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Cradle to Grave

12 Dec 2007
One Giant Leap: Cool Solutions gets some New Digs (tip)
Eleven years after launching the first Cool Solutions site, we have just taken a major step forward. We have some new digs - a full-on community site with all the Web 2.0 bells and whistles. Check it out!

5 Dec 2007
Configuring Access Manager for UserApp and SAML (appnote)
In this AppNote, Thomas Lubanski explains how to configure Novell Access Manager for use with IDM UserApp and SAML.

5 Dec 2007
Access Management Authentication Class for SMS Token Login (feature)
Bart Andries describes an SMS token-based authentication method for Access Manager.

5 Dec 2007
Access Management Authentication Class for Static Token login (feature)
Bart Andries describes a Static token-based authentication method for Access Manager.

5 Dec 2007
BA Authentication modules for Novell Access Manager (tool)
This package contains custom authentication modules for Novell Access Manager.

5 Dec 2007
Customizing Error Messages in Access Manager Login Pages (feature)
You can help your users deal with authentication issues by customizing the error messages they get, thanks to this article from Neil Cashell.

5 Dec 2007
Finding Form Fill Secret Store Details in Access Manager (feature)
Learn more about Secret Store for Form Fill. Neil Cashell fills you in on the details ...

21 Nov 2007
Configuring SUSE Firewall for the SSL VPN Component in Access Manager (appnote)
In this Appnote, Sureshkumar T explains how to set up a SUSE Firewall configuration that works with the SSL VPN Component of Access Manager.

14 Nov 2007
Success Story: Toll Brothers (feature)
Learn how the Toll Brothers construction company selected Novell Identity Manager and Novell Access Manager to securely connect all their systems and synchronize user identities.

7 Nov 2007
Novell Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for Web Access Management (feature)
Find out more about the latest recognition of Novell product excellence, this time for Access Manager.

24 Oct 2007
Troubleshooting IF-THEN-ELSE Blocks with IDM Code (feature)
Geoff Carman explains a subtle bug dealing with IF-THEN-ELSE command ordering, and how to resolve it.

24 Oct 2007
Redirecting the Access Gateway to the Full Domain Name (tip)
In this article, Bart Andries explains how to redirect the Access Gateway to the full domain name when receiving error "Host name received is not for this web site".

17 Oct 2007
Testing for Supported Cryptographic Functions (feature)
Aaron Burgemeister shares a cool Perl script that helps you determine which cryptographic technologies are supported on certain servers.

10 Oct 2007
Using Identity Injection to View Roles (feature)
Bart Andries explains how to troubleshoot Identity Injection and Form Fill Policies in this article.

3 Oct 2007
SAML / NAM / Concur Integration (appnote)
In this AppNote, Neil Cashell demonstrates how to integrate Novell Access Manager and Concur, using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) solution for Single Sign-on (SSO) to the Concur Expense Service (CES).

3 Oct 2007
Creating Temporary Security Access for NAM 3 using Roles (feature)
Mike Faris explains how to grant temporary system access to outside personnel, using Roles with Access Manager.

26 Sep 2007
Personalizing Novell Access Manager Using Custom Headers and LDAP (feature)
Now you can personalize the look and feel of your NAM environment, thanks to this handy article from Mike Faris.

26 Sep 2007
Xen Setup for Access Manager (feature)
Ever wondered if Novell Access Manager woould work with XEN? Neil Cashell shows you how to get NAM up and running on SUSE Linux with XEN virtualization.

26 Sep 2007
Solving User Datastore Errors after NAM Upgrade (tip)
This tip from Samantha Fetter shows a simple way to get around IDP errors after an upgrade to Access Manager.

19 Sep 2007
Success Story: New York City Transit (feature)
Learn how the New York City Transit automated their identity management process with Novell Identity Manager and Access Manager.

12 Sep 2007
Lotus Notes Redirection on Novell Access Manager Using PHP and LDAP (appnote)
In this AppNote, Mike Faris shows how to configure Access Manager to determine on which Notes server the current logged in user resides, and present only a single email icon.

12 Sep 2007
Troubleshooting 10101043 and 10101044 Errors in Access Manager (appnote)
In this AppNote, Neil Cashell explains in detail how to deal with 10101043 and 10101044 errors that occur in Access Manager, as well as setting up a circle of trust between the Liberty Service Provider and the Liberty Identity Server.

29 Aug 2007
Fixing Multiple Interface Problems with Tomcat on Novell Access Manager 3.0.1 (tip)
Mike Faris and Neil Cashell team up to solve a few tricky issues with Tomcat on Access Manager.

15 Aug 2007
Configuring and Troubleshooting SAML 1.1 with Novell Access Manager (appnote)
This AppNote by Bart Andries explains configuration and troubleshooting options for implementing SAML 1.1 in your environment.

15 Aug 2007
Troubleshooting XML Validation in Access Manager (feature)
Here's a helpful guide to solving XML validation problems with Novell Access Manager, courtesy of Neil Cashell.

8 Aug 2007
Changing Ports in Novell Access Manager 3.0.1 (feature)
If you're faced with changing ports with Access Manager, this step-by-step guide from Mike Faris should come in handy.

8 Aug 2007
Configuring Single Sign On for iFolder 3.6 Server Web Access using Novell Access Manager (appnote)
This AppNote from R Anupkumar helps you implement single sign-on for Web access of the iFolder server.

25 Jul 2007
Fill Password Java Data Injection Module for NAM (appnote)
In this AppNote, Bart Andries explains how to configure SSO securely, with a combination of the NMAS Toolkit and his custom Java Data Injection module.

11 Jul 2007
Decrypting SSL Traffic to Troubleshoot NAM (appnote)
In this AppNote, Bart Andries describes how you can overcome the challenges of Troubleshooting Novell Access Manager when SSL is enabled.

11 Jul 2007
Remote Network Traces on NAM with Linux (tip)
Bart Andries shares a script that does the setup work so you can run run remote network traces on Novell Access Manager.

6 Jun 2007
Setting Up a LAG Cluster with NAM (tip)
Gert Vanden Berghe explains how to get a LAG (Link Aggregation Group) cluster set up with Novell Access Manager.

30 May 2007
DMZ Configuration with Access Manager (tip)
Here's a graphic look at cofiguring your DMZ with Novell Access Manager, courtesy of Ben Walter.

23 May 2007
Using the Backup Tool for Access Manager (tip)
In this tip, Gert Vanden Bergh shows how to get the backup tool running, with the help of a file.

9 May 2007
Troubleshooting Tomcat behind iChain (tip)
Ryan Seale shares a few pointers on getting Tomcat running smoothly behind your iChain implementation.

2 May 2007
Novell Wins Five Info Security Products Guide Excellence Awards (feature)
Users vote Novell identity, security and resource management solutions Best in Class ...

2 May 2007
Myth about TCP Port 443 and Novell Access Manager 3.0 SSLVPN (tip)
Can Access Manager run on TCP port 443? Chendil Kumar provides the answer ...

25 Apr 2007
Redirecting with the Access Gateway Authorization Policy (tip)
Jason Sabin shares a tip for redirecting an Access Manager error message to the UserApp workflow page.

28 Mar 2007
Load-Balancing Two iChain 2.3 SP5 Boxes - without Session Broker (tip)
In this tip, Steve Bratt shows us how to get load balancing working for two iChain boxes, without using the session broker.

27 Mar 2007
NordicEdge Strong authentication through one time password for Novell Access Manager 3 (tool)
Strong authentication through one time password for Novell Access Manager 3.

21 Mar 2007
SSL VPN Load Balancing for Access Manager (appnote)
In this AppNote, Chendil Kumar explains how to use the Novell SSL VPN included in Access Manager 3 to provide secure access to non-HTTP based applications inside a corporate network.

14 Mar 2007
NAM Open Lab 5: Setting Up RBAC (appnote)
Part 5 of the Open Lab series on Novell Access Manager, by Chris Van Den Abbeele, focuses on Role-Based Access.

7 Mar 2007
NAM Open Lab 4: Basic Configuration of the Access Gateway (appnote)
Chris Van Den Abbeele continues with his series of Open Labs for Novell Access Manager - this time it's configuring the Access Gateway component.

7 Mar 2007
Novell Open Audio: Access Manager, Part 2 (feature)
Check out the new Novell Open Audio segment on Access Manager, featuring Lee Howarth and a lead engineer from Novell.

21 Feb 2007
NAM Open Lab 3: Configuring Identity Server, LDAP User Store, Device Manager (appnote)
In this AppNote, Chris Van Den Abbeele explains how to configure your Novell Access Manager test system for Identity Server, LDAP User Store, and Device Manager.

21 Feb 2007
Using iChain to Protect a Sharepoint Site (tip)
Cool Solutions reader Jim Goodall explains how you can configure your iChain and Sharepoint servers, so that the Sharepoint site is protected.

14 Feb 2007
NAM Open Lab 2: Setting Up Test/Demo Websites (appnote)
Chris Van Den Abbeele is back with Part 2 of his Novell Access Manager Open Lab series - this time, it's setting up test web sites to work with NAM.

7 Feb 2007
Identity & Security Management: Time Zone and Daylight Saving Changes (feature)
Find out what you need to know - and do - to get your Novell product implementations ready for the upcoming time zone and Daylight Savings changes.

7 Feb 2007
IR1 for Novell Access Manager is Available (feature)
Get the details on the new release of Novell Access Manager here ...

24 Jan 2007
Open Lab: Installing Novell Access Manager (feature)
Chris Van Den Abbeele walks us through the installation and setup of Novell Access Manager, using VMWare.

17 Jan 2007
Customizing the iChain Login Page for Two Accelerators (tip)
From the iChain forum, Doug and Tim explain how to get your iChain Login page customized for two master accelerators.

5 Jan 2007
AppNote: How to Configure and Troubleshoot iChain 2.3 Issues Accelerating a Citrix MetaFrame Server (appnote)
Updated: This AppNote explains the key steps required to get iChain working with Citrix. You'll also find some great troubleshooting tools and tips.

3 Jan 2007
Authenticating with Identity Server and the Access Gateway (tip)
Ben Fjeldsted shares a setup for the Access Gateway that enables authentication against an Identity Server.

20 Dec 2006
Novell Access Manager Whitepapers (feature)
Learn about the latest articles and whitepapers available from Novell on the new Access Manager 3.

6 Dec 2006
SSL-izing Traffic from Access Gateway to the SSL VPN Server (feature)
Chendil Kumar explains how to add a layer of SSL security to your Access Manager communications.

1 Dec 2006
Special Holiday Drawing Winner! (feature)
Congratulations to Gary Childers - the lucky winner of the iPod nano RED special edition!

8 Nov 2006
Log Configuration and iChain (feature)
Novell's Tim Loveridge shares tips and examples on how to configure log files for iChain acceleration.

8 Nov 2006
iChain and Origin Server SSL Certificates (tip)
Tim Loveridge clears up the roles of SSL certificates, origin server, trusted roots container, etc.

1 Nov 2006
Novell & Microsoft: What Do You Think? (tip)
Learn more about the landmark announcement from Novell and Microsoft.

1 Nov 2006
Open Audio for Novell Access Manager (feature)
Catch the latest word on the new Novell Access Manager 3, right from the Reverend Ted Haeger, in this Novell Open Audio feature.

1 Nov 2006
Novell Access Manager 3 Releases (feature)
Novell is the first to integrate all aspects of Access Management with the release of Novell Access Manager 3. This single solution provides organizations seamless, secure access across extended enterprise of customers, partners and employees.

11 Oct 2006
Redirecting eGuide URL Requests (tip)
Timothy Loveridge share three ways to redirect URLS for eGuide. One method uses iChain, and the other two don't ...

4 Oct 2006
Novell Access Manager Whitepapers (feature)
Looking to get a head start on an upcoming product from Novell? Check out the whitepapers available now for Novell Access Manager ...

4 Oct 2006
Using iChain with GroupWise Mobile Server (tip)
Jim Michael shares a few thoughts on setting up GroupWise Mobile Server behind iChain instead of the Secure Gateway.

4 Oct 2006
Creating an iChain Accelerator for Groupwise WebAccess (tip)
Here are two suggestions to help you create an iChain Accelerator for Groupwise WebAccess.

4 Oct 2006
Workaround for iChain Certificate Authentication Bug (tip)
This workaround tip helps you avoid an unnecessary prompt for a Client certificate during iChain Certificate Authentication.

6 Sep 2006
Positioning iChain Servers (tip)
Where should you place your iChain servers? Here are a few suggestions on where - and why.

6 Sep 2006
iChain Automatic Login (tip)
Logging in to iChain automatically is not usually recommended, due to security issues - but if your creative mind has a need for it, here's a way to do it.

9 Aug 2006
Upgrade Procedure for iChain Servers (appnote)
In this AppNote, Joe Farah shares the procedure for upgrading iChain servers, including backup configuration, re-imaging, upgrading, and restoring the configuration.

9 Aug 2006
Token-based iChain Installation (tip)
Wayne Doust explains how to get set up for a token-based installation of iChain, using NAMS and RADIUS.

9 Aug 2006
Finding RADIUS for iChain Authentications (tip)
Need to install RADIUS.NLM for iChain, but having trouble finding it? Cool Solutions reader Roger Thomas points you in the right direction ...

5 Jul 2006
Novell Access Manager Demo (feature)
Take a peek at the futue of Novell iChain - namely Novell Access Manager - with this cool demo.

5 Jul 2006
Setting Up Multi-Homing Accelerators in iChain (feature)
Timothy Loveridge sheds some light on setting up multi-homing accelerators in iChain.

3 May 2006
Configuring iChain 2.3 to Accelerate the Novell Application Launcher (feature)
This article from David Wilkinson walks you through the steps on how to set up the accelerator to access the Novell Application Launcher.

8 Mar 2006
SecureLogin Q and A (feature)
Here are a few interesting Q+A samples you might enjoy about Novell SecureLogin.

8 Mar 2006
Media Downloads with iChain (tip)
Cool Solutions reader Camila Silva shows us a workaround for downloading media files through iChain - and avoiding IE errors.

8 Mar 2006
iChain Basics in a Customer Setting (feature)
Kevin Pidd outlines some concepts for getting iChain implemented in a customer setting.

8 Feb 2006
Q&A for Secure Access (feature)
Here are some intereting Q&A samples from the world of Secure Access - enjoy!

8 Feb 2006
iFolder 3 Web Interface and iChain 2.3 - Working Together (tip)
Ben Lewis shows us a simple solution for getting iFolder 3 web access working properly through Chain 2.3.

9 Dec 2005
Working with 3rd Party Certificates and iChain 2.3 (appnote)
Neil Cashell and Klaus Gast describe three main problem scenarios you might encounter when dealing with Certificate Authorities. Learn about the tools and tricks that allow administrators to get almost any third party certificate to work with iChain 2.3.

9 Dec 2005
WalkID: The iChain LDAP-Query-enabled Plug-in (feature)
Novell's Alfredo Santos and Andres Monteiro team up to show the business case and technical usages for WalkID, the iChain LDAP-Query-enabled Plug-in.

9 Dec 2005
iChain 2.3 Support Pack 3 Interim Release 1 (tip)
This patch provides a bundle of enhancements and fixes for issues that have surfaced since iChain 2.3 Support Pack 3 was released. Download it here.

9 Dec 2005
Password Management Servlet (PWM) v1.2.0 (feature)
The latest release of the Password Management Servlet (PWM), has been posted on Novell Forge. PWM provides web-based password management services for end-users and administrators. Download it here.

9 Dec 2005
How to allow for execution of specific commands without revealing the Config user password (tip)
Oscar Forero shares a program he wrote that allows you to give a user the ability to execute specific commands without revealing the Config user password.

28 Nov 2005
iChain Simple Password OLAC Provider (tool)
Perform single sign on to upstream servers with mutual or radius authentication.

28 Nov 2005
Submit a Tip (tip)
Share your experiences using Novell iChain. Just send us a tip or article about using (or installing, deploying, troubleshooting, etc.) iChain, and start earning points in the Novell Rewards Program. Find out more.

3 Nov 2005
WalkID (tool)
Search attribute values of any object of one LDAP Server.

31 Aug 2005
Single Sign-On to Citrix Web Interface 4.0 using eDirectory Authentication (tip)
Kevin Hurni explains how to Single Sign-on to the Citrix Web Interface 4.0 that is configured to use eDirectory authentication. He also provided an example of the form fill policy he used.

29 Aug 2005
Installing iChain 2.3 on VMWare ESX Server (tip)
Andrew Boulanger has provided instructions you can use when installing iChain 2.3 into a VM on an ESX server.

29 Aug 2005
Using Your Own Login Form on Web Page Accelerated by iChain (tip)
Jesse Pretorius shows you how you can provide your own login form on a web page accelerated by iChain.

29 Aug 2005
Installing SAML Extension Server on OES Linux (tip)
Michael Longman shares a solution to a problem he had while installing the SAML Extension server on OES Linux.

29 Aug 2005
Tip to fix the NDSSetupClientTable Error (tip)
Lynley Agsam shares his solution on what to do if you get the NDSSetupClientTable error when connecting to RADIUS.

27 May 2005
AppNote: Accelerating Outlook Web Access (OWA) Server 2003 with Forms Based Authentication (appnote)
This AppNote by Bart Andries describes how to configure iChain to accelerate and Single Sign-on to Outlook Web Access with Forms Based Authentication Enabled.

27 May 2005
Latest iChain Issues Resolved by Novell Technical Support (feature)
Here is a list of the latest TIDs that might help you avoid some of the most common problems that have been called into Novell Technical Support lately.

27 May 2005
Novell iChain Presentations from BrainShare 2005 (feature)
If you didn't make it to this year's BrainShare event, here are the presentations from the Novell iChain sessions.

11 May 2005
Password Manager (PWM) v1.0.2 for iChain (tip)
PWM is a password management servlet with iChain integration features, suitable for handling expired passwords with iChain, and other scenarios. Check out the latest improvements.

4 Apr 2005
New Field Patch for iChain (ic23fp3a.exe) (tip)
Here's a quick overview of what's in the iChain 2.3 Field Patch 3a.

30 Mar 2005
Eight Cool Years (feature)
Novell Cool Solutions celebrated its eighth anniversary on 15 December 2005 and conducted a People's Choice competition to honor the people who made the stuff that made us famous. Come see the top three nominees, and cast your vote for (or write in) your personal favorite. Five lucky vote-casters will receive 100 WebWise Rewards points.

2 Mar 2005
Novell iChain Wins SC Magazine Award (feature)
Novell iChain and Novell BorderManager received the Reader Trust Award for Best Access Control Solution from SC Magazine for the second consecutive year. Get the details here!

7 Feb 2005
Getting from LDAP FN to Novell FDN (tip)
The LDAP DN is in comma-delimited format, but Novell's FDN uses dotted notation. What to do? Try this simple tip from reader Michael Longman that gets the commas into the proper dot-notation for you.

2 Feb 2005
A New Cool Solutions Site - Novell Security Manager! (feature)
That's right - we are launching a brand-new Cool Solutions site, dedicated to the brand-new Novell Security Manager product. Get the details here!

28 Jan 2005
iChain 2.3 Support Pack 2 Now Available (feature)
Heads Up: This new patch includes a number of enhancements and fixes for issues that have surfaced since iChain 2.3 was released. Get the details here.

28 Jan 2005
Troubleshooting Form Fill Issues (feature)
If you've had problems with Form Fill lately, check out this article by Neil Cashell. He has provided a list of the most common issues that are called into support and how to fix them.

28 Jan 2005
Single Sign-on to NetStorage through iChain (tip)
With NetWare 6.5 SP3 you can Single Sign-on to NetStorage by configuring the new "cookieless authentication" option for XTier/middle-tier authentication. Get the details here.

28 Jan 2005
How to Generate an ICA File to Connect with Citrix Presentation Server 3 and WebInterface (tip)
With Citrix Presentation Server 3, WebInterface, and iChain 2.3, no connection could be established. Thomas Bolliger shares his solution on how to generate an ICA file that works.

23 Dec 2004
Latest iChain Issues Resolved by Novell Technical Support (tip)
Here's a list of the latest TIDs that might help you avoid some of the most common problems that have been called into Novell Technical Support lately.

24 Nov 2004
AppNote: iChain Authentication Process (appnote)
iChain 2.3 can authenticate users in different ways. Not only can it accept user credentials using different methods but it can also validate the credentials using different methods. In this article, Martin Day explains the different authentication options that are available.

24 Nov 2004
Customize iChain Login Page Error Messages (tip)
Gary Gilbert shares a tip on how to customize the default iChain error messages using javascript.

24 Nov 2004
Accessing iChain OLAC Parameters Passed in the HTTP Header Using PHP (feature)
iChain has the ability to pass supplemental user information to the back end web or application server. This TID from Novell Technical Support provides some examples of how information can be passed in the HTTP header, and how that information can be accessed via PHP.

24 Nov 2004
Novell iChain 2.3.1 Evaluation Software (feature)
Try out a full version of Novell iChain 2.3.1. Download a 90-day evaluation today!

24 Nov 2004
SAML Extension 1.0.1 for iChain (feature)
SAML Extension Version 1.0.1 for iChain is now available. Check it out.

27 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 4 - Planning for the Future (feature)
Here's the fourth installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. Now that you've lived through the worst, what do you do about securing a safe data future? Get some solid tips here.

21 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 3 - If You Rebuild It, They Will Come (feature)
Here's the third installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. From mold on the walls to dust in the PC fans - what would you do to set it all right? Check out what our expert did, and wished he had done ...

13 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 2 - Hard and Soft Data Recovery (feature)
Here's the second installment of our four-part series on disaster recovery. The "swimming pool" has been drained - now it's time to dry out the data! Get the hair-raising details here ...

6 Oct 2004
iChain 2.3 Support Pack 1 Now Available (feature)
Heads Up -- there's a new Support Pack available for iChain 2.3. This update provides enhancements and fixes for issues that have surfaced since iChain 2.3 shipped.

6 Oct 2004
Social Security: The Next Wave in Identity Management (feature)
With Odyssey, Novell maintains its leading-edge position in the latest wave of identity management. Learn all about what Odyssey is and how it works in this Novell Connection Magazine article by Shawn Dickerson.

6 Oct 2004
Cool Tip: Accessing Applications on a Citrix Server behind Firewall (tip)
Lynley Agsam had a problem with applications setup on a Citrix server and accessed through iChain and BorderManager not working inside the network (or behind the firewall). Read his solution here.

6 Oct 2004
Disaster Recovery, Part 1 - Underwater Data (feature)
If you think it can't happen to you -- think again! Here's the first installment in a four-part series on disaster recovery, based on a real-life success story. Get the details here, get a plan, and get ready!

2 Sep 2004
AppNote: How to Renew a Novell Certificate that was issued by an External CA (appnote)
If you have a Novell certificate that is about to expire, take a look at this new AppNote by Patrick Coomans. He has provided step-by-step instructions on how to renew a certificate in iChain that has been signed by a third-party certificate authority.

2 Sep 2004
Cool Tip: NetStorage through iChain Configuration (tip)
Aaron Sayer shares his configuration for setting up NetStorage through iChain as a Multi Homed host.

2 Sep 2004
Helpful Citrix TIDs (tip)
Here's a list of useful TIDs from Novell Technical Support for Citrix Issues. Topics include: Accessing Citrix MetaFrame server through iChain, Single Sign-On to Citrix WebInterface Server using iChain 2.3, and I/O (Input/Output) error occurred while request was being processed.

26 Aug 2004
Cool Tip: Redirect WebAccess Users to a Specific Page after Logout (tip)
When using iChain and Form Fill to Accelerate and Single Sign-On to GroupWise WebAccess, users are redirected to the login page when they logout. Uffe Bager shares a tip on how you can redirect users to a specific page after they logout.

6 Aug 2004
Enabling Single Sign On to SLOX server with iChain (tip)
We've heard from some hapless SLOX users who find themselves unable to use iChain's single sign-on and can't figure out why. Well, in a nutshell: it's not your fault. Here's the scoop.

23 Jul 2004
SAML Extension Sample Site Code (feature)
The SAML sample site code for the iChainSite and eMartian sample sites are now available for download.

23 Jul 2004
Command-line Upgrade (OTWUG) for iChain 2.x (tip)
If you need to upgrade iChain and you are locked out of the Web GUI (like when the evaluation license has expired), you can still upgrade iChain with the command-line commands. Check out this TID from Novell Technical Support for the details.

23 Jul 2004
How to Accelerate Novell Products with iChain 2.3 (feature)
Here's some great TIDs from Novell Technical Support that explain how to accelerate Novell products with iChain 2.3. (Virtual Office, iPrint, GroupWise WebAccess, NetStorage, and more!)

23 Jul 2004
One-Stop Info Page: Novell iChain (feature)
To help you find everything you need to know about Novell iChain 2.3, we've done some serious surfing and pulled together a short list of the essential links.

7 Jul 2004
Sample Site Code for SAML (tool)
Code for the iChainSite and eMartian sample SAML sites

26 May 2004
Novell Forge iChain Projects (tip)
Take a look at the latest updates for the iChain Password Management and iChain Form Fill Scripts projects currently in Novell Forge.

26 May 2004
Upgrading to iChain 2.3 (feature)
Getting ready to upgrade to iChain 2.3? Take a look at the new iChain 2.3 documentation for instructions on how to upgrade your current Novell iChain installation to iChain 2.3.

26 May 2004
iChain Provides Security Gateway for City of Los Angeles (feature)
Off to a good start with an Enterprise Portal from Novell, the City of Los Angeles extended their reach with iChain. They used it as a hub to link vital computer services together, improving security and saving money as well.

26 May 2004
Activating iChain 2.3 (feature)
After you install Novell iChain 2.3, you must activate it. Unless activated, Novell iChain 2.3 will expire after 90 days. Get the instructions on how to activate iChain 2.3 here.

6 May 2004
Novell iChain and Novell BorderManager Win SC Magazine Award for Best Access Control (feature)
Novell iChain and Novell BorderManager received the Reader Trust Award for Best Access Control from SC Magazine. Get the details here.

6 May 2004
Novell iChain 2.3 Now Available (feature)
Heads up: There's a new version of iChain available. Come and find out what's new in iChain 2.3.

8 Apr 2004
How to Accelerate and Single Sign-On to GroupWise 6.5 WebAccess Server with iChain 2.3 (tip)
For instructions on how to get GroupWise WebAccess services accelerated through iChain 2.3, read this new TID from Novell Technical Support.

31 Mar 2004
iChain 2.3 Technical White Paper (feature)
If you've been looking for a technical document that covers iChain 2.3, check out this just-released White Paper.

31 Mar 2004
Cool Tool: NetStorage Single Sign-On Servlet for iChain (tip)
Stefan Evans has modified the NetStorage Single Sign-On Servlet for iChain source code to work with NetWare 6.5, recompiled class file for a JVM 1.4.x environment, and updated the documentation. Download it here.

31 Mar 2004
Novell iChain Presentations from BrainShare 2004 (feature)
In case you missed BrainShare 2004, here are the presentations from the Novell iChain sessions.

31 Mar 2004
Bow WOW: The Novell Innerweb (feature)
Using Internal Technologies, Novell Eats Its Own Dog Food. Novell Connection Magazine's Linda Kennard writes about how Novell makes it possible for employees to have a corporate-office experience from anywhere with an Internet connection. Read how Novell iChain provides front-end security for Novell's Innerweb.

30 Mar 2004
NetStorage Single Sign-On Servlet for iChain (tool)
Modified source to work with NetWare 6.5, recompiled class file for a JVM 1.4.x environment, and greatly enhanced the documentation.

19 Feb 2004
iChain Form Fill Script Generator (feature)
Rich Roberts recently created a tool that will help administrators build scripts for iChain Form Fill. We have published it here so you can create your scripts online. Try it out!

19 Feb 2004
Configuring Mutual Authentication Using Third-Party Certificates (feature)
Configuring Mutual Authentication using third-party certificates is slightly different than using Novell's certificate. If you need help, check out this new TID from Novell Technical Support for instructions and troubleshooting tips.

23 Dec 2003
Novell's one Net Vision Comes to Life for its Employees (feature)
Novell wanted to consolidate its corporate resources to a single employee portal and provide secure access to all employees. With Novell iChain providing front-end security, employees can access the portal from anywhere in the world using any Web browser, including Windows*, Linux and Macintosh*. Read the success story here.

23 Dec 2003
Configuring iChain to use Separate Authentication and Authorization Trees (trench)
Here's another great tip from Jim Short. He has provided instructions on how to configure iChain to use different LDAP trees for authentication and authorization. Check it out!

25 Nov 2003
AppNote: iChain 2.2 - Developing a Custom OLAC Driver (appnote)
Check out this great new AppNote by Shane Johns. He has provided detailed instructions on how to develop a custom OLAC driver for iChain 2.2.

25 Nov 2003
iChain 2.2 Support Pack 2 Now Available (feature)
Heads Up -- there's a new Support Pack available for iChain 2.2. This update provides enhancements and fixes for issues that have surfaced since iChain 2.2 shipped.

25 Nov 2003
Accelerating eGuide with iChain and Single Sign On (feature)
Learn how to secure and accelerate Novell eGuide via Novell iChain with this lab guide by Will Peterson.

25 Nov 2003
Egemin Success Story (feature)
Egemin wanted to create a corporate portal to give both employees and customers secure access to information at any time, and from any machine. After evaluating a variety of solutions, Egemin decided on a solution built around Novell iChain. Read their story here.

24 Nov 2003
Custom OLAC Development with iChain 2.2 (tool)
Source code and PowerPoint slides for custom driver.

5 Nov 2003
iChain Form Fill Script Generator 1.2.003 (tool)
Create iChain Form Fill Scripts.

31 Oct 2003
How to Increase the Log Volume Size in iChain 2.2 (trench)
Here's a great TID from Novell's Jim Short that has step-by-step instructions on how to increase the log volume size in iChain 2.2. Check it out!

24 Oct 2003
Installing iChain 2.2 in VMware Virtual Machine (trench)
If you've had problems trying to install and run iChain 2.2 in a VMware virtual environment, take a look at this article by Novell WSS Engineer, Dmitry Kipa. He has provided step-by-step instructions and examples on how to install it.

24 Oct 2003
iChain Form Fill Script Generator Tool (tip)
Novell's Rich Roberts created a tool that will help administrators build scripts for iChain Form Fill. Download it here.

24 Oct 2003
Novell Wins Editor's Choice Award from Network Computing/Secure Enterprise (feature)
After evaluating identity management solutions from Novell, Computer Associates and Courion, Network Computing and Secure Enterprise gave Novell the Editor's Choice award. iChain provided the most flexible and secure Web access control of the products they tested and its proxy-based architecture made it a breeze to deploy for internal and external customers alike.

18 Sep 2003
Keeping it Simple for iChain Users (trench)
Very Cool Solution from Novell Consultant Andrew Rook. This tip shows how to modify the iChain error page to preserve the target URL after an timeout when trying to POST data (so your users don't have to curse and as they retype the URL).

18 Sep 2003
Location Header Not Being Rewritten in iChain 2.2 (tip)
If you're using iChain 2.2 and have noticed a problem with the location redirect not working like it did in earlier versions of iChain, here's the technical information you've been looking for.

18 Sep 2003
Login Differences Between DN and CN with LDAP (trench)
Here's a discussion that sheds some light on the difference between using DN or FN for the LDAP profile as it relates to logins.

18 Sep 2003
Training iChain to Talk to an RSA ACE/Server via RADIUS (tip)
Here's a tip from a forum poster who struggled with an ACE/Server implementation and then discovered a solution. This may just save your weekend.

18 Sep 2003
Tips for Debugging SSL (tip)
Here are a few simple tips that we picked up on the forums and thought we would pass on. If you're struggling with an SSL implementation, one of these tools just might work some magic.

28 Aug 2003
Configuring SAP's Enterprise Portal for iChain Authentication (feature)
Here's a gem pulled together by Novell Senior Consultant Karsten Mueller-Corbach. In this step-by-step document, Karsten explains how to team iChain with the SAP Enterprise Portal.

28 Aug 2003
Cool Tool: iChain Login Servlets 2.2.2 (feature)
Here's a set of six servlets that haven't seen much (if any) daylight. They have been designed to enhance a few of the iChain login and password functions.

28 Aug 2003
Allowing Public Access to eGuide through iChain (trench)
Here's a clever approach to an authentication problem. Pete Willis explains (with code samples!) how his organization lets users browse their directory via eGuide but requires authentication through iChain to make changes to the content.

28 Aug 2003
ActivPack v2.0 for Novell eDirectory (tip)
ActivPack for Novell eDirectory offers a comprehensive solution for seamless integration and management of digital identity services within Novell eDirectory, Novell iChain, Novell ConsoleOne, and Novell Modular Authentication Service (NMAS).

18 Jul 2003
NPS Proxy Gadget 0.1.9c (tool)
Acts as a firewall or tunnel for any type of internet connection, only allowing connections from users who have authenticated to NPS.

18 Jul 2003
iChain 2.2 Support Pack 1 Now Available (feature)
Heads Up -- there's a new Support Pack available for iChain 2.2. Don't be the last one on your block to apply it.

18 Jul 2003
Using Mozilla to See HTTP Header Info (feature)
Here's a nifty trick that lets you take a painless peek at the header info that's being handled by your iChain system.

20 Jun 2003
Using iChain 2.2 with GroupWise WebAccess (feature)
Here's a step-by-step put together by the those brilliant folks in Novell Support Services. This piece was designed to help get the most out of a teamed up implementation of iChain and GroupWise WebAccess.

20 Jun 2003
Working with iChain 2.2 Schema Extensions (feature)
Here's a heads up about a possible problem with iChain 2.2's schema extensions and eDirectory 8.7 FP4. Get the lowdown here.

20 Jun 2003
Product Activation (trench)
If you're struggling with product activation, here's a tip from one who has walked that road.

20 Jun 2003
Leveraging Intruder Detection in iChain (tip)
Jothin Vallathol tips us regarding how to extend NetWare's intruder detection and lockout functionality to iChain.

20 Jun 2003
Logging Into the iChain Tree (trench)
MCNE Somsak Kasemsuk shares this tip from faraway Bangkok Thailand. Here's his approach to logging into the iChain Tree.

23 May 2003
Changing the ACL Refresh Rate and its Effect on Performance (tip)
Here's a tip about changing the ACL refresh rate and what impact that change may (or may not) have on performance.

17 Apr 2003
Creating and Enforcing an Internet Acceptable Use Policy (feature)
Don't miss this great new AppNote which discusses some of the key business problems regarding Internet access and presents a sound methodology (using iChain) for devising an Internet Acceptable Use Policy (iAUP) for any organization.

21 Mar 2003
iChain 2.1 Support Pack 2 Now Available (feature)
If you're still using iChain 2.1 here's a newly-released support pack that includes a slew of fixes and enhancements. Read more here.

21 Mar 2003
Password Self Management (tip)
If you're looking for a way to give your users the ability to manage their passwords in your web application, iChain has some servlets designed to do just that.

21 Mar 2003
Installing iChain 2.1 on Unsupported Hardware (tip)
Thrill seekers, listen up. Here's how to set up iChain 2.1 on unsupported hardware. It's not easy. And, did we mention it's not supported? But it may come in handy in a pinch.

20 Feb 2003
New Features Now Available in iChain 2.2 (feature)
iChain 2.2 is shipping and it's bursting at the seams with new features. Check out this list of enhancements.

20 Feb 2003
Simplifying LDAP Logins (trench)
Here's a very clever snippet of JavaScript, written by Rob Bennett, that lets users type username.context into the iChain login dialog and converts it to syntactically correct LDAP (cn=username,ou=department,o=company) for submission.

20 Feb 2003
iChain Earns 5-Star Rating From SC Magazine (feature)
SC Magazine, a leading publication in the world of information security, took a look at iChain 2.1 and they liked what they saw. Read more here.

20 Feb 2003
One Time Password Technology for iChain (feature)
Here's a novel tool, developed by our friends at NordicEdge, that supplements the iChain authentication engine with a One Time Password Technology.

20 Feb 2003
iChain 2.1 and Outlook Web Access (feature)
Alejandro Mendoza had to overcome a few obstacles when he built a solution using Novell iChain, Microsoft Outlook Web Access, and Netscape Navigator. Here's a tip or two if you choose to use the same recipe.

24 Jan 2003
Online iChain Demos and Tutorials (feature)
If you're looking for a quick and easy way to wrap your head around the iChain concepts or if you need some installation tips, here's a cache of narrated demos and tutorials.

24 Jan 2003
Disabling AutoComplete Functionality on Login Pages (tip)
If your iChain login page is filling in fields with sensitive authentication information when it's not supposed to -- here's some code that will stop this AutoComplete behavior in its tracks.

24 Jan 2003
Solving Problems with "+" Laden URLs (tip)
It seems that iChain 2.1 dealt with plus signs (+) in URLs by deleting them. Not the most efficient way to get browsers where they want to go. Download this fix and get your users back on track.

24 Jan 2003
iChain 2.1 and FormFill (tip)
If you've recently upgraded to iChain 2.1 and your new users are experiencing FormFill problems, here's a tip from Novell Technical Services.

19 Dec 2002
Troubleshooting iChain 2.1 Authentication Issues (feature)
Straight from the notepads of two of iChain's support engineers, Neil Cashell and Shane Johns, cover the finer points of troubleshooting iChain authentication issues. A must read!

19 Dec 2002
Troubleshooting iChain 2.1 Authorization Issues (feature)
These guys are good. Neil Cashell and Shane Johns dig deep into their bag of iChain support tricks and come up with some incredibly useful tools and advice for solving Authorization issues.

19 Dec 2002
City of Los Angeles Adopts iChain Integrated Solution (feature)
The City of Los Angeles recently signed up for an employee access and provisioning solution that came in a bright red box. Read more here.

19 Dec 2002
Three Settings to Optimize iChain Performance (trench)
Here are three set parameters that Tiago Abreu uses to increase the performance of the iChain uploads.

21 Aug 2002
iChain 2.1 Activation Request Wizard fails to submit request (tip)
Having trouble getting your Activation Request Wizard working? Here's a TID that will help you pinpoint your problems!

21 Aug 2002
Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2000 with iChain (feature)
Here's a handy work around to help users access their OWA accounts across an iChain proxy.

21 Aug 2002
Modifying the Password Change Servlet to redirect back to a login page (tip)
Here's a new TID to help make the Change Password Servlet perform better.

20 Aug 2002
Enabling NCP connections in iChain (tip)
Here's an easy way to access the files on your iChain server.

26 Jul 2002
iChain 2.0 Support Pack 2 (tip)
Heads Up: iChain 2.0 SP 2 is now available. Check it out today.

26 Jul 2002
Create a Basic Configuration Using the iChain Wizard (feature)
If you're new to iChain, this is a great way to create your first iChain objects and get started accelerating your network resources.

26 Jul 2002
How to Auto-write an iChain Coredump (feature)
Here's a nice way to automate part of the troubleshooting process, so if your iChain server ever abends, a coredump will automatically be written, and then the server will automatically reboot. Sweet...

17 Jun 2002
Login Shortcuts (tip)
Hoping for a way to set things up so people don't have to login multiple times? If you're using iChain 2.1, you're in luck.

17 Jun 2002
Activating an iChain 2.1 License (feature)
Bit of confusion out there about how to install and activate an iChain 2.1 license. This should clear things up.

17 Jun 2002
Localize Portal Content (tip)
If you need some of the existing portal content in a given language, these are the files you'll need to localize.

17 Jun 2002
iChain support for SecretStore (tip)
People have been asking about what kind of support iChain 2.x offers for the Secret Store used by NSL. Here's the scoop.

17 Jun 2002
iChain 2.0 Support Pack 1 (tip)
Heads Up: In case you haven't seen it yet, don't miss the iChain 2.0 SP1

20 May 2002
How to Build a Personalized, Secure Web Portal (feature)
Check out this new AppNote written by Karl Bunnell that describes how to use Novell eDirectory and iChain along with the Corporate Yahoo! Enterprise Portal to build a Web portal that provides authentication, single sign-on, identify services, and Web acceleration.

20 May 2002
Teaming iChain with Novell Portal Services (feature)
If you've ever needed the step-by-step to get iChain and Novell Portal Services working hand in hand, here's the doc you've been looking for.

20 May 2002
Sesame Workshop Success Story (trench)
Sesame Workshop selected Novell Net services software to help deliver high-quality educational entertainment to children across the globe. Read how Novell iChain, based on eDirectory, provides an unfailing layer of security to the organization's network.

20 May 2002
LDAP and HTTP load balancing and failover for iChain (tip)
If you have questions about LDAP load balancing and failover for iChain, check out this FAQ from Novell Technical Support. They may have the answer for you.

16 Apr 2002
Customizing iChain 2.0 Proxy Messages (tip)
Novell Consultant Gustavo J Gallardo shares a tip on how to customize and/or translate iChain 2.0 proxy messages using javascript to make the modification in the user's browser.

16 Apr 2002
Upgrading from iChain 1.5 to 2.0 (feature)
Here is a new AppNote written by Neil Cashell and Nicolas Barcet that outlines the recommended process for upgrading from Novell iChain 1.5 to version 2.0. Check it out.

16 Apr 2002
Troubleshooting iChain 2.0 Installation Problems (feature)
If you're getting ready to install iChain 2.0, you'll want to read this new article that identifies the various stages that the iChain Proxy Server installation program goes through, points out potential problems, and gives troubleshooting tips to help you overcome these problems.

2 Apr 2002
AppNote Tool: iChain Java Servlets (tool)
Obtain an LDIF file with a list of schema definitions for iChain 2.0, including changes from previous versions.

2 Apr 2002
AppNote Tool: Upgrading from iChain 1.5 to 2.0 (tool)
Obtain an LDIF file with a list of schema definitions for iChain 2.0, including changes from previous versions.

12 Mar 2002
AppNote: Novell iChain 2.0 Installation and Configuration Quick Start (feature)
Don't miss this new AppNote written by Neil Cashell and Shane Johns. This article highlights new features and enhanced capabilities of iChain 2.0 and also provides a quick-start installation and configuration guide.

12 Mar 2002
Troubleshooting Guide for Installing iChain 2.0 Proxy Server (tip)
Here is a great collection of troubleshooting tips from Novell Technical Support (NTS) that solve many of the problems customers have had installing iChain Proxy Server. Check here first, and save yourself a call.

12 Mar 2002
iChain 2.0 and Novell Portal Services FAQ (tip)
If you have questions about iChain and Novell Portal Services integration, check out this FAQ from Novell Technical Support. They may have the answer for you.

22 Jan 2002
GroupWise Gadgets and iChain (trench)
Jimmie Hay explains how to configure the GroupWise Mail and Calendar Gadgets to securely access GroupWise resources protected by a Novell iChain appliance.

22 Jan 2002
Configuring Mutual Authentication (tip)
Here is a tip with step-by-step instructions on how to configure Mutual Authentication.

22 Jan 2002
iChain Resource Center (feature)
If you're looking for info on iChain -- any info -- this new Resource Center has everything from box shots to white papers in one place! Check it out!

17 Dec 2001
iChain 2.0 Field Patch 2 (tip)
This new patch provides a bundle of fixes for issues that have surfaced since iChain 2.0 shipped.

17 Dec 2001
iChain Installation and Configuration Demo (feature)
If you're new to iChain, here are some Quick Guide flash movies that will take you through the installation and configuration process - making your iChain setup quick and painless.

17 Dec 2001
Rewrite Filter Configuration for iChain 2.0 (tip)
The Rewrite filter is a powerful tool which enables administrators to search and replace user-specified strings with new strings. Read this TID to help you through the configuration process.

12 Nov 2001
iChain helps German Farmers Track the Weather (feature)
Come learn how the Bavarian farmers' association uses iChain to provide weather forecasts to farmers.

12 Nov 2001
Problems Logging in to iChain 2.0 (tip)
When attempting to login to the iChain 2.0 authentication page, some people are getting 403 errors, or find that takes a long time to complete. Here's what's happening, and how you can work around it.

12 Nov 2001
How to update drivers during an iChain 2.0 install (tip)
Here is the right way to update the IDE and SCUZZI drivers when installing iChain 2.0.

12 Nov 2001
Using iChain Single Sign-on with Microsoft Outlook Web Access (feature)
Don't miss this great article explaining how to simplify, secure and accelerate the clumsy, unsecured double login process Microsoft Exchange users perform when using Outlook Web Access Server. Your Exchange users will worship the ground you walk on.

23 Oct 2001
Clustering iChain 1.5 (feature)
Clustering on the iChain 1.5 server only allows you to cluster and accelerate services without SSL or authentication. Rick Meredith offers a nifty workaround.

23 Oct 2001
Clustering iChain 1.5 (feature)
Clustering on the iChain 1.5 server only allows you to cluster and accelerate services without SSL or authentication. Rick Meredith offers a nifty workaround.

23 Oct 2001
Installing iChain on a Dell PowerEdge 2450 or 2550 (tip)
Several people have reported difficulty installing iChain on the Dell PowerEdge. The problem is almost always the PERC chip. Here's what you need to do to get the install to complete.

23 Oct 2001
The iChain Wizard (tip)
Learn how to use this great timesaver which automates many of the tasks of setting up and configuring the iChain system.

23 Oct 2001
Novell iChain 2.0 Now Available (feature)
Come get a high-level overview of the new features in iChain 2.0, and find out where you can get some training on it.

27 Sep 2001
To Get OLAC & Auth Header to work (feature)
Come get these step-by-step instructions, complete with test cases you can use to make sure everything is configured properly.

27 Sep 2001
OLAC QuickStart and Troubleshooting Guide (feature)
The Object Level Access Control (OLAC) service of iChain enables you to integrate and allow access to Web-based applications. Sometimes these resources or objects need additional access control or application information about the user to be passed into the application. This additional information about the user can be stored in NDS or some other database.

27 Sep 2001
LDAP ASN1 Schema Definitions for iChain 2.0 (feature)
Here are the schema definitions used to administer access control rules and Community Services features.

5 Jun 2001
Novell e-Login: A single identity for Internet customers (feature)
There are more than one million separate digital identities in over a dozen different relational databases that are accessed by hundreds of applications to support the online authorization and authentication needs of Novell needed a way to begin working towards a common Web Identity and Profile that could be migrated over time but that would still provide value to the end user and to the corporation. Come see how they did it.

5 Jun 2001
Installing iChain Community Server Software on NetWare 5.1 (feature)
We've had a few inquiries about this, so here's the scoop.

20 Apr 2001
Enabling and Viewing the Mail Server Log File (tip)
If you want to keep track of what's happening on your mail server (and who wouldn't?), here's how to set it up.

20 Apr 2001
iChain Internet Caching Server Features (feature)
Wondering what the differences are between ICS 1.3 and the iChain Internet Caching 1.5 Server? You're not alone. Here's a quick overview.

6 Apr 2001
Troubleshooting Password Management (tip)
Here's how to avoid two common mistakes in the configuration of the Password Management Servlet.

6 Apr 2001
iChain Custom Development (feature)
If you are looking for info about how to do custom development for your implementation of iChain, don't miss this excellent new AppNote by a Senior Software Engineer from Novell Developer Labs.

12 Mar 2001
What the Heck is iChain All About? (feature)
We've had a few letters from people who want a no-nonsense explanation of what iChain is all about. So here it is in a nutshell.

12 Mar 2001
Password Management is Case Sensitive (tip)
Do you get a 404 File Not Found error when you try to change someone's expired password via PasswordExpired.html? Come see why that happens, and what to do about it.

2 Mar 2001
Installing Community Services on Apache/Tomcat for NT (feature)
Rick Meredith offers step-by-step instructions and the files required to install Community Services on this server.

2 Mar 2001
Quick Guide to Installing and Configuring Novell ICS and iChain 1.5 (feature)
Don't miss this new AppNote from Novell Consulting's Scott Messick. It covers the initial configuration needed to remotely manage the iChain ICS appliance from a web browser, and then provides a walk-through for activating much of iChain ICS' core functionality.

23 Feb 2001
Test OAC Plugins Before Installation (feature)
Test an OAC plugin in a debugger-enabled environment (such as Jbuilder, Forte, Metrowerks, etc.) before installing it on the iChain ICS where debugging is a much more difficult task.

15 Feb 2001
SSO Capability for iChain and NIMS (feature)
Kevin James shares a nifty little servlet which provides SSO capability for iChain and NIMS. Once a user is logged into iChain, if you put a link in their iChain pages to this servlet it transparently redirects requests and responses to and from the NIMS system, and pulls the authentication data out of the iChain UserSession object stored in the http Session.

15 Feb 2001
Web Site Maintenance Solution Using iChain/ICS and DirXML (feature)
A company conducting business on the Internet needs to ensure that their web site functions continually, with no interruption of service due to outside attacks or internal maintenance. Come see how to do it.

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