ZEN:ScheduleTime attribute in the NDS object.

19 Nov 1999
Create Home Directories with Long Filenames (trench)
Longer filenames for home directories are now just a login script away. Find out how, with some tips from reader Craig Wilson.

16 Nov 1999
NDS Administration Tools for eDirectory and NDS Corporate Edition (feature)
Here's a sneak peek at a great book on administering NDS 8.

11 Nov 1999
NDS Snoop: Look before You Leap (trench)
Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually try out your NDS changes before they went live? Say yes, say yes ... and with the NDS Snoop tool you're in business.

4 Nov 1999
Be a Hero: Make Life Easy for Your Mobile Users (tip)
Adding a simple alias in the right place can make all the difference.

4 Nov 1999
Speed up Backup Operations with CRON (trench)
Find out how Novell's CRON utility can speed NDS backup for multiple servers.

17 Oct 1999
NDSPass (tool)
Allow the HelpDesk to view users' network account information.

13 Oct 1999
Eliminate Hassles in NWAdmin with SnapinManager (trench)
If you're tired of manually copying and managing snap-ins for NWAdmin, try this cool utility and reclaim some of your workday hours.

13 Oct 1999
Taking Stock of Your System: Secrets to a Successful NDS and File System Audit (feature)
Backup, input, output - get a handle on moving your NDS data with these tips.

30 Sep 1999
Different-server Migration using DSMAINT (feature)
Make the move faster and easier with these tips on migrating with the DSMaint tool.

30 Sep 1999
LDAP: Installation and Configuration Notes (tip)
Plenty of FAQ material here to get you started with LDAP installation and configuration ...

30 Sep 1999
Managing Multiple Users Requesting Access to NDS over an HTTP Connection (tip)
Servlet and Java Bean technology make the difference in solving this problem.

30 Sep 1999
Merge Partitions Across a WAN at Lightning Speed (trench)
Don't let the prospect of a WAN link slow down your plans for merging partitions. You can do it with this handy advice.

22 Sep 1999
MakeAXT (tool)
Use Perl script to produce an .axt from an entire directory structure .

22 Sep 1999
Keep Servers without Replicas in the Loop when the Replica Server is Unavailable (tip)
Here's a quick tip on how to keep those non-replica servers in touch with your replicas.

22 Sep 1999
Eliminate Disk Hogs with this Utility (trench)
There's a faster way to find the disk pork and trim it down to size. Try Andrew Cobbs UserSpace utility.

16 Sep 1999
NDS for NT 2.01: Don't Forget to Add the Directory Agent Address (tip)
The tip is short and sweet ... and useful.

16 Sep 1999
NDS for NT: What can I administer from NWAdmin? (feature)
This article helps you clear the road on your test drive of NDS for NT.

16 Sep 1999
Change the Display Order of Objects in NWAdmin (trench)
Get to the User objects you want, faster. Use these handy steps to stop the scrolling pain in NWAdmin.

9 Sep 1999
Upgrading to NDS 8? Avoid Extra Hassles by Applying Schema Updates First (feature)
Here's some proactical advice on upgrading to NDS 8 - apply the schema first!

9 Sep 1999
Disaster Recovery: NDS Backup Using DSRepair (tip)
DSRepair can be a useful disaster recovery tool, as illustrated in this handy article.

3 Sep 1999
Pull a Fast One: Replace User Info in the Registry with NDS Info (trench)
Sort out the Microsoft mess; avoid the unique user name and ID constraints with a handy utility - NDS2Word.

1 Sep 1999
Implementing DNS/DHCP @ Novell (feature)
Learn the inside story on DNS and DHCP here.

31 Aug 1999
Synching Passwords with NDS for NT (tip)
It can be a lot easier with these handy tips.

26 Aug 1999
Don't Sweat It: A -625 Error is Normal in This Scenario (tip)
The title says it all, for NetWare 5 and an NDS tree with a mixed protocol ring.

18 Aug 1999
Check the pulse of NDS using DS Analyzer (feature)
The DSAnalyzer tool can help you determine the impact of a NetWare 5 upgrade to your network.

18 Aug 1999
Weekly Health Check for NDS (tip)
Check the health of your NetWare 4.11 servers.

18 Aug 1999
How to make use of Multi-valued Property Fields (trench)
There's a faster way to deal with multi-valued properties - check out the user template solution.

12 Aug 1999
Catalog Services on NetWare 4.11 (trench)
If you thought Catalog Services could only run on NetWare 5, think again. Here's a handy tip to get it running on a NetWare 4.11 server.

29 Jul 1999
Use NETBASIC to determine the file size of NDS (trench)
And there's yet another way to measure the file size of Directory Services - try NETBASIC on for size.

22 Jul 1999
Designing and Using NDS Partitions and Replicas (feature)
Straight from the book, get the inside story on handling partitions and replicas.

22 Jul 1999
Just how much space do your NDS files use? (trench)
Here's another way to gauge the size of NDS files - it's Toolbox.nlm.

9 Jul 1999
Moving a Subtree? Watch Out for This (tip)
We had to beat the bushes for this tip ...

8 Jul 1999
Round-up of the NDS for NT Live Discussion (feature)
Get the facts on NDS for NT from the product manager in this lively Q&A session.

8 Jul 1999
Create Home Directories for NDS for Solaris Users (tip)
Don't create those home directories manually - use these script tips to get the job done on Solaris.

30 Jun 1999
Manage Your NDS Database Files the Easy Way (trench)
How do you quickly find the sizes of NDS files? Easy - use Peter Kuo's NDSDir utility, described in this article.

22 Jun 1999
NDS 8 and NetWare 5 @ Novell (feature)
What is NDS 8 and how did it get rolled into production? Get the scoop here ...

14 Jun 1999
Guide to NAL 2.01 (tool)
Administrator's Guide for using Novell Application Launcher (NAL) 2.01

7 Jun 1999
Implementing NetWare 5 @ Novell (feature)
Here are some useful strategies for making the most of your NetWare 5 deployment.

4 Jun 1999
More Advice on Hardware Upgrades (trench)
Get a handy checklist here of what to do before you start your next hardware upgrade.

27 May 1999
Make Sure You've Got the Best NDS (tip)
Check out the versions of NDS available for NetWare 5.

25 May 1999
Backing Up and Restoring NDS for Planned Hardware Upgrades (feature)
Check out a few good options for installing NetWare 4.11 - that don't involve uninstalling NDS.

21 May 1999
Bring that Partition Closer (tip)
Out of reach, out of touch ... partitions should be neither. Bring them closer with these tips.

19 May 1999
Find Articles Fast in Novell's Knowledgebase (trench)
Using the QuickTID tool can help you get to the bottom of your TID search faster and easier.

11 May 1999
Appload (tool)
Launch URLs, files, or directories through Novell Application Launcher (NAL).

5 May 1999
NDS Tips, Tricks, and Switches (tip)
Check out these tips on troubleshooting NDS with NetWare 5.

22 Apr 1999
Speed Up Your Replica Ring (tip)
A slow replica ring can cause all sorts of headaches, including slow logins for students in a hurry. Find out what you can do about the problem here.

22 Apr 1999
NDS 8: It's the Real Potato (feature)
If you have a hankering for hot potatoes and hot technology, this article is for you.

16 Feb 1999
AppNote Tool: NDS102-NDAP (tool)
Authenticating to NDS Using C (NDAP) APIs

9 Feb 1999
AppNote Tool: NDS102-LDAP (tool)
Using C and LDAP

28 Dec 1998
SCRIPT (tool)
Import/Export NDS Login Scripts.

22 Nov 1998
NDSTime (tool)
DOS command-line utility that allows an Admin to change the Login Time Restriction attribute value of any NDS user object.

14 Nov 1998
Screensaver Password AOT (tool)
Synchronize Screensaver password with NDS.

12 Nov 1998
Chgpass 2 (tool)
Change NDS passwords.

29 Oct 1998
TrustNDS 1.4 (tool)
Find all file and directory trustee rights and inherited rights on all volumes.

3 Oct 1998
Novell Consulting Desktop Integration (tool)
Provide functionality to forward NDS information to desktop applications via OLE automation.

3 Sep 1998
NDS101 Accessing NDS With Novell's C libraries (NDAP) (tool)
Use Novell's C development kit to build a client-side-only application that can read NDS directory information.

3 Sep 1998
NDS101 With Java Bean (tool)
Use Novell's NWDir bean to build a Java client-side-only application that can read NDS directory information.

3 Sep 1998
AppNote Tool: AnyInfo Example 7 (tool)
Using Java's Database Connectivity solution (JDBC) to interact with Oracle8 on NetWare.

3 Sep 1998
AppNote Tool: AnyInfo Example 6 (tool)
Using RMI to Access a Database Service.

3 Sep 1998
AppNote Tool: AnyInfo Example 5 (tool)
Using the Novell NWDir Bean for NDS Access.

3 Sep 1998
AppNote Tool: AnyInfo Example 4 (tool)
Transformation of API_Info into a Multi-tiered, Database Application.

6 Aug 1998
Icons Fix for NAL 2.5 (tool)
Fix mixed-up icons on Novell Application Launcher (NAL) 2.5.

17 Jun 1998
AppNote Tool: AnyInfo Example 3 (tool)
ConsoleOne Snapins to Modify NDS Schema for Application Scalability.

17 Jun 1998
AppNote Tool: AnyInfo Example 2 (tool)
JNI Gateway between Java App and NetWare service NLM.

10 Jun 1998
AppNote Tool: Formatdmp (tool)
Utility to format LDAP subschem data returned by an LDAP subschemaSubentry request.

22 Apr 1998
SAP List (tool)
View all SAP information on network.

18 Apr 1998
OBJECT.SAP - SAP/Binery object IDs (tool)
List of NetWare objects.

15 Dec 1997
NWAdmin NDS object Copy and Paste Snapin (tool)
Copy NDS objects to storage file.

10 Dec 1997
AppNote Tool: AnyInfo Example 1 (tool)
C-Based, NDS Enabled Client/Server Application

7 Aug 1997
DS View (tool)
View objects and their attributes in your NDS tree(s).

26 Mar 1997
Bmigrate (tool)
Migrate Banyan VINES networks to NetWare 4.1 networks.

26 Jul 1996
Use full NDS names to locate time servers, instead of being tied to SAP.

21 Jun 1996
NDS Aware RCONSOLE (tool)
Browse tree in NDS Mode or SAP Mode.

2 Jun 1996
Hidden Object Locator (tool)
Find hidden NDS objects.

15 Mar 1995
Filter for NDS on NetWare 4 (tool)
Configure the frequency and times of NDS packet delivery.

12 Sep 1994
Set Profile (tool)
Add profile for groups.

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