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File System Services (64-Bit) - code-named zAPIs - supports a 64-bit interface to the Novell Storage Services file system and allows users to use and access files larger than 4 gigabytes. It requires Unicode(*) (and UTF-8 encoding) for file names.

Novell OES evaluation software is available from the Open Enterprise Server product site.


Your use of these files is subject to the Novell Developer License Agreement unless different license terms accompany the file itself, in which case those terms govern.

OES 2015 Beta:
.rpm novell-fs64-devel-2015.02.06-1.1.x86_64.rpm
.tar.bz2 novell-fs64-devel-2015.02.06-1.1.x86_64.tar.bz2
.pdf fs64_OES2015_enu.pdf
.html readme.html
.html CHANGELOG.html

OES 11:
.rpm novell-fs64-devel-2012.02.16-1.1.x86_64.rpm
.tar.bz2 novell-fs64-devel-2012.02.16-1.1.x86_64.tar.bz2
.html (online) File System Services (64-Bit) - API Doc
.pdf fs64_OES11_enu.pdf
.html README.html
.html README-linux.html
.html README-windows.html

OES 2:
64-Bit) .rpm novell-fs64-devel-2012.02.16-0.6.x86_64.rpm
64-Bit) .tar.bz2 novell-fs64-devel-2012.02.16-0.6.x86_64.tar.bz2
(64-Bit) .zip
(32-Bit) .rpm novell-fs64-devel-2012.02.16-0.6.i586.rpm
(32-Bit) .tar.bz2 novell-fs64-devel-2012.02.16-0.6.i586.tar.bz2

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