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Here's where we keep the cool downloadable stuff. You'll find links all kinds of nifty tools submitted by readers, and anything else we find that looks like something you've just got to have. If you have anything to share, please let us know.

download links

ABC LanLicenser - Software Metering and License Tracking
Software metering saves you money by redeploying unused licenses.

Achat - Application Tool
Admin tool import, export and associate ZEN applications.

Achat - ZENworks tool  New
Read, delete and synchronize the ZISD-Infos.

ADM File Utilities 2.5
Customize .ADM files.

Administrative Template  New
Control Windows services startup settings via ZENworks.

AmoK DelayDel
Delete files automatically upon reboot.

Anti-Virus Updates
NAV automatic download of new virus definitions.

Distribute applications, copy directories and grant directory rights to many servers.

APPASSOC - An application association utility.
Associate an application object with a user, group, or container, and also set the association flags as requested.

APPCREAT - An application object creation utility.
Create an application object from an application object template (AOT) file.

Application Association Show (RLAASHW) v1.3 for eDir
Shows ZEN Application object Associations and Association Flags from a command line.

Launch URLs, files, or directories through Novell Application Launcher (NAL).

Find out how an application is called.

Auto.exe - Win9x Novell Auto Login
Allow the Win9x Novell Client to automatically log in.

Automated Location Configuration 1.2
Automatically set LDAP contextless, NT environment variable and ZENworks workstation import server before first login.

Automatic Boot Recovery 1.4
Recovers Dial-in PC's, gateways and other operator-less machines from critical errors.

Automatic Shut Down Tool
Gives user 30 seconds to cancel the shut down.

AXTClean snAppShot Cleanup Utility
Create a freshly cleaned directory, free of unneeded files.

Backup ZENworks Information Safe Data
Protect data from training participants who change ZISD.

Display web page upon login.

Bootcd.iso with Samba Client
Store and restore image files from Windows shares.

Broadcom 57xx
NIC driver for ZEN Imaging.

Centralis AXE 3
The processing and publishing tool for ZENworks for Desktops.

Centralis Lyncx: Locate Your NDS Context
Deploy integrated Windows Terminal Server / MetaFrame and NDS solutions.

Check Log Files
Check log files for the last occurrence of a text string.

CLIENT 4.9x ADM  New
Administrative Template for Novell Client 4.9x

Client Version Documentor
Inventory the workstations' Novell client version.

Change registry settings quickly.

Compname v0.6
Display SMBIOS information and change/display the computer name.

CopyDocs 2.01  New
A Perl program that searches the hard drives for files with the extensions you wish to look for and allows you to copy them elsewhere.

Custom Start Menu Group Policy
Use custom centralized Start Menus for PCs governed by Group Policy.

Default Printer GUI
GUI which allows roaming users to select a default printer.

Prevent unauthorized access to USB, FireWire, Bluetooth, removable devices, CD-ROMs, floppies, etc.

Remove the Start button on login and disable the ctrl-alt-del and ctrl-alt-esc buttons.

ENGL Zcnc Lite
Change the computer name on Windows workstations.

ENGL Zim 3
Scripted menu utility that is designed to enhance ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 and 4.0 imaging.

ENGL ZmgWiz 1.0
ZENworks image (.zmg) file analysis tool.

ENGL Znalhook 1.0
A ZENworks for Desktops Authentication Hook.

ENGL Ztoolkit for Windows 2000/XP
Simplify and automate ZENworks imaging.

ENGL Zwake
ZENworks for Desktops Wake-On-LAN scheduler.

Exist 1.0a
Check for the existence of a file in a script.

Folder Redirection for Group Policies
ADM for Folder Redirection with Group Policies in Windows 2000/XP.

Group Policy Template
Track your Group Policy settings with these handy templates.

Group Wake on LAN
Wake all workstations in groups in NDS.

GroupWise ADM for Language Settings
ADM file to set the language for the GroupWise client via GPO.

Unleash the power of the ZEN Tool Kits.

Guide to NAL 2.01
Administrator's Guide for using Novell Application Launcher (NAL) 2.01

Help Desk Utility (HDU)
Simplified interface for Help DeskOperators.

HKUser Registry Editor
Import Settings to any HKUser Tree.

Icons Fix for NAL 2.5
Fix mixed-up icons on Novell Application Launcher (NAL) 2.5.

Imaging Patch for ZENworks for Desktops 3 Abends
Fix server Abend issues.

Imaging Patch for ZENworks for Desktops 3 Client
Update Imaging client.

Inoculan 4.0 / InoculateIT 4.5x Automatic Workstation Downloads
Batch file to update your AVUPDATE download directory automatically.

Update locked or in-use files.

Intercept program calls and show the command line parameters.

Internet Settings Policy Template File
Expose more of Internet Explorer's settings.

iPrint Tool  New
Command utillity to install / remove iPrint Printer without any knowledge of iprntcmd.

LANboss Deployer
Application Deployer which uses Novell ZENworks SnAppShots.

Leveraging the System Management BIOS Information
Sample code provided as resource to AppNotes article.

Linux Drivers
ZfD 3 Imaging Drivers (Linux)

Local Group Policy Folder Redirection (HKCU User Shell)
Enable folder redirection through local group policy.

Use Perl script to produce an .axt from an entire directory structure .

Maprun 1.1a
Log in and map resources on a Windows NT or NetWare server.

MASS 2.79
Multiple Application Setting Syncer.

Message Alert 5.1
Make your users sign the dotted line electronically. Updated with new features.

mIRC - Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Exchange text messages interactively with other people all over the world.

Prevent relaunching of MSI installations.

MSI Utility
Avoid pushing out a policy to elevate the MSI installer.

Easily change resolutions and refresh rate preferences for different applications and users.

MyDefault Printer
Quickly change default printer.

Help Troubleshoot Desktop Issues.

NAL Registry Log Creation
To enable ZENworks debugging information for NAL.

NAL Time
Get last distributed time for NAL applications.

NAL Update Utility
Silently Update NAL Components on Windows NT/2K & XP

NALalyse v1.0.0 Beta 3
Sanity check, document, search & report on ZENWorks NAL objects.

Test various aspects of NAL with this diagnostic tool.

Launch a data file or URL using 32-bit NAL.

Access Printer Control with Start Menu or Control Panel.

Programmatically shut down Windows 95 and NT in Logoff, Shutdown, or Restart modes.

NCWSUT32 1.15 (Jan 99)
Stage new or repaired workstation.

NDS "AKA" utility -- Alias Katharsis Application
Facilitate phase-out of aliases employed during changes to tree structures.

NDS-Database Sync for ZfD 2
Synchronize Inventory objects with NDS.

Write context and server to the registry.

NetConsole Launcher
Aids in licensing issues by closing the launcher when NetConsole closes.

NIC driver for ZENworks Imaging
Broadcom 44xx series NIC driver for ZENworks Imaging.

Ninotech Path Copy 4
Shell extension to copy the path of a file or directory to the Clipboard.

No Title Line in DOS Application
IP-Address handling in local HOSTS for AWI in ZfD.

Novell MSI Shortcut Launcher
Launch an advertised MSI shortcut (*.lnk file) directly from a NAL Application Object.

Screensaver for locking workstation.

NTRights 1.2
Grant group, file rights or registry rights from settings in the NTRIGHTS.INI file.

NWCli 1.1
Shutdown client programs prior to Automatic Client Upgrade (ACU).

NWCopy 7.3
Drag-and-drop software distribution for NetWare file servers.

A simple Novell home directory quota watcher.

Password Changer
Allow users to change their passwords even if you've restricted control panel access with ZENworks.

Policy Template File Editor
A Freeware tool for creating and editing ADM files.

Program Killer
Terminates unauthorized processes.

PXE Imaging on Serial ATA
PXE imaging for PCs with Serial ATA (SATA) disks.

Quick Remote Actions 2
Fast access to the Remote Management features of ZENworks.

Convert registry keys to an ADM template file.

Splashes a yellow box with an editable reminder.ini to send a bold message to users.

Remote Control Utility for ZfD
Helps network admins manage workstations in their environment, without using ConsoleOne.

Remote Management
Remote management of workstation without using ConsoleOne.

Remote Management for ZfD 4x  New
Remote Management of Workstation without Using ConsoleOne.

Remove dead user profiles.

Synchronizes ZEN Application object Application Dependencies from a command line.

RLACOPY 1.5 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Copy Application Object)
Copies a ZEN Application object from a command line.

RLAPPSET 1.2 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Set Application Object)
Set application object attributes from a command line.

RLATRSET (Rick Laughinghouse Attribute Value Set)
Set NDS Object attribute values from a command line.

RLATRSYN (Rick Laughinghouse Attribute Value Synchronization)
Synchronizes NDS Object attribute values from a command line.

RLPCOPY 1.3 (Rick Laughinghouse Policy Object Copy)
Copy a ZENworks policy object from a command line.

Scheduler for ZENworks 2
Schedule the Inventory Storer based on the ZEN:ScheduleTime attribute in the NDS object.

Screensaver Password AOT
Synchronize Screensaver password with NDS.

Switch from Shell to Shell.

Impersonate a system administrator to change passwords.

Apply self-healing GUIDS.

Simple AXT Creator 1.1.2
Self-contained program that will create an AXT file from a given directory.

Space Replace
Replace spaces in environment variables.

Stream File Utility RLSTRSHW 1.1 for NDS
Shows an NDS object's stream attribute valuefrom a command line.

Stream File Utility RLSTRSRC 1.2 for NDS
Searches and replaces a NDS object's stream attribute value from a command line.

Stream File Utility RLSTRSYN for NDS
Synchronizes a NDS Object's stream attribute value from a command line.

Third-Party Vendor MIBs
SNMP MIBs that get successfully compiled in ZENworks for Servers 3 - Management and Monitoring Services - SNMP MIB Compiler.

Windows XP .ADM System Policies
For use in ZfD 3.2.

WinMsg  New
Enhanced Windows Message Boxes from the Command Line.

Workstation Aid 2.5
Fast and easy-to-use Remote Management toolkit with User/Workstation selector and Search function.

WSName 2.72a
Workstation renaming tool.

XXCOPY 2.82.4
Synchronize directory structures between multiple NetWare servers.

Yet Another ZISD Editor  New
Simple and small zisd editor.

A GUI front end which generates script files that leverage a subset of the ZfD toolkit to make creating, deleting, associating, and synchronizing application objects much easier.

ZEN 2 Application Management Tool Kit
Automate and speed many of the application management tasks.

ZEN Grace
Make an application forced run after the user has declined the prompt after X number of times.

Make sure the ZfD 4.x application launcher system tray icon is visible!

Use ZEN Objects with NSBS 5.1.

Short paper on how to track what ZENworks installs, where and when.

Easy and convenient reporting of ZENworks-Databases.

Wrapper exe to launch Zen RemoteControl

ZENtip - Office 97 Macro Virus Detection with Login
Turn virus settings on when a user logs into the network.

Check the value of environment vars and return an errorlevel in ZENworks scripts for debugging purposes.

ZENworks 2 Inventory Database Export Tool
Export the ZENworks inventory data in a comma-delimited format.

ZENworks Application Management (NAL) Tool Kit
Manage ZENworks 1.x with this collection of tools.

ZENworks Cleanup Utility
Easily re-distribute Run-Once applications.

ZENworks GUID Erazor
Remove NAL registry keys to force reinstallation of specific packages down to a client.

ZENworks Image Safe Reader
Search for strings in the ZENworks Image safe area.

ZENworks Imaging Files
Drivers that are post zfd4sp1bservrp1c.exe (30th September 2003).

ZENworks Imaging USB v4.01.05
ZENworks Imaging for USB devices.

ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5
ZENworks Imaging for USB devices.

ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5 Update  New
ZENworks Imaging for USB devices.

ZENworks PXE
Boot up to three NICS with this modified linux2 PXE boot file.

ZENworks Remote Session Request Utility for User on Managed Device  New
An easy way to request a remote session from the managed device.

ZENworks Replacement Logo
Replacement logo.sys file.

Remote control access to ZEN workstations without using NWADMIN.

Get Remote Control to a registered ZfD workstation without using ConsoleOne.

Remote control workstations without running NWAdmin.

Unattended installation of Internet Explorerv.X ,2000 service pack v.X, ZENworks 4 Agent for Windows 2000 with no NovellClient and without administrative rights on client computer.

ZfD 3.x Application Management Tool Kit
Administer ZENworks with NAL tool kit.

ZfD Auto Workstation Import (Version I)
Auto workstation Import really made automatic.

ZfD Open Files
Find out which users have files open, and control workstations from the server.

ZfD PXE LDAP Image Utility  New
LDAP Scripted Workstation Image Objects for ZENworks Preboot Services.

ZfD3 Cluster Snapin
Support workstation inventory in a clustered environment.

ZfD3.2 Group Policies Spreadsheet
Get Group Policies documented.

ZfD4 Redistribute Bug
Prevents redistribution of registry keys after Upgrade to ZfD4.

ZISCLEAN - Clear ZIS data under Windows NT/2000
Reset image safe data area for NT environments.

Clear ZENworks Image Safe data from your hard drive when you're finished with it.

zRegScan 1.8.4
Allow capture of Windows registry data in the ZENworks for Desktops inventory database.

Individual Files to Download (tools a la carte) Updated on August 15, 2001
Free Reading (3rd-party stuff to read)

Individual Files to Download (a la carte)

Check here for any free tools or utilities we've referenced in a ZENworks article, tip, or Q&A. They've all been moved from their former home on the Support Forums to the new Cool Tools page off the main Cool Solutions page. But for your convenience, we've got the ZENworks ones listed here too.

Some of these tools are from Novell Consulting, and some are from other users. The tools aren't supported or guaranteed by anyone. Including Novell or Novell Consulting, or the individual creators. Or, we hasten to add, the editors of Cool Solutions. In other words, use them at your own risk. (Bearing in mind that they're free...) But so far as we can tell, they haven't killed anyone yet. (As opposed to most of the tools in your garage.) If you have a particular favorite we're not offering here, let us know and we'll add it.

So far, what we've got is...

ZENworks Application Management Tool Kit (for ZEN1.x)
ZEN 2 Application Management Tool Kit (for ZEN 2)
ZfD 3.x Application Management Tool Kit Posted August 15, 2001
Advanced Reporting Tool (ART) for ZEN2
Centralis AXE
Centralis Lyncx Centralis NWAdmin Snapin
ENGL Zwake
GPExport 1.0
GUID Management Tools
Imaging Patches
Inventory Storer Scheduler
Linux Drivers
Quick Remote Actions
Response File Wizard
ScheMax 1.11

ZENworks Application Management Tool Kit (aka NAL Toolkit)

  • File name: apptools.exe
  • File size: 558k

This Tool Kit contains useful utilities for use with the Application Management (NAL) portion of ZENworks. The tools have been created in response to customer feedback and provide solutions for real world problems faced by users of ZENworks. They are provided free of charge and are not supported by Novell or Novell Consulting. USE THESE TOOLS AT YOUR OWN RISK. For more information read this article.

ZEN 2 Application Management Tool Kit
The Tool Kit has been updated to work with ZEN 2, and also includes a number of new tools. Still free. Still unsupported. Still killer. For more information read this article.

ZfD 3.x Application Management Tool Kit NEW

By popular demand, here is an updated version of the terrific NAL Toolkit which has long been an essential part of every ZENworks administrator's bag of tricks. This version works with ZENworks for Desktops 3, and 3.2. For more information read this article.

Advanced Reporting Tool (ART) for ZEN
Not free, but very cool anyway. The ZENworks database holds key information about hardware components and installed software that you manage. Unlock the hidden potential of this information resource with the Advanced Reporting Tool for ZEN. (This version currently supports ZENworks 2 only.)


  • File Name: appassi.zip
  • File Size: 815kb
  • File Owner: Dirk Petersen
  • Email: software@internetchen.de
  • Date: 16May2000

The ZENworks Application Assistant has been made to mirror many applications to many servers, including snAppShot-files, file-rights, and group-associations of application objects. It creates a simple batchfile which executes xcopy.exe, rights.exe and appassoc.exe (from the very nice ZENworks Application Management Toolkit). APP-ASSI has been especially made to work over slow WAN-connections. Batch-commands are executed simultanously to minimize transfer time.

A Demo-Video is included.

For more information, see this article.


  • File Name: appload.zip
  • File Size: 10k

Daniel Stricharz sent us this nifty utility he created to send URLs and web documents directly to his users. For more information read this article.


  • args.zip
  • Posted on March 19, 2001
  • Owner: Anders Gustafsson

If you ever want to find out how NAL calls an app or how any app is called, try this. Args.exe is a small stub that can be used instead of the real program. It just prints out all the command line arguments, waits for a key and exits.

For more information, see this article.

AXTClean snAppShot Cleanup Utility
  • File Name: axtclean.zip
  • File Size: 640kb
  • File Owner: Brian Hammond
  • Email: brian.hammond@usa.net
  • Date: 14March2001
  • Posted here: 13April2001
  • A snAppShot cleanup utility that cleans the AXT file, removes unneeded files from the directory and will even rename the files. Just run it against your snAppShot directory and it will create a new cleaned directory.

    For more information, see this article.

    Centralis AXE: The Power Utility for ZENworks for Desktops NEW

    Centralis AXE simplifies, standardises and accelerates the process of turning snAppShots into usable application objects. Centralis AXE contains built in functions which overcome many of the problems associated with deploying applications to PC and MetaFrame / Terminal Server environments, and allows administrators to create, store and apply their own processing rules. You can download a 30-day free eval and try it for yourself.

    For more information see this article.

    Centralis Lyncx: Alias Utility for TCS Contextless Login NEW

    Centralis Lyncx (Locate Your NDS Context) simplifies and accelerates the process of creating Aliases for users in the NDS. It allows administrators to select users and drag and drop them into a container, automatically creating Aliases for them. This is done to support administrators who wish to use Alias accounts to deliver contextless login to Windows Terminal Server / MetaFrame environments, but do not wish to set up an Alias manually for each user.

    Download free from http://www.centralis.co.uk/.

    For more information see this article.

    Centralis NWAdmin Snapin

    The Centralis Snapin extends the capabilities of NetWare Administrator and NDS Corporate Edition running NT Domain environments, by allowing management of the additional Terminal Server/Metaframe User attributes through NDS - typically for ZENworks for Desktop deployments with TS/Metaframe.

    Key features and benefits include:

    • Adds a page in NWAdmin for User and User Template Objects to manage Terminal Server/Metaframe attributes
    • Allows defaults to be defined for Terminal Server/Metaframe attributes in a User Template Object
    • Automatically appends the user's name to any Terminal Server Profile Path and/or Terminal Server Home Directory defined in a User Template when using it to create a user
    • Allows creation of a Terminal Server/Metaframe enabled user in the NDS without the need to manually define additional properties within NWAdmin or other NT Tools
    • It's FREE!

    System Requirements:

  • The Centralis NWAdmin Snapin requires NDS Corporate Edition to be installed on all your NT Domain Controllers, as this is the product which exposes the Terminal Server/Metaframe attributes in NDS.
  • MS Terminal server & Citrix Metaframe (optional)

    Gotchas - none that we know of.

    Free download via http://www.centralis.co.uk/Downloads/downloads.htm

    cluster.zip NEW

    • File Name: cluster.zip
    • Date: 14 Sept 2000

    ZfD3 Cluster Snapin: As noted in the ZfD 3 online documentation, you need a special snap-in if you want to use WS Inventory and Cluster Services together. Well here it is. This snap-in contains the program to support Workstation Inventory in a Cluster environment. For more information, see this article.


    • File Name: exist.zip
    • File Size: 12Kb
    • Date: 30 Oct 1999

    Anders Gustafsson created this excellent tool that checks for the existence of a file in a script.

    Copy the executable into sys:public or other suitable directory in the path and add the following line to the loginscript or application startup script: #exist d:\autorun.inf

    This will check if the file d:\autorun.inf exists. If the file exists it will return an ERROR_LEVEL of "0", non-zero otherwise.

    You can use this in a creative way to give ZENworks 2-like qualities to ZEN 1.x:

    • #F:\public\exist.exe E:\adobe\eurofont.exe
    • if ERROR_LEVEL!="0" then begin
    • #F:\public\box.exe 36;Error!;You need to insert the CD marked "Adobe" to run this program
    • TERM "0"
    • end

    Editor's Note: In case you don't have box.exe, mentioned in the 3rd bullet of the example, here it is. You can always find it, and all other tools we know about, on the big honkin' Cool Tools page.

    As usual I take no responsibility for what you do with this program. Comments are welcome, address them to dalton@pedago.fi.


    This is a non-time-bombed version of this very popular tool which was originally released in March 2000. Please note that the NDS Screen Saver, which uses NDS verification to unlock the workstation under Windows 9.x, has been removed from the bundle. It is now available through SSO v2.0 or future NMAS releases.

    dirXperts is a collection of many of the utilities we have previously posted, including LDAP Contextless Login, Password Restrictions, Message of the Day, and NDS Explorer.

    LDAP Contextless Login

    The LDAP Contextless Login Extension for Windows 9x and Windows NT allows for contextless login without requiring catalogs on the backend. When the user changes the user name or tree name, this extension uses LDAP to search the entire tree for all occurances of the username. If one exists, LgnCxW32 automatically updates the context field of the NDS Tab. If more than one exists, the user is presented a dialog in which to choose which context is to be used. This is way cool and amazingly fast!

    Password Restrictions

    LgnPwW32.DLL is a login extension which extends the rules for deciding what is a valid password, when changing expired passwords within the login process. The rules available are:

    • Minimum numeric characters: the password must contain at least a specified number of digits ([0-9])
    • Minimum alphabetic characters: the password must contain at least a specified number of alphabetic characters ([a-z,A-Z])
    • Minimum uppercase characters: the password must contain at least a specified number of uppercase characters ([A-Z])
    • Minimum lowercase characters: the password must contain at least a specified number of lowercase characters ([a-z])
    • Minimum special characters: the password must contain at least a specified number of characters that are neither alphabetic nor numeric ([!, @, #, $, ...])
    • Maximum consecutive characters: the password may not contain the same character more than a specified number of times in a row.
    • Maximum repeated characters: the password may not contain the same character more than a specified number of times in the entire password.
    • Maximum sequential characters: the password may not contain a series of sequential characters longer than a specified length.
    • Maximum characters: the password may not be longer than a specified length.

    Message of the Day

    LgnMDW32.DLL is a login extension which displays an administrator-defined message in a dialog before the login dialog is displayed. You can control which situations cause the message dialog to be presented, as well as which buttons will be presented to the user. The message can be contained in a .txt file or a .rtf file. The administrator can also require the user to accept an agreement via OK/Cancel or Agree/Disagree buttons. If the user doesn't accept, the login is cancelled before it begins.

    NDS Explorer

    File name: NDS Explorer.exe

    The NDS Explorer is a Windows shell extension which allows NDS objects to appear in Explorer. It allows for directory browsing through LDAP or NDAP. It's a really cool tool and shows off the power of the directory.


    Pluym Elektronics in the Netherlands shares a snazzy tool called Disable that uses ZENworks 2 help you lock down your Win 9x workstations. It includes AXT files to implement it. And it's free. (Nothing cooler than free...)

    This program can perform two functions:

    1. Disable the Start button from the Windows desktop (completely removes the button!)
      (This can be used to make sure that programs on a workstation will be launched from the Novell Application Laucnher.)
    2. Disable the CTRL+ALT+DEL combination
      (This forces the users to reboot or shutdown the workstation the proper way.)

    For more information, see this article.

    ENGL Zcnc
    From Heath Upton of ENGL comes a free tool to help with Imaging. Zcnc is a customisable computer name changer written for use with ZENworks for Desktops 3 Imaging. (It can also be used in non-ZEN environments.) In addition to the title, prompts being fully customisable, an input mask can be specified to ‘force’ the user to enter numbers and characters in a specific order.

    Zcnc is Open Software, i.e. it’s free of charge for you to use in your organisation. Download instructions and documentation can be found here. For more information, see this article.

    ENGL Zim
    Also from ENGL comes a tool you can buy to help you with ZfD3 Linux Imaging. ENGL Zim is a Linux text-console utility that is designed to assist organisations who wish to provide a user friendly front-end to ZENworks for Desktops 3 Linux imaging. For more information, see this article.

    ENGL Zwake
    ENGL Zwake is a Win32 utility that can import a list of workstations and perform unattended Wake-On-LAN using a built in scheduler to provide lights-out automation for ZENworks 2 and ZENworks for Desktops 3 workstations. For more information, and to try the eval, see this article.

    GPExport 1.0
    General Purpose ZENworks 2 Inventory Database Export Tool. Many users have expressed the desire to be able to export the inventory data from the Sybase database into a common, well-known format, so that 3rd-party tools can be used to create reports from this data. GPExport 1.0 is the answer. GPExport will allow for the exporting of data into a comma-delimited format for the purpose of importing the data into other tools such as spreadsheets, databases or word processors. For more information read this article.

    GUID Management Tools NEW
    Rick Laughinghouse contributed these three handy tools to help you with GUID Management: GUIDSET, GUIDSHOW, and GUIDSYNC. For more information see this article.

    GroupWise Launch Wrapper. Another hot tool from Timothy Forde. This utility permits connecting to up to 5 GroupWise systems or data stores from a configured list off a single icon. There are two configuration sections covering the load configuration of the launcher and the list of launch targets for the client to access.

    Posted December 13, 2000
    You can use these handy NLMs to extract a zip file directly on your server. HRZIP and HRUNZIP.NLMs are a couple of NLMs based on the InfoZip NLMs, but newer and improved. These NLMs support:

    • Long file names
    • Volume names (ie. extract to other volumes than SYS)
    • Empty directories
    • CPU utilization switch
    • Abort-able with Ctrl-C

    Author: Haakon Horne
    Submitted by Roger Foss.

    Imaging Patches

    Posted on March 19, 2001

    These two patches were created in response to issues posted in the ZENworks Imaging Support Forum. For more information, see this article.

    Bryan Keadle sent this spiffy program that will intercept program calls and show the command line parameters that are being passed. This is useful if you are stumped trying to figure out why you're getting the dreaded "Cannot execute because the command line is invalid" error. For more information read this article.

    Inventory Storer Scheduler
    This NetBasic script-based tool schedules the Inventory Storer at specified days of the week and time. The Inventory Storer transmits the inventory information to the inventory database. In cases of huge volume of data, heavy network traffic, or over a WAN network, Novell recommends scheduling the Inventory Storer at times when the network traffic is low. For usage instructions and complete information, see this article.

    LDAP Contextless Login (Lgncx.zip)
    The LDAP Contextless Login Extension for Windows 9x and Windows NT allows for contextless login without requiring catalogs on the backend. When the user changes the user name or tree name, this extension uses LDAP to search the entire tree for all occurances of the username. If one exists LgnCxW32 automatically updates the context field of the NDS Tab. If more than one exists the user is presented a dialog where he may choose which context is to be used. This is way cool and is amazingly fast!!

    ZfD3 Imaging Drivers (Linux)
    Here are some useful tools that can help you with ZENworks for Desktops 3 Imaging, including the latest, greatest Linux drivers. Here's what you'll get:

    • Updated root.tgz
    • Updated Drivers
    • Imaging Utilities
    • Imaging Troubleshooting
    • Other Linux Drivers

    For more information, see this article.

    Mark Poole, our favorite expert on ZENworks in a school setting, sent us this splendid little beauty. It's a Perl script that will produce an .axt from an entire directory structure. For more information read this article.


    Here is an AOT that dramatically simplifies the process of integrating ManageWise 2.6 and ZENworks 2. It makes it easy for an admin to setup the ManageWise inventory scanner to log the ZENworks workstations in the ManageWise inventory database, so that you can remote control ManageWise and ZENworks workstations from the ManageWise Console.

    This AOT (mwinv.aot) is the one referred to in the ZEN 2/ManageWise 2.6 Integration Guide that ships with the ZENworks 2/ManageWise bundle. The guide, which is also available in online format on the documentation site, contains information on how to use this AOT.

    Note: This zip file (mwbundle.zip) includes a version for Windows 95/98 (mwinv9x.aot), and one for Win NT (mwinvnt.aot).

    Description: NCCPPR32 is a utility for bringing up the Control Panel Printers window without going via the Start Menu or Control Panel. Purpose: To allow users to access the standard printers interface when the Control Panel is either unavalable or restricted in controlled desktop environments or where the Windows shell has been replaced eg by NALWin32.
    Usage: It can be run as a normal executable, run behind an icon, shortcut or delivered as a NAL application.


    • File name: ncshtdwn.exe

    From the fertile mind of Timothy Forde comes the latest update to his perennial favorite: NCShtDwn. It is a utility used to programmatically shutdown Windows 95 and NT in a number of modes including Logoff, Shutdown and Restart. It is designed to affect a shutdown primarily to ensure User & System policies are consistently applied under ZEN. It can also be used as a general tool to effect a shutdown/logoff for other reasons.

    It can be run as a normal executable and permits the integrator to experiment with a number of modes. When the desired mode is identified the utility can be run behind an icon, shortcut or as a NAL application with the appropriate command line switch. For example Mode 1 'Logoff' equates to "Shut Down all programmes and login as a different user". For example, C:\Novell\Client32\NCShtDwn /1 executes the Logoff without the user interface.

    Note: The 'Force' options don't allow for applications to save data before termination but conversely don't allow the user to interfere with the process either. It can also be used attached to a screen saver event to shutdown/logoff a workstation that is left 'logged in' but unattended (and therefore vulnerable) in sensitive environments.

    From Timothy Forde comes this handy little devil that gives pertinent information about a workstation, making it easier for the Helpdesk to troubleshoot workstations remotely.

    Another very popular tool from Timothy Forde, the Novell Consulting Workstation Staging Utility is a support tool primarily for handling workstations in ZENworks. In some cases it calls external programs as provided by their respective manufacturers. The tool has two primary functions:

    1. A staging utility to help prepare workstations ready to go into production. These include changing the computer name, Control Panel Network settings, launching a SID changer, and launching the standard Novell utilities to Register and Unregister the workstation in NDS.
    2. A diagnostic tool to provide information useful in troubleshooting. These include providing information about the registration status and/or the name of the workstation object in NDS, the version of the client software, and the ACU revision status.

    Switches and modes of operation are detailed in the Help.

    This tool is free to download and provided as is without official support from Novell other than that provided by the author. There is no warranty expressed or implied, and neither Novell or the author accept responsibility for its intentional or unintentional misuse. Please send feedback and feature requests to tforde@novell.com.

    Come help yourself to Victor Markwart's nifty little tool that can help you specify areas where NAL applications may be made available/unavailable.

    For more information see Write Context and Server to the Registry

    For ZENworks for Desktops 2. Synchronize the Workstation objects stored in the Inventory database with the Workstation objects in NDS with this free tool. see this article.

    This is an application to invoke the NT4, Windows 9.x, or Win2000 screensaver. For more information, see this article.

    Quick Remote Actions Updated April 12, 2000
    Daniel Stricharz offers this outstanding new tool that allows you to use Remote Control based on username, without you needing to know the name of the workstation object. For more information, read this article.

    Daniel Stricharz shared this cool tool that allows you to access TIDs (if you know the exact TID number) right from the happy comfort of your system tray. For more information read this article.

    Response File Wizard
    This Response File Wizard simplifies the creation of a ZENworks for Servers (ZfS)1.0 Response File which is used to automate the installation of ZENworks for Servers. For more information see this article.

    ScheMax 1.11
    File Name: schmx111a.exe
    Platforms: NetWare, Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000
    Size: 5,111,498 Bytes
    Date: 2000/03/22

    ScheMax provides network administrators an effective way to manage the NDS® schema, add new classes and attributes, easily create NetWare Administrator snap-ins without programming, deliver NDS content to users, and set NDS attribute entry policies.

    A typical use of ScheMax is to add some new attributes to the user object, create a NetWare Administrator snap-in to edit these attributes, and allow users to view the data. A snap-in is created that allows the help desk to add this data to each user from NetWare Administrator. Users are then given a program that allows them to search for a particular user, display their security clearance, social security number, and a photograph.

    System Requirements and Prerequisites

    To use ScheMax, you must have NetWare Administrator. ScheMax works with all NDS releases, however auxiliary class support requires NDS v8 or higher.

    ScheMax is available for download in a self-extracting .EXE file.

    1. Create a temporary folder and download the Schemax self-extracting .EXE file to that location.
    2. Extract the ScheMax software by double-click the self-extracting .EXE file that you just downloaded.
    3. Double-click the ScheMax installation program .EXE file that you just extracted.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
      During a default installation no extensions are made to the NDS® schema or to network settings. At any time ScheMax can be completely removed using the Add/Remove Programs control panel in Windows. Some additional manual steps are required to remove ScheMax from your NetWare Administrator installation. See the product documentation for details.
    5. Run NetWare Administrator and extend the NDS schema to include the ScheMax definitions.

    For additional information, refer to the ScheMax online help or readme file.

    Setshell.zip NEW
    Jeremy Leonard contributed this cool little tool. They use NAL.exe as the shell for most of their clients. Many of them want the shell to change with the user that is logged in. For example, an admin user logs in and gets Explorer.exe as her shell. Another user logs in and gets Nal.exe as his shell. This requires two logins.

    To resolve this problem he wrote a little vb app that you can put in a login script (which runs before the shell is executed) and will set the shell according to the switches you pass to it. Runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000.

    For more information see this article.

    Auto-Installation of NetWare 5.0 SP5 using ZENworks for Servers 1.0. For more information see this article.

    WSName Updated January 17, 2001
    David Clarke shared his tool that helps you change the name of workstations (both Netbios and Host) on Windows 9x and Win NT4. It is freeware. You can send comments to wsname@clarke.co.nz. For more information, see this article.


    Cool reader Ed Servello alerted us to this freeware tool. Here's his hearty endorsement:

    XXCOPY (Pixelab, Inc.) is a freeware Windows command line utility (16 & 32 bit) that looks like XCOPY on steroids. It's useful for synchronizing directory structures on my 25 NetWare servers when I have a new client to turn out via ZenWorks. It moves, copies, updates, removes, logs, displays, slices, dices and makes wonderful french fries.

    Peter Kuo, president of DreamLAN, shares this handy utility for recording Remote Control usage. A record of when, who and what workstation object was RC'ed is recorded. Additional information, such as if the session was a Remote Control or Remote View is also logged. You can also enable the recording of certain NDS information that's related to the Workstation object. For more information, read this article.

    ZENWSBROWSER 3.0 Updated February 27, 2001.
    From Holger Dopp comes this highly acclaimed tool, free for the downloading, that will give you remote control access to ZEN workstations without using NWADMIN. Holger updated this tool to work with ZENworks for Desktops 3.0.

    Consultant Timothy Forde gives this tool his highest endorsement, and says that his customers love it. He suggested we give it a "Way Cool Tool" classification to help readers know this one is a proven winner. Which seemed like a splendid idea. For more info, read this article.


    Remote Control Workstations without running NWAdmin

    ZEN WS Tools allows all of the functionality that is available from within NWAdmin including Remote Control and View, Ping, Workstation Diagnostics, Remote Execute, File Transfer and Chat. It also includes a choice for creating a short cut on the desktop that is associated with a single station. When you double click the short cut, a Remote Control session opens without running NWAdmin or ZEN WS Tools first! There is no help file and the only help in the program is a paragraph in the about box, but it is fairly simple to use.

    For more information see this article.

    ZfD3Site NEW

    • Filename: zfd3site.exe
    • Download from TID 2957773

    Obtaining the Site ID and Site Name for ZfD3

    During the installation of ZENworks for Desktops 3, a Site ID and Site Name are given to a server where Inventory components are installed. The Site ID and Site Name are not exposed after the installation of ZENworks for Desktops 3. This file contains modules that expose the Site ID and Site Name on an NetWare or NT server where ZENworks for Desktops 3 is installed.

    File: zisclear.exe

    Image Safe data is written to the image-safe area when ZISWIN.EXE runs. Come get this free utility which is the only way to remove it from your hard drive once you're done with it. For more information, see this article.

    Free Reading (3rd-party stuff to read)

    Guide to NAL 2.01
    This very useful guide, written by popular consultant Kevin Prior, is in Adobe Acrobat format. Originally posted in February 1998, it's been helping people for a long time.