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Classes for Java and JNDI Providers (NJCL) - Clientless

Classes for Java* and JNDI Providers (NJCL) - Clientless provides access to all NetWare®; services through a single, consistent interface. This clientless version of NJCL allows full access to all NJCL functionality, including the multi-user capability, from any JVM.

See also the NJCL component that requires Novell Client® software.


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Sample Code

  • Note that these samples are for the client version of this package. To run these samples without a client you should understand how to setup the Remote Session Manager

What's New

March 2006


No changes.


Fixed links in document and in Javadoc.


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Classes for Java and JNDI Providers (NJCL) - Clientless

Any client platform running JVM v1.2 is supported. The client must be connected to a network that includes a NetWare 5.1 or later server.

The NJCL software install contains both a server and client install. The software installation prompts you to choose one or the other.

Note: For identified known issues, please see the Readme before installing this component.

To install to a server, NJCL requires Novell JVM for NetWare.

To install to a client, NJCL requires Windows* 95/98/NT 3.51/NT 4.0 running Novell Client software.

All NJCL installations require the following:

The sample code does not rely on a Java authenticator and must be run on a computer with an existing authenticated network connection.


This component is peer supported by the Novell developer community.

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