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Cradle to Grave

12 Dec 2007
One Giant Leap: Cool Solutions gets some New Digs (tip)
Eleven years after launching the first Cool Solutions site, we have just taken a major step forward. We have some new digs - a full-on community site with all the Web 2.0 bells and whistles. Check it out!

28 Nov 2007
Displaying the eDirectory loginTime in NSL (tip)
Here's a tip from David Guest that displays the eDirectory login time for NSL in GMT format.

21 Nov 2007
Novell SecureLogin Adds Support for Windows Vista (feature)
Learn how Novell SecureLogin, a feature-rich single sign-on solution, offers advances to enforce consistent password policy and address compliance mandates.

21 Nov 2007
Detecting Password Fields on a Javascript Web Page (tip)
David Guest explains how to detect a password field when you are dealing with a Javascript Web Page.

14 Nov 2007
Novell SecureLogin 6.1 Ships (feature)
Version 6.1 of Novell's popular SecureLogin solution has shipped. Learn more about it here ...

7 Nov 2007
Success Story: Greater Baltimore (feature)
Learn how the Greater Baltimore Medical Center adopted a solution based on Novell SecureLogin and Novell Identity Manager to provide single sign-on and safeguard important medical data.

31 Oct 2007
Customizing an NSL Script for Admin Account Users (tip)
This tip from David Guest shows you how to help outside (admin) users access a web page for modification, via an NSL script.

24 Oct 2007
Enforcing Two-Factor Authentication with a Smart Card on a Citrix Server (feature)
Kiran Prabhu DP explains how you can take advantage of smart card authentication on a Citrix server.

24 Oct 2007
Success Story: JAL Card (feature)
Learn how JAL Card, a Japan Airlines subsidiary, overhauled its identity management system and increased its compliance capabilities by implementing Novell Identity Manager and Novell SecureLogin.

17 Oct 2007
Using DebugView to Track SecureLogin Application Definitions (feature)
David Guest explains how to use Microsoft's DebugView to help you track SecureLogin information dealing with performance monitoring and other time-sensitive issues.

5 Sep 2007
Using SecureLogin Scripting to Enable Quick Finder Login for Web Single Sign-On (appnote)
This AppNote by Girish Mutt provides an overview of how to use NSL scripts to enable Quick Finder searches with SSO.

5 Sep 2007
Solving SecureLogin Startup Issues (tip)
SecureLogin taking too long to start up? Aaron White shares a script that addresses several logon issues ...

13 Jul 2007
SplitXML for SecureLogin (tool)
Utility to create individual SecureLogin import files from SecureLogin export files containing multiple application definitions, policies or preferences.

5 Jul 2007
Getting IESSO Debugging Data to Appear with NSL (tip)
Here's a troubleshooting tip that helps restore IESSO debugging data that has disappeared.

18 Jun 2007
Process Heap Viewer (tool)
Tool to efficiently enumerate process heaps on Windows.

13 Jun 2007
Using Multi-Language GroupWise Scripts with NSL (tip)
Need to run multiple languages in the GroupWise client, via NSL? David Guest has a simple solution for the problem.

30 May 2007
Upgrading from SecureLogin v3 to v3.5 for Lotus Notes (feature)
Peter Hine shares some customized updates to the Protocom upgrade script for SecureLogin and Lotus Notes.

16 May 2007
ATT Training Update (feature)
Check out the latest in ATT sessions coming to a location near you ...

2 May 2007
Support for Oracle jInitiator with SecureLogin (tip)
Here's a tip from David Guest that helps you get jInitiator working with your Java-enabled NSL.

11 Apr 2007
Completing a SecureLogin Install without Admin Login (feature)
Kevin Prior explains how to bypass the additional admin login needed by the SecureLogin install process.

7 Mar 2007
SAP Script for NSL (tip)
Here's an SAP script for NSL 6.01 from Michael Kimble that recognize the main SAP logon window and fills in the username and password fields.

28 Feb 2007
Search Exclusions in NSL (tip)
David Guest shares a simple tip for excluding certain pages from a SecureLogin search.

21 Feb 2007
Vista UAC Maker Console (tool)
Console tool to make your applications Vista UAC compliant easily.

31 Jan 2007
Firefox 2 Support for SecureLogin (tip)
Here's a quick tip from Nicholas Lemberger on how to get Firefox 2 working with Novell SecureLogin.

24 Jan 2007
Using an LDIF to Extend NSL Schema (tip)
David Guest shows how to extend a schema for Novell SecureLogin when using ldapmodify instead of LDAPSchema.

18 Jan 2007
Linux iManager Plugin Uninstaller (tool)
Quickly uninstall the iManager plugins on Linux platform.

10 Jan 2007
Customizing NSL Installs (appnote)
Kevin Prior, from ActivIdentity, shares this AppNote that shows you to customize Novell SecureLogin installs by editing .ini files.

8 Jan 2007
NSL Cache Cleaner (tool)
Cleanup NSL cache from the local workstation.

3 Jan 2007
Integrating NSL with ActivCard Card Readers, Using the NESCM Method (appnote)
In this AppNote, Kiran Prabu D P gives a step-by-step explanation of how to integrate Novell SecureLogin and ActivCard smart-card readers, using the NECSM method.

3 Jan 2007
Verify Certificate (tool)
Verify the SSL certificate present on local host or directory server.

30 Dec 2006
View Directory Certificate (tool)
Remotely view the SSL certificate on directory server.

30 Dec 2006
Export Certificate (tool)
Download certificate from directory server to local machine.

20 Dec 2006
Extending the Schema in SecureLogin (feature)
Here's a great article by Protocom the explains how to extend your schema when using SecureLogin. Thanks to David Guest for the heads up!

12 Dec 2006
ImportCertLinux (tool)
Automatically import certificate from eDirectory into local key store for iManager plugins to communicate over SSL.

8 Dec 2006
PcproxID Checker (tool)
Check if the pcProx ID for the user is set properly.

7 Dec 2006
Configure Certificate (tool)
Configure certificate for NSL LDAP client to work with non-eDirectory servers.

6 Dec 2006
Replacing the LDAP Client DLL in SecureLogin (tip)
Nagareshwar Talekar knows a quicker way to get the LDAP CLient DLL replaced in SecureLogin - no uninstall, no floppy boot, etc.

5 Dec 2006
Enabling/Disabling SSO for NSL in Internet Explorer (tip)
Novell's Nagareshwar Talekar shares a tip for getting SSO to work with SecureLogin when you're using Internet Explorer.

1 Dec 2006
Special Holiday Drawing Winner! (feature)
Congratulations to Gary Childers - the lucky winner of the iPod nano RED special edition!

30 Nov 2006
Vista UAC Maker (tool)
Make your applications Vista UAC compliant easily.

27 Nov 2006
Uninstall PcProx (tool)
Uninstall pcProx from the system without uninstalling NSL.

27 Nov 2006
NSL Config Manager (tool)
Configure the NSL settings with one application.

16 Nov 2006
iManager Plugin Installer (tool)
Automated iManager plugin installer for iManager running on all platforms.

15 Nov 2006
NSL Log Manager (tool)
Application to manage the log settings for NSL components.

8 Nov 2006
Success Story: SVA (feature)
Learn how SVA, the administrative body responsible for the social insurance of all self-employed workers in Austria, solved password administration problems with Novell SecureLogin.

8 Nov 2006
Filling Credentials without the Dialog IDs (tip)
SecureLogin expert David Guest shows how to use NSL's built-in "keyboard" to handle apps that are missing Ctrl-IDs.

1 Nov 2006
Novell & Microsoft: What Do You Think? (tip)
Learn more about the landmark announcement from Novell and Microsoft.

4 Oct 2006
Success Story: SVB and SecureLogin (feature)
Learn how SVB of Vienna solved a serious security risk with password by adopting a Novell SecureLogin solution.

4 Oct 2006
Getting Updated Passwords in NSL (tip)
Jeremy Daniel shares a script and some tips for getting NSL to recognize newly updated eDirectory passwords.

6 Sep 2006
Running a Windows Script Just Once (tip)
SecureLogin expert David Guest shares a Windows script that runs just once, instead of multiple times as normal.

31 Aug 2006
Close Explorer Windows (tool)
Application to close all Explorer windows.

21 Aug 2006
You Talk, Novell Listens: Progress Report on Customer Suggested Improvements (tip)
Check out this report that explains how Novell has implemented many changes suggested by customers.

9 Aug 2006
Migrating from Novell SecureLogin 3.x to 6.0: A Case Study (appnote)
Novell's Girish Mutt provides an extensive AppNote detailing the advantages of, and techniques for, migrating to the new Novell SecureLogin 6.0

9 Aug 2006
Configuring and Using Active Directory with Novell SecureLogin (appnote)
Configuring and using Active Directory with Novell SecureLogin (NSL) just got easier, thanks to this detailed AppNote from Novell's Girish Mutt.

4 Aug 2006
ImportCert (tool)
Automatically import certificate from eDirectory server into local store.

5 Jul 2006
Validating URLs with the NSL Web Wizard (feature)
Ivan has a solution for using GetURL with the NSL Web Wizard, to validate URLs in scripts.

7 Jun 2006
Webster Bank and NSL (feature)
With security, identity and resource management solutions from Novell, Webster Bank is well positioned for future growth. Read the story here ...

7 Jun 2006
Strong Passphrases (feature)
Tired of the same old passphrases for end user enrollment? Here are a few suggestions for creating strong passphrases, from around the globe ...

7 Jun 2006
Saving NSL Data on Multiple Databases (tip)
If you need to have NSL save username and password data for different databases, this tip from Keith Runge could make things easier for you.

30 May 2006
Remote DLL Injection Application (tool)
Inject/remove the DLL into/from the remote process to aid in removing spyware and in testing individual library components.

23 May 2006
pcProx Card Reader (tool)
Desktop application to read the HID card ID from pcProx Reader.

3 May 2006
Novell SecureLogin Script: Gmail Login with SSO (feature)
Novell's Girish Mutt shares a cool NSL script to help you add SSO capability to your Gmail login.

3 May 2006
NSL 6.0 Features (feature)
Check out what's new with Novell SecureLogin version 6.0.

2 May 2006
Getting RSS Feeds in your Instant Messaging Client (appnote)
Rather than having a RSS news reader running all the time checking for updates to your web feeds (blogs and podcasts), wouldn't you love to get updates via IM? Jon Strickland explains how to use InstantFeed to get your RSS feeds to show up in most IM clients, including AIM, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, and Google Talk. Very nifty device for keeping yourself informed while you chat with your friends.

5 Apr 2006
Configuring and Using pcprox-based NMAS Authentication with NSL (appnote)
This AppNote by Novell's Girish Mutt provides an overview of configuring and using pcprox card-based authentication with Novell SecureLogin (NSL).

5 Apr 2006
Configuring and Using Novell Audit with Novell SecureLogin (appnote)
NSL = good; Novell Audit = good; NSL + Audit = even better. Find out how to configure these two powerhouse Novells apps to work together for your company.

5 Apr 2006
Handling LDAP Password Changes with NSL and GroupWise (feature)
Cool Solutions contributor Rutger Blom shares his SSO script solution for LDAP password changes, using NSL and GroupWise.

9 Mar 2006
Introducing Cool Blogs (tip)
Heads Up: Check out the newest addition to Novell Cool Solutions -- Cool Blogs. Written by key Novell personnel who are responsible for creating, supporting, and marketing Novell's products, these Cool Blogs will be an unprecedented opportunity for you to get the inside scoop on this technology. If you use Novell in your desktop or datacenter, you need to check this out.

8 Mar 2006
Setting NSL User Rights through iManager (tip)
If you'd rather set NSL user rights through iManager than through ConsoleOne, this article by Novell's David Guest should be just what you need.

8 Mar 2006
SecureLogin Q and A (feature)
Here are a few interesting Q+A samples you might enjoy about Novell SecureLogin.

8 Mar 2006
NSL Login Script for Java (tip)
Here's a tip from one of our Forum participants - it's a login script that works for Java client applications.

15 Feb 2006
SURVEY: Status, Statistics, Suggestions, and Solicitations (feature)
Scott Morris reveals the current numbers of the "Request a Linux App" survey, found on Novell's CoolSolutions site.

8 Feb 2006
SSO Password Policy for GroupWise (feature)
Cool Solutions contributor Rutger Blom shares his approach to building a SSO Password Policy for GroupWise, using SecureLogin.

8 Feb 2006
Q&A for Secure Access (feature)
Here are some intereting Q&A samples from the world of Secure Access - enjoy!

8 Feb 2006
NSL Sample Script - Avoiding a Login Loop (tip)
Once you log out of an application, it would be nice to stay logged out ... so here's a tip that helps you avoid an application logout loop in SecureLogin.

4 Nov 2005
Handling Emulators with SecureLogin (feature)
SecureLogin expert David Guest provides an in-depth look at handing Terminal Emulation applications with SecureLogin. Script examples are included.

4 Nov 2005
Handling SSO Failures due to Link Identification Text Mismatches (feature)
Single Sign-On is a great capability, but sometimes it fails to work for all links in a web site. The reason? Identification text mismatches - find out how to fix this problem thanks to a Cool Solution from Novell's Girish Mutt.

4 Nov 2005
A Look at Novell SecureLogin, Now and New (feature)
Here's an overview of the features of SecureLogin, including what's on the horizon ...

4 Nov 2005
Using CPAU for Admin Logins (tip)
This tip from Cool Solutions reader Kirk Maule sheds some light on a handy freeware program called CPAU, a good alternative to the RUNAS and SANUR approaches.

4 Nov 2005
Creating a One-time Password Policy (tip)
Here's a tip that captures a change-password dialog with SecureLogin to create a simple one-time password policy.

29 Aug 2005
Configuring NSL3.51 Single Sign-on for iFolder (tip)
Here's a tip from Novell's Anjana Navnith that explains how to configure NSL's Single Sign On for Windows apps that require authenticating to multiple login windows.

3 Aug 2005
Handling NSL Single-Sign-on for Upgraded Windows Apps (feature)
If a Windows application you've been using gets upgraded, and its Login window is modified to provide a new look and feel, SecureLogin might fail to handle it correctly. Here's a solution.

3 Aug 2005
Oracle Forms and NSL (tip)
SecureLogin guru David Guest contributes a script that gets NSL to handle Oracle Forms, including multiple databases and/or usernames and passwords. Edit away, and give it a try!

3 Aug 2005
Getting Behind the Asterisks, with AsterWin (tip)
Cool Solutions reader Keith Runge gives us a heads-up on AsterWin IE. It's a web-based tool that shows the text behind asterisk fields (like ShoWIn and Windows Finder).

10 Jun 2005
AppNote: Configuring Active Directory to Allow Anonymous Queries for NSL LDAP Client (appnote)
This AppNote from Talekar Nagareshwar explains how to configure Active Directory to allow anonymous queries. The permissions you need to give for anonymous users and how to set these permissions are explained in detail, from a SecureLogin perspective.

5 May 2005
SecureLogin Scripting Techniques (feature)
If you'd like to get up and running with SecureLogin scripting, this is a great place to start! Based on BrainShare TUT248, it takes you through the basics and shows how to build scripts with all the right elements.

5 May 2005
Scripting Part 2: Terminal Emulators and Web Scripting (feature)
In this article you learn the basics about emulator types and Web scripts (basic and "intelligent"). There are some helpful script examples included as well.

5 May 2005
Configuring SecureLogin to Work with HLLAPI (feature)
Here's a helpful article from SecureLogin expert David Guest that takes the mystery out of terminal emulation and gets you going with a solid configuration approach.

5 May 2005
Solving Single Sign-on Issues on a Re-constructed Web Site (tip)
Cool Solutions contributor R AnupKumar checks in with a helpful tip on getting SecureLogin to handle re-constructed web sites. Check it out - a "thumbs-up" article!

5 May 2005
Auto-Connecting from XP Remote Desktop (tip)
Here's a script from Werner Zeller that shows how to get Windows XP Remote Desktop to automatically connect with other servers.

30 Mar 2005
Eight Cool Years (feature)
Novell Cool Solutions celebrated its eighth anniversary on 15 December 2005 and conducted a People's Choice competition to honor the people who made the stuff that made us famous. Come see the top three nominees, and cast your vote for (or write in) your personal favorite. Five lucky vote-casters will receive 100 WebWise Rewards points.

29 Mar 2005
NSL Login: Easily Switching from Disconnected to Connected Mode (tip)
So you're in disconnected mode ... (as in NSL, not your life :-) ... and you're tired of having to log off your computer and re-login to get NSL into connected mode. Here's a tip from Rajasekhar V that lets you connect again without the extra login.

29 Mar 2005
Solving the Re-login Issue: Another Take (tip)
Here's an alternate solution to the re-login loop, sent in by Cool Solutions reader Alan Coutts.

29 Mar 2005
Detecting Login Boxes before NSL Starts (tip)
Cool Solutions reader Richard Craig lends some suggestions to the problem of how to detect login boxes that run before SecureLogin starts.

18 Mar 2005
QLL Reg Tool (tool)
Automatically configures the registry settings of "Quick Login/Logout" Secure Workstation component of Novell Secure Login (NSL).

18 Mar 2005
Revelation (tool)
Helps when debugging NSL login scripts by letting you see the actual text that is being placed into the password fields (rather than the usual asterisk).

2 Feb 2005
A New Cool Solutions Site - Novell Security Manager! (feature)
That's right - we are launching a brand-new Cool Solutions site, dedicated to the brand-new Novell Security Manager product. Get the details here!

1 Feb 2005
Cool Tool: BrainShare Session Importer for GroupWise (feature)
If you're going to BrainShare and you have finished registering for the breakout sessions, try out this free tool from 'bond' Software Entwicklung GmbH that will import your 2005 BrainShare schedule into GroupWise. Download it here.

27 Jan 2005
Solving Re-login Issues with NSL Single Sign-On (tip)
Tired of chasing the log-in / re-login loop that some applications cause in SecureLogin? Here's a handy tip from Anjana Navnith that solves the problem for you.

27 Jan 2005
Getting Delphi Programs to Work Smoothly with SecureLogin (tip)
Applications developed under Delphi may need some special care to work with SecureLogin. Our Forum experts weigh in with a few simple solutions to keep usernames and passwords behaving properly.

27 Jan 2005
Clearing SSO Variables (tip)
When you use Single Sign-On with discussion groups, sometimes your user and password information can get automatically plugged into fields where it shouldn't be. Here's a tip from one of our Forum experts on how to solve the problem.

29 Oct 2004
GUI Tool for Registry Settings in SecureLogin (feature)
Check out this handy tool for configuring registry settings. It's for the Quick Login / Logout Interface of Novell SecureLogin. No more manual editing of the registry - let the tool do the work!

29 Oct 2004
Pros and Cons of SecretStore (feature)
Here's a quick overview of the pros and cons of using SecretStore with Novell SecureLogin. Check out the facts here ... (hint: there are more pros than cons!)

29 Oct 2004
Automated Install of SecureLogin (feature)
If you're a SecureLogin user and aren't using Novell ZENworks to roll out your applications, here's the next best thing - an automated install program. Check out the details here ...

29 Oct 2004
Using DirXML to Create ACLs for SecureLogin (tip)
Here's a new tip sent in by a Cool Solutions reader. If you've ever gotten tired of manually assigning new-user rights, check out this XML script that lets DirXML do the ACL work for you.

29 Oct 2004
Script for Populating Passphrase Answers (tip)
Think of the time you could save if you could automatically populate default passphrase answers when they are needed. Here's a script contributed by one of our Forum experts that does this very thing ...

27 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 4 - Planning for the Future (feature)
Here's the fourth installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. Now that you've lived through the worst, what do you do about securing a safe data future? Get some solid tips here.

21 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 3 - If You Rebuild It, They Will Come (feature)
Here's the third installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. From mold on the walls to dust in the PC fans - what would you do to set it all right? Check out what our expert did, and wished he had done ...

14 Oct 2004
Creating ACL's for SecureLogin (tip)
Here's another tip sent in by a Cool Solutions reader - this time it's a way to have Identity Manager create ACL's for SecureLogin. A sample XML script is included to show you how it's done.

13 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 2 - Hard and Soft Data Recovery (feature)
Here's the second installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. The "swimming pool" has been drained - now it's time to dry out the data! Get the hair-raising details here ...

6 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 1 - Underwater Data (feature)
If you think it can't happen to you -- think again! Here's the first installment in a four-part series on disaster recovery, based on a real-life success story. Get the details here, get a plan, and get ready!

24 Aug 2004
A Day in the Life of a SysOp (feature)
Who are those invisible, witty and helpful characters who hang out on the Novell Support Forums, eager to lend their expertise and advice. Come meet a few of the volunteer SysOps who make the forums a hugely successful support endeavor for Novell.

29 Jul 2004
AppNote: Building Blocks for SecureLogin Scripting (appnote)
This document puts forward a standard approach to scripting applications within the Novell SecureLogin environment. It explains the building blocks that must be included within the scripts for Windows, Web, and Terminal Emulation applications.

29 Jul 2004
One-Stop Info Page: Novell SecureLogin (feature)
Have you ever wished you could find a page that referenced everything SecureLogin and then some? Here's our first stab at just such a miracle -- this is one for the bookmark stash.

29 Jul 2004
SecureLogin Sample Scripts on Novell Forge (tip)
If you're looking for some SecureLogin script samples to learn a few new techniques from, check out Novell Forge. A very cool area has been created in Forge for SecureLogin users to share the best of their scripting creations.

29 Jul 2004
A Shortcut into SecureLogin in Standalone Mode (trench)
When you're developing a solution, sometimes typing your own credentials into your development solution can burn cycles. Here's a trick Novell's Freddy Kaiser came up with to save him from entering his passphrase every 30 seconds to test his code.

28 Apr 2004
Configuring SecureLogin to Capture Debug Logs (tip)
When you enable logging in SecureLogin all you get by default is the good news. (If only life were so kind.) Here's a way to tweak the configuration so your log file captures status *and* error messages.

28 Apr 2004
BrainShare 2004 Presentations Available Here (feature)
If you've ever attended a BrainShare conference, you know there's nothing like being there in the flesh. But if you couldn't make this year's event, we've pulled all the Nsure SecureLogin presentations together for your perusal and enjoyment.

28 Apr 2004
Using ?runcount to Avoid Looping Problems (trench)
Here are some great script snippets put together by some of Novell's finest to keep you out of any "endless loop" trouble.

28 Apr 2004
Installing Updates Without Overwriting Custom Settings (tip)
Updating software on user workstations is difficult enough without having the updater rid your system of any custom modules that have been installed in the interim. Here's a way to make sure SecureLogin updates don't start you off from scratch.

16 Mar 2004
Novell SecureLogin "Recommended" by SC Magazine (feature)
SC Magazine recently published a review of single sign-on technologies that included Novell's own Nsure SecureLogin. Read the full article and find out what motivated the editors to recommend the product to their readers.

16 Mar 2004
Novell SecureLogin ROI Tool (tip)
Nifty tool to help calculate the money one can save by implementing SecureLogin. It might surprise you.

16 Mar 2004
What's New in SecureLogin 3.5? (tip)
Here's a quick look at the new and improved features available in the new Nsure SecureLogin 3.5.

16 Mar 2004
Helpful SecureLogin TIDs (tip)
Here's a list of popular and useful TIDs -- hand picked by the documentation team -- that have proven to help with issues ranging from registry keys to 16-bit Windows workstations to Citrix. Enjoy!

5 Dec 2003
Making Sure You Secure the Door (feature)
How users manage digital doorways to identity directly affects the security of your critical business systems.

27 Oct 2003
SecureLogin Technical White Paper Now Available (feature)
The SecureLogin marketing team has pulled together some great information about SecureLogin -- what it is, what it does, and how much money it can save. Super document for anyone involved in buying, installing, or using this technological gem.

27 Oct 2003
Creating Corporate Scripts for SecureLogin (feature)
If you've ever thought about setting up a single script that could make life easier for all your users, maybe the corporate script is what you need. Check out this piece by Novell's documentation team.

27 Oct 2003
Sharing Secrets Between SecureLogin and iChain (tip)
Here's a tip -- complete with a supporting document from BrainShare -- that shows how to configure SecureLogin and iChain to leverage the same SecretStore.

27 Oct 2003
SecureLogin Script Command Quick Reference (tip)
Here's a reference that deserves a bookmark under the "Cool SecureLogin References" tab. It lists all kinds of trivia about each of the commands available in SecureLogin's scripting language.

23 Apr 2003
Adding Applications for Single Sign-On (tip)
The documentation team keeps adding useful gems to SecureLogin's online docs. Here's one that describes how to use SecureLogin's built-in wizards to enable an application for single sign-on.

23 Apr 2003
Tool Finds Offsets for Advanced Generic EMU (tip)
If you're using SecureLogin with terminal emulation to access big iron, here's a new tool designed to answer some of the tougher configuration questions. Read more here.

23 Apr 2003
Using SecureLogin to Single Sign-on to the Web (feature)
Looking for a secure and cost-efficient way to streamline what your employees go through to access the myriad of Web applications in a day's work? Read on ...

23 Apr 2003
Avoiding "Double Authentication" with Active Directory (tip)
Here's a tip that can save your users the trouble of entering their credentials twice if you have a SecureLogin system on eDirectory but your primary authentication is against Active Directory.

23 Apr 2003
To SecretStore or Not to SecretStore (tip)
Updated; John Clark adds fuel to the fire: Ever wondered whether to set up SecureLogin to use SecretStore or not? Here's some info that'll shed some light on your security insecurities.

31 Jan 2003
What is SecureLogin? (feature)
Want the Reader's Digest version of what SecureLogin is and what it can do for you? Get it here.

31 Jan 2003
SecureLogin ROI Tool Available (feature)
If you're interested in just how much it costs to manage a company full of users with multiple passwords, check out this tool. It's designed to show how much a company can save if each of their users had but one password to manage.

30 Jan 2003
Yikes, Your Passwords are Showing! (tip)
Passwords aren't something you want to be parading around for all to see. If you've unchecked the "Display Passwords" checkbox and your secrets are still on display, here's a way to put the lid on... tight.

19 Jul 2002
Dealing With Certificate Warnings (tip)
Dealing with "host name is not the same as in the certificate" warning message.

20 May 2002
Getting to Know SecureLogin (feature)
SecureLogin uses eDirectory to track *all* those username and password combinations you use to get into the web sites and web-based applications you and your users are starting to depend on. Keith Lewis digs in and shows us how to set up SecureLogin in our own shop.

15 Apr 2002
Prepping Lotus Notes for SecureLogin (tip)
If you've installed SecureLogin but can't quite get it to log you into Lotus Notes, here's a tip that should get you back to work.

11 Apr 2002
Single Sign-On Through Novell SecureLogin (feature)
JD Marymee takes a look at traditional Single Sign-On solutions before exploring what makes SecureLogin such a unique -- and powerful -- solution to this growing problem.

22 Aug 2001
Novell Single Sign-on/SecureLogin Product Strategy (feature)
In June 2001 Novell released its SecureLogin 2.5 single sign-on product. Since Novell already markets a single sign-on product, NSSO 2.1, the existence of NSL 2.5 has created some questions and concerns about the future of these products. Bob Bentley tells all.

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