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ZENworks for Handhelds Resource Library

The ZENworks for Handhelds Resource Library contains documents, links and files to help you get the most out of Novell ZENworks for Handhelds.

About ZENworks for Handhelds

Here's a quick overview of the different kinds of Handheld clients and the ZfH Proxy.

For in-depth info, remember that that the ZfH Admin guide contains 170 pages of jam-packed information, and you should read it when you're ready to get serious. It's on the CD, or the root of the extracted file you downloaded from the web (www.novell.com/download). Or, check out the PDF version at http://www.novell.com/documentation/lg/zfh5/pdfdoc/administration_zfh.pdf

But here’s the “skinny” for administrators running short on time --

ZfH Server: a set of services running on WinNT 4.0 or newer (doesn’t require an NT server license… you can run on a workstation/professional edition PC) that connects to eDirectory via LDAP, reads the policy/application objects and packages them for distribution to the Proxy(ies).

ZfH Proxy: in an ActiveSync/Hotsync environment (where Handhelds DO NOT have direct network connectivity), this component installs to each companion PC and manages communications from the Handheld to the ZfH Server. In a wireless networked (IP) world, the Proxy can be installed to the same machine as the Server, or it can be distributed to other machines for greater scalability (see the Sizing info below to know when to add Proxies). In this case, you must choose the “Handheld IP Conduit” option when installing the Proxy.

ZfH Sync Client: this very discrete piece of code installs to the Palm or CE device. It is automatically installed if the connected Companion PC has the Proxy code running. All ZfH functionality works over this type of connection.

ZfH IP Client: installed via a CAB file (see above if you don’t know what that is), the IP Client contains all the functionality of the Sync Client EXCEPT the conduit connectors for ActiveSync and Hotsync. In a wireless (IP) environment, these are NOT needed. Don’t forget, you can sync OVER wireless, too. So many options…!!!! Oh yeah… a Palm version of the IP client is in the works…

For more info, check out A Closer Look at ZENworks for Handhelds 5

How To Do Common Tasks

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