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Cradle to Grave

22 Jan 2008
Monitor DirXML/IDM Driver States with Nagios (tool)
Linux shell script to monitor Novell DirXML 1.1 and Identity Manager 2.x/3.x driver states with Nagios. Basically a wrapper for "dxcmd -getstate".

18 Dec 2007
Dealing with Problems Creating GroupWise Accounts via IDM (tip)
Puzzled by occasional failures in creating new GroupWise accounts via Identity Manager? Jack Shreve shares a solution that helps you and you admins get the job done right ...

12 Dec 2007
One Giant Leap: Cool Solutions gets some New Digs (tip)
Eleven years after launching the first Cool Solutions site, we have just taken a major step forward. We have some new digs - a full-on community site with all the Web 2.0 bells and whistles. Check it out!

12 Dec 2007
Modifying Custom Attributes with the IDM Null Driver (tip)
Father Ramon

12 Dec 2007
Inserting and Removing Users in Groups in an IDV Tree (tip)
This tip from Father Ramon helps you insert or delete Group users in an Identity Vault tree.

10 Dec 2007
Monitor Identity Manager - eDirectory Driver Synchronization with Nagios (tool)
Check Novell Identity Manager synchronization between eDirectory trees using ldap.

5 Dec 2007
Configuring Access Manager for UserApp and SAML (appnote)
In this AppNote, Thomas Lubanski explains how to configure Novell Access Manager for use with IDM UserApp and SAML.

5 Dec 2007
Cool Blog: Driver Usage Paradigm (feature)
In this Cool Blog, Aaron Burgemeister describes the "light-bulb" experience he had with the IDM Resource Kit and driver usage.

5 Dec 2007
Setting Up Subversion with LDAP and IDM Designer (feature)
This article by David Gersic helps you use Subversion revision control in conjunction with LDAP and Designer.

5 Dec 2007
Success Story: St. Vincent Health (feature)
Learn how St. Vincent Health found a better way to track system access and protect confidential patient information, thanks to Novell Identity Manager.

28 Nov 2007
About Loopback and Null Drivers (feature)
Rob Schneider brings us up to speed on IDM loopback and null drivers, including a rule example.

28 Nov 2007
Success Story: Liverpool (feature)
Learn how Liverpool, Mexico's leading fashion department store, deployed Novell Identity Manager to enable efficient access control to its SAP applications and other business-critical enterprise systems.

28 Nov 2007
Quick Install for IDM UserApp (tip)
David Gersic shares a handy quick-install procedure for getting IDM UserApp up and running.

28 Nov 2007
IDM SAP HR Driver: Where to Get the JConnect Libraries (tip)
Geoff Carman explains how to find the files you need to support the SAP HR driver for Novell Identity Manager.

21 Nov 2007
Calling Stored Procedures with the IDM JDBC Driver (feature)
Geoff Carman explains how you call stored procedures using Policy Builder, GCV, XML Parse, and destCommandProcessor - with the JDBC driver.

21 Nov 2007
General-Purpose Relational Integrity Rules for IDM (appnote)
This AppNote by Rob Schneider describes an approach to maintain relational integrity between the user and job data commonly referenced by Identity Manager.

21 Nov 2007
Novell Adds Roles-Based Provisioning Module to Identity Manager (feature)
Learn how roles-based provisioning has been integrated with Novell Identity Manager, making it easier to tie identity to business processes.

21 Nov 2007
Success Story: University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston (feature)
Learn how the The University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston (UTHSC-H) incorporated Novell Identity Manager and Novell iChain to form a identity management solution that works across all their applications and platforms.

21 Nov 2007
Changing a Notes DateTime Field (tip)
Perry Nuffer shows how to set the HTTPPasswordChangeDate value in the Domino directory, using an XDS input document example.

14 Nov 2007
Success Story: Toll Brothers (feature)
Learn how the Toll Brothers construction company selected Novell Identity Manager and Novell Access Manager to securely connect all their systems and synchronize user identities.

14 Nov 2007
Stripping Null Values from IDM Operations (tip)
Will Schneider shares a few IDM rules that strip all null values from all operations, either at the Input, Output, the Command.

14 Nov 2007
Moving the IDM Designer Location in Linux (tip)
This tip from Geoff Carman explains how to successfully move IDM Designer from one location to another in Linux.

14 Nov 2007
Another Reason to Use -host in dxcmd (tip)
Geoff Carman explains why the -host parameter is the way to go, if you are using dxcmd and running multiple eDirectory instances.

14 Nov 2007
Updated SSL Configuration for UserApp 3.5.1 (tip)
With the new jBoss version, you may need this tip from Celso Lima to get SSL configuration working properly.

7 Nov 2007
Dredging for Inactive Accounts (feature)
Rob Schneider shares a practical approach for locating inactive user accounts in Identity Manager.

7 Nov 2007
About the IDM Integration Module/Composer (tip)
Here are some interesting insights into the new Novell Identity Manager Integration Module 2.1 for Enterprise, including the Composer tool - courtesy of Geoff Carman.

7 Nov 2007
Success Story: Greater Baltimore (feature)
Learn how the Greater Baltimore Medical Center adopted a solution based on Novell SecureLogin and Novell Identity Manager to provide single sign-on and safeguard important medical data.

7 Nov 2007
Using DXCMD in a Script (tip)
Here's a sample script and explanation from Geoff Carman that helps you run the dxcmd app to restart eDirectory and start necessary drivers.

7 Nov 2007
Adding IDM Attributes based on Existing Values (tip)
If you need to add IDM attributes based on existing values, this tip and code sample from Lothar Haeger should help.

7 Nov 2007
Specifying Multiple Users in TO, CC, BCC with UserApp (tip)
This tip from Steven Williams provides a workaround so you can send email for more than one user in the Finish Activity of the UserApp workflow.

31 Oct 2007
Creating an eDirectory User based on ADS Group Membership (feature)
Father Ramon outlines the process for creating a user in eDirectory based on a specific ADS (W2K3) Group Membership.

31 Oct 2007
Using Secret Store (tip)
Geoff Carman takes a look at the benefits of using Novell Secret Store with SecureLogin and Identity Manager.

31 Oct 2007
IDM Driver Monitoring Solution (tool)
IDM Driver monitoring solution for Linux

31 Oct 2007
New at - Identity Manager Integration Module 2.1 for Enterprise - Custom Edition (tip)
Check out the new Identity Manager Integration Module 2.1 for Enterprise - Custom Edition, available at ...

29 Oct 2007
Status-Checking Script for DirXML Remote Loader (tip)
Thanks to Arjan Anthonisse for sharing this script that makes status checking easier when you're running the DirXML Remote Loader.

24 Oct 2007
Identity Management - an Inevitable Need (appnote)
In this AppNote, Gaurav Vaidya provides a broad view of identity management and explains why you can't afford to be without a solid identity management plan for your business.

24 Oct 2007
What's New in the Form Script for Identity Manager 3.5.1 (feature)
Rudy Duym brings us up-to-date on the latest developments with the Form Script for Identity Manager 3.5.1.

24 Oct 2007
Troubleshooting IF-THEN-ELSE Blocks with IDM Code (feature)
Geoff Carman explains a subtle bug dealing with IF-THEN-ELSE command ordering, and how to resolve it.

24 Oct 2007
New at - IDM 3.5.1 Bundle Edition (tip)
Check out the new Identity Manager 3.5.1 Bundle Edition for OES and ZENworks ...

24 Oct 2007
Success Story: JAL Card (feature)
Learn how JAL Card, a Japan Airlines subsidiary, overhauled its identity management system and increased its compliance capabilities by implementing Novell Identity Manager and Novell SecureLogin.

24 Oct 2007
IDM Token-Unique-Name Examples (tip)
David Gersic and Father Ramon share a few IDM policy rules that help you see the "token-unique-name" noun in action ...

24 Oct 2007
Changing iManager 2.7 Default Timeout (tip)
Geoff Carman describes how to change the default 30-minute timeout for iManager version 2.7.

17 Oct 2007
Survey: How well are Novell and your other vendors meeting your needs? (tip)
We're interested in knowing how well Novell is meeting your needs in several areas identified as important to current customers. Please take this short, five-minute survey to help us understand your satisfaction with Novell and other vendors.

17 Oct 2007
IDM Engine Event Caching (appnote)
In this Appnote, Geoff Carman takes us behind the scenes with the powerful event caching feature of Identity Manager.

17 Oct 2007
Tiered Structure for Governance of Identity Management (feature)
This article by David Guest provides an overview of the advantages of a tiered data structure with the IDM Identity Vault.

17 Oct 2007
Unique Name Token Functionality in IDM 3.5 (feature)
Geoff Carman describes IDM 3.5's Unique Name Token feature, along with an interesting peculiarity ...

17 Oct 2007
Success Story: Schneider Electric Mexico (feature)
Learn how Schneider Electric Mexico dramatically improved its provisioning and information synchronization with a new Identity Manager solution.

10 Oct 2007
Deleting Driver Associations in Identity Manager (feature)
Need to remove a driver but don't want to manually remove thousands of associations? Yancey Yeargan shares a Perl script that does the trick.

10 Oct 2007
Adding IDM Driver Support for Intruder Lockout Detection on Linux/UNIX (feature)
Now you can implement IDM support for Intruder Lockout Detection on Linux and UNIX, thanks to this solution from Geoff Carman.

10 Oct 2007
New at (feature)
There are quite a few new software versions available at - learn about them here ...

10 Oct 2007
Using Alternate Mailfile Templates with the Lotus Notes Driver (tip)
This tip from Perry Nuffer demonstrates another approach to using mailfile templates with the IDM Notes driver.

10 Oct 2007
Success Story: APACS (feature)
Learn how APACS, the UK trade association for payments, used a Novell Identity Manager solution to keep vital databases synchronized.

3 Oct 2007
Novell-led Bandit Project Launches "Control Your Identity" Campaign (feature)
Learn how the Bandit Project is driving better, more secure user management of Internet identities.

3 Oct 2007
Cool Blog: Updated: Identity Manager Driver Health & Statistics (feature)
In this Cool Blog, Lynn Christensen shares the details of the new UI for Identity Manager Driver Health and Statistics.

3 Oct 2007
Using Mapping Tables in IDM to Set User Destinations (feature)
Dave Gersic shares a few sample polices that use mapping tables to do common lookup tasks.

3 Oct 2007
Success Story: The University of Adelaide (feature)
Learn how Australia's University of Adelaide used Novell Identity Manager to build a solution that synchronizes identities between its data directories.

3 Oct 2007
Notes Driver Support for XDS Attribute Types and Field Data Types (tip)
Perry Nuffer describes the XDS attribute types and Lotus Notes field data types that are supported by the Notes IDM driver.

26 Sep 2007
New at - IDM Plug-in for iManager 2.6 (feature)
Check out the new Identity Manager plug-in for iManager 2.6, on ...

26 Sep 2007
Resyncing Users in IDM after a Delete (tip)
Here's a tip from Ofer Gigi that helps you resync users after they have been deleted and recreated.

26 Sep 2007
AD Driver Default Rule Oddity (tip)
Geoff Carman explores a strange characteristic in an AD Driver rule for IDM. If you know why it behaves like it does, let us know ...

26 Sep 2007
Success Story: Nippon Comsys (feature)
Learn how Nippon Comsys built an effective single sign-on system with the help of Novell eDirectory, Identity Manager, and iChain.

26 Sep 2007
"Expired Query-Ex Data" in the Lotus Notes Driver (tip)
Perry Nuffer explains the mystery behind "expired query ex-data" in the IDM driver for Lotus Notes.

25 Sep 2007
Using GroupWise Mail and Calendar on Non-Novell Portals (tip)
Kevin Hurni explains how to get your GroupWise mail and calendar features working on non-Novell portals.

19 Sep 2007
Creating a Time-triggered Job Automatically with Policies (appnote)
In this AppNote, Pekka Kuronen shares an automatic process for making time-triggered events with IDM, in the spirit of crontab.

19 Sep 2007
Proof of Concept: IDM 3.5.0 JDBC Driver and Apache Derby Java Database (appnote)
This AppNote by Jon Hardman is a demonstration of how Identity Manager can support any RDMS database that works with SQL and JDBC connectivity.

19 Sep 2007
Solutions Providers High-Five Fast Growth Vendors (feature)
Learn how vendors such as Novacoast are reaping the rewards of tight alliances with Novell, Linux, and identity management.

19 Sep 2007
Synchronizing Users into Google Apps with IDM (tip)
Check out this Google Apps connector, built by Johann Akerstrom.

19 Sep 2007
Success Story: New York City Transit (feature)
Learn how the New York City Transit automated their identity management process with Novell Identity Manager and Access Manager.

19 Sep 2007
Moving IDM Drivers from NetWare to Linux (tip)
Here's a tip from Armando Perez that helps you get your Identity Manager drivers safely moved from NetWare to a Linux box.

12 Sep 2007
IDM Rule Programming Techniques for Pseudo Select Statement Emulation (appnote)
This AppNote by Justin Birt explains how to construct complex conditional statements within a single IDM rule.

12 Sep 2007
"I Agree" - A Simple Recipe for Identity Manager Self-Registration (feature)
Michel Bluteau explains how to require users to agree to Terms and Conditions before accessing Self-Registration in Identity Manager

12 Sep 2007
Identity Manager in Leaders' Quadrant for User Positioning (feature)
This evaluation by Gartner, Inc. is based on completeness of vision and ability to execute. Find out more here ...

12 Sep 2007
ATT Training Update (feature)
Check out these new training opportunities from Novell ATT ...

12 Sep 2007
Workaround for -404 Error in iManager (tip)
This tip by Geoff Carman helps you solve a -404 error in iManager that actually stems from a Firefox bug.

12 Sep 2007
Success Story: Anne's Diary (feature)
Learn how Anne's Diary, the first secure social networking site for children, found the secure identity environment it needed, thanks to Novell eDirectory, Access Manager, and NMAS.

12 Sep 2007
IDM Notes Driver and Association Values (tip)
Why does the Notes driver always publishes association values in IDM? Perry Nuffer provides a few answers here ...

5 Sep 2007
Success Story: SecureX (feature)
Learn how the SecureX group combined Novell Identity Manager with eDirectory to manage user accounts in a complex production system.

5 Sep 2007
Solving Notes Driver Error "Operation stopped at your request" (tip)
Perry Nuffer provides some insight on a curious error with the Lotus Notes driver for Identity Manager.

5 Sep 2007
Creating a Unique CN from the IDM UserApp (tip)
Rob Schneider adds a twist to Rudy Duym's AppNote, helping you compare a CN against all those in a tree.

5 Sep 2007
Driver Filter Reset for AD and IDM (tip)
Father Ramon explains how to work with a filter to get it to make AD or policies authoritative on create events but not on modify events.

5 Sep 2007
Populating the AD Home Directory Field with IDM (tip)
Tim Edmonds shares an XML example that helps you get your AD Home Directory field populated, using Identity Manager.

5 Sep 2007
Forcing a Mirror on AD Synchronization (tip)
Here's a tip from Father Ramon that forces a move event when DNs in AD accounts are not the same.

29 Aug 2007
Moving Users Between Containers on both eDirectory and AD (tip)
David Gersic explains a strategy for moving a user from one container to another, on both eDirectory and AD systems.

29 Aug 2007
Audit Starter Pack: Installation, Configuration and Usage Instructions (appnote)
This AppNote by Chris Premo provides a complete guide to successfully installing, configuring, and using the Novell Audit Starter Pack.

29 Aug 2007
Installer for Password Synchronization Filters on AD - IDM Tested Version: 3.5.0 (tool)
This script installs Password Synchronization filters into a Microsoft Active Directory environment.

29 Aug 2007
Troubleshooting Lotus Notes Driver Issues (tip)
Perry Nuffer returns with this timely tip for solving a startup problem with the Lotus Notes driver on Linux, Solaris, and AIX.

29 Aug 2007
Moving Users Between Containers on both eDirectory and AD (tip)
David Gersic explains a strategy for moving a user from one container to another, on both eDirectory and AD systems.

29 Aug 2007
Handling Move Events and Associations with the Loopback Driver (tip)
Here's a tip from Lothar Haeger that helps you use associations on move events, with the IDM loopback driver.

29 Aug 2007
Using Delays with the Workorder Driver (tip)
Father Ramon shares some sample code for implementing timed delays in the IDM Workorder driver.

24 Aug 2007
NetworkTester (tool)
This script is made to test networking hardware and software in a simple way by verifying packets travel reliably across the network.

22 Aug 2007
Using the Time Tokens in IDM 3.5 (feature)
Geoff Carman explains how to use two of the cool new features of Identity Manager 3.5 - the Time and Convert Time tokens. *Update - Test Button information added*

22 Aug 2007
Using the JDBC Driver and Direct SQL (feature)
This article from Geoff Carman shows you how to issue SQL calls from Policy Builder in Identity Manager.

22 Aug 2007
Using Multiple eDir-to-eDir Drivers (tip)
Dave Gersic explains how to run multiple eDir-to-eDir drivers in IDM, with a graphical representation included.

22 Aug 2007
Using the JDBC IDM Driver with Custom Descriptor Files (tip)
Geoff Carman explains how to work around a loading problem when you are using custom descriptor files with the JDBC driver.

15 Aug 2007
Using the Work Order Driver in IDM (feature)
Geoff Carman provides an overview of the new Work Order driver in IDM 3.5, including strategies for how and why to use it.

15 Aug 2007
New from Novell Downloads: Novell Client Login Extension for IDM 3.5 (feature)
Check out the new Novell Client Login Extension for IDM 3.5, at ...

15 Aug 2007
IDM JDBC Driver and Third-Party JDBC Driver Versioning (tip)
Geoff Carman explains how to get proper version matching between the IDM JDBC driver and an Oracle JDBC driver.

15 Aug 2007
Solving Trace File Overwrites in IDM (tip)
Thorsten Schloesser explains how to keep your IDM trace files intact, without being overwritten.

15 Aug 2007
Auxiliary Classes and Identity Manager (tip)
Here's a tip from Geoff Carman that helps you avoid problems with missing mandatory Auxilliary classes in Identity Manager.

8 Aug 2007
Active Directory Driver Basics (appnote)
This AppNote by Aaron Burgemeister provides a comprehensive guide to getting the Microsoft Active Directory (MAD) driver working smoothly with Identity Manager.

8 Aug 2007
Solving RDP Issues on Remote Loader (tip)
This tip from Geoff Carman demonstrates a simple way to get NDSTrace and other options working, when you're connected via RDP.

8 Aug 2007
Sending Only Inserts, Not Updates, to AS400 via IDM (tip)
Jason Elsberry shows how to use XSLT to send insert queries to the database, not updates.

7 Aug 2007
Preventive Maintenance for System Administrators (feature)
Here's some practical and detailed advice on staying ahead of the server maintenance game, courtesy of Hanny Kraa.

2 Aug 2007
IDM Status Monitor v1.1 (tool)
At a glance, allows you to see the current status of any and all of your IDM drivers.

1 Aug 2007
Password Transformation Rule Sets (appnote)
In this AppNote, Geoff Carman takes a detailed look at the policies in the default IDM 3.5 driver sets, adding comments and useful tips.

1 Aug 2007
Upgrading to IDM 3.5 with Multiple eDirectory Instances (feature)
Aaron Burgemeister shares tips and strategies for upgrading IDM when you have multiple instances of eDirectory that you are running.

1 Aug 2007
Setting Up Scope/Role Relationships in IDM (tip)
Here's a tip from Ofer Gigi that helps you establish attribute relationships between scopes and roles in the eDirectory schema.

1 Aug 2007
Accessing a Custom Java Method from IDM (tip)
This tip from Lothar Haeger shows you how to access a custom Java method from Identity Manager.

1 Aug 2007
Open Call - Rules that Need Updating when Migrating to IDM 3.5 (tip)
If you've found a rule that needs to updated for an IDM 2.x or 3.x driver so it works better with IDM 3.5, Geoff Carman wants to know ...

1 Aug 2007
Checking Synchronization between eDirectory Trees (tip)
Jeff Johnson shares a few IDM rules that help you determine whether passwords have been synchronized.

1 Aug 2007
Extracting a Second Entry in a Multi-Valued Attribute (tip)
Father Ramon shares a policy that finds and extracts the second entry in a multi-valued attribute.

30 Jul 2007
iManager Plugin (NPM) Resource File Comparison (tool)
Command Line Tool to compare the resource (properties) file(s) in iManager Plugin NPM Build.

25 Jul 2007
Password Complexity Auditing Driver (tool)
Prints out a .csv file that describe the properties of objects' passwords without actually showing the passwords.

25 Jul 2007
Upgrading the Notes Driver Shim in IDM 3.5 (feature)
This article by Geoff Carman sheds light on some useful tips for when you upgrade the Notes Driver shim in Identity Manager 3.5.

25 Jul 2007
Success Story: Southwest University for Nationalities (feature)
Learn how China's Southwest University for Nationalities used an array or Novell products to establish a comprehensive single sign-on system.

25 Jul 2007
Designer and XML Validation (tip)
Here's a tip by Geoff Carman that points out some "stupid XML tricks" and how to avoid them when using Designer for IDM.

25 Jul 2007
Syncing an Attribute from Notes to eDirectory after Create (tip)
Perry Nuffer shares a policy that helps synchronize an attribute back from Notes to eDirectory after it is created.

25 Jul 2007
Policy example for Association Problems when Updating the i5os Bidirectional Driver to IDM 3.5 (tip)
Jeff Bate provides a policy for changing driver associations to lowercase, helping overcome a previous driver bug in IDM.

25 Jul 2007
Setting the Notes ID Password in IDM 3.5 (tip)
Geoff Carman explains how to get access to the Notes ID file via IDM 3.5, in order to set the user password.

24 Jul 2007
MiniChecker (tool)
Monitor individual drivers on NW, Linux, and Windows, as well as some LDAP search/auth performance and directory sync.

19 Jul 2007
Identity Manager Form Script API (appnote)
This AppNote by Rudy Duym provides a comprehensive overview and API for Identity Manager's powerful Form Script tool.

18 Jul 2007
Removing Identity Manager v3.5 from a NetWare 6.5 Server (feature)
Mike Faris describes how to remove an instance of the IDM Engine from your NetWare Server.

18 Jul 2007
Comparing Identity Manager to Microsoft MIIS (tip)
How does Microsoft MIIS stack up against Novell Identity Manager? Here are a few thoughts from Johann Akerstrom ...

18 Jul 2007
Limitation to AS400 Driver Support in IDM (tip)
Geoff Carman explains a problem with bidirectional synchronization between IDM and i5os for AS400 - and how to avoid it.

18 Jul 2007
Results of Open Call: Driver Association Descriptions (tip)
Here are some additional IDM driver association descriptions, sent in by Brent Kynaston, Vijayakumar Eppodumvendran, Arindam Laha, and Ofer Gigi.

18 Jul 2007
Date Conversion Rule for Policy Builder (tip)
Michel Bluteau shares a handy date conversion rule that gets a date into eDirectory format.

18 Jul 2007
Using Multiple Servers for Driversets (tip)
Aaron Burgemeister shars some advice on assigning multiple servers to an Identity Manager driverset.

18 Jul 2007
Solving License Activation Issues on IDM 3.5 (tip)
Geoff Carman explains a "gotcha" with the IDM 3.5 licensing model and how to take care of it.

18 Jul 2007
Closing a Workflow Request Based on a Directory Query (tip)
This tip from Rudy Duym helps you automatically close an IDM workflow request form, based on the result of a directory query.

18 Jul 2007
Association Problems when Updating the i5os Bidirectional Driver to IDM 3.5 (tip)
Here's another workaround tip from Geoff Carman, helping you avoid upper/lowercase issues in driver association values.

13 Jul 2007
SplitXML for SecureLogin (tool)
Utility to create individual SecureLogin import files from SecureLogin export files containing multiple application definitions, policies or preferences.

11 Jul 2007
Configuring Secure Identity Federation in Novell Access Manager (appnote)
This AppNote from Aruna Kumari explains Identity Federation and how to get it configured securely in Novell Access Manager.

11 Jul 2007
Getting the Current Time into the UserApp Flow (tip)
This tip from Martyn Durrant shows you how to get the current time into a UserApp flowdata variable.

11 Jul 2007
Cool Blog: Domain Services for Windows (feature)
In this Cool Blog, Jaimon Jose explains the benefits of the new Domain Services for Windows feature of OES 2, applied to eDirectory and Active Directory.

11 Jul 2007
Setting Passwords with the Notes Driver on a Remote Share (tip)
You can get remote access to ID files through the Notes driver, thanks to this tip from Geoff Carman.

11 Jul 2007
Adding UserApp Buttons, with Form Scripts or HTML (tip)
Rudy Duym explains how to use a form script function in UserApp to add a text or image button.

11 Jul 2007
Solving Account Disabled Issues with the AS400 Bidirectional Driver (tip)
Geoff Carman shares a rule that allows a disable action to flow from AS400 to eDirectory.

11 Jul 2007
Form Field Visibility after a Workflow Task is Claimed (tip)
This tip from Rudy Duym shows how to make a form field appear only after a workflow task is claimed.

5 Jul 2007
IDM 3.5 Password Notification Service Driver (tool)
IDM 3.5 service driver to send password notifications to users, helpdesk and NAudit.

5 Jul 2007
Best Practices for IDM 3.5 Form Script (feature)
Rudy Duym shares and explains three best practices for using and organizing the form script for IDM 3.5 workflows.

5 Jul 2007
Setting Up a Loopback Driver with a Group Entitlement for eDirectory (tip)
Father Ramon provides a configuration for a loopback driver with a group entitlement for eDirectory.

5 Jul 2007
Workflow Tips for Identity Manager (tip)
Here are some practical tips for getting the most from your IDM workflow routines, courtesy of Rudy Duym.

5 Jul 2007
Open Call - IDM Association Values for eDirectory Objects (tip)
Geoff Carman wants to get a complete list of the available association values for eDirectory objects in IDM - and you can help by joining this Open Call ...

5 Jul 2007
Multiple-Entry Fields and AD Synchronization (tip)
This tip from Dave Simons solves a common AD syncronization problem with multiple-entry fields.

5 Jul 2007
Good Grammar - and IDM Rules (tip)
Sometimes being good is bad - at least when it comes to grammar habits and IDM rules, as Geoff Carman explains ...

5 Jul 2007
Associating Users Based on Group Membership (tip)
Father Ramon shares a simple approach to associating eDirectory users based on their membership in a group.

27 Jun 2007
Using the GroupWise Post Office Record Count with IDM (feature)
David Gersic shows how to use the Post Office Record Count feature in Identity Manager to keep post offices "full" of users.

27 Jun 2007
IDM Pushback Rule for Password Changes (tip)
Here's a handy IDM rule from Jeff Johnson that pushes back a password when certain criteria are met.

27 Jun 2007
Storing Multiple Attribute Changes in a Single Document, with the Notes Driver (feature)
Here's a tip and some sample code from Perry Nuffer that helps you get your changing attributes into one request.

27 Jun 2007
Showing and Hiding Action Buttons from a UserApp ECMA Script (tip)
Rudy Duym explains how to show and hide buttons from a UserApp ECMA Script.

20 Jun 2007
Quick Setup for eDirectory and AD Synch with IDM (feature)
Here's a step-by-step guide for getting the setup done for eDirectory and AD synchronization, courtesy of Aaron Burgemeister.

20 Jun 2007
ATT Training Update (feature)
Check out the latest training offerings from Novell ATT ...

20 Jun 2007
Handling Form Queries with IDM UserApp (tip)
Rudy Duym explains how to get the proper return values when using form queries with the IDM UserApp.

20 Jun 2007
Importing Overlay Configurations in Designer (tip)
Here's a tip from Brady Rogers that helps you import overlay configurations in Designer for IDM.

13 Jun 2007
WorkOrder Details (appnote)
In this AppNote, Aaron Burgemeister explains the inner "workings" of the WorkOrder driver, complete with tree design strategies, code samples, and test details.

13 Jun 2007
Creating a User CIFS Share Path in Active Directory (feature)
This article from Charles Short provides a solution for getting CIFS share paths created automatically for users, in complex environments.

13 Jun 2007
New from - Client Login Extension for IDM 3.5 (tip)
Check out the new Client Login Extension for Identity Manager 3.5, available on ...

13 Jun 2007
Transforming the Home Directory Attribute (tip)
Father Ramon is back with a tip that helps transform the Home Directory attribute involving the eDir-to-eDir driver in IDM.

6 Jun 2007
Configuring IDM to Synchronize with an ADAM Instance (appnote)
In this AppNote, Steve Trottier gives a detailed explanation of how you can configure an Identity Manager driver to synchronize with an ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode) instance.

6 Jun 2007
Using Links with iMonitor Tracing (tip)
Here's a way to make iMonitor tracing simpler and more convenient, courtesy of V.M. Luotonen.

30 May 2007
IDM Support for Exchange 2007 (tip)
Although Exchange 2007 support for Identity Manager is not yet here, this workaround from Yancey Yeargan shows us what we can do in the meantime ...

30 May 2007
Synchronization with the Remote Loader on the Domain Controller (tip)
If you're synchronizing eDirectory with AD, using the Remote Loader on the Domain Controller is a good idea, as Aaron Burgemeister explains.

30 May 2007
Using the INF Installer with the IDM AD Driver (tip)
Lothar Haeger shows how to get the filter DLL properly installed on Domain Controllers, with Identity Manager 3.5.

30 May 2007
Retrieving Date/Time Text Strings via Java (tip)
Need to get date and time in a text string, via Java? Dave Gersic has an XML policy that helps with date formatting.

30 May 2007
Removing Values from the Network Address Field (tip)
The Network Address should get cleared of data - but when it doesn't, this tip from Lothar Haeger should come in handy.

23 May 2007
Cool Blog: Workorder Introduction (feature)
In this Cool Blog, Novell's Aaron Burgemeister gives you a first-hand look at the strange and wonderful world of the new IDM WorkOrder driver.

23 May 2007
AD Password Synch with IDM 3.5 (tip)
Father Ramon explains how IDM 3.5 policies can access and take advantage of external data sources in password synchronization.

23 May 2007
Getting Group Membership, eDirectory to Active Directory (tip)
Jim Willeke shares some advice and some sample code for doing user group assignments, based on OU attribute matching.

23 May 2007
Certificate Renewal Tips for IDM Drivers (tip)
Here are some pointers from David Gersic and Yancey Yeargan on avoiding certificate hassles with IDM drivers.

23 May 2007
Generating Unique 8-Character CN's (tip)
Father Ramon shares a sample policy that helps generate unique CN's that are a maximum of 8 characters.

23 May 2007
Setting Longer Solaris Passwords with IDM (tip)
Here's a tip from Jeremy Grieshop that explains how to set Unix Solaris passwords that are longer than 8 characters.

18 May 2007
Blackbird DeTroubler for eDirectory & Active Directory (tool)
Rapid online recovery for eDirectory & Active Directory.

16 May 2007
Oracle Triggerless/Scalable Driver for IDM (appnote)
In this AppNote, Michel Bluteau explains how to create an Oracle triggerless driver for IDM 3.5 that's scalable and effective.

16 May 2007
Setting Notes User Passwords with NotesDriverShim v3.5 (feature)
Novell's Perry Nuffer is back with a detailed explanation on setting passwords using the Lotus Notes NotesDriverShim v3.5 for IDM.

16 May 2007
ATT Training Update (feature)
Check out the latest in ATT sessions coming to a location near you ...

16 May 2007
Setting and Updating a Counter Value from an IDM Policy (tip)
Jim Willeke's site is worth checking out - this tip explains how to update Global Configuration Values.

9 May 2007
DoubleCheck Integrates Novell Sentinel and Identity Manager (feature)
DoubleCheck has integrated Novell Security and Identity Management Products, including Novell Sentinel and Identity Manager, into its Governance, Risk, Compliance and Testing Solution Suite. Find out more here ...

9 May 2007
IDM 3.5 Work Order Driver Example: Inactivating and Deleting Users (feature)
Fred Patterson shares sample code examples for building an IDM Work Order driver of your own.

9 May 2007
Success Story: Novell Secures User Identities at Fairfax County Public Schools (feature)
One of the nation's largest school districts picks a portfolio of Novell products to centrally manage its identity infrastructure

9 May 2007
Avoiding Startup Vetos with Scoping Rules (tip)
Here's a tip from Geoff Carman that helps you apply scoping to your IDM driver without inadvertently vetoing the driver startup.

9 May 2007
AD / eDirectory Password Synchronization Tip (tip)
Father Ramon shares some advice and sample code for synchronizing Active Directory and eDirectory passwords with Identity Manager.

2 May 2007
IDM 3.5 Synchronization to the Production Tree and Testing LDAP Searches (appnote)
Mike Faris concludes his three-part series on synchronization with Identity Manager 3.5.

2 May 2007
Novell Wins Five Info Security Products Guide Excellence Awards (feature)
Users vote Novell identity, security and resource management solutions Best in Class ...

2 May 2007
Success Story: ANSI (feature)
Learn how the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) used a Novell identity management solution to reduce time spent on manual user provisioning by 90 percent.

2 May 2007
Placing Users in Contexts with the IDM Mapping Table (tip)
David Gersic shares an placement rule that uses the IDM mapping table to get eDirectory users into a target context.

26 Apr 2007
IDM 3.5 pwfilter.dll updater INF (tool)
INF installer updates pwfilter.dll and associated files.

25 Apr 2007
IDM 3.5 Metrics Client Demo (tool)
Demo shows how IDM 3.5 Metrics Webservice can be used to generate a dashboard that can be used to monitor/evaluate workflow performance.

25 Apr 2007
Multi-National Company Deploys eControl to Manage Network Growth and Prepare for IDM 3 (feature)
A leading multi-national marketing company is upgrading to eControl 2.5 to provide delegated user account management for the network systems it acquires during its agressive growth through acquisition strategy. Read more about how it uses eControl to provide web-based, ZERO-Rights, delegated user account management in preparation to deploy its global Novell IDM solution.

25 Apr 2007
Honeywell to Integrate Novell's Identity Management Solution (feature)
Learn how the Honeywell Corporation is taking advantage of Novell Identity Manager to strengthen its access control security platform.

25 Apr 2007
Using Custom Notes Fields in IDM (tip)
Perry Nuffer shares an example policy for storing data in a custom Notes field using Identity Manager.

25 Apr 2007
Entitlements vs. Attribute Changes (tip)
Lothar Haegar shares some insights on whether to use entitlements or attribute changes to grant and revoke resources in connected systems.

25 Apr 2007
Dealing with GroupType Fields in Notes (tip)
Perry Nuffer explains how to work around a problem with how GroupType fields are default-filled using the IDM Notes driver.

18 Apr 2007
Setting up eDirectory to eDirectory Drivers using Identity Manager 3.5 (feature)
Mike Faris continues his series of articles on how to set up and use eDir-to-eDir drivers with IDM 3.5.

18 Apr 2007
Migrating Users from AD to the ID Vault (tip)
Father Ramon shares a policy rule that helps you migrate your Active Directory users to the Identity Vault in IDM.

18 Apr 2007
Checking for Blank Attributes in DirXML (tip)
Father Ramon shares a sample policy rule that checks for blank attributes in DirXML variables.

18 Apr 2007
Using the WorkOrder Driver in IDM (tip)
Perrin Blanchard shares some advice and examples for using the IDM WorkOrder driver effectively.

18 Apr 2007
Placing DNs in Multi-Valued Attributes (tip)
Here's a tip from Father Ramon that helps you get DNs and place them into multi-valued attributes.

18 Apr 2007
Getting Language Templates to Appear in Designer 2.0 (tip)
Need Designer templates in other languages? Novell's Marvin Dean explains how to get them to show up properly.

11 Apr 2007
Improved LDAP Search Tree for eDirectory 8.8 and IDM 3.5, Part 1 (feature)
In this article, Mike Faris shows us how to create an improved LDAP Search Tree for applications that use eDirectory 8.8 and Identity Manager 3.5. Part 1 focuses on creating multiple eDirectory trees on a single SLES server with eDirectory 8.8.1.

11 Apr 2007
Identity Manager Wins Readers' Choice Award (feature)
Novell has received the Readers' Choice Award for Identity and Access Management - get the details here ...

11 Apr 2007
New from Download.Novell.Com (feature)
Here's the info on new Novell product components you can download fron, including the JMS driver for Identity Manager, the IDM Provisioning Module, and the BorderManager 3.8 Eval version.

11 Apr 2007
Mapping CN to Full Name with the Notes Driver (tip)
In this tip, Geoff Carman explains how to control the information that gets synced to eDirectory through the IDM Notes driver.

4 Apr 2007
IDM 3.5 - Update on New Features (feature)
Here's a walkthrough of some of the cool new features in Identity Manager 3.5, courtesy of Geoff Carman.

4 Apr 2007
Success Story: Gundersen Lutheran (feature)
Learn how Gundersen Lutheran health system reduced user management time by 95% with a solution based on Novell Identity Manager and eDirectory.

3 Apr 2007
Placing New Groupwise Accounts in Two PO Objects, by Name, with IDM (tip)
Here's a tip from Aaron Burgemeister that helps you use Identity Manager to put a new GroupWise account into two different Post Office objects.

28 Mar 2007
Identity Manager 3.5 Preview: They Did It Again ... (feature)
Michel Bluteau is back with an in-depth review of the new Identity Manager 3.5.

28 Mar 2007
Using the IDM Delimited Text Driver (tip)
David Gersic shares some insights on using the Uniqe ID and Expiration Time fields with the IDM delimited text driver.

28 Mar 2007
Setting a Multiple Mailfile Path with the IDM Notes Driver (tip)
Geoff Carman explains how to get a multiple mailfile path working, along with a sample IDM rule.

28 Mar 2007
Creating New Notes Users using the Unique Org Unit (tip)
Perry Nuffer shares a sample rule that gets new Notes users created via the Unique Org Unit field.

28 Mar 2007
Stripping Data from Attributes, AD to eDirectory (tip)
Father Ramon shares an input transformation rule that chops off unneeded data in Active Directory attributes.

21 Mar 2007
Introducing Novell Identity Manager 3.5 (feature)
Learn how the new Identity Manager 3.5 offers tighter integration with Novell Access Management and security event monitoring solutions, as it streamlines enterprise user provisioning and password management.

21 Mar 2007
Using Names without IDs in Notes (tip)
What good is using names in Notes with the corresponding ID? Novell's Perry Nuffer has some answers ...

14 Mar 2007
Cool Blog: The Next Identity Manager - Flow Control and Variables (feature)
In this Cool Blog, Shon Vella discusses how new flow control actions and local variable capabilities can make your life easier in Identity Manager 3.5.

14 Mar 2007
Running Domino Console Commands on Password Change (tip)
This tip from Perry Nuffer explains how you can get set up to run Domino Console commands when a password change comes in from your Identity Vault.

14 Mar 2007
Working with eDirectory Containers and Active Directory (tip)
David Gersic has a simple tip for matching and synchronizing eDirectory and Active Directory users.

7 Mar 2007
Cool Blog: The Next Identity Manager - Libraries for Shared Policies and Resources (feature)
In this Cool Blog, Shon Vella gives us a glimpse into a powerful new feature in the upcoming Identity Manager version - Libraries for shared policies and resources.

7 Mar 2007
Managing AD Group Placement (tip)
Father Ramon shares a policy for automatically placing a group into Active Directory via the eDir to AD driver, without using RBE.

28 Feb 2007
Success Story - JohnsonDiversey (feature)
Find out how the JohnsonDiversey corporation strengthened data security and cut administrative costs with a solution including Novell eDirectory, Identity Manager, and ZENworks.

28 Feb 2007
Dynamic Groups and the RBE Driver (feature)
Father Ramon explains the challenges associated with managing dynamic groups in Identity Manager, and how the RBE driver can help.

28 Feb 2007
Adding a Default Attribute to a Document (tip)
Here's a sample IDM rule from Father Ramon that helps you add a default attribute to a document.

28 Feb 2007
Creating an Exchange Mailbox from IDM (tip)
Here's a tip that helps you create an Exchange mailbox using Identity Manager 3.

21 Feb 2007
Global Retailer Uses eControl to Enhance Novell Identity Manager (feature)
Find out how a leading global retailer has deployed eControl from Omni to enhance its Novell Identity Manager implementation.

21 Feb 2007
Using the Address Book Mode in Lotus Notes (tip)
Novell's Perry Nuffer describes the features and behaviors of the Address Book mode for the IDM driver for Notes.

21 Feb 2007
Checking Password Sync between Systems, in Bulk (tip)
Here's an IDM policy for checking synchronization on large numbers of passwords, courtesy of Lothar Haeger.

19 Feb 2007
Generic File Driver for IDM (tool)
Pluggable generic file driver currently supporting read/write of CSV, XML and XLS.

14 Feb 2007
Configuring a Linux High Availability Cluster for IDM 3 and eDirectory 8.8 (appnote)
Can Identity Manager can be used in a clustered environment? Find out the answers in this AppNote by Novell's Jon Hardman.

14 Feb 2007
Monitoring Identity Manager with Novell Audit (feature)
Jeff Johnson shares a guide for getting Novell Audit set up to monitor your Identity Manager transactions.

14 Feb 2007
Novell Previews Next-Generation Identity and Security Management Solutions (feature)
The new releases of Sentinel and Identity Manager underscore Novell's Ongoing Innovation and Leadership. Get the details in this press release.

14 Feb 2007
Loading JBoss and MySQL with the IDM User Application (tip)
V. M. Luotonen shares a step-by-step process for getting JBoss and MySQL to start as services with the IDM User Application.

14 Feb 2007
Avoiding Empty Attributes in Identity Manager (tip)
Here's a tip from Father Ramon that helps you avoid empty attributes in Identity Manager XML docs.

12 Feb 2007
LDAP Count Script (tool)
This script is useful for benchmarking, performance testing, and debugging.

7 Feb 2007
Synchronizing GroupWise and eDirectory Passwords via IDM (appnote)
In this AppNote, Dave Simons walks us through the steps for installing the GroupWise Driver for IDM and synching an eDirectory Password with a GroupWise account.

7 Feb 2007
Identity & Security Management: Time Zone and Daylight Saving Changes (feature)
Find out what you need to know - and do - to get your Novell product implementations ready for the upcoming time zone and Daylight Savings changes.

7 Feb 2007
Success Story: Maine Medical Center (feature)
Learn how the Maine Medical Center added Novell Identity Manager and SecureLogin to an existing eDirectory base to create a scalable and secure identity management solution.

7 Feb 2007
New ActivIdentity Solutions for Novell (feature)
Find out about the latest ActivIdentity product solutions for Novell in this press release.

7 Feb 2007
Installing IDM ... on Windows 2003 or OES Linux? (feature)
Which is the better place to install Identity Manger - Windows 2003 or OES Linux? Find out what a few Forum members have to say ...

31 Jan 2007
Changing Default Policies in Identity Manager (appnote)
Dave Simons explains how to get your default Identity Manager polices set up the way you like, so you can get immediate user synchronization.

31 Jan 2007
Tips for Synchronizing Groups with AD (feature)
Rob Schneider shares a few tips on getting eDirectory and Microsoft AD to play nicely together, when it comes to synchronizing users in Groups.

31 Jan 2007
Using the IDM GroupWise Driver with a GroupWise Cluster (tip)
Axel Larsson explains why using the IDM GroupWise Driver on a GroupWise Cluster works, but can be a rather interesting endeavor ...

31 Jan 2007
Creating New Multi-Valued Groups in IDM (tip)
Father Ramon is back with a tip on handling multi-valued groups with a single Identity Manager rule.

24 Jan 2007
Cool Blog: Synchronization versus Virtualization (feature)
In this Cool Blog, Volker Scheuber discusses the pros and cons of virtualization and synchronization with IDM.

24 Jan 2007
Moving IDM to a Linux Platform (feature)
Interested in moving your IDM system to Linux? Lothar Haegar and Aaron Burgemeister share some advice and a few tips to make the transition easier.

24 Jan 2007
Firefox Bug in iManager (tip)
Here's a workaround for a Firefox bug that causes iManager pages to display incorrectly. Thanks to Kevin Hurni for the heads up ...

24 Jan 2007
Troubleshooting Remote Loader Upgrade Issues (tip)
Geoff Carman has a workaround for old filters for Remote Loader that get left behind during an upgrade to IDM 2 or IDM 3.

24 Jan 2007
Sub-Error Codes for LDAP Error 49 (tip)
There's more to LDAP Error 49 than meets the eye ... find out what the next steps are, thanks to this tip from Geoff Carman.

24 Jan 2007
Mailfile Quota Size Setting Not Replicated on IDM Driver for Lotus Notes (tip)
Novell's Perry Nuffer explains how the mailfile quota size for the Notes driver may get ignored, and what you can do about it ...

17 Jan 2007
Automated Testing for Novell Identity Manager - A Designer Plug-in (tool)
An xUnit automated testing framework that plugs into Designer for Novell Identity Manager.

17 Jan 2007
IDM Password Synch with eDirectory and AD (appnote)
In this AppNote, Dave Simons outlines the tasks for getting Password Synch working between eDirectory and Microsoft AD, using Novell Identity Manager.

17 Jan 2007
Success Story: Alvarado Independent School District (feature)
Learn how the Alvarado Independent School District in North Texas developed a comprehensive integration solution, featuring Novell Identity Manager, Novell Storage Manager, and SIF.

17 Jan 2007
Troubleshooting Connection and File Access Problems with Notes (tip)
Here are some helpful troubleshooting tips for problems with the Domino Server and Notes, courtesy of Perry Nuffer.

17 Jan 2007
Setting IDM Transaction Status (tip)
Dave Gersic shares an approach and some Transform code samples to get a transaction status set without relying on the veto operation.

17 Jan 2007
Using Manager Groups in Notes (feature)
Novell's Perry Nuffer explains a little-known custom parameter in the IDM3 that supports groups that contain a variety of Notes object types.

10 Jan 2007
IDM Synchronization between eDirectory and AD (appnote)
In this AppNote, Dave Simons explains how to set up and configure Novell Identity Manager 3.0.1 for user synchronization between Novell eDirectory and Micosoft Active Directory.

10 Jan 2007
Handling E-mail Addresses as Objects with IDM, Notes, and eDirectory (feature)
Geoff Carman sheds some light on getting a non-DN value, like e-mail addresses, to work where DN fields (object IDs) are expected.

10 Jan 2007
Reading the DN without Mapping the Attribute (tip)
Father Ramon is back, with a tip on how to read a destination attribute token without first automatically mapping the attribute to a corresponding eDirectory object.

10 Jan 2007
Signing the dsrepcfg.ntf File for the Domino Server (tip)
Here's a simple workaround from Geoff Carman that gets a Lotus Domino server file copied properly.

3 Jan 2007
Windows Remote Loader Tasks for the Lotus Notes Driver (tip)
Geoff Carman takes us through the setup tasks to get the Lotus Notes server ready for Remote Loader configuration.

3 Jan 2007
Configuring Lotus Notes Group Types for IDM (tip)
One of the least understood Notes attributes is GroupType. Geoff Carman shares some insights on how you can configure it as part of the Notes driver for Identity Manager.

3 Jan 2007
Using an IDM Rule to Track Attribute Changes in Oracle DB (tip)
Francesco Vinci shares an Identity Manager rule that tracks Oracle database changes for attributes.

30 Dec 2006
Configure Password for eDirectory Users (tool)
Change/reset passwords for large number of users in eDirectory.

30 Dec 2006
FSF/NSM User Storage Service Driver (tool)
Loopback driver to automatically assign File System Factory/Novell Storage Manager policies to users.

20 Dec 2006
Troubleshooting SSL Certificate Issues with the eDir-eDir Driver (tip)
In this troubleshooting tip, Novell's Heath Tennant points out some obvious things ... that you probably didn't think about.

13 Dec 2006
Alternative Method of Installing Plugins for iManager (appnote)
In this AppNote, Talekar Nagareshwar explains an easy way to get your plug-ins installed in iManager.

13 Dec 2006
Cool Blog: Daylight Saving Time (again) (feature)
Shon Vella sheds light on some new developments in the ongoing DST saga for Identity Manager and Java applications.

13 Dec 2006
Replacing a Server and Keeping the IDM Configuration (tip)
Jeff Johnson has an easy procedure for replacing an IDM server without losing its configuration.

10 Dec 2006
Cool Blogs: Designer 2.0 M5 has shipped (feature)
Get the details on the latest milestone release of Designer 2.0, courtesy of Bill Street.

1 Dec 2006
Special Holiday Drawing Winner! (feature)
Congratulations to Gary Childers - the lucky winner of the iPod nano RED special edition!

29 Nov 2006
IDM Code Snippets (feature)
Here's another cool page from Jim Willeke's site - it has code snippets you can use to perform basic and important IDM tasks.

29 Nov 2006
Generating Random Passwords for User Creation (tip)
Here's a bit of sample code from Arno Dorenbusch that helps you generate random passwords when you create new users.

29 Nov 2006
Executing Scripts on UserID Change (tip)
Johan Akerstrom shares a few Java classes that execute an script on a local or remote server, once a userID has been provisioned or deprovisioned.

22 Nov 2006
Success Story: North Kansas City School District (feature)
Learn how the North Kansas City School District eliminated all manual efforts in creating new student accounts, with students getting access to resources the first day of school.

22 Nov 2006
Lotus Notes: Adding Group Membership during "Add User" (feature)
Perry Nuffer explains groups and group membership in Lotus Notes, and how to get users associated properly.

22 Nov 2006
Placement of External Users in IDM (feature)
Where do you put "external" users in an Identity Manager solution? Here are a few insights from the Forum ...

22 Nov 2006
Synching Multiple Address Books in Lotus Notes with eDirectory (tip)
Novell's Perry Nuffer explains how to synchronize Lotus Notes users from multiple address books with eDirectory.

15 Nov 2006
Cool Blog: Relational Database Synchronization Using JDBC (feature)
Novell's Steven Weitzeil explains how the IDM driver for JDBC works, and how it adds great connectivity possibilities for your IDM system.

15 Nov 2006
Changing a Non-CN Identifier During Rename (tip)
Ray Epping shares an policy that helps you set a new IDM association when a user is renamed.

15 Nov 2006
Automatically Loading the IDM UserApplication (tip)
Cool Solutions reader V.M. Luotonen explains how to install MySQL and Jboss as a service, so the IDM User Application will load automatically after restarting the Windows server.

15 Nov 2006
Querying the IDM EventLog for a Current Event (tip)
With this handy stylesheet from Novell's Keith Armstrong, you can query data from the EventLog via the IDM JDBC connector.

1 Nov 2006
Novell & Microsoft: What Do You Think? (tip)
Learn more about the landmark announcement from Novell and Microsoft.

25 Oct 2006
Web-based User Account and Identity Management White Paper (feature)
Mergers, acquisitions, security and privacy requirements - and the potentially devastating lawsuits for non-compliance - have increased the need for systems and processes that simplify user account management in mixed networks. Omni eControl delivers a web-based, "ZERO Rights" user account management tool for Novell GroupWise, eDirectory and mixed Novell and Microsoft networks. It's an ideal complement to Novell Identity Manager 3 for distributed user account management.

25 Oct 2006
Learning XPATH for IDM (tip)
Father Ramon, Perry Nuffer, and Anders Gustafsson share their opinions on some of the best options for learning XPATH for Identity Manager.

25 Oct 2006
Sending E-mails on Unsuccessful Transactions (tip)
Here's a short policy smaple from Jeff Johnson that helps you automatically send an e-mail when a transaction is unsuccessful.

25 Oct 2006
Getting Designer to Work with Eclipse (tip)
If you're trying to integrate Designer 1.2 into an Eclipse installation, here's a tip that should make things a bit easier ...

25 Oct 2006
Linking eDir Drivers in Designer (tip)
Here are two quick tips on getting the eDir drivers to appear connected in Designer for Identity Manager.

18 Oct 2006
Using Bi-directional Password Synchronization with Oracle Internet Directory (feature)
Cool Solutions reader Uwe Krause digs into a mystery - and comes up with bi-directional password sync, up and running for OID.

18 Oct 2006
Success Story: Miyazaki Prefecture (feature)
Learn how Japan's Miyazaki Prefectural Office fulfilled their automation plan by adopting a strong Novell Identity Manager solution.

18 Oct 2006
IDM and OID - Jim Willeke's Web Page (tip)
Check out Jim Willeke's web page on tips for using Identity Manager with Oracle Internet Directory (OID).

18 Oct 2006
Caching and the AD Publisher Channel (tip)
Father Ramon and Dave Gersic share some insights on how to keep track of changes and events on the AD publisher channel in Identity Manager.

11 Oct 2006
Synching One Source to Two Destinations in the Same Tree (tip)
Father Ramon explains how to sync a single source to two destinations in the same tree.

11 Oct 2006
IDM 3 AD to eDir Driver Errors -9024 and -9065 (tip)
If IDM errors -9024 and -9065 are getting you down, try these suggestions from Novell's Aaron Burgemeister.

27 Sep 2006
Success Story: IDM and Furukawa Electric (feature)
Learn how Furukawa Electric streamlined its business processes and IT management with a Novell Identity Manager solution.

27 Sep 2006
Selectively Placing Users, from Flat to Hierarchical (tip)
Dan Denton shares a placement rule that moves users from a flat structure to a hierarchy, depending on a user attribute.

27 Sep 2006
Automatically Setting Passwords on Driver Match (tip)
Father Ramon has a rule you can add to your publisher matching policy - the result is to automatically set the password on a match.

27 Sep 2006
Creating a Mail File to Use on an External Server (tip)
Novell's Perry Nuffer shows how to create a mail file on a server other than where the Lotus Notes driver is running.

27 Sep 2006
Converting AD Password Attribute from UTC to a Java Timestamp (tip)
Need to convert the AD Attribute "pwdLastSet" from UTC time to a Java/database format? Scott Kraemer has a Java class that does the trick.

27 Sep 2006
Synchronizing Challenge-Response Data between IDM-Connected Trees (tip)
Here's a way to set challenge responses in a central IDvault, so users can use the forgotten password link on their local tree when logging in via the Novell client.

20 Sep 2006
Building an IDM 3 Test Environment using eDirectory 8.8 Multi-Instances (appnote)
Novell's Akos Szechy brings the worlds of IDM 3 and eDirectory 8.8 together, focusing on multi-instance support in a test environment.

20 Sep 2006
Moving Users from a Flat Identity Vault to a Hierarchy Tree (feature)
Here's another approach to moving users from "flat" to a "hierarchical", courtesy of David Gersic.

20 Sep 2006
Success Story: RedSpider and Novell Identity Manager (feature)
Learn how an alliance of colleges in the Netherlands - known as RedSpider - saved a significant amount of money by using Identity Manager to streamline student account management and password synchronization.

20 Sep 2006
Using Existing AD Users as Templates in IDM (tip)
Can AD users serve as a template for creating new users in Identity Manager? Father Ramon shares an approach to do just that ...

20 Sep 2006
Password Sync and the Notes Driver (tip)
Perry Nuffer shares some insights on how the Notes Driver for Identity Manager interacts with Universal Password for synchronization.

20 Sep 2006
Detecting User-Driver Associations (tip)
Lothar Haeger shows how to find out if a user is associated with another driver in an IDM Tree.

20 Sep 2006
Converting Boolean Attributes for OpenLDAP (tip)
In this case, cases can be a pain ... Father Ramon shows how to flip lowercase NDS Boolean values to uppercase for use with OpenLDAP.

13 Sep 2006
Synchronizing eDir-2-eDir, Flat to Hierarchical (feature)
Will Schneider shares a few policies that helps you selectively synchronize users to a hierarchical tree.

13 Sep 2006
Success Story: State of Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (feature)
Learn how the State of Nevada leveraged Novell Identity Manager and eDirectory to simplify ID and password acces in their new web-access environment.

13 Sep 2006
Results from Open Call: Laptop Encryption without Active Directory (tip)
Several readers have responded with their approaches for laptop encryption - without Active Directory. Read their comments here ...

13 Sep 2006
Cool Blog: Heads Down (Designer Improvements) (feature)
What are the cool new features in Designer 2.0, m4? Volker Scheuber has the answers in this Cool Blog ...

13 Sep 2006
Pushing Passwords from NetWare to Windows (tip)
Here's a handy process for setting up a driver that will move passwords from NetWare to a Windows 2000 domain controller, courtesy of Martyn Durrant.

6 Sep 2006
GERM (tool)
Monitors events, like worker hires and terminations, to validate they were properly updated in a number of destinations.

30 Aug 2006
Finding Relationships Data on the Publisher Channel (tip)
Martyn Durrant shares a few pointers on finding and using Relationships Data on the Identity Manager Publisher Channel.

30 Aug 2006
Handling Custom Attributes in Notes (tip)
Novell's Perry Nuffer returns with some cool insights on Lotus Notes custom attributes and how to handle them.

30 Aug 2006
Workaround for Event-Hold Script Problem (tip)
Here's a workaround tip for password change events that don't get released from "hold" status.

30 Aug 2006
Running a Driver Script after AD Account Creation (tip)
Patrick Rainer shares a text driver script that runs after a user account is created in Active Directory.

30 Aug 2006
eDir to eDir Connections in Designer (tip)
Here are a few insights from the Forum on getting eDir to eDir connections working in the Designer tool for Identity Manager.

23 Aug 2006
Success Story: Automobile Association (feature)
Learn how the Automobile Association of the UK used Novell eDirectory and Identity Manager to increase information security and reduce business risk, while keeping costs under control.

23 Aug 2006
Generating a Unique Notes FullName prior to Notes Registration (tip)
Novell's Perry Nuffer shares a style sheet that finds unique Notes FullNames so user-add commands don't fail.

23 Aug 2006
Cool Blog: News from the Identity Management Front (tip)
Two new features coming in Designer 2.0 are snapshotting and staging. Find out why Volker Scheuber is so excited about what this will mean for Identity Manager ...

23 Aug 2006
Auxiliary Classes and IDM (tip)
Father Ramon is back with another tip on using aux classes in Identity Manager.

21 Aug 2006
You Talk, Novell Listens: Progress Report on Customer Suggested Improvements (tip)
Check out this report that explains how Novell has implemented many changes suggested by customers.

16 Aug 2006
Success Story: Leiden University and Identity Manager (feature)
Find out how Leiden University, the oldest university in The Netherlands, partnered with Novell Consulting to find a winning solution for identity management.

16 Aug 2006
Cool Blog: Changes in IDM 3.0.1 (IDM SP1) (feature)
Volker Scheuber gets down to the details with this thorough look at what's inside the new SP1 release of Identity Manager 3.0.1.

16 Aug 2006
Finding the User DN with the Delimited Driver (tip)
Lothar Haeger shares an approach and some code that finds uses the delimited driver to find a user's DN and import or modify it.

16 Aug 2006
Finding Users Stuck in Migrate Status (tip)
When your users get stuck in the "migration door," this tip from Cool Solutions reader Chris Bracy should help you find and fix them.

16 Aug 2006
Have You Heard This One-Liner? (tip)
No joke - this code snippet from Justin Grote could help you find and manage users in an AD tree.

26 Jul 2006
Monitoring IDM, Using Nagios for Windows (feature)
Adam Bradley shares a solution for configuring Nagios with Identity Manager, complete with a sample policy and script.

26 Jul 2006
Identity Manager 3.0.1 Now Available (feature)
Check out the new Identity Manager version 3.0.1 - it's ready for download!

26 Jul 2006
GW Driver: Address Book and External Users (tip)
Novell's Perry Nuffer shares an approach and a sample placement rule for adding GroupWise users without mailboxes.

26 Jul 2006
Getting Guest Access to the UserApp Directory Search Page (tip)
Novell's Dennis Meers provides a step-by-step process for setting up guest access on the UserApp directory search page.

26 Jul 2006
Outputting HTML from Designer (tip)
Here's a nifty way to get Designer output into HTML format, courtesy of Adam Bradley.

26 Jul 2006
Setting Login Expiration Time from XSLT (tip)
Here's a quick tip from Jeff Johnson on setting password expiration time for Identity Manager in XSLT.

19 Jul 2006
Installing IDM 3.0, User Application, and iManager 2.6 on SLES 10 RC3 (tip)
Michel Bluteau explains how to install IDM 3, UserApp, and iManager 2.6 on SLES 10, for use in a demo system.

19 Jul 2006
Using the IDM GroupWise Driver (tip)
Dave Gersic shares some sample code in a Subscriber Command Transform to help use the IDM GroupWise driver.

19 Jul 2006
Vetoing Group-Modifies for Users without DirXML Associations (tip)
If you need to get users added and associated before putting them into groups, this tip from Novell's Perry Nuffer should help.

12 Jul 2006
Synchronizing Multiple OUs Effectively with GCV (appnote)
Novell's Michel Bluteau adds a second AppNote on the topic of synchronization with GCV (Global Configuration Variables).

12 Jul 2006
Designer 1.2 Release Candidate 3 (feature)
Designer 1.2 Release Candidate 3 is now available - get the details here!

12 Jul 2006
Cool Blog: Enforcer for Identity Manager (feature)
In this Cool Blog article, Bill Street explains how Enforcer for Identity Manager can be an ideal tool for setting up IDM projects and ensuring data consistency.

12 Jul 2006
Password Management Script (tip)
Managing NDS Passwords and Universal Passwords at the same time can be tricky. Here's a handy script from Armando Perez that makes it all a bit simpler.

12 Jul 2006
Automated E-mail on Employee Department Change (tip)
This script from Armando Perez shows you how to auto-generate a notification e-mail when an employee changes departments. The script also captures the manager's name and the employee's effective move date.

28 Jun 2006
How to Monitor an IDM Driver for Activity (feature)
How do you know if your IDM driver is still running? Novell's Aaron Burgemeister explains two proactical ways to get that information.

28 Jun 2006
Cool Blog: Mixing the Doughs, Baking the Cake, Tasting It (feature)
Sample Volker Scheuber's "marble cake" of role-based entitlements and workflow, including a downloadable driver export with custom entitlements and DirXML script policies to manage the static include/exclude lists.

28 Jun 2006
Success Story - Ohio Office of the Attorney General (feature)
Learn how the Ohio Office of the Attorney General used a Novell solution to integrate multiple applications and give users secure single sign-on access to tools that help solve and prevent crimes.

21 Jun 2006
Cool Blog: Mutually Exclusive? (feature)
Novell's Volker Scheuber discusses how role-based and approval-based provisioning can work together - like "the perfect marble cake" in a good architecture ...

21 Jun 2006
Success Story: Department of Industry and Resources, Western Australia (feature)
Learn how the Department of Industry and Resources, Western Australia, revamped its approach to enterprise security, with Novell Identity Manager as the key element.

14 Jun 2006
Using OpenAdaptor with LDIF Translations (feature)
Find out how the freeware OpenAdaptor utility can help with LDIF translations, courtesy of Andrey Karyagin.

14 Jun 2006
Creating Universal AD Groups in IDM (tip)
If you need Identity Manager to create universal groups (instead of the default global ones), check out this solution from Cade Carvell.

14 Jun 2006
Cool Blog: The Yin and Yang of Identity Management (feature)
In this Cool Blog, Novell's Volker Scheuber gives us a glimpse of the future for the popular Designer for Identity Manager.

14 Jun 2006
Enhancing the IDM Portal with Single Sign-On (tip)
Erich Vogel shares some insights into adding single sign-on capability to the IDM Portal.

14 Jun 2006
Novell OpenAudio - IDM Designer (feature)
Listen to this cool OpenAudio interview about the new Designer for Identity Manager, hosted by Ted Haeger.

13 Jun 2006
LdapCheck (tool)
Check relationship of objects.

25 May 2006
LdapReport (tool)
Query LDAP and return an attribute value.

24 May 2006
IDM Racf Policy Builder Script (tool)
Use Policy Builder to send commands to RACF System.

24 May 2006
Novell Identity Vault on SUSE 9: from Vmware Project to Full Install (appnote)
Setting up an identity vault on SUSE 9 has never been easier, thanks to this AppNote from Novell's Richard Cabana.

24 May 2006
Enabling Entitlements for the eDirectory Driver(s) without In-the-box Entitlements (appnote)
Novell's Michel Bluteau shares an AppNote that describes how to create an Entitlement for the eDirectory driver. It also helps you leverage the driver with the Workflow/Provisioning Module, to create workflows for granting or revoking access.

24 May 2006
Screencams for Identity Manager (feature)
New to Novell Identity Manager? Check out the IDM Screencams for a quick tour of the product.

22 May 2006
Loopback Initial Password Setup (tool)
Automatic initial passwords setup.

22 May 2006
IDMWebservice Kit (tool)
Allow IDM drivers to start Extend Workflows.

18 May 2006
FileJDBCLoaderGeneric (tool)
Module to load text files using spring in IDM projects.

18 May 2006
Spring Procedure Module (tool)
Module to run procedures using spring in IDM projects.

17 May 2006
Synchronizing Objects into the Right Containers (feature)
Will Schneider shows us how to associate OUs so that users are more consistent between eDirectory and Active Directory. Example policies are included to get you started.

17 May 2006
How Novell Sentinel Enriches Novell Identity Manager (feature)
This Cool Blog by Novell's Steve Weitzel highlights six ways in which the new Novell Sentinel architecture enriches Novell Identity Manager.

17 May 2006
Catholic Healthcare West Success Story (feature)
Learn how Catholic Healthcare West streamlined operations with a solid identity management solution from Novell.

16 May 2006
Association Modifier (tool)
A simple application for handling associations built by DirXML drivers.

16 May 2006
Asgard LDAP Rename Module (tool)
Rename/move objects in any LDAP server.

10 May 2006
Bringing up iManager 2.0.x after a Change of Server Hostname (tip)
Harshwardhan Pradan explains how to successfully bring up iManager after a hostname change.

8 May 2006
Asgard Password Test Module (tool)
Module to test password synchronization using Asgard IDM Test Tool.

4 May 2006
RACF Remote Loader Kit (tool)
Scripts to setup Remote Loader on OMVS Mainframe.

3 May 2006
Novell Acquires eSecurity, Inc. (feature)
Read about how newly acquired e-Security and its Sentinel 5 product make Novell's Identity Management solutions even stronger.

3 May 2006
Novell Videos Are Here (feature)
Now you can find Novell marketing videos in one convenient place, including BrainShare, Student Competitions, and Archived Videos.

27 Apr 2006
MultiCert Lotus Script (tool)
Script to allow Notes Driver to switch a cert file based in a user attribute.

26 Apr 2006
Identity Manager 3 Demo - Triangle Novell Users' Group (feature)
Problem: Your IT person doesn't understand what Identity Manager 3 is and what new features it has to offer. Solution: A cool, downloadable demo video by Bruce Spooner makes it clear!

21 Apr 2006
Designer for Identity Manager (tool)
Client-based tool for designing, debugging, deploying, and documenting your identity management solutions.

19 Apr 2006
Continuum Partners Success Story (feature)
Read about how Novell consultants helped Continuum Health Partners create a security and identity solution with Novell eDirectory and Identity Manager.

19 Apr 2006
Preventing IDM Changes to the notes.ini File (tip)
If you need to prevent Identity Manager from adding entries to the Lotus notes.ini file, check out this tip from Novell's Perry Nuffer.

12 Apr 2006
Hiding a Password on a Stylesheet from the Log (tip)
Cade Carvell shares his custom stylesheet that helps you keep a password from showing up in the log.

12 Apr 2006
Weber District Success Story (feature)
Learn how the Weber School District's new identity management solution is saving time and money, providing a consolidated view of 31,000 student and staff identities.

12 Apr 2006
Allowing Moves Only from Specific Containers (tip)
Here's a quick and easy way to set a rule condition so it will veto moves that come from unauthorized containers.

12 Apr 2006
Preventing AD Synchronization at Startup (tip)
Rob Schneider explains how to prevent startup AD synchronization in certain cases.

29 Mar 2006
Preventing Password Changes from Applications (tip)
When an application originates a password change, that can be an issue. Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares an IDM policy that vetoes password-changing operations from apps.

29 Mar 2006
Synchronizing an Expired Password with Active Directory (tip)
If you're using Active Directory and eDirectory, here's an IDM policy that make your expired password synchronization a bit easier. It's courtesy of Novell's Aaron Burgemeister.

29 Mar 2006
Keeping Expired Users Out of Lotus Notes (tip)
If your "expired" users can still log in to Lotus Notes, check out this configuration solution from Novell's Perry Nuffer.

29 Mar 2006
Read-only Access to IDM via iManager (tip)
Need to check whether IDM drivers are up and running, via iManager? Cool Solutions reader Tim Andrews shares a nifty procedure for getting read-only access to IDM via iManager.

23 Mar 2006
AS400 Basics for Platform Receiver and IDM (appnote)
Curious about AS400? Novell's Nicolas Barberis provides a great starter's guide, including navigation and Platform Receiver Commands for IDM.

23 Mar 2006
LUM Driver for Identity Manager (feature)
Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares an IDM loopback driver that's designed to LUM-enable users as they make it into the filter.

23 Mar 2006
GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH Success Story (feature)
Read how pharmaceutical company GEHE harnessed the power of eDirectory and Identity Manager to reduce costs and boost efficiency.

23 Mar 2006
Installing the Identity Manager Remote Loader on Debian Linux (feature)
Need to get the IDM Remote Loader on Debian? Phillip Cockrell shows you how in this step-by-step explanation.

20 Mar 2006
Policies.exe (tool)
Temporarily remove policy restrictions, do what needs to be done, then put the policy restrictions back...all without a reboot!

15 Mar 2006
Moving Disabled User Objects to the Inactive Container (tip)
Here's a rule that moves a user's eDirectory object to the Inactive Container when the user is disabled.

1 Mar 2006
Lotus Notes Troubleshooting Tips (tip)
Dealing with "missing files" for the Lotus Notes driver is an easier matter now, thanks to these troubleshooting tips from Novell's Perry Nuffer.

1 Mar 2006
Timestamps, XPATH and Java (tip)
Perin Blanchard shares some tips on getting a human-readable string of the date and time that works with XPATH and Java.

1 Mar 2006
Adding a uniquemember Attribute to an Oracle Group (tip)
Father Ramon shares a transformation rule that helps you add a uniquemember attribute to an Oracle group.

1 Mar 2006
Solving Password Problems with the Lotus Notes Driver (tip)
Novell's Perry Nuffer provides a workaround for modify-password failures that occur in certain cases with the NotesDriverShim.

22 Feb 2006
Multiple OUs Scoping for Identity Manager Drivers (appnote)
In this AppNote, Novell's Michel Bluteau shows how you can work more effectively with multiple OUs in eDirectory, Active Directory, and LDAP-enabled directories.

22 Feb 2006
Novell Takes Silver for ID Management (feature)
Read about Novell's recent identity management award given out by Information Security and

22 Feb 2006
Get Thee to a Nano-ry! (tip)
Finally, a podcast for the die-hard Novell enthusiast! Novell Users International and Novell have teamed up to bring you Novell Open Audio, the cool audio companion for the avid Cool Solutions reader.

22 Feb 2006
Using the Domino Admin Process with the Notes Driver Shim (feature)
Novell's Perry Nuffer demonstrates how to get the most from the Domino Admin Process with the Lotus Notes driver shim.

22 Feb 2006
Designer for Identity Manager Milestone Build (feature)
Find out about the newest Designer for Identity Manager build, including installation tips and what's-new info.

22 Feb 2006
Excluding OU's from Synchronization (tip)
Shayne Heidemann shows us several different ways to exclude an entire OU from synchronization, including a custom rule and a reference to a Cool Solutions Tool.

22 Feb 2006
Converting All-Capitals to Title Case (tip)
Forum participant Lothar Haeger shares a solution that converts all-caps to title case.

22 Feb 2006
How to Get DirXML Trace Information (tip)
A newly updated Tech Center article explains the ins and outs of getting the DirXML trace information you need to help you troubleshoot problems.

15 Feb 2006
Sending an E-mail on Account-Disabled (tip)
Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares a way to automatically send a notification message when a user account is disabled.

15 Feb 2006
Solving Lotus Notes "Corruption" Problems (tip)
Do read errors from the Lotus Notes Driver indicate database corruption? Often the answer is no, as Novell's Perry Nuffer demonstrates ...

15 Feb 2006
Appender for Log4j (tip)
Alfredo Santos shows us how to develop a new appender to log4j, including sending the log to another application.

2 Feb 2006
Asgard RuntimeExec Module (tool)
Allows command execution in the machine running Asgard Test Tool.

2 Feb 2006
IDMRuntimeExec (tool)
Allows IDM drivers to execute native commands of IDM Installed Platforms.

2 Feb 2006
Update on Linux Application Request Survey (feature)
Scott Morris reveals and discusses the newest data and results from Novell's Linux Application Request Survey.

31 Jan 2006
IDM2CommonsLog (tool)
Allows IDM drivers to send events using Apache Commons Log.

26 Jan 2006
The Application People Most Want Ported to Linux Is... (feature)
We have posted a survey designed to find out which Windows-only applications are keeping people from switching to Linux. Scott Morris reveals the progress of this survey.

26 Jan 2006
IDM2LOG4J (tool)
Allows IDM drivers to send events to specific appenders of Log4j.

19 Jan 2006
Best Identity Manager - Novell Identity Manager! (feature)
Novell Identity Manager was chosen as Best Identity Manager in InfoWorld's 2006 Technology of the Year Awards. Read about it here ...

19 Jan 2006
Converting to Multi-valued Attributes (tip)
This tip from Novell's Alfredo Santos shows you how to convert a single attribute with delimited data to a structured data form.

19 Jan 2006
Lotus Notes Troubleshooting (tip)
If you've ever received the "Vector must contain objects all of the same class" error from your Lotus Notes driver, you'll find relief with this solution from Novell's Perry Nuffer.

19 Jan 2006
Using an XML Attribute as a Policy Builder Nodeset (tip)
Father Ramon shares several examples that show how to work with XML attributes and nodesets for use in Policy Builder.

19 Jan 2006
Creating the DSREPCFG Database for Notes (tip)
Novell's Alfredo Santos has a workaround for the missing DSREPCFG database that should come from the Lotus Notes DirXML driver.

26 Dec 2005
Asgard File Manipulation Modules (tool)
Modules to manipulate files using Asgard Test Tool.

21 Dec 2005
Asgard - IDM Test Tool 1.2 Crypto Edition (tool)
Integration Test Tool with Encryption for IDM projects.

19 Dec 2005
IDM 3DES Crypto (tool)
Encrypt passwords in IDM solutions.

15 Dec 2005
Novell Identity Manager 3 Releases (feature)
It's here! Now find out how to get ready to use Novell's latest and greatest identity management tool - Identity Manager 3.

15 Dec 2005
Asgard: The IDM Integration Test Tool (feature)
Novell's Alfredo Santos offers a powerful solution for test automation - the Asgard Test Tool. Check out the modules and XML examples, and find out how this tool can help lighten your test burdens.

15 Dec 2005
Configuring the Identity Manager driver for Active Directory with SSL (feature)
Cool Solutions guru Michel Bluteau contributes a how-to article for installing the remote loader and the AD driver on a Member Server instead of on the Domain Controller.

15 Dec 2005
Reformatting Contact Fields (tip)
Stripping out special charaters in contact data fields can be a bother. Cool Solutions reader Bryan Green eases our burden with a nifty custom policy that does the reformatting for you. *UPDATE* Corrected rules sample included.

15 Dec 2005
Removing Selected Source Attributes (tip)
Father Ramon shares a handy example, including XPATH expressions, to help you remove source attributes in a schema.

15 Dec 2005
Lotus Notes Driver Tip (tip)
Need some help with the Lotus Notes driver? Novell's Perry Nuffer shares information about license types and contributes a sample subscriber channel policy.

12 Dec 2005
Procedure Asgard Module (tool)
Run procedures using JDBC.

17 Nov 2005
Using an Application Map Table for Provisioning (tip)
Novell's Alfredo Santos shares a nifty way to access applications in a provisioning situation. It includes a stored procedure, map table, and Java class you can run to get the results you need.

17 Nov 2005
Toggling Boolean Attribute Values (tip)
When was the last time you toggled Booleans? ... hmmm ... Father Ramon shows you how, with a nifty piece of sample code.

8 Nov 2005
SAP Asgard Modules (tool)
Query Sap User roles and profiles.

7 Nov 2005
Designer for Identity Manager (tool)
A highly visual, client-based tool for designing, debugging, deploying, and documenting your identity management solutions.

7 Nov 2005
IDMMiscTools (tool)
A package of tools to use with IDM drivers.

4 Nov 2005
Minimal Provisioning (tool)
Prepare a automatic minimal provisioning.

1 Nov 2005
REXX Program (tool)
Execute NATURAL ADABAS Programs with IDM RACF Driver.

1 Nov 2005
Asgard - IDM Test Tool (tool)
Integration Test Tool for IDM projects.

27 Oct 2005
JDBC Command (tool)
Java class for IDM to execute JDBC Commands like stored procedures, inserts, updates, etc.

21 Oct 2005
Novell Identity Manager Wins the InfoWorld Review (feature)
So who is the top gun in Identity Management? Easy - Novell Identity Manager is simply the best - read this article to find out why!

21 Oct 2005
Novell Identity Manager High Availability on PolyServe Clusters (appnote)
This AppNote by Yan Fitterer details a solution for making Identity Manager (and eDirectory) highly available on Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 (SLES9) Linux platform. The approach is based on a PolyServe Matrix Server, with two nodes hosting eDirectory.

21 Oct 2005
Reporting on eDirectory Objects with XSLT (feature)
Cool Solutions guru Michel Bluteau shows us how to generate reports on user objects, including auto-emailing and web access for reports. Plenty of XSLT code examples are included to get you started in the right direction.

21 Oct 2005
Using Novell Solutions to Provide Integration with Citrix Products (tip)
Check out this great new White Paper from Novell Consultant David Shepherd. This document details how to integrate Novell and Citrix technologies using the latest products available from both companies

21 Oct 2005
Driver Sealing and Connection with AD (tip)
Identity Manager expert Dave Gersic lends some tips on getting IDM 2.0.1 to sync accounts and passwords to Active Directory.

21 Oct 2005
Building a Placement Policy (tip)
Here's a tip from Alfredo Santos that shows how to place a user object in a target directory, based on user attributes data like Location, Department, etc. The tip creates a single Placement Policy to do this - and it's more flexible and easy to manage.

21 Oct 2005
Policy for Creating Containers (tip)
Wouldn't it be nice if you could create containers or dynamic OU's from a policy? Here's one that fits the bill, from the Forum's "Father Ramon" - the Patron(izing) Saint of DirXML ...

23 Sep 2005
AppNote: Using IDM to Synchronize with Oracle Internet Directory and Integrate Multiple Oracle Databases (appnote)
In this third article of a 3-part series, Michel Bluteau provide an enterprise solution for synchronizing multiple Oracle Databases (dictionary or catalog) through Oracle Internet Directory and LDAP.

23 Sep 2005
AppNote: Installing Oracle 10g Application Server on SLES9 (appnote)
This second article in the three-article series focuses on getting Application Server for Oracle installed so you can use Identity Manager to synchronize with Oracle Databases.

23 Sep 2005
AppNote: Installing Oracle 10g on SLES9 (appnote)
Note: This is the first article in a three-part series by Michel Bluteau that will help you set up access to multiple Oracle databases with Identity Manager.

23 Sep 2005
Policy of the Month - Sept 2005 (feature)
Each month we focus on one of the policies from the new Identity Manager Sample Policy web site. This month's selection: Filter By Container Disabled Or Title.

8 Sep 2005
The Effective Service Desk and Novell (trench)
This article explains how to select an IT Service Desk/Help Desk Solution which can leverage specific features, as well as your overall investment in ZENworks, GroupWise, eDirectory and Identity Manager.

17 Aug 2005
How to Passthrough your DLU Credentials to the Member Server (tip)
If you are using DLU and IDM or Account Manager to synchronize passwords, you can't automatically map to resources on your Windows Domain Member servers. Here's a nice workaround from Mark Harrison.

17 Aug 2005
Password Synchronization - NMAS, UP, and AD (feature)
Here are a few tips and best practices for AD passwords and NMAS, contributed by Martyn Durrant.

17 Aug 2005
Dynamic Groups and IDM (tip)
Cool Solutions reader Robert Schneider shows us a novel way to use pseudo-dynamic groups in IDM that can be used to deploy ZENworks applications.

17 Aug 2005
Avoiding LDAP server looping errors (tip)
"Try and try again" is not the best advice for stuck drivers. Thanks to this tip from Novell's Shon Vella, you can avoid looping error with LDAP servers and get back to processing as normal.

17 Aug 2005
Advanced Triggerless Oracle JDBC Driver - Part 2 (tip)
Cool Solutions guru Michel Bluteau returns with this tip for optimizing his Advanced Triggerless Oracle JDBC Driver. As your Oracle accounts, Roles, and Role Memberships increase, this article will help you keep your driver running at its best.

17 Aug 2005
Calling a Java Program from an XPath Expression (tip)
Novell's Perin Blanchard shows us the process for calling a Java program from an XPath expression. Sample code is included.

21 Jul 2005
Identity Apps with NVDS (feature)
There are a lot of advantages to building and deploying identity applications that are directory-enabled. Get the details on how NVDS (Novell Virtual Directory Services) can be part of your solution.

21 Jul 2005
IMPORTANT Heads-up if you use encrypted distributions with ZENworks for Servers, or DirXML 1.1x (tip)
A digital certificate in a product you might be using is going to expire on 28 July 2005, which may affect the product. Come see if this affects you, and what you should do about it.

21 Jul 2005
Unloading / Reloading the eDirectory DirXML Driver (tip)
Cool Solutions reader Chad Israel shows us how to unload and reload DirXML with a time delay, so the eDirectory driver can do its backup thing.

21 Jul 2005
Converting to Multi-Value Attributes (tip)
Father Ramon shows us the light on converting CSV's to multi-value attributes, complete with a sample XML stylesheet.

21 Jul 2005
Converting Strings to Nodesets (tip)
Need help on extracting XML fragments from strings? "Father Ramon" and Perin Blanchard team up with style sheet examples on how to convert strings to nodesets.

21 Jul 2005
JDBC Driver for AS400 (tip)
Can you connect from JDBC to AS400? Yes, and here's how to make your own driver that does it, thanks to this tip from one of our Forum experts.

16 Jun 2005
Novell releases updated Identity Manager JDBC Driver (feature)
The new and improved JDBC driver for Nsure Identity Manager is here! Find out how this driver can improve your data support in this summary article.

16 Jun 2005
New Identity Manager Driver for SOAP, DSML, and SPML (feature)
SOAP, the popular XML-based protocol, now has increased support with the release of its new Identity Manager Integration Module. Find out the details and how to download the driver in this summary article.

16 Jun 2005
Novell Identity Management Wins Codie Award (feature)
Novell's Identity and Access Management product family has been honored as Best Enterprise Security Solution in the 2005 Codie Awards. Get the details here!

16 Jun 2005
Moving an Account when User's Affiliation Changes (tip)
In this followup article, Cool Solutions contributor Will Schneider shows how to move move an account in a hierarchical directory from one OU to another, when the user changes affiliation.

16 Jun 2005
Multi-valued Attribute to a Single-valued String (tip)
Getting multi-valued eDirectory attributes into their single-valued Active Directory equivalents can be like fitting round pegs into square holes. This tip from Cool Solutions contributor Will Schneider helps you get that data from point A to point B.

16 Jun 2005
Policy of the Month - 06-05 (feature)
Each month we'll be focusing on one of the policies from the new Identity Manager Sample Policy web site. This month's selection: Set Email By Given Name And Surname.

2 Jun 2005
Choosing Passwords (feature)
Passwords on stickies and paper gyrations? 26-character / 3 punctuations? Are these a few of your favorite things? Check out what admins are saying about password policies and what works (and doesn't) for them.

1 Jun 2005
AppNote: Clustering eDirectory and IDM on Windows 2003 (appnote)
A cluster for eDirectory and Identity Manager (with drivers) on top of Windows 2003 Enterprise Server ... is it possible? Yes, thanks to this AppNote from Cool Solutions guru Michel Bluteau - get the step-by-step process here.

19 May 2005
Password Expiration Email Notification (tool)
Java console application that sends users email notifications of upcoming password expiration.

19 May 2005
Troubleshooting Synchronization in Identity Manager Installations (feature)
Here's a guide to troubleshooting eDirectory and AD synchronization problems in Nsure Identity Manager, including error codes and resolutions. Thanks to Cool Solutions contributor Geoffrey Carman for the info!

19 May 2005
Using Venn Diagrams for Role-Based Provisioning (feature)
Remember those old Venn Diagrams you used in school? Well, they're not just for whiteboards any more. Here's a thumbs-up article from Cool Solutions contributor David Guest that brings Venn Diagrams to the world of role-based provisioning.

19 May 2005
Policy of the Month - 05-05 (feature)
Welcome to a new feature in Nsure Identity Manager Cool Solutions. Each month we'll be focusing on one of the policies from the new Identity Manager Sample Policy web site. This month's selection: "Push Back on Email."

21 Apr 2005
Download Early Access (beta) Release of Designer for Identity Manager (feature)
One of the coolest features to come along in quite a while is the new Designer for Nsure Identity Manager 2. Now the Designer has a cool new web page that gives you an inside look into the early-access version - read about the details here.

21 Apr 2005
AppNote: Directory Design for Identity Management Solutions (appnote)
Here's a cool AppNote from Garth Williamson of Novell's World Wide Consulting Resolution Team (CRT) that sheds some useful light on SIM directory design principles and synchronization. Get educated - and build a stronger Identity Management Solution for your organization.

21 Apr 2005
Announcing the New Identity Manager Sample Policy Site (feature)
Interested in grabbing some proven, practical policies for your Identity Manager system? Or perhaps you'd like to learn more about policy-building by studying some good examples. Either way, the new Identity Manager Sample Policy site is for you - check it out today!

21 Apr 2005
Novell Releases Identity Manager Integration Module for Avaya PBX (feature)
Nsure Identity Manager has a new PBX integration module for the Avaya product. Get the scoop here - find out this solution can make your life easier in the PBX world.

21 Apr 2005
AD Synchronization with the DirXML Starter Pack (tip)
Cool Solutions contributor Troy Griese shares his own guide for setting up AD synchronization with the DirXML starter pack, along with software update tips for the process.

21 Apr 2005
Password Expiration Email Notification Tool Now Available (feature)
Great news - Paul Sherman of Novell IS&T has made his cool Password Expiration Email Notification Tool available for free as a Cool Solutions Tool. It's the same tool that Novell IS&T uses, and now it can be yours - get the details here!

30 Mar 2005
Eight Cool Years (feature)
Novell Cool Solutions celebrated its eighth anniversary on 15 December 2005 and conducted a People's Choice competition to honor the people who made the stuff that made us famous. Come see the top three nominees, and cast your vote for (or write in) your personal favorite. Five lucky vote-casters will receive 100 WebWise Rewards points.

17 Mar 2005
Case Study: Integrating an Oracle Application with Identity Manager (feature)
One of our top Cool Solutions writers, Michel Bluteau, contributes a solid article on how to integrate Oracle applications with Nsure Identity Manager. It comes complete with sample code, screen shots and more - check it out.

17 Mar 2005
Advanced triggerless Oracle JDBC driver for Users and Roles (feature)
Here's an in-depth look at creating an Oracle JDBC driver for Users and Roles. Author Michel Bluteau has put together a tour-de-force article that takes you inside the inner workings of driver development.

17 Mar 2005
New Identity Manager drivers for Mainframe, Midrange, and Linux/Unix (feature)
Novell recently released new Identity Manager drivers for Mainframe, Midrange, and Linux/Unix. Find out more about it here!

17 Mar 2005
Updated Identity Manager Driver for SIF (K-12 Academic Systems) (feature)
Good news for academic customers - Novell recently released an updated Identity Manager Driver for SIF (K-12 Academic Systems). Get the details here!

17 Mar 2005
Additional Default Rules to Handle Multi-Valued Attributes (tip)
Cool Solutions contributor Will Schneider lends us a helpful tip on synchronizing multi-valued attributes.

17 Mar 2005
Failover for Novell Identity Manager (DirXML) Drivers on Windows (feature)
Having a failover solution for Identity Manager drivers on Windows, Linux or UNIX can be a life-saver. To the rescue - here's a nifty failover solution article from popular Cool Solutions contributor Michel Bluteau. Check it out!

17 Feb 2005
Monitoring ACL Changes on Objects (feature)
Now you can monitor ACL changes on T, O and OUs objects, thanks to this detailed solution from Armando Perez.

17 Feb 2005
Controlling Account-Enabled Status on Microsoft Exchange (tip)
Cool Solutions Contributor Will Schneider shares his insights on handling disabled user accounts in Microsoft Exchange. With two simple rules you can cut down on user confusion and those annoying "undeliverable" messages.

17 Feb 2005
Tip: Using Microsoft Exchange Rules (tip)
Will Schneider shares his tips for handling rules in Microsoft Exchange, especially geared towards large implementations. Learn how to get more done with fewer rules (and smaller log files).

17 Feb 2005
Troubleshooting Certificates for Remote Loaders (tip)
Here's a tip from Cool Solutions reader Bruno Guay that helps you get remote loaders and certificates working smoothly together.

2 Feb 2005
A New Cool Solutions Site - Novell Security Manager! (feature)
That's right - we are launching a brand-new Cool Solutions site, dedicated to the brand-new Novell Security Manager product. Get the details here!

1 Feb 2005
Cool Tool: BrainShare Session Importer for GroupWise (feature)
If you're going to BrainShare and you have finished registering for the breakout sessions, try out this free tool from 'bond' Software Entwicklung GmbH that will import your 2005 BrainShare schedule into GroupWise. Download it here.

24 Jan 2005
CaminoSoft StandbyServer for NetWare - High Availability for Identity Manager (feature)
NetWare customers now have a way to protect and ensure continuous availability for Nsure Identity Manager servers, thanks to a new solution from CaminoSoft. Get the details here ...

19 Jan 2005
iManager and Windows 2003 NLB (Network Load Balancing) (feature)
Is iManager compatible with Network Load Balancing? What happens in a failover scenario when a user has an active session against iManager? Find the answers to these questions and more in this insightful article by frequent Cool Solutions contributor Michel Bluteau.

18 Jan 2005
DirXmlMon 1.0.7 (tool)
Monitors State of Drivers

13 Jan 2005
Brain Teaser: Debugging a Group Move (feature)
Why won't that pesky user disappear from the old group after a move? Put on your debugging hat and see if you can tell why - then move fast to win one of 2 free T-shirts.

13 Jan 2005
Data Sharing With IDM2 In The Real World (feature)
This article by Kevin Burnett introduces the reader to Novell's advanced security and synchronization system called Identity Manager 2. It also describes a real-world scenario where Identity Manager 2 can act as the central data-sharing mechanism.

22 Dec 2004
Data Sharing With IDM2 In The Real World (feature)
The objective of this article is two fold. One, to introduce the reader to Novell's advanced security and synchronization system called Identity Manager 2 and two, to describe a real world scenario where Identity Manager 2 can act as the central data-sharing mechanism. In this article we will actually go through the steps of assessing and then implementing Identity Manager 2 as the heart of a true heterogeneous network.

16 Dec 2004
Eight Cool Years at Cool Solutions (feature)
Check out this nostalgic look at Eight Cool Years for Cool Solutions. Get your party hat and join the festivities, and you could win some cool prizes yourself!

16 Dec 2004
Policy Basics - What and Why (feature)
Learn more about Identity Manager policies in this summary of an outstanding BrainShare presentation. From definitions to implementations, the basics are well-covered here.

16 Dec 2004
Connecting to Active Directory (tip)
Here are some practical tips for avoiding connections problems from eDirectory to Active Directory, using the DirXML driver.

16 Dec 2004
Planning for Identity Manager (tip)
If you're about to take the plunge into the world of Identity Manager, what kind of system resources should you have, and what are the demands and traffic considerations? Check out the ideas here ...

30 Nov 2004
AppNote: Customizing Password Self-Service (appnote)
Password Self-Service is a cool and free utility from Novell. It allows users to change, reset or remember their password in a secure fashion and provides advanced password rules. In all, it can bring down the total number of helpdesk calls tremendously. However, by default Password Self-Service is only translated for a few languages. Here's how to fix that.

11 Nov 2004
Limited Time offer - Purchase Novell Identity Manager 2 at 40% off (feature)
The DirXML Starter Pack ships with Novell NetWare 6.5, ZENworks 6.5 and Nterprise Linux Services 1.0. Now those customers have the option of upgrading to Nsure Identity Manager 2 Professional Edition for only $15 per user - a savings of 40 percent.

11 Nov 2004
Setting Up the Remote Loader on UNIX Tru64 with SSL (tip)
Here's a tip sent in by frequent Cool Tools author Michel Bluteau. It's a quick recipe on how to install and configure the Java Remote Loader on UNIX Tru64, with SSL enabled. Check it out!

11 Nov 2004
Speed It Up with Policy Builder (tip)
Here's a tip sent in by reader Geoff Carman. It takes a previous Cool Solutions tip to the next level by using the new NIM Policy Builder. Come and see the difference!

11 Nov 2004
Workaround for Subscriber Reset Bug (tip)
Here's a workaround for a Subscriber Reset bug that lets you get a query through to Oracle without getting stopped by an error.

27 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 4 - Planning for the Future (feature)
Here's the fourth installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. Now that you've lived through the worst, what do you do about securing a safe data future? Get some solid tips here.

21 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 3 - If You Rebuild It, They Will Come (feature)
Here's the third installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. From mold on the walls to dust in the PC fans - what would you do to set it all right? Check out what our expert did, and wished he had done ...

14 Oct 2004
Using the Loopback Driver (tip)
What's a Loopback Driver, anyway? Come and find out how it can help you customize your data flow, then chime in with your own ideas for the Loopback Driver.

14 Oct 2004
Creating ACL's for SecureLogin (tip)
Here's another tip sent in by a Cool Solutions reader - this time it's a way to have Identity Manager create ACL's for SecureLogin. A sample XML script is included to show you how it's done.

14 Oct 2004
Selecting User and Group Data (tip)
This reader's tip helps you modify user objects according to the groups they are in, which can help you limit the amount of info that gets stored in databases. An XML example is included with the details for making it happen.

13 Oct 2004
Loopback Driver: Dynamic User Updates (tip)
Here's a tip that helps you use the Identity Manager Loopback Driver to do user updates on the fly. Thanks again to our Cool Solutions readers who send in cool tips like this one ...

13 Oct 2004
Selecting User/Group Data for Processing (tip)
With this tip you can select information from user objects in groups and pass that on to a database. Comes complete with a helpful XML example ...

13 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 2 - Hard and Soft Data Recovery (feature)
Here's the second installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. The "swimming pool" has been drained - now it's time to dry out the data! Get the hair-raising details here ...

6 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 1 - Underwater Data (feature)
If you think it can't happen to you -- think again! Here's the first installment in a four-part series on disaster recovery, based on a real-life success story. Get the details here, get a plan, and get ready!

1 Oct 2004
AppNote: Coordinating NT Domain Group Membership using NAM 3.0 (appnote)
This article documents the process using Novell Account Manager 3 to properly synchronize users from an eDirectory 8.7/ NetWare network to an NT Domain server. Bill Valaski details how he used NDS Group object memberships to work as the "trigger" for synchronization.

1 Oct 2004
You Need a Backup Plan (feature)
One of our frequent forum contributors shares a recent real-life data nightmare - and how he survived it. Check out the drama, the details, and how a solid backup plan made the difference ...

1 Oct 2004
Novell Announces Novell Identity Manager Enhancements (feature)
Get the latest scoop on the upcoming enhancements for Novell Nsure Identity Manager, including the Enhanced Provisioning Module and the new visual tool set in Designer.

1 Oct 2004
Comparing NAM and IDM 2 (feature)
Here's a brief look at the similarities and differences with Novell Account Manager (NAM) and Novell Identity Manager 2 (IDM2).

23 Sep 2004
Check LDAP Password and Change Domain Password (tool)
Allows a user who knows their NDS password to change their NT-Domain/AD Password.

20 Sep 2004
GUID Grabber (tool)
Handy VB Script to grab an AD objects GUID.

14 Sep 2004
Novell Announces Novell Identity Manager Enhancements (feature)
Get the latest scoop on the upcoming enhancements for Novell Identity Manager, including the Enhanced Provisioning Module and the new visual tool set in Designer.

9 Sep 2004
Backup: A Few Good Reasons (feature)
So you have Read/Write replicas ... that means you don't really need to worry about backing up your tree and your NDS objects, right? Read about what a few of our Novell Sysops have to say on the subject.

9 Sep 2004
Identifying Down Drivers in DirXML (tip)
Here's a tip sent in by one of our readers that's designed to help you troubleshoot DIrXML drivers. Find out how you can be automatically notified when DirXML drivers have shut down, so you can get them up and running faster.

9 Sep 2004
Solving Error -1418: Tree Key Problems (tip)
Tree Keys play an important part in authentication. A corrupt or improperly formed Tree Key can cause password failures. Learn how to check Tree Keys for validity and fix related problems.

24 Aug 2004
A Day in the Life of a SysOp (feature)
Who are those invisible, witty and helpful characters who hang out on the Novell Support Forums, eager to lend their expertise and advice. Come meet a few of the volunteer SysOps who make the forums a hugely successful support endeavor for Novell.

12 Aug 2004
Novell Identity Manager 2.0.1 Has Shipped (feature)
Version 2.0.1 of Nsure Identity Manager has now been shipped! Here's a brief list of the enhancements you'll find in this release.

12 Aug 2004
Time-Triggered Actions for DirXML (tip)
How do you trigger events for future actions in eDirectory and Nsure Identity Manager? A ticking clock may be your answer - get the details here in this informative article written by Novell Technology Solutions Architect Michel Bluteau.

12 Aug 2004
Resolving the Full Name Attribute for AD (tip)
Here's a tip sent in by reader Geoff Carman that shows an easy way to resolve the Full Name attribute problem in Active Directory.

12 Aug 2004
DirXML 1.1a Driver Support for Windows 2003 (tip)
Learn how to configure your DirXML 1.1a driver software for Windows 2003. In just a few easy steps, you'll have the Windows support you need for DirXML.

12 Aug 2004
Keeping the Forest in Synch (tip)
DirXML Password Synchronization for Windows is designed to work smoothly with Active Directory, NT domains, and a single eDirectory tree. But what if your trees have become a forest? Find out here how to expand password synchronization to multiple trees.

22 Jul 2004
Troubleshooting Password Synchronization Issues (feature)
If you've ever experienced password synchronization issues, you know what a godsend a document like this -- from Novell Technical Services -- can be. Read up and synch up.

22 Jul 2004
Moving Novell Identity Manager 2.0 to a New Server (tip)
Here are the basics, courtesy of our friends on the support front lines, to get you through a move of Nsure Identity Manager 2.0 from one server to another.

22 Jul 2004
Loading Novell Identity Manager from Linux (tip)
Here's a tip from the Linux side of the house that explains how to fire up Nsure Identity Manager on an open-source system.

22 Jul 2004
Driver Group Renaming (tip)
Here's an FYI from the product team that could prove useful if your dealings are with drivers.

29 Jun 2004
One-Stop Info Page: Account Management (feature)
Our staffers have scoured the web for all things NAM -- and came up with a pretty healthy list. If you're looking for anything (yes anything) related to Novell's Account Management solution, check here first.

29 Jun 2004
Group Renaming on AD and NT4 (trench)
Peter Van Andel ran into a few bumps in the road when he started renaming groups in his directory. Check in here to see how he smoothed things over.

29 Jun 2004
Account Management BrainShare Presentations (feature)
If you didn't make it to this year's BrainShare event (or even if you did) we've pulled all the NAM presentations into a tidy little reference library. Enjoy!

29 Jun 2004
Account Management Upgrade to Novell Identity Manager 2 (feature)
If you're looking for an opportunity to migrate your Account Management tasks to Identity Manager 2, here's an offer that just might fit.

29 Jun 2004
Novell Identity Manager Driver 1.0 for MVS RACF (feature)
With so much in common between Account Management users and Identity Manager users, this driver may be of interest to both. It works with Nsure Identity Manager 2 to provide interoperability between MVS RACF-supported systems and Novell eDirectory.

23 Jun 2004
Check Out the Complete List of Connected Systems (feature)
The Nsure Identity Manager team has updated the list of connected systems to make it easier to locate the systems you want to connect using Identity Manager and its related drivers.

23 Jun 2004
Creating Users Based on Group Membership (trench)
Here's a tip from long-time user Kelvin Dam about how to create Users based on Group Membership -- in remote application using DirXML 1.x.

23 Jun 2004
Forget Your Password? Not a Problem. (trench)
Here's an interesting tip from the trenches. Mehmet Duran has come up with a way to use Nsure Identity Manager to allow users who've forgotten their passwords to log in with just enough permission to right their wrong.

23 Jun 2004
XSLT Problem and Solution (trench)
Armando A. Perez was losing sleep trying to get his XSLT processor to, well, process. That was before he discovered a magic number -- sort of. Learn his secret here.

24 May 2004
One-Stop Info Page: Novell Identity Manager (feature)
Have you ever wished you could find a page that referenced everything Identity Manager 2.0 and then some? Here's our first stab at just such a miracle -- let us know how we did.

24 May 2004
Another Way to Manage AD's "Account is Disabled" Attribute (trench)
Glen Knutti has a better, faster, stronger way to manage Active Directory's "Account Disabled" attribute. Check it out.

24 May 2004
XFORM Docs for Provisioning Workflow Tool (feature)
If you've taken a look at the Provisioning Workflow tool in Cool Tools, here's some documentation to help the developer in you better understand (and take advantage of) the XFORM side of the equasion.

24 May 2004
JSP Docs for Provisioning Workflow Tool (feature)
If you've taken a look at the Provisioning Workflow tool in Cool Tools, here's some documentation to help the developer in you better understand (and take advantage of) the JSP side of the equation.

14 May 2004
Novell Identity Manager driver for Oracle Internet Directory 10g (tool)
Manages Users, Roles and passwords from eDirectory to OID.

19 Apr 2004
Provisioning Sample Code; Docs Now Available (feature)
One of the key aspects of Identity Management is provisioning; this includes implementations such as zero-day start and zero-day stop, as well as policy-based resource access. This document, and it's accompanying demo files, demonstrate how Nsure Identity Manager can be used to tackle industrial-strength provisioning tasks in a production environment.

6 Apr 2004
Programmatically Placing Users in a Hierarchical Structure * Update (feature)
Wow! Will Schneider submitted this incredibly cool way to get Nsure Identity Manager 2 to place users in a hierarchical structure based on a multi-valued attribute (say that three times fast). - Note: Content has been updated from the original article ...

24 Mar 2004
Advanced Snapin for ConsoleOne (trench)
We recently got a terrific addition to the Free Tools collection from Volker Scheuber. This extremely popular tool used to be fee-based, and people have gotten very attached to it. You'll see why when you use it, now that he's set it free.

24 Mar 2004
"Account is Disabled" Attribute (trench)
Kelvin Dam chimes in with a better idea for the question about how to control the account options in AD (Active Directory) from DirXML? Thanks, Kelvin! (We love our readers.)

19 Mar 2004
Provisioning Workflow: exteNding Novell Identity Manager 2 (tool)
Demonstrates sophisticated multi-step exteNd provisioning workflows for Identity Manager 2.

11 Mar 2004
Advanced Snapin for ConsoleOne (tool)
Allows an administrator to define user interfaces for ConsoleOne using industry standard XML code, then interprets this XML code during runtime.

18 Feb 2004
Product Update: Novell Account Management Service Pack 2 (feature)
Novell recently released Service Pack 2 for NAM 3. This particular pack is chock full of fixes and updated functionality. See what's been updated here.

18 Feb 2004
Using Long Names in Solaris Implementations (tip)
Armand Lowe wasn't crazy about modifying his 300-plus usernames to be less than 8 characters to synchronize with Solaris. So ... he looked for a better way. And he's willing to share. Check it out.

18 Feb 2004
MSSQL Advanced Driver for Native Security (tool)
An enhanced version of the JDBC 1.6.2 driver for MSSQL.

18 Feb 2004
Product Update: Account Management 3.0 for AIX (tip)
If you've been experiencing an issue with logins to Platform Services on AIX, this NAM 3 patch might just be the fix you've been looking for.

18 Feb 2004
Product Update: Account Management 3.0 Agent (tip)
Here's a nifty update that allows password changes to take place in trees other than the main Account Management tree. If you understood the previous sentence, this tool must be for you.

18 Feb 2004
Product Update: Novell Account Management 3.0 Manager (tip)
Download this Novell Account Management 3.02 patch for Core Services Manager to fix a problem with census users getting incorrectly set with a pending delete.

12 Feb 2004
Password Synchronization across Connected Systems (feature)
Password Synchronization 2.0 (included in Nsure Identity Manager) includes a number of enhancements like bi-directional password synchronization and E-mail notification when synchronization fails. Read on to learn what's new and how to start using it.

12 Feb 2004
Upgrading Existing Driver Configurations to Support Password Synchronization 2.0 (feature)
If you want to use the updated Password Synchronization features with your old drivers, you'll want to read this info about upgrading them so they're fully compatible.

12 Feb 2004
Upgrading Novell Identity Manager Driver Configurations (feature)
If you're making the move to the new Nsure Identity Manager, find the useful -- but sometimes elusive -- details about how to upgrade your driver configurations.

12 Feb 2004
AppNote: Backup and Restore with DirXML in a Mixed Environment (appnote)
Phil Kelly describes how to set up a consistent and functional backup and restore system. Phil's system addresses the issues of providing services to both sides of a multi-platform DirXML connection.

4 Feb 2004
DirXML 2 Driver (tool)
Detect groups without members or users without group memberships.

4 Feb 2004
DirXML 2 Driver for ACF2 6.5 sp01 (tool)
Deliver a bi-directional driver for ACF2, including the password.

15 Jan 2004
Now Shipping: Novell Identity Manager 2 (feature)
Enhancements in Novell Nsure Identity Manager 2 help customers reduce the cost of managing access to applications and data, cut down the number of password-related calls to the help desk and increase the security of their enterprise resources.

15 Jan 2004
New Driver Lets You Set Up Time-Based Memberships (trench)
Use this driver to set up time-based memberships in any eDirectory based system. Pretty cool stuff if you're charging for access, or running a school, or allowing trial access to a service, or ...

14 Jan 2004
Oracle Advanced Driver (feature)
This driver is based on the example coming with JDBC 1.6 driver for Oracle, which uses some Oracle side tables (EMP, EVENTLOG, etc). It works with both DirXML 1.1a and DirXML 2.0.

7 Jan 2004
Oracle Agent (tool)
Activation/expiration time for a Group Membership in eDirectory, using an Oracle table.

18 Dec 2003
Feature Overview of Novell Identity Manager 2 (feature)
With the release of the new Nsure Identity Manager just around the corner, Product Manager Deven MacDonald gives us a peek at what to expect from the new release.

18 Dec 2003
AppNote: Using DirXML in a Data Junction djCosmos ETL Environment (appnote)
This AppNote provides information concerning of the use of ETL (Extract, Transformation, Load) software in a DirXML solution. ETL software solutions are widely used by corporations of all sizes to migrate and integrate information between disparate data stores and applications.

18 Dec 2003
e-Mail Stylesheet (trench)
Here's a cool stylesheet, submitted by Sylvain Maertchik, that shows how to fire off an e-mail (complete with account details) when a new user account is created.

18 Dec 2003
Setting the "User Must Change Password at Next Login" with Style (trench)
Here's a stylesheet contributed by reader Kelvin Dam that might ease your administration checklist -- especially if you're using DirXML to set up Active Directory users.

18 Dec 2003
Manage Attributes Added to New Accounts with this Nifty Stylesheet (trench)
Tim Bailen tossed this nifty stylesheet -- that allows the addition or exclusion of attributes on account creation -- into our pile of cool tools. Looks like a keeper to us.

18 Dec 2003
Add Attributes Stylesheet (tool)
Allows the addition of attributes specified by a template when creating new accounts.

10 Dec 2003
RoundRobin2 (tool)
File-based Round Robin Processor for use in DirXML Stylesheets.

18 Nov 2003
Novell Identity Manager 2.0: the new DirXML (feature)
Due to be released in January 2004, this new solution (powered by DirXML and now called Novell Nsure Identity Manager 2.0) not only significantly simplifies the rule-building process, but also simplifies another management hotspot: password management.

14 Nov 2003
NDS DTD (Document Type Definition) (tip)
A number of users have asked us recently where they can find the NDS DTD so they can do some serious DirXML testing. Here we are, flashlight in hand. Watch your step.

13 Nov 2003
Editor's Choice Award for Best Identity-Management Suite (trench)
Make room for another award in the showcase. Network Computing/Secure Enterprise review is out and Novell's identity management suite (of which DirXML plays a pivotal role) won top honors.

13 Nov 2003
Universal Passwords and Password Synchronization (feature)
Would you like to know more about the technical underpinnings of the next DirXML release? Here's a Technical Brief that should be of special interest to those of you wrangling a better way to synchronize AD passwords.

13 Nov 2003
Data Cleansing with DirXML (feature)
Novell Support Engineer Peter J Strifas shares a technique or two that should help you get -- and keep -- your data warehouse in order.

13 Nov 2003
Assigning Attribute Values to Variables (trench)
Here's a tip from Novell Consultant Volker Scheuber (via the forums) that illustrates how to assign the value of a modified attribute to a variable.

13 Nov 2003
Heads Up: Active Directory's LDAP Query Limitation (tip)
Novell Consultant Tim Sillay sends this tip in from New Zealand where he spent more time than he wanted to trying to figure out why his LDAP queries weren't returning what he expected.

13 Nov 2003
Moving DirXML From a Failed Server (tip)
Here are a few tips we picked up in the forums that should come in handy if your systems have suffered some kind of failure and just haven't been the same since.

20 Oct 2003
Novell Raises the Stakes in Identity Management with Next Version of DirXML (feature)
Novell recently announced a new version of DirXML that's sporting a new name. Find out what's behind this new release -- and what it's being called -- here.

20 Oct 2003
Novell Streamlines Identity Management for Users of SAP Solutions (feature)
Novell recently announced the release of the SAP driver for DirXML. This new driver is able to bring proven identity management solutions to the whole line of SAP applications for even greater interoperability.

20 Oct 2003
DirXML Admin Guide Updated to Include Partition, Replica Info (feature)
Heads Up: The documentation team has added a new section to the DirXML Administration Guide that includes new information on partitions, replicas, and other things to consider whenplanning your implementation.

20 Oct 2003
Rules for Attribute Merging (tip)
Here's a tidy set of rules to live by if you want to avoid problems re-syncing with DirXML's attributes merge functionality.

20 Oct 2003
Tool Generates XDS Test Files (trench)
Check out this cool new tool in Cool Tools. "XDSInput" can generate sample DDS events of add, modify, rename, move, and delete that can be used for testing your DirXML setup.

20 Oct 2003
AD Driver Gotcha (feature)
If you use the AD Driver, here's a quick tip from Aaron Kynaston to help you avoid a certain gotcha he's discovered.

20 Oct 2003
Lotus Domino 6.0.2. DirXML Tip (tip)
Here's a quick tip from Brent Kynaston about Lotus Domino v6.0.2's need for fully-distinguished names.

3 Oct 2003
Five Things you should know about NAM (feature)
Doug Anderson, Product Manager for Novell Account Management, holds forth on the five best things about NAM 3.0.

3 Oct 2003
Allow Admins to log on to W2K Desktop with Admin Rights (trench)
David Kretschmer, and Ben Commins wanted to have their support and admin staff be able to log onto a W2K desktop with full local administrator rights. All other users needed to have a restricted desktop environment. And they needed to be able to manage these permission groups via ConsoleOne. Here's how they did it.

3 Oct 2003
Installing NAM 3.0 on a Windows Server running Terminal Server (tip)
Here's a little quick block of instructions to make your install go easier.

3 Oct 2003
Account Management for NT Toolbox (feature)
Add this to your troubleshooting methodologies. The NDS4NT Tool Box is a utility that is used for troubleshooting problems with NDS4NT 2.01, 2.02 and 2.10 (Novell Account Mangement 2.1). It's a consolidation of several different tests to help you root out problems.

11 Sep 2003
Data Generator 2 (tool)
Generate sample data files.

11 Sep 2003
Setting up Report and Notification Service (feature)
Novell Consultant Paul Williamson shares his step-by-step guide to setting up the new Report and Notification Service. Thanks Paul!

11 Sep 2003
Installing the DirXML Lotus Notes Driver with Domino 6 (tip)
Here's a tip from one who's traveled this road before us. If you're using DirXML with Lotus Notes, this could be the brass ring.

11 Sep 2003
DirXML Connected Systems Resource Updated (feature)
Check out this updated list of existing DirXML drivers, answers to frequently answered questions, and development resources -- all in one tidy corner of the DirXML site.

11 Sep 2003
Answers to Your Password Sync Installation Questions (trench)
Updated: Reader Richard Lewis has devoted his life -- well, okay, a small portion of it -- to documenting the files, fixes and other tools that have proven helpful in installing Password Sync on Windows. Get the full list here.

11 Sep 2003
Example Stylesheets to Help with AD eDirectory Mapping (trench)
Here are some sample stylesheets that are the work of cool reader Sylvain Maertchik. Sylvain wrote the stylesheets to help him with some complex synchronization tasks.

11 Sep 2003
XDSInput (tool)
Test DirXML rules using the Delimited Text Driver.

3 Sep 2003
Stanford University Secure Identity Management White Paper (feature)
Did you know that many companies take longer than two days -- and many longer than two weeks -- to revoke the network access of terminated employees? Learn more in this informative Stanford University White Paper.

7 Aug 2003
Roadmap for Secure Identity Management Success Available for Download (feature)
If you're looking for a good solid reference to use in your quest for identity management nirvana, you've come to the right place. Novell has just released a 50-page guide to all things security -- best of all -- it's free!

23 Jul 2003
Authenticate Users against iPlanet (trench)
Scot Putney shares his cool scripts that will authenticate users against a iPlanet Directory, put that password into NDS for that user, and will also enable iFolder for that user. Smooth!

15 Jul 2003
eGuide Driver (tool)
Allows eGuide users to download contacts into their personal address book.

11 Jul 2003
Using UniqueID to Name Objects (trench)
Want to name objects with uniqueID instead of CN? Brook Schofield tells you how.

11 Jul 2003
Why the Handshake Failed (feature)
If your DirXML Driver starts, then immediately stops, check the trace log to see if it looks like this. The fix is a piece of password cake...

11 Jul 2003
Upgrading from DirXML 1.1 to DirXML 1.1a (feature)
Looking to upgrade to 1.1a? No worries -- simply install over the top of the existing DirXML 1.1 installation.

11 Jul 2003
Updated DirXML driver for SAP (tip)
Heads Up: have you seen the new DirXML Driver 1.0a for SAP/HR? All patched up and ready to go.

26 Jun 2003
NAM 3.0 Updates Available (feature)
A new update is available for NAM 3.0 SP 1. Get it while it's hot!

26 Jun 2003
Updated Files Available for Password Synch 1.0 (feature)
A new batch of Password Synch files (updates) have been released with a slew of improvements. Get the details here.

26 Jun 2003
Linking Pre-Existing UNIX Users to eDirectory with NAM 3.0 (tip)
So you want your UNIX users in eDirectory, do ya? Here's a slick process that NAM 3.0 to help you get where you want to go.

26 Jun 2003
Manually Removing Password Synchronization 1.0 From the Registry (tip)
Here's a tip from Novell's finest -- the folks in Support Services -- that details how to surgically remove misfiring PW Synch files from your registry.

16 Jun 2003
DirXML Updates Out the Gate (feature)
The updates just keep coming! Here's a list of what's been released to the DirXML world in the last month.

16 Jun 2003
Checking for Duplicate Usernames (trench)
Here's a nifty tool written by DirXML aficionado Israel Forst that'll help you ferret out those pesky duplicate usernames in your directory.

16 Jun 2003
Who's on First: Synchronizing Counters Between Trees (tip)
Here's a tidbit that helped us understand the whys and why nots around synchronizing grace logins between different trees -- need some enlightenment?

16 Jun 2003
Getting Selective with the Remote Loader Install on Unix (tip)
Here's a nifty trick that allows you to pick and choose which Remote Loader files you install on your UNIX system.

20 May 2003
DirXML Starter Pack Included with NetWare 6.5 (feature)
The DirXML Starter Pack is being added to the suite of goodies that comes with NetWare 6.5. Download the NetWare 6.5 beta today and get the Starter Pack. License NetWare 6.5 when it ships and own the Starter Pack free and clear.

20 May 2003
New DirXML Patches and Files Released (feature)
A number of new patches and files that support and improve DirXML have been released in the past month. Here's the complete list.

19 May 2003
Managing Aux Classes with iManager (tip)
If your tool belt is getting a bit weighty, here's a tip that'll show you how to put iManager to work managing Auxiliary Classes.

19 May 2003
LDAP Search Examples for Retrieving Associations (tip)
Here are some pretty cool examples using "ldapsearch" to monitor your DirXML activities. These gems may just get you home early this week.

11 Apr 2003
DirXML Workflow Service Request Driver (feature)
Novell Systems Engineer Willem de Pater wrote this driver that can send an email based on a DirXML event. The tool can also use DirXML to ask for user input that can be used to drive certain other events. (Sounds a little like the beginnings of a workflow or procurement system.)

11 Apr 2003
Field Patch for DirXML 1.1a Released (feature)
Here's a newly-released field patch for NetWare and Windows users running DirXML 1.1a. Get the lowdown (and the download) here.

11 Apr 2003
Updated Delimited Text Driver for DirXML 1.1a (feature)
If you're tired of manually restarting your Delimited Text Driver every month (and who wouldn't be?) here's an update that'll let you write that task off to the wonder of automation.

11 Apr 2003
Updated Password Sync 1.0 Files (feature)
Here are some DirXML Password Sync updates that just might include the functionality you've been looking for. Check them out.

10 Apr 2003
DirXML Workflow Service Request Driver (tool)
Sample DirXML Workflow Request Service Driver for approval of a Title Change.

27 Mar 2003
Now Available: NAM 3.0 Service Pack 1 (feature)
The much-anticipated Service Pack 1 has been released for Novell Account Management 3.0 -- and it's *packed* with enhancements and fixes. Get the list, the docs, and the download here.

27 Mar 2003
Docs for NAM 3 (feature)
Want to know more about NAM 3? Here's a pile of new docs and quickstart guides that cover installation and upgrade across several platforms. Read on!

27 Mar 2003
Free DirXML AD and NT Drivers (feature)
Did you know there's free stuff packed in the NAM 3.0 box? Stick with us and we'll keep you in the know. Read more here.

27 Mar 2003
Certificate Creation on Platform Services (trench)
Here's some words of wisdom from the forums about (successfully) installing or creating Certificates.

13 Mar 2003
Setting Up DirXML's Report Notification Service (tip)
Here's a last-minute tip or two from Senior Software Engineer Brent Thurgood to help you get your DirXML Remote Notification Service up and running.

13 Mar 2003
Using Recursion to Capture the User Info From the Event Tag (feature)
Senior Consultant Simon Lau has crafted a style sheet that plucks User ID info from the source dn attribute of the event tag. Check it out here.

13 Mar 2003
Getting a Grip on UTF-8 and Case in LDIF (tip)
Product Specialist Koen Verheyen shares the finer points about UTF-8 when it relates to attribute mapping and LDIF.

10 Mar 2003
Building the Business Case for Secure Identity Management (feature)
If you're working on a proposal to beef up your company's identity management technologies, here are some proof points about eDirectory and the Nsure solution from Novell Connection Magazine.

18 Feb 2003
EnhancedPasswordGadget for Novell Portal Services v1.5 (tool)
Provides a means for users to change their passwords.

14 Feb 2003
Implementing Password Sync When Tree and Domain Have the Same Name (feature)
Here's a gem from the trenches, compiled by Armando A. Perez, that explains how he uses DirXML's Password Synch option in a network where the domain and the tree share a common name.

14 Feb 2003
Enlisting DirXML to Manage groupMemberships (tip)
Novell Consulting's Raymon Epping supplies a stylesheet that illustrates how to use DirXML to create a user with the groupMembership attribute filled in.

14 Feb 2003
Solving Synchronization Problems with the nadLoginName Reference (tip)
If you've had problems synchronizing the reference to the nadLoginName, this technical information was written just for you.

15 Jan 2003
Synchronizing Passwords in a Multi-Tree Environment (feature)
Here's a fresh piece from the documentation team that's packed with some terrific info about setting up your eDirectory trees to exchange password information.

15 Jan 2003
Which Logs Can You Delete? (trench)
Do you run a tight ship? Are your server volumes free of excess log baggage? If this is you, here's some info on what DirXML logs you can delete and which ones you need to stand clear of.

15 Jan 2003
Synching Passwords Between Trees (tip)
If you're using DirXML to sync passwords between trees -- and they aren't -- here's a tip from the technical support team (and some polish from Consulting's Raymon Epping).

3 Jan 2003
Evaluation Guide: Novell Account Management 3 (feature)
If you're looking for a single piece of literature that describes what's new in NAM 3, this Evaluation Guide does just that.

3 Jan 2003
Checking the Health of NAM 2.1 on Windows NT (feature)
Here's a great AppNotes article from Major Accounts Support Rep, Patrice Clement. In this article, Patrice digs into the principals of NAM on NT and takes this health check into the realm of easy to understand.

10 Dec 2002
Keep Users and Groups Synchronized with this Driver (tip)
If you use DirXML and LDAP to keep things in your directory current and up-to-date, here's a driver that will tie up a few loose ends inherently left by the update process.

10 Dec 2002
Effectively Reading a DirXML Trace File (feature)
Here's a great article to help you troubleshoot your DirXML implementations and understand, really, those trace files.

10 Dec 2002
Get eDirectory and the DirXML Driver for LDAP Free (feature)
Free always catches our eye. Here's an offer that should make any DirXML enthusiast's day -- and it's just in time for the holidays!

21 Nov 2002
Group Membership Updater (tool)
DirXML driver that keeps User and Group pointers synchronized after LDAP updates.

7 Nov 2002
Change Password Utility (tool)
Users can change Windows domain password and Admin can change password from ASP.

27 Aug 2002
DirXML's New Reporting & Notification Service (feature)
DirXML 1.1a will have the ability to notify network administrators of trouble in the data update and exchange world. This service, called Reporting & Notification Service or NRS, will be able to send error messages in XML, via email, SNMP trap, or write them to an LDAP directory.

27 Aug 2002
Discover DirXML's Advanced Features (feature)
If you're craving for info on some of DirXML's more advanced features like Channel Write-Back and Queries, here's the beef. The AppNotes team pulled together three of Novell's finest to write a pair of excellent articles on nothing but DirXML's advanced features. Get 'em here.

27 Aug 2002
Troubleshooting Password Synchronization (tip)
If you have a DirXML 1.1 system that struggles when it comes to synchronizing passwords, here are a few tips from the head mechanics in the support bays.

23 Aug 2002
Help Viewing Help (tip)
Heads Up: the documentation department told us that some people are getting an error when they go to view the online Help in Novell products. Let us know if this has happened to you, and get the fix here.

12 Aug 2002
DirXML Notes Wizard (tool)
Install and Setup a DirXML Lotus Notes Driver.

30 Jul 2002
Using DirXML to Log Changes Made by ... DirXML (trench)
Mark van Reijn has come up with a very cool application for DirXML. That would be tracking and logging all the changes made by the various drivers he's implemented at his current engagement. It's hot.

30 Jul 2002
DirXML PasswordSync for NT/Windows 2000 (feature)
Olivier Bourumeau, a Novell consultant based in Sydney Australia, pulled this informative piece together to help us all better understand the DirXML PasswordSync solution. Thanks Olivier, for this must read!

30 Jul 2002
Build a Full Name With This Stylesheet (tip)
Here's a stylesheet that will come in handy when you need to get a system that speaks Full Name to exchange data with a system that speaks Given Name and Surname.

30 Jul 2002
Free, Online XSL Tutorial (tip)
If you're looking for a good XSL tutorial (for a coworker, a new employee, or even the boss) here's one of the best from the collection at

30 Jul 2002
Getting the AD Driver to do Moves (tip)
If you heard the AD Driver doesn't do moves, you heard wrong! Here's a stylesheet snippet you can put to work to get those AD trees moving.

30 Jul 2002
Synching Exchange2000 Nicknames with eDirectory Preferred Name (tip)
Here's a quick tip that will help you match up Exchange2000 "nicknames" with eDirectory "Preferred Names". Little tip, big payback.

30 Jul 2002
DirXML Changelog (tool)
Creates a log of changes made in DirXML implementations.

25 Jun 2002
Using an LDAP Search to Populate Dynamic Groups (tip)
Here's a way to script an LDAP query that finds objects based on an attribute of a related object. In this example, the results of the query are used to populate dynamic groups.

25 Jun 2002
Configuration Tip: Remote Loader for Active Directory (tip)
If you want to use an account other than Administrator to run Remote Loader for Active Directory, here's how to set it up.

25 Jun 2002
Copying Values From One Attribute to Another (tip)
Here's a stylesheet sample that shows how to copy the values of one attribute ot another using the <xsl:copy-of> element.

25 Jun 2002
Query Snippet From the Eventxform Stylesheet (tip)
Here's a small snippet that we thought might be a useful addition to your bag of tricks. It's designed to read values of eDirectory attributes using the eventxform stylesheet.

24 May 2002
Using the Modify-Password Feature of DirXML 1.1 (feature)
DirXML 1.1 gives you the power to modify passwords in eDirectory when users are added to or modified in one of a network's publisher applications. Israel Forst shows us how with a sample stylesheet and detailed explanation.

24 May 2002
Modify Password Stylesheet (tool)
XSLT stylesheet for DirXML 1.1 that modifies passwords in eDirectory.

20 May 2002
Stylesheet Designed to Move Specified Users (feature)
Here's a stylesheet from Gustavo Gallardo that: 1) moves the users you've specified from one tree to another, and 2) based on each user's context, moves them into the correct OU in the target tree.

20 May 2002
Specified Users Stylesheet (tool)
DirXML Stylesheet that targets specified users for synchronization from one tree to the user's OU in another tree.

3 May 2002
New User-Management Stylesheet (feature)
Here's a new stylesheet from Mr. Prolific, Raymon Epping. This stylesheet does some very cool decision making based on user attributes. These decisions trigger actions like "add user", "modify user", and "move user to a different OU".

3 May 2002
User Management Stylesheet (tool)
Attribute-driven XSLT stylesheet for DirXML 1.1 that can create, delete, modify users and move them from one OU to another.

24 Apr 2002
New DirXML Book; Get Chapter 1 Here (feature)
Peter Kuo's much anticipated book, "Novell's Guide to DirXML" has hit the streets. The 432-page book covers installation, configuration, optimization (and a few more "ations" that are too hard to spell). Get the first chapter here.

11 Apr 2002
DirXML 1 Grace Login Fix (tool)
Stylesheets that fix grace logins getting out of sync when using the NDS to NDS driver.

8 Apr 2002
Manage Users in Groups with this Stylesheet (feature)
Novell Consultant Raymon Epping is at it again. This time he's written a stylesheet that uses DirXML 1.1 to add users to groups in eDirectory.

8 Apr 2002
ETS Groups Stylesheet (tool)
XSLT stylesheet that manages users in eDirectory Groups.

4 Apr 2002
A Stylesheet for the Cutting Edge (feature)
Raymon Epping has been busy working with the new DirXML 1.1, eDirectory 8.6.2 and Windows XP Pro. Here's a stylesheet he's created that leverages the strengths of all three.

4 Apr 2002
ETS Stylesheet (tool)
XSLT stylesheet that works with DirXML 1.1, eDirectory 8.6.2, and Windows XP Pro.

2 Apr 2002
Synchronizing Some Groups But Not Others (feature)
Novell Argentina Consultant Gustavo J Gallardo lets us take a look at a DirXML stylesheet he authored to synchronize specifically targeted groups in a company's directory.

2 Apr 2002
Container/Object Stylesheet (tool)
DirXML Stylesheet that targets specified containers for synchronization.

28 Mar 2002
Using Indexes to Optimize DirXML Transfers (tip)
Here's a tip from support that could add some significant speed to your DirXML processes.

12 Mar 2002
Installing DirXML 1.1 on Linux 7.2 (feature)
Here's a checklist from Novell Systems Engineer Xavier Martorell that walks you through the process of installing DirXML 1.1 on a Linux box. Isn't it nice when someone *else* blazes the trail?

11 Mar 2002
Capturing DirXML Trace Information (tip)
If you've every wanted to track or troubleshoot your DirXML implementation by capturing trace information, here's a tip or two from support that should get you filling your trace logs in no time.

19 Feb 2002
DirXML eDirectory Change Log Tool (feature)
Have you ever wanted to log the changes made to the objects in your eDirectory tree? Check out this DirXML tool written by Israel Forst and Holger Dopp.

19 Feb 2002
Using Stylesheets, Java, and JDBC to Audit DirXML Events (feature)
Karl Bunnell shows us how to put some high-powered tools to work auditing the DirXML events in our directory.

19 Feb 2002
Change Log Tool (tool)
Use DirXML to create a log of changes made to objects in your eDirectory tree(s).

17 Jan 2002
AppNote Tool: Audit DirXML Events Using Stylesheets, Java, and JDBC (tool)
Companion resource to AppNotes article.

16 Jan 2002
Using DirXML and Java to Implement Complex Business Rules (feature)
Karl Bunnell shows us how to leverage Java and XSL with DirXML to build industrial-strength business-rules apps.

16 Jan 2002
Debugging DirXML Drivers (feature)
AppNotes researcher Kevin Burnett shows us some tools and shares some advice about debugging those DirXML drivers you're working on in your spare time.

15 Jan 2002
DirXML 1.1 Released; Eval Available (feature)
There's a new version of DirXML in town. This version of the data synchronization software promises to be more flexible and powerful than its predecessor. Also available today, the new DirXML Driver for SAP HR.

14 Dec 2001
Using DirXML to Define and Enforce a Corporate Naming Policy (feature)
Karl Bunnell shows us how to use DirXML to assign and manage usernames that comply with a corporate convention and keep all the David Jones' from colliding in your address book.

14 Dec 2001
DirXML Drivers, Engine and Story (feature)
If you're new to DirXML, or if you just want to brush up, here's a quick read that gives you everything you need for a solid foundation and understanding.

14 Dec 2001
DirXML Resource Center (tip)
If you're looking for info in DirXML -- any info -- this new Resource Center has everything from Artwork to Z ..., er, White Papers.

14 Dec 2001
DirXML Gets SAP Stamp of Approval (feature)
The DirXML Driver for SAP HR will be able to synchronize user information in mySAP HR with other enterprise applications, laying the foundation for eProvisioning solutions.

3 Dec 2001
AppNote Tool: Corporate Naming Policy Using DirXML Stylesheets Example (tool)
Enforce corporate naming standards.

13 Nov 2001
Swiss Retailer Uses DirXML to Merge 14 Organizations Into One (feature)
This new success story explains how Coop, the second largest retailer in Switzerland used Novell technologies, including DirXML, to streamline its business processes.

13 Nov 2001
College Merici Chooses DirXML (trench)
College Merici, a Quebec-based private educational institution, has chosen Novell DirXML to enhance the efficiency of its administrative services and student record management.

13 Nov 2001
New Online Course: DirXML Driver Installation (tip)
DeveloperNet University has released online training designed to help programmers install DirXML drivers.

13 Nov 2001
DirXML 1.0 patch for NetWare 6 (tip)
If you're planning to use DirXML within your NetWare 6 infrastructure, you'll want to check out this patch.

13 Nov 2001
New DirXML Technical Information Documents (tip)
Here's a list of the latest new and updated Technical Information Documents for DirXML.

23 Oct 2001
Getting DirXML to Display Trace Messages (feature)
Trace messages give you a good way to see what's going on under the hood or your DirXML solution. Here are a few tips from the Novell Technical Support team to help you access those all-important messages and error logs.

23 Oct 2001
Overcoming Problems with Memory Size (tip)
Problems running more than one DirXML driver at a time? Check this tip for help.

23 Oct 2001
DirXML Driver Initialization Error (tip)
Here's a tip from the support team to help those of you with problems getting your DirXML drivers to bind properly.

23 Oct 2001
SSL Stops Functioning (tip)
The support team has a solution for users who installed NetWare 5.10 Support Pack 2a (NW51SP2a) on server with DirXML and are now having problems with SSL. Read on.

23 Oct 2001
Error on server console: Java SSL Exception (feature)
Here's a problem that's not really a problem -- just reeeeealy annoying. The tech support team has a fix and an explanation.

28 Sep 2001
DirXML Move Proxy Driver (feature)
With DirXML 1.0, moves will fail unless you are running the driver on the master of both the source and destination container. This was addressed in DirXML 1.1 but not completely. Until it is completely resolved you will need to use the Move Proxy Driver.

28 Sep 2001
What is eProvisioning? (feature)
Bringing a new employee on board entails a series of actions involving compensation, security, and physical assets. Technology can play an important part in ensuring that business practices are implemented efficiently, cost effectively, and quickly. The new buzzword for this is eProvisioning.

28 Sep 2001
DirXML Patch for Notes Driver 1.0 (tip)
Check out this patch which contains enhancements and fixes for the Lotus Notes DirXML driver.

28 Sep 2001
DirXML Patch for Exchange driver (tip)
This file contains a patch with new features and fixes for the DirXML Driver 1.0 for Exchange 5.5.

24 Apr 2001
DirXML Technologies Available to OASIS for DSML 2.0 (feature)
Novell announced that it will turn over significant directory-related research and intellectual property to a key standards body to help accelerate the development and adoption of an industry-wide approach to integrating directory technology into eBusiness.

24 Apr 2001
DirXML Comparative Information (feature)
There is no product on the market today that competes head-to-head with DirXML. DirXML crosses the categories of meta-directory, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and eProvisioning.

5 Apr 2001
How to Enable the DirXML Trace Screen in Netware (trench)
A reader shares his tips.

5 Apr 2001
DirXML and support for Deltas on Import (trench)
You've got a system X with users, that you need to synchronize with eDirectory using DirXML. Can you be sure that you only synchronize changed / new / deleted users?

5 Apr 2001
DirXML - Removing eBusiness Boundaries (feature)
A key component of Novell's One Net strategy, DirXML is Novell's outstanding data-sharing and synchronization solution for revolutionizing directory management and e-business.

5 Apr 2001
DirXML Training for Partners (tip)
In search of the next big opportunity? Now you can partner with Novell to deliver business solutions using DirXML, the advanced data-sharing service flexible enough to accommodate any application, database, or directory!

28 Mar 2001
DirXML Goodies (feature)
DirXML is an awesome technology and is a very valuable skill set to acquire. Resources and information are scarce, but it's getting better.

13 Mar 2001
DirXML Placement Rule (tip)
The sole purpose of the placement rule is to generate a dest-dn attribute for an <ADD> command. For the Publisher channel it is required that your app/db/dir shim provides a src-dn attribute as part of the <ADD> event.

15 Feb 2001
Web Site Maintenance Solution Using iChain/ICS and DirXML (feature)
A company conducting business on the Internet needs to ensure that their web site functions continually, with no interruption of service due to outside attacks or internal maintenance. Come see how to do it.

31 Oct 2000
NcSv2Ldf (tool)
Convert legacy data to LDIF format.

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