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eDirectory Libraries for C

eDirectory® Libraries for C enables administrators to manage networks globally rather than server by server, because, by logging in to the network rather than to individual servers, users can access global network services.

eDirectory Libraries for C provides a comprehensive set of APIs for viewing, modifying, and managing NDS components, including the following:

  • Objects in the NDS database with their attributes and values
  • Replicas, partitions, and their synchronization
  • Schema syntaxes, attributes, object classes, extensions, and synchronization
  • NDS Event Services
  • NDS Backup Services


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What's New

June 2008


  • No changes.


  • Added some links to the Schema Reference.
  • Fixed a typo in the Core Services manual.


  • No changes


eDirectory Libraries for C

Note: The binary download for this component is available from the NLM and NetWare Libraries for C page.


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