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We crave interaction with our reading public, and this is your big chance to ask questions, beg for features, or even just get something off your chest.

However, we need to warn you up front. We get hundreds of e-mails every day. We read every last one, but we answer only those that seem like they might help lots of people, and even some of those don't make it. You might get lucky, but then again, you might get hit by lightning. Which isn't to say you shouldn't submit your question, because what we're really doing here is building a huge GroupWise FAQ. It's just to say you might not leave with a giant warm fuzzy.

Good old-fashioned email: If the form isn't working for you, or if you'd rather just send us an email, you can write us at zwmag@novell.com. (Hint: don't use a subject line that smacks of spam. We take stern measures with stuff that invites us to expand, reduce, earn millions, or other improbable propositions.)


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