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AJAX Target Tracking and Animated Replay (tool)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Terminate Hanging Processes in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)

Converting SLES and SLED Evaluations to Paid-for Subscriptions (tip)

System Builders To Novell: We'll Give You A Listen (tip)

"Multiplied" Linux Desktop Migration Strategy for SLED 10 and openSUSE 10.1 (feature)

/dev/null (feature)

10 steps to Password Protect SUSE's Grub Bootloader (trench)

8 CLI Tools that are Under-utilized, Sometimes Unknown, or Unappreciated and Yet Pack a Powerful Punch (feature)

A CUPS PDF Printer for your SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (feature)

A New Cool Solutions Site - Novell Security Manager! (feature)

A Slideshow for Your KDE Wallpaper (trench)

A Small Business Goes Linux (tip)

A Tour of NFS (feature)

Accessing Novell's Support Forums through Pan (feature)

Accessing Yast2 Modules Directly Though a Terminal (tip)

Add ACL Support to Nautilus (tip)

Add and Remove Global Applications on the GNOME Menu (tip)

Add Novell Support to Your Firefox Search Engine (tip)

Adding a Favorite Application in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)

Adding a Menu Item to the Application Menu (tip)

Adding To The Panels In Gnome. (feature)

Address Book Applet Tip (tip)

African Linux Migration (tip)

Against the Enemies of Linux (tip)

Akregator - RSS News Reader (feature)

AmaroK: Media Player Reviewed (feature)

An Introduction to WBEM and OpenWBEM in SUSE Linux (feature)

Application Core Files in SUSE Linux (feature)

AppNote: How to Implement Login Scripts into a Pure Linux Environment (appnote)

Approaching the Linux Desktop (feature)

apropos: Command-Line Power Tool (tip)

Authenticating SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and NLD to eDirectory via LDAP (tip)

Auto Adjust Volume on X Session Login (tip)

Automate Installation of Web Server in openSUSE 10.2 (tip)

Automatically Restart a Service if it Crashes (tip)

Automount CD-ROM Images (trench)

Autostart of Novell Client for Linux Upon Session Login (trench)

Avoid Partitioning Problems When Installing Linux from an Installation Source (tip)

Back Up and Synchronize Files between a Desktop and Laptop on SLED 10 (feature)

Backrev Software Packages with YaST (tip)

Bash - Making use of your .bashrc file (tool)

Bash Batch Image Processing Script (tool)

BASH: cool functions for your .bashrc file (tool)

Basic Mounting Differences between Windows and Linux (trench)

Basic Settings of Your Firewall Through YaST (feature)

Basics: How to find Linux Documentation on the World Wide Web (feature)

Basics: Can I use a Linux CD to Recover a Crashed Windows Machine? (feature)

Basics: How do I end the X-server state? (feature)

Basics: How to Automatically Back up a Linux file to a Windows Machine on a LAN (feature)

Basics: Mounting Linux CDs (feature)

Basics: Restarting KDE from a Command Prompt (feature)

Basics: WLAN interface as the Default (feature)

Batch Resize Images Using Imagemagick (tip)

Be famous: Get published at CoolSolutions (tip)

Be Published on CoolSolutions! (trench)

Benefits of Open Source (tip)

Biometric Fingerprint Scan (feature)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Adding Menu Items (feature)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Adding SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Panels (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Applying Master Pages from Other Presentations in 2.0 Impress (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Automatically Updating Headers (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Browsing Files (feature)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Changing File Associations (feature)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Changing Headers and Footers in 2.0 Calc (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Changing SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Power Settings (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Checking Disk Space (feature)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Checking GNOME Weather (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Configuring Dual Monitors in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Configuring Multiple SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Workspaces (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Connect to a VPN Using SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Creating a Custom AutoFill Sorted List in Calc 2 (feature)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Creating a photo screen saver in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Creating a Symbolic Link (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Crop, Reduce Red-Eye, and Add Sepia Tones to Your Photos in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Cropping Graphics in 2.0 Writer (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Customizing Your Style (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Downloading from a Digital Camera in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Easily Adding Startup Programs (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Enlarging Fonts and Icons (feature)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Getting around in Large 2.0 Documents (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Getting the Right Bullets (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Going Wireless with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Granting Permission (feature)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Importing Your Music Library (trench)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Installing Templates (feature)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Linking to Documents in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Looping an Presentation Slideshow (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Make a Misbehaving Program Quit (feature)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Nautilus Shortcut Keys (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Placing Columns in the Middle of a Page in 2.0 Writer (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Posting Sticky Notes in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Protecting spreadsheet cells in 2.0 Calc (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Restart Numbering in 2.0 Writer (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: See the Window List You Want in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Setting Shortcut Keys (feature)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Setting up Gaim (feature)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Stocking a Gallery of Clip Art in 2 (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Suppressing the First Page Number in 2.0 Writer (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Updating Your Software with Red Carpet (feature)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Using Templates (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Using the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Search Tool (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Vertically Centering a Page in Writer (tip)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Window Behavior (feature)

BrainStorm Cool Tip: Wrapping Text in Spreadsheet Cells (tip)

Build and install Banshee on SUSE Linux 10.1 (tip)

Burning an ISO or Creating a CD (tip)

Business Class (SLES & NLD) Vs. Consumer Class (SUSE Linux) (tip)

Bypass Gnomesu for Sudo LAN Configuration for Non-Root Users (feature)

Bypass Trashcan When Deleting Files (tip)

BZFlag and TORCS (feature)

Cache Remove (trench)

Can a Windows / Linux dual boot be set to boot Windows first? (tip)

Can't See Desktop Icons after Closing VM Windows (tip)

Cannot Install Intel536ep Modem on a Linux Desktop (tip)

CD Burning in Linux Made Easy with k3b (feature)

CD-RW's in Linux? Works like a charm. (feature)

Changing GNOME Themes (tip)

Changing the Default Text Editor Used in SLED 10 (tip)

Changing the Desktop Background in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)

Changing the Login Manager on Novell Linux Desktop 9 and SUSE Linux Professional (feature)

Changing your Screen Resolution on the Fly (tip)

Checking for a Support Pack on a Linux Desktop or Server (feature)

Checking the Log File for Invalid SSH Connection Attempts (tip)

CheckInstall (tool)

Cloning your Linux Desktop in VMware (feature)

Command-Line Versus Interfaced Apps in System Administration (tip)

Configure Intel ipw2100 Cards in Novell Linux Desktop (tip)

Configure SLED 10 Single Sign-On LDAP / Kerberos Authentication to Active Directory on Windows Server 2003 (feature)

Configuring Dual Boot (SUSE Linux, Windows) Systems (tip)

Configuring Dual Boot for Linux and Windows Vista (tip)

Configuring XGL when using the KDE Desktop with SLED 10 (tip)

Connecting Evolution to a GroupWise 7.0 Server (trench)

Connecting Evolution to Exchange (trench)

Converting a PDF to a text file (tip)

Cool Blog: How to Create Application Screenshots with Compiz (feature)

Cool Blog: Record a Desktop Video on SLED (tip)

Cool Tool: BrainShare Session Importer for GroupWise (feature)

Create a Picture Gallery for the Internet using Gwenview (feature)

Create and Run ASP.NET Applications on Linux using Mono (feature)

Create Multiple Backup Versions on your Disk (tip)

Creating Bevels in the GIMP (feature)

Creating Color Contrast Images in The Gimp (tip)

Creating Custom init Scripts (feature)

CTO Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe Starts Novell Blog (tip)

Custom Built RPMs for SUSE Linux Enterprise (tip)

Customer Comments about the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Pre-release (feature)

Customize Apache's Default Error Pages (tip)

Customize the BASH Prompt (tip)

Customize Your Novell Linux Desktop Theme (feature)

Customizing Messages in Evolution (feature)

Customizing the Contacts Views in Evolution (feature)

Customizing your GNOME Desktop (tip)

Daylight Saving Time Changes for 2007 (feature)

Delegating simple ZENworks imaging tasks using 'export IMGCMD' (feature)

Deleting Private Data from Your Linux/Microsoft Windows Machine (tip)

Dell Latitude Modem Problems in Linux (tip)

Descending into the Mine and Emerging Unscathed (feature)

Desktop Competition Results (trench) Desktop Survey (tip)

Detach and Reattach Console Sessions (tip)

Developing Countries Choosing Linux (tip)

Disaster Recovery, Part 2 - Hard and Soft Data Recovery (feature)

Do I Have Permission? (feature)

Dual Boot SLED 10 SP1 and Windows Vista with GRUB as the Boot Loader (tip)

Duplex Printing Options With Kprinter (feature)

Dutch Record Shop Chain Migrates 1000 PCs to KDE on Novell Linux Desktop (tip)

Dynamic Local User for Novell Linux Desktop (feature)

Easter eggs for Novell Linux Desktop (trench)

Easy Command-Line Introduction (feature)

Easy paste to (tool)

Easy Way to Debug SSL Connections (trench)

eDirectory/PAM Authentication to Linux Services (feature)

Eight Cool Years (feature)

Elapsed Time 4 (tool)

Enable Webdav Tech in Apache 2 (trench)

Enabling an Interactive Startup in Novell/SUSE Linux (trench)

Enabling Thermal Sensor Drivers (tip)

Encrypting Data Partitions (feature)

Epiware: Project and Document Management (tool)

Evolution Reviewed (feature)

Evolution Frequently Asked Questions (feature)

eWeek Reviews Novell Linux Desktop 9 (tip)

Exploring Calc (feature)

Extend Your Panels Using Gnome Drawers. (feature)

Extracting a NetWare Patch using Linux (tip)

Extraction Tool : xe (trench)

Facilitating the Switch (feature)

Filtering spam in Novell Evolution (tip)

Filters for Evolution (feature)

Finding Open Files and Network Connections (feature)

Fine-Grained File Permissions (trench)

Firefox Shortcuts (tip)

Firefox Speed Tip (tip)

Fix Java Errors With ConsoleOne On Linux (feature)

Fix Java Errors With ConsoleOne On Linux (feature)

Fix Novell Linux Desktop VMWare Image (trench)

Fix Scrolling with the Middle Mouse Button in Firefox (tip)

Fix Shared Library Errors On iFolder Client for Linux (tip)

Fix VMWare Graphical Installation Problems When Installing SUSE Linux (trench)

Fix Your Mouse Wheel... (trench)

Flying Networks Running Linux (tip)

Forcing Thunderbird to Open Hyperlinks in Firefox (feature)

Free "Intro to Linux" Course (tip)

FREE Enterprise Portal Released for Novell, Microsoft, Redhat, and other Linux Distributions (feature)

Fun with E-Mail Signatures (tip)

Gaim - The Linux Chat Solution (tip)

GAIM: Cool and Advanced Features (feature)

GAIM: Fully Featured Instant Messenger for Gnome (feature)

Game Reviews: KMines and KPatience (trench)

Generating PDFs with Alambic (feature)

Get Thee to a Nano-ry! (tip)

Getting All the Benefits of your SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Eval Software (tip)

Getting RSS Feeds in your Instant Messaging Client (appnote)

Getting the SLES / SLED 10 Software Updater to work if you use a Proxy Server (feature)

Getting to Know the Novell Customer Center (feature)

Gimp -- Closing In on Photoshop... (feature)

Gimp Tips Part 1: Resizing Images (feature)

Gimp Tips Part 2: Rounding Corners (feature)

Gimp Tips Part 3: Fading Photography Edges (feature)

Gimp Tips Part 4: Selective Colorization (feature)

Gimp Tips Part 5: Plugins a Plenty - Adding Light (feature)

Gimp Tips Part 6: Using The Clone Tool (feature)

Give Office the push (tip)

Giving a Network Interface a Persistent Name (tip)

Gnome / KDE Keyboard Shortcuts (tip)

Going open source (tip)

Going Wireless in SUSE Linux 10.0 (feature)

Google Auto-fill Replica for Linux (feature)

Grease Monkey: Customizing Web Pages as per your Requirements (tip)

Grip is the Master of CD Ripping (tip)

GroupWise on a Linux Machine (trench)

GroupWise Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10; Entitlement Offer Extended (feature)

Hacking Your Cellphone With Linux (feature)

Hard-Code Speed and Duplex Settings for NICs (tip)

Have Your Workstation Notify You of Problems (tip)

Heads Up: SUSE Linux Openexchange Server Changes Name (tip)

Health Care Provider Chooses Multi-station SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktops (feature)

Helpful SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 TIDs (tip)

Highlighting Word Searched in Text Files (trench)

History Buffer Security... (tip)

Host a Domain on Your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Box (trench)

How can I tell if 3D is really enabled on my Linux desktop? (tip)

How do I tell if my multiprocessors are loaded? (tip)

How Easy is it to Switch to Linux? (tip)

How Should I Compress my Audio? (feature)

How to Automatically Set the Hostname of a Workstation to the Machine's Serial Number (tip)

How to Automatically Update Your System Time (tip)

How to Change the Global File Association in GNOME on SLED 10 (tip)

How to Configure a 1X Aircard on a Laptop with SUSE 10.1 (tip)

How to configure LUM on a new SUSE workstation (feature)

How to Configure NVidia Integrated Video Chipsets for XGL in SLED 10 SP1 (tip)

How To Debug Login Script and Mapping Issues Using the Novell Client for Linux Products (feature)

How to Dismount a Mounted File System (tip)

How to Enable File Sharing on SLED 10 (tip)

How to Force a Default Route when Using DHCP (trench)

How to Get Streaming Audio in Linux (feature)

How to get the Fingerprint reader on IBM Thinkpads (T42P, T43P) to workwith OpenSUSE 10 (trench)

How to Increase your VMware Hard Disk (tip)

How to Install and Configure VMware on SLED (appnote)

How to Install Beagle on Novell Linux Desktop (trench)

How to Install ConsoleOne 1.3.6e on Your Linux Desktop (trench)

How to install Flash Player 9 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (tip)

How to Install NCPFS and the Open Source NovelLinux Client (feature)

How to install NCPFS and the open source NovelLinux Client (tip)

How to Install NLD 9 SP1 from a DVD or CDs (feature)

How to Install NLD 9 SP2 from Physical Media (trench)

How to install Packages on your Linux Desktop (tip)

How to Install Skype on SLED 10 SP1 (tip)

How to install the Novell Client for Linux (feature)

How to keep consistent user data across multiple installations of Linux on the same machine (trench)

How to launch applications at login in Gnome (tip)

How to Login to GNOME and KDE on the Same Computer (tip)

How to Reconfigure Your Screen in YaST/SaX2 (tip)

How to Register Novell Linux Desktop 9 (tip)

How to Remote Control Linux (feature)

How to Run Binary-Only Application Packages on Various Versions of Linux (feature)

How to Set Up a Bluetooth Proximity System (feature)

How to Set Up a Dual Boot with SLED 10 and Windows (tip)

How to setup a dual boot between SUSE Linux Professional and Novell Linux Desktop (feature)

How to setup a Linux application to automatically startup when you login. (feature)

How to Setup a Slide Show to Rotate Backgrounds (tip)

How to Setup an NFS Export on your Linux Desktop (tip)

How to Setup Novell Client for Linux Single Sign-On (tip)

How to Setup Novell Linux User Management on SLED 10 (tip)

How to setup your GNOME desktop for wallpaper switching. (feature)

How to Single Sign On to GroupWise and the Novell Client for Linux on your Linux Desktop. (feature)

How to Start, Stop, or Restart Services on a Linux Box (tip)

How to Subscribe your Red Carpet client to Novell's ZLM Update Service (tip)

How to Sync your iPAQ with Evolution on SLED 10 (tip)

How to uninstall the Novell Client for Linux (feature)

How to update Novell Linux Desktop 9 to Support Pack 2 using Red Carpet. (feature)

How to upgrade the Novell Client for Linux (feature)

How to Use Novell VPN in Network Manager to Connect to Nortel Contivity Switch (feature)

How To: Remote Installation Using SSH or VNC (tip)

How'd They Do It? (feature)

How's the Weather, in Gnome? (feature)

HowTo: Disable CTRL+ALT+DEL in Novell Linux Desktop (tip)

HOWTO: Mount Netware Servers in Linux Through /etc/fstab (trench)

HowTo: Share Files and Printers Between Linux and MS Windows with Samba (feature)

HOWTO: Share Folders From Linux to Windows via Samba (tip)

HowTo: Using the Cron Shell Tool to Automate Procedures - Part 1 of 3 (feature)

HTML Development Tools in Linux (feature)

IBM Helps Venezuela in Migration to OSS (tip)

If GroupWise on Novell Linux Desktop Leaves You Hanging (tip)

Imaging a SLED 10 SP1 Workstation (tip)

Immunix Acquisition (tip)

ImportCertLinux (tool)

Improving Internet Access Speed on Multiplied SLED 10 Systems (feature)

Information About Your System (tip)

Informative Bash Prompt (trench)

INIT Script for Tivoli Storage Manager (tip)

Install Non-RPM Applications (feature)

Install Software With YAST From the Command Line (trench)

Installing a All-In-One HP Printer on SLED 10 SP1 (feature)

Installing a D-Link Wireless Card on SLED (tip)

Installing a Dell TrueMobile 1400 Wireless Card on OpenSUSE 10.2 (tip)

Installing a Printer on Novell Linux Desktop (tip)

Installing NDISWrapper on Novell Linux Desktop (feature)

Installing nVidia or ATI Proprietary Drivers (tip)

Installing Oracle Applications Release 12 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (feature)

Installing RPM Files (trench)

Installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Without a Bootable CD (tip)

Installing the Latest (As of Oct 2005) FreeNX Server on Novell Linux products (feature)

Installing the Novell Client for OpenSUSE 10.2 onto OpenSUSE 10.3 (tip)

Integrating Novell Linux Desktop into a Novell NetWare network (trench)

Integrating Your Linux Host into a Windows Environment (tip)

Interview with Andreas Jaeger (tip)

Interview with Novell CEO Jack Messman (tip)

Interview with Ted Haeger on Novell Linux Desktop (feature)

Introducing Workgroup Cool Solutions (tip)

Introduction to Bash Scripting (feature)

Introduction to (feature)

iPrint Printers on Novell Linux Desktop (trench)

Is It Possible To Install Support Pack 1 While Installing Novell Linux Desktop 9? (tip)

Is It Possible To Install Support Pack 2 While Installing Novell Linux Desktop 9? (trench)

Is Linux Here to Stay? (feature)

Is Linux Only For Computers? (tip)

Is Novell Committed to Linux? (tip)

Is there a way to renew a DHCP address on your Linux desktop? (trench)

Jeff Jaffe's Blog (tip)

KAppFinder: System Menu Update Tool (feature)

Kate: Cool Tips and Tricks II (feature)

Kate: Cool Tips and Tricks IV (feature)

KDirStat: Visual Disk Space Mapper (feature)

Keeping Passwords Out of Viewable History (tip)

KMail Reviewed (feature)

KNetStats is a Great Network Monitoring Tool. (tip)

Know When To Edit Apache Configuration Files By Hand Or Through YaST (tip)

Konqueror goes fishing (feature)

Kopete: Instant Messenger Client for KDE (feature)

Kopete: KDE Instant Messenger Client (feature)

Korn: A Monitor for Your Email Accounts (feature)

KRandRTray: Quick Access to Desktop Configuration (trench)

KSysGuard / System Monitor Installation Tutorial (tip)

KUser: Easy User Management in KDE (feature)

Kwebget: Nice frontend for wget (feature)

Linux Audio / Music - XMMS (tip)

Linux Equivalents of DOS Commands (trench)

Linux File Types (tip)

Linux Scheduling Priorities Explained (feature)

Linux Screensavers - How to Get More Eye-Candy (feature)

LinuxPlanet Reviews Novell Linux Desktop (tip)

Loading Base SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Packages into ZLM Bundle (tip)

Loading the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Base Packages into ZENworks Linux Management 7 (tip)

Local Utah Linux Users Speak Out About SUSE. (feature)

Lock, Stock and Barrel: Moving SUSE Linux Enterprise to a new Machine (tip)

loveLife Chooses Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy (feature)

Lowering Your Costs with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (feature)

LSENDMAG - Wake On LAN - (SUSE Linux) (tool)

LXer's Tom Adelstein Reviews Novell Linux Desktop (feature)

Madpenguin's Look at SUSE Linux 10.1 (tip)

Make Firefox more powerful for Linux with these three tweaks (tip)

Make Room for Linux Apps (tip)

Make SUSE DVDs (tool)

Making the Switch: Dumping Proprietary Operating Systems for Linux (tip)

Managing Runlevel Services in SUSE Linux (trench)

Managing Users and Groups From The Command Line (feature)

Manual or Automatic? (tip)

Manually Create A Network Installation Source For NLPOS9-SP2 & SLES9-SP3 (feature)

Manually Invoke Standby for Laptop (tip)

Manually Mounting a USB Flash Drive in Linux (feature)

Manually Partitioning Your Hard Drive with fdisk (feature)

Massachusetts switches to OpenDocument (tip)

md5sum Checking for Verifying Downloads (trench)

Meld (tool)

Message Templates in Evolution (feature)

Messaging In Linux (tip)

Migrating from CVS to Subversion (tip)

Mines and Solitaire Game Review (feature)

Minimize Your Maximizing with Multiple Desktops (feature)

Mirroring Update Servers (feature)

Moiz Kohari on SUSE Linux Enterprise Real-Time and Dale Olds updates us on Bandit Project (feature)

More Fun with Gaim - Part 1 (Smileys) (tip)

More Great Games for Linux (feature)

More Linux Games (feature)

Mount a USB flash drive without the device ID (tip)

Mounting a Root Partition in a Logical Volume (tip)

Mounting a USB Memory Stick (tip)

Mounting a Windows Share to the Linux File System (feature)

Mounting an ISO Image on a Linux Desktop (tip)

Mounting NetWare Volumes On NLD Illustrated (feature)

Mounting NetWare Volumes under Linux (trench)

Mounting/Viewing Windows/Linux shared files on Linux (tool)

Move Your /home to Another Computer (feature)

Moving Linux Virtual Machine (VM) from Windows Host to Linux Host (tip)

Moving to Linux: The Paradigm Shift Explained, Part One (feature)

Moving to Linux: The Paradigm Shift Explained, Part Three (feature)

Moving to Linux: The Paradigm Shift Explained, Part Two (feature)

Mozilla Mail Review (feature)

Multiple Swap Partitioning (tip)

Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy Delivers Cost Savings for Illinois School District (feature)

Multiplied SLED 10 Certified Hardware Bundle Now Available (feature)

Nagios 3.0 - A Extensible Host and Service Monitoring (feature)

Nagios 3.0 - Sample Check Program Integration for LDAP Statistics (feature)

Nagios 3.0 Extension - NagiosGraph (feature)

Nagios: Host and Service Monitoring Tool (feature)

Need a Backup? (feature)

Need a driver for your SPCA-based webcam? (tip)

Need an App to run on Linux? Request it here! (tip)

Need Cool Games on Linux? (tip)

Need to Run Internet Explorer on Linux? Here's the solution! (feature)

Neoxen Modus (tip)

Netapplet - The Network Interface Switching Utility (feature)

Netapplet Makes Connecting to Your Network a Breeze! (tip)

NetApplet: Internet Connection Management Tool (feature)

Network World Fusion Reviews Novell Linux Desktop (feature)

New Free YaST eBook Available (tip)

New Linux Certifications Now Available (tip)

New Series - GroupWise for Linux (trench)

New York School Districts Select Linux Desktops from Novell to Improve Student Access to Technology (feature)

Newsforge Article Debunks "Sun-isms" and Praises SLES (feature)

NFS Saves the Day (feature)

NIC Bonding with Xen Virtualization (feature)

Novell & Microsoft: What Do You Think? (tip)

Novell and Intel Assert Growth of Linux in Brazil (tip)

Novell and the US Department of Health and Human Services (tip)

Novell Announces Linux Education Plans (tip)

Novell Client for Linux not Integrated With Linux Login (trench)

Novell Connection: Nuts About the Desktop (feature)

Novell delivers comprehensive bundled Linux support solution for mid-sized enterprises (tip)

Novell Launches Partnership Site (tip)

Novell Linux Client Tricks (appnote)

Novell Linux Desktop 9 Features Overview (feature)

Novell Linux Desktop 9 Product Registration (tip)

Novell Linux Desktop 9 Review (tip)

Novell Linux Desktop 9 Review (tip)

Novell Linux Desktop 9 Support Pack 1 Available (tip)

Novell Linux Desktop 9 Support Pack 2 Overview (tip)

Novell Linux Desktop 9 Technical Overview (feature)

Novell Linux Desktop End User Training Kit Now Available (tip)

Novell Linux Desktop Equivalents of Windows Software (feature)

Novell Linux Desktop Equivalents of Windows Software - New and Improved (feature)

Novell Linux Desktop Goes to Australia (tip)

Novell Linux Desktop or SUSE Linux Professional 9.2 Firewall Settings may Interfere with Windows System Printer Sharing (tip)

Novell Linux Desktop Overview: Configuration and Customization (feature)

Novell Linux Desktop Overview: Content Outline (feature)

Novell Linux Desktop Overview: Ethernet, Wireless, Modems, and Netapplet (feature)

Novell Linux Desktop Overview: Installation (feature)

Novell Linux Desktop Overview: Sound (feature)

Novell Linux Desktop Review (tip)

Novell Linux Desktop System Upgrade How-To (feature)

Novell Open Audio: AppleTalk Filing Protocol on Linux and News from Support (feature)

Novell Open Audio: Enabling Linux migration with Crossover Linux and Wine, and more Xen virtualization (feature)

Novell Open Audio: Greg Kroah-Hartman on Linux Kernel Development and News from Support (feature)

Novell Open Audio: Linux Clients in Active Directory and News from Support (feature)

Novell Open Audio: Live at BrainShare: Nat Friedman and Tomboy maintainer Boyd Timothy (feature)

Novell Open Audio: openSUSE 10.2 Overview with Martin Lasarsch (feature)

Novell Open Audio: Robert Love and News from Support (feature)

Novell Open Audio: SLE10: Data Center Technology Foundation (feature)

Novell Open Audio: SLE10: Going Mobile (a.k.a. "the Nuremberg Beer Garden Edition") (feature)

Novell Open Audio: SLE10: System Scaling at the Kernel Level (feature)

Novell Open Audio: SLED10 Design and Usability, News from Support (feature)

Novell Open Audio: Special Report: CEO Ron Hovsepian on Novell & Microsoft (feature)

Novell Open Audio: SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and Eric Anderson (feature)

Novell Open Audio: Tools of the Back Line Support Gurus (feature)

Novell Open Audio: Using Open Source at Novell, Daylight Saving Time (feature)

Novell Open Audio: What Happened to iFolder? (feature)

Novell Outlines Enhancements in SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP1 (feature)

Novell South Africa Deploys 2,205 SUSE Linux Desktops in 105 Schools with Linux Desktop Multiplier (feature)

Novell Survey: Status Update (trench)

Novell, China, and Linux (tip)

Novell, Open Source, and Microsoft... (tip)

Office Party: Party in Style: Too Much Fun with Styles (feature)

Omni Cool Tool: Desktop Total Cost of Ownership Calculator (feature)

One Giant Leap: Cool Solutions gets some New Digs (tip)

OOo Label Templates (tool)

Open "mailto" Links in Thunderbird (tip)

Opening a Custom Mail Client from the "Mailto" Option in a Web Page (tip)

Opening New GroupWise Messages from Mailto Web Links in SLED 10 (tip)

OpenOffice Calc (feature) 2.0 Quick Start Cards Now Available (feature) 2.0: Creating a Table of Contents (feature) Impress (feature) Training, Tips, and Ideas (feature) Writer (feature) One Suite Alternative (feature)

OpenSUSE 10.2 ATI Proprietary Linux Display Driver Installation Instructions (feature)

openSUSE Linux Rants eBook Library (tip)

Orange Crate's Review of Novell Linux Desktop 9 (feature)

OSDir's Novell Linux Desktop Slideshow (tip)

OSSNews Reviews Novell Linux Desktop (tip)

PageSize (tool)

Parser to toptool logs (tool)

Partitioning Your Hard Disk Before Installing SUSE (tip)

Password Security (feature)

PDFTOHTML: Format conversion utility (feature)

Print to DjVu through KPrinter (tool)

PROBLEM: Multiple cards assigned as eth0 (tip)

PROBLEM: NFS Install Cannot Access Remote DVD Drive (tip)

Problems After Changing the Monitor Resolution (trench)

Promoting Linux in China (tip)

Quick Access to System Preferences in KDE (feature)

Quick Intro to Klipper (tip)

Quick Shortcuts in The Gimp (feature)

Recovering a File in Linux (tip)

Recovering a Lost LVM Volume Disk (appnote)

Recovering GRUB after being overwritten by Windows (tip)

Rectifying Xsession boot up issue due to corrupt software installation (trench)

Reference List of SUSE Linux Resources (feature)

Remote Control on SLED 10 (tip)

Remote Monitoring Using Screenshots and Your PDA (tip)

Renaming a NIC (tip)

Reset Your Lost Root Password (trench)

Resizing Your Gnome / KDE Panels (feature)

Resolution problems with SUSE Linux in a .local domain (tip)

Restore Settings after Updating SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (tip)

Resuming From Suspend on a Dell Latitude D400 (tip)

Retaining Personal Data and User Prefs when doing a Clean Linux Install (trench)

Review of's Base (tip)

Review: Building Applications with the Linux Standard Base (feature)

Review: Linux Kernel Development Second Edition (feature)

RPM Error Installing Packages (tip)

RSS Feeds - Fast Information (feature)

Run GUI Apps as root (tip)

Runlevels in SUSE Linux (trench)

Running Processes in the Background and Bringing To the Foreground (tip)

Running YAST Online Update From The Command-line (trench)

Scan to DjVu (tool)

Screenshot Comparison: Outlook, Evolution, and Kontact (tip)

Secure and Extend the Range of your Linux Desktop Multiplier Deployments with Cubix (feature)

SECURITY: Deny access to accounts that mis-type passwords several times concurrently. (tip)

SECURITY: Preventing Hacking Attempts (trench)

Send In Your Windows Stickers! (feature)

Server Report (tool)

Service Command in /etc/init.d/ (tip)

Setting Firefox as the Default Browser In SUSE Pro (feature)

Setting Java System Variables (tip)

Setting up a Linux NFS Install Source for Your LAN (feature)

Setting Up a Local Update Server for SLE 10 (tip)

Setting up a SUSE Linux 10 PC as an answering and fax machine. (appnote)

Setting up an Account in Evolution (feature)

Setting Up Bind as a Caching Name Server (DNS) on SLED 10 (tip)

Setting up LUM and Novell Client Single Sign-On for SLED 10 (tip)

Setting up Thin Clients (LTSP) on Novell Linux Desktop (trench)

Setting Up Thin Clients (LTSP) on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (feature)

Share your config/data files between Windows and Linux (tip)

Should I choose Novell Linux Desktop or SUSE Linux Professional as my desktop? (feature)

Shrink NTFS Partition Using AutoYaST (tip)

Single Sign-On in the box with SLED10: CASA (feature)

SLE10: Apply Updates Without New Kernel Updates Being Applied (feature)

SLE10: Create a YaST Installation Source for Auto Installation (feature)

SLED 10 Deployment Tips (feature)

Smart Downloading of Open Enterprise Server (tip)

Solution for Error: The Folder could not be displayed - VFS error: Invalid parameters (tip)

Sorting Out Intellectual Property in a "Composite" Application World (feature)

Sound Juicer... Easy Music (feature)

Space Replace 1.0.1 (tool)

Special Holiday Drawing Winner! (feature)

Special Offer for Cool Solutions Readers: Free Copy of Runtime Revolution (feature)

Specify Boot Runlevel As A Startup Parameter (tip)

Speed Up Linux Installation (feature)

Spinning the Cube with SLED 10 SP1 on an IBM ThinkPad (feature)

SSH Option VerifyHostKeyDNS (tip)

SSH Proxying (feature)

SSO with SSH (trench)

Starting Services From the Command Line On SUSE Linux (trench)

Staying on Top of Your Memory Usage in Linux (feature)

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols reviews the Novell Linux Small Business Suite (tip)

Sticky Notes for Gnome (feature)

Streaming Windows Media through Mozilla Firefox on Novell Linux Desktop (tip)

Submit a Tip (feature)

Survey Series: Review an App (trench)

Survey: How well are Novell and your other vendors meeting your needs? (tip)

SURVEY: Status, Statistics, Suggestions, and Solicitations (feature)

SUSE 10.1 / SLED 10 ATI Proprietary Linux Display Driver Installation Instructions (feature)

SUSE 10.1 beta 6 Released (tip)

SUSE Linux 9.3 Professional Live DVD Available. (tip)

SUSE Linux 9.3 Professional Review 2 (feature)

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SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 : Productivity Booster (trench)

SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 White Papers (feature)

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 for the Masses: Discover the Power of Network-Based, Hands-Free Installations (feature)

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Named 'Best of Show' at LinuxWorld (feature)

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Technical Library (feature)

SUSE Linux Wallpaper (tool)

Switching to SUSE 10.0 (tip)

Switching Virtual Desktops (trench)

Switching your Linux systems to the new DST (feature)

Sync Up The Taskbar and the Desktop in Gnome (feature)

Synchronize Directories with rsync (trench) (tool)

System Keyboard Shortcuts in Gnome (feature)

System Logs: Your Key to Successful System Administration (tip)

Taking Screenshots in Linux (feature)

Taskbar Buttons Showing for Applications in Current Desktop Only (tip)

Text-Only Email in Evolution (feature)

The Application People Most Want Ported to Linux Is... (feature)

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The wireless Wifi adapter didn't find a DHCP server outside of the office (trench)

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This week in Novell Open Audio (feature)

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Time Synchronization using Extended Network Time Protocol (xntp) (trench)

tkdiff (tool)

Tool for changing the code page of a file/directory name stored on Linux (tool)

Transparent Panels in Gnome (feature)

Trick Out Your KDE Desktop (feature)

Troubleshooting the SLES10 Boot Process (feature)

Turbocharge an SSH Connection with screen (feature)

Turn it Up with OpenGL in Linux (feature)

Tweaking the Performance of Linux (tip)

Ultimate Linux Desktop (feature)

Understanding how RAIDed Disks Interact with the SLES Boot Process (tip)

University Deploys Moodle On-line Course Management on "Multiplied" SLED 10 System (feature)

University of New Mexico Pilots Multiplied SLED 10 Desktops in Computer Lab (feature)

University sees savings in Linux (tip)

Update on Linux Application Request Survey (feature)

Updating Novell Linux Desktop (tip)

Updating to, or Installing, Novell Linux Desktop 9 Support Pack 1 (tip)

Upgrading MonoDevelop to 0.12 (tip)

Upgrading to Java 1.5.x in SLED 10 (tip)

Use keyboard shortcuts at the command line (trench)

Useful RPM Commands (tip)

User Management in YAST (feature)

Using a USB Device with iFolder 3 and SLED 10 (tip)

Using ClusterSSH to Perform Tasks on Multiple Servers Simultaneously (tip)

Using F-Prot AntiVirus with SLED 10 (tip)

Using iFolder to Backup and Share Tomboy Notes (tip)

Using iFolder to Synchronize Firefox Bookmarks (trench)

Using Ipod on your Linux Pc (tip)

Using Lotus Notes R5.12 in Novell Linux Desktop 9 (tip)

Using openSSH to Securely Access Remote Systems (feature)

Using Remote Console with SLED 10 (tip)

Using RPM Verify to Monitor Changes to System Files (feature)

Using Skype with a Bluetooth Headset on SLED 10 (tip)

Using strace to Debug Programs in Linux (trench)

Using Symantec Backup Exec for NetWare on SLED 10 (tip)

Using Terminal Server Client to VNC in Novell Linux Desktop (feature)

Using the "Magic System Request Keys" (feature)

Using the "Rescue System" on the installation CD to repair a broken system (feature)

Using the Desktop Version of the MoinMoin Wiki with iFolder (tip)

Using the Samba Protocol to Access Windows Shares and Files (trench)

Using YaST Profile Manager on Your Laptop (tip)

VIM: Console Text Editor (feature)

Visual Studio .NET IDE for SUSE Linux! (feature)

VNC Not Allowed on Your Network? (tip)

Wanna Buy Software for Linux? Try YAST First. (tip)

We Have Opened the Box (feature)

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Work With User Selection Icons In KDM (trench)

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xCHM (tool)

Xgl on SUSE 10.1 for Gnome and KDE with NVidia Graphics Cards (feature)

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